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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, September 04, 1851, Image 1

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vm \J S f J t If ' ^m -6S5W|6»» inpjpl*«!ii>n. other friend ... ioy\ JiTfet-al' jjp(si§^nd flies' •'•' •'»'-'*»'« :r;fetmif intfass of wore in pfollows: •fas lniiw«tly,imy!»pirit- f my town, Jind .WMppoint^soaio^ita- ^fuip.rf|j^^ ; ojld|^'Bd*\yj^^ •Of^>ne .0£;riTpj^ ; y?tiile-tK^t meriafcera spi? •jjle^.i'ajpity' inhajed, ftjieir ihfeeris'di^n^p^r^y^dl:iSfe\^|57^|:* ••\•* ' ^he-.S&ilv6 ftrejlafit^jistf tfetjy are-so sickening' litaU;pf«#oril>e;;,nnd l«ctoenormayqr i \ * . H 4^;:t|e=Wpr^:IJrwn;Which' ria>iht,Mrwm»ybe at Any mecbuiicslpur. sd,unuHfe»ni]l toi»idbwd,abond >-UJ forfeit »nd p/iy Uanaad the costs ^^-^'uent lleA I»B-.^> 'hopj^)lui^^^\^LHari^£U&tA-''^i£|Sliei£^ > stops would betaken to^JxilMfi.^d^fifle tbe feulings of those who iycr&tphrtiJiijtiiintVin tlio transajelioij,— Aybyiy ~M$erlUe§* <'v'^'\ •;' >.,'. gtrn;n|;e. as' ; spoil\ si 'royojtiia|;'8!ipeys|jtid.n !\% ;6ppei»rjjlt;i8no£>rijB.w. .;jfe;isiiniuw case occurred ^ J 3Etch'peld|e0j^ ,&,Ja^e.|^il|i.of4pwi> up sortsana^nughtcre, ^i^]i^(%^^:w'^p<l>Q^ Kicjtjirjria, to : that •tn.'.ir^^t : ..-_..-.—jnptiiou, Yho, 'disea,sQ.coiri-, S^J^P\^&&itt ! 3^Wa^-.t^^fi^ifcfit and .in ife$)dj|r|ei : o| the?ywwd,.,'. iCIiecrtextyeaii. aii- ranc y Dre«», BilUsT ^ r _,^L^...Q2^^x^POWiofe0ni»g tho finest jasBortaontpfenpkiBrp^ figured-and OMnfr press Silfee,y.er;.on%ed in Jeffoi:- Bon<y)mtyyowhioh,jfo^^ \Wit:- 3L^-MHMM Tork! 100?)0O ftfet»or*6Bi mills af' XtSrW^eittho•'±5 at '*•• 40w4' , -, , ^ $.J ?* r «HaBTnfOii\;-'- rpKE?ofrfeon pf|orjp ft.^Tobb, j.f4e City of Ufr X :cii,Wsp«o,tfu)lj8«owotft that your pptitioner.iapf fuIiagoVtlmiTjoisiae of tlioherr^at W of jUpJimia S.\Greene. Into ofino county of Onoida, unci some tijno i» resident of sVntertown, Jeffereoix eooaty, now I de'eohBod: that sad AJplicus S. Qfcono-died in the j motltliof Jimuarj, 18S;, ivitlib.at IcaYing unywill. ;tmd.having 'no UwcondnntB, father or inotherj and at his death, Wji^ upiaid in fee simple: of tno following deaoribod real cs'tao, to wit; , .„ , Thatpieeeof laid i\ tlio villngo of Wator:o>vn,iiit- .,^ U f -ii--. - j.v-^i-,5--,-. • ••- .••'5 1 r' , n uatoonWoivcBtadoof w asMngteftStreet, and coni- a fow><d#9,^ceiye a supyly oHlteir \Hnperlor SJieot- pl .i Be d within thefollowing bounds^vizc Beginning ings,,wMek : 1i,o WilWoll'WaU. Aimosiatfyastorv prices. • Jt the south easlo-ly corner of a lot doedod by/abcz ; • 88tf 3^Ml)3iMW;4W^^QJS T . , Fo 3 ter and wife-to OrvlUo Ilnngorlbrd, on the 29th Juno, 1813,on$I vucordod Stli- 1 Sitpt«ml)«r 9 .18XJ>|.rnn>- niug.thcncoN'. si^, W . Schiuns OOlijiks.-tlioneoN. 9=\ 1 eKnih fe« linlsa, theneo 8. 81°, E. 2elmius 95Jinks, to tho linu of V> iifliingtoii stroot, thonce along sai4luieS, 14°',.'W , .T. eliain ffi|iuks to the placoot bogituiwg. suhjoi't to>nd excepting the land contained in anvitiial release executed Juri. 0, 1820,' botweerj Hart na^aoy, Henrv II. SherwQo'd and others, ostab- llsliu^ Clinton street. Alfiftthat'othoi- lot of !an<l in 8hert,justiieo' 'fo^Mleatt'ho'XJ at -\•'- \W .\ ' ,,<*,•'' y^i'\•'' J : A.JJAT«BpP. L i f Allies Mi-rluo Shirts, Child. \i<>., uiid\W.p\ilus „^„, „ , Hat; Hair, Vali rand !Tootli: J. „ co inplot.o nsaortment of qotton, Bilk and VV ors- gsgg^fcuL-,-... -vM)vr.j^,^^^ lp jh dv a^,\ ^ jydn mmr- E UJBIN'S i'erl'unies, BOBBXp»8KBWI . „. 1 of Mtfre2m Ooms can.hos( L J, MAJISJIAU-'S, and .at V9 MeVPM e in ™\ '*\''!' ^Ufll'ni.il'InnV'nVtlin linfiuflftll \DroBS floods. ElCll rT'V/JS SubWlbor, liavmg^eojeive'a'thoagfiiicyoftlie ] X New .flirtford, Cllnton,-uria Empire $U11BJ>\W11, in A gOMPIiETE aes'prttrifajtfo'f rtoh Mourning Dress 2X; Gob^duoliWHaiiaiaSh'Sllks; GrenaduSs, Silk Tissues, flue Fr&noli WuilUii, Bareges and Barege Do dairies; also, Rioh Ncedlo^Vo^oa Articles and.splen- did Iilhcn.Lawn irdM's jusifi'rp,e'(Jand will be soldat . Z»dios'Pt«Me«r-BujnniQrX'a«hionai C/aliiiia iobkat'th o beautiful Dross Goods,Rich Shawls. Splendid'La'eo' triln'i«cd ! Eosotls and Visitea, Bonnets, Parasols'and Furioy G.qo.d.8, (jnd„,U'y'Ai,nro ^oVsatisfied ffiiit this is the richest and ofycapeBtstooli of goods iti tofrn, wb AVIH givo you tho inoat desirable thing in the-woriajr-ani mptyiox- -,,.,„„,-•. TT 4'J anfffo^ale ift^ull J*$l '' BONNBXS. * Sntl |ft^cttins4(ing..1(SKenJfitl(o>'rdw;of:.fe ^oni,the,'\i(»ldfcs^ ^ftWflfc t^a,youngest.\ The 'Hvihg^e'&piSiSn^ : '^T*'^9 Hcirjid\ sifpcrstl- jfidnffiii^jl|y, ; |?iiie' .^feycd,#'''ftid r upon'by {he ;d<wflg%^^allj^te^..<>i)Qttifii:, foil, sick, tho. last buried, was disinterred, nn& hM heart, sliver, and j^irigs^lceAront^na.bunied.- And.alfliongh he , n'^5^e1f^i4??^''ar?tio n th;s, it was stoutly af. iJir^^f^ls'oSifl'^f-th? ^ftneSWof tlio specta- :cto,tha1;1i(^shjWoo4swas.fopnd in the hedryind liings. i Tim consumption which had commenced in4he.'livinjj siihjecti.howo«eiv was not: arrested, pjj|jjrept- 1 on;.fa'ijip,..Wrfftinaijon,' Some >f tho yp'feeKm^tnhefe of-Bio' family'escaped^, andaro ^till livings— Albany Slate Register.. r • i \ POtlTICAI^-TrrrA Spicy letter. 'VAs'wo^ye^iSdja^tey^littl^to-say^n^ognrd (p.jfhf^oirri^ptiftn, wire working. &c„ that has crept into,the CAUCUS, and Convention system, wd can hardly rpfrain from, giving the following genuineletter of a.: noto'd politician, as a cprroho- jatien^of^ie .triitfi-^'.the siitemehts.,vY.e .hivve heretofore made,—Besides tljo letter is full of fun^-Road it:, ibtont' huHyoti r«w» math*; and in de- nviotion, he ••ntUheihall e»* f ' ;'tj»« l »H»rfp«l, and on Wi^j^^Tecorercd- jiofcilMfceomplaint of any iaiijr:,iiiSo*giiferfr '.piwionil,-*!)! X 1 * „ r iB il'«feill;l*erinad.o, : \ if^6%;.of; ke.eompliint uii^ r «lwp,.wvehouM^ JMnU or deputy, or 0L aroeeedto search •«i<'4l»'<rin»n^Md-if ^portirefound li d convey them • sheihajl ,'«iii:i«t of which H*pT»:the«>in, M^^rpomni at sMyfo ,._•.. ... ... .,., .,,-,.. v - •^^f^tottl^pSl^^^jg^jf^Hrt^'p^i^^re ojr.Xrdntl Jtefqrtn 'f^blutvafts in i%e Stile ponvenlion of /dW,hria<>ihef portions of the West;i7ieft VfaU Mr of: Wimt(^ % f^4'0^!f^ 6 i t ^K^- i '^ gtoUiiS,. dm \Musidrfs clianegs greatly: vmbroved. In 8%pin^A^i3^0^4«?Wj. tha t tf,6 ,2 u ; 3 chahWf4ntei!eiik 1 w-,5'rapi4iy v. :g«! m u)g, gr.ound.,, J thinkfihowiver/ou^wclhdige'Bted pTans for'the l«l^^t1i» 1 tebnvei^?iJ^viU-dWr4y-'nU-'tij8-'ch«R. \c^ fac%|^*t^o Q.<?,bW,^ .nQt$.tbiian^ iifii^seniiwureS' ^BwiEbrk*. certain, .and .their THend*4very*K'eJro. »*ehilSo r nnd' Giddings may •he ! relied.upon I ,t9.tli:0.utino9t in Ohio, and 'tie 'Are j_ 1^.. .^ *J_«. .f. -ti.v >-i..-.ii J„ jMassaehu,- tMearisof «aArfio?iaig:e oftihe'-ieirei,? !?'\»>'\• •' -:r-?^''i; .- .'>. 1 ,• -'iA^^drdtoiour^New^o* frierids'i Make no '&ir«fa'W; iWU 'Stii$i(M' to \ifiggcrim?; and\ let Shl'S^tfe. CJbni'crtti8t}:£ftt;,g6^%0Tia,«ro i .'QH\6 :plaiifflif& ! *,n4. t<»iorn.|e'di|fer4sces ; 9f.opinion in ^r^iaHii ; =^nih•o;f^e»tio^^f >r * :!U ' 1 \' i, if K \''\ m \ ,1 . ith* ,ti«« pf rna- the owner or keeper •foreMid,; if he shall »)«raai»e;»hill „ . W&iWIUfot: 1 te'affiwr.y otr nnleee be can ahow \ 'iil«ilfcij»^«.*ltvf6t«)gn; r=Jk*r* Uenimported uwfer afcall be dwslared for^ ed Sy authority of ' t ot; : 'of''»iid J 'juiUce M ia#e pweenoe . BwKto.witoee* the •^iw^ihalljoh i with the i: IWl 1 «a^l)eWdeetroyed ! i4 waiione; and the ow. mmmin shall pay a fine r',*(^n«'eomniitted -,„..„. Ji|ijp|ititisif':fii;thb. a^^onahallhaveheet f *ny liqaora eelxed tMrtarty-WpOrted \^\ v '' ; -'«jnfihat r X';riage roakers.tthat ife is aianufaeftiring' one horVi' along liie.cwiti-r'of'wiid Wtiito street to tlio phi4to ol'be- W»Son*Biiig^»haf(8.TurjiodandBoi|t;jginnittK,con.toininKnlt>-tlireo rods of land, more or of (he bes'tqnnllty and material, wliioli Ji.e will furnish , less. - Also, .that other, piece or parcel ot land JM Iho at reasonable prices';' All orders - iVoni a dittaheo,will' \•'••' bO;promptly.:attpnded % >'. . V. St. AOKBKMAK. ' »flonVornour'| June 3,1851., '•. • ' 41m8 T HR;\j'iilM^bjBt; Offers' for ehloa FAKH of-XOO 'Acipe»Soo» farming Land, witlrsoed IJuildiugs. Hitflatod'pn the'Pla'uli .Boud betwoon Watcrtown.and Brdwnvjlle, 21-2 miles from tho former place—11^2 miles from tho latter—known as tlio WOf \ Atso—adjoining the above, on' Black ] wimtlfLataMit WAV'MR POWER t 80 t o 30 Foot Tall, sumo village, begimiing on tjio north margin of the State road at tho south' westerly corner ,of Frederick II'. Il'liilje's lot (in 1840); theiiee runnio^ westerly iilong the north margin of said road 88tcetto the gastorlylino of (iilvin MulCuight'a lot;,tliencoutright angles with said road about. 76 foot northerly to said IHiiteV lot, on which in 18-1G his cabinet shop stood; thence easterly along the southerly line of said White's Largo cnouali for any piirposes. A good location for Fumrks. iliSt. eta. Wiil'jbo. sold together or sepa- rately. Apply to , ASfiL W1LLCOX, Mimliusl Miinlins, Oiiondag*a Co., Juno % 1851. 41 tf — - ta'wtmuawtmvkT rpins NEW HAKD t WAKE HOUSE of B. JTohn- JL MB k iottj'Iniportors^ Wlf()lcsalo and Ketnil .0. HUM bylSfal Cnftisandwife to George H'caver. Also, all that cer- tain other piece of land in ft'atcrtown aforesaid, boing piu-t of great lot No. 7,- bounded us follows: Beginning at u point in the north lino of tlio State road 59 feet 8 inches westerly of the house of Gcorgo Weaver, (In 1846.) thence running .northerly a t right angles with T>„AI»«.. ..,™I 1 &„i!i.„i„,^..ir. «,« »«»;,»!„«, „p .1 „ -.A, J« l-tt'e btnto roadXo tho line of Iredeliclc If. IKhito's Dealers, would pohtoly-call ^attention pr the tfndo | lot . ^^0 cns torlv along tho same 10 the west lineof and Gorman Goods'of oftr own recent importation, and a Htookpf Domostjo Articles mads to.o.nr orders by^nwricajiSfanjiiiaciture'rs, all of which will be sup\- § Bod to the t'ntiio at. Now Vork'sJowestjobbiug prices, oljciting your orders, we remain Sour obedient sorv'ts, Watertown, 1,850- B. JOHNSON &SON. ,., „. 1—ir-t,- v-.-. a-iot-conTOV'ed by JJarthi^Cui'tiB-nrGcofffe\Weaver; ?J '*o^™ffi,nLrtSS the P c « sou fl lori y \'\\P Kli u liH « t0 th u ^to road; tlionco westerly along tlio line of said road to tho place of bogimiingjbolug the same piece of land convoyed by Calvin McKnight and wile to George Weaver abotit April, 1843, Also that certain pioeo of land in Pmnolia, County of Jefferson bounded as follows: beginning at a point whore tho south margin of the State road from Wnt- ertown to Brownvilto forms an angle in the Black Klyor; thence south forty degrees - oast, G. chains aud — ,, ,.., , , _ thirty links along the south margin of said stutoroud; tno.st favorable terms. Diroctors^Josoph Trumbull, \ tlionco south fifty degrees west, four cliains andnino- Bonjamin TK. Greene.. James -B, Hosnior, David K j ty-tliroe liukB to the north bank of Black river; thoace \-' - T *\'«^»'«« iKi.^tMjc.i™ TU...!_ T% '-' lU id river 8 chainsto the place of beginning, 0110 .aero, two quartei\rt and ftoven rods of •nj *i. uJiH't n\™ xi. 1 num. xuu first abovo mentioned boundary is a °fe\y Bunco, EdionTfesseiiilon. J . II, D0TTON, Agent I foot oast of the outlet of Edmund's Crook; excepting Connecticut Fir© Insurance Company. N0..8 State'Btrect, Hartford; Conn. * Capital *20d,000. lUBurercal^andporBonal property of all kinds, on the forWatorto„wn. BENJAMIN W. GREENE, President. ; ; JOHN. B-EI^KgiJGE, Sectary. flous- se ' r 6fii\Shr*ai)oid ;apji«Kiites<s, es, TO^mirm^n^MtttroW^li , ,_. .ai$^*lFjfr$pik iflZjjgst-riwU 0 ; hfti'ft.pkdged. tUcinsiilveii iq gp,od .^Uh-tjO; ,)i8r-as \their vote will be moaf foVinidnbib, yOu may depend upon __^ ^—. it, and wa pan afford totritifce ,a few-Sacrifices of ->•-:' Farms and Village Lots. the--SWAti--^yiier^ a6 ? fi?elBlb '^ispdsifion.Js- .jCVSE r & r .' n . W? »\o/t no»r *h» contro of tho town shown *~— *' V/-l*8of itiraprovod, l-2in wood. JBSUUCSSBX. \tUTBBi IftQBGAN,. wishoB to inform tho Ladies that iXL her'Millinery will be eontinuod at her old stand iii all ite various hranohos. She has just returned from tho oity with a'splondid nssortmonUof Millinerv Goods,.of tnoaowest styles. Various styles of Straw and Fancy Bonnets, and Trimmings constantly kept, andihfls the bea>6f help to urrangothomto ploaso.— Artiftoial-Hair-eonBtantljron-lnmd, or ffittao~to\ order. j' >• N. B—^Mrs. Morgan will sell her entiro stock- of Millinory on reasonable terms—also tho House and Lot for sale whore Bhe Uvea. 86 One FarnTof 18ff ncro3 near Garlands steam saw million the road from Frondh Villngoto Millon's Bay. This Farm is well situated in a good neighborhood, and only 21-2 miles from taoTJivor St. Lawronoe, in tlio town of Lyme, aboutl-2 of this farm is improv- ed.' ' ' Also, 80. Villago Lots, somo of them near the Bail BoadDOpOt; lOiTouBes and LotsBituatodm<lnTorent parts of tho'villngp all eligibly located. Fornartiou- lars enquire of; . * S.FAIEBANKS. •vShould it be demod ;onitratip,n atWrarifaiiyflSlIniiiRd'city of New oteri dnM olli»'#ii4fep, jron'vdcd it canioe d6neiby*botlfcsecUons7of..tlie party,,\vitlis .o'nt!«rfoWbUitj!i»f^lfi'rBi4;w-*'.''if^ * * 'Fshiil~p^M?to?^^^ WW, home.-.andlraSy-'tio'fj'-flio'rofore, sopn see TTnited States Fire Xnmrance Oonti)*nv. OATXTJUM $150,000. , \\ , '•**»• T inSCompany insures Beat and Personal property on.tho Stocloi. Mvtu'alvlixn at the lowest rates. Etch class pays its OWUIOBSOS. Tho agent is the agent of thoJJoinpany,; and tho Company i*rcsponsi- bloforall survoys. This Company has no two Aird clau80,.hut.pays all loss and (Iuinago up to omountni- surod.i'. ' •• - . . ; . . ' ThoBucTe'oss of Ulls Company is nnprocodonted, and i4Jhpir last report they, confidently assert that no com- pany hi tho state of N. V. can sliowasJargo a cash iund, in.proportion to property insurod. Tho undorsignod is authorized to issue policies on the Cash plan. .,. ' H-W^irUNT, Agent, TDSTreceivod by' the subscriber, at-tho Watch & advi«blr^-&ctVq^ «J a Jowolry stofo^o^ 2, Aiueriean Blpbk, a largo. ary, - Yoti hayo,my .address.;, keep ; pjo, well' a3- visodlpf yp'nr .p'rois^cdjn^s, ohid ptpspec'te, and ho.W'things.aro workihg.; Meantime, I remain yours, in the-cause. ...... 'Sf \;'• •*;\ ,*..;v.''*-, lV C: ; Hf-.DbifAim*o)f.J. \ P.>S.. tshnlbwritp joiii upon rhyj&turn hptnip should Houston jnbUiavo;aiready,leftf and keep you adviacaifrMs^ ariaoorelploto asaortment of (toga, and Parlor Time P<*«\ 'of-ovory lloisdription, wnrrantod to koop time ahaSoWaslew'Mcah bo bought clsowhdro. Alao a choice assortment of Watches and JoWoTry, of tho la- toRtFashion.. • ' • Cloc % WatchM and Jewelry Ropaircd. Thosubsonbora&p tfdormshisoldFriohdsand tho •publio gogqralW,Jhat to hag procured thchsorvieesof -anpiptrioncodwatch\.maker from (/chew inSwftzor- Jnnd^jmd-is^ow-ready-KtodValKKihdsio^ lihoof bnsfiless, on short notice, and in the bcstmiui- •nor, fooling eonfidont that all work done at tins pstib'- lislirnent, will givo'full satlsfaoflbu'. Silver wdro G/pfd rings, &o., sold at this establishment, nandBomoiyefi- fjravod 'without .oxtni bliar^o. ' Partlottl'ari»ttention ^aid^Cpfltonlateen^vi^ ^ fr^^ A Yankee trick. : .UndoEb, asiwo used to oaliJiimiarnonglOts' of good qualities,, had a. failing, ,H<S .did lovo ^ood,liquo.r,%p's,iicIi wh«iK6 ! kttto of .his credit Ihiit no oife.^v)dt'3trn«t,lum.', IIo.tbVf'Pfo.Q'ie day resorted^^fo,a^riclr,*ifc. answer the great do-i sire of his appetite, Ho^ook^twocasfrbottlua, put a^uaWof watcrihto one of .them, then put a:6pttle into eSch'^ob'kot, 'sfitrtett fortho .store. .^ll-tak o a quart of your rum,\ said tJnolc Eli, ns he placed the iampty' Uottjo on thgeeua- ileftv -i ••-•••;•' f-.\- •••.•- ••••••• . - .' • .' : v -Theruni w«8<put-Hp, and thohqttlq replaced, iA'hii'pocic^whcn; JJiicio Eb .puilcd_frohi liis purse wlmt at a distance might seem* to' be iv quarter-of ,a dollar. • *Th» : is<nd'thingiWttib,-'Uhcle 5 Eb;' , 'said the liradeV/ 'l 1 Eh^now^i&8,quartorV'!«i i %s A a*s¥drthetoaerr ! * id I shan t tako \I%:« n;v<!'|ot, shan't 7r~ '': tJircljTEb, »*{thoultrihMl£\BeTmhrnt^.p'i51H: Ahe4»£tr«1ff'*«'lcr , from |ig,,ppcket«'The-' tr>.. : def lookit pourtdifcinti,, walkrtjCTnul^'Ete«lruckl)nE %M:MtitM& ^si.^r/dty4uirih.f or jp^prt-le^Sr^sTORnT '•r'flaM. of any kind for ite My poMe place on or tatisliaSMpieted placed and if W-«|^,t^ pmnj^anyirt, SlflpWII'; i;5rf'acan n^andsrreit ' and take or police , laoa.aaafore- -, to iaaprUon- daya,a»ttJie \ i'l>y\^rfler v o| »\> tS. Jl HH'lfl|^# ? # : \f#^' i - i - v; . '*'Vt r^\? J -:f Mlt there are treatment !ba>rcl,and off Sdal«WA=fS^|ffS5^.0®e%IrtfdP andtej^B^^ojiijiiidoubM^^ _ p^rtx , ^'P^tjftalorie^o^re^nciffive dollars foroi» , ± i*%#hB^6»^B*^p>e4^nd.-^lfc»J - the>nH#if ydflr fid»ot^lJt-'|lfe rfto^tlfh '(esatsfr ' ' .^^e.^Ypj^r8sfo^ta^e):e, . ^ejusMke'tlio mq|ey.', Xou Mill not-be called upon ,n s«coudi time for your Sfle.''; * \ B9 s t,^ur;hoti0r,l]il[;jiot h'0 wantiHg to pay .theTj^uio^ithButXgeiAtfesate.\. - • \Whatdo you^yantstotaswitbit?\ \.If'ydur'uffrior:\Vill'wtite one suld' give <iMq. meJ!H^13^g^Ui -. -rrt— ~^7^^^ /f'W^lljiSuaStsyourrciieipi Now,wb\at do .yO^anfefoJo withit?!'. ..--.- - ••• - <-\- _ \'IjIJ'ftl^yoSirli'bniJr. You see one of these; ^y\ JM!^ 0 !^ Mj>g>MimheMI ig<*.,tp4hp gaterot Heaven EM rap; and St. Poter will say;, ^ aTRANaZl BXTT KBITS I - •. NE W•'•A'-RTO N GE,MEJ< T! ! I TJiaa:-been oiutomary' to charge about .60',per cent moro focgopda to popple Who WEAR, them* than the ones, whobuytospeeulnW; itidasJtwill,hbno disad- yantago to tis, for ono man's money is as-good as an= 'oUior^wawillsell.at retaihatwholesalo prices, for casli, a good assortment of Tweed* and Satinets, w-hioh wo.wiU>wnrranttctbo as^dorfiiifAotorirertlian can bo purchased elsewhere.: Wbyrshotudn't wo ?- A wo'pay cash for every thing. %o buy, and manu- facture the goods onrsolvosi.'wo.defy competition ei t'nor horo or otsowhero.. This is^Tiojuimbug, and all wo liavo to say is, GAIdi ANK SBEif Mechanics, Jannois, Morohhri&.'Eedlere, and all suppliodat the B»m6 low price, Wiolesalo and retail. m '? Wool Wanted! Vowulpaycashatali times, for »ny quontity.or quality of WOTlj.Myereaittlija WBtiAira' WOOLEN Bftua,. host building; Eaetof thoiShoopskin Tanneries, whorottp,iibp\VB\goddaar<JrnanuftMnred ftnd the high- est prieowul always bjjpaid. S.D.BBEAVES &Co. frt>,- fl .ftttlVAJ,I.»>for » 3 50 1 iTAV£;ji^t^thw$Mm!5Now Xork, and ^W^oWlpMningMrr'jSfleflraiupply of Surn- merefo«Urtffl'D6ugliI since thBg^tfidl off i ' oss,.andof^co.ii^^'p^.idLBeJltir^' *\ ' in pn. \r Lower than otnersrcWi^rlfpTOfo so unfdriunato'as to make their ;&ft-fown|iys '-J»~--^\\ ' purchase) Wo invifx Ooodf^JmuiU,, Dress Ooods, \Wry\ 'weii^ig.- th.^.^idei', i;thp«^au .e*iii'Hl|SSM^?%WPI'lS!p^ 'o'eonTrco hftVe-WWhT^.K \ ,i ft'!M^#?fe(Wfe®m-tho-fl»t.crOWn f 'second; • *• \ fch^eaglrowmianfoowttepew^feto •jr-n<*$#>} ?flJrfARSHAXL. and reserving to JabozFostorandGnstavus A. I'ostor tlie exelnsivo right of damming tho Blaok Bivor but not so as to injure the property without puyiug rea aonable damage. The said lun'ds last mentioned wore under a contract to A. SpolBbury mado by tho said Alpheus S. Greene, before his death, about May 80, 1845, anO tho nssignco of tho contracteo claims an equitable interest therein. Your petitioner further shows that thoeaijl Alphous S. Greono loft surviving him a number of persons hiB heirs at law, and that so far as they are known to your petitioner, they ure-uamod below:~ thatyour petitioner, is acquainted with the family connexions aud family history of said Alpheus-S. Greene's, father's family; that he was tho^qn of John Greene: that said Joan Greene lias been long dead: that his children wore u Mrs. /&rris, of Providence, whoso christian name is unknown to petitioner; Jacob Greene, now deceased, who lias a sou, Westel Wiliougliby Greono, andn daughterj Buth Ann Gfeeno both of whom resident Watervliot, New York, Cclillda atepro, now deceased, who has a sen, Bh-dsnll Steere, whpao pfaCobf residence is imkhown-to your petitioner; a daughter, Celinda, married to some person whoso name is unknown to ,yonr potitionor, residing in Marion, Indiana, and an- other daughter wnoso namb is unknown to your peti- tioner wlio has died leaving descendants whoso names arid residence aro unknown to your petition- er:. John Greene, deceasc8, who has descendants whoso nnniCB, ages, and residence aro unknown to your potitionor, but who ho is informed, and believes, reside in tho Territory* of -Utah, with tho exception of one, whoso name is Evan Greene, who your petition- er is informed and believes, resides in loira: Zoruioli Webb, deceased, mother of yonrpetitionor,whoiBhor only-dosceudaiit, and Nancy Moore, wife of John L. Mooro, of Springfield, ClurK county, Ohio. Your potitionor furthor showeth that tho rights and titles of all persons Intcresteinn the said real catafo, so far as tlio sam'o aro known to your petitioner, inclu- ding the interest of any tenant for sj-eors, for Ii&,'by tho curtesy, or in dower, and tho persons entitled to tho reversion, remaindor, or inheritance, aftertho ter- mination of auy particular estate thereim and overy person who, by any contingency contained in any de- vise, grant, or otherwise may bo or hocpnio entitled to any beneficial interest-in tho premises, aro as follows: Your petitioner owns an~equal undivided sixth part thereof in fed slmplo-absolutd\.- as au heir nt law of tho said AlphousS. t3«-Sojuo!j\ Mrs. Harris, whose christian namo is unluibWn \to 'yorir petitioner, au equal undi- vided sixth part thotcof in fee simple absolute, as an hoir-nt law ot then*ai(l Alphous 8. Gfrcono ; Nancy (J. Moore, wife of- JWin L..lloorc, an equal undivided sixth part UloreoTfih lee simplo absolute, as an hoirlit law or Alphous S. Greene, subject, nevertheless, tonn estate Ibrlier life hold bv tBtrseid John I.. Moore ns IiorhuBbarid; John L. MooT^rnn o«tato for the lifo pf lil« wtfa, Nnn»y K ^fr<nrl> | in WIT linshnml r Jn imn uhdi\Med fixth part thereuf, luld by her in fco sim •pie; thodescendnnts ot John Greono, doooasod, whoso names aro unknown to your potitiouer, anoqnal nndi- vided sixth part in fee. siinplj; absolute, as heirs at law of Alphous 8. Greene, .but thoir sovoral interests in such Bixth are unknown to your petitioner; Birdsall Ptcore aud tho other'chlldren and dracondants of Co linda Steere, decensod, whoso names uro unknown to your petitioner, own together an equal undivided sixth part thereof in fee simple, absolute, an heirs at law of tho said Alphous S. Greono, but their several interests in.such sixth isunknown tovourpetitioner; W. \fll- mtighby Greene and Ruth Ann llreeneoach own an undividod twelttli port of the said real estate in fee Biuyplo absolute, as hoirs ntlaw of Alpheus S. Greono. \\ our petitioner thcrefurp pi*a\s that a division and partition ol the said real estate may bo made accord- ing to tho rospectivo rights of tho parties interested therein, and for a sale ot such promises if it shall ap- pear that a partition thereof cannot be mado without great prejudice to tlio owners. And vonr potitionor will crorprnv, «fc<\, JOHN G.*WEBB. Wn. TKA. v, of Utiea, Attorney for Petitioner. Ontida County «s .• JOUN G. WEBB being duly sworn, saith, thnt ho is tho above named petitioner; that ho has heard the same read and ho knows the contents thereof; that the same U true of his owu know ludgc, except as t o the matters therein stated nn bis information or beliol' and as to thoso matters, he believes it to bo true. JOHN G. WEBB. Sworn and subscribed beforo me { June 21, 1851. , f P. S. Poor, County Judge of Oneida t'o. To John L. Monro and Nancy (1. Moore his wife, Mrs, //arris, Birdsall Steere, \Wcstol Villoughby Greene and Ruth Ann Greene, and also to idl persons mi known hnvjng or claiming; nn interest in tlio mnds or promises described in the petition of which the fore- going is a copv— Take notice, tliat a petition, of which the foregping is a copy, will ho'-presented to the Supremo Court at a special term, to bo held at tho Academy In the city of Utica, on the 3d Mouday of December, 1851.—Da- ted Juno 21,1851. WM. TKAOY, Attorney for Petitioner, Wins T_-tiea, N. V . \IITORTGAGT? SALE.—Whereas default has been _— made in tho payment of a certain sum of mon- fu,, . dysecurod tp ho paid by an indenture of mortgage, .,,;, - .;,../;,.-,, .^receiV- boaringdatothel6thdnvof April, l«il,o.\ecutedby iSSSvSfalw M-^9^ 1 ' ! ¥f' s ,T - LAnplw. We of the town Lvme, wnnfy of toBtae»tMrcraM5jft«^Dulfetp-• Jefferson, State of Now York, cmltioncd fortho ...«,;.*..,«.-> «~™J. jtjim»«««sortn)Ojit of tho UoMe pa\-mont of one hundred and sovontv-threo dollars mmjmfJttach^mt Piano •|e«|mnnufaetufed bf and interest, which said Zrt^ wWrSojded ta \ONTARIO COTTON IQICI.S. . . T LtlE suhseribor wouldTCspoctfully-imnounoC-tohiij ; oes oustemers that the aboyo Mill hub again couujlMiced oporotioiiB.and iB now ready* fill .all ordorB for Sheet- lugs and Yarn at JV£' W Y01UC- PRICE*. j n eonse.qiHmee.of a large ox]iendituru lor IS ow Mn- chinory within the hist year, pur iaoilitica for manu facturingagoodtoticlo of Shoetlii'', are greatly in- creased: . - % V. W. ANDKEWS7 Agent., BnowNVii.i.-j, July 8, 1851. . 47tf AKCADB JUWEERT 8T0RD. New Btoro, Mew Firm, and Now Ooods! W ATGflES,\ Oloiiks, Jeivelry, Gold and Silver Spectacles, Silver-Ware, Musical Inat-innients and'Faucy GoodB can bo found the choapest Ui.tliu county at\'No. l .F;addoclt's- Arcado. , • Wntcrtown, FcB.,25,\l851. SCGENNET. . '.' • : ; •w.i:..osuoiiN. P^i. Watoh-arid..Jewelry .rppairiug.uttondod to by an experienced and skillful frorkipiu). .. 27 \~ FIRB at XII-B^SURANCp. 2L7TNA FIRTS INSTJKANCECOSU'ANY of Cli- XEvcaN . Y., Capital $125,000, JOHN. E. JIISMAM, President, A. F. KPOKWELL, Secretary. • .. > . . ALSO, ; • •' New-Vork Central Firb Insurance Co. Capital 8130,000 . Hon. JABEZ D. HAMAIOXU, J'nxi- dettt. WJI. 11. BALDWIN,-AVrrfiitr^, - , • ANIJ QBLEANS FlliE INSUKANCE COMPANY, Cani tal * 150,000. Oosox NICHOLSON, 1'ros't, 11 S iic- GOLLCU, SoqV, Insure Real and Personal Property, upon cither the Stock or Mutual plun, at the most fa • vorablo rates. NATIONAL lOAA'FrXD LIFE AZSrRAXQE SO (J/JilTy, of London and New York, Capital $2,500,-- 000, Cashsnrplus |;412,OOu. California rinks taken at the lowost rates. WJI. B. FABWPXL, Agent. Watortowu, N. Y. OfHcowith Mnllin &\G\0odale, Iron Block, __Miiy 22d, 185i. 89mti_ Over P. Mundy's Store O.PTWlItcott^Siy^tlg : hTDa'ruorroan Oalfery. . ' T HE alt^r.tlC-n of the publio is called to the superi- or facilities of this establishment for producing Miniatures of every desirable sizo and tone. Tho Re- ception Room, Ladios' Dressing-room, Chemical Boom, and Finishing Room, nrc all separate\ and furnished in the most elegant stylo. \ Cameras,of tho.largestsize, of Gonimn and Amer- ican manufacture; Apparatus of all kinds; Columns, Pedestals, etc., otc.»to suit all tastes and positions.— The Operating Light was constructed express!-. for tho purpose, With a sky-light,' or side-light, to suit the fancies and washes of hiB natrons. Single Minia- tures, or groups of any number, from the smallest sized picture to tlie largest cvor made, taken by it in from 2 to 5 seconds, so quick that all can retain a good expression. \lis his \ to suit comploxinn, fenhiro,\M'i , So iw*t, the life itself is thore.\ \-i Copies of Daguerreotypes, Portraits retaken with comploto accuracy, by appara- tus mado expressly for tho purpose. All Daguerreo- types put up in substantial and beautiful casus, aud secured with pros6r\-ers. Pearl, Jenny Lind, and, Morocco Cases, of all sizes, and nighest finish. ' GOUD XACXSTS, Single and double,-of aU sizes; chains, pins and rings furnishedat rates lpwor .than aver_hefore4)lluredin \EEii region. .To Aims-re.—A large assortment of Daguerreotype Stock, consisting of French'and American plates, eases of different descriptions, chemicals, etc., etc., will be kept constantly pn hand, and. spiel at unusually low prices. Ladies ond Gentlemen, pleaso oall.and satisfy your- solves of tho truth of what wo sav. C.P.WESTCOTT, • 17 AUOADE, No. 18, over the Post Office. T HE subscriber would iufgnnlho. citizens of Jeflor-* son and tlie adjoining comities, that he has uist openedaBOOT ANDS.iTOE STOKIJ, at m% N;o. 14 Wasliiiurton street, pne dopr.North ol the Citizens Barlk.wliercho.is prepared to tonsil cvory-siylo ol -Gaiitr'6aud-Lttdifis ! - ' . _ .. ° _ j.,.''- Boots, Shoos, aaiters. Buskins,« Sappers, adanted to tho Summer Trade, winch nvill be sold\ very low-jor CAH1L His assortment.incomplete, mid the public aro in'vilod to call ami c.vuuiinc his stuck and nri- s beforo purchasing elsewhere, „,'.,,„ , , B8 Watertown„Ma.v 16,1861. .. J0n Ji;i!l.' Llj !. , .'i\ '' .__ uouiit-y l/nnJlsI npilE undnn-iirned ii-priqinudlu ro.. 1M iipplicttliniii. X from persons - entitled to Bounty Lands mider the nut Of Congress Sept. i», Jlpio, and forward Uio sauio to the pi-nijor itepartment tt t, Washington. .IJislacih- tios aro suoh.iis to enable him to obtain the Land War nmts wmiadiuldi/, and 'wit bout those vexatious delays usually attendant upon such application?> lujVUiK T iui agonthtWushington. Stf ^J. H. PU'ilON. New Firm, Now eWds, arid New Prices.! AT THE JKNN Y LIND »TVRE j .-•, No. 1, Pnrtdoclt's ^rpildo, AVatortown.- MUNBBJUI. & OA?IB, S UCCESSOBS to Lyudc ci.Miiiistdl, are now receiv- ing direct from New York and Boston, tho largest. cheapest) and beat selected, assortment of Staple and i Fiincy Dry 1 loods e\ cr oH'ti-ud in JeltcrHou ('i unity— I fliii'Sf tin-linn' lieiiw f.Jtiii.f i^i>.| with a .li.hl.ingJ^oii»i- I in Nc'w York, enables them'to buy tbeir gorols from 10 to25 pur .cent cheaper than any' Dry Guod.i llpinse west of Albany. Tho motto-wo have adoplc 1, ncvi t to bu undersold, we trust is ail inducement for each and cyjiry. inhabiUuit of JeU'orsou and tlio u-Hoining counties, who wish to buy $5 worth of Goods for $3 50, to \ive us a caU. ^\'Amotig their irooi'ls may bo found .200 pieces PrinH from fie to 121-2c; Linen Guighaiuu, Silk and Liuc-u Poplins, l^aregos, plain mid printed. Sill; Tissues, -enibroidored and plain Gnmudiues, English, Frou-h and Amirican Lawns; Printed aud plain Mouslia l)oLuiucs,„Biu-ego Delaines Printed .TuetmeH. Euibroidcred Barcfics, Brocade, Changeable, figured and Chone Silks ; Bred '', Silk, Crape, Dolaind and Thibot-Wool Shawls, 1'amsols^ Umbrellas, Straw and I'li/renco HoiuielA Hoi.not and Clip Ribbons, and a lar/e \.irii-ty of lJra!.<-triiimiiigs of every stvlc and price. Ladies ami Gentlemen's Kid aud Liile Tlnvad (iloves, French Embroidered Collars, Cults lind rndershoves, plain and Fmbroid Bred Ltnon and Cnrnfenotlirnd'liSfolitelS, iinv-titehthoy would particularly invite tin; attention of the ladies; We have also added to our (truck a-'rod as ortmciU of Cloths, Caashucres,. aud vestiiigs,Siiiuiiu v rritulfh of oil descriptions, Sheetings brown ami hlcachi J, Drills Ticks, Tallin Linen, and a variety of other goods usu- ally kept in country stores, which they are bound to sell. May7, ISol. 3D C. P. MrvsEtt., ° - S. GAITS. \ . The SJost Found. '\PILE subscribers w'n-h to iutbrni tho inhabitants ol JL Watertowu and vieinity, that they, can purchase CAIUXKT H'.l/i'f irt'a s'ij:i L>r ,/uuu'y, without Is) ing charged all exorbitant plieo. They do not profess to lia\o spent \two jours.\ li) getting raid// to do business on an oxtensne -o;rle, nor do tlioy bring their furniture from Now York where k is thrown together on '• the ten knot to tl.o hour sys- tem,\ but having ntitid rooii.\ on tin ( 'mi/ *.'./. <'f the publio square, arc making, vit/i tbiir i «•« /MIL'S, f'l'S- , yjTVKE, which for dunihility, llnUli und sty le', cannot' be* surpassed in this county; mid what to the Furni- ture purchasing community is the most hn/ort'int, Is I tliat they .do not commence by charging you for f.t«i! years lost-lime, for expenses to New York an 1 freight on furniture, nor for high rents, but instead if adding to the price of tlic'u' Ware for extra cxpon-ci- and Imitr experience, they content themselves by putting on tlie extra touches of linish to their work. PafHcTtlornttfiitioTI given to (lie mnjclffir of BOOK CASKS AND UECJiXTAMES, and various articles of Furniture, expressly to order, and warranted to suit those for Whom tlioy are made. Kemomber that an\ thing yp|t,w_ant in tliy. Cabinet line, from a foot-stool to ft-ifda, tolj bo made for you exactly as you want it, iuidam^iS5S%lgiri£C J . B ENCH Pianos for sn T)y~\~ , --- :ii ^rS«; ••- . •%'»' - C'B» ; - ; , PARASOfiSr-^SSS R ICHMbr. Lined Panisoh,i m) OMMW* . 1 •- 3 8 • • - C ^i£»|i a MM WHITE GOODS\ O F ovory 4osoriplion and all fresh' at , ' C ' li: J.MAiiMi,, n I I 71MOM.4S. to US. per y'd ;.uiid--R,, lcy <ta»-r-| :.fr,jiii lis. (id. to 12». tier j^'d, , t U now r ..5 ,S Hl II'IHISOC tliom at J ~J7>'W£T TtfBWNx: J ingat can be seen a^ a, T>L\AX'K\SILKS, alar je assortuioutTolftviSir^ 'prioos.at ¥ UNS 15ilTot^ 1 _>ARASOLS and Funs, BoTmouTmSiM?^ . cheapest in town at • W M,W)S 1st, price \AS TRUE AS TOU UVS !\ W E Bhall commence .selling on Tuesday,-July tho following- articles, without rogard to j or cost, viz: All styles and qualities of •nmmer Dress Goods—such as Berages, Bc- rage.dc Laines, Saw Silks, Poplins. Printed Jaconet Cambrics, LawnB and Ginghams. AllkmdBof - « •HAWXiS—such as Silk, Crape, Nott, Berage and Cashmere. Noodle- Worked Goods—-CPI- lars. Capos, Cutis and Ondorslooyes, Silk and' Lanon H'dfe'ifs, Blaok and BluO.T^ila.\ Dress Silks, Calicoes, all kinds White Goods, GlbvosCBosiery, Bonnets, Bon- net BibbOh, Bl'k Silks, Lace Trimmings, Parasols and ... O ABP BTING. \We iuforanrd you threo months IU^O that wo would fnrnishtlio smno amount of goods for $8 50 that you had.'fpnnorly pijid | 5 for. \' TK?TN = lnTu^§T\l'J''.r. a largoas^uTrfSult^ J- 88 »• JOHNSON J to,' M liNKKAL PaiuU-A, BUpoiior L'onSiiwV^j tlie tun barrel or pound, for »,Uu l'v '-*':d 1 ..... ^40ulii _ C'.'ll.fly 0/-V/V^\ dl ^Sbovel8, r !Spii\deB ISJVJ toe., jiistrcc'aby. It. jdllMuffe; IJE'AVK TVl'tC «ATlNS,.cxirI,\lridtG;s- JL» tics,unt oponodat oIIX\\^ fSrSiiii«1s, a O Silk, Barege, Slradilhh'GasPmekrand'iSflf kinds—also Capes, Vlsitcs undMunUlW c i,™ 1; ? the choapest, at JJ_ - J^& H. sfLlfe^ C > ARPliTS, Mattihg, Im\ Oil CTotT^lte^'L J ities aad styles, at C. & J. MABSHAS^I J?2 . Ceim8J. t \ Shawls and MantUiair~^- N E \V styles and latest ijattorus, at . *™. ,__. -' _. CourtStftt, I AD1KS' and I'uiuiicES s Siiois, ucwaiik,,. 1 U mciit and alt new styles, at u, \««^ 88 • . . C. & J . MAHSIUI Ps — -—sjEB3esa. aAWGiwGsr 1 -; B EAUTIFUL Designs und best qualitv-ftn, - I •\• • _J» c._& J, ^Uli6kAI^i JMIUUKTERY GOOSlH^ ' A NYTHING fi-om a Miilinor's-needlotoit,,,..,, x^.Ikuuuil.-oan_hu iibUiineJ at-a^BialtiiilviBfcja New Turk dostr- ' C, & J. MAiisS?1 0 A R/fSDLS !—Tlie largest and ridluSnSri J. of I'lain and Figured Parasols evor '\ ' erson County, are now openinir at 1 Mj:NSj5LL &. OAKS'. No.i,AwjJ TO CABINET fitAgBHST J UST received n largo lot of Hair Cloth, (of ,„„ widths) Curled Hair,.Vr>riugs,MahopiiivVa3 Knobs, etc., etc., at prices that can't bo licnl n -^L 8.5 _J?l t iif' I ! w E I ± , ^L2f2: 14 i HW4 : | 1 31AN0. I>\KIIS of various styles\auaxKrarfl . from fci to $1'2. ^lan Table Cmcrs.K. i '•'• »i T^CABirwsu.'s, No. li'CAj.1 \ ;ATJ<yi LhVlli.—Tho tt.iiliscribd\r liij^J Our Booms are in Corf's -blbcki' west si<16\of t^io public Bqiiuro, o\ er Robinson's tin shop, where w6 in- vito 11II to examine our work, aud feel' Confident thai thoso who patronise us will bo satisfied with prices and quality. • (lyl) J. E. & G. D. i'BlCE. VV hiuidut his Mill, near Sanford's Cprncrf\»u Hay, 100 0 l>bls. Water Lime, sold Jospfcr'A a 32 - - _ ABKASmffffl;] W \ 1UTE BBANDY furI'rcscr\ ; os,\iit~ \ '12 . ; . A l ' Nn.8,SoirorajAI Large an d Extohsivo Arrival of lama I C OMPRISING tho grcaU-st variety of FInWlS| cvor ollbred iu this place; plso, somolMitet* patterns of Camphone Lamps, together ivithSoteC of every dosoription. The public are reij ectfidly roquested to tal IL cxiuuino, as many of tho above Lamps aro eiitM pstferii9-«ndfarsuperlor—lii-^tyle4Mnj.^jd „i in iMc.nrW For Bale by \* I •n. SORIBNEB I Ijndpr.the BaptiitCiiaSl new p. olforod in this market. 50 OILS. r l NSEED and Lamp Oils by tho quantity tt J j 12 __'_ email \Overalls! OVERAX£ l TIltTMAN EEBLAH , T OO Extensively known as a witty and h-in'ornu. Auctioueor, and a .purveyor fur Ynuku IVdilh-rs of Boston Notions, to ^atlior additional jK-pulurity at pur hands, reqne»ts the Editor of tho Boformor to prc- uaro him an advertisumoiit, as his attention to his nn- . mfiroiis ciistnuiors mvupius so n.uth •>!' hi.- iiihmbli '»)AAAI'AIKS Slont, Heavy; Driff time thai he cannot do it unless lie steals tiiieciit oft £\f\J\J aulo ohou'p at his sleep after twelve o'clock at night tu pn pare one | aj ' STREKTEU'S CLOTlllNftSTOKE for himself. Mr. KKELAK admits that it Ts not ot',,,.., , . . - - -„— 7 much use to advertise 11 hen lie 1,,,-, ib.ily inore ens- ! TJ V- & E } ' ^\\\•'Z^}^ aSBOrt, ?f of „ tomors at his counter than ho can acoumioiiato, and , :*• J- J . ,ro \\ a Autlumiui* buk., Cotton, asdlmiiBt consents to appear iu our OHIIUIHI* a.-. n ,.-',.\uitL>i 1 ot . \' cr - '\ r \'\\ l \!l?I'..'S his iriflnitc a.ssoitment of every t! ing \.-dui.bli and de- V.,\ -; -.-, * , sirable, only to?ceop on [rood terms with inighoring Wo can prove by thousands I ,'.'•'. . . 1 • , ., ... r that we havu performej. all and more than wo prom- ised, and in no case has the ' empty box' boon claimed which wo engaged to furnish to dissatisfied customers. It is true, (as the persons alluded to will remomber,! that various individuals havo called at our store with a fall determination KOT to bo satisfied, on pnrposo to obtain tho said empty boXjJnit in each and overy case an examination of our stock and prices has convinced them that according to tho conditions of tho euguiro- inent thoy were not entitled to the prize. We now ufll r STILL GltEATEK IXnCCEiiEXrs.' fbrthosako of closing out our summer stock. Wc intend to bring on the richest lot of Fall Ooods ever opened in Watortowu, and shall need all our room to open and display thorn. Therefore, the goods now on hand MUST and SHALL bo disposed of. Come und take them away at prices like tho following—Ilonnots 'A'> cents, Beroges 18 ponce, Lawns 8 cents, etc. ES?\ WOOIi taken m exchange for Goods. 45 JX&. J . MAKRftAIAr merchants, who tniuk n :ra h r i« in .vent uf e'lMoincr in propprlipu as hepu'tfs hi s wares. IVEELAK. -Ho only speak* of his Store at Wo. 3, Woodruff Block, , For the beiio-fi't of the publio. HUsympatbeiio mittiro ' will not penait hirn to look on and *Vo men trading- at : or higll-pri.-o store, when, if il -y Lot kit-w where 1 L '. awas, thi y would bo sure to trade then- and huv oloap.' Thompson's Washing-Compound, I Tho bc^t l^o:i]i as a !'by-*io~I uiil mora; ptintiur e \ er I sold in ibis market, w loanufii.'lured tor, and for sale ' hy him at Wholesale and Betnil. and tin- excitement to pun-hose it is ooii-Usmtiy inoroapiiur. it is incredible to what* extent his cheap Rales at- tract purchasers, and yet ho has olten paid JU) for a niu<-h poorer notice ll.u.i thi.-. Ifio Lewi sight iutu business taught him how to establish a n'-pubttion by 1 telling people of bis wl.i roabonts. .and bv his, cheap 'cash sales,tikeop thoir n., iii'irlt-sticsh with 1. rceollcc j tion of No,.83 \VOVJHI;I>'F1^I.I>IK. , ... —IBfj^jf — fi/i nYT5~l ~ —• ' L \ui^'t-U'W Unit KEII-AU'S reputation atlractod so N \r H\rTTiTr /iT, 1 Vu .,?A- „ c «. . '\ ; \iveii't'oiMors frumUo r.-gi..ns\l Cii-u Vui.eiit, that M. SMITD, (luto J. t,. , Simth,)^o. 8, SafTord |, 0 „!„« 0 |,n „„\ , n „..<„, „ „toro at that ph,.- for their . Block, invites tlio attention pf the trtflc to his • •- -' ' large aud varied stpckj^Xttiodsjdiioh-lieoflcrsTitttre- lowcst rales for cash or approved credits. Tho follow- iiurnrtielos constitute a part of his stock: Drugs and Medicines—French, English, Ger. -titorr. eie. at express henetilj—-whomhy-bo-i^-fli.i luiiioi- t.l...I i,,~ wait upon thosti who call upon liiin hwre. 4Stf U.B. in oil li up U STOLEN THtTIv-DEK! _ VJV1 T^'J work up odd liioccs of MirioiK kin Is\ man ami American Chemicals, vizTSulphatotininine, „ JL To scratch up odd ideas and make even lines, Sulphate, Acetate and Muriate of Morphine, Strveh-1 , ? 5 urn '' u r oJJ \'\\\-nts unl ideas iutu d'unen, I nine, Voratriae, Hydriodnto of PoUisb, Iodine, Ioilino P °' vu 2<>t \ macliiuc that grinds nigs into rl ymes; 1 of Iron. And now lor our gain and to alter your views I OilB.Paittta'ana Varnish.--Linseod, Currier's, ? ur <vlfl eabhago and rm-« we'll grind into n. w«, , Neats' Footj Sperm, Whale, (refined) Elephant Olivol Asmeu tocatoh laruo lkh, wiHmmalHTaitthoirhnnkn.' and Castor OU : White Lead, Zino White, China Gloss, 1 ?.° ' v0 ,\; i'Wting for tho rags in >our Pocket Books. 1 Bed Lead, India Bod, Lithargo, Turkoy Umber, Lamp 1 Our shelves thut wore empty u« u» lull iu> they can 1 Blnek r Ivory Blnch Boso Piuk, Brunswick Green, .\ .J 1 ™' 1 . . . , . 1 Chromo Green, Verdigris, (dry and i n oil; Chrome S, rate is propiti.,us, t;,ty are m-.re to be-old— Yellow, Yellow Ockrfc, Ohio flrc-proof Paint, (Choco- | ,i, e \ nw P no 'ls have ooino nn.l are tnivoliiiL' fa.-t late, Drab and Ash,) Spirits Turpentine, C'oaoh, Fur- ,, a o ff \ m o read-tlio onej> did told of in our Inst. ' nitureandDeniarVarmsh, Japan, etc. Alargesupply t~ vol \>' nnlio \ of note hua sent in its mite of Sandpaper. • , To enlarge our assortment and uiakn'it just right— j Dye Btufls.—Madder, Log-wood, Fustic, Cam- °\ r Cutters know well how to handle the tapes- - wood, Nic-wood, Quercitron, Copperas, Blue Vitriol,, °»r workmen ihebe.-t to bo f.,und m the states. Annatto, Coohiueal, Cream-Tarter, LacDyo, Cudbear ' „ \ r Keady-Stade Stock, if oMmiined \ -ifll find Madder and Indigo Compound. * |lo contain an assortment of ovory kind— I Brosheai-afifair, Cloth, Tooth, Flesh, Crumb, 1 li' 1 .?,? ruc , h \ d Dn. s » Cu..ti., round aim swallow tails. | Paint, Scrubbing, Varnish, Shaving, Horse, etc., etc., \'\ flt 1' \\\I\\* and sizes, bet nan hofshwid-. and | ID great variety. Porfhmery, Combs, &c—Lnbin's, Muugcnet & Condray's and Patoy'a Perfumery; Fine Ivory- Combs, S SS SSS, Dressing Combs, plain Bufiolo, Shell and Horn. 8oaps.\-WTiito and Brown Windsor, Rbse, Al- mond, llonoy, Tablet, Military, Hiul's assortod Soaps, also Txsw's, Jones', Gerard's and Hitchcock's. rails - . . xquisite shapo, For as wc told you beibru wo ciut handle the Tape. Our Spring Bottom Pants fill all with duight As they pull them on am* lit tkctn.aright, Tlioy look in tl.o gla»s unl nre please, I with tin siirht And thou the inspection of thoir friends thoy invite, _ _ Who say they nro the thing, and iitrfp-n-dot.. Spices, Lemons' Oranges, Figs, Prunes', Eaisuis,\5ur^ j I!\ 11 ' 1 ?' \ J'onr cash : LAe them oa the spot, dines, Vormicelli, Maccaroiii, Anchovies, Catsnp; ''\\\g' 1 J' n » ''\* the world i.vor jmi never will iiifj Sherry, Madeira, Port, Claret, White mid Cogniao 1 ™™°'msto Groceries, Fruit, Wines and Iriquors.—fio long, Sonehong, Hyson and other Teas'; Cofieo, Sugar, If they do not suit, tve've loose xaoks and tight, No trouble at all to irot somo to fit right; All coats made aud trimmed in most i u \. he Jfo runw l.lnS»' ,s ' A '\ IS'^overy-; r'Slbomadot fell •oCuuui)-. xN. riTRNISBING OOOSt, Tho subscribais would respoetfnU^.,ihtifefiitfL lie to call and....cxatniue thdir stock, .wj!#)rilia IJipnithosanicrcputationtlicy liavegiuneuiatlicisl named places. Dbservo SOLOMONS * AAKONR' Cheap Clothim Si Fairbanks' Building, on Court and ArtemStrt, Oj./«utiU' tfa Atncrkctn Jloitl. V H. I'uuutry Morchan,te »nd PcddJ(!ni.6iip(g| at New York wholesale prii-es. • ;*1 Ml'NSELL & OAKS,Ne.l,.AjcijJ Needle-Worked Goods, oilier. 1 tjl- ( •//„., Enibr. Collars, Capes, Cuffs,.\JndCij!«Bl But nor so with | v \> Mu»liirand Cambric Edging aud Jmerqw.M 'id. to t'4s. per yard; White\ Embr. I)rcssos','EjH5l O. cb. J. iTASSHAmi B KyAiicHiTHz, and <'AS*/it/WJ&, thcdal e»t y.-u ever saw, at ('. tt../. MATtbHAl&f LlRGE SIZE Window Glass, atTEiS Store. 45 MANN-MOTTte'l CALIFORNIA GOLD LOCIBTS, T HE subsenber rcspoccfullv boss Icavutotdldien t. nt',in of the public to hit i.iWiindeJcgtntosS'J ment^if jst-. «» ma -anav 3SS3 '•asr- aij Rings an d Broast Pins,: whioh, for finish mid quality or^supcridntyof '1 iiian.-»lii[', aro warrnuUid to oxucotl anvthingofttebl \• r '•• f •\\ • H\ \• •» in t! ':* iimrkct\ all of*l>fci!l pl,.l.'i-i biinsilf I-.M-II ol..-ar<-r than can nclipiie'ttiil M.V r.i \N. iv York. \ \ * > .1 lo the L. dies he would say that those ffishrjfjj au artii!cjuMhj^la^jstjU^Jfl_o^ ' Tauto.! t'lriiiitir\ had better cull at. his.Dagu, t I;.,.,111- 1,,-fore rnrcliiMu.g oltn « hero 4.11113 p . p. 'WEP'rcpTT, IS as 18 aud J 5 Arcade Buildings; WnKnVira NEW 8 TOR E7 Tho,Placo to Buy Goods Cheip, r pil K subscriber Iiavliur ronf d the largo snj J. cious Store in f ho Amp rioan Bloofc'&C ,l,...r to S-Wittgeuatoin, would rospeotfullyMlL tentron nl tlio penpTe „t J ^tfunson county to»(t«*il now and fresh Goods, oor.sisting of GroeenOJtMfel visions, Crockcrv, Woo | cn Ware, Flouranl'H't of which \v.03 iKiuirht tbr wish, nnd wiHrMtivikSl MIIJ a* low as-at uiiv other establishment In Jrfa iiiuiity. „. f . p^~ Butter, P'MMC, Unm, Eggs, L*abd'n toes, wanted in oxchango for Goods. ^^SpJljiS nnld ot t lus es 1 nhliihment..Jg3 . . DON'T Hiistako tbo place—No 6 AmOrleJaBSJI mgsj. >ppo„ t0 Fairbanks New Block. '\ '' T W atori.iwn, Juno 2t. 44 _ II. D, TQWffij! SR£AT BARGAINS ( Brandy, Rum and Giu, Alsoalargo assortment of Glass Ware. Camphone and Burning Fluid, Starch Pplish, and Washing Powders. 37 fit .hotter, before and behind. Of vcstlngfi, and its enough to say Look around you will eoc them by night and by day If j on sec one you think it tlie bust in the lot Ask the OWIII rvvherc in tonn such vci>Ls can bo got, And he will tell you on Court Street No. 4 At the celebrated Live and let Live CloUiing Store* ' J EWELRY ST.OBE AND WATCH ESTABLISH- .KENT. Just received at tho store of W. H. Sig ourney, a.splendid assortment of Watches and Jew-' Which they will mako up to 1 city, consisting m^mrt of Gold and SUver Patent Of Fine Lincit.boBom shirts, we've 11 fall - v- , Just received a t tho sterc of W. H. Sig-! Marsailcs, Rilk, Satin and \Woreted yo*n.~jrnf Ou<i\ ?i^ e ?*_?!X? d !r i 1B3 ? rti ? e 5 t , 0 .'' ' flr ? f eiV ea i>'>t J e w - ! Whicli they will mako up to enit mwuuiro and mind. ,tonom any wav. is really wondfe^^thalxmiuyandJ-vrz f Beginning\In tho eontor of the road\ comrnonlv jyaric^Jt-enahle^^e-^erftrffior-^^ It is called Church street orTie so utl oast oonio^^fTho r&l^rS^aTrTil 3 '' 0 '' !„'£\ k \°W \'.ttor mark from theneo at right, anglfis easterly, lour rods, from thence southerly about 'bo'Toducdtt t tcsonibluig tfio soft breathings of the .Sofiaa Harp' , Also; s.nrto assortment of • • >'S. - *\ » ~ \.T—°. ~V rf™~ \\ «^\— \**\ w\.«i .uwuuiui tmu j.iub,i.ut/i,uiii auui.^, »VU VVII1UII Klipply Lover t Lepuio, and Common Watches, warranted time Fancy Bosoms of all kinds, and csllors threo plv keepers; Gold Safety and Fob Chains and Keys;'\--~- i - *'-t-«- --—?.— . . cul,,y Stone, Tprqius, Cluster, and Cornelion Binge and Pins, for ladios and gentlemen; Gold and Hair Brace- to; Jenny Und. Cluster, Coral, Stone and plain Ear Kings; Gold and Silver Pens and Pencils; Gold and Silver Spectacles; Gold and Silver Slides, Silver Combs, Silver, Pearl and common Card Cases, Silver and German Silver Butter Knives, Silver Spoons, Di- ning, Ten, and Pickle Fork's, a splendid article of silver Cuke Baskets, plated arid common Candlesticks, Brit- annia Tea Setts, plated and cpmmon Castors, Giran- doles, Gothic Clocks, with other articles too numerous Cravats, t'mbrellus, suspenders and Bock , Flannels Striped Shirts, and lino Guornsy Frocks Oil clothing of all kinds and perfectly made Got up expressly for our retail t nv.h^ In short wo have'all you can 'think of or find'hi those diggine ,- So fail not to call at ovirohcap Clothing Storo, CLABK & WIGGINS. S „, , , CHIN A ECAX.Z.1 MANN & IIORTON, aUofwllieh^inbesold^^.Zno? ' piPOKTERS and DEALEBS iuCnp.RK B t,.Gi^s-I \™»L*™f\*°iJj2d iorb in Northern No^ Yorlt. PICLSO o,dl! * ^^' ETO '- t ,m ' I'-'^iased the stock iu trade of 1 5™?,'\^?T i ty nt,n ff P& »rinpi*fti',»m«™u t>-.«»*w.i.j , l S! ,tcen , rollsto \tho center'of the roadcofnnionl'y caued S^£?„°f?,f^?^M5*\?*M 0 4 0o . M » A'\\* street, f.om U.enca westerly along tl.o center Embraoing-aiiithe Utoimprovemdntg.:, TFete Instru- .nie^ts »r9far suojorior. to anything, of the kted: bofors offorodibr;solo.in .tluaVwiuity, and are tho uesisub- P V^i.e4i B '4meuts'UlK.soldata^^^^^^ SoKfi^ UZ \^^ r A^*n *\*\\' '-'\\'\'\ ' ferebygiven that in piirsnanoo of tho power of sale - Sam Mortgage contained, tho said mortgago will bo nna examine for yo wol'vo\ So purchas ng els^ ' $• T t Rt0 ,^' <\\'\ nl °-S 0W ^\\^ U ^° ndd i kions t0 ^T% n \ W \| orto, „' n ' N wliero, J pcunslngelse (thatBtock, which will comprise in part the following-: \ n '\Incsday afternoon. ..^-noill Affends of Watches, Clocks,and Jewelrv ronairod f'^?'Stone China, of extra qualitynnd finish,which ' rho pnws .will range fi-om $l,000»to 5*i¥»l and warranted, at No. 1 Sofford Block WS^ ' £ , , r durability, surpassos „„y i t|,ing' in n Sl .; Flowed ' •\^L'nf f \ '•\••. „. ,, , M ,. . --*!- 1 - ' ' • WiRm'nraS? 1 Bine, Flowed Mulberry ,• Brimsiviok Ware, a new and ' r-W^ C-.-immiimcations addrosssed to.J L m» — , •• L2l°f^\i_?Jf-. j very beautiful article; White Granite, LightBlueiind r ' , !''!i N } t» lI( roceivo prompt attanuon^ . • •«. STILL THUT nnmn t ' common ware in groat variety. 1 1'uw, July in l'SSl. J. L. JU'BIHM' «>«.,.„,,..,••»«* «y*«i.'. , GLASS WARD, \ \^T-^'X. 111 .. '-^—rz^ maim factories in good stvlc and at re- obl ° OTu JSft 1 JSS , 5* nc ^ OompaBT: ....... .', Lamps, Stand, Side, Solar,' Suspending. _l,OLUMJiLI>. uBIQ. and all tho varieties of Camphone, Phesgcno, Fluid ' V. S. HTlBPAi&fl^nt, ©ri. ™ » . _ ATrue .-.-•,- 1 ^Ttr?!^ 1,11 ! 30 , 0 *. 311 0 Bi \>° BtM»,v:| „,,,.' J| X' ''\Ving opened a SW.Mjl lllnct, A.. i n.«,v..,r, directly nndol Bm^l IM,I. ros|ioott\idy amionnces to tho LnflidsflCfrJ ficiiien ot Watcrtoaa,—Jctforson, and IHnWB^J eonntie-*, fbat ne is now prepared to BOII Lafe'-CiSl I tlemon's. Misses', Boys', and (!hil,lroit'sB66t»iS*l twiar. at W/iukstt.'eahdJi'rtail, ascieanttseia^H\! in X.ir }Wl C : ty! 1 '\ My stock is lurgo and will he kept good,.MMl \Vi> and Eautcrn maiiufucliu-o, which canJdt-ISjJ giv-o satiBfactinn as to (jrALrre and ruroE;'\T %! iMbrs wishing to find B dioioo selcofioStfl 1 '^] Shoos and Gal tors .of tho Latest Stylos, will<to*»f, call at the New York Storo beforelooking-jWraV as 0 mil stuck is just received. @ ft Mowfe*, niind, our motto iR ' II, W ;U not be vndmwll£tie$ N. R. m sell for Onti. ONLY. A. BR0*Kfc _JVat<TtOWn, JttV44,1851^ tM-3? T BurdicTt's Double Cylindor ^rin^a^CTfJl HE subsenber Wpulriinfonri PrintdrsdiflWSj pre throughout tlio\ United Stotc*wW.wW» that he is now prepared to furjiu8h.tkcm*$' 11J Y , | tent Don bio Cylinder Printing' Press oalW89*' vorablo terms. It is bclioved bv those w'lw.WJ# tho operations and work of this \Press tka'tit™™; tlio prosedonae of aH-ot-hm- PoWOT\PfeSBiffiKiwBgr 1 \th for Book and Nows .work. While'»aw'«*| in producing a innat pnrfoot registsr, thai\* 1 clearness of Its impression, -and tho porfi.etlo!!, color produced bv equalizers which nro nlhidjf!«,«: inking apparatus, must make it pwforablo W V work to the Hoc or Adam's Presses. Itgjj. Iwat in tho qualit ajtd beauty oftho work-ipw 1 ^-1 * ' 'au/ tho first one'M'fe Oomiof.tho'^M^ Y.whoroitisinopimWI 1 liOVi * ^ - 1*: ;' —\i_ 1 lovo tho voii As .they feu ' And sing pus' •J'liuir niello' '£lic crystal dr Bright sparl Hun thc^ewc Horo luotrpi 1 love the broc Falling- 0'^' 1 lovo to sit oii ffhcu the di And in those 1 Una- 011 the «lu»e seal)' oi Alliu the BU Audi love tho When the li j[y fevered lip • Aiultlicairii TU clement of Who does 111 Than choicest: 'fill! SOUl of 1 And 11»* e the A, il dashes lii Uinudering ..jftuugh vail I real the t\\ 111 \ \Yhite cloud.- And tlie bendii Smiferon tin A„U love the With its enfr And bearing on • A iintioii's wi it munis uie'of \(If Iife'h and fflu bursts the Taut block th And I love old With its ludJ Itsgroonandsr And high ant jioBi.toJhear i' The sound ol They usher in tl AJiimed witl Jjof*' 10, Jf»*-,. (Driaincil For the Ni 4 STORY TO I, lion\ one of m; BY WILLI.' l\\\\\, I declare, jDgyouliori\!\ s jf-roaclicd me in and otlciidcd ti [Nor I jou. I 1 pe I came back to i.h.m'ori 1 er Ic^s |»een nn old frlen rnnuii-inti-ruoui IfjJbern away fr |tiOre..l Wi-sL t-» lie liSd prpsp [stcry frum the b Jt.id.0. f-Vioknow wliei rto-bid-yH^ti ge liavrarr Mild twclW-dull, f-TiU-he dollars : prospeets bcfoi (i.atnrc.'\ Mtel Iwelvc dpi Jjoi&jTtu tlio gr footi. 1 w.is go Itocc lo nurk,an (ahead, n:id with fetlona venture. rG* ahead with y. jIilMijo ahead. |f ^Cincinnati wi I went from or |73«s^.l imjuirc isshopo of einpli f2nie arqnsinti'd f rtesralwats, \\ ho fclcm.citios thero |Cintiniinli, ami li jivu the rivor. In l.e gone, an J I st ft in my pocket, lamtroat should st pcity a little I'urt lojwndent, then. J'upwketsi, «v\ indh J»P.sawyers, and i^nt was a nice nes.nn' 1 madQ 'di mtmy fesate, arid-iiviB 1 it Uy%^ni and-Pllnol Mm-tpM fchfctgmptack tap& purtanBr lo ... A>G6pt)»sREAs6N^BliJz; had•»\ bright kittle f ^®e*iK ^f^tM^^i^.ttoV' expeti- I4^k||iifin , i^n^^:^inihkI.co«ii »ft^eriificc^«\wliich-tlieiIadrhold8 1 |willpoglvqu,ifjoqupd.,,Soalo of priooB: forPinho f oras,W(5j»f?OrtdilSOurforM:olodo6ii», from |45,- 00 to tlOOjOifi. • . ,„ 1 . i.owr.rf, -fc • JiTiASi'HAtl.'.'-- 1 ' ' A. KE opening in AngcWBBSeiL'oii CtourEst noari^ Ifiveroi&^ulll^Jni^ pnWJcotlon of tills notice, the '»'n'm' of \f i^.o's\ and miy hou°so'in Walertownli' AndHt uTnTarikuXTedsod I ™!'l 0il , Lamps, and Baaroad'XnMcri'te'ruto',' together rT , T „„ „ M^oum, ZTrtf- 'fori \ dB that im keen lurc-er rf o^d S \£2 » Wlt h \ bPllutl ^^^ , T\ ££«»? naviujriieoiLinS.icc .__,„,, A R '?. u ? ni, << i»spec!anynuthoriaodto!n«f«,.' L «p ar t f Kite, ettb P r on the Cash or. StoekplM, V&fflZW my pr0gl idfoVdttrlpjoelcetiV P4^.:ip.tt : *ibo*c6hfidentIy'' ---J»* *t t V#2*fiilf,ljpf?R:;-' .?•' • A- -« rmafiressGoods, 'awUi •• > *• wmaoodsi • jtloffltjf,. f)dmestU- Ooods, Pat-Molt, •-,•.- \! . t Medio Worhid Goods «*,\• , , ; • «tmf/jmdt.i>- • 'LSSH^PP^ ^^' m °^^S^imi ', (with «'C»Me Mpoftltet is all tore out!\ plnee,- cOnBfeting ih' part Of : S$nels. MoiMt liibUns, Worsteds, * t^ni* *' i ' mj sm *' JWfrltfidCbFdmZtttes, • VfidsriUeiiet, ' Meat Tlirtad M/mffs, •• Mvirmm omrs, Mmm and Cambria Edq. MftindZfUertinai, ~ • ,;-.-t--r.-o- -.—->-i ««- rand mortgago 1 toroolojca by a public salo of tho said mortgaged promisosw tho highest bidder, at tho publio house ™\ >'»\*•'»>» T E. Jones, in the town of Lvmo afbro- Bald^,ontiieT.^i.ailyof Novprnbcr, 1851,atl0o'cloek A. M.—Dated, Augusf 12,1551. I,.farfAt^^fr-TrFJfRYA.BOW, Mortgagee A DMINISTSA^GSS!' N0TICE.-Pn, jfJL order of %sandcr \JL Brown Sum County of Joffiuson. Noffch' H,» ,? T- rsunllttd an Surrogate of the Xioolrin^-Glassos. by all hands that we keep InTger stocis and sell more uoods than My establishment in town, wo find it need- 1 ,v • » 1, -, IT* ess, to mention thp same thing over again, but would • }° mm . to k , ee ? \»\\ i\ 1 \' 8 \ v< ' r v f\' 10 ™ 1 ' H I«w* to mention, tliat amongs't our late arrivals ' r! 0 4 118 .^ tni0 U tof 1 0 « b o™ ware's, (.. sella win K» ^„_. i *..^ *„_..._.. . *• .\\'\ \\ y <»'«\«•» that will.insiiro us tho cJcelusive trad \' SSJ^*. fo ^^hndeomest and most fashionable styfespf Dross Ooods and Shawls, i»™ W v° i 1(1V0 Wf P\rt i «? 1 M' pains to select tlio very best kinds, and all varieties and styles, ntsuch prices, .which cannot but phase alb Our Itoclf of Hdk s. Laces, Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiorv, etc., was novor better,liondsomorond blleapor. The particular ' and va- 1. pr . Wo impo i, am. Id yon ever sat. |d sec the waters ni »of the round 1 p^mtmg the twi •ton the hurricane I'dislnnee before I'nie the sweeping filh their luxuriai B 'J U « were goint. l*TttraH(i few yet f \tic nxes havo 01 Rt'.Xu! frcll f reekuncil\_on whs 1 what nlf t fiat m ••powing wcaltl \ Vuu didn't get \No! d was no 1 lunsin, not b; fwe been hinting i vn- r :,' r . u ' u '\'\i\ w. Dooms pn«i),,\• ^Titi/M- •rlces i *¥\ 11;, ,!> t b«t now.cenfines its operations tW^r i ipordff''i ( \ ll S'- It a tariff pf.Preiniums«rpmoc|e»t(i« rr - , v • ~ - v' .1 ,....-...... .-vn tu .IM.-Iouants, i Hotel-keepers and tho^e wanting large quantities, at ft ew iork prices. ° ' •'• i ourGoodsnud buy for enMi.aud'caiiscIl to Mcrchante i 't otferts insurauecs on tlPct most fttvoroUeidnJ- ftta ,1 „ nuantlti™ at j^fV ? h . B * m P rom l? a y. fl t ^^.SlS-1 at the oiitioli paliy or at t4is ngoney wWo tho insurnuco* 0 ! \\ nho olaimaut. Tho Compaatij .„ New Vork prices, N.BCampheno, Fluid, and Phosgene G:,s,nlwavs ,-.,., . , . ,-i ,-„.„,. on hand, oqnolto any manufaoturod. S©-Store; No ' «™plo,c«pital, paid in or scoured hoyonieonW- a 11, Hayes' Block, Court-st. 4 ot • and a lar R c surplus alivays on hand to fiira'S,., , ryHE Subscriber, havingruTt h s Faplory incomplete * WItEOTORS. And eveWj^$«is usuiny.Xo'p¥ui'\«'i) , r ?.''6 0 os R SBagtrpfuf^ii^ William \ \\ \\ \ Cpuiity, .thoreof thSTin ...... .. .... lv .xix i mo-viu* Watortpwn,'pn or before ttiSISirlfoS d^idlfAStfust lno pubHoaroagiim^cMectfiilly invited toon'll««j . Owing to Ws'lnoronsed fucilifi'os formanufacturlnff i next, (August 80, WSJ A Dated, February 20,lsf. tonminc our»toek?at.No.rWOTd>iuTs Block?- Dd * willio enabled to offergreat inducement\ touio?' SVJ'ON-MASSEY, -•' .'V^^^^^^^'adSaoiiBtothelrSntlarirB ™ ant8and . do » 1 ? rs - tSTTho suhncriher will bohap- ' sttjok-roceryodw^fo. i»\-oeuiiarge pytpsoohis old customers, mid all others who mav Jm\.^&¥^e Millinore. PodlcK, and Whdlosalfl B 1 ^ 0 \!. 01 \ <*\b »oling asaured that in point of quality nmc> WARBvEiMAgsiy, . v.^^-. „ Admiulatrators. AdiBituBltntrLr. VV, 15. Hubbard, I). W.Doshler, W. A. Piittt, F. C\ Koltou,- Tlio's Wood, J. P. Brodte , L. Goed»to«'\\ J, Waptj^WB * ' ,T, W. JtW*-\ Tho uuUowignod woutd-rofer to the nboWllgJ,! flcdrs mid directors as embracing tlieimuios.df.uwK ,1 dbtingiusliodhhnMtanfs of tlie o^J^J^m.m soivdnc; i - -. *. Ajnorlcan t,SiHtrBiJAEJ)» ^ ntertown, N, Y ; \Xotaba^ioiie •7 his strengtli, '\In the coursor. mclior—stopped 1 lv *y. those paddle •ay dntrn tltar, to^ \URecUlilns ski *e water)—atth hwlHyiurtotatt in and Ids « hosi h'°»Wsay,andgo b buy even a pot to* *hon he went K the moonlight P'lf place I was '.'hurricane deck\'] i-i »H^s-r-.„-K«lr-. ..*<*'

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