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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, November 28, 1850, Image 6

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..'* i/\- v. -TiSl' lul Kit. \\\ : i 11 rjfc-^mr^^ii^ ' ] W, • >*-. .- > its - \ • to,' ,efv ' : I,: .J .'. ^ ; IIS '<& ' • / • '11-. < •'- , eh,/ . ' \ lw, \.\ • . - fr.T,„ .J nd' : ; . J fet- id • '.vi of • III- .'ty .. &n V- 1 ' Journal of; (the Bpjifed of Jiuj^ryisora. '^pTDterS -convened in pursuance of ]n;\v,.nt tliii JJUiiirsin Comity ClerlftL-aflice; Mondays, .JfosVl-Sf -jSSoV-fltS fl ? e3&okR.-J^ •..:•\ .••.:. tJpoti-t)i(3 $BJJ; being culled bjflho Clerk, A. WILSOS, %q.,'.,t(ie 'following- miro'cd were pres^ cut as Supervisora. of their roapectjv'e towns-: To'WNS'- \ '\\\ 'Sl'PEliviSOllS,' Aduius. -\' JGM'COOPJER. ' -• AlUmclria,' -GEORGE W. CLARK. *' Antwerp, 30SBPH-38?BEPB'. * ' - ---• • RQjjEfcr! C, BARTLETT: Wj:tIitAM ! VAN.rjGSEN,,\' rALFRE&.-EOX, \•\•'-. 4\E^HrBtji,L:' •'-•• HENR* GREEN, Jr. JESSE-, C..' DANN. \ • JdgEEH'B^'ER;* : '/' i& . Ciuje Vifjcb'iit, ClKiinpion. • \iM$Bt ;V- ^ElUsb«TgJ>(. • 'I]teiulorsp;i, | Hoiinsfleld, ..Xofj-Jiine) ; \Byinc \ ©ri'earir^.. •' •pljifadpliiliii),^ •Rutiandi;.':. . a!Iior#ii#^^- - Wafcrtowny ' ' jWjlnfe •.\• \wciHiii- -••:. •••• HIR^at.l).EWEY. : Al&AlWKf -Ml KARGER. ; GEQMGE ERAZIEK: • - : ALMANSOIf TJRBITS: \ ^ ^JAR^Itf L;.;GR'AVES; - ' •' ,__ANSDN v RAlSNESr.'-'.- - i KUBOKSfliAiSNAHS. .WILLIAM-iCHRISffAN. '. - .RILEY W^GREElfc ; _.:,- ••.-:••••.•-• • •• • •''. \.«s.\ ' •- . In phicO; p| V^li/fefAM '• S. .CoMsfrbcK^iffa^le. Jp^tj^iia.jii\^fl(!^iicfi6&\d£'^itlmes4,' . ! V *, .-\ T$e 5QftrS,_af^^RinferQo.m,s lit tjfm. Kirby Iipijse,~pi'bc'e6ded.to the; -elepfcipri. of;a Prcsidcntj, lo^litcdi^ftcT^evei'^ -preen, 'Jr, t \y«s-<loelared-{!lccteai '., Without-other ifnppr- -tant do.ihgs, ; .iiie BpardVadjburned till Tuesday riiorniligat Vi' ATM\ \ ^_i r i_iT-^EspAyrH-Ar-M^-flov^l^r-iaso.^— ,Bpiird : met\'pur adjournment* Roll .cille^, absent, - Messrs.; Cooper and BalL. Jillfe Titcs/rcad wid c aj)prpTed-- .',, .-' \\\OkraofiP.n/pfr'Mr^os? .-\-—• - ReaMVefc'fflinE .tip.'. Ghmriimn, Mr,JJaiger, --aiid' ; JfrTM6^4fj:Mil^ii8Wft tlie-cemmitteo on\ cqualiisatioii. , Motion- carMSJl ': _ jj^CJffl 1 '' nall ' annon n^e'd th\e\\'folTowi'rijjf stand- - .ingeemtnittces. . \ '«* •'*\'•. .' *pii J§qualizafton r- Sfos^ra. Daiin,- Dqwgy ) Greqi), Bartlott, Brown^ Allen, and EtannaliSi ' . Vitfstrict-AttPrney, Jailor-ahd Clerk^Messra , Bciyeri Hiifger, and-TibljiHs. ^^h^rflhnjd-te ' \ ' and\ 0ilor~^ ,_ . -. Justices and-Goronera-r^Messrs. \Coopei- R: Vf. Green, Frazier, and \A?%\Hpsen. — '... Trcasuref and Sufierinfbi-tdeiita oftlie Ppor-^ ijfessrs. Cliirk, Ramioy?, Christiiin and Hannalm. Wlna of •1808''and'1837 — Messrs. Bull. WhTO-.and Dann^— -•\' .' „ Miscellnqcoua -^r- Messra. Allen, Bayer and Hnrger. ^j^rfiird^ConstiibJea-T-afcasra. Pox, Bull, Town AccbuntsT^Meaars. Bro\i3n,' Re\\iey swd. Tibbiita^,,-, ' \.. '•„ — :Qn.nipj|gn; of Hx> Dann, the account of Dr. Buahnell was -inferred to. tjio committee on Su- \pprjrttendcnts of .the poor., Grmrotion of Mr. Dani.i, Reaolvedr-Tliatr, a coininittee of three her, up-. \ pointed to draft, rules, and regulatipna fortlie ^'oyernment of tliis lloafd,'an« that the cfork' nifmljerttie seats, and pach member di;aw for his seat. The \Cliiufmaii appointed Messrs. Dann, Jfox and Dewey as sueh co.nimittoe.' • On liJStion a'djoiirned until'7-o'clock, P.M,' \ \ .7 O'CLOCK P. M. Board met pursumit to ndjourmbent. \.Roll called, absent Messrs, (?linc, Hunuey, Bover ami , Tibbifs. : \ \ On motion the tiiBmtiers~i)rocecded to draw for seats'. , - , —•Qn-Hwiian-of, Mr, HnnnnliH, Qn'motioij of Mr. (JLINJ, «•• . ;„ 'Resolved,;\*Ilmt the tftWn of-Lyniebe.'author- .i,?eij:tp yals? [$$,65 \t> reW-a. tax uirijustly, paid byMorgan ISuoi, Md ori; the ifible, , \ ' Oninqtidn of Mr!. AtiEH, ,_ •' ' t ~ \- '.'<. \ - Reselye!l, H'liat tlic^ be leased, upon the tpwn of BrownyilleTfor cpjitingencica r $265,28 -, fprrpa'ds and.:bridges|316; and % 484 to pay the first instajrtept and interest tff tljea.Uin borrowed fertile Stjijie of N^v-3Sof*lc inSceo^danceVitli- th'e provisions of the law. passed \April 16; 1850, ajtthorizsingtho Connnissioriers of Highways of Bravvnrille to bori'owinoncy,and that,thoiCoun-f ty. Treasurer pgy the Trea8.ijrer v of tiie; State.of New'York thtj-sttms'specificd above, ftrjajnubh trjprep'f ua ijiay :be7Triceesaary to'piiy tjielirst !in- 'stijlment.-arid intereat\ 'OarrledT, •--. .; .^- '., \ J^esqh(A^'itiat4\'a hundiced dpllara. be'!*^ edby^ tiix.in addition to the sain'fip^-allo^d.'by hlyjr for thp-C4to)pJ$p!l^^ pay debts nov^jjiibjfb.r ty as; .Town,. pf-B'rPwmilct ss,-*-! have\!eom- pjtred.vlh^ above resolution with th't! drigin'at ier' >.Qrd.an3 I. dp jieHH'y this ./^mejtb.-liq a, .ebrri'ej transcript\therefrom and of the \\fh6lp -of this said/prig-rnnli\ \'- ;L, SMITH, Town Clefjf,.-• -.BrPwiiv11lei-'Nov.l850/-. - \ '.•• -«- ; '-> h''~ •\-\\•„' *-^\V-.'lfe2 1 J,,pCL00K,'.'P:,M.-- , ' • BoaFd. Wet-pursuant to adjoanlni'cnfc ' Epll.cal' ,'letl,air.pr#en.t. .' • :> ' ••\• '•'-._ '.t:'\^'\~. • Mr.\ DAN|<, from %\-Gomniittce on.EqualijiiitiPiV made a.repprt, which,on'Ms^notioni ^»s accepted.-, .•fadadpp.teA .. -' „ :-i,-'.', - , \:v > \:;•; \ Qn motion .of Mr-J3p*En, •'-. *•,. . , - Jfysolvedr' TB.at (lie claims pfescnted by tW ttuBtegs of Schciil. Bistrict No. 13, of LeRay.\fpr : . s ,cpBfa,.bc.Tcfiirr-e!(l to a cqidipitteb t(f thrcc-i consist- -jngqf Mqssrs.' Tibbits, lie^ey and B. W/Greeii^- Carried,-; ••\..''.. ;• , T T '• •-,-- ;-'.•>.. .' ~ Ucports-of RoBP.nT-L^stSGyC6ujity—Judge, in the matter of IJurpella' Bislippi;\ JuliaAnn Sweet ' and V ictofiiTBSdalei asTTisane |)orsons. Accepl- 'bd.-'.\'\\ T \\- v '-•\•-'\-\ - •• \ „;-' :•••';-. ^ • • v --—O'liimotiijh.of Mr. AJXKX,'\ '}•' \ : ,. . f ',•\' ^Mo/^e^T-'Piiii.tliliti, a^coun.'ts..fe>r.. registerhig births|Jdeatira.aiid\ \'ii^ma^vr^'r^ffrred''to-4^ audited 1 by i the^^«^HBeou»^otoiittie»anf 1,:? 'iia.id\by jtlijpcbaiityi; 'Garrfed. On giotidii of,M^PANS, -...'» - '' Ifaolvedr-Tlvit there b^ assessed upon the town of Hpunsfield sevqri liuridfcd. and fifty dpllars;to. pay ihdebtcilKess for -tire Dexter, bridge arid for tho,' purposepf niainiBinirig roads and bridges,in said town, tliecnsfiirjg yeiir. Carried:' • .On. motion aqjpprAed' to 8 \o'clock tomorrow- aiorning. ' ° ' ' i . '..,', Nor. js, 8'9'ci.oqK.A, Mi ' '- BoardwerpiJfBirat tolidjOT^ od, abSen^JMcssbi Cooper, ll'artlett, Cline, Brown,. Harger, Frailer, 6ra-ve8^ Hannahs audlt.'W. Green. Minutes reacfnnd approved. *• • '' . ' On motioi),-*atljoarned to 2 o'clock, P. Sir • . 2 o'fcxopK, J. Mi, Board mot pursuant to adjtiurnmentr-Rbll called, .absent Messrs: White, Van Hosen, Bull, Frazier, ; 0hbsVian'alid'1U7S^'Gfifeen OnmptipjiofMr-Fpx, thefepprfcwas received. ' On mo(iqii,,adjpurned,until Tu'esoVfy. November 19that?,i'clock.P.M._ \>' ;'\• f • ' \ »•'!.- v '— Tuc8d»yiSov.l9,186\0 A ., . • •' .2o'eipck '¥„% Board met .pujrsnajit to adjournment. Roll call- M, absent Messrs. Copper, Van Hosen,. Fox, Bart- lett.Dann,, Clin.e, JBrpwn, Franier, Christainand K,\W. Green.\ , On mationJof ^(r. Bpx*it^ • -' \- • ilettolyedyihtii the.S^fpgate Of this cpiiniv be required\ tSrqpbrttoHUs3oafd in-conforinTtyiwith ^rHipr^S,, of fli'e.I.aws pf 1849, theamouiit-bf- •iripiicy received by^iiiB in his official'capacity anS whether fhat amount after- de-fluMing his salary; has been- paid fo the county Treasurer for the use- of,said county.'j, ,. ! .--..' , ,,-,',\ \ \•''*\\.-\ 'ilMr.jilANsJAH-amoved thiit.tiip resolution,of Mr; DEWIBV, which was passed;oh the 16tr\ irfst,, re'fii- Bihg W;fecfeiye : accpunt'8 affer;-a certaijx date be ire'- j^nded,..-Carried; , \. ' ' •'.\ > - Off motion or Mr. DEWEy,'i't was 1 •' s ' v -''» ' Jft(?».e&dir-rh»t;'tliB:.«e,cp;unt , <jf T: C : , Chittendei •be;referr<Sd. to'a commjjte^.pf ^throe. consisting, of Messrs. Deweyy For afid' : fiargeri * ' *^°- • • <5u?m6t.ion;pf_MrJQiwEj,:-- : '••''':• -.>/'. j'' Jie»olviil,^Jlha^ tliis'BPaidias nlcpnirniUee of 3 the, r.whp'e, prijceod.tp:visit and examine (he con- dition of : \tlie. jail of Meffcrso'n countyi,\.- GarHedj^lj \ .On.nioti,pn pgJ%'Atfcijs,;,-' ... .'*],• , \^f\ Iliisdly.ed—'ib&t nq accfi^nt?-be -re.ceiyed by this.' \Boarid| o'clocttPrnibrrow moriiing. ''CftVried. , '<0ii motion of MrV WAziica;.'*?r7 ' ' .-, -s r •- /tod/tied—That ^he-Board of Sunervi^sof.the, county pf. JeffcrsQn.Iftvgr a t;ix on thetown of Ehil, adelphia'to tiie-ameunt of four hundied ^dollars in addition fo the amount' now allOwbd-by law, to b e assessed on' 'tlie tiUcabJe; iohaDJtkrjts ofsaid- tgvvn' arid collected' in' the 'same..manner^sthe moneys, nr? for town afidcoWty purposesjin pursuance of ,ah,.ft§t- of the iegiBJ'atjire piS'sed April; 10th 1850, —which resolution, on motion ortfr. DKWEY, was laid'on the table.';'^>'. . , \•\••?'••: • ' On .rodfipW;pf-J^Ai,'iSNr adjourned until'!b'- clock this eyonine.y. ..'' ' ' - . ;---:.-;-;.';';. -•....'; ....' ' 7 ptipct P.M. „ 5Bpard~met 5 pursiiantto adjournment. JRpll.caU-- e^;'absent MessrsBull, Oline.Gy-aves.Tibbittsand Ahotherliegion Added to the ttosVr \ MESSBS, E^ftcQiia t-^n'Friday JEvbning the 22dinst,,'-we^had the pleasure Of instituting Jfat- urol Bfidgp-Divimbn, N\or50'6' \•-• \Wa^initiated on that pqension^oj'in nuhibqr, more. |higi one half, of wliiehJiave fbrinerlybecn intiio Jiabit. of partaking, mprq or iess^effhe poisinpjiscup,anil-several of them acknowledge ed tlicraselyes to liavebeen aniong the leHders~pf rowdyiam ji^that place for some tiiiio^nat, ,Bi»V we truat:tb v Wdyism<witli iheni is nt «nd, 'for they, ;pub|icly;4ec)itred onthat'pceiiiionj'their deterrrjj-: :^(itibir^\l^gt ; &'tear)pg; , d0wh,\vl^t \they Ijad 'fbriherly..be,en mstrmneijtsj' in.bnilding up,.vi\i5 : Jrtt£rBpe.K!hbetond^ it; -< Thua we have \another instance of the nowtiry ii ii^\ utility- of piutr- prgji^izatjon to ptbinoto the principle!, p£ Ternpcr^ti'cJ, Ben.evolbheei nnd.tjhe\ wqji bijin^; ,ef r $qciety. ' .ol'lip- flmcers; Jnstidled oil that'occasion w*erc,\ .•VV', ft,'|a|e.2-,%ya;'v;er— yv, 4uWi>i|nm- ; WunW -R. ,^.,: Jerpiffe-^Stovens^A;, R. •„S;,\Jai ; -defs-^E.; S. : , Joseph Edicfi-'R, E. L^rouMe,, J. ii- ; VVbayer—A. -Ciiv Sumiie!:Allen'-rri'. ^.,.Eli \GrPiit-iO;-Si IIan.es .> ^Srn'yjtho'y ii'll reiuem--- ;t|er'titoirJn.p^fo./ Npbacking put in this .canscr an(l*siicqcss will crown \their cilbrta. ''* > ' '•' 'i :::T/A.r<?RA : NOEBrtDi.e.W.p.. Chjunpion,-'Nov., 26, 1850, ' •- ,•' : :1 •Oirniotion d f^MrrBtwEv,- . j;«.<iSVetfSEIiaL:the cpimnittftp for audULng tha. accounts of clerks of School districts for register- ing births doutlas and marriages,, be allowed to en- '•\ . ter upon their report all such accounts as appear —'-*~to-liR>yo-beim rtudited'by-any-1'own.Auditing iipard, andthat-lhe-saaie bedeductcd from audi town ac- counts, nud tli'at such accouiiis' may be paid by the' county as aulhorised by resolutions of this Board. , .^Mr.Fox oirercdthe following nineudnient to. tlie- resiilulion olferedby Mr. Dewey: •' ~ That the Couonutlee for auditing the accounts of clerks of school distrlfcts for registering births, deaths nnclma^riiigesfbe-diijectod to-Audit the ac-. counts that have been audtTOd by the \auditing boards of towns, and allow the shmfe as they have beoit'ailowiil on tho orig;inal accounts' of other towns. Curried, Sir. DVNN, from the Committee on the subject of the.loans -of lS08-aud 1837, made a report thereon, which was, on the motion of -Mr. GrAves, accepted That the Board proceed ton«nior)-aiuL»clopted, _• - T ~^ *-—•—,. \ ' •- \* On motruii of ^Ir. DKW'EV^, - * • /feiioliirci-i'rh^t Ohcaccount'of Mr. J, FIEI.II, for services as overseer Or the l'oor!,( SAunsiiold.be referred to the committee on Superintendontsfaf the Pooi\. C(irr,icd.- . ' Oil motieiv of Mr. BKWEV, —/teoZi^==iEhiilLJ>o_a^cc^t9j|^e^ 0' Garried 1 ;\ \ •^ Rcaolvcd, for clerk. The ayes and noes being called on the question were, ' Ayes—Messrs;. Cline, Brown, Graves, Tibbits, Hannuhs,aud R. W..Green. ' :Nocs=-3iesars. Co.oper, Clark, White, Allen,. \ Van Hosen, Box, BarUett, Bull, DAnn, Bpyer v Dewjey, il'argcr, Enizlfir, Ranney and Christian. . Onmatinn, 6f Mr. Aljen,' -«i .'• . Resolved, That the Clerk -of this Bonrdbe directed heriiatler to furnish for file use of the .towns- bkiui assessment rolls 'containing' one rii,ore. column tjuin thdstv'now in uso\to be Ivead-- ,.c.d, f Vnhiiitioii oritenl Estate as' Equalized,\ Carried; 1 . On motion adjpurneih until 8 o'clock on Wed- mesdhy iuoriiing. \ - '\ - .; • - 8 o'clock,;A- M.Nov.13,1850. 1 Board Met pursitaut to adjoitriiinent.4-Roll palled, absent M,eaara?-Eo3Muid.--Ilarger«-Min*| utea read\and\ approved\; - . '. .,, On ihotion pf Mr. D-ASS, • •' . Ranked,- That the ..resolution oJTered by Mr. | -. Allen be reconsidered. -Carded ._._ ' . •. » ^ ~- ,-. ,. ,. n h . Mr. Allen moved the adoption of his forn,er '• $X^^^* ' ^k ? 0 'H^P II •.• , . . •. ,v . ., 1 > «« Minutes read nnij approved. , MCTDann moved to lay it on the bible which f Afr n , ln „ frmn \* bummiti -was-eiimeil, -•••—.-- On motion of M^r. DAKSV - iiexo/rci/, That the Board proceed to ballot for Clerk, in place of the present incumbent. , ,..,.- Tyir, Distfey raised the question that .the teso- town, of Rullandj one hundred dollars, to compon- llitiofi wYis Hot-in 0.rder r un,fil thBrC30lution : ofle.f-| - sate Mr. Butteriicli.(or use, of bridge agreeably cd by Jlr; Hanitnhs should he rpco'nsidercd. jfilh a resolution passed at the last .annual townl The Chuir decided that the resomtion was in ™'$f iin B, l ; f «l l ,d m ™: -order; o'clock to-mfeow morning. Mr, HASN&S moved Intake up the. subject au- thorising Iho \Board of Health of. Watertowri to erect »a Pest House upon the Poor Houso farm. Which was, on motion of Mr. Fox, laid on the ta- ble.' '*,'.-- - , On motion of Mr. BBVJET-T . ii'Mo/ffd-Thiit the judgment in.favor of Tlieo- dore Tuttlo agAmat the. Superintendents of the' Poor for costs, bo refurrid to- the Committee on-Su- \perintendeiits of the Pbpi^—==4-.— -^ On thotiou of Mr. Fox-, the,account of Jaincs Cosgtovo presented by Mr. Clark, bo referred to tlia-Conuaitlce, m Superinlejldailts of the Popr, Oil motioi^fldj'ournod until S o'clock to-inotrow .morning. v . * ~ —r- Nov* 10, 8 o'clock, A.M. 1 Oh motion of' Mr, DE'WEV, \ . ' Jiitolved—Ih^t the report of the committee on Superintendents of the Poor be accepted and adopt- ed. Carried. . . s~ . On motion of.Mr. DAXM, '. . ' •/resofued^-Xhat Wednesday at 2 o'clock 1'. M. be designated as the' time for taxing the District Atioriiey.'s account, and that Judge LANSINQ be the taxing officer.• Carried, • • •' . Onniption'of Mr. BOYEB, • ' ••'. '. ' ;??5|?r?3=^hfftalre~rt 111 the tovyn of PluladelphTsrboreferred tofa?»-fmrJit-- tee oftlnce, cOnsieting of Messrs. Dewey jAUen aiid Board met pursuant to adjimrnment. *RoilcalV_ e?use of temperance and bavingri torgp'and wide , \V. * °^ ..2~-L ii\ i,..,i m..i. Ti.. ' circulation in this county among an- mlelliKent nor- -Bar Mr, Ct-AUK, from the Committee on. Snptnintend' ant6^f-tbei'o«r T mBddji-J4:|iiai,-^fflll__~Efti.on_ the motion of Hf, BbyCr, laid on the tiblo. f •'• On motion,of Mr, GnAvia, , * ..' J!aoh<rd!,~ Tluit there be\assessed^Tippn the A member in his seat appealed from the decis- ion of the Chair. . . \Sir. Dann called for the nyeirtmd noes. \ MtiiDoWoy moved to adjo'iim until 7 o'clock P.M? •*.-•• '•>-,, The Chair dceided_that the question was. not innriep. r MnDcwby.ainicnledfromllio decision or tho Chair.- f Thitayes andUffcs being taken-on the appeal from the decision on Mr. Dunn's resolution were, Ayea—Messrs, Clark, Fox, Dann, Bover, Cline, Brown, Iliirgcr, Frazien, Graves, Tibbits, Hnn- nsths, ttnd It; W. Greeiu m Noes—Messrs, Cooper, White, Allen, Van \ iHtBCiri^fiBrljetMTnfy Dqwey, lfetfitic)yiml-G}iris». -tiah.- ~ ». \ ~Tho decision of the Chair sustiiincd. The ayes and noes \vero then taken oil the 150- tion to adjourn and\ Were, Ayes—Messrs. Cooper, White, Allen, Van- llpsen JJartlett, Bull, Dewey,Ranney, and Chris- tinn. • Noe8-^MeSsWCTafk,Fpx;TOvOT7Boycr,Cltiie, Brown, Hargcr, Frazicr, Graves, Tibjbets, Han- nahs R. W. Green.' The question was then taken on Mr. Dann's resolution and carried. ' ' Tho boiird then proceeded tp ballot for Clerk, On counting the votea'th.ere\vere found jbr A. B; Gitl3ERTEsq. i2. ..Mr. GitBEitt- having a ma- jority 'of all the votes east was declared duly elected Clerk of the Board. On ntotion of Sir. HAIJNJUIS, Rdsoiyed,' That^ the Boiird tender their thanks =to Mr.. WILSON, their fofmor*Clerk, for the able and efficient manner in which he liiia diacharged the duties appertaining to liis ofHec. On motion adjourned until half past 6 o'clock, . P.M>. . : ( ^ 6 1-2 6*ciocK, P.'Mw Board, ,ine,t pursuant to adjournment. Roll cnlledj'all the members present. Onmotjfln of Mr. DANN;' . \Resolved That\ traveling fees be allowed the sl|erilf and constable;) both ways on arrests or • V'ftrranta, as in the case of stibpoinaa, iii cases where the prisoner !a returned by' the pfBcer. Tlie ayes and noosbeiiig culled on the above mption Ttiaulted in-ayes allocs i. Carried. On'motipn of Mr/AttEN, oi' Bi'oWiiville, Resolved,\ Tiiat the coniinittee on Equaliza- tion be instfueted to add n column containing On motion of Mr. DEWEY, , Resolved,— Thnt the keepers of the county jai benutiiOriucd nu directed to apply the labor of male convicts now, or hereafter in his costqdyj •upon-nny-o(thepublicnv«nues,;hlghways, streets, or other-walks, in the county of\ Jefferson, as au- thorized by sec. 14th article 1,' title J, chap 3d, part 4th of the second volume, of the revised Statutes, wliiclvon the motion ofMr. TibboiB r -'Sit.-, •laid on tho tabid.. -•\ ' il On motion of Mr DEWBY, ' ifMofei»(i,—That tho keeper of the Poor House be directed In Iccep an accurate account of all tbt receipts anil dishursements made for the support of the Poor lit tho-Poor Holise, by keeping, debt mid credit with all persons firrtiisbing supplies lot whatever liaturcor kind, or taken froiri~tlrenpf5^ -« r ..««.j,,uji W j u i tacn IOIVU, IU iiiicu ic- pOlt. Which motion being put was declared the personal property of each town, to their re- port. Which i carried. On mottPn of Sir. DEWEY, Reablvcdi Thht the Boiirdi adjourn to 8 o'clock to.-morrow morning; » • l a NOV; 1.4, 8 rfCSOCK, A; Si. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Roll ojillod—absent-, Messrs, White, Fox,' BnrtlbtC Hargcr, Christiaii,,and«Ri W, Green,. Minutes read iindappi-oved'; , -r \ :rpTiiro1ttiriKrarro^ present the,nanicsof persons with wlioin. juchac counts have been maue and the footing of thetr ac- counts, to the Board of Stipervisors at their- next nnnmtl Sessioh., On motion «f Mr. BaoWN, liesqU'cdi— -That -wo proceed to ballot for the purposo Of designating two papers iii which fo publish the Sessiondawspfor the C6mim|^«jife^ \ Tho resUltTaf-lhe-balloting wasjs follows-5^T1'** Northern No-yp-York Journal reccivedTTybTck;.tho\ Democratic tjnion received 7 votes', tho Jeffer- sonian received ,8 votes. It being found that the Northern- Now York Journal, and the Democratic llnipn\received the largest number of votes Were declared to be iflo papers designjted On motion of Mr. BAIITLETT, ' ' ^cso&cd.-T-Tlint the Treasurer be authorised to procure an'insurance on the jail for the same amount asjast year. The question was'then taken on MrDanh's- res-' olution and carried. Tlie Bonrd\-tlt(ir t ,prpco6ded to ballot for Clerk.-^ On Counting-th(S votes thei-e were found for A..B. ! 'Gn.BEBT Esq. 1|>. Mf.GitBBiT having a majority of all the Votes cast was. declared duly elected Clerk of tlio*'Board. ^ ..\'*\ On motion of Mr. HAN-NAUS , Jieaplveil'-'Khtiir tfto Board tender their thanks to Mr. 'VvywoN,4ieh- fornicr Clerk, for the nbfc-aftd efficient manner in which ha • lias discharged tbe duties appertaining to his office, On motion ailjournod until half past 6 o'clock.. P.M. \fff-O'CtOCK. P. M. Board mot pursuant to ndjoHrnmentr-Rolhcal- ledj all the members present; ,. • 5 Oil motion ofSfr. DANN, 1' Unsolved— That travelling fecsba »Uowed tho .shijriff and ocinstiibles both ways on arrests or War rants, as in the case Of subpoenas, in cases where the prisoner is returned by the oificer. The ayes and noes being-called on thetibovp mption resulted ih ayqs 21, noes 1, Carried. The ay cs and noes being Called for wdre, A i/e«-^- Messrs. Cooper, QlaifkjBartlett, Dann, H. Green Jr., B.rpw'u, Griiyes, Tibbete, Haniia'hs, 9. Noil— ! Messrs.'\Wlilte AHen,-VanHosSnTF5XiB&ll)Brtyor, Dowby, Hiifgerj Frailer, iUtiney, Ghristhtn abd ft. ^y,Gl•oen l 13.-- -.*'•' Mr. BKOw.<«f,lr0ni the Committee of Town )ic^ counts'rvjntltijai'fipotUficrc'ori. * ( Copper. Carfied, Adjourned until 8 o'clock fo morrow morning. C -\\ ^ ' - Nov. 20,1850, ' \\ . \ 8 o'clock A. M. Board niet pursuant to adjournments Roll call- ed ; absent Messers. Van Hosen, Cline.Harger, Fra- zier,.Hani)alis.andiQirtisJi5n,_- '. ,'\ , i^..,_ ^_Oh^iotipri of Mr: BOYER, 7tesolvcd^ZTt\*t a comrnittee on n, ppropriations consisting of three be^pppinted by*^he Chair to as- certain the-' ampunt.necessaryto be raised iii the' county. • Tlie Chair appointed Messrs. Boyer.Dium, and%ix,ns su^vconVmitfee., ^. '• ' \ OnTmp'tionof^Ir. Foxj\'; • \ * •JiVso/i'^-ri-Tliat the account presented by Caleb Heuderson' be allowed by this Board and charged over to \thejown pf Antwerp.- Lott. * t Sieved by Mr. -Fox; that the account-.of. F. P,\ Carter be allowed for the amount charged. » Mr, DEWEV- offered an amendrrient that the ac- count be sentback to t}ie;cOmmitteo, which on his motion was lost . ' Tlie motion being put on Mr. Fox's resolution that the account of ,F. P. Carter be allowed lor die amount charged, it was carried; . Mr. AILEN, from the Miscellaneous Committee' made a report thereon,, which on motion o'f Mr. —'—was accepted and. adopted. , On-motioiuif_Mr'. DANN,— • li&olvcd-+ That Palmer Hatch; : J. C- Ackley, Jobti S'. Woffd aiid Stephen R, Foster, haying pre- BCtiitcd t!.efccUr« M«wuiU b% ,all<^«dk,tQ.wilL^drtt,w. ^ the same; Carried, '..,\\ -Qtt ni'otion : of Mr. DEWEV, ° Resolved —That the account presented by Judge -Dewey, bo allowed.,- Carried. On motion of Mr. ALIEN, • Resolved— That b. N. Thomas, HectorEggleston, O.H.-Harris,Francis Thompson,D. J..Rcdway 8; Wilkinson, Vr'iliiam J. Robertson and TliomisA. Soule, be. alloweij to withdraw, their accounts,— bc'mg defective. Carried.' Mr, -DANN olfered tha folWing preamble and\ resolution; '. » ' -. . Whereas the Board have ordered the publica- tion of the-proceediiigs. of the Board pfCauvasS- crs in-the''hve political newspapers in thisjCounty on the principle that - itls proper to support and .maintain thp pubiio-press and that Intelligence should tip disseminated arriongst the peiiplc, nnd Whereas, this jjoai'd omitted 16 name the newspa'-' p«r \Jfcw Iferk.'KeftrraBrf-a-paper devoted to ther «.of,T,---, ..-' ' •\. - - 1 ' - •-*/>? bA&ami;i;»rN<}y-r-24,. 1850. • At a special .meeting Of iaFargoviilo pivisioii, Kp; SCO, .Sons of Ternperiince, pnllod. and held on tliooeca. Bionof tlio dcatltpf one of flip 'mbittbera of \tliis j)i- -vision, tho -'followxng\.tesb-iiu\ions<\vcro reported and uhanTrnOusly allopfea;-\ \\\\- r •**.---y.-r~n- p- — - . Whereas the. aHrWiscF,Creator iii liis divine-^frovi- : deuce has removed- by - death . 011'rJbelci:c:dDfSrpihbr, JAVES EitAicE,;Sn'tlie niprldian-of life, ahdiri the miSst of his iisefulncjBs; therefore, • . ' • .Ee'Bolyed, That by t|io dcafn^T^r8flror'\K3a , KE ! t.Bia , Pivjsiorihiis.loBta..moii)beii-whoso : ta^ent,• faithfulness and.purictuality ; rendored- him an efficient ani_usei\nl ;mcinbi\r of this Division, as well as of the community -in-*lileli--ho-livjid.; \. '. - - . ., \• RoBplvcd, Th(it-in cQrtimort with the brethren of this yilliige, wo sincerely, deplpre', this aftlietingjdimeiia.aT , tion and deeply sympiithiso-withtho fiimily liud frieuds i)£ili.p_dc?casQd., ' '—- —— : ——' \\= ^-body--SflO^gross. ' , Resolved, That tliis Dh ; isipp t 'sliawtiitiirsyni])nrJiy tb^tlro^riraairo^hD-^ecoEsed-brTittjmih and wearing tbo usual badge of liiourmng atthe fiiner,- -Btswvices'pfthe deceased,; to-hp-held intliis y/illago; oh-iliisday,' - '' __'l^;_, i ' U-..fe_; _'r' \ ; \\\RffSolVed Thiittacepy of .these re?olutlpnsbo trans- mitted to*tho family of the d?eea! !,!r h a nd pubii^hcU iii the No»-York Reformer\. . \ -1 • ; I,. BHIIXELL R. S.,' '< • W. TUCKER W. P. ' H^cf'Ti^ . . Hardvraro. jplATAIiOQTJE, pf\Shefllela i Gfrninh sJv = /-and-Ainc*iciui--lI»i&HiTO^i»^4»r4iKJiift siilO by i, S..VAN BtlRBN^Np. 3, WbodrnirBrock: g.Off doz, EniVfisandFork*; • ' -- .-'.: .aat. pattoih's,.' 100 \ : Pocket Knives,, '\ ',- -\ • do /. ilOO. \ Pen-knives,8 and4 bhids,.; --•;. do. ;.26' *' Shears.and Spiiipors f do 2(»'Haiid Saws, from Se, to.l8»; 200JKaillIamiiieraVft™l*4c^toJS v -^- _\• .-?-=— -IIiitolipt^;tosolft^,,greatvariety,.' ..'.>. .1.0 dbz.-iiiriteaj Watertown and Jtasturn. \'--. Au^iirs\i;iid Alitor Bitts, : -\ __assorted, .: 2f»_dpz. IkiK-wood and ivory-.Riiles, .1.00.\ I).oor.)oek8;tihd jiitehss; ~ • ' .- . irjO \ Mineriil:KiiObs\ \25^et8^rac'CTnd1Bit.tSi-(Vpnrt8^-to^^^ - - Firmer, 'socket-'aiid mortice eliisuls, linfflish and Aiticrieaii, • Fiios, flat, ro'nd,, three sq-'f arid Deiitifcts;- lOOO,gross Sordws,'.frorn3-8 tp4iiicl), \ ( 200 doz.- Door Butts, WTought and cast, 1 to 6 iuch, \'MO.^iapiil-Si.fijitKiC-ks 1-2 to24 '' ^ATEnipwy, Tuesday ficfflng^bT/Sii/lSlO.* - -pureuttnt'to-pUblieii«fico tlie nicmbers of Morning StorDjv'iBibti,.5ro, 156, and. Meridian'Division, So. 30,8, S; of T. met at the Division Rpom, aiidphlnptipn. Bro. H.stj^Vli, of 803, was'^appointed Chainnauj; b andBro. A.'G-SiriTn, of B'O, Secretary, .' - On mption, the Cliiiir appointed Bros. Ingallsj Kotnp anJ.Btn-ili^k, a Committco to drrfftResplutipnsexpres-. sivc of the-scn^o \of the ineeting; \ '. • ; ' Whereupon thcfoliowiug Resolutions wore offerbd by said Committee and unanimously adopted- Resolved, That wo deeply sympathise with Brp., Daniel W. RiekcrVion und his fauiilv.in the irreparable loss they have siistaiiiod in the death pf a son'roid 7 tneinberof their family cirelo. Resolved, Thnt in the death of CiiAUtES 0. RicKEn- 80X, society has lost a bright ornament, an exomplary youth, and onowlio gave promise of-great future nso- fulnoss. - - . --.. . Resolved,'That wo testify our respect for the deceas- ed and the boreaved family, by attendnig the funeral in-abody. - -^—— - ' , Resolved, That those resolution's bo printod and a' copy forwnrdeditb flic'afllioted jhniily-. , < • - vflli.JJi.oUo'h.tho Bicotinit adjourned to 1-4 botore 1 '\ HARLOW SCOVlDT>,Ch'n.. . A, G. Smiir,- Scc'y._ 600' do\ Soparidires, X^ECQ V-iS'incli, 20 doi, Ciirr3--eombs 1 -fioiii8d'.;to28.0d;i;-.' i ; Bm9hcs-T-paint,viii'nisli-nnd-8haying,' • • 100 boxes Glass, rissor-tod sizes,. - •• r -•12-doz,-li.orsc-C'nrdrt,.«., . _. _,_i^,,-^. —GhainsrotridHtijid?! . ''( . .'...[ ,— . 10d-parr»-Shov.elS'andTpiigs,'assorted,,nhd stand's,' - - Cittjer aiid sleigh shoes; ; Brittania Ware', great-vn-, ricty ^Plated Ware, ciilce baskets, and candlfcBlioks, shoveisy 6]>adcs; miinuro forks, liocs, onyllfl and.vicPS Aniorican.and Jiriglish,lead pliie,:lr2iO '2 inch.titt \Vatc , piaiieSj pumps, improved' pnttcrn»,,-»M;ilt find ,cross.cuftsaws, warranted, Nails, Peru, Troy ahdPar- kor Mills' brand, cabinet maker* and saddlor's linrd- wai-c,;Irpn arid Steel, etc., etc. , . . • CSF*In consequence of tho very lowfttes of Irpn, etc,, manrlfaieturbrs are .enabled to rcdiicovcry mate- rially the prices of inaiiy leading_artlclcs in the hard- ware lino this fall, suoli'uaKnils.TJoorTrimniingfi, etc. ESrA'aKKEtAitsavs, \ A word ,to the. wise;\ ote. • llaving-a-Brbtlier engaged in fire importingIfatd-' are' trade, in New York, Cflnstaiitly-wut6hlngy,tUo-r miufKct,-! olaim'to have -facilities for buying; .equiil tci? > Waterto-wnXiycaum. .' The WATERTOWN LVCE^JII will mect.atMeehanic's Doll, over Woodruff & Andrus? Store, 8d story, atl. 2 past 6 pielpek, on Saturday, evening, the 80th Jnst. QnestiSD.:, Oughtihe Public Schools, tu* -tlioStatoto.be' .suppled by;aGoncral Tax.! ' ^ . By'Order.\' circu!atiojl.iiUhJ3_countjjmiong an- intelligent por tion of our population, Therefore, ' - '. \' Resohed—I'hatihe p'ropecdings of the Board of Canvassers be published in the \NeWvyprkReform'-' er\ at'the expenseof forty dollars. Cutried. ITFHTOiuTin^Mrritr-WTGBEES!; .fejo/t'cd—Thatthe Treasurer bb autlioriserFand duectcd to credit iba sum_of cightcerL-Dt—100 dollars to the town of Worth for provisions fur- nished the poor and paidby said-town in 1849.— Lost. f ' Mr. Fox moved to rescind the above resolution, Carried. , . V On molioujof'Mr,. Fox the resolution of Mr. R: W. Grccni was laid oh the table.; • Onm'dtiPipof Mi-.'-TmaiTs; : --...- Resolved— Tliat the account of Charles Cook for tho maintainance of \William Glass,,a pauper, be allowed. Carried. • . * ' „ Resolved— to adjourn until 2 o'clock P, M. ' __„ .*.Nov.20 r 2b'clockP.M- —BpardTnetrpurSant- to-adjonrnment—Rpllxalh ed, absent SleSsrs Bartlett l \Btili; Dann,'Hargor*»nd' -lt.W;Grebn.\ \' * -Oii- motibn of Mr. DAW, . — Resolved— that the extra' charge of-$20\ be al- lowed to the District Attorney'of JoSerson Coun- ty, . Carried. . . Mr. BoyEB,fr.omJh'e_Committce--on District At- torney, Jailer and Clerk, made a report thereon doptcd. On motion of Mr. GKAVES, . Resolved— That a Committee ofthree bo appoint- ed by the Chair to examine, inventpi^ and appraise the property n'ow on hand and in tlib possession- of tlie Superjntendoiits of the Poor, applicable tP the support of thprppr pf this county for theprea- -cnt ytar and. report the amount necessary to bo apprepdatcJt'for thnt purpose. TheChair.app^intedJMessrs-GravCSrBrown-ind-* Van Hosen. ' \ A- , . • J\. Moved by Mr, GRAVES, th»t the; Acting Superin- tendentsof'the Poor and the member electbe re- quested to accompany the committee inthe disj- charge of their duties; Carried On motion of^MrrDiEWEY; ;—^, . Resolved—-Thtit in fhe\opinion of this Board there ought to be a building .constructed on the north end of the Jail, 16 by 22 feet jr.ifh akitchen, buttery, stairway, chimney, overhand arch for kct- tles^^cPst-nbtpto exceed |i22ii, \ -•; o Moved by Mr; B. W; GBIEN, to lay the above- resolution on the table;- Lost The motion now being' put on the resolution of^ Mr. Dowoy, was carried. ' Adjourneduntill,o'clockP;M. J -. Npv,20,7P.M; Board met pursuant to adjournment., 51011 call- ed, absent Messrs Bartlett, Btill, Dann, Cline and Rnnnoy. «~*^ r . Mr. DEWEY from the Comrnittee to whom, was referred tho subject matter of thoSchPotpistrict No. 13, in the town.of Le Ray, madea report there- on, which wns, on motion of Mr. Hannahs; accept- ed and adopted. 5' ' .... ' Oii motion adjo iirned Unfit S'oclock tomPrfdw. morning. . Jeff. Co. Institute.' 'T*irE Whiter Term will cbmmonco on Tinadtly, Do- JL'?cmbcrl?tb, and continue fifteen weeks. - . piaKscswill bo fonhed in Agricultural Chemistry: and Moral piiiliisopTiv. Tho latter will boTnstructou byRev.P. Snvder. DT\M.LlNStEY > atNcii>.'Li_' WatcrtdwirJ\N«ov 1850, In tills village, ou tho ovoiiiti5_pf the 25th iiijst,^ CHAar-B! C.^sbn\oTD W. Riekoraoii,Tn^tio'SIst-ycnr of liis.«ge. ,r\. We have in tliis- BUddtin/provrdence but nnqthcr, proof that in'the midst of,life* wo oro in death'. Mr; Rickcrspn was just entering upon manliobtl. lift nni- ny noble aud gbnoroust tpiits of ehiiractcr gavepronaise of a prosperous carter, and endeared' him'to a largo\ circle of werm.fricnds.^-But ho has fallen-bsforii tho destroyer t v ,;.. • •.'<,•-.• Although his-frionds had fears that that mostiusid- ious'of all diseases, tho Consumption, was preying up. on his vitals, aBd for a few days past ho had been subject to bleeding at the lungs,\ ttpohtie day of his death, though someWlSit indisposed,'ho was about liis business as iistud. In the evening ho was intlie storo in company with several of liis yonng-fricndij : iii his usnarTniirits, but suddenly ho said he'was-afrniof that iiis-liings wcro about to. bleed again—ho throw np a mouthful or two of blbbd, threw backriiiiTlicadTand breathed liis last almost instantly, withoiit ahotlicr- word. . \Surely tlicre.is hd a step between us and death.'-' -, •' ' - '• '.*f ' '.. . . - - CYRENUS H. WRIGHT.' Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Tin ware, Sheet iron, «6o; Factory Strcctf opposite tho JEaglo\ Hotel. Qfr —flnr«-pran1pi.fy„fiPpf1. , 5,000 Bashelx Barley- Wanted. C ASHwillibo.ptud forBARXEY,»t the Pearl Barley Mill of tho subscriber in th'isvilliure. near Factory Squaro. 'VOhNEY KIMBALZi. Watertown, Nov. 28; 1850; . • 1* • T IS1TES! VISITESl VISJTESI \just rco'dat tho Dry Goods \Warbbouso; a lot of beautiful plain and Watered SilE. and, Turk Satin Visites, which will be sold extremely 1OT$. W, 6. ADK1NS & CO. 14 . •.'...•• . . Opposite JCirby ilouse. Kaw Books! NBW BOOKS!1 ' J UST received at tho Jefferson Oonnty Cheap Cash Book •tore, No. 10, l'nddock's Block, Lives of Madison andMonroc,by 3. Q. Admns, The Earl's Daughter, by .Rev. W-Sowell, Soyoi-'s Modern Housewife, . , -j Kings aiid Qiieeiis, by\J. S. C. Abbott,' . Johnston's Lectures' on Practical^Agriculture, - The Valoof Codarsj,by\Grace Agullar, - - . Mu3icoS.it was nndasitis, The Prelude,, or growth of a Poet's Mindj^«Jgm v Wordsworth. '* ~~*T [' Additions made of new works, as they arcissMd from this Press. '• \ 14, J. C. STERLING. HEAVY DAM*cr.sA--Thor»aa Itcys, of Boston, has just received #10,000 damages of the Stoii- ihgton Rail Road Company for being ejegjed from the cars ,with undue violence! TlierTriiil took place in Providence; In-the Misaiaaippf Convention a mossagp was reeeivbdf?bm GrjV; <4.nitman, ! statingthat;no cpf- respondence had taken pined boUveeh hnji nndtlie Executive of other States with, fcjgijtd'to the sub- 'r»s \cession;\ _ , *'<''\.'- •\• v • •. • 1, • -_, • -. ;• i... . •>• / . , -'• M.W- . ' Oift* flwtheHolidaya..-\^ A GREAT variety of GiftB«Kiks, for old and young, now opening at the BopkiStOre of • ':.*--..;;.\- - iJ:;C; STERLING. - yrMenta for little children, >may bo found herein nbnudancc. ... . 14 A Merry Ohriatma* and A Happy STew A t- - \ »eaip tl. . ' ' -i •. jm.T^.tm^E^.aL.'m-imm- for-*aai.efcJ«.». ' LARGE fesOrtrnqntotAtiriualsj-Pbeticiii Works, ApplStbri's LttonirV M3scellauy, Prayer Books •and Bible's, handsomely boulid, for -Holiday freientf, jnstrecoivodiirtd.forsalphy . — , ' KNOWJjTON^RlCE&CO, 13 TO nSROHAITt^ rpiIK NEW HARPWARE- HOUSE of Jt John- X son ML Son, Importers AVholesale aiid .Retail Dealers-, would pohtelycall: tho'»tt«ii l tioiiof|thc.'tradp to their extensive' stock-of [Hardware, Oatlery, tic. . Wb hdvi Piihrthd 'ij:heavy • aiHPunt-0»\;Englisli and German Goods of bui' bwn tecent itnportatiort, andnstpokbCDbmcstie- Articles made to bui\ Orders, by Ameriean ManuflictUrorS, allot' which will be siiii- plied'tpthA trade at Ne^Xork^lowest jpbbing.priccs. Sbliditlintf iyShf brdchi; *o;roniiltt ,_ >'•*'• ' \ Yoiirobe'dlebtserv'ts;. .'.\ /\ . , \ , Rv:JOHNSON .5 SHiNs ;- Wateft.ow1i,,Ndv.14j,18iS0;. / - j Bpocial Piapntch by tho Q>Bi«Hy Idae. \ ' '\•• ^.. ' ' • ' -R*FQHMF.B.'OteCE, ) ' • , ^ Wednesday TjP, M/Nov^t j '• ; J\ Theydjerirn is realized \when Watertpwn.haaa; Toiegraph,_!ind'tiorliuiet'citizBtis; can 'r.^aasurecf that nothing can tnmspite en thi^? teirrgatrial,': mundnnc, opaque, spheib'id, but ^vhat' tljpy (pay hetrj'6f It as tpiick na any body else]; What a tritimphpf art! 1 Tb>-speed ofligltUVghmrig itnd tlwiiglit itself, is diatanbed, and theren^ilpjit parta-of a'cpntinept-are hrouglit \vitHiif fln'm-i stant'a tiipe of na! '^Nature's mysterloita Tagbrir eies are subservient to otir. will, and vv-c, tiime the lightning as ii pabfchorse. to eatrj bur nesysl! * tVe ntelridebfpdHo-t^ the gentlemanly; opeqtt'orftt tliis atatibh/nasi'sted \by Mr! B.-F-. D : A^%fbr^e'follmying%pbrt'^ ;.t)\b New Yoi'liMarketa, s\ent pvetf theirdihejhis evepihg>ex'pfessjy for our-piiner. -.\.''•\;' '; \' /. \'.[#TB^L^S^^JOXKtf._ -'\;'; ..' •' •\.-•\••, :-^'yoK)j,.\S T oy,'25:,,%e..M;' •' ., FtouBj-lIeavy and. dull. Sales 500 bbls. *t i%% a, 4..B3'tb:r;cQmmp'n*cr.s^^ m.oh.togopd„; S'ostprii.StSipOa'5\(jBfoimirecGcjoSJ sc'ffi.\ Gti.iadiiih. atiiiids -at - '4 00-,'- '.The' eSpbrt bYjjonB rrVPmtl^)rsth't£ihj2.^K^hi8^,8n/).-: •:•>,.. ;.-\: t , ._'-A^iiKA^TTair -milling', deiiimid \.g.oodVbut ntprlee*. b.olow views; of lioHlefs, .Last sales, primo fieiiesspe :«H 2'l i niid'Ohibati44conim'oiv. .\.'\\ - * OATS^-LeBS plenty, and fpi-' Northofn holders ask 48 coiitB, Last sales at, 4Tcon,tt.. Corii riot' ccti.ve.-y Lmijitjid.tp Western-worth70 ets.\ A.smnltjlpt!oi'ilew .^Northcriiijoldat62-ccnts;' -' '.- • . EnovisioN3---Vorlc mess is held with, more firmness, with sales SOffibbls, ntll 37 lr2 a 11.50, arad,priine lit .'8 8^»8:^ r ....'...'' '.'.•.. \•' .',....',*'. '-:'• •••:'. : O>tanty/01erI?«'^6tfcWv' T,' '.• .' * J \E?*J^SOIi Clerk's -Oflicc, »»,• Nc-tloe l» ™!sbygK-Bnthat»pahelofG'rAiw-Juror* and » pan61ot P8tit,.4nrpi3>„.for,the nexttomiof tho Cireult CourtandGoartSf QyoraiidTerminoVj tobbholdat tlie Goui-trHpulfeift-t&e^ilhtgo of Watertowh; ih'and tPrsaid oouhts-,'Sn;the seeond Monday of December ' noxt, «dl!be T drawn at JluS-Qince ohMoiidnV, She 25th dayof Np*^in3.t..,,at.»-hV rAvMy.;vJtated Watertown, •New ZOillinery jOooda.' NE VlCOMKi;',wbnl'ut frifp'rnx;; the,; Jjultes of, S R'ECTE©.'%'MK%.;PAaaoSk^^^^^ %inpicted,;aija\is:an?iSaitf!»^A ciivt • \rh$rA'.tM^;'!y^i^g'f%^^^#h.i^:iffi$'#'o|l^Mt-' -'* '- Oranges an~d XibinOnei'-'-''';, -' •^.... . JTtjST roepived by KwfMss'.''iL!6ji'jpf nice. Oranges fj and homoiis-ii^ yio UWipU i/J'/inej/. No, 4 Ar- cade;, ,, , V' ' .'•-• .-'. -'\*'\ 1000. do ;BHids.Alidjan-Niii!s,l,1^2t'6 , 2iBeh 1 • Kno. rlii.\ S\«tiiiiiililBs..l3PFo fr'g'inali. '-'• - .W«tortoivn. Nov. 9, ^Np.'8,.Wobdriiff Block. ,1850. /_. •\\. 14 Paramattas and MeHno*». - JJ'sre this dav-opbnine a splendtd/as«brtraent-o . Paramattas \and ilennocs—the prevailing eol- ,11- ^-GVADKn.NS'*Cp.\ TRBB MUBB1T>L . Bill of Fare for Thursday Wov.,28, 1850. \PIERCE has justrecflivCd'-athisPcpodJcal Depot by. X DailyExpress,-.-': '*' . '\/ V * - IIarj)er'8 , Monthly Mapazinc, ; Nov. , 25 cents, 'Godoy'BLady'ffliOok for November,'price 25 ct».. . Graham's Magazine, ' •..,\ .\ *'- 25\ Sartain!s Union Mairozine, •--,\• \ 25- \ ' International Monthly Magazine, ,\\ 25 '' • l'otoi5ioii?sXadieii''Nati!miilMag. \ \ 18 \ - Thojloiik ©lUrht otStidohii^ \ \ 50 \ Coiio,by G.Q. FbstcTj -..'\. 25. '<: • . Thellcn^of Gmiuty, •• . . 12 •\ Horace Templefori, fLovor'a last,)\-. 22. \ •- ' r -Tii i »o;. .>..,..i'\ 25 \ W '' i^VW'l,';.i<iu;itk,uuiuuc>, , v.. w,\y*.ou.aoptlClt^2A^ l ' • Nntiou'al:T l omppranc*;OfluringfOrlB51,.*3 W ' _SoaWLTijnkrari^jQmimi{_ JL-r— 2'SO Tfrcreo'stal Fount for 1851, $2 00 The Moss \Rose for nlltesons'. -2'00 '• . lvoloolalv,byM*yp.\ ••.-'• . ' • 50 - TheScanisti-css, by RoynoldS; ,25 Hyacinth, Mrs. Grey's last, • • ... •<-'.. 25 . Subscriptions receiyoi/or all magazines and liewKpa- 5 perit, an'dmost of thejnMipplied free Of p6sta%cl.lKoi member Rievti t -iftext dpor^KiistrPf tho, t |ron Blocltj 7i r atortpwn. .•' --. \ *; : . \ ., .\' O ONSTANTLY orri^ng front Now^York, Bojtpnj' Philadelphia, and o.tl'icr-Publislrers. Persons con have any Bo61t3:thoy wish for^ prildrod \from No^yjYOTlroTr^lrcitTrotiTOpis-onr-receipts-^ £Batl3!ic(> aro_frcouent. ~ It ~ , KNQWDTON.RICE&CO, Teachers'Book*! W Ehavoa full assOrtinent of School Books, and are making additions thereto as'bften as now »^« r..;.i.,!.i:.a \ ur.priec8.oro low. KNOWLTON, RICE A CO, encs are published 11 3L ^CTItER*-Yxsin^\KrTOSTOraT-=Mrrf^^ proved Sctf Adjusting.Curtain Fixture for sale at '•: '. J.'S. VANRttREN'S. Ocfa 30\ lSao, 10 x jNP;8, Woad.rbft Block. • : : Proclamation •••>• '. .... fN obedience to a precept issued .according to law _L and to mo directed and-delWcrdj^porsous bound .to appear at tliecgnrtbf Oycr-nrtdTORiiiuer,to behol- : dch a t tlip Court Ilousoinimd for theconntyof-JonTer^. son, in the State Of ^ew^orkjpjijhj^dMondiiyof- liceembernoxt, at leu onSWS^n^tKSTijroripOirBf-thnt day, bvreco<inizanco or othcrwise,-«reliereby.notified, to appear tKe%at; and all Justices, of the Peace, Cprort- ers, and other officcft-who ha vetakc'iiony recognizance for tho nppcanirieo' of any poraonat siich courts br.who haS-c taken ariy inquisition, or the;oxnminaHon;of any prisoner'or w-itnesi, to return such rcedgiilztince, in- quisitions, and examinations to the said court ot the opening thereof,' on the first day Of its sitf ing.~pated Watertown, Nov. 12, 1850. —-12w4 BUFUS nERRlOK Sheriff. - ' Hardwiare-I- » E ;T.OHNSCKNj_*vSpn,will,Soil »fi-grfcat. disfepjint. • from tho usual prices: ' , ....••'• '60. doz, MihorolKnribs, common and plated; :20 dpi. Pearl White, common and plated,'8 doz. Silver Pluted, 75 doz. Tliutnh Latches, 50- doz. Mortice Locks nnd, Latches, 24,doz. Rim IxHJkSTklfd'XlitchcS, 42 doi Door Bolts, 500 doz.Doot Butts,.10Qd\grciss.Screws 500 4egs Nails,. Buttons, Ketches, Window Springs,, Rrads, Knobs, &c; . ..•..•..,, • Store on north side of Court streotj above, Kirby' House, opposite Qlis' Block. ' To Oarpenters. -\; T) JOnNSON & SONWO onhand, at low coin- XL* mission prices, 50 doz. Saws, haUd and paiicl.: 20 doz. back and .Webb, 0ft doz; Aiiguwi and Bifts, 5 doz. Unices aiid Bitt.-s, 03 doz.Ilammera.and Hbt«liota(,C, dttz; Hand anil Broad A\es, iodbz. Squares, steel and iron. 80 SOtta lionch Planes, Rules, Try Square* iBpy- ilB,~l5Svcls; -'^liiigca; Joiners'\ Tbols, Anvils, *Pi; itf endless variety.. ,...,, • '-,.-,,-- : , ...'-:-./ Store north side Gourt,-stroo(j above, Kirby.Hoto), opposite Otis' hlock. ^, '•.••'•?' - -•....-. ..'... • r «i-_ ^\xSlBabiiiet. Dealen. -•-=;, - v ',•. 200dotEngliiihrmdAtnerican^^Drawjibfiksi;\ ^ * m'.l*: Tablfrliinges, r . 'J^i-* \ ' .- , ftoOsetiCiistor^iBriiss^udn'Pn;- '• ' \'•-\. \' 50grossbMSE%utclieon*. •••'-•'»•-• Jf*\ Hook*,- »croW!«, h»i|s,&c;, c^isgo.inakcfs'adp]* and itPPdiijiChehulv. arofoi\ salo at rnnmitaet tircrs w. <&\&'\'•:*'• v\' .\ R, JOHNSON**0#.,..\ •Store 'miwriX&tiofffiiiH; itre^ydooiji'ticJOrbji, Hr&m,vpjfa!leQtte8loe% -.-',;,.. ..•.'...,-;i'J.-'..;•;.-.'•l.O-.j, Goods fbr rail Trade. \ . CAJIPBEUi & BRA^T'O^ : \ \\T6« *» Cfflirt-itVoet; arbno\wl'>nKi6e1pto]p*Marge; : i>-»tockbf/Biqr -fto*oe,Ri>itod to;tKe;se«p;R V *hieh tlieyinvife, their ;on»tomei*-aiid.thcpublioj^r#*lly?tp: callandex'amipe;' = :• ,'',; ,.',''•'••C;-ii4, lJ i'v '»'-' 'They w:ould^^paftidularlyjsohcitthoauontiohw.thpsa. wislimgfo^nrchMiWtliplr^tPok^f ... .,..\, . In price* arid'Ciuallty Pf-go<W9;.ihey are ,prb^»re.d tb offer M'oryindttfiemintto pttrehasei*.. * '.:,; • AtrAANbtifiCAkrBE'Ll;,... . . A,PfBttAiSrbN r Jrt; ; iii 1 -'s'oi<:t^iiti\^Qi?mis- a fjiii K'ieii n \:|J>t B *.si.J i t llic>s<s .JtCvbririg' Her •with' their-ciistpin.S; \SUn*. JPecfcbxtepd's,-a.jifoTit!p,'Si-\\ vitatiQU^Sn,l|v;r^fh-SU:'*Slags-jiiid- cpuBtrytplciiill.aud , 6'xijiutir'ielicr Btobki . :• i\ •-,;'»';':'•\. ' • ' •' .•••':•' ,.'V> : - '\- ^Nlit^pjvi^ojsy^l??^-\;-''';\. '-'{'r_•:„'••'*$ ' ' \1 -• WournineiGoods. -,v«.'; G, AD^I'tfS.& tip;, have fc^ntly;pp|ned,in . /-. cxct-llxMit a-i^ortiiieut ot' ICoOThing Oooda, epn*istilig of Prints, .DCTjftmes, Ciislimerea; cfift;«C<S' , Also,,-a variety of.itpurlitrig aiid. Halt Mbnrhlhg shawls.;,;.\:;. -; ;x \ ? '\ ;y. ,f ^^.\ i? '\ . .- ..'•.'•'• •••BT'osi;Ooo^.-Drds8,G^'6da.-v; \'•'•\,'TT In;ndditibii tb.0ur:lirrL'e.'.s't.Q'ekbt'MijSpiaftasj'.M^ noes,- Ml Wppl,-Delj!iiniia:.ati^.'Ca^Qr\dr^M^iux<Xiia-> tresd-a.-jWelmvo4liiftl'';d.ay. 1 'reeBiY:iid;''an as'sprtinont'of nlsw-arid'stylish' Pre3s;..G'po4sv c P!?? 1 Xffng;bf'; •:'. .i Siiti'ii (Jrepk,' ' .; ''\•' ;31igurod-pAiV.i'onhci,.,' -'- •?• (il'i'apieieon Soihidor,. Eiiibrpfd^reiJ Spritag8;,<£*,, wl'rieh we shall, bbpleiisedto'showj and asshrp tlje.-La» di'eathai\t)icse. Spoils' - nrb-6if{Iib'''nibsW-oc^rit -HiiwrJa-' .fions.ano1arc.-notc4ttalltHl'M'tbc:'mitrketn^'tp',Styje;aiid. Bc©i>/.- -/- '^y.','rMi&fJ>^ , l }s! ! W'^-^.r.- '•-• '12, Court street. Xidxnry and OivUization so Hknd,'za Hand' ? •?it $M$3^MT^MWi f $& -•' ^. 4, ASCAOB, TO-ATBintOWZf, If. T. . nnllE siiijibrlbbr, i!iivin^rcuiov_ed,tci^theatioVefiisii- X ioniible ;aiid ifiagnfflfiiibt Arciidi)., \begsrrip8t:ro-. r ,Bp.e«tfiilly-tpa.l9.sti.f^the<iWizo;i3iof^ ndjoinihg.ewviitry, tliat.iiotliing'shall; bbtwnntiiigoii rhis-piut-HO^eji^w-this.jttofripnaljloxesprt'.ihxbiilityia ; • TBiopjua or PAWO». : . Oiirmottorslrall Ireio, ^int-ther'flhstiaml~p]eaM:tl>4 \JUj/e:: Having roeoivcil \5 Diploma* and, ;sevohd »rat>' Prpiiimiiiiti iii.SilvoriWare, and-apiplpinawasawards , red hiiit atthb Fair of t^e • AmerioM JifetitTvtb^eity'of'- New York, for the' s.evohiT sneoimoiis of Coiifectioiir erey iminHfiib.Uirod.by hiiiiijelt. -Tho 'public ihay;rcljr...., oh nil ar^bles^mlirttrrthi^clitablisluiient', to/bbmadO:'' of the best' materia]!!- Drdbr*- ill tp\yif.'and,epuntry' attp.nd'ed,.tp with puSetuatiiy^iTeiitliess ^nd;di8\p».teh. liandsbiiisiy'pniamqitbd'- Wedding. CnkeV.T.e-inples,' Pyranids,Ciikes^Pastfy, Friiit, NiitS,IcoCreains.in- . fb'hiis, together with air cndless-VafietyjfConfection-;, crj-, PertiimCry; F^ricy •ftnielcs,>ffbysi^rc;dojfig.'<Jake'-.\ Boxes, &e, Ice Croains;-OyBt«i^' Mid,other reficash- • liieiits siervwl.iip at tlie tiliortcst: jioticb. \BpstinVpbrt» Wtiigars1 : '' ••\'r>-.- -'•': \• ZWWmGWT.;: . - Cfgi 111 ; ?NC4, Arcade*,.. THB rSOEUFS STORS: idMUUri^Jleim^JmpmtdqniMMttrg&i .'.- . is-- --\ . , D,.;Ml^Tj»p|tiJs T ,.-;. -.;- , .'; - - ; • yS?ING ogaiii resumed tho SicrcantUbBusinesa Tat Wiijertown, ishappy to inibiriiijiis^ld friends - and the'pjiblie gencrullv tliat ho pas', ppcnejl a-iibw, s Store in Calhoun's Block,-Coiirt sfc^fricarly where tha flames of Mav.13,1840, 'deinolisliedliiii other Store,) wheire ho would bb pIciBcd to see liis\fPiroerpiitroh» and all others WliOi will favor him iy'xiU'a ; cail;boping. to twablp to jnect the demands and please Jho taMto Of all.\vli \ ••-••- - - - -- • isalll _. .. , t ., pftlieseasop.\ .FOrinsfanco,afiflraAsortmcntbfBroody'- cloths,-from 81 to.i8,5i| per; yard: Cassimercs, ftjbin '4a.tb.i6s . per yard. SatiiiCtfs y . JVom. ,8«. Cd. tp 6s. -.p^vara.ii!tweb(!s^Aoii»..2s. : Od.tbiSa. rflryard, • Cir-> 'pct<r^T?(iiri Is.ifp3s4*ci-yard. Sheetings, firojrt 5 l^S pts.toS.cts.71er voria. Bleacheddo., from5 l»:S'9tii;-. to Is. poryard. - Tiekihg, iVoni, ft.ets.tpas . porTard; M\«Vm a«« Ixut>c», from Mt to 2s. per yard. • -Jleri- .n0c9;,froniiis. Gd. to'4si;pcr yiu-d^- -. '. . - r TAlpa6e5i3,Callco6s,mid'otlier'things iuprc«ortion; \ Sugars, eoffeosj SpTccjij arid- a lot of that sanio 2s; 6d _JcaT. Come arid sbc; 5gf W qwrntity of WOOL. _ antcdi as usviat,\any- 0et>40,1850. - ,-. •-\'.•\•».;. • Bonnets IBonnete'l' . ' j;?ASEHONABEE MILWNERY; . - : . ... Aiifn olditqiill of 3irs.\ tyflti, rcitiiUy ocevjitd ty 115»?; I}iiffff:as,a:bonfee!iohar/fslbre. \-TtTRS-AVAY would rcspecffally Irtforrri.thb\T4dlcii li.VJ.bf -Watertown akid viplmfy; that sho has justo-' pbiied n;newnnd fasliionabjb mihinory establlshinent ... „ :wiui a full, rieh,ana'cpmpI\'te-a^brtmeut;ofFan»indiWin-c ter uoo<!s; \consisnniror^B^hnbtSr x KHib&iis-,--8itiD shops ii BroadwaVj-fCei'dftc. •'?.-- \•'. •, , =*—'• - JIiivinjnio^yTwtab!Isirea'libiSfiinrn:lnt^llag9,iH^ resnoetfully soheit8.n.Bhnro ofjtliP Iladies' piitroniigii. aniViilcdgcshersolC to selVomtlie moat rewonabletcririf.- (Jountry Millimimshpplied^irfeasonahlo'feniis.' >'• _JiVatortpw.n, \Nov 5,1850..- .' -- ,10 Xortfatf lUle. \rt7^1EREAS;:dctodthas- : heph made in tlio-payi -.Ty.-mont of L tM monies sccuMid to be paid by a cerJ ' dci' \ \ '•'\ ..•.•- .... -. tiiihindehturij of a»rtgn»iexccutcd*ySteplien;M«r f«>iir h titidrCd dellafa; ^trdliearirig^dahrtlH)': riuh day 'm\\^0i5oE3ym r tli6 ; y^\i^^ —r— cigiithiuidrcd.arid forty-hinc, upph \«U that certain ' -,•••' \piecb pf. phrcel-of land lying• iftid-bping ln.tli« Till«)w of Watctto\vn,.-inid bPtmdcd tt sa WPw^i^'teBcaiu- '• ning at' the soiithv-w'est corner of the lot dwled to '• Thomas Mosiqr liv \John Foster, Npv.Jl^ 1825; oh the ^ librtli inorgin of Faotery-sb, aiid runniiigflrpiU! tlumc*^\ •; easterly imd along said margin.71 dej-. io^inrcast one: ifihaiu aiid tSyb liuks^itlieiice liorth .U8v=de^j45-min\i • -'ftesl. hi. tint uuuipu,;-uf—iBlttcte-SiVcr,-ithencc^ieullH•» . westurlj^dowii the mairglh of said river to *» point -•---' frorh'iwhlclf; turning and riinn!r<e;(«o«th 1.8 dey. 15 •* iuln1' 1 ejist, will strikfei^tlio placp of beginning en the. \nbffli tfifirgliK.df said Fac-ton--i?t,excepting nnd r*-'.'- sbn'ing therofroiii (wb rods on tliii£as»leriy»iac^;i)y» • lifib rnnuihg from the north: margin «f Factpry^st-, pnmllel with the S«d easterly liiip 1o thoanatgin of saidrlvor: Arid whercasj tho said mortgage was duly recorded\lit flurCbuntr ;ClerkV Ofttee of tJolBirson •daiiu'ty^Oetdher 27. 184a;;at S l-ijli, 18; 1LM ; bPpk No. 40-of aiortgsgcsSnpago'*2i7i^.';''ai«d\lrint tner* is neiw^elaimcd to bo dim on said iportgagc. •£ the first. piibUcPtiPn of this notice, as ihtewstbn^idrrk»rtga(to, - •--— the siim Of ?32.(IJt, aiid that-hoiuit at Uw has been comifieHced Or instituted for tile collectiptt <rf. the • Wh'dlb.Or'any part thereof, '.. .' .-•'.», ? : \Ntftjcbis: therefore,- hereby given that 03 virtue-of thestifiitcirislicli-caseriiadoand.pjrpSridedahdipowi '. firtli, anfcbf'March «cxr v 'at-0'o'«lpctAvMfeI)a««d Wiito'riPiv-n,!Nb\V.£<f.l850. , I—. - *N •'''.' . L.lNGAL'LS;,Attl!v •'.•'' „\.. t ' , ...'\' r ',-'- ' '..- . 14 .'• .\ RAW^ONMJCOMiySyMorlgiigee^ . ',' --Pior^tf •*1*«.- ;•'.' \- .;;T*.,. iT^tVtjiT'haung;bcettmadb,in.tiA JL/ sniiiof moneyseiuredtobo.b«dby a certain in> -dehtrirbfif mbrtmige,-;dafod:thc thirtieth day of Juno, : *ightebn,h'unared^^ andthirV^bvcB^exeeated'b^Hw. ' . Ipgewon; Of LcBsy.Jctrv.ep.i'KYii-tp, albert Tea • said mottgigeiW-follPw'Sj Vizt allHihaiceffwii.ptee*^ land ih the .tP*uliif^oR»y)TCoahtS 'pt- Jeffcnoi ajnd' •- State bf Ne* vYbi*jbe\nLvpart of ldt:Nb^4Vefh«hV;:' - dred and.niiielyio'venrf'trio.,gub^vi?ipa»;oC;gt*it flbtNoU'fmi^bt Mc^binb'B-purbhM;'^ lbw*V vizi rfegifinin^fretakeandtstPnbsattliSii^^ Bbutlierlycoirfier pt','44 acres andM«0;:d^*d.,t6;Jb)ir \Ai(t6ou.v'-tho Aiigu'»t.l815,;«M ^mniay '- -thoricb 'southittVrflvo and a^halt decrees MK^flgtr. ' w , - \ hiiio chiiliw ahdtwc'utytfl Vb' lihk»;tp: istak^^itoneiji; 'bt;»ct)riibr:of'Jarid'heretofQi*'de«cd!tbisa^ tbenco .ftbrth thifty-fptir• itid atalf.d^^'elghi:-*,' '• cbrtra* and \scvcuty--rlv* links:W- »;:stiikVaB4^ijfpo*pj •:, ,tlieiieohoriri';flfty--ltve:arid:«: half deg;;jfeitjlftySthref; ihfiiiis' and\ finyj-miks foj # stake and ston«« on the ^. south side pf ahfobltihtho:caatcri^^ . acfe';,-AiidAV«crcaaj'-thc.-.s>i,d%6 •'., 'lcV-Hc.u'rbd thb^ Mbseri'bb^j/toidithferb Is jribvi*-diio.ibh .*airt;rhbit(Na|;it|'!. tlio;dit«;'Of this:'n0.ticb;the-M *mV.ijftMy4iir-Ce^ts'rf|!8^;;8,S) v ^ •' ' -Jiiw»ing;l^tt'3,^ riai'tl'hcrepf,.;V» ,'..,;^.;^KSVt'rt i::: 'i; ; \\ft : ;'.»;^'.i?i••••>' Noticb*is^o'r'efor;6'hbfeM'-Mvcn',W^ mveif of 8ilb'.c?ritainod=ini^'d«prtif^*hd-^ . ---tKorbvrtth;-; th«;*ri6'w. SeiM^i Be\tj^r«Hmla*e: -wiH-lie: aeldl-; • '• - ,rit'puhlfe;*i«Mrfeife -rrCTHnle^r^Wihei-vl^ie^i,,.', ' W»!erto%iu : bnsth&6tha^ .••*• ;P. Mi ; *B]lj^'d:^M#**tttK!by;^|ifl*»j-'' -- '•'\ '-•'•-\'' »«OTiJli;»i»Y-Ji>,i«wy-,,,-. ,-., .. . ; T;.,. :. _••'-'\' 'i : ,- : -, \ \Xi- f .i L W:^$(A ^ 4j«„.

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