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The New York reformer. (Watertown, N.Y.) 1850-1867, September 05, 1850, Image 1

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into »etfct schools. No simpler truth _ r ,,„ rvT . rf , t . YV _„. tW*pi«Wt-fliM&Hilio«M «(^fwtJKiordih|f to the eijerw incurred in ii«f*0liuk gbod school, and that should be e*. '—^ boied'jipon the actual a^iAiwin iMwnow^WdM^\ WpJOcVoC -#ojith»vd^V JiJ^PJ^f^iptwould. Wrcasqruibjpi . |-'pi!,rintfc|iWfrS\n«*l^rp?\% B^lywlpt.-M-. tlie 2d. Thoae who feel that their credit might be shaken by fcueh a statement, admit by raising the bjecbon tliat thejNwe not-nghtfully—entitled-to credit, but procure it by holding out false lnduce- intiiia, nulling under fake colore. It were far better tor community at large that such men be |%ongJnVtafheir Jrue..level. Why slijpjil*thelaw fdrnisji a Shield for scoundrels t.p dupe an iniiOr :yi .i : :T^l^^:|r^j<^;»t|B?l'J<:^lwt .weoffria-djis^ : ;,;;:^tip|§*i$^^ ''fv/^^ bool*\ihouW \iw^mif 'be^i^'Cy^disr ^^i^mbrii^lkhl •<:•& >:V>V*-' ;; i'**!•'''\H U 1ferT«s $«wviolentmany liiv*bee^ei!jgiin*ttJi«f •-F^JW^f^#>J^^fn^^%'6fthtnjpi,. L . -. Mthesw^.TTHOif^ttrpbMnW co»ldnot fitil .-,-t*lii#-no1k^^ dMri^forjUMMmelengthof »chool,forexiSCTp. - IAM«, AM ahd wpin. Many, diftricti, for ye«r«4 \ -l|fap^WO^ ; y|r^^p|^i|^*^V ^ a»«Volnln|;^ai»^QMia^vl^j^yeiSyr^he ..' lsri^lii&«|, , Wif«»i.fo* thlii:'-vsry;pnq«*e.- ^Wi^Wrt J -^,tfl' : ^d^Jj»rw« i iriariy would tlet, watoalto Motyecilohabl* In regard to tin* iarfiartaatioatar*, a* the rww.• Neither of them -. \dtt dahii Biuoh ^ItoHjr # i*tlei''r4r4,TicItlwr aUpiro/ a rowdy- U wUl b« wjy .4MWuU to. -*Bte§iif*j>«fi!i^ eij«Kyi ; fcW W* Jn»y approximate-wWi 'fnuch m«r*imrne»*tl>M*iUierta old law, .The only toi t&VaWuld be rjjaed- byi-f oyy i* d**ired by any, ft ought Jo 1* It Wto.wjjoy it and no one «1**,~ '\#•i^ both the advocate* or theok^and the nowlaw a UtU. at Unit U) thk particular, It !• to H JiUk parpo** §»*(*#cl^>ijlt* upon rmov*M*teirftytb*6ia*r, when both are «ub- joWt^ii.aai^olfc^ f*t^fc'$HM<pW of in >et, wUthar a few. £9f«^ *oU*r* Uririf in a district whera there la'aWtUaJtyof j^^r aeholara^pay a t«i for-! ihrnuMrtrtof tb* aebool under ft* 'Jfo* jfcfaoj: a^wwot.pAd«r-;t)M old. ,,S»t- ln..joaliM to .tha taoftraathaod- c-eiit widunsuspc'ctiiig niultitude, orilj{,,to deceive. .... , j^&wrongthemfi&tofyhiLM^ Oljectibiis raised to thenewjiaw w stated in*p^Bitit nwylhl^ first JSo,, I?» our riext pajicr: ^ hopeib lwvo .riwm.to complote Uie w^yaia; Our. object \s, ;J^^; l l^|h.^.o1^(ipr^^ (Bothinjf ie»» r than;whfch will craWeui to apply a te^ir^^^^^fthe ^tfjiffiniirierit ;*»bjeettpr» .Jtisggi Wh|^;thejy.,w»cH into the new., tilhtif are. in debt, and \by industry afld;:p^r»eTefaifl|B would ^Bojne 6'ut tight-We*iwwer,if nten*i*e honest, industrious nnd ; pefwvering^ «tstoteinenthand^to_thoBs»e«gpr8, would not disturb their business^ afieh inenafeever pi'ocijfo. .credit oh-BUae pretefiijtss, or outward show. BCT if.lie did Rot,jKJhthe.gaa^iors ishoul^be requir- ab«)rt>ing so inueli of tho vital saps of tho tree, ^ar^cttjuti! blail^tejirt^ f^^^^i-j&t e .iiS-tij^l^ jfj^Vjes'^Jj .^o«V fri'e^r' 'oVfttti^jri»' : ! at ifsTdouj^it may be nourished and prunetl into 'vigofbUjigrowth.'' The\ nold^sjock fcojn which litfiiifiOtf-fxii rfllgh^iy^lie^rirt^ipmed-ari^;^^^ 'vltedintow;itatoly-&etii 'lSa% whether itia betsf ^ft|!\|etr§.bt:\|i^cr^|^^o^65Vn\at%itlie^ and' $^y^g*$a8ea^^ : ilifc.and foluigc io\4fio new, j|' theq.uc^ti6.n: ; thftt liddresses itself to the intelligent voters'of the Empii* Stated : To'enable •Surrenders: and our- «$ly<i^tp Hecjde; tjje/quijatiijii ijilclligently, is the |\vbry^objc«!t-of-4hiacriti(!al examination..- . . ^.^ .,l!lie:,A«iae^!Wesn't IJB*#V »- '' -.'-. 'The wcl!-/ouride(ldtjeetionto;tluf existingAff* ^^iiaypfffpiHj/rthr&'a ciliienmims, except to etstss a/.ft^iejmisju^ ira .how. f»i4 thjn^lvea^ul3eE*t!HT fle;ciiaa|ty qf aaacssing: jjgrsonaljpfQjerty entirely atta^fiaitardi Tlie only j.Bdgnran.t or skill they eio exoriiao,'iJ in gueaslng, whilcj in wmatter of tWkkind, tiiey;ah9uld have all tholightand ipfop. rnatioa thejsijbject^w|jl admifjof. Now mar^y jtier^#ith'woWan3|rof^ta^ iri money, wrtcS, and mortgiige* in their cheata, escape taxation al- .mpafcentireiyf wjitte their morp; uiVfprt\!nate.and poorer neighbor ia rpuntfly taxed on-all. that he oWna,: andoftenmore too' T •, . WhatoBJcciionjean there betoreqlitring ofov- Bry*manr«*Ut«m.entini writing, i*n<fer oai)}. if ti6- what neluia owing to him, from whom due, (when over #25 in amOtinti and the aggregate of all awms |jtll imniUnder •$&&,) atriko the balance, and ifhe iaifonnd worth'aiiythlngaaaeaa hini fprit,if A»rorth C^ih!^^«ity^ol7o^ h 5#'^ property, then aaecis\ ' -iio|Hljr~ r llMr''iH^-''iNMM-- i«MHt :: ttM^dioiriet^'jh ' wl^t% w^ lotaM^ ll»n*irlawBlr». •irMaid Waoeh a dktrict by the a<Mwo n ' : oHa c6«Uy taa; ta abort rW(»0.4h« ^MtiM of UK> ' oH taarabwa «M<M. t>We wiah the r»«der, th^teo><b^ obierta,that the old law wa. ' tte|f« m^ eooaideration, but neilher i« right- . St. Another objaetion to the new law is, that - »1ul«acraa^imbn«y..^iu)ugfi froffi the public fu«k to a«p|»rt their achoolaUwleg^ly required K#^h \ftf l&n, otfier dialr^^ di nptfijefceive raor* than fro« oM^f to a qaiuHer enougb, . fiM£ inequality:aj^ajjk ifop^^a wrong ayateajBf -qityi^mM of the public fundi; inA tliia point dtorreaparticufe 'al^ntSom It U seldom a«en .in! iUtnW; light, Tlrtre-ArevBchool distrieta /wittoo* aoquahita^ea that contain each over r »00*rindrer h b^W»itnJ^^ of 5aM',l^ / Tjii^iaw? iyqi^|ii v tfc# .Town ^upifintendonta By elaasifying the different kinds of personal pr^^y,' tlda ajgatem^ could bo easily parried out, both aa rcgarda tlie asaesaora apd the inhubitimte, aajorexample, letitho schedule contain,tho num. W ! of hohiea, oxeri, cowa, ateprs-and heif- I *r»,a%inei«bieieii, fowls, grilfij Aic. &«,, wheriip, J lt jJlj^fiii-i»ajit.Vu'^AwfT4rf^rtf^^ tion, (the Asaeaaors having tho right, of course, to raise the estimate if theytle*nl'H too low, on alLof flifaapecie»pf propcrtyv Btrnkatoek, plank road stock, rail road »tock,stock in manufacturing companies, the name of each bank or company, .and amount of stock in each. Mortgages real, j,a|Mirtat whom, and the amount, mortgage per- sonal, against whom, and amount, notes against whom, and amount, book account, against whoru> (When^oVerllSB) aggregate of all other sums^ub- [, jecting thehc books, tolhp exaqunatioir of the As- seaaors, should the required atatemeut prove un- satisfactory to them j la?tljr,\wTiat the/ ire owing, tovjhprrj wlicnever tSfft^artd theaggregatpofall dthei\ .s.i(ir*. -The balaiicoin »ny-inaak favon wiu»tever4t^might-be, should constitute thqj omWoT' persoiurp*op^Hyrortw*J«*rfltr»rto«rd^ ^-laW^-v -'\'-' . . ' ' •' ' , .'S^utfitbadcme^mijustto requirenjmiin to pay tax on.claimi.agiiinst a large number of dobt- ors, somo of whom might not prove good, tern j fifteen, of even twenty-five per cent Of outstiind- j ing chuma might bo deducted for bad debt*. i Sneliaisyateni we are sure would, bithe State Of NewiYork, bring to light rqillions of property that is Mow secreted' fro'nl thfiuyes of tho As- acaapra. - If there ia any justice in- taxation—and there is an absolute necessity for jt, tlierefore it may a s well bo regarded asjust—then taxes should be paid by individuals in proportion to their abili- f4y,,iihaU» upon,\yhat they arc icorth, ,nd matter in wbat form it may exists or whethsrit is profitable to'tho owner or not For it is sate to base the lwv upon tho supposition that every man ha»'in- vested his funds where tlioy will yield him the lar- gest profits. To jMippoae othenViae wouid be ftilse i n theory ahdi in fact Sucha system would be sure protection; against fraud upon the assess^ pr»; by felsc statomAits. For it will beobserv- \ lUrstj Impressions. _ Bro. Ingtilh —In war paper of 1 ist w cek j ou have-^^sct-titc-baM-reHingr-and flimg.»7ti; tmnnur tp the breeze, and in out behnlt made th it i6rma) introduction of ourselves to the public, which be- came us ns associate editors ot the \ Rctuuncr'' ' We 'havernaturally--felt solicitudeabojut the \ first impressions*\ our bantling niight niakiej pre- What \the>\ Sny-ofWs! KuTEAJ.D,Sqit 2.18W M^SBS Ennoii'—I have just rccenedtho irstNo ui TrnrnVsHfork-Jtcloaiair, nnd.righU well am I pleased with it I nra aware that as regard* the proper size ot newspipe\. there may be n ditRrcnee ot opinion butl think the opm- 1 ion most uri-.vjtU.nt „u„-a-days,stleist umpnff 'those who read tjio article in question, as that I the benefit 'to- be derived .froin !! newspaper do; Clarke Rice's Plntt ior FretijSihopla. Wo publisir with great i)lcasuro~Mf JftiCE'a - ykinuniuitioii, sliomng the details of his plan ^ fi * ... .. -•--. ^ -, - ,- ,, _--- ,= • .- 7 «ye, u..u..«— poverty ^ nwy . . atyle, editorial or, selected,; poetry or prose, .type,, 1^,1^ cpncludej are p rone toforget this most .pai>er,,arraugemerrt,'size^\l!hape whatever might, obvious tmtjy, for, uniyeraally, wheno_vor_tli>y Muea^jCtulty would be exjioscdi condeftiiied- atteinpt to'b.i.of greiit?rT)eiiefittotheir-readors; v^LHdieuled •' •- -• they doitby .an; e i}largenie,nt of therr nawrs, yea,ntMeu!ea. , _.•,,.,' .s J rather than thei* brains, \-. ^ - r -J;'- _• We. hop^, at the same .time, that in.,the midst ;j. na rioe\4 aIsmail -.paragraph 1h yo.urjuper ,.,... ,-. of.tlijs rightful critipisin, we shou;W^ iide;%.a law wifhVbe jftarnei.l'eayi^ noto 0 f^'approbation and. sympathy,,^., her.9, you may rest assured that tiro' ilet^'mer f fl r» man tomiAe%requu;e4st»^iM)t.of not; stimmate ourh umble efforts, -' . , ' . . -, ^1^?^. Sr^'^ISferS S Btj Ai _-. .i-^u iu„,™.V„'..„_.„i.„..i.ftK„ «,„„:._ f T . ,, • . ... . , u t rr, ^:„,.„,i • • thmgfpertainiiiff t« *!'« earth, lWier^p the ,. I am happy in saying that Ihave pniojed ep-, uff ° > of ^^ ^iUnea, Whose; huge and ed to assess Jhim for such amount as op diligeijt. portunities of the latter kind, and have heard ex-,, Uionted dimensions excetjd all reasonable limits; •Inquirythey^5u)8lfe^^n^lnTto^ woBhT-^ jBat.the law shoujot debar -him ftou! swearing it ]downait^i^atds,,~T^6^«(r^h«t his assessment i.m^t,'be*too high, Would in niosteases,cause the 'productioii «i f iheT^^required stjiymejit'If it Should j jiotby th$.s«oiid;ycar,~it,wjjulct %8afe^for-tjie^ Ws/^spreWmcfeijse. .his.J«&cs^rnpnt yearly, till it fdi^tiiig'hiiB4o tenn^,-or'iili^they were satisfied ihatliis 1 ySluatioii was .'mi(de 'fuircqprtoiiis ..worth. Thcrbiis'but little of tho objeetibn and tliatJittle'can'be easily remediedi - 3d, As to the -trouble,'it''would;up'to every man'siiitercst to make out such'ffschedule once a year; he woiild see, wjiat tp some JHeilys a very^j rare occurrence, how lie stood with the world.^-r \After tho first year, it would^'Dutlittle\trouble. As a geiieriLtliing, men's oircuinstences-do ript chaqge frcini year to ye!ir,:brJtYery r little. Under such a system, printed blank f,oj-ms'could and |-would bepromtfrSd, sor tllatlhp trouble would be trifljng, and the processi simple. , ' Afterth-p first year it would dniy require a rcr view and correction of thje former schedule in for oiMn^ing Free Schools For want of room we iri »l)hgcd to deter- comments until next week—Eb F»r. thelNew York Reformer* _ MESSES.,, I%3VHS—I pui-posely omitted the detaill in the TrKmne-coriimUnication respecting Common Schools.-.^iy.object was, fp test what I \deemedacoinmon stl^e pronositiphj thinking, that if iUBhould.be appre^tcd tjipre ws(ijlbl,- 4 be little difficulty-in arriviiig atoitaiis; * '. lietrualooli; at the gwmd; i%e is the State. •»f New York; •bv 9 tlio'Grace of Uvjl Free and Independent.* .T^sustiafn-that independiftoe it -is contojMi^' that herfihildren should be Yntelii- . igbiiC, ,To obtaininteljigeijce sehpols are needed. -To siiye' people frotp^themselves legislntiou on jfc^tibjeot is thought Tiecessar*. Monejrkrer qjnreo'^Ptl taxation fpltews. - ^Soino M&- found wlio have children, but ijo money. 'What jshal) Jjg-donj;! Wliy! those who have money must fobt'tneinll- \*\\ \•'\ ''' ' -„ . .\''\'J \'. How does tlieLawatand-i What dp the law>- makcrs sayl They-say -to, t^e taxrimyer,. « We.- .territory into .school qistrictg, the money we have taken iTjrPrn ' a particular spot,'*and if you benefit; frorii this, taxatjoh' sencl :y.'o\»ch'ii!irentW^ \Whatdifti-reiiue is ther4r^tw'genthis.ay^teniand tlie church ostablishmerifof England, imtfliany ' !'other cdiin'tfics-l I \see npiie-. The bbjeeta sought\ Are sii'nil:ir—both ••tvaining^one S^ligiouSj^.tho'' other\ si$«huv>- One bearing 6n our immortal interests—the other a mere worldly accomplish- ment, useful HiUow. . \.'.'• • <,«,-; What do we as, a people oliufa ? Frets Iiiijv. tutions, Fi;«e in every'thing, and'ij-ee toa)),^ Then let us have a Free School Inst'tiijiun^ cont'ormity>f6 _ ttie^hangeseac'b man's circttmstaii- ccs had undergone. Unless, therefore;,some more pote'nt B objoetionstharf'wc have'yet discovered,cnn be brought agiiiiist such n.provision, ns \yohavo suggestid, we.ahall continue*of the opinion that it is of the highest importance-that siidh a one,- with othofs^ielticorporatfidinto oar system of val- uation or- assessments, -Justice -ciin wi-ong no niiin, and we believe the measure proposed to bo pf-that- character.-' [hiive had pp>prtjtiinties|o catch seco'nthanded j ^Yv^^^^^ expressions pf distrust Slid cbndeinua|ion frqm ' discuss\the great subjects which nrft now eiiga- quartefs. whereat was least expected, '\~~? . ' ging'tlie'attention- of-tlie public;^'appealing' Themost laughable comment,«however, iafrorjrr *,<> rcagonratliertlian- passion -of FCJUdige, freb'- • •'\»• ' u \ ' •*». ''i> ri^.-• • • from thee.vti-emesofaaogmatic,uioraforisi)sp)rit ^wiseacre who has, either by revT-lfttion, inspua,,[ ^ ^ ^^ m a .^ hM y tee 0 ^^ tion oroonjufation,. made the tiniely discovery-^hajotlipr;- but e.vpressing in'a courteous, yet 1 that it is to be, in due time,, the organ, not 6f ^rm.and.decided.maimcr, w'hat you believe to W Slate, but of Church. Not Of the Methodist' , the tnith.and the .right?- * Bpiseopal'-or Baptist, tut Of tlie^Presbyierian'l, ^.article.upon the As S e, S nie|Jaaws ought J:.-/ ,,„-> . r \ • - r .j ,. . ,( ... , to'be r,cad by every -ta.x-payet in the Slfite. It Qmndi. Wliat pur. worthy Jleftodist brother h ^ i on?been knpwn that there wn&no ieli^l^ jj^^u it be had.' •• If it has puz?lpd forty has discovered that has given rise to his fears and ( ness fo^e pln'eed upon those random guesses, | successive Legislature's td\ hit upon a righ't plan, forebjodings, has npt ti-imspired. At all events, •, which deti'imine bow much a^wti is worth i and ! j mfy k- excused if iny first' essay snoulcl provis we \v-ill hope that a careful reading will serj-e to ^ tha } .\'.^ . afford . \i 11 \?\* 0 facilities for villainy t „ 8 n ,ore than ail approximation.., r' K 1 •' '•• , v 1 and injiisUce. And Editors,- whose/business it i ' : , . pj^AIC? awmiseiwminu. . .y , should be to inves%rjite such mittters and set>-. i-wmild liiivp iillJio ehifdi^n^f the State be- JltM well:tlu»t there are those who keep^n eye • them in their true light; before tlie people, haye ] tweofifertain ages enumeMioa aiiiiua'lly, and tlio •' out for the thousand tricks and abuses of the with great negligence railed to do it;, 1 number made known at the State department na \ press Tbeing partiiiularly cifeful that underthe ' , J presuinoit %vill l)o r<Hidily.adimtted,.-# ijsnafe f horotofore, ...\ ,•.'?'•'' >'\\\''. ^; •>uise of tern'oerahee and reform our sanetum do I b ? evety ta x-pnyer, tliat .that \ Hersey Case, .! j wuU ui havfe tho department, assuffio. front, '• K ' 1 r ! •, ,, T ' wherc one g^ 13 9 o t •iW. *'l 'W* W1 > 8 l>» d , precedcr.awi^liaiii_it wottld bo necessary to j not becoftio the secret place wluire schemes are. cost the n,„,,ty the very nice liftlc sum of $2Ia, piyvMe fJrj mid^OTlSwTr^^price^rtod concocted to promote mid foster the interests of might^ em{)haticiilly he called !^ v 'y^'eto^e>wr';' t'orsell\Mi^l^>•.\ \\ * ^SifcLT' 1 any particular church, and our press become the j but thp nso wjjioli you have made of-it, makps it | j AV tSSl have thi&W.mnmj|'«' l l|aie(e up of ^tiveogent of . denominatiomjvhi.etl.e unsu,, I *fi*fif .«t ^S^^l.iSlS ' »5 &SS* ft& \ \ \ Tho difficulty in the way of its adoption is jpr6b»bly not so much in the nature pf the case, a» in the faetthat most of our legislators are men whose pecuniary interest is most wisely cofisalt-J ed by_ allowing it to\remain as itis, ^JMyBBodemi .practice of the two great political parties, in hom- inating-meij for office, ia not, wo think, well caj- culatod to bring about the desired' change. Wo allude to the practice, of nominating -wealthy men for tho express object, (to use the expressive Ian- .(whenwar |45 in ampunt^id the \ggregate of ri n » » poHjJcal'campaV; In short to nofniiiato such men aa are best able tp defray the expenses of stump orators and electioneering schemes.— r.\li :Wc: believewevertheTew if the people speak with 1 ' enrne«tiie*a on this subject, they wllbehejird^- vox]x>puii,yoxDe>. ••-?—- — •'. \ pecthVg popple are'lending their patrpnago in the ' g m can easily procure, would be ver^;efiicucioiis| machinery, and h>y;(ft|,ciw*\ l *^ vain and'false oxpectatiqh that they are simplv ui bringing meiitoiooK iipoii i .tlic-8u'bjcet.pi'Tem-' | tributed ftom the'.a^jtt '\^ntaj .•aimmgitfthoa6knowl'e%e^ -°. te ^S.Xb»J n ^ x-t iu .1 u -JI J'.I •; \IJ'gM fronnvdiK'h most ot tlieni view it nt present, . scvera l.s a i)««ni«(!r«,>*\i™' u \^ * ,But.wlule thpy are thus busied here mid there, it ^^ w in:t . on ,, Hsil)I rto MVf that such a ; And.&r the#eJ isgratifyingte*nPwthat;tho.greatmass of our^p.,^ syu I would. KaJo tbi \friends are already prepared to receive ah'd credit'- 'wmboTis vcrjrfrTUeh heeded Jit the present time T kept .up so faH;\\ dent \ )dis- our profferred services, in aid of those reforms which are so-mncjifieeded. 5L 1-lht- kT«* » W tu4# in this •-•vicinity; and furtlu'rinoi-e it will be abun-. muimcr prescrib daiitly sustained. A PEKMAKENT SUBSCIUBEB.. ,| And 119 1 have P. S, ' On iPokiiig at youf temis'agnim I see | bo low, ijiod/bane thatthepaper cbsts only'$.1 a year,, or less than , I^woulU huvoa 1 two cents a riumbei^^not qfiite the price o f a the state iiiouey, Cigar! (}nc paper furnishe\) mental fond for a ' Frec'School Act, s whoje week-j a cigar is snuM out in a few. miiij ' jp repair; fuel &c.', aiidi irtes. \ \ '-S«.-t Jt r' R ^'~ w ~f* C *-* I 't\ ' ' ' _ 1 U,m. svi\ ,t,-in \_ 1 'IF ^ r !? \ e!l ^ ''^'\\« «-<\wn<s «» MF«R« Epitou-^- \ r '-\\*\\- *p^ \%\n' nd - w *W^>eAsi>mion^-.^h^^^ t '« * * received tlie hrst,, deomed tm-rera .srArtore-ithese being prinlegod Vo of \ The New Vorfr Reformer.\ ana permit, to attend as..uudi-r t ,th5old law. I«in5d« ddition to under'the eeji sclipol heuses \Pa^P*. . «>*.?ate nitfiiey, T a7iiple for provi- ; ding for such ns chimed sckmling as a gratuity. me-'to-sav, notns flntterv. but to the hnni'\t > opin- ( 1 «onld s *ll<.w frluhtartj organization*, (»peil ion of nn Imwst heart, that ,H is adniiraWV'exe-> to*H,tho ppi.r and Hwnot poor,) with 'ffrustees, 'ruled bothiisttrmattoraridnmhner. itwllully |subjectto Hie T«i«U- ra uf the District within Lumberirijr for Montreal aBdQnebec Markets. Tlip facilitiea»J!njpyed by the. first settlors on thepine and oak lands of tho northerrLpart-of the county, for converting- tho oxwHent tfinpeljsttir*^ Jfc* of *\»*% i^t_«iai^-s,iw-TTiwmsy,-Trr' \v1uiTvvas*oetter—j r now refer to that portion of the'towns of bread—came nigh being the curao of thp inhab-1 Lyme and Cape Vincent lying between tho Cape Hunts themselves. -^ , 1 Vincent turnpiko and the lake, including what i« It ia true that secend hand**, or the- lumber j called' Point Salubrious, 3 mile. Pmnt, . \urlh Merchants were benefitted by the means of that I sho,.^ t i 10 isthmus, and Point Peninsula. Point Peninsula is so shaped ns to have three irregular sides of 6 to 7miIe5.andisconnected to the main -**^4rV**^}^-*»»V .*•'J***!i , ^»*' *»-* J ^|^*fc^wJaii^h^ man aeolcs to escape taxation : nmmlm- tf cMiUrtnlf^ng in Ae Ajfrirt* iefteertt byicavmgptfffmhirsta*«MmtlargeamPunt»Of fijim r *^,.m?*iitilfak #*»«fl**f they/#Lj»im8aga).nat\one or^ore'c^to^ltase^btors '?T*^r ,r *! ^ .^yy^. #./i n &> Wft | being .equally interested to avoid an vmd« por- .*t.'.-.'.r^ Vm^:M»3^..i^:i^[mti!f\iMi^ in ihelf TO-. ^V L . ... *W||«^i»(H^Ta^^intlH!^^ a|iij^>ii(|if^^ a^jiip^taujrht by,'i^iaay ^ tifie' te«?heti]ii »iim~' m^,aad'two w Iho wlnUr., Anyperton khows thttorwteacl^eaudqDOtMngwiUv 300 sclrtV jtt^^p^^l^;t||p^ : wn1« i§0» »M. ai c\'e\ry ^ptnowaj.j|h(J^8iB^^^^ da^tgoto school at all or go fosomd other than thAd^rfctWiml; but they >I1 draw iribiley for thatdlatrict, enabling tile district, aa such, to es- «^oa taxation entirely for tlie support of the dis- trict school Tfik b not right, aud tlie Wong is 1a *e pNOort ayafmi «f apporiwtmeht of the jmbhe Junto: Many charge it upon the IVee School I^w,wJuVi that Uwv hna not clianged it in jj^t^^adoywi the principle of tlie old agoiMtbotlk. v Til tHiHk ojagbt tolui\e been aa-arii-frit toog afo J»»«aatD>a t more equrt- Ob •bomWtr-y«*Kc*«r, t* .pportVcrW it^9fm^^^mrv>k^is^s^ML ik tiott of tax, in their schedule will invelitory-the claim as c'oustituting their indebtedness. Under tlie present system it would be. ricxt .to impossi- ble to convict nirian.'o;f perjury for a fajao oath jn regard to his assessment. This is so notorious •tlutti'ijtowcvcr atartlingmi oatha man may make ti^hfeg tJiis subject, {lie community submit, like jjTiaam agents haviiig no power to bring culprits tojnsUe*?- - 'Numerous objections no doubt cjin be jaised to this simple, straight forward method:. l 1st. It «ught bt tliat it would subject some to much heavier taxes tliau they now pay,and there- fore to them dbjgctionable 2d Others might flunk tliat a full statement of their indebtedness, would subject their credit tp_itK>ng tiispicipn 3d OUicrs rru^ht think it reqitlred.of all quite tpo much trouble The first pbjectionoould not be removed in tlie mtnds of those raising it, without a cliangc of cir- Tjuslneas but Hie\ mowe*—those who fitted tho timber fer market, were net of that number. Perhape-thoro vvas nO part of theStarp^liOse igopd piiie*and oak was in greater abundance or of better quality, and this fact was the real evil in the case, for the prices paid, were not remuner- ativo—barely sufficient to pay \the expenses of an economical process of making itand hauling' itto tho river whoro it \was subject: to a rigid scrutiny arid admeasurement. It was. done at the expense, and Often to the total neglect of the cultivation of a soil, -aKtwtlwJU.vi ->-lumberiTig became tne Dusineas of the pcopl ahdonc6engagedinit,they kept on regarulew, of consequences and almost of prices as long as their forest* lusted, growing poprqr every year besides contracting habits, many pf them, which required rfrinJc—yea JJrorAdrihJt, as well as bread. 'Had thay turned their attention mainly tp farm-, ing, barely fitting such Unibcr for market, as was in the way of necessary clearing; it might have E&Wm fitforMr >• V'on^would like to knoV something about the territory which' has fallen under my observation in this comparatively, obscure corner of pur coun- *y- tily particular field of inquiry, as Jon know, is in tjio town pf Lyme, Cape Vincent, mid Glayr ton. ~s I have visited every farm, family, place of in- dustry &e. in the town of Lyme, ahd have ascer- tained the .number of inhabitants. . MucJi of this ' asstrfed'tiilit tli'o course Tmi''imvo;mnrRed out to j whose boaiids tlu-'v'miglit occur. To tho»o vo'= to'wius new to me, and I presume that it is also \ pural \ 0> W |H meet with .'approbation from a|l rjghtj untnry«a#acliitiui.s ^ , to a large proportion of>your. readers. N'over- , minded,, cjindid mid sensible rm-n. ] It will be a j I wotiia liai.e the State money distributed by «i,„!„.„ u \l .n.nrin.fi.. ~ m «<A \,\ n Mv, fiivnrpil nor- , paper tliat will be 1 perused by tlie sober and can- theJOistriet Tni^cos un the presentation pf n thelessitis amongtliemostlughly ^^.^ifJ^^JiiKportion of the commnnity,nsitwill .-ccrfiflKac <•!' t. n - in.stees- of the volantary or- twns. of our county so far as tho character or tfmt ^ dah((o r jm ^ 8inCl ,j, ity nm-subiects it gamzul.on. <~i tl»- l«-gal niummt of -schooling. . the seil is concoraod, although so f»t removed {^.usgcg, ant \ w -,u not denT'cither in personalities ;I \\„aU\ have, the Jntf r.-quire, in all cascsj that i.i :.**i._ t _j.-_...^ ,.• J- , 1 ^-*-»^ . »r ribaldry.. Just such a paper..in my judgment,. ^reailii.g. vMiut^aritlitiU'tie aml^eogruphy should * Jefleiiiou and ndjoiniiig counties' require, jiprf be l.ui.'lit; aiui sueli, snpplunientary atndiusas) will arter-a Short time ably sustain. * '* ' pri'lnii-u-y HI i'tifWeiiMiiemted would allow. D.ErW; ' I-Roiilil finie cirmpetency and inontl oliarac'ter- PERCH RlVE.R.Sept, 4, IS5D. • , of li.ul'u-rsl,\iVi-.itifi-ly to the sagacity and'prn- * * * I shall be . gl.-ul to see . deiiuf- uf •enqil>..vers- T -(lr(ipping the. insi>ection rt publication of. the Kind.-Proafjcf.-I have pp.; s}' s l'iUj l _ , „ ' ¥ _.. .. ... r-r . .... j. HI mid have, the Mate require, in,all cases, ^— months si'h^ulhig per \annum embraced more 8yiiip;tthy\with the rumjrajjjif than lot the traffic in neon ,' „ IK^S. , j , , »„ , ,- A NEW TEMPERANCE PAEEH.—We understand land- by a narrow lull or bar, or more pro^erly^^t. „ vmMy jouriml ( devoted to fen.p.-rai-.ce, is beach\ or 40 J\Ods itnength and 4 to 6- in vndtbi jabout making its advent in Wuterlou u, Ji-fferson and a tongue Of land wide enough for the depth 1 doi.nty. We thereby lose a fine vlub of MI! am of-tonvenient farms extending out from main r^. r T^ b ? t t ^^\fL*SJfe , I'. 1 J!.- i i a !l , ^ n . -f ^ land at the \carrying place\ There are 167 in- in <• e 'OT two terms., to bo entitled.te its money. FIT aiion-upprecfation of this munificence and j/n-./.im ij' n,.ilunula the poor, as well as those 1 are nut poi>r\ ., uoul'il denv thp-p privilege of the l>nllot-bp.x at habitanta pn tlus last dtScribcd pprtipii of the Isthmus, and S47 on the Peninsula. -The soil of. all this Peninsula and Isthmus, is ailuviab|e and very rich ajid productive. Tho attention of the ill, aa well adapted to the^ people is turned to grain almost exclusiv^y, and ) „ T „ \ V-*% „ .' '-.,,. - :' ••' - I«JJ-.L. i-.:i:.. HI-IL.I- 1 vii t, ,jt- e •'\ .• .i A, , \THE NE\T-WK RFI-OHMI.K V \ a ti-n'iiiemnoe- ^blum^of 3he^pootl! P r °^ Wy I ^ 0WW ^ ? afo I m ^Tf- l n * ' 0rC RSP\;-^' 4 \ , \\\ 1 , \\\ ,i ' 1 ' 1 '- \\ T \\^'y l->««- u .iiv UU.UIWH UI MIC PCOHle.[ IK-mnM, nm, n nni v h . nfr l.nnfcat^rl ,l. n - n ,1.«U ^« :»P1.« T,„ ^ -. _ ! t !.-.,. _ I I - 1 . . J . is more grain now being harvested there, thari on [ The Kcfornii»r is puhlislied by ISI.AULS, liiii'nicK hny-^wi-twrttwjp^irntnrwntiir sli* hi N«.r<t,«»nv' \ ' \\ j New Ydrk. The Whole surface is level and appears likeoitp vast harvest field. The grmn is prifloi- pally ^lacksea wheat and Barley; There are hewove\r fields of Cprn,.occurrihg all along, on all tho farms, of the most luxuriant growth. . The farmci'sare exceedingly mortified in being Q . ( obliged to give the.prOduce of their'fiirintTOr a rjqcn well, and the present wytiers of the soil j. year so dry and sterile ns that of IS 19. assuring mlghthavo rejoiced over some of the finest re- j me that the crop of that year was almost a 'fiul» '. served woodJots and timbered land^in the Sate;: uro cpmpared with-any otiicr year, ahd not more but such was notthcir lptg. The timbcris gpiie Nhan l-4th pf their present harvesfe There arc very few cattle or Sheep on, the & C04»'#i-,P<fr year. Its. .tvpogniphia is of the first order, »v lulu the editorials'are i p -r. U'e anticiprte foi ... - - . — e -given away^-and worse than glvcnlRvny. But an Agricultural ago has filially succeeded, and the abundant harvest of the present year gives a good guaranty of-what^the nprtbern towits may be, when like Cape Vincent, they shajLundertako to rival EHishupgkAn her annual Cattle-Show and fair, and when our Rail Road shall have placed them, as it were, in close prox- irnity to tlie Attahtic-Marfcefsr'\\~~ . New Hotel. ~^~'- Tli« new, splendid, and spacious Hotel, bqilt by Messrs. BUCK & JACKSOX, is now nearly cojr>, plcted, It will.bo open for the reception of guests I Peninsula; they having been sold off, as a iue,u of defraying the current expenses of their i',uhi- lies, during the year of drought and almost fam- ine; . • I have becfi agreeably and happily disappoint- ed* in my visit to this out of the way Erleil, and ; \ Tint NEW VOHK. ItEFQR.iilfen,\ is ine title of a\ w ell as m» ralul. now weekly papeFjuststarted in this village by' Messrs. 1NG.U.1.S, llUKDrcK and-Siowptt. The firstJnmiher—issiied on Thilfsilny liwt—bears unmhiakeahip evidence of good tiistczeaL in» diistty unci taWhtjand coaimonds itself strongly to tne 1'aMil- and support of the frfemls of the •f einperiince ('iiuse in this and the iidjoiifRTgTnuKl ties.—to Which cause if. is professedly devoted. The * Itepirmer\ is a Very neatly printed sheet and '\ lli'hnatc. VOlirs, C. R. Fnr the ^Jofomjnr. • Subliath School Celebration. \ ,. Mvssi-.s^nrroRs.—On WV-dncsday, the 28th nit.. I Iwd'the i>leasure of attending a Sabbath s Sc.'mol Ci-U-ljrati'>n,.ln-ld.ma oeautiful grbycjlwo* inili-.s.north o f Depauville. The stand, which x-.i« - iwrnncT is a very ncjiuy pnntoa sn.-i-t ;,, „[ h „„ n VTwti ,^ w ' w 0( , i .„pi,, ( j by some twelvo d will compare favorably with any other paper o f (•,,.,„„„ c'lorirvmeu. aud a thousand children the state in .its general appearand-, ; ftrmi (iff cell scfiools fillwl tWsefitsin froht>SlS I,. ISI.ALLS iind SOLON MASSKV, hiiifyrs.—; „ r - AnUt hundred spectators frinccd this lareo W'»hft FaTrrtflf~nnh-»ni-uu Blind Persons. The Assistant Marshal in the town of .Cape _„^.,„ -----..---^Utdays o'f Septem. per mst For spaciousness, elegjfflt*- «ft finish ' and cotnpfetencsa, itjvilt be far superior tcTa# ( hotel in Xcflerson C'punty. We admire the On-' terpriseandipeweveranee of ths proprietors;and can but wjah thihttsu«5ea«W»0hIy.reWet that, t „•— the public Sentiment a6« npfioTrFout to them ' Vincent, says\ that he found but three pcrsoii.« indueements, .Strong; enough U cqnirert this • who were blind, and they were ail in one school 1>eliove tliat thev Wpuld bp generally susv,^ j, y | ness a rcoult of inflammatory disease. T tt \n of the public -sfatfula they make it such. Bui i\ c ? I them have been thus affiicted, fur twenty years, doubtlesijiavetheir fears pivthatpoint:; and *t | and the-OtliPr but three years. It is certainly a shpul4theyi«twhenitis,openlypn^phe«iedJhat| UfJto ^ mn _ ti , t if / Teriiit, one dollar a year, in advance.— Water, tnrim Jrffersonian. THE .NEW Yolitf REFohMEti,.isthp t tie of a np»v p.*ip«r jn*it issued at Watertovn, I-Mited hi l.otus lhgnll? and Solun Masseyifeqi-s. It is cheerfully accord to it aconspicuous'plac,e among ! d \ v,>u \ 1 t , u Temperance the Ref»»u of the As- n___ A.,, , j L . 1 ',.;, sesment IJIW-P. and the School Uiw* Itisaneat- •Hie-nipsfrhlgfrly^^fevored portions,of wJu^ly^^prinui^^^^g ^^ nfto ^ p . ftn ,i1 favored County Of Jefferson. My attention- ha4 tib'\tiy—Cigdmslmrah Srn/iiieJ, ' . „ also been arrested by the rich and inexhaustible ' \/ tt 1',U-E.K -\Vr have ju»t rnM'-ivtJ t'\' iiwt »\(1 appr»pri;it<% sicuriMt the attention of all for quarries of lime rock, which are now being « ork- number of the - .Vr-c Y»rh Ji, 3 „n>;:r,\ a hand-, \\{\\M f |\>ur. After «mgiiig, dinner was -de- ed for foretell demand at Chiumortt and 3 Alilo ' »\™e and • neatly executed puf.er just sfartct .',t , dared t,. l.» „, order and the clnhlreli were con- eaior,joreign.qcmana,an,hanmontand<J iU » p • Wu terto« n. N.X. under tin' nm'Uu'chieiit ..f ^\''t ' «'' the tables ui a Very Orderly manner.— L. ixuAi-Ls ~' u *rl Sui-on MASSLI ns^Kditors, audTl'.e.-e iglit hundred spectators fringed this largo coiiipajfy 'with eager faces; a large and, as their performance showed, a very good choir occupied a stand by the side of the clergy. After prayer and singing Welistcried to an ad- dress by Rev. Jlr. S.N YDEB, of WatertoWTi. jTho 'Speaker exhibited the happy faculty ofjdyhing , dignified thought in language so sini{llO\asto bp t ensiiy^comp'ivlK-nded.-by thcmercchild. This,to- ., gttusrwItli^Tutid'of anecdote, ixithintciresting \ j Bay, arid of a quality.and value, rareK\ surpassed' ^i. .. ..*••< >,_ ,AM A * JW 1 ewn *** n **»' A change of conditionrfrom-their M**m§am*Mr tight mmm w **•*?&> laia ptcgcn t affluence, to poverty or even moderate i<lM>at>ry*oaldnotexk«; for la that eW u» L.,^ even tlie small oiitlay-aecessary to start a Tem- perance Paper will l>e so much money sunk to the PKitera. .What ails the temperance people that they wilt'no't promote the work by deeds, and not be content-with a silent sentiment. It will no more relieve u» from the incubus pf taxation, \pauperismjuiddigradation that grows outof the use of intoxicating drinks, than silently believing and regretfing the tyranny of England, would have fr^ed u3 from tier bondage. - tandlords, like Other men, look to tliat which they deem the ia«qt*te?*o«ld not txW | for ia that *^ •onUIain s '300 chlldTen or raorein. mtui a* tboy now do, would' be ^Mffd 4ojrovl**FOorMa teacher* and aeeure Niw&lablMOr ttetaaw of tfe« ehlWrerC and lljppliyfriprlM tmtpHy mt jtaxi^ them*elv« tMkfji«|tk««aM|k Vm pMn« tb*HM«lve. «r%»t*»>l»«ifcfwita 40m dlotrictainateod of, • rtl^p^Mhtlli t afWt>o»U>*ir W Urhl>oT. llf^^aMiM m* wla. «t. M an***.* •wiatf of tbt ohOdren of th* dkWet to rm in poascaaioiia, would be tho only argument proba- bly Utat would teach their caag. For Uievcrj-ob- of the change ia to bring under subjection to nufea property that now escapes it, in park orSaijrely^ And iJnfclaaa 6f persona a 4m ?«ty wKtfis^jiew syatemisintoiidedto reach, and aa, ^ > ^Ser<nru««?«rMttrrt>8a«irdr«»\ Had good opinion of th» U%,\ ao it ooukl not ba expected of thl» class of citi- -tena in refereneo to this maiaure,. '\' who believe that-many liotet keepers delipjrt in seting-a-deluded mortal pour down a fall glass of burning alcohol. They would shun it,^eiajLL no . neto '^ c / ,mm ?^ a fo*\e numerous calls we arc not fofthe'extraonlinary profits growim it. Temperance people mu»t not forget tnavuiey l»ve the mighty and powerful pnision of lore of gain to contend with, iri this siiblime struggle for the welfare of men. Wei-e six tables each oiie hundred and eight ,, feet in leiigtli. Of the profusion vvith whiph all were loaded, I cannot spe.ik except inferentially. None, how ever, been sent empty away, if oiio. | could jndjte from the quaiit'tty of triigmehta which i-einiiinc-d up'pn the \CJavtnn\ .table, and the ex- pression of sati.sfaction'iipon the faces of all when they had-again resumed their scats. , We ne\t lisU-ued to \Reports of Superintend- ents.\ From these I gathered that there have been nearly twelve hundred children under Sab- batli fe'ehool instruction, in their Section, since the first o f May, mid that nearly every aohool ia supplied with an appropriate library. The sy«- fa-m of instruction pursued in the difierent schooU . is somewhat varied. I was particularly pleaaed with that adopted by the \Stone Mills*' School, its being eminently lifted to enlist intercat, arid, indoetriiienJe-iu the truth. In addition to tho atudy of a ehaptPr as the regular lessotii text* of. Scrifr, ' turebate recited^in^proof of somo prominent JB»- . hie truthi'anno'unced the week prcvioua. Ekfcr BAKER, of t)ppauville, followed with a few inv prcssive reraariss addressed to parent*, after! Which tho lnrgeassembly was dismiased.. '* iiitoint, by lookhig!'' I, mislit «d.l a thonght upon thc.mfluenoe of '. || \ . such exeroises m drawing closer tKe.Dano* Of. c^e^t.u^onefusion.andp,^^ pjnral only oeeasionaiiy for the present. 'tho- iinportant work of Sabbath Schooljnstriic- -iioxT, Aug. 31s 1850. M J''\'* 1 but, fearing that I have already trespaaaed „'\-/-'. '\' \ : -\ •••-.-••-•-\'\\ ^0»\f--'--\-- The Risht Spirit. \*?0 remarkable that they shmiM neighborhood ..\r. Lyme has four deafand dumb-persons. and thrt ' _£.-., 'f them m one family Our Readers. It should be distinct— , ai to Whose hands the R^ 8100 ' 1 b - v ,h \ R0 •\- that all who conclude not toX^ hiiv e c0 ™'- •/••A. U. nlKliii h & L. .M. HiowtLl., Publisln-rs. It proposes to t:ikc an independent course in piv 1 Htieal matters, iy object profi-s«ml|y being the promotion of tlie cause of Twnpiiahee, Fn-e ii.iJehoeils, and other reforms of *rliediy';. atfd tlie ability manifested in this Ii:ailiugiiiim'|ier, i»pret- ty gopd evidence of its efllueui-j in tiio Work before it.—>S'<zcAc'? Ilnrbur Obsrrur. . . Our Associate i-Mitors...(j!iaii(liiry. /?/•«. j6ig«//.< .-i-^At what precise time it will In- proper furyOur Associate Editor tn-hi-gin to say \ we,\ ineoTresponding for \ mo-\paper /-am not informed, ns / have been absent from VVntertown since our christening, and have' had no oppurtii- nity for consultation with our contemporaries— the corps Editorial. Indeed, /am hot quite certain whether wr ever dp so, in contribiiting riinclpfn sk'tches, but ratli. er choose to bAconsirf t .red as diseohhectad w ifh must return thisor the former nufR? 6l, ' ,,ori,,( '^ „-,..-- - • ,.-• » no ower men, look to-that.which j 45,^^^ ^ fheir desire not to be ft 1 '\'' 1 WI \ the con.-e.rni mid only write as contributors. / most lucrative. They wdl keep b J : . , , Med as • 1, ••. .- ii <• i |t^^mnceAou«*w%tthat*TuW^^ ^ nd w - c - lmrc to ^ l lu.vo-tn«IWhnd ot Oven equally *o. For we are not of typiet 1 * 8 * ^^ n »nibers^^be returned by these ^10 fet, over such \. N. V Journals -is fell «nrf,.V lit in Our first edition is new exhausted, and we have ! daily receivihg from those desirous of commen- cing with the first number,:-yVc savedi wjiat. we\' aupposed would bo sufficient, but they are all ta-! Ken. up. .Before any conclude to rejdet our offer we ask. them again to look at our terms; ONE ' ™ ^i^fiP^ 1 ^^ ^i'\ *Jy a »«i but time is given WASERTOW* PosT-OFf iCEi~Wpare graWedr!\* year^BH the first of January to makeadvance to leant tliat the nomination of oof estimable ' I^vmentajri; and attentive Postmaster, Pmxo S. JOHKSOU, Esq. wu c'om^rmed by the Senate On Friday last. iriiu-h upon your columns, I forbear. \ M. , Free School Clarion. Some unknown frienoTira^lm^islulorurwWi a Our Vi7We Readers, who prefer to take their paper at the Officii •hould call at.their earliest con- vcmence, and signify their desire to do so. It was exceeu. that of abnut«8ftiyjg*ifyj'nff to be informed, j' to Bru\vnville^>Ht4or6 ( -if our first uumlier sent truth is, there are solne.|l 1 pri'l? e ' , r ''fosed. The •; ^ 1)r \which wc return our warmest thaiika. : We- ('rocket stamp Knowing they' ''\^iity of the : tvish the paper a large circulation, as it will prove go ahenH. \Ve niight add'Cnamrjf : : u 8' nt ' thp y i k \' trum ehtal in throwing mheh light Upon the* others. ^ v r^reat question of Free Sehopla; It is candid*no* * nt itopy of this1 enterprising sheet since it* *origin, Ihc ,^,,1 •' \ &>.?'. iidvocafe. Wc hope tliat the new*p iU ,er w ill meet «* »nmint «**»«<*\» sfiitesftul com^y olficera wUhamoreeordiarw.ncorm«f.:on, th, t.'mpcr- ? \ \? ?*\ •\«\ Otherwise bo entitted to vote, nee press than has been cvten.led to the ProteC- ' .\ * , - H,t . »\n«-ii'lliieut «f Uie 'Oi\..iUt«tfn beinj' tox, audtfuitit JttaY&e: a lung. u*eiu|, hiera r , 'V \..•\ ^ ' ^\ \\^ ,, . n ** ir f l \ ?J{'\* *ZZ', tiv-e, and lioiiorabfearuen Tlicr^s.r enough j r'\ 1 '™*'* «»t they had schooled their children, and work enough for .1 d.uVn ,.,.,re v. t -Sum- J\ llr \ n rtT ''\\ !***. a required time, during tho •••••\— • * vj-iir preci'iling the day ol election. This is ejuiiigh for one wijek ;• and yatCSIcssrs. . l.ilihirs, know-thst f- am toq muefi^cngsigcd in inriiing niom-y,to supjiiirt Free A-hpiils, to deal\ out very king yarns at one sitting. You ,say A\ilr papeaaiitinat .something prarfiw/Z. 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