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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, July 22, 1852, Image 1

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NO. 47. like mos t me n of hi s class , whe n in liqiu ally beat his children mid sometime-, hi.-i Mrs. Morgan' s husband wa s auexeullen t work - - WBra . f ^lia&thji±ifj>ijy.aig^ and, general Mrs. Morga n was a notabl e woman , and loved hor husband in spito of all, bu t niter year s of mtient forbearance, she cam e to the eonehision tliat Jimmy Morgan, ns she called him, should stop drinking, whethe r or no . In other word* ' she raso.lvod-^0—a._rj4vatB_Jiljuua|Laii'. of her-i own. , iii- ' 'The occasion was on e day whe n Jimmy cam e honjuto dinner, hnl f tipsy, which alway s happiMi- ed, when he stoppe d at the tavern on his way;' and lie did this, on an average , about twic e a \\rfBw you Morgan? ' she said, ns he entered, \you've been at the whisk y \bottle again. You needn't deny.it . I know it by you r looks . And by your breath too—go way , yo u misty beas t __ how dare yo u try to kiss mo whe n you'v e been , j, a ^ with a trowel abou t the size of a tablespoon , and a small hamme r abou t half a poun d weight. ill' M.ju.its liel'oie his work , and has two wo nun ullenihuits tabling him his briek and HUM tar. Thes e atleiul, the on e u itli a brick, iu i-i.eli hand, the otherwil!i a triii:>-hi-.,n of MIort.-ii abou t th e 'size of a lirciikfasl plate. On e Aineiiriiii III.IMIII, witli one hud-cariier, will I-ty as I'tiiich brick us twelve Hindoos , witullnir twenty-fou r female rti intern, or iniek an-1 morUr attendants . All I'llU'ii.h lailgilo'.-r, -,1-nl uuLja . liui-.il som e -+rrmTTTmr^urw\o7teTrT^ embankment s in a .\-hott tune, marie 111° attemp t to introduce th e w h,-ul-liariow a-, a substitut e for th e basket with which they carry th e earth on the head , lie go t a tiuurbcr in nle, and to en- courage them h e tilled his harro w full and wheel- ed th e first one. himself. H e invited the stuul - est of his gan g to try the next ; the poo r fellow .stepped along a lew paces, then staggered , tuni- \blsd and fcjTy.'ilh his barrow,. H e llien tilled it half full, and it was wheele d along . lie then left for hall'an hour, and whe n he returne d he found four men at the barrow , two at th e head and two a t the feet, bearin g it alon g as if it were a funeral bier. H e thought that th e failure was owin g to the burrow s bein g too la''g,', and lie had a number mad e about the saliie size us those with which ou r boy s amuse themselves , as he , though t from their smalliiutis, he woul d never catc h four men carrying on e again. These small ow's wen t well, the'Hindoos trundle d them . polyanthus Ten h-tige engrni. iugs from the gal- lery of th e MUM-. ;»'IM twenty medallions filled 1 up th e prime!-\ 'file e.-i.scnienls wer e p-iinted , White and green.U'izh doubl e liilets of geld.— ' '•Unit e clegai n-o to variety ; but n o study, no piofusiou. I c-..nfi.l%j In yon tlie care of render- ' ©rifiinal floctni. Writte n for the New York Reformer. TUEilOMi: OI' Ml CHILDHOOD. jiv ,1. woonr-.iTF. lug this eh wilere I un- it Ill's-1 ri-.id of tin- llirui tijui.' TT 1 i.-.hi.I s|„.t ••irlfilil'ltc— w hii-!i s-.us h tunhe-d vo griM-able reheat, sleep, perhaps—bu t of- siillieiont t o reniiinl yen limes \of tr.iy small cdi- : 1' ! As Memory liiijiers'iniJ .-''''iioi i.|\ tl, ! t'riffht visit-lcarc lie-tiling bct'oia. the mind'- • ! 'i'be fiilnre wiiliclonili may be moreu,-t, I Km tho past,reflection will clearly descry. 'TiTst' linding his purpos e foiled.he stoo d upon his <lig- nitv- * ••• Hoity toily,\ ho said, ho w we ]>ut 011 airs. — Give us som e dinner, and don' t sulk.\ Mrs. .Morgan did not often ge t roused , but she I,' 1 alon g in great glee, and th e work, t o the jo y of drinking.\ Jimmy had essaye d his matriuiorun] earesH 1 Uie - - „- ur( . ( , on y, ^ n) . hoping it would eoncil.ate the gude-wii e ; but u . r „„;;„ !lsllur V lilIllluo * 0M ^ w ^ UMilTtt . I ted than by baskets'. This puzzle d him ; but I having gon e from the gang a shor t time, he re- • turnedabrupLl v and discovered the reason , for he found the Hindoo s inarching up the plank with . , ... , 'the greatest possible gia\ily,-eac h #urrviu g bi.s „.as now: sh e put her arms akimb o and Jin- w | K ,°|.|,,,. row 0I 1 llis [ u .ad_iees in front and sweroil, ,.,.,. , . , . wheel behind. -Not a moutlitu l ot dinne r do yo u get m this Tll( , clJ r - lllt;t . r ) in „ h •„,„ -.,„ .,,,„„„( „,- Ul , uome, to-day, no r any othe r day till you come , ir3 L 5U , alll ca „ illP - wlllch Wlls BBeu lUl}r ^ R . 1VS< heme sober. - So the soone r you re oil the liet- liiiii nT~t'|-aiie.s — « hielr'NiiputeoTr :.ll.iueil Jo.s\|ii.iii'- IV11111 his own,|uir.-e,' were ex- pemli'il iu rest'uii'g tlie castle iif the ancient kings of Ni.i.i rri', v^hieli. had lontr been'neglec- ted, and ueailv tli-ui ulislied iu th e Revolution.—- lis iinniL'iisi' |i irk luid mice bee n einlielli.shed by lliwing stream s an <l gleaming lakes; bqt the water courses had cease d to Mow, nnd the lakes had become staijiiarit marshes . But Josephin e soon made it >\ ear a new aspect; th e bed s of the stream s ivvrc cltjareii out, and covered with white gravel: the hikes wer e excavated and till-1 ~, , ed witli fish; tho oWlliavst ro.nU_were_ repaired I . _' ''^' and fertility and beauty ,once hiore embellished ' \^ n - this-aneient re-treat of the Frenc h tnoimrchs.— In these dyliijlitl'til tiiigaere.iiients, sh e was aided by th e taste of tlu^inost distinguished artists in franco, and iii. her jaililie Improvement s Napo - leon himself :aided 5iy hi s ingeniou s and practi- cal suggestions . Thus, gradually , th e heavy cloud which Mid so lung hung in blackness over her heavens, L>ug:iu to break itwhy, and was dis- -ulved by the balmy sunshin e ; and her palace soon wor e t lift aspect of hospitable, intellectual and arlistie leiiiicincnit. Ah '. win) cm f,i-_;e-llho hum - of Ins child'.,\ -d. The mora uf his life, and th\.-«o early delights Th e rumbles o'er lull, th e vale, linj the wildw-'i'd, And tlie nii'nd tht'ii s fl buoyant th..T e;;re could' no! blight i • ^[y ui'uul quickly tl.es with rnpiuions paze, And revels whore youthful ptistiinc-. -.\eic enj-'j cd ; Tile pasture arel meadow, the billattd the dale, Tho scenes whurc m.y happiest ctnys were einployed. in visit lier, sh e called the m all toiler bedside, i .md told the m that they must, all bid her a last eootl by, now that she was- ilyia-.-. Tie: ' C'IMI- ' reii burs t into tears, and We;-t hm-,' ,111.1 v n i..w. fully ; and little Nannett e buried h.T face in i:T- : sie's Inno- dar k trCSSl'S. '' •• My darlin g liltle'mifs,\ w hiapered Kisio. \e . ry faintly,, '• uniftl all the sull'.-nn r ;s :unl hardslup^ ' of life.— be th y lot lowly or gieat—b e alwiy.s 1 ontentetl, fo'r eontcntmt'nt i s a jewel far nmn- j i.iluablu than any wealth or nrt*ati,e~s can be. -'•stn-Wr—^HHHVtfllr^ld J-WtHHItI<tft-tUV-l^!sil'..\' I t .Nannette lifted her 1 hut it was very cold. incbi rite'-, crai in g npputite, and it is—WArKii. 1'reely v\ ill 1 use it ! THASK GOD ro^, WATEI : ! \ \ cs. wate r is the mudicitic that cures th e Htek- lv cr.;\i--g tor stronir drink. l«,et th e reformed in 111 keep ibis e\ er in his thoughts , and the-Bio. uieiit he ;'. els the old desire, drown it, as did tireen , in pure eohl walttr. Lot litin d o cui i and •shoul d watch the begin- liiiek to allay the uneasy . safe. . 11 si, and lie s| he fall unaware s into danger. ., A SUetcb. from Life . was likely to do either; for three, oL.^fo* 1 1 I'ootmon, of whoso fidelity she had nottMJJma. l es t doubt, hud stolen it. The- lo.ss' «8<$steeh < n ou r glutton's ear«—\ I'll gn,''' criea- lie,;? I'llls? f I a m a eotijurror, uritl I will diseovfic^fjeio^r t ge m is hidden, oji condition .of first r«i;y5,fit three splendid meals . £, sliatl fifil 'tis trtlS.- VVhnt then ? J'sliall be triinted ns nnimpos*t>: my back and sides m-iy suite r for it, but niy ttni grv stomaeh will be tilled !\ • 'To concert a scheme and put it into .nrae.th was bu t th e work of n moment; the nabo b st i wa s absent. Tli e lady, antio us fo r the reccvei of her ring, accepte d ike otler.-d terms; asiim lous dinner was p/epared ; thts tabic wa s cove n with the richest muds; t-xpe^sit'o wine s of e cry sort were placed on the sidi'bo-ard. We ni; think how he\(v. An attcirtuefo.itraan.ono tliesccr«ttbievi_>s,fillrtl hi m wit h drink; our co juror, gorged/exebi'mind : \ Well ! I I, ive lin ; lirat!\- The servant trcnld -d ..t tli- ambiguous wor d and run t o his cum p .iiimi, -hr has foiiiid us 01 dear friends-; hois n i-iin-ii.^- man; li« f[& '' had the first: Kb n e-ni'd il int-aiibtit mi.-?\ \It looks a link- like i:.\ r.'ph.- l tb« seem thief; \I'l l wait'on him te-nitrlil-. as yety. have ' mistake n IF-, n.'.-iiiiiilr: should\ I 11 the, aami) train He must dee.-unp t lafc'-e to l'oorl ' ki.a her p.'.le check . .1.' jnny speak tor.\ Th e half tipsy husband looked at her in amaze - ment. For a. mouieiit h o thought of enforcing his will, as he had often don e before , but wheth - er he had uot drunk quit e enough to rniiuu his courage, or whether tho blazingoyes of his help- that who.1 he u.is consultin g the drawings with | dividers, ami making calculations w itii a piece ol j cliarcoal, to put iill'ihe part s together, th e ll_i.ih- , luins and yr.iiul-beardeil Mussulmen lookedon | with open mouths , as if he. wa» going on with 1 som e conjuring process. After be had t|ot the ' enefine togethe r and stea m tin. one evenin g abou t I -mate frightened him, he turned , after a little lies- 1 du ^ k> by r , he t] „ [lt '„,- tu . 0 • 1 i, lmilJ g tor Ji„. 8 | R . ltation, an d left the house . Of course he went straigh t t o tho tavern , as Mr_i. Morgan rathe r expecte d he would . And of I course whe n nigh t enme , he was led hom e trior-1 onsrhly intoxicated, as she rathor wishe d he would. H e had just suflicient reason loft to wonder at tbe't \tr.10rdinary care, wit h which his wife, alte r assjulmg to undress him, tucke d htm in bed. — i But this and everythin g else was soo n foriroltcu • •11 ID a stupihc d sleep . Sue waited.until satisfied that he was entirely i-is -usible, w hen sb e proceede d to sew th e offen- der up in the sheets , exactly ns if he had been a iiiuuimv. The stitchv s wer e not small, but JJiey were taken with treble d thread ; ami she k.icw they would hold^espeolair y as be couhT neither legs no r arms . Onc e or twice he gfijili d. as if abou t to wak e but she stoppe d a iii\iiii'iit at such times. At List th e proceedin g was complete . And lie.v she brough t forth a car t whip, which she I,.ul borrow ed, tha t afternoon , from a neighbor . \No.?. Jimmy Morgan,\ she said, apostrpohi/ui g him. \I'll cur e you of your beastl y habit, , or — please (iud !—I'll whip yo u till you'll be sore for Hjnoiitli.\ Down cam e th e la.sh, as vigoroiialy as her hr..,i-;y arm coul d lay it on ; again, again, ami vet .wi m ; it seeme d ;LS if sb e wan never goin ^ t • atop An d very soon , the offender, rouse d lioiu bis stupor, saw w ha t it was , and bega n to he^ for itKuuy. \ N\i till you'v e promised to leave of]' drink - ine/.\ w-is the answer , and th e blow s descende d mote vigorously than ever. \ .Swear .never to taste tiq'lliTF \*\ - - \Oh: you'll kill mi—you'll kill me \ • No, il will do vou goo d t o think how drun k y 'i were , ten minute s ago. and now- t o si e om rolling ahon t \so lively—nevr r tell me. Jimmy M fj in, tha t I'm killing you after that. \ .\ Mere-,, mercy , mercy.\ roare d the criminal, '\il.w em you, Polly, use your_*wu husban d fti'\ \ I ca n nnd will.\ And anothe r shower of I ..is if-seended. \ Hallo o ns muc h n s you like, IV it will d o yo u good; only , I ea a toll you t ~ tu.nrr. it will not rous e the neighbors . ' ' I' :.i wha t I was goin g to do if you ever cnnie h-.tiic ilrunk ngiin . Have vo u ha d enoug h yet? W II \ou promis e at once, o r are you goin g to h Ul ou t still ''' ' O.i, oh, oh,\ groane d the helpless husband , '. * Ming and turnin g iu every direction , but uu \' ' • t o escape the cataract of blows , \ ' '\ mid se e eve s lookin g curiously through \ tin windows , and the ciijjine hous e wns crowded. — In a momen t th e sal'ety-vaL> c suddenl y opened, and wha t a screamin g an d yelling, and runnin g ther e wan, and every on e wa s filled w'tjli terror. A t last the hugetl y wheel spu n round , th e Walk- ing beam moved up.e.d down, the pumps clank - ed, the steam saorud. an d m..uy c.fine back with their teli.ir eh.-ltl^.-t! to Wosder at seein g the hug e iron shafts and arms endowe d w itli iile and motion. , AUe r a nln. e toe engincordi«eovi'ivd that the llali.es hi d soile d tlie w hole dlthcllUy ot' fh ture a'.d pruieiple-i of t'io e 1 :\.u -,—tlo pnneipli- i 0 eont.-liili-I nil Hie.'lisb s| tttTiiIe Kt-iif.ilh, ae-1 he 1 to v. oil; until lie called the s.ilett -i.il.c. 11- 1 b.lt lie had Io be V.e!| 'iiieii--h h-1 [hirst The belief wa s useful to ban , tor lie on the Iniiid of th e lireinan that the spal l 1, itb p.elit . of w Ire I, ' \ - .-.,1 kl'l'i .ml. .uppli >uuli , I; Tli Jllil pllillf 111 vt mi Wter Il'-r Divaici'. .it tie pri-s the p 1I.1 usi hold, all isdcmbjcd nr her, who Fn tin- fine •ir numlier . eirri- d wit h that her •s. i-ilde d told • oh , oh . \ Wil l yo u promise ? You' d bettor do it quick,\ tsuiue d his inexorabl e spouse,\ or I'll bea t yo u This six year s I've borne your druuk- , jelly. ies> . I' u t I'll boar it n o longer. I've tried ea«. tried ever y thing , nnd now I'm tryin g tins' J in p You'v e beaten me often enough, and }ing yo u back. I'roiuise at once , the 1;•;:\Iter the better , for I'll not let you u p till you do. even if it keep me here nil night, nnd you'r e sick for a week afterward.\ It was a goo d while before th e criminal gav e • '1. He thought his wife woul d tire ont a t bust, 1' :t whe n the castigato r bail proceeded for som e t'-ne, and ho saw no symptoms of cither fatigue or relenting, he wn s com pel led t o succumb. \I'l l swear, I'll swear,\ he said, at last,\ I'll d o a:.i thing. Onl y let me up. That's a dear, goo d I'o'ly. O h 1 Lord,donH whi p me any more , for I'.e said I'd swear . Oh,oh!\ '• Mis. Morga n gave him thre e or four soun d e -is more , to \make assuranc e doubl y sure, \ i'diie she administere d th e 0:1th, wh'ich sh e did, nt last, with the. Bible in he r hands , completin g t ie 1 errmony by makin g hi m kis s th e book. 1 roiii that nigh t Jimmy Morgan wa s never know n to taste liquor. Ho told his neighbor s that he had bee n so sick, after his last spree , that he h.ul resolved to joi n th e temperanc e society ; but he did not tell the m what ha d mad e him ill. Mrs. Morgan , tioot kept th e secret, nursing him throug h his bruises , which wer e neither few nor | slight. However, ns she said to herself, \des - sn sh e never repente d of tho medicine sh e administered , even though bcr husban d did no t J a s earn a dollar for thre e weeks . A wor d more , and ou r tale is done . And tha t wort! is its moral. Perhaps othe r wive s migh t work cure s as miraculous , if the y woul d tr y Mrs. Morgan' s Main e Law.— I,adks' Xaliininl. rnia s wasto lone to return ! . it no more. I'runi the lii»hesl to the 'owest member at (he I i s wiw«^-«. fcl,,- tleimrtlir- huiL'ii-'ire of on e of thi-jr number, cirr i her iulo exile, the heart s of all who had leal .10. cess tu her pres.'a,-,:. Leanin g o n th e ar m of .HIM of Iter ladies, 41111I s o deeply '. • ji : 1 euujip-irinco co 1] I not he s -t a, sijr li the stair-wiv ill .1 silence loo pr .|..i-|-ul I 1 hist . lor she hail t ik--:i but :\ few step s before then. was au invol unt.-irv an d s'nnultmenu s burst o f grief H'll sh e spok e imt . Tlie only response she made In Ibis b>u. hing 1 .ngu.ige of frriel from thos,. who I,tied her. w.is th e ~lriulilt.T of th e bv.t pantr she was eve r to feel in th e imor-rial halls whoie she had embeliisbed th e Ibnpir e o f Napoleon. She sank latntin g int o a close car- riage, and th e c! .Iter o f the feet of .six horse s echoed coldly throug h the court y.irtl, as tlit-y boreaway from tli.it ancien t pnl.iee, th e finest, I the brightest, and the best woma n tint had ever sat upon the thron e of France . Several mouths Josephin e h.ul no w passe d in solitude and grief. \Yhato\or JCapoleou coul d do t o mitigat e the harshnes s of thi s set ,. ri . strok e had been done . A pension of §000.000 a ve-ir was settled on her for life, and promptl y paid till Napoleon s fall. The magnificent villa of Mai . inaisun, witli all its grounds and treasure s of ar t and beauty, with the ancien t pil.uc of Naiarre, were presente d t o her—an d her title ot\ Km pres s ' was continued . ISIn> received frciiiont visits \ al - mos t of Imiuiigo''—Irotn th e members o f th e Imperial fault for il was uuccrsalli understoo d that Napoleo n desired eier y tob 11 1 f respec t ' should in'shown t 1 Ins forni T ivite He r \i'!a presented a.mor e animate d and brilliant specta - cle than eieu while Napoleo n was its muster . It wa s IVc,piente.l by th e mos t hlushious stales - men , scholars , artists an d men o f taste , of th e hiinptre. She wa s nnivtii'si-II-.' ics-p c-t.-d, ad- mired and bjlovcd , an d her fall from th e throne seemed in cloth e Iter with new splendor . She stiil cherh-hed Io r aff.-caoas loisA.lpoleon and lost no opportunit y of demons!rating he r respect for him. \Tlie apartment he hi d occu- pied rem.lined .exactly a s he ha d left it: sb n would not sull'er men a ehair to be moved , an d • 1 indeed, very r.uv'.j' permitte d an y oae to enter , keepiurg the key herself, an 1 dustin g tile article s w itb her own hands. t)a the tabl e 1v.1i .1 ink ' lime of history, with the page double d down i where he ha d linished reading : besid e it lay a pen, with ink dried on the point, an d a ma p of th e world, on which he was accustome d to p.dnt ou t hi-s plans t o those in his confidence, an d whic h still showe d on its surface many marks of lus impatience. These Josephin e woul d not ailu.v t o he touched o n no account . B y the wall without cuitaiu s ; suc h o f 1,'i.s artns The I'liitetl Slates iliTnl? 5 -* '* • Tin- l'hiljiKdpliin- 7t«/oer contain s the follow- ing article concerning tlie li. ti. Min t : Since the e noriniuis mlhix of gold from Cali- fornia, the lb S. Mint has becom e an object of iiiore than coiiiiunn nltentiiiii nnd^nterest, aijd the place is usually filled willy visitors, wuteliiiJg the various processos which llicuictal goes thro' before it comsgs nil 1 a finished coin. The ma- chinery and a jiparatus by which they are . cfien- plished are ot . Hie Jliitist complete and perfect character. TIibra^li H in which the 'suiolting, refining and alio) in j j arc dni;c, are spaciou s apart- meir.s, in which a Uirgc IIUIIIIK rof \vot%lueii are employed. 1 loops of th e ncii ore s are tube seen laying nifofeid us the y wer e cxtracteil from die mines, or streams of California. linns of the pur e uictnl. representing uiuny tliousaad s of dollars iu value,are p. ssiug through hand s which like thos e of .Vliifcts, seem to turn wha t theyXQiush into gold. «!.*•«> •&-**' The heat of lhi=s place is insufferable; fires glo w with the) intensity of those in a foundry ; the me n are as sum Idled and dust-begrimmedas those in a surithi'.-y- ; Ihere is a suffocating sen- sation of hut air. sstcaiQ and perspiration pene - trating t1i« .i«iiiie.)>-!ii'ri>, -which is imythinor but J 111 \* 1 pleasant to t'\jiei ienco whe n the thermome - ter is |eilp.l.itue; u II-IIT a summer teinperatiire. (.'rueihles are hand led with iron tongs nnd cot- - lotttiltfrlls, feltf lOrsrhl W-^fw^tud- into leirj n N d 1 in.-11 reduce! to lb <• n-i|uisitc fineness. Al l tjiia ,k ' takes place in one apai! uii'iit. Ill another, lhflfe '\ is a most bc.-id.f.il sle.ini engine , which drive s tin- rolling :.:nl sl-iinping machiiiery. Tho ou- guic is of Hit' in.ts ! I'agan t workinaiisliip. pol- '' '\' \'•\ \\' Mie 1 like n pi . ie 1 .f iiitb-rv, and wmks withou t woul d ||,c lea.sl poivi'pnb Ie ptr. Fro m this roo m the '\' ' '\* iisitnr v.a'k-^ liito that vthere th e rolling 111.1- 1 bine , are at walk , turning ou t th e metal to the proper deiir.M' of ihhkr.es s which each particu- lar den.iinuia turn t *f coin re jiiires. In anothe r apurtmen t lb e teins are cu t with a punch the desired siie, ami llien stamped preiid her w'uitrs 'mid the suuheams of fieascm shook out th e folds of nbl vioiA nijjlu ; Theie puttnicr first clipped the willtrs of desire, Andyu/te^ explored all prospeeiivc delights. There <i(F< 'fh-*,i first opened her fountains of pleasure, And made Wt<- and foin//-o/ the joy of my heart ; And taught uie thu s early to speuk the word Mother, Willi foelintts which im other \rord can impart. In that dawn of my life, with the decpt-st emotions, I viewed the dark clou- In t list o'er.shaduwcd the grille : Aud caught wi'h the fervor of holy dovoiion, ThSTpVomise of lite inn world far awiiy. The gentle voice of tlie'mat'. , r Mas luisl..-', mil Eva spok e uut; but nesi:j. | io-r be.nl siill ii-loserto her mother's bosom . Sh e w ,s w eeje I nig. The mother felt Hut she' l.eiji e I ,1 chon l I in bcr child's heart, so sh e distiudrcd not ibo'llo ,v • of her bette r fecliut's. Rvn had received a profitable lesenit. and she I'ormeil th e goo d resolution never to. be di-ce::- tentcd agniii, w''en Providence hid ahowurd so many rich blessings upon her. And ever alter the Angel of Contentmen t folded her u ii-^s iromid her gentle-heart. MEBYA. Ciiicinnait, June 23,\ 185S . „ played ove r lier cheek as I hud them upon hcr | H( .,. <H . t i us froirt punishment, .amUi.a t he Nettie,' s-iidslie,'p-iss-! liwr nptlmjewelw\uhoutbcU' ' As the niiiul n-\ Fresh traces ul* h->; On these hopes 1 Roast Which have ft..wu tlui'l fears. •ert* ;.e- 1 mi l Uk. ha- lh.it life ' tl t -k \v 's Ire tin 0'tho ere Waste eialll^eS 1 .1:11, with . At sliadowy pas .Itsfpi^cTfPsa*' .be mill f t e; I heir j-'\s ;i From Arthur's Iloioe (to/etle. TUB CUP OP COLD WAT 11 v T. 9. Airrura. lit . t.r i Jho.-id is 111,1 Bu t the hom The eirtlu ishrolaai, mid scattered a-ivay : The lields tbe \ ar e chunked, mid t,lii' n-rcM is i...ae. And lite old cliiiir-jcs Where with I'ltilhers 1 playc-il Henr y (\Ireeii was 11 fel'onui 1,11. ui 11-- bad been a mos t abandone d drunkard , and io the years of his decadence, had ishauiefullv wronged iud abused llis f.Tmily. But, in u lucid luouieiil, he perceived, with startling distinetu -ss, the pre- cipice, upon the v-ery brink of which he wis standing, an d started back therefrom. For his suffering wife and children, the wasb- places became green again, nnd the desui t blu»- sun.cd :is the rose. After a lung, lung niolit of ivecpingr, th e sun cam e forth, and his .\&iilu bio't iybtand gladnes s t o their spirits. The l'.iisb..nll •uu! father wns a ma n once 1110:0 w-lii the heart of a man . li e turned 110 longer av.av tioui theiii in debusing scH'-indiilgon-..u, but-t o .cuds ll.eiu 11 thoughtfu l atl'ecTioii. How iiuickljj is perceive, Slu'tcljcs for ll)e Cjome Circle. Pro.11 Arl'aiir's lloaie Gazelle Es>LIE'y SiMR-ASCEL; Oil, \ Contentment Better than a Crown.\ .fire w not ill, and w ilea '.tiled. Iie_is-iiU ui/taoridiii-icy 1 throi ttuld the n go to w< Ujipiied Ullh wate r gh r toun d that tiiis 'uii|i;-esstd it up- ! .tei, hi Eva sa t itlone i n her chamber , silent an d sor- rowful. Sho hoard t-t« merr y voices of he r com - panion s ringing from the garden s belo w ; sh e sa w the soft raj s o f moonligh t steal ing across th e marbl e floor; awe. I perfume s lueitiuJ iluoi.g'i th e open lattice, and afar off, in the went!, coul d be hear d the tinkling sound of a guitar, :uid th e wild, clear voice uf snui e midnight serenad e wan born e t o her ears upo n the evening wind. \\ Iii was the maiden sorrowful , whe n her companion s jilt—loved Injr—when wunltli-iiiid ologiunro -anr~ Mrs. Frances 1). (ing^ , o f Ohio, is writing a ! series of exci-llcnl articles for th e Ohio Farmer . I I'roin iviihdi w-e tttke tlu> following : \ And s o dear Am\- isde-\d!\ 1 '' Yes. iiiolhi r. she diad last eve, they say, just • as the su n went down. \ i Alas! poo r Amy . short xnd litfiil has been her 1 e-ireer. ()nly twenty year s old, and yet she has 1 faded and died in th e very spring-time of light and life.\ 1 \ 1 fille d to see her th e othe r day, mother, and took her a bouquet of early sprin • flowers. Oh , ' ho w her ey e lighted tip ! nnd a faint, sad smile ' plnve d i'l \' 1 am passin g awav - iio.'nw.iv : nipped in lln- bud, lilto.i am 1 lint 1 Iced Hint I sb.dl bloom again'.' Don't weep ; Ni'ltie tlear, dmi' l wee p ; it is not hard t o die No, no, it ia not ban! t o die whe n the heart'.sde u- j 1 -.! lies ai v .severed, and we feel that a shade has ' I ,!h 11 01 o r mil- pathwa y that 110 future,sunshin e can illuminate. Com e to 111c often.Nettie,; come aud bring me Ho wen; I love ,theui. i used to by to raise them , bu t th e rose s 1 planted wither- ed, ami niy lilies driroped before their time ; lit ciableiu'of ;ill life's hope s and joys t o me, Net- l .-.' \ '.Mother,' saitl she, after a few minutes ' silence \ whe.i 1 die, wrip 1110 in my grave-cluthes ; put | a \ine of How era by my hide, 11ml let ine srleep the last cold sleup nbo\e ground , abnie. Call in no idle watcher s to yaw n an d gro w weary around my lifeless clny. Oh, it is a horrid practice '. 1 rem -nib. r whe n we watche d puor Mary Jan e ; there wer e si \ of us.three. boys and thre e girls : idle jes t and hearl- night.'' , A t night HSU pp'er lit fo r 11 court of aldcrm- Iwassotbef.irtithe gt-eeilv Cru-ket, \vh» (ilh'd- h I paunch till ho eould eat..n o itiore. 'fh*- s.-fj>i 'f.iotmnnwalche d hiinall the. whiles. When s: I i.slied, he, rose, exchtiminsr— i \The snound isin my sick nnd cannot es c 1 ! me. \ 1 Away fleivthf nlTriglitefl robix»r.. \Wee lost !\h.e cried ; \onr Io oh -t t nil\ fall sive US. I '•Notso,\uimivei-.\llht'ller.l ; •'if we fly n 1 are caught, we wwhi\ : I'll len d him 'io-ainrrov I meal, and shoul d he then spi -. U as b-l'nre, I'll u' the theft to him , inwl oif.-r»ouie grf.'it reward «*1 may ; ,;'__! They all ugrwl. la the ttioin'tag, ou r po '•'°?.'.'..!... 1 ant's appetite was stli! the s inie.\' At hist, qi i doiif ' tl.-.- third, think God, j'.ing culprit, \ here' s i'S ai. d you shall ne ad we paired off, too, and tin . i'..ge fyr the ' less nonsens e Unit kep t u p ou r droopin g spirits in better in everythin g appertainin g to the inebri- ' th ,t room of dy.ith, have haunte d my thought s ;itos family, when the hlsul of it abandon s his ! siiyuu- I liivvt.'nain hero upon this pillow so d return s to his-nifuetjfHiajHl du- , many long , weary niohts. (Hi, let me lie alone. e a was ijppurpmt in the family dear mother , ask no ga y and thoughtles s imps 11. Ilif dii orcr-1 Kau- • of the Tiiilleries. TritnjjnAInr . an£^e adoratio n of idolizing pur- j-ehia was\'1a^u^nWtRe. shrine of her yoot h an d beauty? Alas ! Eva was no t contented . \ Eva!\ whispero d a sofl voice beside her , an d a hand claspe d hers caressingly . She turned away her hea d t o hide the foolish j tear s which glittftu d upon.he r lashes, but spoke not. The mother knel t besid e the arm-chair where Eva was Bitting, and dre w her daughter's hcjad down upo n her shoulder . \Eva you are unhappy'—yo u aro neither ill t no r wearied ; but, yo u are discontented, ily dar- Th e coins are pdice J by a perso n seated at | |i n g chiVdfchnse thes e evil spirits from your heart. sin and folly, nor ty. Al l this chuiigu - if llcnifCrecn. Tln-y hiid'suff.-rcd even to Hie depiivatiou of evecy comfort; hu t of these one aid anothe r were now restored, until every part of tjieir humbl e dwellin g seemed to smile again. lle.i\ h.'ippy.lliey wore I . . • And ygt, the wife of Hie reformed man often felt a sense, of insecurity. Hhe nndersto o 1 too ] 1 ell that , for her husband, temptatio n lurked at -very point. How often did BlIer*Wv\\ait his 10- turn home, us evening approached, with ticiitb- l.ng an.viuty ; nnd mark , while yet afar offjMti.s steps, tu se e if they wcro firmly takelt.-'ii*^*' It w'as'earhtigiUiiJII^Ill^^cW 1 when Hea - ry Gre^ai^#ay^Mgo'. Through the tinier, helia'd \Tbrkcd\indimU'iously ,and, as hi. muld- earn goo d wages , his iucotue ha d giseti tlieai, as lust mentioned , icr y many eomfoits, II • had not bee n muc h tempte d o f Ids old aiip'-lite du- ring th o cold weather, nor did he feel its aetii e I full, he exclaimed I \My task is don e Ihere!\ I \Yes said the trcii ring, but hide our slm ' want good fare ligii'i: 1 .' \Be silent! \ cxcbiiiiicd the astonished Cr i ct, who little thmiyh t tha t what lie, ho d spoU-. . of his meals would h.-.ve mud c the plnndercrs betray theniaelvet ; b.' f.ilcnt ! 1 hav e i t all.\ Som e geese Wei.- feeding befor e 1 he windows; he went out, nnd li-ninjr aeiieil the largest, forc- ed tlie ring dow n itstUriKit : and then doularcil that the goose ha d swallowe d the jev.cl. The goose was killed—the diamond found. In th e meantime , the nabob i c turned, and was incredu - lous. \ Sortie crnfly kiiaie , in.d.-.ia,\ H.I'HI be, \eillie r the thief or hi s ab.-ttor. h,is„ with a well concert - ed scheme, wrought on you r easy faith. Butd'll soon try his power) of ihi i n .lion. I'll provid e him myself with a 1ne.1l likewise. \ 1 No sponer sniJ th.ui done. ; between two dish- Ihe false es .the \hiysturii.iiss lbr c u.is hid , \ ;' .. ^ 11 .„ 1 conjurnr was lold to d 'el,:,- uh.-it was the eon to gro w wo.'irv and s;'d heiside my corpse. Prom f , , . .., . ,11. t , , • - ^ , k . , -,, ,.„ , .„ ...I. , coaled cheer o n p.iui ut Hem ' Well Ue^teintstiouia ise me tr.is, will you, item yint.tier t . -,... ' = ' •• Mrs. B . stoope d down an d kissed th e brow-i ui ,,\'.' „. ,. , -, , ^ • , t ',. f . , • , - 1 , 1 1 j , ,. „ • 1 1 \Alas be miittcietl 01, , •'ictur Lricket , tho u ofr her dyin g; chid,d andn sobbedmy nutd tue wished-1— ,, . „, • 1 - ° • • . -. 1 -_.i .. : 1 I arttake n ! \He's right!\ edi-il tb^ iwb*»b, g-U'o him s. rnirst. of gold ; [ h ,n . r yi -ii t de. tsas bis.\ ' In-tl.di. Tin wished lo promise au the A smile nn d said 'Thank you , dea r mother,' and a s if wear y and exb.-.usl, d wi'Ji her struggle , she fell asleep.— \V s il not a strang e request, Mother, lorhor to 1 in scents to me pcr- the itloa oj It was a little c idutton, by tour he.iit) meal*, ci.n ulatio.i as a emu. 111 • p.vc. .,r ltl'e,.i.i , «al \ 1 blill ou.- d tlirew -iii rcp- The IMiti.rol' tlnj IV\' Cwr Journal the following goo d ad s ice to bits readers ; To tuo Mouutulns uuil I.ube3 . tint with tlie fer- slunibeiing d.sir e ,t. i , 11I11 rpttuiiculiir .tubn-. A..ut.. one tunc oemg seized as the maeh'un-, in a p ' wnicn tney aeifprail, .1 ! they dro p l>y n jtirt o f the machinery, whic h pushe s fhecwtn in nler the'stamp , whenc e it falls under the mru-hine- into n glass covere d box.— This part of the proces s used in former years to lie performe d III' is. press, wdirrh still rnuiJ4ns.ia the biiihhii\. wiiikeil by a lever and screw, re - quiring eight, nieii to labo r at it: now the pro- cess requires^ scareoly anymanual laborbut hand- ' lingthf piei'irs nfe-\'ufe' The rapidity with whic h the pieces ai e rii-ied i.s surprising, f.'ents, dol- ... ?] discontent . JAh,- it' you did but Icnuw it, • Con- tentment is faiji bettor than a crown;' and now listen t o me but fo r a fuw moments, an d I will relato a simple, vetprofitabl e story , which teach- e s what little thing s serve t o mak e th e good con- tente d and happy. *— '•*- An d there , hesido tho-^ine shadowe d window, with no light Have tha t o f th e silver moon; no listene r save Him wh o hearet h all, the mothe r taught her child. r nrnwny , in the Southern'part of Germany. I.srs. eagles, -daub! e ea-gh-i, ah turne d nut with j dwelt a poor child, called Elsie , an d her old god- equal facility, the process bein g th e same in all. ! mother. Happines s smile d not whe n Elsi e wa s fcJome idii'a of thoiixtensivenes s of thes e ope - ! born , bu t folded hur raiobow-iirjngs silently over rations, ami of the metaliferous fecundity of Hi 3 j he r rud e cr.idle. Her godinothb r was hars h and gold posse-iions of th e I'nited States , may'be ' ( ster n ;' and no smil e of love, ncrsoft an d gentl e had, when if i. s t:iteil\t t tat last month nearl y voice, ever boothe d he r sorrowful'childhood . El* three million pieces of goljj, silver and copper, gie'sonly refuge from the hnrsh voice or angry wer e coined , and tlmt four millions in value are r eyes o f her ster n relative, w is hcr chamber , n lit- coined even- inniith. In additio n t o the othe r U e , lo w gnrreUrooui, with but one w indo)W,whicb •111 net i.ms i»f the Mtii t , ther e is a mos t ev tensiv e opened out upo n n small patch of grouod^and no cabinet of coins, ancient and modern , (lioiniii.! 0 ld oak tree , that shade d the windo w -Aitii ils (ireek. Chin cscJRiiri'pem O which is one of the green leaves. Here,nftc r toilinghardal l da y wit h greatest ciirinsitie-s.imd probnbly t o be met no uer godmother, to procure a scant y meal, Would where else i»i this country. The officers of the Elsi o repair to he qpo n her stra w bed , and hurn lit-, Mint ar e polite and attentiv e to visitors, and en- li e songs very softly that sh e had learnt from tho 1 deavor to ui.iki'U icir visit on e of instruction^ a s poasant children, or to thin k over her sorrow s wil l as nrnrsuciiioiit. It is unde r the very clfec- | an d wee p bitte r tears. Once , when he r re turn ut the openin g spring, vp.nt heat of summer, thu awoke. Aei'M'O\bodily labor produced free persp'n Frcqueittthirstwastheconseqiience : and, when ever thi s Wa s felt, th e thought s of the reformed man dwelt upo n the pleasure a cool glas s of som e mixe d liquor would give. With an eli'ml, •iud often with ftar a t his heart , would he thrus t aside. lJiaalluim^-inia\ps.4ra_ii'rijLV hb trii-in! im- agination. And yet, they would ever an n nnnrr retur n ; and there wer e time s when h e was tempt- ed almost beyon d his strength . Green \f.is a carpenter. Earl y in the spring, n gentlema n offered him a good eontr.ict for put- ting up two or three frame buildings, which he gladly accepte d ; and, us the lot Bpoti whic h his stoo d was largo, he erected a shop therei n More cheerfully and hopefully than e rdi. l the reforme d man no w work. H e saw a ele irer light ahead . Ho would, er e long, recover all he ' had lost, an d oven gotbeyond the, point of pros - perity from ivhich he had fallen. Time wor e on . Sprin g pissed and th e sum. ] mer opened . Jul y came in with intensely hot 1 weather. Already had Henry Groen felt th e eniring s o t his awidtenin g appetite, and il re- quired stron g efforts at self-denial to refrain from indulgence . About ono o'clock on e diy^Pit was a hotter. day than usual—Green' s thought-, were dwell , ing, as was no w too often the case, upon th e \ re- freshing glass,\ once so keenl y enjoyed. A lit- tle, way from his shop, thoug h not in view, wa s a tavern , the bar-room o f which memor y wa s \No. Nettie . I think not; fccl'iv lia'.ur.ll. \ Hut then- i s somethin g terrible being lo I,-.1 up in a loom alone, shudder\ \h il , 0 len-iiile, toy r-hilrl, asl.he idea uf hay. | ing \oii r liieuds, as Amy anid, ' groiv weir v ttvei ,,,,,. . . . , , , Mm 7 to kno w and feel tha t they will forget-j *™ }<>& is notenluc y .leered, yet thou - e. en in o:,e abor t n.ght, ' tha t yo u are not, nor ] \ , \\y ls ol bcre cil.2e.is ,. wildhe u 0 ..a-.!.lik..,u arnt e (lis mg\ see m lo smile thu less, .'\' \ Hut . mother , it is almos t aljvays done; why is it s o .'\ . • j \ It is doubtles s arCustom of early tiincs,whcn ' it was necessary tha t on e or mor e should sit by ! a corps e lo protect it from wild beasts or other j injury, and superstitiou s fear prompte d many to ! ' unite together , to keep u p each other's spirits ' lliiough the solem n hours; and now, whe n the' necessity of th e custom hs s passed away, we •cling t o il Mill, bceansu tim e hus nnulo i t sacred. 1 TJinnrt u-S\p\n*s -TrOTtr-cmtvsn\^TOT ' K\/r/s ,- f'trr, Important nn it fsy tharo nro atimr and more useful lessoi'm t o bo draw n frofn poor A'my's cnly death . I kne w her longago, a littllo curly- headed, blue-eyed fairy ; hcr laug h rang out liko the merr y penl of bells, and heryoong life kne w ' rrox'aro or swrroW; -she was-rnother-'sdarlingiind father's pel, Every wish of tier hear t inul a hearty response , nod sh e dreame d not but that the pathwa y of (lowers that her young feel trod with s o muc h gbee Would last finrevrr. -She was iicur t'Uight either self-coutrol Or self-reliance ueie r taught that she had aught to do to m..ke this worl d bright and beautiful, o r useful to her- self or others . Silo was never taught the holy duly of Iii ing : life was to he r a prett y -soap-bub- ble, full of r.anbo w hues; niid-wln-u he r bubble burst, its brightnes s to her, wa s (gone for AVer.— Sh e loved ; and when' sh e found the object of her allection was pron e t o ' look upon the wino ulu'ii it was red.\ nnd to waste his substance in riotous Iii ing . wheir-a father's heart forgot ils l.llllll awa t o th nort h T Wli-t Mou uu tit Now Hampshire , nnd the ih-c.-u Monnlains o f Vermont, and the. clcireo.. 1 blu e Ii.ke.s of th o iiorth-woslaireexceed!iij.dy imitiug.i t this seaso n of tho year, nor can tic d-'Min- Hie luxury , but a trip w e must Liltc, t o inviear;ite the body , di vert, enliven, nnd sh'en;;thn i the mind. It is heaUhful to- rid e on R-ulroads. A mag- netism is generate d by the iron wheels, on the iron track, which, lug«-tlier with; tlie- r ipid change of air gives oven nit iiwi-iij new life,; an d wo •iiw.».i, WWM ..w,wti.t...*l—4t.t^s r rr--s'W^-Uo^4iiod -TEirtil be- liovo in Hydrepntliy. to \• talto a .few .doses .of Railroad,\ instea d of -liHu-r drjiyB, or \ % fcu?qifen; uine Cod Liver ^JocigQii\ and instead;,Of- giv> .' ing money t o doctiira'.'gtv^e it io. I^ifroai| itM. Steamboa t coiidmctors. \a \ , When on tho Like-a.jjo by SteamixtafeaSMi, . •_< Boat, or RowUtmt, mi d if able-, pull att}{eoars, once, twice or thrice a iliy—it won't hurt you.— To invalid women we say , put «>n the UtoOni-rsi •llld chmb tileAltaaiaL-aias^iake^irilbi-OII-stlie-LHtie Itomp. jump, mi d eiimb -i Ir •«, if yuu think it iiull do ynu^wtL . - - Pu t upat a lir-sl-rittt W iter-Caru 1 lous>r,ivhon. possible, niakn vonisxell' rst hcHite, and sta y as loai? as iiiresanistanef-s i\1if nilmifc. Froui,N> w Vork lo fl.ei^l.pc6rI?rtion\Moan' tains, in n dny, t-ikn tho New York null Kew* Sa- l yen Railroad, thence by Hartfor d an d S|jringfteld; up tho valloy of UiS^onnwlieot, an d soon by regular an d direct routes, till you reach tha spot desired. \ From Boston, Railroad ear s will tako yon cisy Hindi ts , , j J 1 tl. - 1 I Hill JJlitllUIi, IVttitottis^ itit a I»III L*«nv jitu gei.ee . and sternly commanded , and a moth- motmtams north, or to tho lake s carnino- over th e wolfaro of her only child • • . . ' .° » c .L...... .»...-» rtt' 1 wehi. The New Yfa-rk and Erie Railroad , the most her den y and reproach , the stron g powe r of mod shoul d have sustained her, and ahe live iiiaiiai'i-inent Tlie ()w Jnliii wa lover o f music, course d be.t-ieiii ..11.1 man , the of Mr . Dale , the director . Dark Kcrvimde. camp-b e pernio diseases requir e desperat e remedies ;\an d 1 stood Napoleon • • \ - • Heine sh e hai and above continued to h;in . llU1R - ' | ie had placed there. On different pieces of f HiudoCgtCcliaiiicji. The Hindoos do their work in suc h a differ- ent manne r from Hie America n or Englishman, mother had panishe d he r severely for some sligh f j offence, th e poo r child tlew t o her garret-room, ' nn d closin g the door, thre w herseff upo n her ~ . ' straw bed in ngony o f tears. :, rare singer, and , of course a H was evening/and a'l seeme d dark in 1,,-r -. Many were th e hours we dis - ,. uumi w |,en, suddenly , a little stream of silu-r niv li.irin,uiv beneat h her window; • n , ) t s(o|( . a( . rosg the \ bnre t]floT< p |k( . the .,,„,, . „,- _ liieiiiets and swee t flatteries \ I h e - a j, ood spirit d i 8 p e || inj , t h t . daikuess . Use St-.en.i.lei-s «oi bun her hrai.Is and tell-tale- , loi)kcd up throug h th o open window , and obser.- bps. Ol I'uiii,,, •• IlieLiOuns became le-Hf-us, ed> for tn8 nr8t time , a beautifu l lone sta r t w ink- of our sure ess, ie » s\o n enlcw d tuo lists o. ]u through th( , greeil leaveg . t |lsUin (K hl . r compet e for our tadiv s smiles an d tin or Night ^^ wcre d ^ &ud s|)e ^.^ lau he(i ^ B( . e afier rugiit, -ilternaleiy, the bands disturbed the how fumiilv i t wiukedather with itslarg e bligh t f..r one's sbiniji-rs. until the contes t be-fall, t o oy(; g |l( . ; vmdere( J ifGad , )ad „ ot 8c|lt iltilll . r8 excite pulili-.' ..lii-nli m and draw- othe r listener s ^ ^tch nn d comfor t her in her young sorrows; than Julia. AU4a< stag e ,.f affairs. the llattcred s , i0 waa BUI0 He ba d and sh e woul d confide w ouian quietly ivilndn-.e t:. a ni-ighbornig tow n ; jn me oeftutlful sU , r . j-| sie i;DC | t liovv „ l H . siJ u trustin g a *.-v weeks' absence woul d lull the tfie w iudov v nn d ivatcbed the twiiikling hgh; . p..ss|„iiso| thecK'teil payors . Limwnr e ol her, \Oh thouheaulifii ] one!\ahe muiuijred,'-.i ill rbsence , an d ii,,.1 icetlb v two fine tenor s lr.tiu, t|u)U U)V( , nn|1 c .|, C] . is h me wl)en a n other s are .. troup e i\ • • . -t isin-r in the p!..ee, - I h e Sere- , stgrn . U1( j h]lrsh ,„ naders \ prcccdcs-d to the accustome d «';it.prond And lhc glnr troml) , ed in lhe vplvet leav(!Si aml in the hope ol a grand triumph . A lull hall-1 st . clI1L . d k> whisper •• jes \ hour passe d uliori Iha hiunUlul arias ol Doniz- , The child clasp, d her small hand s nnd bea t etc, folloiv-ed by Ins \ I w i.rght \ itices by th e ( , lft r ,„, n( 1 jn , he | uam of u , c]wrmvli n ,,|, t , . lnJ two tenors : the uliole executio n was i-fTceliic . pravcd fervl , llt j v . lheri „,„, tl „ D i s0 | css | v and sweet ; nnd v,'e conclude d l o hi, the cup to b;w| . U) , lcr ^^-^ (]re . im of h )iness I h e brim wit h lhe delicious \Hove the e tenderly . From tha t nigh t Elsi e seeme d changed . She The accompanim cut 1 uatruuieiiLs were tuned , th e 1 ^-^ uir , liuniulrinfr |,.. waa eu ,,. kin(1 nm i ,,,„. Iccyuote ii\ a s ,tr -ji k, and the windo w was tbrow d ; ^ patii , nt mld met . k) _ in tru . h) sh( . was nluc |, up. Thcboipictw.:-- uoked ..r with intense | happie r and contente d wit h her lowly lot, now unxiety, iin-d our I1cartsbe.1t wildly that the many t ,,„ tsn0 bM somo „,a wt , 0 syln p at | lizo j n her hearer s in the street should witness ourtriuinph . grjefe . , mdcven „, e ^ odmuthc ; r s( ', em e d pleased • w.ith her constant attention t o all her wants. Ever y night did Elsi e hasten t o he r chambe r 1 t o talk to the sta r whic h gaze d s o kindly at her glasses ; he almos t felt the coolin g beverage u p on hia lips. So absorbe d did heat length be- cotrje, that he paused in |iis wor k closed, like leaned one iu over bis bench, his eyes half a (freamy reverie. lt?yvas a moment upo n which his future, for gnoAo r for evil, hung, tremblin g iu an even bal- ance £hat a hair migh t turn . Fof.jas long a time ns fivo minute s did Henry Green Btaud leanin g over his work-bench , a pie- tine of theLiieighburing bar-room distinctly be- fore hit-mind, while be was consciou s of an in- tense thirst—tha t it seemed a s if nolhiu g hu t .1 glass of mixed an d iced liquor could posnibly aB- 1 su-'p-e. * With.-*- deeply di'awn breath he nt lengah raised himself, tho strugglo tha t wn s goin g on in b's riiind more than halt decided in favor of self- indulgence. '• Papa!\ spok e a lo w familiar; s'ul •. . GitJon started nnd turned suddenly*. A chil.d not. rifeer four year s old, stood by him—a fair child, with a countenanc e full of hinocence and — • • • • a, both her little her hope s wunerea »»p\\~' •« •• =.-,=- — , i 0% cieveland , Detroit, CliiejigO,.MilH not nurs e and perfect thum. She grew gloomy; , d gQ u ^ ^ ^ ^ wandere d forth alone , and dwel t unceas.ugly up-1 fo' d Is | aads nod the Laiso of on her s..i rw 1. The cold dews of the evening , , . . M | nnMotaT „ r •y passengers' and for doutor' a Pee. \rnuteg-from Quebec; and- , , ., , — .*No5f if-ork. t o resolved to die. Alas , poot^- «» »'onder , 0irdenBbu h Oswego, Toronto,-Niagara, Btiflii* he r hope s withere d like plucke d flowers; sh e did | ,^ C | ovelan ' d; i >atroi | , ,ci,ie ) ,gO,.Milw'aukio,Green Superior t o th o of the Woods; , . ,, , - ; The n pass ovor into Minnesota Territory, whefo bathed almos t nightly her auburn tresses, and her ,£ f(mnd ^ {l>m]hia hend of t ,, e JJ^^ eyes gre w mor e deepl y blue 111 gazing a t *«« | j -« ju,^ down wb ,- cn p !l83 on to Galena , Illi- slurs of night, and weepin g over her o^vn sad | ^ ^ ^^ lQ Ch | Mf?0] an(] 80 ott :hnme.- .w-otild tokeftlier.rlys- pl.iints out of our rnono y tlia n would , g*d by doetors.nnd give tlioana new lease- I placid allection.\ • , , ' 01 life ' •• Oh, mother , do not blam e her; su e could not. ' j Ien / ttm j WQmn a|ui(1 y lraT(| , together. It's help loviug.\ i .,u nonsens e t o suppose tha t a woman - dan't 011- •• No . Ncttitvsh e coul d not,perhap s with such | durB m mnc|i ^.^ n ,, ij|( , traVl!l .j,- tjr) ag jh( ^ n _ loaehers as she has had. Hut had she, lnstei.a,, • •;• sho bu \„ s woU s ,„ , u (.quipped, an d as been taught the tru e value of life; been laught, |iu|e „ comb „ lvd ..^ vil |, un „ r( .p. S!l! , n ,..-I r y 8 roods'\' ii,,. „,.,.,.ssiiv of active dutv . th e happiness ot 1 „....,.„ .- .,, , ,..,. .,,., *,„„i,V„i! *S.,- 5H= by Iii- that he almos t appear s to be a perso n belongin g pie, drape d on to ,1 different orde r o f beings . Our blacksmit h naiuen l being ner o f tho apartment . \Josephine's own bed-chamber , t o whic'i removed after th e divov slandsatworMhoHindoo-squats wit h hi s knee s mentioned and which, will, a nobl e ^\^j nearly o n a level wit h hto ebin; it w U10 sumo | she refused to conside r as private pi ope, ty, till -., -., t. 1 4 ._ il,.,:.. nnuliirr. Mnt-inlttntl mult it llltCT llCr, tllgetll 1 from nslead heali, sy. — irece- ,ed.- 1011 by 1 bvbi n win> yon isundcrde door :—soclen h you'- 1 selves ''' And olear wedid.nini d th e shout s and 1 yells of more than fifty listeners . J ' ' Since llaatni^b t the ai r has slept quietly bo- ; et-service, already j ^^ ^^.^ wiM j, lw _(, 10 longe r our Julia)— j w uh'n'ocompa!,ion\butt and \ The Sorersailers\ hav e foresworn serenad - inir.—.Wit.--if,i/ World. light of he r star . was cxtreinclv sh e sim- tho necessit y o f activ e duty , th o happines s '•' t BeB j d(?s if U ' 8 KOod f(i r lh „ health of am. i t is- makin g other s hippy, think you I ho burial-shrourJ | imoi (gt lh<jothni Bn a(y , oir ,„|, pr . Q a ihtrtbes , ami the eollin-rid woul d have hid her body trmn 1 mlsb , lm , 8) wivoS) llall ght-ers, (let tho bavs-'suiy 1 ur sight ere sh e had reached the threshold ol | _ a ^ Qm ^ mi||t m eowg _ fa , A U|B j.-,!,,-^^ a!ll i eif/'usel'iihies-., wrappin g the heads o t pirejits in 11;eo|) honso aw ^y 0 f enb'rsc, w e speak now uf those wh o can ajj'tri -to Ifttvel, o'r to pay doe - • .•cfion. She held a tin cu p 1 hands . \sHiive a drin k of cool water , papa ! \JSes dear,\ replied the father, in a low voice j to the tomn; ami wne.. . tljwas unstead y from th o rus h o f a sudde n qmvenng hp,aud hstea t o Am. and he caugh t the cup from th e child's of agony ; when th e sup p hnrlas. and raising i t to hislips , dran k it eagerly. | anil relatives tall upo n >o liijp'di, and raisiii g M'ostantl v .. th e picture of the bar-roodu, with all lis- allureniejits^ faded from the mind\ of Green . *le Was a ma n again, in the integrity o f a fit- ly with whit e muslin , its solo or- j the gold to', through the tree, sh e waw many brightnes s ed amid the ros e faces, whoso tender eyes seemed t o ghincs$j*s'o kindl y «nd pityingl y upon her. S|;' One day the old godmother was take n iufftirid , j --,--- ... , ,. died;-and Elsi e was left alone in th o cMttigo ed tho child in his afms , and kissed her tender^ th e star. But shafo d On \ Shal l I brin g yo u another cool drink alte r a burnin g thirst tomptation. u Thank you, dear! \ ho murmured, as\he lift- t secluded life, an d tho star-angef-'kep t ^while 1\ asked the little one. a s sh e presse d her 11 hnrm . So Elsi e sat all d^fet her ! father's cheek s with bot h h.jr hands. , g wheel gaily, an d nt nigh t sjW'bri her j \ Did any on o toll^oa to,.bnn g mo th e cu p of ed wit h the sta r winkin g nfw' watchin g if***?.* •- st ..,,since th e stern godmt^prWns flo lon- *at. I ge t there , the peasan t chjhtSnfS' ftfetfe ho longe r <et, I in'raid, and came often tr/iihe eotiag o t o visit El - grasping— , -- 1 -- -.-- . , . . . tof t tiles away wit h great force. lie also some-. ends of the Revolution. . In the centr e 0 tun's use s his toes to roach forth nnd gras p a ' room , thor e was alway s to bo a large ho wur tool , th e same as we do with our fingers; atu b stan d filled wit h fresh flowers 111 their season, so accustomed ar e the y t o uso thei r toes\ tha t | and in each angle , tho bus t ol a I' rench phitos- the y sometime s adorn the m with gol d rings , they opher. She particularly mentions that Rous- be'.uo as worth y of such honor s as ou r fingers. I^eau wns t o stan d betwee n the two windows, Tune doc s not seein $ bo valued by th e Ori* wher e the vines and foliage coul d play aroun d enteV. • His tool s and method of working appea r his head, forming a natura l crown worthy o t tho . ^ - ,^ ^ , butlvvsa .. obli g ed ^ keB , M , r u cd t o b e contrivedfor th o ver y purpose of vonsutu - author of Awiife.. Her private, cabine t was to | way . it win-00 » sioouu uu •»., -. , ( \V j... .?. t _ ... L 1- ..^JJ:.F sie, and listen t o he r sivee t Songs . \And as sh e zed I r-rew^rtej^erfg-r-nfjota]i^eschool,^ stud - aai^peaiieTselflhjit She might be abl e to instruc t th e cnulii I poor childre n in rendin g an d writing . When : 'tcly . thet r task s wero al j finished, sho woula sit upon 1 tlie woode n bench, nea r th e door , wit h he r fa- -( vorite littlo pupil, NnnrTette, beside her, nnd re- TiiE- L.iquoR LAW IN MASSACHUSETTS take s pea t to-thoni again an d again th o stor y o f he r effect to-day rWcdncsday). The State-ia well sorrowfjilchildhood , and\ he r strange, yet bfiau- . , f n , --r„ 1 1, 1. i„(_\-„„ tiful comforter ; whic h tale the y delighte d to hoar organiwd for t*« event. We 00 k for interest* moro thfln at , t ' h e re8t But) J ft() r b a whi |e,EI- i,g incidonls aftor thing s shall get unde r head- „f e .g f6>l vthfn and pale, and coul d teach n o more , lit i w vuntiititiiiv r tuutitii uitiuitati v t vu««\' « UUUMU. v.. - - ..-..- , .—-- r ., -, .- , - . . „„„, „ Tl jng n» iquch time a« possible. Tlio »»80H works I bo ia light blue,with it border of ranunculus and 1 pulsion of rer* ao308 iQateaa oi' reft.SgjtB'«. -Ppo 4»y*-a«,»«tt all hier yfturijt. scholars citme water!\ asked Mr. (jretSn \No But I- thought y6ii Would liko- a\ cool drink,\ innocently mspliea tlie child. \Yes dear, brin g rjj,e - anothe r drink after awhile. \ Then kissing the little angel wh o had boon tho means o f savin g him whe n abou t t o fall in tomptation , he-replaced her \upon th e ground , and onc e moro turne d to his work; and u& he bet d his bod y in labor.be mused thus— '^Idid niit thin k of the wnto r whe n I felt- Hint intens e desire for n glas s o f Ityiwr—i t did hot see m to bo what 1 wanted. Hut th e cooling draught sent me (b y Heaven , I will soy) so op- portunely , has quenched Hie morbid appetite , an d I feel it no longer . Water, pure, healt h giving w.iter, you arc nil I need, to give utiti re strengt h i o tny good resolutions! Wnenf the old desire comes again, I will drow n it in 1 clearJ'Pold wntep. I fuel safer rftoWi. ../nserck^rueditsiiiojoi th e li'e fuiiural-pidl, becaus e sb e coul d not unite her dostvny wit h one whos e life was wedde d to sin i.ud siVune ? '• Go.oiy dear ones , follow you r youn g friond the tomb; and whe n you see .that father's » that mother's groan s ressed sobs'of Mends aim ic...... -, ,oureaTS, an d the cold clods rattle upo n the collin-lid, remembe r tha t life and h'-alili are worth preserving ; that w e cannot d o injury t o ourselve s withou t injuring thos e aroun d us ; an d whil e you dro p a tear of regret, resolve t o go forth into womanhoo d with strengt h t o bear its trials and disappointments, ! and t o d o nobl e duty, uot only 1«|\ yourselves, but for thos e you love. \ The feasant's Stratagem. A wor d spoke n in random often proves of moroutilit y than tho best concerte d pjans. Heneu it ha'ppons that fobls ofte n prosper, -whe n wise men of talent s fail. ; . As an illustration of this assertion, wo will presen t our reader s wit h the following story>| froniinn ol d Frenc h periodical work calleTd For* I'vita Redeemed: A poo r simpl e peasant , of thennnio of Crick- et, bein g heartily tired of bi s daily fare of bis brow n brea d and ehecsa , resolved, whatever migh t b o th e consi'quenoe,.tci procure t o himself by. hook or.crook , three sumptdus meals. Hnv . take n this courageous and nobl e resol.utfo' tlie next ' tiling'wlitTtoRevise H phm «\ P 1 ,'? •\'' eseeutton , and her e his goo d ft.rtu-oo bob'iendcd U The wife of a rich nabo b iuUie-nft^hborltob 11 tors. Loave all tho banSoxes and medicineschest s at homo. Puc k up clotlves enough for re clrange - —not forgettin g cl'onks, cnnts^ oTTvTioten\blanks- ets. Take a few <inihs»jii Crackers and o-tlmr dry bread . But, fur tl«> res*, \'trust- to \provi - dence,\ a rich furttie country, wit h •dy'&jsr. audi lakes running over-•with fish. Onfl, .two. on tbrgeaii. month s thu s spent in tlic_s6ut!.)\.--oC^S0^^in|^l ~ nnd of/nntur«-inthowtiojis,*''aifdontS'SJ.r'-Ja.fei'B^ woul d bes by fnra bctteE- ii]v-esttnoijMttiori4note-i ey spen t aUashimtable vvntertrig^auestHw^ •\;'>'•« Wo predict, tha t tlio \timcf wllUver^ffbti'riproe-' when a trip to OREGON, mid a. itaijiB^Jn; iftp ^ ROOKY MoimxAiKs?, wi-I1»besiis:criiijto*ai|if# oi)^ . eastern and stautlie-rn people, US \& tio^'sppt J^t-'- mountain s of. Voraiiint and Ni* -'li)U3lP%^i^' Give us a . Railroa d to tli o i*m'ifle*4il&||lM^liib. r •'. Heads, Wnllawullas , o r Booono|{'?# ^tffiS^i^.4..l£S'. .,vl bo curiosities in the Sta^oa, white\ te))%.feft|^|i|lj^ ; 3: and thousands, wiH -Hike an *»9>nmtf-)».tt-@^tt'l^Mii?ji&. r *- to.thosbbliniie,grna(l,it\»4m*j^t.iyi'0fs}r^ ^ tairis. feut oor mtind wiud-C.r.s^CiuttW^Wi-jJtRV-.,, ,,- spgood-by o .-,,;• .-.. iS ^;:^ WAs3HtSrkoK':l#i^*?;a _ _ liallyanntnjh^ljgjg^l'''^ men t Mexico, Secret Monday-tleStt.' The r-iimor- stil at Adtji' The fit'pSirtrtieW promp t c btfKn fti ulteswtlliri, -i- ii' **« -,

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