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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, January 16, 1851, Image 2

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Iftnndiiher>-oIiamr!^v?ii be>sce^«notu1e calling a Kicctrng of the County' Temperance (Society^ .mHiielfifst \Pre^liytofiaiv'Sessibri -House, on Tiles Iti8.i.ni|iqrti\nt-t!jn,'t tin's niecting-tje' welUtj I tended forupbh itsdeliberfitionSndiictioniiiaini';] jy depend' thV character and strength\ pf the temperance mbvpniPnt, in the' open field during the pCesetil winter; It is hoped therei : wili\bp np jack of jfanfljetf pr~«titliusms|n at the conven- • Pire'iJepai^le^ tibn, ' • ' -\ j •' , • Those whp \have enlisted for the war?' the \ «ro^Blar8i'K , n( ** vrf ^l\* V °Wlioy^rauchdep.ohdened *\ dls^ppo?ht;tha.cxpfictatioi)s raised in the public .injn^jrtf% fomSrS deeds, -.There m \vorli'of iihqfl%tiQrtea\Si^ppi-tahpe to traiJSn.et'atthe liioct- • termine'd i?*?*V, S'uW \ve. hope -to rat'et nt the, *' conyciitioa. ' '..'.. «. • . , \> '.*'' . Ti^#s-^Pwr i)ii^^wd)je^t!id;Pijb]^()'rji tor the Fcbr'ijalry'niinibor of ; Godey's tndy'S , Book, the February, iiuitiber of ^GrahamM'ftlaga. zjnbi th'f Wh»^*lTO(icf6fl8§l^oAffiGnca>v ;Journ>i of Ihlnnity;and the Qpnt „The Qpali? sjjew? ^EOr'|ustSthrtfid ; ; aVthe'Asyjumf tJticit pubiuJie^'roontlij^r^Aisa the EicipfwllGultiww \atthe«||6e ; ;of;;tlie 6ul|iva£oiy Albany, iSvcry' Famefcbt>(|ie••S^e^Kbulft'^t'dji'c''.'•'•'*' TheTFe^ualryiSfO^; of\QMSJ^ aiid, Graham WewwplpWpaasdiin the:beautifuldiigrftviiiga «!d:Mtter?th'ey c'&ntaiji;. TJip .Whig; Almaniie is a'.ylaSablti compend of Governmental-staiis-\ fic». • The\ Journal' of Insanity contains a great :fund of information -«!d^ysg^ii8cjBy^»thi«s#|i?fTr - TJip Dopnrtme j,it met pursuant to - the require, ment of tho charter and llbticc, on Saturday evening, Jan; 11 {h instC N, M. Woodruff jBsq. •pro^dln^, , ; ' ' ., t , _ • . ' ! . yiieroljsbf the several companies being call- ed;, the Secretary road, the fpllowihgj Report of iliastiito andcoii^itipn of the Department. »- ..; •(JEMsi-^inpursimuce of & requirements of the charter arid by-laws,, ujjdpr which TO are or- ganizes,! submit to you too following Report of •the condition of thq pepartnjeflt,..'. . , Tire Engine Co., No. I. has twerfty-nirie.mom- bGrsetirplted and uniformed; .hji$'a good - engine fod 250 feet of hose in go'od condition, and « ^Fire^Engihe Go;, |Jo, 2l'has fpr$y r four: mem-.j bersioJiioJlc^Ayj^ ^metiisbut an: engine,' -'». . $' '•.•.• '. 'Hre-Engine -G^j .'|fPi 3,riia8 thirty inenibbrs: ; enrolled) (ire\ifijifornjed \yjth a gooS engine lyid '.200'foot^t',\jff^^'¥o^^«'ab^ut-a$.nfuch more utpafe'tBTrely upon, ahd.lins a hbsecart, jfoolrandLadder CP, S?O'» J,has.'jthirty.jtn'P.i inembcfs'eiifoiled,; without;iiiiifprm,'aqdare \yell fliipplied WJift'hpptS and. ladders,, ptm.t ; r, pnp lad' der 49 feet in longthjl dp, 45 feet, 1 4P.$» ? 4*>* S5, i4o.j30, 2 do, 25,2:dpr2^a|2,^0Qf,fa||ers 16 feet',2 do,; 1|, 2dp: 12,2:lafg|h^plfsj:4: Jlfeoppleis. ;] g^pple,'2#xes,i-sawf 1 'haij)mdr,4largecable ropcsjferhopks'i,}' drdyrppo for carriage..' FfKASOES.—'f hetVfiftnhces^ o'f tfip Dopairtnis'it' conW of $600, a | iiitorcst.' Th e Department liiis oxpehded during the .past season $163,04., fin repaiiring engine hoiiSOj No^l, by|jaisii)g]t.bne story liighor, and fipisMng a rpiomin the gnd'^tp^ time, and referred to tlio Jtidiciaryfcommittee. Mr. ITiiderwoodjaid oh the tji'bii). n.jpitit riisb- lutiph ins'tructing- ajid roqunjiilg bur jScqators arid Representatives inGbngrieii ^o urgP'tijQ,;pas- sage of a law, at this sesswft,fefiufiipg; ppstiigft tb^ cents oripre ? paid lejtori, and'tb.3 ee^ta-;bji ;:unp'aid; arid also to.abPlteh postagerpn newspai, pe'rs : sent to fcgiilar 8nbscripere,'re,4di!ig t wjtliin the .county where sueh. papers are \\printed, or 'Withiji 40miles, bi' the ,pti;ce\ of (publication. Seizure of tKe Royal Mail Steamship Niagara - for Smugfflms-~Neu-s from Venezuelu. 'Boslphi lOtfi Jan.~ ebllectprGrcely litis seisiod the British steamer Ni/igara for violation pf the .revenue laws,-' Oil Monday •night .a ,bontr \v«s ^een going from the steamer; which was'boarded by an.ofticer, and found td'jepntiuri silk ahdjtieo. Other-light goods- wore found, upon the Miarf where they had,been loadin]*, in all'-.to the ifinount' of from #5,000 t p $ ip;000;'. It is supjiosedtjiiit the crew,- and riot- the: officers^of the:.sliip; mis'. implicated iii the i trj(risii(!tipn,,'a*nd that the ship 'will bo rpleascd'by tho:Sec.r.eti\ry P? tfie Treasu- ry: 'in tile mgan'.tiniec.ihp.United St-ites\offiecrs have been placed ori boarA - . Tiie bi-ig HayWPbd* frpni Giirapoa, 17th'ult,,. rep.prtsthiitgreat ci'cite'mgiit \.exists in.Yenezuela.| relative tP the Pj-esiderit.iaV election. • President Mbna'gaahas cidlcdCorigress.tpmeet QX>. thpSQth, fiindI it is feared\l>y.many ,-tnnt if»lijs,brother js'j not eleeted- by tbW, the sceocs of violoriQO of JTormor years will he enacted. ims 1 3W||i(;^'|irjijr JPor-- r ,^qu^^ao^%W9.*ii(»si*i' wait,, Monaa^^TPine^i^-'pvcnins^Jfeni^-iit^, ,;•: Tja|; : GAMP^NA^0Gi«^G^ \\ •' -^>. '\'^t : }'f'''^ ;• mv -!• ! /^Si^ ;i&. ^I^B^ i and,fcuro of insanity. To GbBB^spPNiiEKTSi^-Half Geritury--ileflee,' tion»fo v rjP51>,will appear ne?tjv.egk„- Alsp-the ] .epmmuhic^tio^ ftbm Gtsneya* *, mi' Pro Bono Publico, if yffi^imi. rbpinv. We biiye,bpcn 1OO|{T lag foran opportunity to insert Cliauneyi'also it ljicanl,.from A. W. P., and\ Iraprpvcincnt, from. E. 0,,b'i\t Uietime.l>agnplfc'oniiDJid^ij^j!niiiau Med.icMT^vHl-app>#'flgairi.-nexlvwc^ r_^.--j^^^Wreatli r A6m„S..-M-.,shair rec\eitp4tbh- tion. W>W Flbwersi wijl find s. place by-nnd>by. Thpjnetepr(jlogicaJ.;tab!p will appcaoipxtweek, .^A:n It.lias expended' pthehrfse in perfecting its- pfe^jri^prganizajiori* $36,52, (the item) pf which \ Wer^fcadijut are he'rp omitted for the siike o'f breyity;) ..,. • ' L.ISGAtLs, See'y. January 11,1850; ;'',.\ -,\ \Wh'ereil'pp.h the .Department f- i*CK;ecde4 ta; elect a'pijief Engineer,-' >f. M; Woodruff, Jlsq;, was nominated andunanimously elected for the- CTsrliig^'carr— \^\ r ''..*''' Two mcmbfers^ycrc;tbenicJipseiLjfi:ojxi:caeli.of 'CHxm.Es,Witq^x, i of Jtymc,. ag^jkbbufptli died »t his residence last Monday about one jjVlppkJP, 31, Mr, WilSox. had a JJg amputated ' a few weeWrpjreyibus to rid himself a fever spre. The erysipelas *ctin aiVd deprived him Jot' Bft-f' -Jl^r...?^-!*^* 0 ^ was «t-c|tHa:n tery niuclijre- spected bynlHiisneighborsi ', '. .\ ..; BirBotARYi'—The Periodical DcpPt pf %, A, Kprce was broken .into-on Thursday night last, by cutting out a pane of glass in the rear of the store, and sPme $.100 worth Of jewelry, gold, and silver pencils, &c, extracted from the case. No intelligence of the burglars. Elm Corners Division. The following- named Brothers wereinstalled u pflicors ptjIlUn Gprncrs piyision, No. C37, last Saturday evening, by D. G. W.P., Bro. A. Horr: S, F . Rogers, W. P.; A. E. Rogers, W. A.: R. R.Ceol,R. ?.; A- Cpp.mbes, A. R.. S. ; C. A Cppmb<;s,F,a; Wm.Bafe,T,.; H.PlopcrjC. J..H, Bcnnct, A. C.'; T. J,' CoolU S.; J. Swart O.S. \ .' \ \ — Jtadinnt Stnr DivisioTi *fhc follb„*ing named Brothers were installed as officers of. Radiant Star DivisipiiV'Js'p. 631, ill Eransville, last'SaturHay evening, T>y JplmfLacy, \spSHlTpeputj : ilarveystarkwcathcr, W. P.: \Gideon Allen, W.A.; J. R^Robinson, R. S. :• J, E. Ward, A. It, ~S.; A Weaver, T,;A Snntif.T. S,; J\ Brush, C:- S, Johhspn, A. C.;. I. S. Crairi, T. S.; O, A. Miiler, G. S..J C. W. Taylor^ P. W. R MoruiB^SIar\ Divisions Tho fpllovving named Brothers were installed «s officers* of Morning Star Division, No. 156, for the present quarter, by At H. Biffdiek, t). G. W.P.:-.\ '..-.'.'' h. M Jtowell, W: P. i G. E. Slont, W. A; It. Sloat, R. S.j A. G. Smith.A. R. S.; L.D.Mor- gan, F. &; A..H. Bardick, T\.; G. Patterson, C; A. B, Miilofi A. C. j. John Nicols, I. S,; It AJtforoy J o3.;;f.Y.Alb>p ! 4.W,P. . -,. i Meridim Division. ~. The following named Brothers \Verp installed w officers of ^^ Meridian Division, No. 3^03, for the present quarter, by A. H. Bu'rdlckt D. G. W. P.: John Kemp, \V. JK; ; Josihb Bcals, W. A ; Myron Beebec r R^rr-i'r4t^Miirray,'A. R. S.f iohri Alexander, F, S.; Silas Glark, T.; G, Bv Melptte, C,; Atriasa Kellogg, A. C. tell,I. S.; John Richardson, O,^. Browntille Division. N.N.Bis- •Tho following named Brothers were instaired u officers ofJfcowrisaUe DivisibD, No, 3fiQ,for the present quarter; N, A. Lindsay, W. P.; Wm. Pay, W. Au; N. • H,-pgttcr,R. S;; N. Church,-A. RrS.j N.-E. Bonnet,?,?,; ChesterAllcii, T.; ChWHughs, C; Peter Howk, A. G.; D. Robinson, I. S.; G. Cook, G. S.; James A, Chase, P. W. P. Kossnth Division. The following named Brothers jvcre histalied « officers of Kossuth Division, No. 519;atTlfe- resa, for the present^Miirter: ^ Thomas;Porter, \VV. P.4 Gcprge F. Dehhison, W, A.; Ghirt. G. Twingj K. a ; Ilenfy W. Beach, A. R.S.-;E. Johnson, E. S,; Victor Cooper, T.; Chaaeey iHelmcr, G,; Stephen Tripp, A. C. i Peter MyettrMrj La^roncb- Clark, O. S..j Stc- ph«ri:SeOtt T P.W,P. BOOK NOTICES. THEODORE TntiNkEii's FIRST L^SSOKS IN BOTASV. ,A, S. Barnes & Co.^N. Y. |^_ This is the title .of avery neatly bound piibli- Wtiori of 141 pagcs> laid upon pur ta.be by Mr. 8 nsRtmo. K contains, as its title impojts, the ^imcnts'of the beautiful science of Botnny, n. •eicfice, which in comparison with btherSjdigad fpceiyca but RSmnll share of that attentionwljich the beneficial infliioricb it is capable of oxerting ti P<>ii the njind, would seem to dentand it shbuld \'Mive. f W# nogloct inay ini part perhaps, be 'ttribatedtothe want of-a work of this kind simplirios thei subjebt and brings it within \° ??™JPffihejn«lon^pf-4ho-juybnJlo mind; thus ^mgitasourcQ of amusomontiihd pleasure to |ho youthful Btuddnt; ^d adapted as this work •W-tft tljo acconipljshmeiii of'this purpose, it rec- ommends itsel^t^tho fiivPTriblb ntfentibri Pf the FtfWw., For/sifl^byj. G. StkK^e. ' \ '-\ •2 '*•\> s «veralcemp4!it(!siaj»pvej i pt^aid.companics on the board o f Directors, tp wit: ^ Npll—Cyrgmis H. Wright and RobertPbrteiv No. 2=%N.Far\nham and L. Ingalls. No. 3—-J. S.-VanBureri* and Cliriuriey Calhoun Jr...-' '* ' ttbok'ffrid^Ladder^.0. L. Wheelpok and J.L. Baker, 1st. Asssistant Engineer—B. F. Hotchkins. -'' 2nd. « \ * E. C. Lewis. \ • Th6.foilpwing;rQSPhitiPris_weteadppted, Wherens, There are but 450 feet pf gqod hose belonging to the.Fire Department, which Is en- tirely inndequaWto the wants of the village, and tho safety of property, thereforo, bo'it Kcsoh-cd, That we recomiiio\iid the Trustees of tho •village, ;bo urged topnichasoassoon ispossible lOOOfqet of no * IIQSO. ' - ''•- • Resolved, That the thanks of tlm tnecting bo tendered tp Npms M, Woodruff Esq. for the ihtort-st he [As taken in, and the able riiannorin which ho has presided over, and directed the ch- ermesflf the Fire Department. Resolved, That tho* Soiu'etarj\ .hereafter notify the inwtiiig of the Depintmcht by posting an appropriate .immbcr of \bills through the village. motion tho Department, adjourhed to the call pl\llie Board of. Directors. . ^r. WeODltUFF, Chief Enginl-er. L. jxd&ws. Secretary, •ff\. ^. A T AX iBcitEs, lias since resigned!. TITIO:SS praying for the amendment of the assessment laws are~npw \in circnlaticn in every town in the county. \Lot theni.bo' vigorously pushed; letthe 1 whole\ tax'-paying interest Spe/ik, th'ei'r voices will be heard, and i f not heeded when the day of recoriing With, their public servants comes, they will kilowwliattorneto out to tlieinT I.cgislativp Summary. ' The Legislature' have gonb to work this yoV in good earnest. ' ' , • • In tho Sinale^-Mr. Johnson gave' notice of a bill t o impose tolls on freiglit,ir«nspori(ed pn the New :York arid Erie, and OgdcnSburgh, and Champlnin Kailronds^-^nnd moved that it bo re- ferred to a select committee, which was parried. Mr. <3arroll called.up his rcsolutiPn making the, enrisideration of the code it.special ordqr, -and moved that it be niade the sjmeini order for the 37tli % Of January. The iStb was finally agreed upon. ....'•• . » ' .- In tho Assembly-— Notice of- several nptice was [given Sf seyeml uillspf a local character. — Mr. Lyon.gave notice of; a bill for the election of five Honorary members to tho Wprld's Fair, witliont cpnipcfisatipn. • . ,i . ' Mr. Jaynp gaj:enntice of a bill tp B -abpljs|j[the, pfiioe of coroner'aad impose tlio duties, on Jus- tices of the peace, also to equalise iizxaiwk Mr.Grahatri ^tyo nPtic'e of a bill to repeal the act establisliing Free Schools throughout ttic Sir, Cofjin intrpduecd.a bill to prevent tlie re- moval of free citizens from the jurisdiction of.j tfiis State, except for crime. Its introduction was ^olyfifitfldUos-asHt^wuS-open^ie^smiwipn-OT in regard to Slavery., Th e nyesjmd nayeswere ^alkd^ Jilt Hit questipn-of its^ntroductiPirand^j resulted in permission to ihtrbduco it, by 104 ayes, to 19 lioes. % > ' _ MVT.Robrnspli iiTWoffuced- A'DHI- to regulate the asscssihcnt of taxes\ in. incorporated coippanies. Mr. Ferris introduced a bill to amend the code\. Mr. Borrouglis,. to provide for tlio support,*ot common schools„jm& moved that it be <priiifed and referred to the committed of the whole. It was finally referred lo-the standing committee on colleges and schools, Air. Higby gave notice of a bill for the_elecv tionof eomiftisSioners to equalize the vailuntion of roill cstiite and taxation in the different towns andebuntics. s^_) SATURDAY, Jan. 11. IN SEKATE. —Petititioiis were recuived-and referred on several subjects. One in favor of taking the property of' clergymen, and one for the abolition pf capital punishment. M|. Gcddcsj.froni the cpinmitteo on rail-ronds, reported faverablypii the billto-iihiendthochnri 1 ter (if tho Saekotts.Hartwf and Siirotbgarailroad.' Sir. Stanton moved to take up the roaoliition referring the. GdycTnp?rfloSsage, to- vvhich tire Sbnate agreed^ mid Mr. S, addressed the Siiniite at length in pppbsitibn to the views df theVMos^ sago >vliere it prpppsos an amendment of the Constitution, with a view tovbPrfow inoncyjto complPto the Erip canal enlargement. 'Fho res^ olution pf reference was laid on the tdbfe to af- ford other Senators an opportunity of speaking on tlie subject. ... ^jffi AssEMBtv.^Sevbral bills wofp introduced. r»'Sir. Hcrby, In relation to the auditing o f to#n and oo'uiity accounts. Mr, Lyoivtb provide for tlio rcprcsentatibn of tho State of New York in the World's Indus- trial Exhipitiqiiat Londbn; Air, Stevens* t o reduce the fare on rail-#oads in this_stato^wliicJtwaaj!eferred to a select com- mitteo, >lr. E.T. Slnithtgiivo notico of a bill relating to assessment on personal .property, Mr, Stevens -to abolish imprisonnicnt for debt : Mti Wpblo, to provide for the registry of hlrths, marriages nnddeatjis, •• - , .* .Jiff, Cbflin.ealled fprthpsccond reading-of his bill-to^roventthpaiTeati undremoval of fre*<ntv teens ,pf this estate, w'hicli' was; read *.second' Sultering nt Sen ' . NEW YORK, Jan. £). The ship St. ^NicRolas, arrived this morning from Havrej has all the crew disablipd, ' '. , The-ship for 14 days was so jCedup that it 7 ) was armost.imppssible to work her, ThcEliza-. betli, also from Havre, lost ajl licr sails iii)d rig- ging- ' , , •- i_ The passgngers have lived pri potatoes for tlie last twulye daj's, Itail Koad tQ'Watcrtowii. . Ourheighbprsall alongtho.lmearealivp oiitho subjV-ot of a raiUrpai fronvtWs city to corineet \vjth tho ltoino Rail-roid at Wtitcrtown. Should a branch of thiitrpad bo ccnstriicted to Saratoga arid thence to tide-iwator by the rpads nlreiidy in existencpi its impbrtaiiCo'to this pity can scarcely^ be imagined, A mcetrng'tPcohsuit on this s«6r jeet is to be hql.iatu&BoCRirikstliis: week. It would be n-greftt-jolte;Shonld theseisQiall,infer-, incdiate places raise the- wind-to connectOsWego With Watortowri, Vvithoufc even saying\ may we do so_:f-— Omzgo Journal,. . TilSI&d'ratJBLY «nnouhij.Hwo'of their oliils'te, \iX solcot.iwdi>ove!:Mfls>tail Bntortftimncnt8,.as!«b6ve ' w™ cliauge-ofpro^tjinimo.. . ,',..',. • J'Jiey will? appear ^in'.Jfntivo- Costemc,' with anew fTOo;\ofbaIta^ tO'lS,ell }lii8io,tli6:i!OHcert.-will bo.enlivonod'hy n'Qunr- totto Binid./CQimjosqi^of Hpiih BRiiEBEBj^iiYEB and luBtTii-eo talented-sons. ... \'. . \• \ IlWia GoxBAn FnBKniaireri-ESKjJMuaical iDinetor.. . to/partrciilars-seaprograrume. i <•' ... ^ji«ttmpdjit6 jPaniilios, Jhe pries of 'Tjokets will •^•*?lB*»*|,* Tickets to, bo lindiittlie principal Ho, tolii ah3Tn/';tlip\jlo<SrV Doors open\ at.\ 7.. r Concert to eoiiimenca ..tittf 1-2 .,_, • •«-,--, .;„• . _ M^jrJB'BljNJf, A|ent-, o'eloek.' . SOO»TTZJl & McOOWBW ^ 'TJIjE sHbserib'era','wpuld-in,yi.to,>tlio;at^ . Jt, 'ptiblic foJiifair 'TovuewStba, .iftst Qponecl^ ivhorci -uihyoe foahd-nfesll'timos'iin'-ainpiis nss'ortiribiiti con* sistjngof iiopor\tetl:imp\ doi»^sttq,'Gigni»j,Ciivoiidishof\ tlio choicest. biTinds, ioo§o .chewip? and- Smoking To- Bacbo, ipso-scorite'd.ilcB6y,.,SBptcl£,and Eiipeo'Snufts, I'ijjcs by tho b'ox oi-grosa,,.J'ob.'>cqo.boxog, Cigar cases, Tijips, an cudleSs.Tnriors\ in-gliort ntf articfesfojina in a well stoeked -sfcore-Of ourcalliii;?. Eaiiig bxten'sivclj* ongnjreil in.Tnnnu.fiioturi.ne .Cignrs, bpth ofrimpbrted, ami doiiifistip stocfrj Cnalblcs iis.to..insure the. pubjio •tliut all'aftielcB^olcl'ntoilr: Store will bo such ais recoiri' .moiidod, or tlioy canbe rqturticcland. the riioiioyA- •funded. . \ \*'•'•' '. ' N, B; Earticiirnr^itlcntibnpaid to tbo JbbbingTraaK iPlwire roiflom.biirarid ; jean.ii|.No. 5; Afcndo Itulh-. Watertowjl, .fnnuftiT lSASSi, : 37. Jf. K. D'opisjtrt,B, ', .J,'K. MdGnra9,. - j^^..'.- -• ••- --•-••••• •- \ \•^.ttgnip'tedipseapD of Smith O'Brien. \ On Siindar and Monday the Victoria cutter, commanded by a man iwracdEilis wis observed hovering about tho'island; the wind being light untilevening, when it fell calm. .Shortly liafpre sundoiyri, Mr. S. O'Brierii wiiorriotivithstariding; his avowed intention of;escnping, shpuldan ojp.-, Lpoitunity offer;haseohs'idcriible liberty,.'iIloiyedr| Miiiii, he weiil dp»Mi to a*siindy cove, one of the few rpiaccs whereJboats generally land, and just (is-lio .reached the shore n boat with; three men putin^ and he rushed uptp his middle tPineptit. Acpn* ^table pn duty,.wjib was awitness pf'the actjeov- icred him with fiis piece mid called him to fp^H^ jsecondihgjhis by rushing at the bout and knpekr illg a'hole in her bottom witlr his pnrbii)p.-r-Pe then pointed Put to all foiirthe fojIyot'Ve.sis.taftce, and required them to submit quietly, which they i-did. .Thcoffi^oriji chn«ge ; meantime, having irtissr 1 od. his-pris'ericr came rushing down the be«ch f and secured him wlffljt;st-Hl in the n'atcr. He,was thoii'cpndiictcdtb ms house, arid the 'three rogri Confined for tr.insmission.toTJobert TOWP, A whale boat, -with six hands, was sent on bpardtJie cutter, seized her, and brought her in. She, too, \ With this parties.dn lioiyrd,, vyill bo-sontup^(nniSjJ 1 .diatcly. It has riot been»thought neece^sary to impose any restraint on Mr.O'BWen greater thaii thntto which he was previously subjected.— Ifo K baU Town.Adv. ., -. Kev. I. BUAYTOS, will, % request, repeat tbc'luno- rnl somion of George AV. Kimball, who died at Sac- ramento, California, lipxt §»bbntli evening, ia the Secondares. Olrarch.. - n'al Meetiiiir- ^ ,,., ..-,.. „--,-., iH-Xhnerlcjc Plonk Boad.Gorapjiriy, will he liQld.att.Ii6 hsuifo.oW; AV-, Jgawords,. in Ximarick, 9>i Wcdhosdav».lho 29fli day oF'Jialuary, iiist|int, at one o?cjopk,jp, ii., (Ur the | Election of'Circctor3 for the ensuing Vciir. • !.'•-.., • J* S&pITfi; Sec--yiV • Ijiinci-Jek, January J,-ISSK - - - '-. SOWS', W EBSTEB'g.muBiinioii^'DiOTOSAjiTforiale'M J. C: STORLUfGl Vrica $5. .' '\ 20-1 TBB NUW-TOHI BVAIfCHIIJt«T. T ltRsntecription.price for.*tiK!.abovo paper for tlie r y.eattlS5ivJiJ)L..be IXvio JfettAB}, : f(t-lc(fyin d,i- mniti ' : °99<S'0i if UellTred to tho oiio/>t\ the year;^ SubicrijitioiMsrge'xlljy -2(j;' f iT. d.gTEBIiIXGi. ' ...-,...,.• NOBOD7:»BAl> ; iv \\'. \KOWJIXm i-Kl^li«&.,'tO,,are; ofTpriiiJf until: . ^ Ui4jtito£:.jija(ra&.theat-ciiUrc. stfick: Of'JJodki, just as auy : bo,ctywould, -at vely Jpw prices. Tliej^lo riot say 20 per ct'nt.from tliol.r.us'Hjil priced for jearpf «npt bpmg bcliovVd; J?ut wishing to fcduc^thelr- stock, tl.ieyojfer -U J_^v;.-' •'.•' •• '••> • '' ..--.'•'-' • •'<• - . ... ' T '\.'-?'^-^-~--^aSir<ti--Oluiac«« : ,\• •»-• -^•;- 20^^ 1 To..thoso^WJi6.^s.l(itop'uWlia^>Gliri9tirias»^^ •— — pYcara •Pr$kiu>.tp gill,, ijij' tjiojr sfpek ripsy compriBea. •' '• Fuc most cxtc'hWo anBorteiorit'of works adapted for: presents,JiiKthis part.of the Stato^' ,, - 1 . '• School Sooks, ^mSCRIPTiOSS'mo^dby^^Q'rSTERLINQ ij pciryoariii£dvaiic6,. . .,. : , .- *.,'. ;. . ?!' .ntournliiff Ooodiw ' : G, ABKINS'*; ££>,-, liavaijcccntly openea'iin . / • cxcollout assortment of Xourninr Oooda,. consisting of Frints, Dolaines, Caslnneres, jfe, rfw... Alio; a varifity; of Mpnhiing wid JIalf SJourning Sliawte, ,'r - ''• -.'. -•.•- W- L HBIN'S Perfumes; Hnt; Hiiir, Vaa-hrid Tooth Brushes, Dressing Combs; 'Toiloti;and, Shnving Soa)fc«&c.,at . . (12)\ ; , • SMITK'S, V EEiVJEt •aMmiiiingR, 'Cutfe, Holts ana Neck Kib boriS. just received: % . \ *' - w-o-Aoxxsrajtoo. C. P. Wortcott'* Skyjjght »«gTierromn npH E nttoition of tlm publio i» Called to the mlpcri- '•ar^irTiftmtteu^f't<,t._%ii^fayi»i..ifa«i^^^^^ l Honting of Pews hf, Trinity Churcli. Thewnthilfj)f theJ^J^n Trinity Cfiurd, .wil}. takepfaooatthe diiureh, on Eriday, j;an..21tli, at7 o'cloek, P. Sf. Peraoris wishing cushions, can proenre them Of Messrs. CiildiroU & Stiljinmi, they having obtained the contract* SceY 21w? By.Ordpr of Vestry, J. S.-y^BrjKEJVS Miriintnrei of every (Icsmiblo-size arid tone. TChoEe* ! eeption Boom, Ladiea'Dressing-room, Cbemieal Itopn), piud Finishing Ifaom, are nil ncimtatp, arid fariiisiieci 1 in the m.dst elesnnt style.\ •'• .''•'' O«n»eft»«,oftfie Inrgcstsizo, ofGermariarid Amcr- icaiimaniil'ueturciij Appanitus of all klndsf Column*, Pc'destntvete, qtc. to suit all tiwtc* and. poaitiona.— The Operating Xifljt was coristract«<liCspr«Mly for tlie purpose, vritli a sky-hgtit, or side-liglit, to suit tbeifimcics and Wishes of liis. pntrons.. Single Miiiia- 1 I turec, or groups of any liilmbor, frtm'tho smallest | sized.picture to the IsrgeStTover mndo, taken by itan i from 2 toS seconds, so quick that all ean«tahi_ngfigd ' cxpisssion;—-.-*-•\\.-.\ \\ '\\• -•---.~-~ 'Tis his \to suit conuilcxioil, feature, air- So j'nst, tlio life itself is thore.\ Oppios of D«guerr«otypo«, > Portraits retiiEen With cbmpleto ncctinic^,Jby appsra- Watortown Iiyccum.' , ' Tho '{, Jllitertowii J.yccutn'Mvll.1 meotntSIcolmnics Hall, oU,Xti'PSilay Evcniiitf, Jan; 21st, at 1-2 past 6 o'- cloek. Resolution fof di'scnsslon, Koaolved, That Erco Trade arid J>ireet Taxational the most politic- lueaus-'for tho collection of Xationn iRovpuuc. - — .. . • . A PLTJcriAi, nttcndaneC is requested. •t. James'Church, Theresa. Tbft Ladies of St./jaiiies' Clinrohj Will hold a Festi- val in-tho-viHitgo of Thorcsn, k off^tho evening of Jan. T6tl>. The proceeds will bojappliod to Church puis poses. '..,.' ,5hey •will he-happy to see all_thoir frionds on that weonsion, Tickets for Supper, 50 cents.. Theresa, Jam 8,\ 1851. The JeBerson Oounty Temperance Society, AVirt hold its nnnnal session at tho Eirat Presbyteri- an Session House in; this village, ou'Tucsday, the 21st inst.,Jit 11 o'clock, A. M., to elect piliccrsi'or the cn- uing year, \settle Upon what form of petition should bo circulated, and to devise the best ways and moans of carrying on the Reform. .It i s hoped that the friends of tho ciulse audits progress .will turn out and' : tus l'uatle osprcssly for ,thft-)tepose. 'jtji\l Dagucrrc&J; I types put up iri -substantial and beautiful cases, and f !• secured with prTsorvom. . . •', '..-— iP«Jr/, Jinny.'Zinij mdJf>r«a:0M''^r'>/'fU*iat, and I , i ' •' TiigheStjiiiSih. • i OOXJB XJtOKXTB, -\\ '' Single arid double, of nil Sizes; -clmius, pins nndrings i'uriu'slied nt rates lower, thuri ever before offered iu li^rcjiiori,,!-^-^^^—>\* ' ~ . T& Aretii.T8.-riA . liirgo assprfanent of PagncrTeotype Stock, consisting of Erencli-niid Amerjenn plates, cases of 3'iffereut descl-iptious. chomicals, -etc., etc., wilf li^. kept constantly oil linnd, nnd aoldratmiusuiiUyiow, pnees. , • . ...\*'' • ladies a'nd Geiitlomijn, please call'arid satisfy your- selves of tW truth of what we sov.. . -4_ , ftp.WXITOOTT , . V! • -Anexm, iSo,.18, pyertljftybgtOtllce, J U^t'EECElVEDiiriafof »»lo.by H.~ 8CR1BNER, Aleniiiderbii theFiinlriiSf.in* S Volnni«t, •'. J Binncs Family-Prayers, -. • : , ' . ..*r-.-,' t elmstiuri^y KcyiJ^a liivtlic EtffTot* iNarf»tWe of f- »t<jr\CnFbk nf (1«1 .nnnr, ,lu l^ \ Ohio Blutual InaAiranceOompany. CO^UMBUSi OHIO. • Tl *.. V. 8, HUBBARD, Agent, Waterlinchi A'eie^Ti/ri. coiri.6 to the lriooting.' WILLA1SD IVES; Prcs't. 1, ItsiHa&s, Sco'y. ' . _^ • 5yer Ilmitington, ' Soloii Mnssey, Jason Fairbariks, Bh Dnvid Ilnriter, •• • ' • \ \\\ Br. Ralph Kogoi-s, Exetutiti- Cbmmilttt. TA,.D. MERRILL & SON, - tocnlon* in. Boots, and BliQSS. Cnstom Wort mndo to order, oil short notice, dt Riotorj* Square, opposite tlio Eagle 'tavern, in:Sewe!J'8 Brick liloolc-. . BOUNTY LAND. KM PENSIONS! T liE Undorstgned duly tiiaukful for tlie ntmrnl pat- ronage received frbin.claimants luider.tlioseveral laws ot Congress: AVbuld rospcctt'itllv imhounee thnt ho wilLyisit Wnshingloij dririntt the* present session ot Congress, to present and nftjnst dalihe nsrainst the Gbvermriont linttoring himself thatlia will lie able to secure««* of W mostr diOieult and iritricateiiB* 1 turoj ho proffers his sorviqos to tlio* wishjiig, bnthol moat larorable terms. • ' , Application cither personitllj, or by lotter, mndo ^previous to tho 5th of- Fobrunn- next, Will rocoiyo i>ui/<(#«'attention. JAS, II. BOWEN, Bount5' Land arid I'cnpion-Agont. Evans'Hills,. Jeff. C6;- f N. Y, B Jan,8,i85J. -. -—~—™ 21tft ' - . OOPABTNBHBHZP. N OTlQEJaiuiMy giyen,JthaLt]io SubscriborsJiavei,storedwiththo\hest fortrifid' ii copnrtlibrship in tho rinmo of T..4I..; Camp *'Co,, for the pftrposctof contimilng tl&gehe^ ; yal DrugJ'iuiiit, Oil nhd GroCora business, at tlio.old. siand-of T. IL Cfunp, Nd: 6, WaSliihgtOn streeti ' \7 Tlie publio are asstired that past favors ar& duty lip-' prcomtod, nnd tlio now< firm Will strive top'.enseall: who may librior thom With a, cnll. ! \yatcrtowii , Jan., 1831. T. II. CAMP, 21iuS . C. PERKINS, Jr. v ._ . __-_ •-•MJXjLYSi oMT . \ I T is necessary for nil indebted to T. B. Oamp, to eilU'wlthout delay at tho \'CiiptaUVs pfflea auasb> tlo.\' • • •> ...,.-. * Andall.porsPiwhavingolnimsaenlristthosabscrificr will ploaso present tneiii for adjustment at No. 6, ^togtbri-gtrcct. -\ - ' : T;lt;CAaiP, Watbrtbwii, Jnri, t ISolV 2I1B8 A&MJMABB, \'' j. 0. STERLING, No; W Paddock's 0 Amoricah Traot Society, American T7»0Ij8«liib: Jt! Block, tL. „ ^ „. Toriipcrunco union, MothSdist, Church, Baptist, Poor BichiMsv^mer's J(ii»MsrJteu?j AlhlarwojiSiixton's * 'E*M«r^i...Hutomri.'ji.liuiiiIy,'. MSfsh's ^bokbt, Agri- . cultutist'sGiiide arid Almanac, Gerinaii do., Mm \' * T.\1-; ,, -.-.\ .. Tuck Diariee. ••\vVatcrt6wrijP«Cilij.l-86 • ~f*''M T HIS Company.haviiig bcdn-iii successful operation slnee 1844, is specially uuthoriscdwinsuro against. Firoj'oitlicf on tlio Gash or Stock plan, of oh the Jtu-.' tual plan, but now eonflnes its oporatjijns to the Cash plan oulj-i ~Its tariff of Prcinirniis.^ moderate and it etlects'insurttnccs on the niost fiivoraljlo toriiis. All losses will lw paid promptly at the office of the-Gorii- pany or at the ngeiicy whore the ihsurarice is effected at the option Of the 'vlnimiiilt. Tlio Company has an nmplo capital, paid in, or scoured ljcyond contingency ana a large Surplns alwnys oh hand to pny losses. ' W,B.BtiBiiAKI),Prcs. TVAjoti!!.-Jr.siixs, Sec'v. DIRECTORS. aUBJIuljbapa,— ... 1 j^ji^Bsmc; fi. VV.Deshler, L. Goodalo, . \VV. A. -Piatt, . . J. Wostwster, -i f .^e:-Kcitcmr\^' v -^-3—W^stiiliprair Tho\* Wood, , . S. H. Piston. _ the undbraignCiLwQiildjrgfer to theuibcuiadisE6Eof& fleers hria direetor» as ombracifietdo names of the most distinguishedinhnbitants of 'tlio city of Colnmbns,jina nifordinsr ample guaranty of the solvency andfaircliar- incter of tbo Company:., . ,. Apply nt 3To, 0, Porkins'Btilldinsr, >ratcrtown, J«. 5,. l.f 1 .. V:S.lC0BBAKD,Agcnt.; TXTOOIi LoH5,SinrWIs,pflnte^eiiijas?apaporcoT-- V Y orsr\ Also a .fall ns80rimc\riC6f' Cashmofo aiid •BrocUaSliuwls,iu'9t received by .^ : .CAMPBfiLL * BKATTON. cmORcm* RAXOON, (At No. 13, Paddock'ir Arcade, < H > j»terto«'n,) I S Hi.* open for the' reception 6? victors and[ tiitstj public geiiertilly. At great cicpohse tlfo ,subs6rfber lias tlttcd up ill tllft most gorgoOHSiStylo a epniuiodious\ fllltl .y \ • Paihioilftble. JRalooB« jdiorelic wiUbc^ljnppy to receive the callsof his Mends, tirid the public, feqlirig every nsBtimhcO'that with his present 110*11601110111311(1 Will be ohnbledtb gratify nil who may favor liilu with their patronage; lii ctjiv licctiou witli lus Snlponho hw fitted up » ' : ZAdiee'Parlor, 111 tho riehcst,stvlo..6f modem riisto andixeellctlce tefadngnjenblcbiiinjrftecfrom tiletibisearia-corini'' 1 'Sldii-Usually wltiiesscdiit btHoT 1 Saloons, life larder will always J ho richly mid Abundantly the market aipirds at all SeaSonir umliviirBe dealt but. to gratify the tastCs of hlsi'ifibus oustoiiiors.- ' • •'\ : '• , i tCliiuikaiifo* the many tokens of regard heretoforei| .received frfoih this cpmmitriity arid tho^priblicj ltiSrittH\ be still my huchest pleasure to endeavor to Inerit* eohtinuftiicoofthoSfftgyorR. . ,, .-j-:'.3>'.«....•? ^TMSaibbh wul , opoii'iit.'-« A.-p^'4ft8-^»*;i|||; People ftom^thccoantry will bb accbmtlledatea^ltto hbt.br cold,meals on the shortost.rioUj»>k.> s • -. -..-/: Prosh Oystbre eonstniitly on hand. •\ - GEOKtfBXWPLOW. , WaWrtbwn,JpiCCiJ6^18S0. &••'; <\.*• - \ if' A ^ostensiyb •mirf^i keptcdnstBritiybri-liiuid, ; ^i J ^9<!HEr^i^HB 1 pli»^na^B««hi^Flttidr—^~* NbifI0K.-^Thi^l«^^!•Ma^d^l^.'«C3fl»inted^ fact vjlint. I anv^iaieni»|#ttinn^ it )n};.o\wSBa*uirig Fluid mid plwlgoinyiwlf th»t it fluill bo always right, equal toanythatolh'bbiriade,' •' ltt ' B. SCRIBNER. WatortPWn;jQ|o:;i>, ! 1 .1850-\. , , ... .. _<TU>T SUDdXPFSD— 10 Cbi)rf§t.- ,\; : • '•;' -•• ^00^^j^i^i^. ' Plpur is very; active, but, rather wsierii the'rei c§ipt8.Xrorii the'Wcst via New-Orleans^ are small. Western sustained at $4.44nSt?1.62, super <4.75- ft|4v§7 for. common: to.straiglitvStatcrj-^iSliillf for \mixed to fariey Wtsj lijcrff^ing soine N.-0J rit the !.aSt-ratejSrind'§5;0ffn$^ esoe.- ©aniidiaii' rules firm'. ivitl?roall'iTile's'it,: ,f!*.87a46l ih rye-'$it. We iiete request .and 7 0 brjls, spjd at |?a^0'6, and: statejp dpt'^t.lggtaC- af 3i'. ^.heiitis mactiv'ij' and the ^emrfijd liuintcd;'. no sales; have .tjrrinspired, tjtia 1 nibrnipg. ^yojs: aip'riiii'iai and scarcei'..nt i7~a78C.'' fiarley ip dpli: and stnnll spies at.QOc,c.IJprlt.is dull;iijpdthe ' market hpavfy; small Ipt^ of pld ,nicss .bring Sl2vi&\12.l'9,'an,d'prMno at^p;25. Jv'cvy is in.dbr :mauu*. Lm^'is^li'tihfrb.pldbra'a^nrin'.,^'. • ' ..'.-•,.,.;. • - ,.' .NE«*OsrE-jvsg,'iTml>,.3.2.:*' '.• ^!e8toanishuJ^labaina:bring^inpvyS:ftpm,.thp- city of .Mpsiep.^rf the 1st inst., io^he.\^tfepi.thrii> -Vricatan- %s''prpnPUjit;!ed, agaipst.thp Supreme Government^ and declarcctTioraelf' indepoiident. Pf Mexico, •\\:-,. \-' ' ° •-—-.\' •'' -,.'-.••'\' ,' ' BpsiPN, Jam. ipi. •• Tlie steamship1 Niagara sailed ntrib'P'n>*Hli 58; passengpr3 fpr Livcrpeel and 10 fpr Ilnljfiix,^ •Slio,'fto6k-'\otlt 4LS0^ M«\7^*«ttr3&^\*S^fr\J|l-.So\fir- l eigns, Jirii : 'ii)0;()0'0. |n silvSor 'dpllars,, thV.-latter from.-.Canaditi:. >' ; -«.- \-; .v-;.-..- •• ••^•••r<S.';v - ' \ '•''• \ '\\.'• . ' \' \VA'sifebioS-,Jil'rii:'l;5., \ Tlie Government Agents have reCehtlyvaflcet- cd'treaties with the I'fexari .Indiajijs, by. which the Indians prp'ni.ise' 'tlio',rc|tPratiori if ah: stolen gppdsarid prispne'rs in,tlipir. ppssessjpn. Some tribes worp ; npt^^ reprcspfltcd-in the.:<JPdriciIs,,pur-. ticui'Ar^y'Jtlib C!i»m^n5fi64j'''^£'^^''?.^ft^'?'fl. i, ^ & ^ ;\Bcd hopes pf'ap^ri^tirpconclijayph;.;' \'''.\' '•'';\,] : Thei e,vehmg j))ipbr»; pf^sterday ha,d..,dp8T patches from, Washirigtqi!^^ !\#t'riff that, ii'dvic,es had beenrecelved ; tjiefia from JStg Louis tp thpef 5 . feet thatepl. .'Bentpn^a8ne|nait^{ic(W^li^te4,. tOtherSeriafegmd our ; cprresppi'idorit .statps^tfiatJ Col.-Bentpn?8>d,es'patclm.3:indieat«that^e^ ; blywiirbe'-'elected'. This:>wt!ikeitp be*tli0:sure stoiiyof the_tvvo._ /^ • ».,. , : $•'••;• •'•\ '• .'•: ^••'^'x^jljiii^iEiBBw^ 7 ^ 5 of.a^irt?^.^' ^^W?»d Boi^|^J«p»jrtment A-^iP^\^'^^^'^i^^^*toiBe)i»UtiSr' mialin;ea,tions,, tewns t aV.e; \--. s. r'iiW^Wvv- IWOit.Morrimac.Siicjstiafcfolsile',^^ \;» \BOOK JS . - . oirs BOXAAR rut B AT. w^teratr^t, near the Btearta^t^ Dep'otrma 4«d ; 3?ftge<igQ Oharpe. . to j«Wd'.\i^,v-«i^^p : ;J5(S^|a. 9$f* r )* ! . s »»^:»»«Biuiwta I cos! II- ^pm.nt.injnntiictatreifcraft- liC;Publie-.ftTO'1iWitcdJ.tb^l^riot^it&inintC' : A TheatteiitiorroPthb J^i'eSpartieiilaVl^fewjpfrti ' 'ftillyi.c«UedUp-oittbeau.tifiu^^oitm'ent^ ti*'MSft/»vWhicli.is\'.by^iiirtlieriibst^^^ i cru Ne^-Xork,riiHl WhiohivilJ bc»^djrt^iiili»ll«fe- . ' andacebtiiniocliitiiil; tcfitW, ' *.. ' , ':''•<£? ,'.\-V.*.j JffatettoWri y Oe^'2g;;l'8gg.';''';VV \.i . ;,'.T^rJQ^^ Never withhold When puabhlisers'prcsont'theiiisclrts. Girls and b^y»-ai«-parHraiRHyHi«dmbrilshed thst •Nbw'f tho day Andtiow'stlio horir}. .,' - : Tb-buy'dicnp.\ '\.'Thcrci* .iio'tt&tak(t,l«it-tli»ttho»e:! wlmwishtcjbfly. nnythhig iri, tlii»Bnejro u '4'do:* l .'U 'to.Cain '- 4\^' ! -i V ':;.:,- \ • ''I ' •.-:•- , ' •' '..- ' ':' ' D^lSf'.> ii;.'.\i..V.''-'i: ;....': \' l ., .ifw*,. , AT^fO. ~9'j AmOADB. l%artaar Jaa. ie,l)Ul. Bill of Fare Iter _.. lailERCEhss^trebsivedathVPeribdlcel^^B^ A BailyExpress, •. .;-•.. GodCY.'sIiody.'s.BboV for .January,. prico.SS ccrits, TheLiidder.bt'GoIdJ Bwthcr3b'u»tIiiu»ibrl?eW Yctn, Diyid'Coppcrfteld, (cSmplctcJ. * Tlia^IopkSiigjit: of Sf, Jblin, ; Ce|ib,by:G».GA'Eoster,. ( Tho'lloira ofGniiritry, ., ttsSSs'ilS't'J'.. :» ••« » 12i-» ,80 .\ 50 '< 25. <' 12 « - ,80 « Bphti^tsT'.Bb&iiets'l ^ . . PASIliaSlABLE.. MJLLINEHVJ, • v. At 4*,'«W,,»feM <>/A(ri. iVi}lij.,ricttfl}) amipiti-if; . f RSJArAV,wb!JIdrcs.peeUhIly inlVriri the Lmlite Lof-'WatortoWn.nnd'\vcinlty:;thiit she. hu jirt.0! iponcdnriewnntl Itediibn^ld ibllliherJ'^etleHliiiiL at.,tl!4'4bovo.rinirieC8tnhajWhor6 shewill'bo JiapbyVil • alltimcMowait fapontjiose WlibTiinyfavof her with ». - cnl|.. ilra; ^ihajigiistrotanwdftbin NcwJXork^^rftk. • tail, rich, arid, cojiii(Ic,teaHs.ortmerii;ef J?all-jii)d;'Wirit. tor Goods, cmisistinsrOf-^Bonnet?, Ribbons, 6«tiM,. Silki.iiiiU yelyets, the lutoiMtyio • of Bc«d : ;B»ii»»»,t Ladies' Clip*,. ArtiflcIiilElowere ingrentviirietyi Ah% • Pattern Hats, IVbm tho mc*t fashionable!; flyipa ha Broad way, ib#.,i(x. -''•:, •'.''' •'.'-•. .'-.•' :'„:/.••'.'\' •**- Mavirig newly cStshlistted-lierW in tliiSTilhvrCiin*. rtspietfully solicits BisliHrQ of the\ Iadie* 1 'i«tTOn»(fi(j - and plodgts herself to sell on the most ressotinble ten^.', ,*' Couhtn - Myiinersiiipplied eh ien»on«ol*,tiini«i. s \\%itcrt,owh,'.Nby, (i/183'0.;. , .,; ,-T '-. •' - ltt*-' *i'hc QuepiCftlTccHsce, (Ddirisii 1 liast, .. m DowVPatcritSdrriibnSj Vol;8,{jH8t.lsiined)2i>: *' . 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