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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, January 09, 1851, Image 1

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m rfffff^j^tjfoujf^^ •j:i,j»,.S:,A;ta^. ^W~ •SSt &;s ><M!Jife'- f !%^\^^^ s : »irf«>^#,J**^,-*t'rtf«; 4«w*. WWW -'*ri .«.«Qw. ..i-fesS-raT' ''ft*! SV anatO.tliOB'O who'call * To yjlligo'Srtbsijribsrsf iv-ho lii^o,th«i)f prams lqft «t .... •_-__- **'\ -^r^numv*trtctl^!lji5nftvance. \ ' KATJS OF ADVERTISING. ^vgrti'»dtoen#i.o!tb6r;tjiwlo^;infertca«t*l:p6r ^i^i(Of iwi*vo ljqos,) fpeftij tot three weefe.aW' jti'oents. for e\^i^fciibsequCrit insertion. A Hbenil dls- »unt3$ljb£.p3adetOith^^ .. 'iMliotifipS iifeerttia nttJj(!,Bri(j,6a oSablishedbftUw ?&. IiMfcrs and CoSnnunlcatiOnS dosiglfedfpKtlifs'pa- mfmiut-bOFter^r^W^Mftiseoiireattontibn, :* rtriJ*nW»t^Bf ^-•> ••' \*• ' -'•*\• • \ \ '.' ributiona. <*»* J?r%*r 4.\«'P»' WightmaB. ,, ':*. .^ .•' : C114MHOK, Kot, 27, iaSo. Dear i9irj-«W^!W,erotduly imptes-ised vrith the • eletrflW«i4-ft0gBneypf; ; tlieaiguraents present- ed iri ».^!i»; recently giypn-by you s in the' -siftage, of/Chamj)i'onj,befoijJ thc.Sons oJ Totn r iiftraiic^-j'iind'bcliViiig that its perusal ivOuhi prompt* the'ciusVof tlie femiferahee Reform, •«)d pwtieulicrlyj tluit. it would do.iuuuli- towards refeovjnf Hits'grouijfllsss projft$WM» which some . few. entertain\against the Order, oirthp-iSbWpf Temperance, we; (Biirjicat'y request ypn to fur- nUH k> copj of it for publication in thaNieW r Vi*k Reformer.. . -YoprStrufe • T; GRANGER. HENltY OllVjS. B> •SYLVESTER. twefen jSoT)rifetf and the ditch, with a strict disj. cipllho thati'corrocWtlio' slightest' wronri. thHi •maf anpcnr iiiab^otjier at any/one^af its tie- fluent pieejtings jand its :privatfettanner,Sf doing business affords 4h opportunity 5 \to correct^ re~ provp,: su'sppn d, and .ontbrpfr'discipimc', without, pxj^sjngv a'hrdther tto phbiic' fiSteds,''.'. * *' ' -' Thtiswe seu : that the.rifqrniation lias been progrbssiyejfrom, amafi beginnings..to its preacnt COmraandihg'Wpjettrancej .nhd. its' motto is atitf onward jof'tlie?\ consumrnatioju.- It has beori mnrkedby/liopo and 'fear,j.by_ floating; elouSs andiUcTcerlngSunanrqe, But it ii destined to' ciir- •ty/i**'|ri¥nph over allied hold Universal ju- bil^p-flnder :;a-'cloudless-sky.. It s has'paS^rl tH_rOu|hdifrcre^^l!'!^e 8 } iiritil the rivulet has' Jyidoned.into the dcop.'bro. ad stream, whoso pure' •Waters will'soon mingle - with \the boundless iitjiii^- Jts^fogrcssriikerlhiSrfirlt TilFof tlie day, ftssbeeri-frOm darkflcas'into-liglit. At first, (^'n^-wWteho^toliy;^i|l|cJttV|ng^hcfl8' oMight that bogan^tb^siroikitlie 'eastern sky. and, aftorii Jittle,. was\ seeWhrougtetho .lingering niists thji,.oj;biof day, ^\eplln^ Jiw. broad diio_tti. im .mid-heayens; .rdBeffiji' Mzzlhig r brjgbtndss, too glorious \ to bj> disfawtly seen., To.Tfchat heights it;, will yc't attain, a'iid-at what precise pe- riod. in:the-worl4'»-biBfory mankind will sit' be- neath jts meridian, splendor we cannot now. In.fuvthcrpuwilihgour theme,nliow us to call- yout critieal attoii^on to a fisw of tlicmost- proininent objections urged agninst the Order of the $: of T. ..firSt, ifcis said that tha Order is opposed by good men,'that sonie churches ro- gard^iias 1a'wicked- inrtitutiOn f while others noi- ther.iapjprovo nor disapproyo.-ewdo'ntly undecided what coarse to pursue. This is not, strange. Aftertho churcli lias passedvthrougii the trials, _ fcrt*, JSmtiiwn,- ladies \and (feiiflimtft:\ , ' •\»•\.- •' i'-rigret wow deeply -than any of you can BIT inability to meet the exigencies of this hour. TtorpUce liffd a'ubjeet are solemn and intorestf iog,a»i afford an opportunity for a ihanly effort^ for a clear and! -fncid.\ presentation.of those. priiK djitoi.we have met to discuss. I should 1 -have «#je^yoalranvitafipn, had I not regarded an •p^ortunjty foi- contKhufing a mite for tho. ad- vancement, ot the Temperance Reform, as one of the-bapjMcst events of iny life, from my eaHleat reeolle^tiojj8^cubun!stances_ha\te-.com tributed-to' !miire#asingsttaftlinient to the>cause of teniperanec. MOVCTJAO well not to atfempt |ta. pSjfeuco. whenoWr/ltn opportjinity presents y*clf. y\ .. , . AttJiislate perfodurthc Tcmperanco Refornij it ennotbo e.vjjecfcd tnijt wo shall say anything now or slart!ing/)Hehing- thri Hquor traffic, cx- aeptitbetho painful announcement of nddition- «1 scenes of degradation arid oriinOi which it nev- er fails to procluce. The field has been thorough- ly'explored by nien of ripened fnfoHjocV^—thosa \n^possessea the keenest perception Of righf Id Wrong, and tho power of deep and penetra- tingTcseareh.^ Every part' of the legalized sys- tem ha* bcen«xami.ncd with microscopic minute- ness, and *fio world lias been furnished with a panoramic view of its effects upon.tho civil, so- cial and' religious interests of mankind. The •wo pronounced against the man who \ pnttcih the bottle to,his neighbor's lips,''.as well as that Which must rest upon the finally incorrigible drunkard, has been proclaimed' in both liomi- 'wpTioreo. .Pop ua,,therefore, to nttonll>t lUiylldllg riew, would amount to' little, if anytliinff nioie than 4 repetition j>f what 1ms been saitl again and ngitin. For tliis reason it may be mostprofit- able fir us at this time to direct your^ attention to an cxaminatiou, of the dillercnt nieans that' have been, and still- are being employed for the suppression of intemperance, and the importance \of-united ,nlid Efficient action in that directiori which to us shall seem-best adapted for the ac- jomplishmcritof tlie^esircd:end. <* ^Whcn- the subject of Temperance began to be agitated, and men began fo fed! tlint somothing must be done to arrest the unrestrained current of dissipation that Was then •flooding 'the lnnd, the. first idea was\ to erect a standnrd by giving tone to publip opinion, that should say to the fie- tystjjsani, \Thus far shnlt thou conio, and no farUier, and hero shall thy proiid waves be staid.' ? This idea ine.t With approval by n por- tion of community, and wonld have worked, well provided all could have agreed at what precise •point on thifgmduatod scale of public opinion the aundurd ahcrutd be fixed. The community, theui as now, being agitated by conliicting inter- ests and opinions; tho public mind naturally flowed off through the dhfereiit channiAs openod %. ita rtceptiofl; Tlie Manufacturer, being guided byliis interfcht, desired to placb tho stand- ard within reach of all, He said to -all, Come, thy all you can, sell allyou can, give away nil yOu can, spill nil you can, niakei it your moat, dfiiik- aad lodging, The vender then-, as now, being governed By the same principle, could scarcely believe tho applicant at his bar liad enough until I113 money was gone, liia posses- sions wasted' and his family Tjcggnred. The tippler had enough w'heh ho was happy and riefij but as-tlie amount which riinde him ricls yeaterday will not quite do, it fo^day* the stand- ard must be raised a littler apdi so -onj until the :emperafcntip^r ' : -'••-•• uilder the ififlqoiiee of ideop rooted prcjiidieesi it i^ot strange that they should' look with sus, piicjon upon sftfrei societies, '.That ?th.Qoxder : is-mueh-wisdom qpposed by some of ^licrassea in society istrue, ; aiid it is equally true that it Iina njany warm sup-. porters among tfusgoqji, both in and out .of the chirch. Oho happy feature connected' with our oppositions^ jj tljat _ jny^fflflto^TOni-tceftrfer*. *'uhi^rtjSers57«l^??rSi (fperiTotit and : their\o?i|es form, the eight wing of the armys. If these were ouV support*f4juiadefenders, wcwould irisfmifc lyr6tir,c, blusliTng, from the Order. Bachsocicty : tniit has preceded tho Sons, has njfet witlf appEOKaLojid disapproval,, butnoitlier the.OPAftor.tho,.other was an'argiiineni for or agafiist. it. At.tlio time the first society was formed, the cry went *lik\e tho voice of many waters,\ botli ip aud. out of the church, say- ing; Church djid Statt! politics, oppression, car- nage* &C4; At tliefimetne Wnshingtomans took the field, greater fears prevailed. Many good men saw*,with prophetic eyes; clouds ot dense darkness shadowing the- distant^futurcl Their sympathies for mankind^wero greatly excited, anil their very hearts were made to \ shake with the swelling thereof.\ On the *ther.hnnd, ma- kers, venders* drinkors, sots, and all who sympa- thized-avith them, whoso Vciry blood chilicdat the \flionght of a ; cold wjijer beverages, dreamed of leaping ragged thunder, replying to Umhouw crash of locking carthquikes. It is well for the world thatnouo of tlxsethfngs linvo pome to pass. • \1 . \ • When the Order of Sons made \'its appear- ance, reflecting its pure light, many goorf men began to feel ularincd t They, really supposed tli-jt ucmo-iiondislt power bad granted to mason- ry a resurrection, which, by the way,.has never given up the ghost. It was supposed, that that; wicked system, so objectionable in the minds of many, had made iti second advent into the world, and the church would soon be obligedto issue a second edition jO£ suffering. But as tho predictions touching former organizations have never come to pass, wo may reasonably expect their fears of the Order will\ vanish in open air. ' From these remarks it is easy to sec that op- position froni Ijood and bad ineii , 'is riot proof positive that the Order is bad, nor their approval proof positive that it is good. There are but two ways that we can eorrectlyjndge with re- spect to the merit or demerit of an. institution, 1. c-i theprincyi/esihterwovonin the not-work of its constitution, aiid its.jtractkal utility. K its principles arttfeood and its- practical wOrkMgs I good, tftoiighWaiikind generally stood opposed, it should commend itself to every candid\ mind. The only atgitment that can bo drawn from e improval or the disapproyaU is that tliecSar- haye Beon appointed, to\ To'ceive Or Veject ;appji*. cajots foc'adniissio.nj according .fia ijioy are qua|k tied to fiirnisli evidence -of 'their connection with, \the orcjer, is/;ftlsio true; but,unlike ao^.oiher.se-a ci-et Bocifit^, tlie; salutation 19 n'ey^c'r to bo given out^if.a Division, and* the ptos-word to thosi, only Avho are qtiaUfiQti 'to receive- it ' In the ; re*' cgption of a meniber tljefe is no. Oaiji adrmnis;,,, tered^arij'thqre is no obligation tiiat biiids liirii. to employ, aid li> businessi or. giv'o his sfuflKigo to.riS,pn,in..preference to'anoiher man. \Jherd' 'is iipthing that can interfere with his-reilig!ousiOr ; political.: opinion^, be 'Jhoy ; what, they iniiy,-^. ^hip is noffiiiig: iliaiwill majsp a rinialesS ,khid» to his family, les3 loyaf to his cHurch, loss faith; ful to^sliis Goilv All tiiatis^ required tends to the lasting benefit of those who. taWiipon, tlienit selves.thoobligatiojis connected with;f!ieOrder* To any candid njind there iiiin^fo, nothing objee*. tiojiable .in the piiss-uiofd, ttie ialtUaliiiru or. t'hft; • covenant, TJiese all exist •inrapine of oui:, churches', ,Tne door of the Lov%Fea'gt is guard-: edj'jn strjet' obedionee to. that riile olvdj.siiiplijig, ym\&}\ says, in answer to the question, V$>at AW ihe,du^ies of (i.n. cjder,deacon, Qr preacjlOr^ '\To renew tjpket? for, the admission, of mem bers,'t\ito bo ve-Feast, quarterly.\. The minister,, of potson appointed by him to sfcind at the dooj - , answers to <|ie leiitinel, tho -ticket-to tlie paswy.ofuV Jl'hej|aiijtatio^ia.^|nmOn, iufiOiQo' to ( tjiis house,\ \l?eiiee to,tlice,\- m6m- ; ;%,\.\ flow is -tliy health.?\ the jh.ako of % lutrid, &c„ all of vVhicli 3S approprjata tnd in keeping with senso and propriety., What j»o\v reni^ins, that is objcctiohable? There can he:^ :nething : esceptit.bo,that tho Sons believe it to- be for tliojughest gopd of tlie temperance re-- form to conceit fcohi those who would toil?o aaV vantage> of their plans^wh^theyinte^ to_do,. vior,'wi ( q1 Was Mmaelf tlie fouktaih, of thatipirit \yhieh ^\baptized liis^ delighted auditor, cn'oso to perform hjs iabst.vVojidorful works in some so r elu£ed''spot, beyond the' gaze;,of the- 'multitude', that thronged Jnm. . Wji|h hjidis.misled^the ob-; ject bif hfS' iffci^j'he^eSijbiried upon seerecy-ii, \See thatthou \tell no mnri.\ ft was.on this ac- cotnit-tfiat the Pharisees said, \If thon be the Soh'o|aGodi;show thyself to iheyvorld.\ It*w, not st^b^othatiue:h a remark should corto from\ iihb.ae wlib had been 1 taught from their yiouth tip to way .standing, inihe '«corners of the streets to^os'ee^nof men.^'.If ia hot ivondcrfiil that the\ m'ilStner the Savior. Wrought his -ttiirjifeitis- should eJteite' stfch a rciaark, To. correct'theiif fflmriseeicid, notions, thq, JSaVidr'said', \Jfist hot thy left \Jiand 1 know Avhat thy rig'hfchand \doeth ihatthy .lalmsuflay bo fjx sccret; ; and he that seeth ins*crePiBnall'roWard ; : thee opjailyi'', .- 'ThoTdfea\'that.because soino^of^pur, acts 1 are •performed rSeeretly they, must bo bad, il poor' JogiCi Thore is *i6t one of u» who -bclifeves >|hattliat f baiidQf Patriots, who lived ! ih'tho days that tried men's souls, called the CVntinenial '(Jongrtss, wen) bad- men, iengflged, in••»• biid causej-, yet they held their \seeret iessiohl-Tri Tiierois not one of tis who believes that Seorgo Washington. Was a Uad man, engaged in a .bad cause; yet he:held his.private counsels. TlWse .secre^raeetingsavere Of ilio greatest moment to :Ain,ericftii; li^rtyl and-Tfad it notbeeiV for se- prett,.those-now veneratedpatriots who K pledged fheir lives, their fortunes and their sacred, paid To reaLor imaginary^onneottssliwth-Hias'onry^uiarTTinriiis^Tr^^i^Tnjt^armsnes^a^^ the ruinous cnects of spreading our designs' out boigpre a rum-snlling community. ^Tiiergia in^ the -sayingj\^ vain is tlie hot sproadTntlife-siglftof any? kiti.'^ ,\•\.' All Uiat we have said cannot be veryH)bjec- tionable, piccent it bo to thatclass of riiOn who believe that Secret Societies are contrary to-the .k'ttcr;,Ani ^JdLoi Ji&Holy;&rlptucei.K iti8» riiissihg- all others, for the present, let us pro- ceed, with those who adopt this view of the sub- ject, to tho Word»of Goi As we approach, lot- us divest ourselves of all prejudice, and humbly bow t» its ; heavenly teaching; If it condemn ; us; wo liaVo no appeal.' Its authority mtisf si- lence all ekuno'r; What it disapproves must be inconsistent with .the Christiijn name, and -we should stand at an invfuf distance from the for- bidden object. Brit let ns reverently draw no,ar, and inqjiiro'^t tho Jiands of wisdom. ., Those passages inost frequently quoted by -Hie. .oonscienriQus, as being opposed to secret socio-, ties, arc among the most bejiutiful sayings of-the inimitable Savior, \Let your light shine before men,!i '• No niafi.ligjiteth a candle, and putteth.it undor a bushel, but on a candlestick, that it may give light to all that ni-p -in the houBe.\ Tlie jigreeing voice of learned men declare tlifise quo- tations to be figurative oxpreisions, used to> de- note the'practical results of internal piety, ^^i l ^^V , *fr^^-to w ^*BUfetl>o.-lW>Mv,^ their faith by kinaiuas to the poor; the widow and the orphan. Thoir efforts to bless mankind being tho only, exponents of their faith, they lire rcqnirod to let tlieirgood works appeiir, tlwt oth- ors may profit by. tlieir .example, and thus <Jod wiU*bc glorified. Not ono word is> aaid how, whentor w/iere the-\york should bo- performed This the Great Teacher has leftto tho discretion of-all who would bless their fellow men.: This is wiso, as wfll appear when wo reflect that cir- cumstances have much to do in determining when, how and whore we can accomplish tho most good. If we wisjj_ to reclaim a sinner, it Will avail us notliirig\?b\reproach him ^yJlen.hQ is in a. rage and under the eye of his companions in tcr% apeTflhighingfool, a senaeless sot. The drunitardbad no standard hut the ditch, hinoty degrees MOw a senseless brute. Thus pubfic opinion rose and feel, defeating tho original de-; aign and consequently little good \vas affected. The s^ohd io'ea w'as the Formation Of a soci- ety under a*pledge.. Tnts ivns appropriately styled the half pledge. It left to nil tho free and unrestrained uso Of ?*tne„ Jeer and cider.— The object of this society was to prevent from becoming intemperate; At that' time it was fashionable to drink\ and the young wore-ex- posed to great temptations, and were almost sure, after a little, to drink to excess, To pre-, vent such from becoming drunkards, tho so- ciety fras formed, \ - The third idea was tho formation of a society under n teetotal pledge, accompanied with the law of'kindness for the reformation of the ine- briate. ThiB society met with general approval j and in its practical workings, produced most hap- py 4nd felicitous results. Likq tho siidden ap- pearance of a meteor, it attracted, general litteri? tion,so thatin a littlo time sooietits were formed hi every village and town throughout tho land. Its saving inf3[\ionco has been felt in both hcmU fphdrcs, and tliousands have boon redeemed both in the nqvyarid the old world.. By if great good jsstill being done, but like nil other human acts, it is not frcofroin defects. To make it What it should be\i to accomplish tlie nmonrit of good in. tctjdedf it necda, three things, First, TPSZoielr union among its inchtbers ; second, a strict dis- cipline; thiS)!»«cre/ wd combined action. For the Want of these it lias failed iH many instances of vOachiftg the inebriat4,J»ndof carrying him through his diftieuit work of reform. To re- njove thoao defects, which have been everywhere ftlt, another society has been formed, called the Thfs society, as far as it has been, ablo to sec, has taken care, in its organization, to glean from former societies all that was expedient and Of good report* aijdtosuppjy the defects whistl UaVe\ been so- visible in their practical workings;— Wento it.appears -before the world, baled oh the thei.. ncter'iit tho ono giveis character to the Other.—decido That is to say, if the good persoveringly oppose, tho opposed will always bo found to ha bad', but if the wMeked pe'rsovef'mgly opposp, the opposed will- Always be found to be good. When the purosystc'm Of Christianity made its appearance, tho wliolo vyorld stood opposed. Chuhsh and State; - Jews and Romans, good and bad, high and low; were nrfayod against it. The character of tlmfopposition has furnished tho world sath the clearest evidence of tlie frHtlifultiess of the system. Good inen •opposed;'becauso they en- tertained conscientious scruples, growing out of a wrong interpretation of the prophecies. The wicked opposed ftom differorit motives. The \straitestsects\ in religion were riioved to op- position frorri thei? bigotru. ' They distinctly sawjnaW that if Christianity prevailed, their almost deified^ church milat suffer lf«)« , T* 1 \ n»«ft«rr\ 1 T1 fP.T\^ ^uonfly 6ppos«iby good-men for a-time^that •pur rnqst benevolent ajBjs should boperfornjedi bcyon(itli,e giiz^'of niirjh^ihat in a. wiu-f^feiike; otirs itiij'nTeqess'iiry that' ou^aets should be cojil ,-eealed.fronjtJipjfublifega^ei t ( ^e-|aye;,8e0that •011* pledge Js good,, our discipline good, arid ijur nniori^clpsq.j'but|jr_of'th'ig' ^nitogetMf is not a fujta^ sufrteieiit /a*' .That wMicJi^e' .mliat como is the Bible,-,, If this conmH^u>o are\ cpndenjned; '. but if \v^ can,•abide-it|f|ie^oi'rl^ nnbnare.boiiiid tdjgive, us tlioir; intlireK?©;, their bondagj; to a foreign power: \Had it rixJtbeen for tecf&s, thB'biraa ot freedoinpyliOse.: pinionsn Imvetlong quivered JgtJtd.i!Jigh»ti hjightJiaieJig'en- lenphsning shade of the British- pinioned in the ,„ „„.^„- ^-^ liion; But, says the objector, ^hat'was'-a; furio jdimgreatiinteresta wjaiapending VCl ,, Constitution-eachof vviiiclli lUir^il^s*''good will to ,menj\ Tlies^ are indicajijd by file cojors' of the badge-^noj^'of .whichs^eaks of 'VVar «>' Oppfessioyi! Benevojenfce is Ou'r only' airii.-^ -Each of\tKose principles arc in keeping with the l etcrnnlruiobf'Ag1(fc,\ i , . *, . \ Tne steoiijdrtest is found in that beautiful ^ay-i** ihg Of the ? incarnatoSavi(irr-\If i ; ; tlieirte be good tlie fHiit will MgiJod:'' \ JJen do nqt gather^ grapes of thorns.Hnd figs; of thisfless.\ Every tiree'.Klfnb^n.by; itf ftp;? ;Tlid-Order ^*un| into is'xiatehcein J^. Atlho ^th annual |e%. sion\ of the' NittitinaJ I)iyi|i6iij r it \numbered 35 GrajidBivisibhy .5,81,83' Subordinate' pivisiioos, ?tnd 244,733 contriblrting mombars. •. Of- tliis number probably 24i473,. 0^ ond-terith .fit'the wlidteviuimbpri are from tho'ditch. Whatim rtr- liiy:!' AVljOoitotlijiik 'of.it without' a thrill of; joy? • Saved'trorn^rJjTiJti^^'gr^ces^SSvcdfto honor,\ would have paid \for their pte^iimftion: i/teir families-^ svithtlieir lives. But'f^see^ ting hcje. Surroutidcd^vvjith all thiitniiikes life, do- hing sun was, bright, • hSvo- boon brought to feel sirablofwe-»niigbt-havo^beeiV-nnriei^.heyo^ who foreign power \Had it riot bee for tecf&s, thB'bira of^freedom;^yliOse. pinions theuriWld*sbrri>W8'o^ Jivihg\vildow-hbOofc who io-n'i^ht are rejoicing and; hftppy in tho» rich pos- session of peace\ Aiidplerity,! Look at tho many .fiimilies-redceinedihy-our- seercix,-a;nd toll mo. is tlietree 'goodior bad if- r See tliat multitudo of. happy wives;.mi\cl thoir hnjmyhusbiinds,together ties wore.inVaded,'a;n armed force had reached' our\shores; ihTsttiitie^M^actiially coiruneneed,., and immense Odds Were agninst us.* Ourlibfir- ties, our lives,.oiir. families, onr reiifiion.-and ouf a]l was at stakg;' The rod of tyrrany was bVcr us, and-it scein,ed tg be. necesiary that the most: wise and .judicious, -means should be,employed, the _best-coiic«ted 'schemes usedto ailiidothe vigilance of our enemies. All this is true, and for thO same reas'brt the- S. of T. hold thej««e> cret meetings. A fop of no common magnitude lias-yeached our shores. Ho has already thrown up his bulwarks along ourpubUc. thortfughfarcsi: he has erected his fortifications in higli places, his iirtillery is loaded with grape.arid cannister,,)ihd; it is doing dreadful exoentioA. Thousands arc being:twoptdOwnannually} flying missiles from; nutiibedesg batteries, front' one'Ond of the natfon to the Other, baye'oovered thcHeJirtlrwith slain.' Our liberties are invaded, Our property is taxed, _ojir.-.90ns are being ruined, our daughters; being' .debased!. To. the .cause of liberty a noblo fow \pledged thoir lives? tlieir fortunes and tlieir aacreU honor.\ The War haa commenced and tho battle waxes hotter and hotter, fn three, several'caxnpaighs all our measures have bien in full view of the criomy, consequently our Blansto anrrca'textent haVo been frustrated, nnd Ounw|>e%eaTOnr7Ttri«ity^w fectunlly, we° have copied the Continbntal Con- gress, and-availed ourselves' of the wisdom of Wasliington, aud well hare we suoceedetl- Tina 0ur'\cncmie3 understand. In their estimation, we were at first Iilliputians, but now wo are tidier than tho sons of Anack,-'and in the tem- jiorarico, reform, more terriblo than an army with banners. Our enemies .are groatiy,puMled With our seeretSi Thoy'look upon bur hidgo and. wonder where our strength lies. Again and; again.have they seen their most loyal subjects run off to tlie city of rofugoin a singlo day, by moans of an underground Railroad,' But yes- terday, ii devotee at tho shrino of iUwchus wjis,. ihor»- -witluthcir tliarikful cliildicn, astlay-aliproiicjiand. mp. serited^ , SHo 'trte^veVii-keefiof'as fe%'irietl.?i ing,^heaio^k''' ; -\ i \'n>^>':i'*J, : \AcceptU)js pleai-ei\ :, *'v< , •Take)ii'by/;aurpr|%tli5^ ^d.thoai^t#utor, ! :p5vfeg;;^^^ ,\- • >' « -'A denffiinotJor-hiutpilionMi^effa^^ tb.ouglrt-wN &a'rci^^^^ laid fougljly upo'nih'is shdulderi\ Tuifrimgimiieiii '* young inan, lookinff* COTfljsecb. Vi'-v '••• ':,;.,.v;-x..:irw< ''\-:-'-- v^^'\ 1 ,, . ,. \Seo-hcro my «ie*hdl\ an#nsMh'ft *tt^r* '\\•' peeper*spoke,hOvwithdrew Kis'hnhd:Mtn J 'fi& ^ Shoulder, if My first Wipulse ¥alto ||teli> T«H'.' \*.' • Qverthatfeiico.^ On,»8^dnd<;thoup^p*^^rI if . JFwiltletyou'-go u'ppuhishedrfbrH'ou'rliri^ ** nonee;- but, with this piece of-gboo' odvicea^lf''*'; you, wish tokoep^out-of t«flble r kiind'y«»ttifd*r^ '~ rrf ' ; business.. v -, • .-— 1 ^-i-, l^iH-\' 8 !.'^\^' • Tlicn ccumbling. tho tract inhishand,andtba»i'> J > ing it from him contemptuously, he tumodawaYi •'•• ldaving,tlifey,oupgtempmnp«:*i«^^ enthusiasm in the cause down tO'Zera;-';;''Wkilli;'!--.E this.state, of. mind Waspredominant, the balaneii'' of tliotraots on hand \yfe^ thrownpverafeioi^ -is and driven iff: yarjonsulirections. *Tho'- dittr?» b'utor returned home, feeling indrtifled and.dfa- cohrago.d, OuToflection,hoivovor,he'w(is vexed fit hhnsoif, botliibr thehunglingiavMier in. which lie fuid pro^edqd^iind;Bfc;nistb^y.Wi sily thrp\yjnioJfdjya6]r)^ff,.;,;', /...'.\'j' c .t,»i- sin; it is now the* wrong time and place. Wo' engaged in the sacrifice orhimseVf-TTtoJri«y,,hs jimalutaitJiiiliUie. is cboi aiid-alonei and JtMiu ^todsMipon-tliiB^hcights of temperance, lay a grateful tribntoof -tears at our feet, and tell •> anc.istlie..Ordor-gro«(f or bndl r , A trcotlmt bears such golden fruitgB^ 3 n0 extended oulpgy to, 8|>eaJ£lt« p.raise;'^ • ' -\ Again-^-Tiid Order not only rechiims^but it :prcvents/rom becoming iiiteiriperatot How ma- ny young meni.in- country*town-and city,_are saved from the.allrporvadih»de8tr,oyer,1 Temp- tation wja-bofqrei tliem,iheir Jips^hod tisted and, a few-steps hud beon hikeiv.iu thpcpath of de^ ,'Btruptipn.,. Att]»jsinip<>rtant-crjsia, Ihey .turned- fromthoanareBtUit Beset them.ahd ntablowf savored fllfcohpecUoli between sobriety ,imd the b!itcliv •Tho.usjin^Menovv-Mfpfrom that blight- ing curse thit cpnrtf with spiilcsj captiratea with- earesaes and ther# destroys. With such fruit as this, who; w'ouli lay tho »Y° W th * ?P ot of tne - treo?' ^ \ybo, \vh6,wbniddesirej'tefaHJ \ ,. Bretbronot the Order-rtho greatness of our shecess has attracted general attention. To tis* the worTd-ia? looking- The' sober and candid are waiUng.fe.'Sce.wliattjiOreiiultiof our secrets Avillbe. Thetoycrs ot ilbgoilenff«uiahavobp- ; held bnr growintahengtiiSridbwlitenhigrglory imdallaWialBrmea ».<$,, ^hpy|mvpwatclied,^i|hfeet, : solicitude*tir rapidgrovvth^ and are talkingabout the probable results, of tjfe next cletitiprt, and are calling but their 'strongest 'men. Tlioy beginto - iiw>jii»^'ri>fcf> \>Vi« f jh Ihiti.' VAl'jX.fliSiL'JjM l «_, ISiey atb gT(»tiy distressed aboutour jecirwfii.—-•; On the ot^erJiond, .druhkards ai-p tobkihg Ww,-^ aHs!Ws as tlieir only liopp,' They bpltevo tliiif t^rolaagtrangb' ina^je- iri our $ekre(i adeqliate*Ms to their want*, ^oj'are^iitlhff their imploring hand's ahd.they meet a. wclcorao.' ThOusartda of anxious wives are cxp^tirigthroughus an aris- wer'ib' tUirprayeirs^Jea/tbrongft- Our success, thtiy expect tb see happy aiid. shruiy hours whisn they can gather their children ribput thom arid' listen to the songs \of praise and tho hnmbjo* thanks that ahall niake '§iad the Social Hearth: Indeed\ many atecipectihgXhrough us, to again joiih'withthe wandcfPir reclainiiSd atthoaltarof God; and there together coirimemoht* thesuf- ^Abp.ufcjui, '^our. after this <KsourrerM!e, a malt irj- camevvijlking^^ along the? r^adineSr^'h-ire U^al^ ,>,'i tie adVc.nturb.tjpVkpl^ej^p.i^ j* his'cyei ahd;4|b^ping, h*e picked itiipj.j 'rMoy-njr . ,j, 011,as he opeiied-iVhe ^coiiimeijced readiiig.ahid^, vyus soon;;$ppplyjnte ex a^'^lbW&jautiWttbtunea^al^^ ,er, Tins ihatf\yvas'algb a'ta^eriivKee^brj, \ ,A.$o$, ; . tt reading the ti^t'lhfpiigliihP placed it in his JW**, '\..\ % ,ct, una continued oiijtis'.way;',\ \ ,.,\ '..< \Stopah ^, periling voico to her hush-ind,nrtlio'. latter waa , < about loaviilg the house.' .', .,-..* ',. u £' • •€ re a cdmmoii drunkard.\ :,, •-, ;'•'. *., . „ , j; » ; the. dangcri 'John.,. Stop aiid tldnk rf <] ?here5is;aijo:n iii your \*'«&'?' ,\f .\;•'' ,\' ,,„, -' -u't of all patiehci; *mth joii- Amp:, . ,x', n.. • f A'^high' 're»J^r;y^4MiirS;M \% iA } k ^rti f Mnw>'-4nii*- : 'Muwi--#if&i#)lilM*f '*: \yo_can approach him arid OfTeet our object. If wo wish.to reclaim a drunkard.we could not. well defeat our,object better than to approach him roughly Iii the presence of his associates. How easily the object can bo obtained when acclttded.. Aoinhis jissociafcs and all the influences that de- stroy, and in the : presence of those only who ap? prove his reform. Hero,he can resolve and pledgc,.andfroni the countenance of Ins friends, he becomes inspired with strength and courage to meet, his competitors at tho bar, and resist their inffuonce. As Christians, wo are left to upoij tho best means to be employed to carry forward the kingdom of Christ''in tho. world. Individually Or collectively we are re, quired to aid in every boiiovoloftt operation, qf the day,,and \vo claim tho' privilege to choose tho -mjnncr, tinto, and plapo of performing «ur duty tp God arid the world. Jtjhakes nodifler- once whether collection is taken on tho Sabbath, or whether tax is levied on the members of tlie Church, or whetheir the female portions of tfa Church get up a sewing society. The great ob- ject is to do what we cari, and wo all claim tho privilege, granted to ua by our adorable Redeem. er to select our own way 'of-affecting'-tfio ob. ject. The same is true of the Sons. In cpin. mpn. witlr mankind,, they are bound to sayeas drunkards from ruin as they can, and .scat-- ter iidclight in their domestic* circles. But they in acquiring wealth, by' furnishing silver shrines for idolatrons worship, entered their protest on the ground of personal interest, ,Jt needed no IcngtRcned. argutripnt to pitove tiiht if the new religion prevailed, tlieir craft must liiiger,- Wliat, theiii Wastlio-chhractc* of tbonpfJOsyiOh against Christianity? 'We answer that' it Was clearly of that kind that has furnished the worfd'with, posi- tive evidence of its truthfulriess. Tho opposi- tion of good men ceased just in propprtion as they became acqmunted with the true interpre- tation of the prophecies,; but that of the wick- ed hits continued to tho present. JJow let ua apply this to the easo in hand.— Good men oppose the Order tlifoiigh conscien- tious scruples, which is tho result of a Miscon- ceived opinion of the onler-T-a misapprehension of the spirit of Ha constitution and its design. Just in proportion as tlicy obtain correct yio\vs of the character of the Older, their opposition ceiiSes. Hundreds of this class who were op- posed six months ago, are now vyith the Sons,, andhundreds whpnpw oppose wiHlbewith thom in six months to corn*. Thosp who Op'fSose through bigotry .are generally of the \straitost 8eet,\hnd havo transferred their conscience to the Church, and have ccijsedto think for them. selves. Thoso who opppose fronl personal in- terest, arc those ^yhomafcc'o^•!tfW,orarp : in some Way conncctcd-with thpuijihbrrSndruinous traf- fic so that ita continuance will bo for their mon- advaritflge. What^thori,is thechftraoterof, the opposition? It is ciearly of that_c]j«ractejr that fiirnlshcs.a strong argument in favor of \tho Order.' If rnrnrmakOrS, rum-VOhder^\ jtifni- drinkors; tipplers, topers, sots, and %ir allies Were in th vor of tho Son*, as atempornnee'soei- oty; it Would; bp a powerful afgunicrit against them.\ It could not fail to excite' sus'picioh' in the mind of \ovory good man; and drive them from the Order. Becftiise th„e order of Sons is opposed^ by tho. lovers of the ritm traftie, if should be hailed by every lovor Of the tempo- man, with n ruby lip and a glad heart, a- bles- sing to his family and the world. Like the. stid- don appearance of a .meteor lip attracts rgprieral attention, \Boohindifidu.iihi-s a remark. Jfany^ rfjofco lit liis reform,, and apprpye Ins pourage,, aiid at the sanic timo'donouncb the means hy .whieh/his .reformation was effected. A\ few, with a mopiali look, of mcfan^hpliy. cdmpelled by tho fqrc%..pf public opinion, gromble out,. *' tm ghi 071*1*. aiid with the next breath, addourselves tliis stereotyped appendix, ^ Away 'With secrets? Tho secrets of the Order aro this seefpts of its success. ..Takothese fromit,ah'd,likoSaftijipn slionTof his strength, in tbp lap of Delilah,\it is comparatively powerless;\ but with.thesp, it feels for the main pillars in the great castle of abomi- nations\ and will, ere long, slnd-|i»theo3 la thei£ •&\\\,y .. . '* ^ ^ Tlie last objection that wo no^v have* time to answer, is, that great evils h»Ve grown opt of Scene/ Socklie's. After sp-much Jaa been said diitKesuBjeetof JffisOT^SBd'.'th&'pTOlicT'inind has imbibed such deep-rooted prejudices, li^s hot.strange that men look with a suspicions' eye toward* Secret Societies. Still, prejudice should: givewayto reason and nicn should:\act'from a sense;jpjtduty. If Masonry was a bad institu- tion, (aithingasharito be prbvedas tlW m*teri- ality Tot light,)4frdoea not follow that aft Secret Societies are bad. There have been and still are free- -feringa of ihc ^rrfogr-g^nnOrfc-^h^stradt- -i»mbaWrrth^W;6f-thtr^ii^^ lp»r thai hayebeiJn sent bat, piire^^and rerrpshingVhttVe; arid this .cpnflwed, y^^mni^_m0i^fk^ t i^ft^•s^ cixn the' rr:~!cg: cf •-•h;c\:ng r.ich' -uliumf 1 '\\T'lr* '}-''\-'^''^ T.iit-jt ii:i. a v..-.t f.-.1i.<A.tlntt all nitration as circunntjinces mav seem to dictate, ehurehes'are cprruptanH should bo abandoned. riiorb J it\ should be hailca'ni:!\ ppwerruTidly uv the redemption of, our ruth-ruined World. «• •„• v T<T—-.—v.— —.,».—, „„ av ,„„„»„„ Tlie next 'Sbjectibn to n the\order is thoir «*- S5( ^ m ? ]t $' °i '*<- 8$P$. ot . Cllri8t - \ Go « d »««• -f ha* there aro MvAfeiri4tt«»fc\>nbcc'tt^ Wtuto mani\ and controlled in its workingsbj-v with thooriler^-tliat -there is a ialuiStibn iodta. ^^^/TWW^^IUtehds beforeaho4wbrW wun/a./'rf/.pleagc that cnts of nil connection,be. save, from imposition, if true; that scntincis operation as circufn stances may\seoni to dictate. They are required to let their works appear be- fore iuonj. with as good a finish as Ihey aro capa- ble of, without being required to explain, tho pe>. culiar manner of producihg such glorious re-' suits. I have in iny hand a beautiful gold re- peater of. extra finish. This^ is the work of Al- bert lluttcll, of lilioa. After you have exmn- fijdd it,y<ju.prdnoiince it tlielinest ajweimea of art yon ever saw.. ItJsinot necessary for you,to witlfliold you gratitude from God who has given such powers unto tirieri until you can toll where ho obtained the ore, ho w ho separated and. refined it, and.when he accomplished tlio work. His works \ appear before men,'' and they are there- by led to glorify God who has granted such pow-' ers to men. Again, His said that \Men lovp'darkness ratfe er than light,hecause tlieir deeds are evil.\ The meaning givort to this passage by mnnyi is that eveirythTn\ done in tho dark must be bid—that all wlw sliun the light must bp engaged in a Wicked pursuit .Thotruo interprptatipn is this: Those who .desiro to do\ wrong, Beek4he covert of .night, th»t their deeds bo not discovered.^ Not a wprdis said, nor is itoven Intimated that it would be Wronit to do good; in the dark. We are forbidden to ain anywhere, arid commended, to dogobvd every whero. It, ata midnight hour, Wo chanca to meet with a neighbor who has. fallen int<B thftditoh, and not nolo to help himseu', it becoinesour duty at. once to help hiin out,.; •mid tho;gi«atei*tho darknesss the more \nepjnf prpmpt\irware|n1ieni~nction, It will be epraidv ered by eyery candid mind that,tti«iRwfuI to dp good everywhere, and if efeurpstancos justify it, as wo think it does, in the teidporaneo reforin, womay easily conceal our plans to defeat the in. flnenco Of rum, andJcacLtho drunkard froni tho bar where ho is under tho eye and influenco of his companions in sin, to the Division Room whorb he mepti with nbho but thoso who feel for his salvation and are ready to proffor their nid churches are corrupt and should boabandoriedc Some ehurches, have-the elements of\ disorder in theuuelves, and-cannpt faibto work ruin in some form or pthor,,:whiie others stand' upon a dillbrent foundation, and ,at bnce become *he; conservative of freedom andtlip glory pf the country. To.nrguo that, because a secular church, with a secular head* the Pope has suppressed ed- ucation n'nd laid .heavy tribute upon its yotaricSj: _those bhurchei that Und the ietppients of their \ownprftsporityintlie inieiUgenee of thcpco.pU> not yenmisdirdctcd, -fkey 'have acOompJished thatWhore unt'd they vrcre sent Tiioli»iM)dsa're thisBioiiieiiit iii posicl-ision of happyhpfricahnd, brij^t\Pi^li*c.ts of « blissfnl immortality; who, .but a little time agb, were in the deepest acrvictt' of-intetr|r*r*nee.* With thes*:takens Of sneccssj letua he eter faithful to; oi^pbligatioh.. r •••••• ' •. Wo *m«stnottftka6ur.soat,withoutaddrtssiiig t«thol\«dics rpreaerife' Thisj wp-dothe 'moroch«erfnlly,becaiiaetyoursox is thegreatcBt suffomrtfroTnthoSeoyilswp'wouldrcmovb: We havu-arightto suppose*tliat everyliidypresent, feels' deeply-interesMdiff our prosperi tyV It- our• charity^c^eridrt«(»\fari»nd if there Should be one here whoao sympatliiescare not with taSj wo hipate -ahicorcly hope that she niay never need the arm of a»on Of tempe**ateettQ:Mi(n.npon,Oir feel any Of tlio«wx>e4th^;ro»t» ap-teivily \upon hersox» But preaninirigthrit:all-iiri«a!Hk».ro intci-ested iri our prosritrityf We tlwfeojfe^Bly.**^ iaSft8jH8i\oncecanonlybemeasaredbytiiesyrn-' \pithy ofhcr.:natur4 WhpHtlut.influence is thrownin thpright-»6iiio,3?l!0 becomestlieconapr* vative of fraedohi and' tlie_glory of hOr Wnirttry> Ii isrsajd.of ^p#eleb^t^'p*W Allen;^tUafeovMV ce\rtMn<)csMiioft!wiMid'.t}rat^ priviieg<Bbfrj»<!J^^4\T«h^r^cd i moh-fromtthp army,liecoui4atSrai;tb^infpowl:-fcg&na« ^caft be aaidwifh moreirnthfulncssthatit\\<*nmhini^ I.mdlord- iHfluenceof pne bnhdred^wdicsjselected from.this eonimrfnity, inbehalf of thptemporancorefprni, Would xm*B. a mowl tcropear, i storm the citidol of RUBJ anjl cpwjp^jl th*;forc:e tp evacuate tlie your-sWcetest' songju.. It Js npi\e||e«tpd tliat yoti svill go into tho'Wiest to 'j^lt,tjffi;^te^^a|itt \But that! -There \I ani-'oul said tbp man .., ; _.„. _ __,.,_ _ iv .., ^ your husband's gocid sense awl'-good prbKlpI' As if I couldn'tLcnjoy'a glass now and; then, irltV ^ out being in danger of fecoming.a miaeraMS *ot •1, Witlrtliis.'the man tnrhed'rori^^ ;* 'to thtftiivorftj White his wife Wem^ Wwptejfe faS;,;;^ tho house. As he walked along, tb^a Iroraa'ili* .; jiad\ ntfohidi'' Stop and <Mfl^*rtr^M:M«'t„, ears, and hetricdtaWift^ mprder.th*ih'e-iTiig'«tnot ; tt AKMJ^I^if'*^ fresh blast of windble-V from a field trgUadjoi*.' , .fid, the.'ip:>d.a\wecppf- *p^,^a*;iV'fttfat*HB--'' , > ,* s his eye: caught the woid»~ *n \• ^ \ rJ J*'7 \ 8xbJtA»n Tka-c^i' : >; • -'\\- >'. •• '-'•'••' *';•\\! Thfe epincideneir of language akrUd hiinftj* 1 ; 1 ahioimint. He took up thepie^rfj^i^r'aad ' \' ionimenced reading, and, aa he read, ha-ar«ilk«j» i: w .lower and .slower. - Oae\ of WW^oiiV**i»p#.c .\^ aiico tmU had falhin hito hb rurnlB.- .It was\^ close appeal to th«moderate drinker, and aat lirtk ' -E danger in aMrvft^.,*«iaiiiH*^^t\«a4^ ; 1ta'-''P -« mitn atopd'still reading on. •-, ; •.:•'\; ; \ Thero is oUnger,\ he atlaiurUt MiMiiW, folding up tho tract ii h« ippVe., \Rkipg ha, stood irre-tomtc as to wliether her ah«M«l« rstam home, pr keeponhia way to th»ta*Wi*i \-JiiA . any one thrust flip.tract in hia haad, a« WMK ,I& havo rejected itV but, coming to hiai as Jt 4U,M\.n- found bis mmd prepared to hearken to it*a\a^afcfc.; But the loye of dnnkliad be«n fonswi, BML i| : \.-• the prospect of having ita a^aaiojned gmtiiM- •. % t ttortput ofXJ)«g;.nto«ry out jfojf iudii^MM*.. .r*^**^ '•\- N tofym far, that lie .concluded, for this tiaaa, :at, IfeisCjP go (pthi taVeri!,;b-jt to gtvf -apthaaah\ it thereafter, * '.',' '•;.'-;\'• - '.'-.',-. \v ,'..„--, ';/ '•••*', ?•• t.-it' '••'•ftatptyutn'haclt tiling? said he, rtp^^hp moyedon again towaidata* ,',\ a tavprn. .\ItVbnd luck;\ : - .-•• ^ ..,,\,tM .+K *- Still thii argument for'ind aOTtist.amyfofdA.;.;;;, imlulgof^e:k*jjiWbingioli! j : ^nd%»couId^tt<*;iA»,,,*..\ his mlttd^wayfroni.iK,,, • -,.-,: \. ,-..•. „ iV . Atlerir^'tr}«sij^of:tHo'*^iWh^wi,*ji^ 'I erhd WasWcfiding' ! 1 Hk.%ay,:wiiw;W ; the s ( igmarr«M%%h^ inviglnatiort,thercfroshinj«ndexhil n'juatfiLVlii.s.nndho qmckehedhiir^^ftrb imifariiy; •.-. -'r;' v ; : ...\' •;\.• \ ( „.,: '••.<j... 1 AshedreWnear,Wa»w thtil»ildlo«d ajttliir, in the iwrth. The g^ iwtowd old fell6^,'dil not smile with the broad smile of iirpko^e' 4aat,: ' usualiy.playedoverhisconnterianoeW^naa^ tohiO'raftprdach'td.: '>\' '•' ; •: •--..'; '.'••• •:\- - ''; l ' vf Ho#arey6n tpdiiy,lanaiot4T^ : aaidtk«-^aB' cir;erfffljy,ashesfeppedap^Hth*p^ T •< \I)o•yfeB'krtOiy What itead'yon Wr»''^AiE asked tfie landlord with tgra«ty of imhti^ that ajirprisedhis^customtjr^ '\ '-• •'f ,'*;••:• v : '\*-'-** •. .«\X'<* -ih-Jimani-'*I' earn* ^* nM l» ;•' • the J KttjncTiJlb.Wl*5'-r '-.-=--A '.^s^:.* ,<\.- BetWfaay the; road to nim,\ ra*araei tk*' *-*' US *.** rnncerefbrmaafneiidlyto thoirinteresta. NaVi to lead hirnbackto sobriety,ifpspectebilifiy and comforti. I'b m it seenis that tljls is inltebping With the spirit of Christianity,\ which js free from oil£enW*tion, ahdi*eek8'fe»*pend its hal-; lowed.energies beyond the giizd «f maijplry; pwiwng<WH»:ateriderhari4tbe?bnn''6f^l*^ io^felip^fHiholnWct^^SuOh^^ no iruhipettongue %o s^atJitefrawr.Tho S«. and thpir religious freedom, Will prove equally p^strnctlve, must bo a false, 'coribfu.sion..!, \This JioWcyer, is npt more erroneous' tlph. the ideia* that hecausb Free Masonry haa pot res.altcdih -the greatest -good to mankind, iho^SjinsOf Temperance,'* Whose constiiuiibh bears -np' anal r pgy, except it be ill their secrets, w^t bo*.equally' destfiibtive. ^iVdiwenty-fiypftye dollar bills, and on presenting tfifim,.tp the Bank, five.should. bo rejected as bad, it Would be false Masoning that shOtfiS lead mo to tho conclusion that the H whole WnS Worthless, Itis possible that the S. of Tl will nbuse their Charter, tholjgh from the. defiiutenpss of tlieir object thbiji.is ftpt iniicli probability j butif ihey shpiild, ^t will be iioth^ ing rnorethan the pureist system ;ei(rth eVer s«W has '.done. Contrast tliojpjngs of ihp^church durihg thfedark ages of PapaTRpjflo, y/ith, that spotless system of Christianity introjduced by the irpmaculato Jesfls, arid what a leaji from' thfe J »- * nuied and sublime, tp tlie^ pontempfiblo jjiL ... IdicSlous, But shall v^eabattdbii chrfsl^H^jd^ nouiice bttr rcligiprit and refuse t» &$jmw*<i$t gsir^^witii th'T'nglifeOuT' \bcwttsji^a*§«e~j»i|%»»-; ««n«:api)s6itei'? MostcertainJy>bt; Ife^tHiere; wbutdwittst as much consiSt*M ••iii'mtim^. saying thit« wb will not '$&'$ ,SWI \fbpfety $•. do good, hebauso $ecre%imiW* '*?* pM^p W- Bistrttbtriafa titm ™*&$y Wbe used with, terriblo «ft^f &4-,bad caisc, *nd fprthfe limit' roiisori it^<*tf MlipcAwitfi thb trittat happy elfpct iinHgo^iBiifelSfoflWerl^OksnoVhtte^^^ .moot'ie^|(ain&i ; t#i%hesf' 'arhbifon'hito' ca«y, - thf Ba^^^mpirnh'b'i ta'tho'lehrti* hf' p» \ eileim^'camf arid feM nhiversal jubilee i*;ihe •Jghl^litdf its bloudlessglory. \'''\'^ .;:;\'; 'i Leaving our'bonrae* M t^^ii^§?pomt. toplain'matter 1 of faei ! .kM>:b^;#ryhM^ ih\o^staTdffrd^n5^1^Wrh^y^^ ma forogpirig Tpniarks Wiatrgppd jflstittitioitti**ire frO'' ,,,....... ......, „. t jnm: combined iiifliiiineo ctoribt ^il-^/^'jji^iJs'-ap;; Was itnol froni th^fifbt^that'tJieij p^SyMiC^bjK Jy he, c4Miiedbf tticiirigppdness; We tojglitbaij-ii somer g*b'iir*os td'.fearj JPor Mij&0iiitf liaiier^ or thoBadics dot:W.*standiikia.alW^^ side pf iTight.. If yo'u-'s1f#ldw>fo?r^^ fateof-Htittfcc^m.js|eiio|£{*Hi&>6 ; would, givfc tfutik^Wmffl^ i»U a gloripus maiont/^ ilf ypu al^gp fotfm license\: nii&sdbeVnty^^ paa^'nextrapHrigi• J aP'MK*b;KU',n^V*'.'lnp.-*rly^ lege ifSi'okiihMu^MtibltialfJ^bile bri thejijielgh'ts of temrMrar^jntrrekbtefwmthefum^ b*ai'.if^tf.'g$'agai[n4n^,.tiifcw^^^^ ; ed-andyour *e'*mnsVfeelthe'^^cb*njplib>tedwciB4 -«P*Tlrfg wluWhaod as thlpripepfyptir i^gfeefe 'TM^a^llMW^ 1 !^^ \*>•• ('j0f'4 • ..;.r '2¥^ : --^-<\js:.v.i':>v4u CABinif.ni«ri,'-w&fe1|feg^ s'laam in', thu t«mp>toc« eauso^^ . e^t#«ive^:w^iiM-#aMM'fc agenby.' ''Ha'vi-jf^lpalHerlli^* &':jBpl|k«\ \'\' ,,prto|ip>c|, ; ;,Jh'wiii(*ng'i—.-,«,,...,-..,., . ..h&^y'-WaJS'a'Wt'f**^^^' 1 ''''''^^?^^^^ ,,. it fAjt^Apjr^flMtoit^^ • Aiidj aclectihg; a tract ^thvi^s.f^yV-''^ f&' \ What> the matlorr iaM]aired tlMiB«a>. *«17- \''\f *ncrehhoard*teidlpr4:tBlMa3t>ia|jr^ - - \It was the road to ruio to *»o»r«M IiiWaa. ; -; '-,-•> ,T?hat|.krioi*;tpo'',well.;.' '^km^im^bkfmkW h-Jf luin of a good roaay 1n«» -that.,J •tiii^t-Mtitm,'* w.»s tfiipk.-abotti ;It;Wifl.%*iPWfOji|^;.ii^ife^-\t ' •keep--pt-..-apI-yo'*4ldi)^Vi»a-y.^^at^ ; ihuikifa tte%mm>, Urmtfmt M* Miitmii i« • ybn.^g^.J|^''Jitt^.3^fei y*tUrm*: «•# ...... _.^,_.... __„ -'»•'•---' - ^JJJ ••mm ii:.* erS .,.,_. ..... „._ .M'wU :WalKed<ilo^3l^''''^f'W'K-'N>i •••itfciiit-' ^ \ ^JBttfc'ijte ___ ... , _.._. IjLlMtflK^i?t*~S b~Hd\ow*r ^ri^tto#b^iair«Wp«^ :m^j^tib%' ^g^mt'M^mim; -lctthp-isi.ri-of..ypur^ii»^;--«:,^ May be ypn don't think io; hit I IMIW '.$'*ni:'grpfe'mTO''W'ei^-j» Jhjfajmr' st^dingth6l#tfatjbf,afewt^ ^rt;Wl'(hiy^**v J.^fe.i' l - ,.„.. ^••*itr^^'f»«i® fi -. ? .'\•• m Miy.^\\ S 'iifjp jtM& • \ '-ajir \is \\ijsij'ta!» una*- \ •'\\.' .k& '$&&$*-&• ' - :4HI*B%W\ :ii«4 ;^\ 1

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