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The Troy weekly times. (Troy, N.Y.) 1856-1895, July 22, 1875, Image 3

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o n f l f e A M t t k n i l R e t u r n s , )W to*tm r«t«nM to r e been received at -«!••&*« ottce, in addition t a those t t d W n c x . A &M 9 ; male*, 1,789; fcmalea, 1,570; mar- •**«*». 0,01#; aliens, 90; Idiotic, 4; uum- tftoll*, »1»; value, $875,630; marriages, 31; XURm/CSOTHXft STATISTICS. i, | » , 060 ; value of raw m aterial, annual product. $36,882; num b er , 18; average wages p e r m o n th, $30. o n e s st a iist ic s . I I t> .,$9,000 L**h«ran.<..,. 2S,0'«' ’• t o r i * . , . . . 2,500 SUthodirt. WOO 4«ri&»„* 5.OCO S cl rn &/) ■vw 31V 400 S30 I c « CJ t£ ? ft, •S 125 500 75 100 100 tt I MO $ SllO 030 1,000 40 890 a n Cod 30 75 AaKtci-xrritAi,. « f fupMcred lead, acres of wood tag*; value of farms, $3,|o2,Sin value of vflirftT $415,075; value o f stock, $241,958, t»pw » e iits, $115,661; grass sales. $320,511; » MTTMted In 1874,10,539; bushels o f oats, .. buckwheat, 1,605%; com, 16,473; Kt.400; pounds o? b u tter, 212,945; gaUonu sold, 8*8,306; pounds of pork made, 193,252. Berlin, tu 2,855: nudes, 1,109; females, 1,140: mar- ; f e i p e , 1,846: aliens, 18. Number of dwell- ! vatoatfon, $347,170. Marriages, S; deaths, i a n d insane persons, 7. jeAHVTAerraiNG statistics . . . * Capital teTeotcd, $86,485; value o f raw material, ' $HM>Bv n d u e o f annual product, $127,SSo; n n m b crof employed, 1,035; average monthly wages, CffPtOff 3TATXSTXCS. S W f . ^dU lT C W .* x Lutheran.— teirerth......... AM church... lehw eit,, £ .520,000 . L24» . 7,509 . 8,200 6,700 t£ 13 I © Si) £00 530 430 250 Vi 68 £ •O I 100 100 100 125 STJ l TJ&TICS. a » S s o % 150 m 12S 50 63 silo 200 m 600 m of improved land, 23,115; woodland, 4,722; . *tt farms, $706,908; valne o f dwelhngs, $114.- xakneof stock, $106,885; value o f tools, $29,660; t sales. $78,341; tons o f hay h arvested in 1874, M a b e ls c f oats raised, 15,638; rye, 235; bnck- SJCT; corn. 8,061; potatoes, 33,079; pounds of node, 44,400; cheeset 50,844; j-allons of milk m nod e , 44,400: cheese, 50,844; gallon: , 135,#91; pounds of pork made, 72,215. P o e s t e n k i l l , TsM ilanrn 1,787; males, 837; females, 870; mar- * 9#6; single, 1.081; aliens, 15; dwelling houses, rata*, #38,050, num b er o f deaths, 29, mar- jtANirrAcrtTBtsa statistics . invested, $30,273; valne of raw material, 1; valne of product, 8239.230; persons em- ‘ 17; average monthly wages, $33. e n r s e s statistics . *>*9* a j fit 1 3 93x6. B vucmination. <H * st*ss i § 250 23 <1 i5 1G0 173 % 143 42 63 TS 81 « »tS> 700 SOO 500 63 409 _ §*‘a' IXrej-wm Baptist etacreWM.OCO ' M rthodhtchurch.. s/50 \ i Sonum Catholic , 3,100 200 * f CbUTCb ...... 3,700 273 73 •I Lutheran church. 9,400 SCO 100 f a t u i a t o t ., 8,000 m bo A g R icciirm r.. of improved land, 14169; of wood land, -Sue o f farms, $907,644; value orbnHdinge, : value of Stock, $<3,633; valne. of tools and ■ts, $69,885; value o f animal p roduct, §73,- itst toyraieed in 1874,4,440; bushels of oats, re, 8.784; buckwheat, 633; corn, 5,479; pota- 0 ; pounds o f b u tter made. 76/BO; cheese, 0; i o f m u k sold, 9,125; pounds of pork made, Schaghtlcoke, following are complete returns from >ke: 3/K2; male?, 1,733; females, 1,527; mar- ,198; single, 2,070; aliens, 46; num b er o f dwel- va&e, $909,900; deaths during year, 44; 17. XANlTACTbP.lNO STATISTICS. fsptfcol invested, $209,430; valne o f raw material, $M f,##t; value o f annual p roduct, $347,036; persona am p iojt '3,285; ’ *. ^© average wages p e r m o n th , §50 CttTTEOH STA'CISXICS. * l l & : wo Oft S3 © p - Baptiste, Catholic.. $16,000 ‘ Ev»n- IMhema.. ■,% Luther- t'cSniwh*\.\ ehurch, SokeHili church, 13.000 1,100 14.000 S.5D0 2,000 o 500 400 250 250 330 100 o a € < 500 200 150 73 60 s S s o S5 1,000 150 12 73 73 40 &+; : •gS s v tn a o n i oZ W a & tn © eSA zu $1,4(0 500 loo 523 175 T H K f f B K C K B B dB rAW DUAJy. Site B n n s o n a S h o r e J*ovJc—A F H p t a t F a u l t —A d m ira b le C o n d u c t o f OflU e r s —A P a n i c F r e v e n te d —F a e s e n s e r e a n d Crew S u v e d -boM $150,000. [From tbo Dally Times. J u ly 17.] From an extra of the Whitehall Times , kindly forwarded to us by W. A. Wilkins of that paper, we take the following particulars of the loss of the fine steamer Champlain of the Lake Cham­ plain steamer company, mentionedinyesterday’s Times: The steamboat Champlain left W estport about IS o’clock, bound n o rth on h e r regular n ight trip. Capt. R u shlow w a sin command. W hen the boat arrived at W estport, J o h n Eldridge. one o f the oldest, best and most reliable p ilots on the lake, took his regular watch a t the wheel, while his assistant was below, partaking of his lunch. Tho Champlain bad just passed Steam Mill P o int, when A TEItr.IELE CRASH awoke the sleeping passengers. Immediately a ll was excitement on the steamer. There were about eighty passengers on board, including men, women and children. A t tho instant the alarm was given Capt. Itushlow m ade h is appearance. Immediately h e gave orders to his assistants, who in turn established the perfect discipline for which the captains o f the Lake Champlain steamers are noted. Capt. Itushlow and Pilot Rockwell then proceeded to quiet THE PANIC STRICKEN PASSENGERS. The grand saloon was full o f men, women and chil­ dren, all of whom were greatlv excited. One lad.v faintcd. Rushlow ordered the passengers to quiet their fears, assuring them the danger had been passed, and that tlie vessel was n early h igh a n d drv on shore, This paitiallv quieted the passengers, who returned to their state rooms and b egan dressing. The vessel had been r u n ont o f her coursotat least thirty yards. She lav at a n angle w ith the shore, of forty-live degrees, with over h a lf her length on laud while h e r stem was in deep water. Thc.vessel h a d glided swiftly up a flat rock, causing the h u ll to hreak in two jnst forward of the engine amidships. W ithin five minutes from the tim e that the Champlain stm c k the rocky shore, the stern and promenade deck were completely submerged while the boat’s bow dropped oyer the rock and on shore. W h a t seems strange/a that none of the passengers os: crew received any injury whatever. A DANQEE0U8 POSITION. A t the time o f the accident, \ arley Hutt, baggage master, was in his office. The baggage office is situated a t the place where the vessel parted. Broken timbers and large splinters flew all about, causing him to perform many agile acrobatic evolutions. For­ tunately the baggage and freight were o u t of water, thus preventing loss in that direction, AFTER QUIET WAS RESTORED, and the passengers dressed, Capt. Itushlow had the “an\ p lanks p u t out, when the passengers were safely ianffea on snore. Capt. Itushlow sent Pilot Rock­ well with a small h o a t and crew to hail the Adiron­ dack, which was coming in sight from the n orth. In a short time Capt. Anderson stepped aboard the wreck and added h is assistance. Tlie passengers and baprgagc were transported to the Aditondacli, which then resumed h er course. th e o m c im s AND CREW. Great credit is due Capt. Rushlow f o r his bravery and presence of mind after the accident. Hia pres­ ence, and the orderly discipline of everythin? on hoard the b o at, n o doubt saved many lives. W hen the p anic took possession of the passengers, m any tried, to get ont of the Saloon. The _______ CT__ „ ,e crat&ing of the heavy timbers, a n d the g reat concussion of the vessel at full headway, striking the rocky shore, were suffi­ cient to appall the strongest hearts. Had not Capt. Rushlow acted as he did, no doubt we should have been called upon to chronicle a loss of life, for many would have leaped into the waters of Lake Cham­ plain. FEARS OF AN EXPLOSION. T h a t a steam explosion did n o t take place is due to the noble efforts of Engineer Twombley. A fter the w reck the engineer began hauling the fire and opening the escape valves, allowing the steam to escape. ” H e AGKtCULirBAL STATISTICS. , improved land, 23,033; wood land, 3,014; o f farm s, $2,065,420; value of farm buildings, T l; value o f stock, $279,082; value of tools, etc., t; products o f 1874, $211,955; tons o f h a y har- , 1874,6,522; b u shels of oats, 73,662; rye, 44,184; sold toped* tkm M , 767; sir East GreenbntOi, JHSCTMSOSSft STATISTICS. A m o snt o f capital, $1,130; value o f raw materials, . value o f p roduct, $2,S80; men employed, 20. CHURCH STATISTICS. Same. KMC Creenlui-b Re- Skrmi c. • 0 t : E • A • •M 0 g I : z *3 t S ; 3 - Z* a e5 © ns a & •bed 3 a : 0 . CJ • 9-1 1 © • S? 0 ei tt! O ; to O to U I O m JXl © •sfc G ci £ © grt O ID £ ZL. < cS $25,000 503 550 250 $500 9.00U COO 150 60 500 stood a t his post while tbe water entered b is engine room, and did not forsake it until all danger from an explosion was over. THE CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT. Ju s t wiiy the boat had been p u t out of her way thirty rods and run diagonally on shore is a t the pro- n u t writing a mystery. Jolm Eidridge is a veteran S ilot. He is a < trusty, sober and reliable man, [e h a s alwsvs enjoyed tbe confidence of bis employ­ ers. and is said to know every rock in Lake Cham- £ lam. A t the h o u r o f tbe accident it was very dark. ately he has grown stout, and we are told th a t he has been subject to dizzv tnrns. The inference is that the darkness misled him, o r that a t the time of the acci­ dent h e was laboring u nder some temporary- derange­ ment. A fter the accident he went on hoard the Adi­ rondack, took a stateroom, and when the train left Tictmderoga at e o'clock this Friday morning, Mr. Eldridge h ad n o t been questioned as to b is responsi­ bility l o r the accident. THE CHA5IHLAIN—LOSS $150,000. The Champlain is thought to he a total wreck. She is, a s stated, broken in two amidships. Di-patches received this (Friday) forenoon state that Le Grand B. Cannon is a t the scene o f the wreck. The Ch-uii- piain was formerly the Oakes Ame.s. and was built by the Burlington steamboat company for the Rutland and Burlington railroad, to ferry across Lake Cham­ plain from Plattsburgh to Burlington; the vessel cost about $150,000, was three h undred feet in length, and was the only ves«et on the lake containing two en­ gines. In 1873 she was purchased by the Champlain steamboat company, her name changed to Champlain, and. made into a passenger b o at, she was placed in the line during the season of 1873, and was com­ manded bv Capt. Fiaag u n til h is death. Last season Cspt. Holt commanded this vessel, and this seas in she was held as a reserve b oat. Two weeks ago she took the place o f the Yermont, which boat broke a pi-ton rod, and was hauled off. WAS THE PILOT ASLEEP ? P a s s e n g e r s w h o cam e dow n t h e lak e last n i g h t Ru r t h a t t h e C h a m p lain is go in g to pieces, but h a s n o t s u n k o u t o f sight. E ldridge, t h e pilot, h a s s a id n o th in g in ex p lan a tio n of h is careless­ ness. I t i s believed t h a t h e w a s a s leep w h ile on d u ty , h a v in g b e e n t ir e d o u t b y overw o rk. aed church.. __ EGreenbush Meth- flrftfat ffrTtTflh- . , . AGBICHLTTTBAi statistics . Acres o f improved land, 14.031; woodland, 1,702; v*I«eof farm s, $1,896,815; value o f buildings, $ 203 ,- stock, $296,141; tools, etc., $68,125; valne of WKxtnct Of 1874, $223,376; tons of hay, 6,354; bushels «*««£«, 18,458; rye, 18,375; buckwheat, 140; corn, 13,- M ; potatoes, 99,807; pounds of b n tter, 35,280; cheese, - — ; gallon* o f milk, 840,405; pounds o f pork, 04,747. S c I io tI a e I c „ P©J>ul»tioii, 4,463. Males 2,236: females 2,227; mar- i M U K Single 2,635, alien 3S3; deaths during the g * e r 84^m arriages31,num b er of buildings891, valne WANEVACTURINO STATISTICS. C*pit*I $80,093, value o f raw m aterial $15,687, value ®f«unxudprodnct $28,648, n u m b er of men employed *f» CHTIiCH STATISTICS* Kama. : 0 Z j CO b fS ■3 fi <3 CJ TS cl § tt eft e? <u a 0 ss s g to to £ 8 £ © ^4 0 W yntnUkip RefOHned ehurchS 8,600 Landing Reformed m 4H0 4.000 225 7.000 400 23,000 ESQ 150 so 90 60 165 90 200 151] s 5 &00 1,000 700 1,000 200 123 50 SO 150 100 Methodist church.. Reformed eburch,. church, East Scho- ................. 12,500 500 _ „ ispei Methodist ch.. 4,000 SOO SetoOdack Baptist...... 4,000 SOO AGKICEXTOJAX. STATISTICS. of improved land, 82,870; wood land, 3,807; farms, $3,149,203; value of farm buildings, ; value of stock, 336,748; valne of tools, etc., valne Of product of 1874, $405,428; tons of \tad in 1874,12,002; bushels of oats, 93,544; . . buckwheat, 1,319; com, 26,385; potatoes, pound? of bntter, 129,493; cheese, none; gal- aaSk sold, 39,144; pounds of pork made, THE CENSUS OF 1810. t connection with thepubllcation of thepres- ceaew, the following, showing the popula- i of Rensselaer county in 1810, will be read ’t Interest. This was a few years after Troy 1 incorporated as a village, and six years pre- t ite Incorporation as a city: ....... 3,SCO Brunswick. ............ ....... 3,117 Berlin.... ............. ........ 2,639 Nassau. .............. 3,693 Schodack.. ............. ........ 1,338 Stephentown ........ . . . . . . 2,493 --------- ....... .4,43? Total .............................. 86482 fiber of slaves in th e county was 730, “ free > SUM ’’ 17,938, female? 17,3% . 2,293 . 3,012 . 2,901 . 3,166 . 2,557 ■ IWKOWF w l m u T o f r tttar being; * I 4 J . . £vnw< G e o l o g y o f t h e X K o o sac T u n n e l . ' »S p ringfield BcpuW ican s a y s : f t t o t th e “ g reat bore ” is through, m any have i w M t o f interest h a s been fonnd in and around ttftln. I t w a s confidently expected th a t rare would be found, and possibly some new m e e d , bu t in this tho lovers o f mineralogy t dlmppohited. Tho main rock consists 2 - '* 1 f t m ica schist, taleose shist a n d slate, dug found principally a t the east end. t a very difficult rock to b last, a s tbe force Testly loses itself in its loosely com- Ehe bi-snlphate of iron (fools’ gold), M tt traces o f copper, nickel and mag- *re the only ores- found. The minerals v«t u c calcife, gam e tite (in abundance), t (,s few c rystals b eing very fine), dolomite and . The latter was in a small cavity, and was I Mtd fibrous; the workmen soon obtained all ;th e p rincipal curiosities were the pot- ’ through the tunnel. A stone that t o f these, o f considerable value, is ! c abinet a t Amherst college. About three t the ttmnel, a t w h a tis called the soapstone K b e found the largest and b e s t quantity of Sere, s few years ago, a company opened a * steatite, which was thought of TSlue. I t was soon abandon- Bver, and all such undertakings are nf experienced managers. The minerals e w e taicite, picronte, tremolite, chlo* ... cslcite, Wtter-spar, asbestos, hom - m sguetite. T h e foliated talcite is the t o f this have been sent to MtMSftaee , jfcfeMfc, Cj It gjsrtaof the country. Large and beautiful I ok traanolite and actinOllte arc found, and are fen ftfewfistf, The others are well worth the especially the hornblende family, which *- - t viricty. At the west side of the dfjCerent from the above h as been exception of a quarry of serpentine, ptrcrrv -------------- t ttT M ttw lelt F i r e m e n ’s T o u m a * m e u t . > o f the flrcmext’s tournament b, Washington county, on Thursday, : 8th, jks a t hand. The prizes are us fol- -I»t prize, not more th*n sixty men t »d prize, not more than forty men S; 3d prize, not more than thirty men •to-lit prize, $30/2d prize, $ 23 . o t the villace fire department Ttatttar companies os they arrive; km truf form at 10:30 o’clock, and fea race of hose companies wiE take ittpaafes of not more than twenty tosctghty rods, couple hose to hydrant , [ferra hundred feet of hose, and eerew on pipe in the ehortest time. At 1% M., thetrinl of engines will begin, the -fog wttt be d?ricied hy lot) and each 1 t o *llowod to appoint one Judge it* trial only. Each company own water, play through three of hoM, and throw a horizontal Mchnoottta «s each company may tftferate* will b e allowed to arrange I ntev the m atch; and in case of «c hoae an extension of five min- towML Wo euftoe will be allowed feral » aecoraf tttoe for any one witt not prize coin- : . i j c feral * A B c m a r k a b l e E s c a p e —T h e B o a t a C o m p l e t e W r e c k v v i t l i n o M a r i n e E tc s n r a n c e —T h e E l i o t ’s C a r e l e s s n e s s . [From tho Daily Time;, July 19.] T h e s in k in g o f t h e larg e steam e r C h a m p lain F r iday, n e a r W e s tport, w a s t h e first serious a c ­ cid e n t t h a t has h a p p e n e d t o an y o f th e b o a ts of th e C h a m p lain tran s p o r ta tio n com p a n y , a ll o f w h ich are excellently officered an d fully eq u ip p e d t o m e e t alm o s t any em e rgency. T h e u s u a l c o u rse o f th e steam e r s is very n e a r t h e sh o r e a t t h e p o in t o f th e accid e n t, as t h e w a ter is seventy-five fe e t deep, an d so n e a r w a s th e b o a t t h a t p lan k s w e re th r o w n o n t t o t h e shore an d t h e passengers a n d crew w a lk e d off, n o one b e in g i n ju r e d a t t h e tim e o f t h e accident. A SUDDEN SINKING. T h e p i lo t says h e su p p o s e d h e w a s i n th e course ; t h e first in tim a tio n h e received o f th e d a n g e r w a s th e sh o c k w h e n t h $ b o a t stru c k . A s th e h o a t w a s g o in g a t h e r re g u la r ra te o f sp e e d t h e sh o c k ex p e r ien c e d b y s tr ik in g a solid ro c k o f course w a s fe a r f u l . S e v e ral w e re th r o w n f r o m t h e i r b e r th s , an d am o n g t h e p a s ­ sengers th e r e w a s g e n e r a l confusion a n d f r ig h t, an d fo r a few m o m e n ts t h e r e w a s a dow n right panic, m a n y ru s h in g o u t o f t h e i r sta te room s n o t over-dressed. T h e b o a t ra n u p o n a roek w h ich lies about t w o f e e t u n d e r w a ter, b r e a k in g a g r e a t h o le i n h e r b o tto m n e a r t h e bow . T h e w a ter began p o u r in g i n w ith a ru s h , flow ing t o th e stern , w h ich rap id ly se t tl e d in to t h e lake, th e bow fo r tu n a tely stick in g fa s t to t h e roek. B u t a few seconds elapsed a f te r strik in g be­ fo r e t h e r e w a s t h r e e f e e t o f w a ter in t h e lad ies' cabin. ■WHAT SAVED A FEARFUL LOSS OF LIFE. I t w a s very fo r t u n a t e t h a t th e h o a t h e ld f a s t to t h e r o e k ; i f sh e h a d reb o u n d e d , s h e d o u b t­ less w o u ld h a v e gone to th e h o tto m alm o s t in­ stan tly . T h e c le r k eared fo r th e v a luables in th e office, an d to o k th e m safely t o lan d . M o st o f th e baggage w a s ta k e n o u t dry, th o u g h som e w a s th o r o u g h ly s o a k e d . NARROW ESCAPE. T h e n i g h t w a tch an d w fieel-m a n w e r e in the cabin a t t h e tim e o f t h e accident, d ir e c tly over th e ro c k , quietly ta k i n g a lunch. I t m a y be su p p o s e d t h e y w e re som e w h a t s u r p r is e d t o see a n u g ly b lack ro c k sud d e n ly eom e u p t h r o u g h th e b o ttom o f t h e b o a t, follow e d b y a g r e a t ru s h o f w a ter. T h e y conclu d e d th e y d id ’n t w a n t an y th in g m o re to eat ju s t th e n , an d tu m b led o u t th o r o u g h ly soaked, a n d frig h te n e d nearly u n t o d e a th .' T h e hole i n t h e b o tto m w a s several fe e t i n diam e ter. THE PASSENGERS. T h e r e w e re o n board fifty-three persons, com p rising th e crew , a n d fifty-five passengers. A m o n g tn e passengers m a y h e m e n tioned H o n . S. M . W e e d an d fam ily o f P lattsb u r g h , Ju d g e . P a lm e r o f P l a tt s b u r g h , M r. (Jillson of W h itehall, o f t h e N a tional tran s p o r ta tio n line, Jo s e p h C o le an d fam ily o f N e w Y o r k eity, re a l estate ag e n t, an d W illiarn A n s o n W o o d , n o w o f A lbany. TIIE WRECK. S u p e r in te n d e n t In m a n , w h o re tu r n e d from th e scene o f th e d isaster F r iday evening, says th a t t h e C h a m p lain is a com p lete w reck. M o s t o f h e r f u r n i tu r e w a s t a k e n t o S h e lburne harbor, a n d s h e is b e in g d ism a n tled as r a p id ly as possi­ ble. T h e w a ter Is b r e a k in g over h e r p rom e n a d e deck. A s s h e w a s n o t in s u r e d a g a in s t m a rine d isaster, b u t only a g a in s t fire, s h e w ill be a to tal lo s s t o t h e com p a n y , save h e r f u r n i tu r e an d m a ­ chinery, a n d w h a t else th e y m a y save fro m th e debris. T h e b o a t is s a id to be* b r o k e n i n tw o , fo r w a r d o f m iddle. T h e fo r w a r d d e c k w as q u a r te r e d b y th e p illars w h ieh rest o n t h e keel, th e i r to p s p u n c h in g u p th r o u g h an d th r o w in g ev e r y th in g o u t o f shape. THE CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT is ’’0t y e t certain ly k n o w n ; b u t i t is r e p o r ted xhs t a su d d e n b r e a k of t h e p o r t engine th r e w th e b o a t’s h e a d u p o n th e r o c k s b e fore t h e atar- b< a r d engine c o u ld be s to p p e d a n d in spite o f th e efforts o f t h e w h e e lm a n t o keep) h e r clear. TUE PILOT. T h e accident is a very strange one. Mr. E ld - ridge, w h o w a s a t th e w h e e l,'w a s one o f th e o i d e t t p ilo ts, an d w a s considered one o f t h e sa f e - t on th e lake. T h e m o s t reasonable su p ­ p o s itio n i s t h a t i n ro u n d in g th e po in t, b y som e m e a n s , h e t u r n e d a l ittle to o s o o n , an d th e dis­ astro u s r e s u lt follow e d . T h e responsibility c e r­ tainly r e s ts v. i t h him . A passen g e r ou t h e A d l- ro n d a e says t h a t E ldridge refu s e s t o m a k e any ex p lan a tio n o f t h e causes o f th e affair. H e took th e w h e e l a t W e s tport, an d w h e n h e w a s aw a k ­ en e d fov h is t u r n h e ap p e a r e d to be all rig h t. H e certainly w a s sober. T h e h o a t w a s a long distan c e o u t o f h e r course, w liieh co u ld only have h a p p e n e d f r o m th e w illfulness o r i n a tten ­ tio n o f t h e helm s m a n . T h e re co u ld h a v e been n o m istake, a s th e evening w a s clear. His s t a te ­ m e n t w ill h e aw a ited w ith som e in terest. NO INCONVENIENCE TO TRAVELERS. T h e Y e r m o n t, w h ich h a s f o r som e tim e been laid u p fo r rep a ir s , is ex p e c te d o u t th is w e e k , an d i n t h e m e a n tim e t h e com p a n y w ill r u n only one b o a t so u th , leav in g B u rlin g to n a t 10:30 p. m ., a n d one n o r th , leaving a t 3:45 p m . A HARD SLEEP. S o o n a f t e r day lig h t, w h e n t h e cap tain w a s e x ­ am in in g t h e sta t e room s , h e fo u n d one o f th e m a le p a s s e n g e r s so u n d asleep. H e w o k e th is specim e n o f coolness an d in f o r m e d h im o f the accid e n t. H e claim e d t o have h e a r d n o th in g o f th e affair. T h e sh o c k w a s h e a r d a t F o r t Cassin, som e f o u r m iles d istan t, a n d aw a k e n e d s o m e of th e h o a r d e r s a t th e F o r t C a ssin house. A ttE A B MAN’S E S X A X I G . o~ ----- In v e s tig a tin g th e M y sterious Disnp« pearance o f W m , B a n c n s - A T rustee Appointed, o n A p p lication o f tlie XXelrs a t L a w - n t e F a k e an d M o slier lian s in g b u rg li Ifaitk T roubles A g a in —D e v e lopm e n ts A n ticipated. (From the Dally Times, July 20.1 Many readers of the Times will remember the very mysterious disappearance of Wm. Baueus a reputed wealthy bachelor of Schaghti- eoke, in July, 1869. The fact that the ease has never been explained, except by the unsatisfac­ tory hypothesis that Baueus ran away, coupled with other circumstances hereafter detailed, has led his relatives to commence AN INVESTIGATION. Mr. Baueus owned a large tract of land in Sehaghtieoke, some land and other property in Kansas, and property in this city, amounting in total value, it is estimated, to about $100,000. Early in 1869 Baueus went to Kansas, in com­ pany with Henry Mosher, then of Lansingburgh, and cashier of the bank about which there has been so mueh talk recently. Baueus returned from Kansas aud came to this eity, but was never afterwards seen in Sehaghtieoke. HIS DISAPPEARANCE. The last seen of him was ahout the night of June 6th, when in* left Charles Duncan’s saloon at the upper side-cut, West Troy, ia company with Mosher, ostensibly to go to Albany on the cars. The explanation of the disappearance that Mosher gave was that he saw Baueus get on a ear. He was as mueh mystified as any one re­ garding his subsequent non-appearance. BAUCrS IN BANKRl’TTCV. Previous to the trip to Kansas, it seems that Bauc-ns was indebted in some way to the Fake and Mosher bank in the sum of’$14,874.54 for discounted notes. As security for this he trans­ ferred his property to the bank in the year 1868, and a very short time thereafter tlie bank, which was managed by Fake and Mosher, transferred the property to these individu­ als, although the deed nasi not re­ corded until about oue year afterwards. Baueus had also been an endorser with one Duell on a §600 note, and when the maker failed to pay, they went into voluntary bankruptcy under then existing laws. The’ proceeding’s were discontinued, however, by the payment of the claim bv Fake and Mosfitr. Although they were nominally owners of Battens’a prop- erty some time before bis disappearance, they did not take possession uutil six months after thnt event, and then, making an equal division of the property, assumed its control, T H E H E I R S A R OU S E D . The heirs of William Baueus did not like this summary disposition of his property, and ac­ cordingly they were called together a ’few weeks ago and held several meetings in this eity. Thev are VV. C. Van Ness of Waterford, Jacob A. C ut of Saratoga, Elizabeth Coons of Brook­ lyn, Clarissa Grant of Adams, Jeffex*son county, Sarah H. Lee of Lansingburgh, Anna E. Green of Sehaghtieoke, and John M. Comstock of Buf­ falo. A TRUSTEE APPOINTED. A law was passed at the last session of the legislature providing that in eases similar to the above any heir or creditor may petition the su­ preme court for the appointment of a trustee. In accordance with this, a long and very ex­ pressive petition was recently presented to Judge Westbrook, asking that Isaac McConihe be appointed as sueh trustee. Tlie petition was granted, and Mr. McConihe having qualified by tiling a proper bond, bas assumed possession of all documents he can lay his hands upon, WAS IT A MURDER ? The petition intimates that the petitioners, W. C. Van Ness and Jacob A. Diver, acting in behalf of the other heirs, believe Mr. Baueus to have been murdered. A letter was received in 1870 bv James H. Rice of Lansingburgh pur­ porting to come from Mr. Baueus iu Kansas. Mr. Rice suspected the genuineness of tlie sig­ nature, aud laid the letter aside without saying anything about It to a single person. A few days afterwards, as is alleged, Mr. Fake called on Mr. Rice, and said he had understood he (Rice) had received a letter from Mr. Baueus. The petition alleges this, and also asserts, in view of the fact that Mr. Fake could have known nothing of the receipt of the letter, un­ less he knew of its having been sent, that it must have been a forgery.' B A r c r s V P VPElis. When the bank tv a* seized hy John P. Al­ bertson, receiver, the tin boxes or trunks be­ longing to William Baueus, ami containing pri­ vate papers, were found by Mr. McConihe. At the time the defendants were very solleitous about the examination of the contents of the trunks, and Mr. McConihe had them placed in the possession of a proper person, lesterday, by v i r t u o f his appointment as trustee, fie took possession of this property, and interest­ ing develojiments are anticipated upon its ex­ amination. SUITS TO BE COMMENCED. Suits are to be commenced at onee against- Fake and Mosber for tbe recovery of tbe Bau­ eus property, and it is anticipated that exeitiny litigation will ensue. A N O T H E R Q U E S T IO N A B L E TRA N S A C T IO N . It is possible that another suit will be com­ menced against Mosher by Hon. M. I. Town­ send, in behalf of a Mrs. Fitzgerald of Lansing burgh. Tne allegation of the plaiutiff is that Mosher mortgaged a portion of the Baueus farm to Mrs. Fitzgerald for $10,0tXt and that after the mortgage had been given the buildings on the property were removed to land adjoin­ ing without consent of the mortgagee. Mosher was requested to replace the buildings, and promised to do so through his counsel. He has not complied as yet, however, aud Mr. Townsend went to Sehaghtieoke to-day to in­ vestigate the affair. It is further alleged that there is a second mortgage ou the premises, and that it was improperly given. The attorneys in the suit of Diver and 'Van Ness are Warren A Patterson. The D e a d M a n ’s E s t a t e —I n v e s t i g a l l n g t l i e D isa p p e a r a n c e of W m. B a iueus. [From the Dally Times, July St.] In relation to the investigation as to the dis­ position of the property of the late William Baueus of Sehaghtieoke, who <tisappcared mys­ teriously in I860, about all there is to *uv iu ad­ dition to the facts stated yesterday, is that at­ torneys are busily engaged preparing tin* papers for the suits to be commenced against Mirdior and Fake for the recovery of the property. Thi Baueus farm in Sehaghtieoke, consisting of about live hundred acres of valuable land, was divided equally between Fake and Mosber. Mosher conveyed by deed Ids portion to a rela­ tive in this eitv, who mortgaged tiie pro­ perty so conveyed to him for $10,001) to the Troy savings bank aud then conveyed the property back to Mosher. Mosher procured a second mortgage of $1,0<XI on the same property, after making an affidavit that lie had placed no encumbrance on it. Mr- Patrick Fitzgerald is the holder of the second mortgage. Martin I. Townsend is attorney for Mrs. Fitzgerald, and has been attorney for Mosber also. He threatens criminal procceil- ings unless the second mortgage i« immediately taken up. Fake sold a portion of ids share of the Baueus farm to George M. Tibbits of this eity for about $12,000, and Mr. Tibbits has paid him the cash for it. The balance he sold to one Robinson for §18,000, taking a mortgage baek for $15,000,\ which mortgage was uutil quite recently held by some one in Fake’s family. These facts are matter of record. Baueus bad a large amouut of other real and personal property, anil persons have been engaged for the past' two months tracing it out, and are still at it. The Baueus farm in Sehaghtieoke has already been sold and mort­ gaged for about $6,00(1, so'tbat vve are nut far out of the way in estimating Baueus’s estate at $ 100 ,ouo. BY TELEGRAPH. T l » e C o m m i t t e e o f L i b e r a l s . S aratoga , July 21.—The sub-committee of nine, appointed by the Liberals, eame to Saratogajwlth a view of meeting to confer as to the expediency of holding their state convention simultaneously with the Democratic or Republican state convention, or subsequent to both. Gen. E. A. Merritt, Gen. John Cochrane mid Congressman B. A. Willi? are the chief members of the ttvo committee < tbat meet to-day for the purpose above sfntcd. W hether this sub-committee decide to hold a convention or not i* a m inor questinn. One of g reater Importance is the position of the Liberals tow ard the o ther tw o parties. The Republican? who me h ere are of the opinii in that they mv more inelini d to throw* their fortune? with the Republican? than the Democrats. Xu the first place they pinncil them­ selves to the opposition to the third term question. Anything in the platform of the Rcpnl>U>-.in State Con­ vention looking to a third term would undoubtedly repel the main body of Liberals. In other re-pcets, a platform similar to the Iowa resolutions on the money question would b e acceptable to them. The majority of tlie Liberals would rather week an excuse to return to the Republicans, so fur tt? certain eircumdanee? indicate, than to affiliate with the Democrat?, with whom Congressman Willi? seem? to want to make hi? lied, having been elected malidy by them to bis pres­ ent position. The sub-committee, acting under the direction of Rcnben E. Fenton will do nothing, so far a? I ean now* learn, but temporize. They will make a “ statem ent,\ according to custom, but that they will decide as to the when a u d where a Lib­ eral convention shall be held does n o t now appear a? possible a s that they will meet, talk, and adjourn t\ R future day to await action by the two great parties. It i« said here that cx-Gov. Fenton would not lie averse to .allowing his name to be p u t on the Republi­ can ticket for congress in the Chautauqua di-trict, if some m inor differences could be adjusted. B u s in e s s N o tices. The “ H o u sekeeper” of o u r H e a lth.—The liver in the great depurating or blood growing organ of the system. Set the great housekeep­ er of our health at work, and the foul corrup­ tions which gender in the blood aud rot out, a? it were, the machinery of life, are gradually ex­ pelled from the system. For this purpose Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery, with small daily dose? of Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Purgative Pellets are pre-eminently the articles needed. They cure every kind of humor from the worst Bcrofula to the common pimple, blotch or erup­ tion. Great eating ulcers kindly heal under their mighty curative influence. Virulent Wood poisons that lurk iu the .system are by them robbed of their terrors, and by their IdT'cVcring ami somewhat protracted u-e the most tuiutcd sy-tem m a v be completely reno­ vated and built up anew. Enlarged glands, tu- ruors and swellings dwindle away and disappear under the influence of tin ir resolvent. Sold by all dealers in medicines. \Claude a child about three years old, wa? greatly afflicted with sore? on Ids legs ami fis-t, so tlia’t he could not vvt ar hi? shot s and stockings. Had a great deal of trouble with liim. Had tried many remedies incffectuall). At last we tried the Gt Aden Medi­ cal Discovery, and in about three weeks he was entirely cured, his sores were all healed, and health much improved. Respectfully yours, ,T. VV. Boyer. Vermillion, Edgar county, ill., Jan­ uary 29, 1875.” A d r u g g ist of Webster, Mass., writes: “ I split oue of my lingers open down to the first joint, and shattered the bone. I immediately dressed it with Renne’s Pain Killing Magit* Oil, let eping the finger wet. It healed very rapidly, with very little soreness aud no pain. 1 con­ sider it the best thing in existence for cuts, bruin*-, sore tliroat and Canker. Try it, reader.\ and fifty-five 01 the laws o f eighteen hundred and forty- seven, entitled “ An act to amend on act entitled 'An art. to reduce the number of town officers and town and county expenses, and to prevent abuses in auditing town and county expenses,* passed May tenth, eighteen hun­ dred and forty-flve,” is hereby amended bo as to read as follows: 516. Totvn collectors shall be entitled to collect [flve per cent fees for all unpaid taxes under the thirtieth sec­ tion of the a ct hereb) amended, and wheney t*r any such collector shall make return to thi* eounty treasurer for any unpaid taxes, he shah add to the several sums so rcu turned hy him, tlv c per cent, vv UtCh shall go to the credit of the county, and he collected with said unpaid taxes; and such collector shall be entitled to receive from the county treasury, and be paid by the treasurer, two per cent as fees for all taxes so returned by him. The town collectors from the county of King.-, in addition to tin* percentage aud Interest authorized by sections five aud six of chapter one hundred and Ufty-rour of the iavV3 of eighteen hundred and forty-one, shall add the amount of their fee?, which shall go to the credit of the respective tiiv.ns. i 2. The provisions of section sixteen of said act a? amended under rertiim i'lie, are hereby made applicable to the county of Kings, and section tw entv-?Ix of said net U repealed In so fat a? it mm conflict with such ap­ plication. VS. Alt other arts and parts of act? IncunsMeut v.lth tills fit t rtre biTt hj repealed. ; 4. Hits act shall taxe ell'ect immediately*. *tAJE of New York-office of the'.secretary of State..?-.; I hay <* compared the preceding with the ori­ ginal ley, ou uic lr till? office, find do li'Tybj cc.ttb j that v'Vicft trausorint therefrom and of tiie MlH'lc oi >ald nrlKiiuil law, DIEHR1C H WILLERs Jr.., secretary of State. CHAPTER 44“.. AN Af T to further amend an act entitled “An act for the inc> rporatlitii of companies formed to navigate the ocean b> steamship? o r nhips or vessels u?tng caloric engines,” passed April tw elfth, eighteen hundred aud l-fty-two.—Passed May as, lsr». T h e M o u n t a i n M e a d o w M a s s a c r e , B eaver , Utah, J u ly 21.—In court yesterday morn­ ing Judge Sutherland, counsel for Dame, said tbat be bad found a fatal di feet iu the* indictment, which he had intended to overlook and go to trial u pon; bat finding-fhut Lee's case vv ould be first tried, and that Dame’s would not be reached this term, hi* asked that the indictment he quashed on the ground tbat the crime wa? not alleged to have been committed in this territory or district, nor iu any county, but simply In Slonntain Meadow valley, without any other designation, vv hereupon Mr. Carr ro?e and. p re­ sented a new indictment, which charged Lee, Dame, Elliott, YVilden, IVm. C. Stewart, George Aden, jr., John M. Higbee, Isaac C. Haight, Samuel Jukes and Phillip Kingman Smith with conspiracy w ith Indian? to k ill those emigrants, and that in pursuance to that conspiracy they d id k ill them. T I » e L o u i s i a n a S t a t e F r a u d s . N ew O rleans , July 21.—Gov. Kellogg ha? ad­ dressed a letter to the attorney general, inclosing \a report of the expert? appointed by him to ex­ amine into the condition of tbe auditor’s office, in which he says: “ The investigations tbat bave taken place before both the civil and criminal court?, and the investigation and report of tho state examiner? disclose gross culpability on the p a rt of other p er­ sons, whose acts have injured the state, and for years have ca?t discredit on the government. I especially call to nr a ttention to the record in this respect, and request that you will immediately take prompt meas­ ure? to bring to justice all tlio c v,ho hav e been guilty of defrauding the state, a? disclosed by these in­ quiries.” T h e B o y m u r d e r e r ’ s S e h e i n e o f E s c a p e , B oston . July 21.—An attem p t of young Pomeroy, the hoy murderer, to escape from the Charles street jail, wa? discovered yesterday. He h ad been engaged for some time in digging out brick? around the win­ dow o f hi? celt hy mean? of apiece of an Iron wash dish, and his plan was, a fter getting outside of the cell, to loner himself from the iron gallery to the floor of the rotunda by cord? taken front the w inflow frame. He was to leave the cell a t midnight, a - the vv atch n a? being changed, and presuming that he could overcome all who opposed him. clear the jail building and scale the exterior wall. Letter? to his family ingeniously describing hi? plan of opera­ tions were found in hi? cell. A n A l a b a m a V e n d e t t a . MuXTif omery , July 21.— It i? reported that a terri­ ble fight occurred iu Perdado, Eseamlda county, be­ tween two fumikc? n a m 'd H a th tt end Ryer?, in which six men. consisting of father and two sou? on each side were engaged. Five were killed outright, while the sixth and la?t has a load of buckshot in his side which m u st cause death. Both familie? are said to be of Indian descent. The cause i?au old family feud. A M a n C r u s h e d U n d e r a C a r t L o a d O f | H a y . neniy Ensign of Brunswick, who recently met with an accident by falling from hi? wagon o n River st reet, ha? a hired man who ha? lived with hint a number of years. On Wednesday this laborer wa.? engaged iu hauling hay with a yoke of oxen attached to a heavy cart, and hav­ ing driven, a load into position for unloading at the bam, and being about to detach the cattle, tlie animal? became frightened. They suddenly started, throwing the unfortunate man down, and a wheel of the heavily laden cart passed over Lis prostrate body, crushing several ribs into hi? lung.?, producing dangerous and it is feared fatal Injuries. He was still living last evening, but is in a precarious condition. Dr. Winship attends Mm. Coroner Defreest took charge of the ease. The name of the laborer is James Wright. He i? sixty years old, and had worked for Henry and 'William H. Ensign for thirty-five year.?. He w cut between tbe oxen to take’the pin out of the pole to unhitch them frmn the cart, when they started with the load of liav, knocked him down and tlie cart passed over liis breast. Tbe oxen have always been kind aud gentle.— Duth/, M ,j 10. ' T h e C e n s u s o f W a s h i n g t o n C o u n t y . The new census shows a loss of about l,5t)0 in the population of Washington county, and it may possibly lo?e a member of assembly. The returns complete, excepting from one district in Fust Oil and one iu Granville, are a? follows compared w itlt tin i?e of 1870: Argrj l<* ............. < rm-lirtUKt:.... Dublin .......... KtRton ......... Fort Ann ...... jMjit Eduard.. tirunriitr.......... <irctnwicli. . Hampton... t to t?ri. .. SHI . . 7,-tl •t.fri . .5.I-M7 ..J.t'O J>.V» tw-i :V*W ** \-Nt S.1U3 4,»0» Irr H artford ................ Hcfnvn ............................. *vn.» •WksMi.. 1A*i1 KJnfj’-bur* .............. J.0U I^itUUlll ............... HXl iY‘\ haleni ................... .. hhi . * w h i r c n c p k ............ U'V# \V}tlt«*hnl! .................... i.\T7 5.5i>l iS'ft on tli** fiftrm » AshumiiJij tbat th«?«c tv*u t»«\vu I>PP. in :U«» Ii7 •7,1 v’V» ..\.I J i7» 5*7 jjiven i'i fall, l.illii. not reported in full. La-top tir.d Granville, remain a? in ISM, the popula­ tion of the lountj is 48.249. A M o p - S o n K l i t e r s l i i s F a t i l e r ’ s IS o o m a t M i d n i g h t a n d S t r i k e s l i i t n w i t h a < I n to . Shortly a f te r 12 o ’clock th is m o r n ing t h e ste p ­ son of Jolm R e d d e n , aged about sixteen y ear?, entered t h e room o f liis fa th e r at his residence No. 46$ E iver street. H e fo u n d th e fath e r a?leep an d stru c k him a severe blow w ith a club, c u tt i n g off t h e u p p e r p a r t o f th e rig h t ear a s n e a tly as if it h a d b e e n done w ith a knife. M r. I ’edden aw a k e n e d , sta r te d to clinch hi? assailant, an d received an o th e r blow across tb e forehead, w h ich caused a s c a lp w o u n d , an d stu n n e d liim , so t b a t he w a s u n a b le t o m a k e a n y fu r t h e r resistance. Dr. A k in dressed hi’s w o u n d ? . R e d d e n sta te s t h a t h e w ill secure t h e arrest o f hi? s o n . H e know s rut cause fo r th e la t t e r ’,? a e tion.— D a ibj , VMh. The F iophof the ,state o f Anr JV.JT,: . ;/,v.v ntM in Semite ana Aeeembl/r, do enact as Tijltrat .■ mi c tio s 1. Section one of the act entitled “ An act for the incorporation of companies formed to navigate the ocean by steamships or ships or vessels using caloric engines, passed April twelfth, eighteen hundred and fifty-twq, 1- hereby amended so as to read as follows; 5 1. Any seven or more persons who may desire to form a company for tlie purpose of building for their own use, equiping, famishing, fitting, purchasing, chartering nav gating and oyvning y e.-*.-els to he propelled solely or partially by the power or aid of steam or other expan­ sive fluid or ffiothe putter, to he Used In all lawful com­ merce and navigation upon the ocean, sea.-, sounyp) and rivers navi,'’able by ueeau y teather* . and for the transpor­ tation of passengers, freight and malls, mav make, sign and acknowledge, before some officer Competent to tale the acknowledgment of deeds, aud file in the office of the eterh of the eounty in ith ch the principal nfltaefnr the management of the business of the company shall be situated, anti a duplicate thereof In the office or the sec­ retary of state, a certificate In writing, In which shall be stated the corporate name of the said company and the specific object? for wliieh the company shall be formed, stating particularly the ports between which such ves­ sels arc intended to be navigated, the amount of the cap­ ital stock of said company, which shall not be less than fifty thousand n o r more than tour million dullara; the term o f its existence not to exceed twenty years; the number nf shares of which the said capital stock shall Consist; the number of directors, and their names, who shall tnanoge tlie concerns of raid company for the first y«ar ; and the name of the eitv or town and c*,untv in w hich the principal office for managing tbe affairs of the Company Is to be situated. s i vie o r new Y ork —Office of the Secretary of Mate, as.; I h at e compared the preceding with the ori­ ginal law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of -aid original law. DXEDRIC’H WILLEE.8, J r ., Secretary of state. CHAPTER 639. AN a c t in relation to tlie prepayment of the fees of sheriff* upon execution.*.—Passed June 21, l?T.y. The Fitople o f the State <>f .V .r i'ftrh.reineseuted in Senate awl Assenthly. the etaat as f a • ■M-Ci iun . l. The fees provided liy law to sheriffs upon executions for the receipt and return thereof, shall be prepaid by* the party Issuing sueh execution to them, and tn no case shall a sheriff he hound to execute the s*une without sueh prepayment, whenever tlie same shall he demanded by liim. 5 3. This act -hall take effect Immediately. state of N ew Y ork —Office of the Secretary of state, ss.: 1 have compared the preceding with the ori­ ginal law on file in this ofllee, and do hereby certify tint the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the Vi hole of said original latv. DIEDRICH WILLERS, JR., Secretary of State. CHAPTER 520. AN At T relative to tin* civil code.—Passed June i, 1875. 7 he Peapo aj the A late a f i>o*A, represented ill iS'll- life ItHil AfSehiblV, llo W/ttet it*JtiOOKx: sectio:; 1. The commissioners appointed h\ virtue of Chapter sixtj -three of tin* law s of eighteen hundred and st*\ vtitv to revise the statutes of this state are hereby au- thnrfzed to Incorporate In. and make part of such revfe- ion. the ciMJ ende, heret»»Joro reported tr» the Jeffislature by the cutursiisrifmers of the code, or so mueh thereof a? the said commissioners for the revision of the statutes may deem advisable, with the same effect as though the p.ild civil code Were now a part of the statutes of this stato. MATE OP New YoP.K—Office of the Secretary* of State. I has e competed the preceding st ith the original law on flic in this office, ami do heroin certify that the same a Forrest rranifcript therefrom and of the whole of set'! original kw , DIi.Dr.JCH WlLLKIi?, .In.. M e n tal} of suite. CHAPTER 398. At ACT in relation to railroad corporation?.— Passed June It, 1,?73. T‘ . Pi ’• af the state nf ,Y<-*r To,-/,, represented i,l * taiT; ii), J, Aw, hthln do enact as foliates.- J-E* Tiyx 1. Any existing railroad company heretofore < rsnnized or incorporated under the laws of this state, except such as may have been organized for tlie purpose of constructing or operating a railroad in tlie city of N etv \ ork, which may have been unable f rum any cause to construe4 it? railroad within the time spceitleubv it? ehart< r 01 articles of association, shall hereby have the time for the completion of the railroad It iva? author­ ized to construct extended for a further term of (wo year* bf.mnd the time heretofore limited, and failure to construct its railroad hereb .fora, shall not cause afur- feilure of its corporate power? ; 1ml nothing herein con- ta'ucd shall bate the eflcet to revive any corporation whose corporate power lias been forteiied from any cause. STATE OF N ew Y oke —Office of the Secretary of State, ss.: I have compared the precCdiDg with the Ori- giral law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same Is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said original latv. DIEDRICH WILLERS, JB„ Secretary of State. CHAPTER 518. AN ,\f t to an.end chapter fifty-one of law? of eighteen hundred and sixtv-four, entitled \An act in relation to the bureau of military statistic?.\—Passed June 7, The People o f the ptate o f X n r York, represented in Scuutt «)/it J.v.yi nth!'/, tio e m n i as foliate*: seciiox 1. Section one of chapter fitty one of the laws of e ghteen sixty-four*, entitled “An act ia relation to nominated a highway tax, to work and improve the road?, avenues, streets, lanes and crosiwalks of sMd vil­ lage, on all persons and incorporated companies owning property and estate, real and personal, in said village, to be- assessed and collected as ail other taxes are by the provisions of tills act. The money so raised, with the proceeds of the poll tax, shall be devoted to the purposes expressed in this section, and kept apart as a separate and disttnet fund by the treasurer; and all villag.’S in­ corporated under ibis act shall be exempt from all costs, charges, taxes or assessments for the grading or woikln- aDystreet.road or atomic tying outside tlie limits o t sueh corporation. STATE OF N ew YoEK—Office of the Secretary of State, ss.: I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same Is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of raid original law. DIEDRICH VYILLERE, Jn„ Secretary of state. CHAPTER 523. an At t making an appropriation for the purpose of re- i speckled _ ---- — ft*, Jiree*Jlftlia being present The Tfojtie of the ,s uttfi o f Netr Yorlk, rc-p/'exeiittfi in #Sl hate a /fl J.nv hi'jljj, do tutu t f n l t o „• S ectkvk I. Tho Finn of fourteen thousand dollars, or po n iudi them if ns Mmil Ije n e w ary, is hereby appro­ priated out of the jreiieral fund, to enable the commis­ sioners of fisheries of this state t«» construct on land, to I h * jiurcUascd therefor, suitable buildings, fixture* and ponds, for the purpose of hatching and rearing speckled trout and otlu*v fish, to he used lu stocking the public streams of this state with sueh fbli, and to 7)« distributed for the public benefit, under such regulations as such commissioner* shall prescribe. f 2. The said commissioners #hall account to the Comp­ troller for all expenditures the\ mat make under the provisions of this act. •} .i. This act shall take effect immediately, v d. Thi-4 act shall lake c^v«-r Immediately. •S ta i ^ of K eiv Y oek —ufflce of the Secretary of state, s*<.T i h r ve enwparea th? preceding with the ori­ ginal law ou tile in tills office, and do hereby certify that M e same I n a correct transcript therefrom and of the ■\\lioli* of said original law. DIEDRICH ‘WILLERS, J e „ Secretary of State. & O K A A M O N T H —At rents wanted everywhere. C l g ip y v / Business honorable and first class. Particu- l(i i .? fent free. Address 7-1-ly W*__ _____ J. WORTH & CO., St. Louts, Mo. F P I ICxI ATx CK of aU order of MoseB Warren, sur­ rogate of the County of Rensselaer, not ice is hereby K.ven, according to law, to all persons having claims against John M. Percy, late of the town of Hoosick, de­ ceased, that they are required to exhibit tbe same, with tlffi vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at his residence in the town of Hoosick, on or before the 25th day of Jan­ uary n e x t—Dated July 19,1S75. 7-2Mawt»mw ELON PERCY, Administrator. P e e k s k i l l (1ST, YT.) 1Y T ILITA R Y ' A C A D E M Y —Opens Sept. 6th, 1?75. I ’i New Gymnasium. S4TO per year. Address Messrs. WRIGHT & D o n a l d . 7-2>-2mD&3mw Notice. tiunal Bank, Troy.—Troy, Jan. 5,1875. ja.tf __ ^ A. L. ffoTCHKIN, County Treasurer _ J. E . Reno, XIVIPO j R T E R and Manufacturer of Real Hair Goods. A i he leading house for Switches, Braid?, Puffs, curls, AC. 7 he largest stock. The Lowest Prices. Wholesale and Retail. Hair combings made Into Switches for 35 Fine Hair. Jewelry made to order. cents an ounce. . . . . . . w urk guaranteed as represented. Ail Is it lionaM son’s Balloon ? T oronto , J u ly 21.—Intelligence received from Au­ rora i? that on Monday, a t 8% o'clock iu the evening, a largo balloon wa? seen passing within a mile of the village, going in a northeasterly direction. Tin* bas­ ket was apparently empty, and the balloon wa? ly­ ing well over on one side. I t Is no w o n d e r tbat invalids lo?e faith In all specifics, when fo many worthless medicines are adver­ tised fr.r the cure of various diseases; but whieh when tried, ave \found wanting.” We have yet to learn, how­ ever, of the first failure of in*. WIstar’e Balsam of Wild ( la irv t ' cure e‘lugliS, colds and pulmonary disease. 59 ct«. and ¥1 a bottle, large bottles mueb tiie cheaper. M A R R I E D . ADAM.?—FYXLR—In WUlfamstqwn, Ma??,..Thursday- State Treasury Account Correct. A lbany , July 21.—Accountant W arren 1m? just finished hi? examination of tlie state treasury uud re­ ports everything right. The total amount o f ca h on hand aud on deposit J u n e SU, $7,521,BROS. Balance called for by the book?, $7,521,107.99. Surplus four tent?. E s c a p e o f a L i f e P r i s o n e r . N ewcastle , Del., July 21.—E. B. Frazer, senftnced to life imprisonment in Newcastle jail, and who ha? been confined there for the la*t ten year*, made his escape, for the Fecund time, this morning. A b a r hail been forced off h is cell by a jack that had been Ke­ en tlv com ev ed to the prisoner. YYostcrn Markets. Sjxtrud at rind tn the Troo V a tl t Taars. Toledo, Nomt, Jnlv 'it.—Wlie.vt: Ftrongandhigher: No. 1 white Michigan, 4“ Mil ca»h;extra white Michigan 14; No. 3 red w inter.:*'• l asi'.arid:.'.1} fur A n g iet.: No. 1 Amber Michigan. At cash, ;W„ August, 31 for t-cpt-m- bir. Receipts pvj»i; rtdnhieuts il.nw. Cora strong an.l lib-luT: High mixed, 77'., ra-h, 77 for August, and 7? for M l'tem p er; low mixed. 77 cash. 76'f Augu t ; No. 2 white T*. Receipts. 23,'HVi; shipments, 7.2\\. Oat? dull; Michigan Ji'l*• lor Ncptehibi-r: No. 2, Jnhi ior Feptembrr. Receipts, ?.r*o; shipment-,s.tro. I’Teightadull; tl-wego Chicago, July Jl —11 ■*>.*' a . ii.—Freights active and l in n ; 3 paid on corn to Buffalo. live firm; * dent * i for August. tlriS p. jr.—Oat? firmer at 51 ca-h; 5 >\p 31 for July; »;< for August; for M ptemher. 12*.: 5 1 *. si.—Flour firmer; shipping extra held a* 52.V* 5JO; wc-tern good choiceaj<v 1:15 P.M.—Com eader ut 71'i cash; 71': tor August; n v 7 i for geptetniier. l i ' i*. st .—W heat irregular and higher ,*n 12 '*t f. .r Aug. u-t. MuvvvrE.EE, July -1,1:1\ i*. -W h eat 'inserted: 1 Milwaukee, u i j No. 2 Milwaukee, ta?',; July ive’i, August 121. Corn Ann: High mixed r;t.' Gats steady: No 2, 4.'. Rve steudv ; No. 1, ',*5. Bariev uom- thul: ll'i for No. 2 i-pripg. 1:15 I*, vi.—Wheat unsettled: No. 1 Milwaukee, 12 ,; No.3 ip*., T.w .*; July, l'.e'v; August 1*3'.... eveutrig, Julv 15th, 1*75, at the. residence of Mr ” ' ’ - p. gpwall ” B e g g a r s a n d T h i e v e s M u s t IVot b e C h o o s e rs. It i? said that a woman who keep? a gruggery in tlii? city bargained several month.? ago with tome of the employes of a certain Troy brewery to surreptitiously furnish her with a hogshead, of ale, which they were to steal from the vault of their employer. The workmen selected an empty hogshead and drained into it the empty­ ings of all the hogsheads and barrel? In the cel­ lar. This was sufficient only to half fill the hogs­ head, but the* men were equal to the emergency. They rolled it under the hydrant and filled it to the top with water, Dunged it up, placed it se­ cretly on a wagon, and in the dead of night de­ livered it in the woman’s cellar, receiving $15 for the job. They told the purchaser that they had left her a hogshead of fine stuck ale, anil that the longer she kept it undisturbed the bet­ ter it would become. The wi iman treasured as a precious idol iu her heart a constant thought that she had a flue supply of ale to draw on dur­ ing the warm weather. Yesterday she tapped the hogshead, and drew a mug tif the sourest decoction that ever a swill barrel fermented. In high dudgeon she sought out the men, but they silenced her raving?, very quickly by the quiet remark, “ Why, shure, ’tt? stolen beer— and that you must take as it come?. Beggar? and thieves are never choosers.\ N e w Y o r k P r o d u c e M a r k e t . N ew Y ork . Julv 21—V! *.t. ( OTTON—Market I* nominal, k c decline! middling upland* 11 X, 51 *. IT t i UK—Market b1 *‘i\e better, fair demand. Receipts !5,i up bids, sale? r.i.iro CM-, superfine state anil west- cm at 5 2 C- * “i.i5; eoimnutiti) choice extra . tate at 5.ffV > li.pti; common to choice extra western at 5.C3 . i:.v ■; cun- in n to rbulro R. II. < >. at tiJCi • 7.t.7. RYE FLOUR—The market t? quoted yaw firm; fate? of 4011 Mils, at 5.'*V ii.\\. GRAIN—Bheat Is quoted two to three cent.? better In the pricer, and active. Receipts of fil.O'Uhn. sales of ■.’\H.nuotiu. at L ! i .‘3 for No. 2 Chi­ cago: l.ftl for No. 2 Milwaukee: 1.4*4.>1.13 for No. 1 spring; l.llt l.U fur winter red western ; 1.1! *:1.43 ior amber vtstcrn, and 1.12. 1 . 1 ? for vvjifte west­ ern. Ityc market is firm. Receipt? none. Sales i w c. ( tun ts a --bade firmer. Receipts I'i,lift) bn. a'os si.niobu, at ST -N'e for steamer western m ixed; and F'.'i *'.' ij i : cent? fov sail vve.'tem mixed. Barley market I? (iiK'tot nominal. Receipt? none, sale? noue. Gats market Is firmer. Receipt? :U,'*xi bn. Sales ;>1,con bn. at i £• ■::’c i for mixed we-torn, and 62i fdc fur white do. PROVISIONS—Pork market heavy. Sales list bids*, at Jii.GDc 7\ for new mess; old rue*? do. Beef steady. Cut meat? are quoted a? dull for vv estom—dry salted Fbimlilers beld at *'.c. LARD—.Market Is quoted quiet. Sale? 100 tterees at lfity* for \tf.ani; and none fur kettle ren­ dered. Butter market 1? quoted at 27c for new* state and Penim 1 v anla. and 1P? I5e for old state and Penn*v 1- v anta. t ucc*c 1? quoted at a*, tic for common to prime. W HISIvY—Market fs quoted quiet r t l..’t per gallon free. 1/ KGG f — Market Is firm at 21'■.32c for state and Penn­ sylvania, PETROLEUM—Crude 1? quoted at3’.?e, and re­ fined at ll-ii tlVW. Ut *AL—Market Is firm at 5225. eC.3tl fur anthracite per cargo. LEATHER—Market Is quoted heavy. Buenos Ayres and Rio Urande light to heavy weight? are quoted at fil.* 2 ?r. UOOL—Tiie market Is heavy and -lull—Dour,--tie fleece I? quoted a t 3 MBJe: unwashed a t 15 '21: pulled at T i 5 2 o . _____________________________ TDo Troy Markcta. T roy , July 21, 1875.—The general m arkets are very- inactive, and ruling prices are unchanged. The retail market? are n o t particularly b risk e ither in relation to nipply or demand. GENERAL MARKET?. The following are wholesale quotations: F eofb .—Market is quiet and steady. Pastry flour, $11 i.iAX'* 111.75 per b b l.; XXX white wheat flour, $7.25 5i K.uo per bbl.; XX white wheat flour, $7,097(8.00 per -------------------------- --- -------------- bbl. Rye ............. . . . . . . _ . E. K. llopkin*-, bv the Rev. A. bewail, Mr. E than W. H. Ai'vst? of Wllliamfstown, Ma*s., aud Mr?. E. A. I- vr.LR of LvndnnvlUe, Vt. TANN—PARKER—On July 15,-1'73, by the I!ev, J. B sc: ii h -, H a e t e t T a n s a lei 1* II.T.V P.vnKEE.butliof Truv . GREGG—MEKRIAM—July tatlt, 1?75, bv Rev. f). N. Mansfield, bA'tnii. Ur.ruu ot Troy, to Miss B lanche Mri.r.r mi o f Geonar,town, Pena. * GUNNING—On the 17tn Inst., by Rev. Dr. Baldwin, Mr. srnxEY G en ' nixi ; of Marcdlus, N. Y‘., and Mis? SARAH I’AEKIX Of Iruy. * CARPI-NTER-Sudi(cn1y, July 19. 1S79, P h ilip N f - hei ; F aepen tee , infant son of James H. and Anna J . t ariienter, aged I year, 2 months and 11 days. ARM? 1RONG-?KIDMOIJH—C>n the 17th in-St.. Dvvrn l 1. .Vi;'**iri'M! of the Tremont House, frov, to Miss M viiY skiiiMi u:i: of Lan-ingburgh. . D I E D . I'ARNAM At Falaltne Bridge, MunO-'omery O '\O \ , July it, i ?;: i , A nnil V. sPEAKii:, wife of William Far* nnni of till? city, and daughter of the late Livingston Fprakcr ot ti e fmmer place. IlA slO R D -In V.e-t Truv, Julv 15. 1*75. sy l v e n W„ di iti-liter of Luther and Arm!'* Ha fonl. a. e-it I mouth?. Ill R \S —In this eitv, July thtb, w;:>, J ohn R n iv-. I'atlnr uf Aid. *' - 'Ii l.i.rns _ SHAW—In (. iffine.s, July 11,1675, W illiam S uaw , aged ' BURNS—In tide eitv July 10th. 1873. J ohn B fknf , father \ f Aid. Joseph Lum*. need 75 years. HULllERT—In tut? city, July 15th, 1*75, E lizabeth , wite e f Jolm Hutbc-rt. aged : 2 yeara and U'm\ntb? TiBI I l S - O n Frld.iv morning, Julv 16, 1 *75, at the re-U'icrce of her father, John I,. G. Knox, M vr.y FLtzx- ni.nr, wile of C.Ji. Dudley iibbita, In the filth year of tier age. FIR iMMANN—In tin? eity, July 16,1*73. WiLTtEr.jti.NE, daughti l- of Hirtnan A. and Eva A. Irounuunn, aged 2 Itliiiuhsaml 16 t'evs. M .TDElai k. tulv 17, 18\. .T osie ( daughter of L< i-'t'aril and .!< ,*i plbne T m -I i i rii-k.?, aged ? montlis. sIP P I.I.-In Lansiiighurfcii. similar, tlie WUiust., Ji'N- m e , wife of N. I.ugere Sipjde, a-ed 2t year?, 11 months end 6 days. MOLONEY’—On sundry morning*, July 1*411, at the residence of tlie parents, vtrt Ninth st., J e . vnif , youngest Jangliti l- of Patrick ana LuuK*i K. Moloney, eged 1 year and 1 reoritli. HI E X '— In We-t Troy, July ]fl, i-73, C atherine Ivt l:A s. aged \ i . r,s. * W RIG H f-A t Rrunsiriek Centre, duly 1J, 1 -13, J ames W eight , aged I’ ve.iri. o ’HAIRE—In A ert Troy, July l'dli, 1*73, ,T o if s P etre O'H a ief . ton of Jebu A. and Nellie L. O'Haire, aged 3 months. KOGEIit—In West Trov. July l'.tb, 1875, R osanna Reni n?, infant daughter of Edw ard and Anna Roger,?, aged fi month?. 1’ KN UI is 12—In tMs d ry. .Tulv 10,1- 75, Mrs. C laea P en - kii * e , widow of the late Geo. Penru-e and daughter of Geo. H. Lewi?, aged 37. * CA s s il y — At New York. July Vffh, l?i3. D aniel , in- fant son of Thomas and Mary Casrily of VV est Troy, aged l year and rt months. * I'R'liAHDs—Monday, 5 p. vr., July 19, 1*73, C hvelek L. R ic h vni>*, in the 71* t year of hi? age. HAGEN—In this eitv. Julv 2 \th 1S73, Mis? S a r a h HF-len Hagen, aged 2t y ear? and 3 months. siT.'l ZLI—At West t roy, July 2'itli, 1?75, E dwaeii H enry , non of Alfred and Abliy H. Spetzli, aged 11 months and 12 day?. PRICE—On the morning of tie- 19th Inst., at Luzerne, Ci diA I.-., second daughter of t untmodore C. and Eliza­ beth II. Price. DROIHE-In till? rtrv. July W, 1*73, J ohn , mu of Patrick and Mnrv A. Brodte, aged 5 years and months. GRAHAM—On Grecu Island, July 26th, hoJ, P atuick G raiiam . aged 53 w ar*. KEENEY—At the residence of Ids father-in-law, Peter T. Hyilorn, in Grafton, llert-elaer county, N. Y-, July 71,1*73, of consumption, SAMtl:r. A. K eeney of Wash­ ington, I). ( ., agt-a 31 yean?, 5 months and 14 days. t LENDINNhN-In tlifs eity, July aitli, 1*75, ,TuiN* Hit n vEiq Infant sun of Finley D. and Cornelia A. t Ten dmnm. L A W S O F N E W Y O R K .--B y Authority*. I Every law, unless a different time shall be prescribed therein, -hall commence and take effect throughout the state, on and n o t before the twentieth day after the day of Its final passage, as Ci-rtlfled by the Secretary of state. Sec. 12 , title 4, chap. 7, r a rt X, Revised Statutes.) CHAPTER 448. AN ACT to amend an act entitled “ An act to enable nun-resident guardians to obtain property In this state hclongirigto the ir wards residing In other states and territories of the United state?,” passed March tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy.—Passed May 2 . 157; -cprrsent.C’l in The Sunken Champlain. [From the Dally Tlmeq, July 20.1 E ld r id g e , t h e p ilo t o f t h e C h a m p lain, w h ieh su n k i n L a k e C h a m p lain la s t F r iday, returned, to W s hom e in C'olehester, S a turday evening. S u p t. I u m a n h a d a n interview w ith h im y e s ter­ day, I n w h ich h e says h e w a s aw a k e a t thu tim e o f th e a c c id e n t a n d can n o t acco u n t f o r i t . H e su p p o s e d h e w a s o n h is course w h e n h e struck, th e s h o r e . T h e w o r k o f d ism a n tlin g t h e w reck is p r o g r e s s in g a s r a p id ly as p o s s ible, but it is probable that a t least a month will he consumed In the process. The Vermont, at the earliest, will not he ont until the end of the week, and in the meantime the company will run only two boats, as already announced in this paper. Capt. Kushlow’s statement of the accident is given in the Burlington papers, but it does not d if f e r from that alread y p u b lish e d . A S a d B r o w n i n g C a s e —A I< a d S u b j e c t to F its Falls Into tlxe l?oe»tenU-lll. About 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Charles Otto, residing with his parents at No. 40 Ida street, was missed from home. The lad, who was b u t eight years of age, was subject to fits, and Be was last seen walking along the bank of the Boestenkffl. Diligent inquiry was made about the streets, and reluctantly, a search was commenced in the creek. Near the stone bridge George Bams and William. Martin grappled a body, which on being bronght to the surface proved to be that of young Otto. It was re­ moved to the residence of his grief-stricken parents, and Coroner BeFrcc?t was notified.— m irUtm u A Plan F a lls irom a Canal Boat and is C r u s h e d t o B e a t l i , During the past week a young man named Hamilton, from Brooklyn, had been hoarding at the restaurant of Mrs. Gilligan, cm Whitehall street, West Troy. He was a silver-mith, and had been seeking wot;k at his trade in this vicin­ ity. Being unable to find any*, he hired out yes­ terday a? deck-baud on a eaual boat, with the intention of going to Buffalo, Chicago, or eome other western eity, and obtaining employment there. About 1 o’clock this morning, while passing through lock three of the sixteen?, lie was engaged in throwing out •». fender, and fell between tlie boat and the wall of the lock, and was crushed to death. His left temple was bruised and a large cut way made along his forehead and face. Coroner Mteeubergh Jteiil an inquest, and the jury rendered a verdict in accordance with the fact?. The remains were taken to the room? of undertaker Tonliey, to await the directions of the young man’? rela­ tives. Hi? mother i? a widow, and It i? supposed that he has a brother connected with the New York or Brooklyn police force. He is spoken of as a quiet, gentlemanly young man, who wa? willing to work at anything rather than be Idle. — Daily, Wlh. ______ q r i i e P o t a t o B u g R a v a g e s a l l A i* o u n ( l. Tlie Washington and Warren eounty papers report the presence of the potato bug in all sec­ tions. It appears that the orange colored grub so plentiful hereabout is the genuine Colorado beetle after all. Dr. A«a Fitch of Salem save he fully identifies it, and Joseph W. Held of South Argyle writes : Tlie full grown winged bug Is about the size of a medium bean, of a dark color, with ten yellow stripes on It? wing?. ft deposits orange colored eggs on the under Bide o f t h e leaf. T lie young bug/? are lo a t h ­ som e t h in g s , o f reddish-brow n color, grow ing lig h t e r as th e y grow older, w ith sm a ll black sp o ts a lo n g t h e sides. W h en r e a d y to c h a n g e t h e ir form th e v d isap p e a r in t h e e a r th u n t il they’ g e t w ings. Thev do n o t ap p e a r to be in c r e a s in g as rap id ly here’ as w h e n th e y first w a d e th e ir ap­ pearan c e i n th e w e st. I have discovered sm a ll sp id e r s destro y in g th e eggs. A B u s k ir k ’s B ridge m a n , s p e a k in g o f t h e pc3t, e a y a ; VYe are using slackea ilmc freely on onr potatoes, and find i t sure death to all bugs on which I t fails; b a t they a re constantly h atching ont, and we have to repeat the lime o r p a ss through a n d pick off th« bugs, w e are keeping the vine? mostly d e a r by passing mixed 75 ta 7 kc . p er bu.; rye 90c.; com 9U(B:!*Dc. p e r bn.; wheat, umber state $1.23 per b u.; white western $1.26 per bn.; spring wheat $1.13/7(1^7 per hu. H ay and N tkaw .—Hay baled. Vjei’Sfic. perovvt.; lou-e, fi(l(i> 7C?:. p er cwt. Ntraw, $84i 11 p e r tun. P rovisions .—Lard, 15e. per lb. Fresh oggn plenty, at lW /atr. per tloz. Butter: State, extra dairy fresh, 2*?r.; slate, fair to good, 2iKiV2$c ; state, store and common, 20fi.22c.; west­ ern dairy, lino, swricsc.; western, fair to gnnil, 'F.ff'Me , western, poor to fair. 18 a 82c.; cheese, line factory, l ie .; extra dairy. 15 a 16c. F e e 11 I'm-hnnreil Middlings, §3(vri'32 per ton. No. 1 feed, §2f<u 27 per ton; No. 2 feed, $2 tqi 23 per ton: ground feed and corn meal, $3 per cwt. H oih .—American new, 1874V, 4Uor45e: do good to choice, lfiWKJc; do lH73\s lovv, llYfiStle; old, BB'lue; California, 4l>7r,4.?c. Need.— Clover, m< ilium, prices nominal a t 137' lle, and large at RVfillJe. Timothy 1? dull aud lower, with eale? at 32 . 7 .Vn 2 /xi per bu. Canary coed $111 per llU. Hemp need $2.50 pel* bu. Italic need $3.75 per Du. L inseed O il .—Raw. Wrfi.?3e p er gallon; boiled, 805 e*v per gallon. P otatoes . - New, $5 per barrel; per x'cek, one. Hot M5HOLD MAIIKET?. V egetables .—Lettuce 6c per b unch; cahhage lOer 12e per head; onions COe per peek; turnip? 23c pel* peek; beets fide per peek; parsnips !50r per peck; Kquasli 3c per pound; pumpkins gtic apiece; carrots Bd: per p e rk; potatoes, new, 0\c per peek, $4.00 per barred; sweet potatoes 75 cents per peek; Bermuda potatoes 73<* p e r peck; parsnips 40 cents per peek; water eresses 25 cents p e r quart: v,sgetable oysters ‘25 rents per hunch; green peas *JO cent? per peek; a?* paragus £0 Cents per bunch; tomatoes 2U cents per quart; cucumbers 35(3 cents apiicee. M e a ts.--R e tail iirices per pound. Beef, roast, ZQCfs 22c; chuck, roast, 12r\ I5r; porterhouee steak, 22o23; elrloin, 165t20e; round, KVfilRc; corned beef, 72. 1 15c; second quality. 85;10o; beef cuts, 8ri)10c Mutton, by the quarter, )2<t{15c per 18, by the pound, 10c, chops, ista&'c Lamb, by the quarter, 22(.i23c per lb. \ cal, by the quarter, lCtfilfic p er lb: cutlets. 25o Pork tr«v sausages, 10c, fait pork. 12i(13e: hatn. 15c- shoulder? lie I’otxTtiv — Spring chiclten?,, gvfi’&j per pair, fowl i2Q$/£}X pec p«un&. F ish , O ysters , etc .—Lobsters, per pound, 15c; halibut, £5c; cod, 10e: haddock, 6/ClOc; bass. 25c; flounders, 10c; black flsh, 10e; wlnto fish, 18c: smelt?, 10c; cels, 15c; oysters In shells, $1 a $3 per hundred, clams in shell?, g l; oysters per quart, 40 a 50c. Fatter.—*Oranges per dozen, 65; lemons CO; bananas, 76ctff$I; pineapples, 155(20 cents apiece; water­ melons $ t apiece*, muskmelons £5@3Qc apiece, cher ries 20e p e r q u art: sugar loaf pineapples $2.G0 per doz , raspberries 40c per quart. Huckleberries, Sflc per quart. C o a l, W ood a n d K indlings.—C o a l-R e tail prices per ton; Lackawanna grate, egg and stove, $7.00; chestnut, $7. Lehigh grate, egg and stove, $3: chest­ nut. $7-50, Some dealers sell at on advance o f flftv rents on their quotation-*. H a rd wood by the cord, $f(7i $13; eoft wood, $7(7tS9. Kindling?; Hard wood, 4Cc ptrW.iL; eoft wood, 8*>e per hid. tlirci -tilths being pre.-Went. The People u f the State o f A’” * Ynrh, Senate aw t Assembly, d o tu a c t a s foliates: sectio n 1. section one of chapter fifty-nine of the In vt s of eighteen hundred and seventy, entitled \An act ti > enable non-resident guardians to obtain property in tlii? state be’onging to their wards retiiltng In other Mete? and territories of tlie United states,\ is hereby au omit, il so a? ti i read a? follow?: 51. In all eases where any guardian and his ward may both be n stdents of aur other state or territory of the I nlti d Mate.;, and sueli ward mav be entitled to pro­ perty of any description In this state, sueh guardian, on producing to the surrogate’s eourt, or other court of competent jurisdiction, of the county in which such p ro­ perty or the principal p art thereof 19 situated a full and complete transcript from the l'ecords of a court of com­ petent jurisdiction In the state o r territory In vvnleh he and lit? ward reside, dulv exemplified or authenticated, showing that he lias been appointed guardian of sueh ward, and that he ha3 given a nond and security in the state or territory iu which lie and his ward reside, in double the v alue of the property of such ward, and also showing to sueh court that a removal of the property of such ward will not conflict with the terms or limitations atterdlngthe right by which the ward own? the Sami', then sue ii transcript may he recorded in such court, and such guardian shall he entitled tn reeclv e lettei * of guar- that ship of the estate of sueh minor from sueh court, w hich sliall authorize him to demand, sue for and re- euvev anvtueh property, and remove the same to tlie place of residence o f him *elt and ward. And sueh court may order any resident guardian, executor or adminis­ trator having am of the estate of such w ard, to deliver ihe same tn sueh unu-resldent guardian: provided,all delit* known tu twist against sueh estate nave first heeu paid. ; -J. Tilts net shall rake offeet Immcdlatel, . h r ate oi M-.w iu i;k —Office uf the Secretary uf State, ss - I liasr compared the preeedlng with ihe ml elpp.i law on tde ta this ottiee, and do hereby certify that tl e tame J? a correct transcript therefrom and of the whop* oi rabl original law. DIEDRICH WILLERS, J r ., becrctary of state. CHARTER 419. AN Af'T to amend chapter three hundred and ninety of the law?of eighteenlumdiTiland lifty-three,entitled \ n act for tliv incorporation of library companion.” Passed Mav %!, Jsj.i, thn t'-Oftils til ing plY-rllt. Th IKoph- »>/ tht state W sXetr York, rrpr**ent\l in ,\f n»to a,ut *1* . mfttyt *<*m iiwirt* SH ’iiDN 1» Section thirteen of chanter thrw* hundred ami nim ty n f the* laws of eighteen hundred aim fifty* three, entitled *»An aet for the incorporation of llhravj companies*' in hereby amended f>o to read as fnihm s: IIX ‘ * ‘ ’ 41 rnaj the Anv librarv cuiniian} Incorporated under this act with the c o n sent«»(two-thirds nf the members* for of purcha^lm: n site and erecting lUmuy pmpu - ^ _____________________________- .......................... fmilulng*, nr a residence for the librarian, borrow money upon the bond or bonds of such company, a t a rate of In­ terest not exceeding •’‘CM-n per cent, per annum, and RP* cure payment of the eame by mortgage on such Ute and buildings. Out no audi ruiunau) ?huU incur anj debt* exrept those wiilrii inay he created a? above pmylilei, for tne purpose of purena^lns a aite for and erecting li­ brary buildings, for a»> other mirposc than is above pro- \ Med, except sueh taxes and assessments aa sliall lu* im­ posed upon its property according to iavv , and the trus­ tee* shall I\* liable jointly and severally for any debt not h^rci j autlioriard, widen thoj shall liave contractedP-r the comnmy, while they were trustee*, and ma$ retain and apply sufficient of the cash, bunds notes, or other &ef»ivltu9 0f the company to discharge them from autU liability', eo far as it may have been contracted for tlie it^Uln.air p u r p les of Uic c*’nipaii> uiulci UU'wut, but no board or trustees fchull lawfully make any contract, un account \ f the company, except for such site or build- iegfl. or the payment ot tlie money a# b/irrou'ed. not to be performed, during the year for which, the board ts chosen. $ ‘i. This act shall taho effect immediately m axi: oi? bEw yons.-office of Uie Secretary of fttatr. 69 - t ha\e compared the preceding with the original law on me In tuts office, and do hereby certify that, the eamc* 1 s a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of euid original law. , ,*,. . DLLUK1UI YVltLhKjs,.jK. •secretary of state m APTEIE 474. AN ACT to amend clmptcrfour hundred and lift)-five Of tile laws of eighteen hundred and forty ■-Severn, ea titled \An act to amend nn net entitled *An net to re­ duce the. number of town officers, and county and tow n expenses, and to prevent aliu8C3 iu auditing taw n and county accounts,” passed May tenth, eighteen hnndred and forty-five-passed May 28th. 1875, three* flfthHtJrifispreacur. ■ The P r o F ^ ^ h s State A w yurt, rcprcsente.l fa f a ate do enact as fahaiev tM-imcs sixteen oi etaptet (oue luta’lfeJ the bureau of military statistic?,” 1? hereby amended so a? to read as follows: . 1 , The books, records and other property deposited In the bureau of military statistics, shall be open ro free iuspcctlun and use at all reasonable hours, but no book cr artfeh* shall be taken therefrom. 5 2. Ibis act shall take effect immediately. •so in the original. state op N ew Y olk —office of the Secretary of State,*?.: I hav e compared the preceding with tlie ori­ ginal law on tile tfi this office, and do hereby certify that the sans* Is ti correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of *aitl original Jaw. DIEDRICH WILLERS. Jn„ Secretary of state. CHAPTER 433. AN AC T to regulate investments bv insurance compa­ nies-Passed May 24,1873. Tht people of the *tat. of Setc York, repcexentt I in St t.ate etna Assembly, do enact as folloics : S ection 1. Whenever any Insurance company, organ­ ized under any of the laws of this state, shall have In­ verted ai'y of its funds tn the stock of other incorporated companies, under and in pursuance of the law? of this stale, and the superintendent of tha insurance depart­ ment shall have reason to believe that such stock ia be­ low pur, he may direct any such company* to report to him under oath the amount of such stock so held by any sueh company, and the market value thereof i* below par, he may direct the sale (under sueh regulations as he may establish) of such stock by sueh insurance com­ pany. ; 2 . It shall be lawful for any life, fire o r marine insur­ ance company organized under any of the taws of this state, aud transacting business in other states of the United state*, to invest the funds required to meet its ihligntiuns incurred in such otner states, respectively, iu tlie same class of securities, in those states that sueh corporations are by law allowed to Invest in, in this state, but this act shall not be construed as autnorizing, nor does it permit any sueh corporation to loan moneys on mortgage upon real estate w itliout the limits of tlii? state and states adjaeent thereto. ; :i. Tliis act shall take effect Immediately. Sr.VfE he N ew Y oek — office of the seeretaev of ?tate, s.'.: I hav e compared the preceding with the original law- on tile in this offieo, and do hereby ei-rtifv that the same i? a coneet Iran-nipt thqefrom and of the whole of said original law. DIEDRICH WILLERS, ,T l „ secretary of state. f HAPTER 414. AN ACT til provide for (lie compensation of non-resi­ dent justices sitting and acting as members of tlie gen­ eral tirni of the Ur.- t judicial d epartment.-I’a*-ed May 27,1975, three-filths being present. The People o f the Shite o f -V* *'■ }'orJL represented lit Senate and .1-* nth!’:, the enact as folates' M-CTioN 1. Ihe daily coinpeni*altun mentioned in .sec­ tion two of cliapter fiv t’ hundred and seventy-live of the laws of eighteen hundred and seventy-five, shall from and a lter the first duv of January, eighteen hundred and teventy -four, be paid to each justice uf the supreme eourt not residing in the fir*t judicial district of this state, sitting in arid acting a? a member o f the general teim of the first judicial department, for each dav neces- fji'ilv devoted to tlie examination aud decision of eases Leant by tu'-li court, while lie may be a member thereof, a? Weil as for the time said justice shall be a member ut such eourt. 7 2. This a ct shall take effect immediately. s t a t e o f New Y«rk—office of tlie Becrctary of Mali', ss.: I hav e compared the preceding with the ori­ ginal law on file in this ofllee, and do hereby certify that ti.e tame J? a correct tran?enpt therefrom and of the Vi l.ole of said original law. DIEDRICH WILLED?, J r ., (secretary of state. CHAPTER 443. AN ACT to amend an act entitled \An act to amend an act entitled ‘An act to prov ide for the incorporation of religious MjeieUec,' passed April fifth, eighteen liun- dieu and thirteen and supplementary thereto,” passed March twenty-litath, eighteen hundred and seventy- ilv e.—Passed Mav 2s, 1875. Tin People of the stafr o f J , if Yuri, i f,.rt-seutC'i t)l Senate anti Assembly, tla enact as faff.otr.s: BEtiToN 1. Bectton three of an act entitled “ An a ct to amend an act, entitled *An act to provide for the Incor­ poration of religious societies,’ passed April ilftli, eight­ een hundred and thirteen, and supplementary thereto,” passed .March twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and sev enty-flve, is hereby amended so a- to read as follow.*: 5 3. Any religious society, organized under the laws of tills state, may take and receive by bequest or devise any real or personal estate, the net annual income of which shall not exceed tw elve thousand dollars, subject, however, to the provisions of chapter three hundred and sixty of tlie laws of eighteen hundred aud sixty, entitled “An act relating to will?.*’ 5 2. This act sliall take effect immediately. M ate of N ew Y urk —Office of the Secretary of (state, s*.: I have compared the preceding with the original law on flic in tills office, and du hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of “aid original law . DIEDRICH WILLERS. Jn„ (secretary of (state, t HAPTER MO. AN ACT tnfortlier amend chapter tliree hundred and six of the law fi of one thousand eight hundred aud sixty-one. entitled “An act to amend the act passed May eighth, one thousand eight hundred mid forty-»,x, entitled ‘An aet to authorize the establisiuneut of the liouse of refuge for juvenile delinquents inwe-tern New Yiil'k.”—Passed June 7, 1875, three-fifths being present. The People o f the state o f Xctr York, r. p n semed i.i Senate tlUtl A-s.Ss llthhl, dtl I tal.'t asjt.dt.ncs : B ei tion 1. The third .section of chapter three liuadrc d and six of the laws uf eighteen hundred aud sL\ty-one entitled “An aet tu amend the aet pa?-ed May eighth, eighteen hundred and torty-six, entitled ‘An act author­ izing the establishment of the house of refuge ior juve­ nile delinquents iu western New York,’** is hereby amended so a? to read as follow?: 5 3. At the expiration of the period limited hy the said order, or sooner il the said managers shall duvet it, the superintendent or keeper uf tlie said penitentiary shall return sueh delinquent to the custody and care of the superintendent o f the said house of refuge to be farther dealt with according to tlie laws, rule? and regulations ordained for Its government. During the confinement of all sueli person? sent from the said western house of refuge to tho penitentiary, tlie state sluUl pay for the Imaid and clothing of sueh persons a? were heretofore sentenced, are now in, or mav hereafter he sent to sueh penitentiary, at the same rate as paid for other state prisoners confined in said penitentiary, n o t exceeding one dollar and fifty cents per week for such board. ntyte uf N ew Y urk —Office of the Secretary of State, ss.: I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same i» a correct transcript therefrom and of the vvhoti Ot siad original law. DIEDKIUH WIJ.LLRS, Jl;.. Beerctarv of state. (HAPTER A13. AX AC T to amend section sixty-seven of article two, chapter one, par} two, title two of the revised statutes In relation to trusts.—Passed June i, L?73. The people o f tin state tit Xcic York, rcpc. .*< tt -l m S* nate uteJ. A**eaJ.li(,do etea. i asjolinii.*. BECiioN* 1 . section sixtv-Fcvru oi nrtieli* two, chapter sine part two, title tw o or the revised statute*, ts hereby amended eo as to read a? follows; 5 (.7. When the purposes lor which an express trust sball have lux u ere j ted (ball liav c c*'sed, the estate ol the trustees shall also era: e. And w here an estate has been eonvevedto 11 usteis for the benefit of creditors and no different limitation iseotitaincd lu the instrument 57 Broadway, Troy. F o r Catalogue o f the tJlK O Y BUSINESS COLLEGE Address at Troy, N. i'., ____________________________ JXO.R. CAKXELL. O e n t r i s t r y . D ISSO L U T IO N of Copartnership—'The partnership hereto! ore existing under the firm name of Jenkins A- Hall, Dentists. 92 Third St.. Troy, was di«solv ed by mu­ tual consent on the 31st day of Oct., 1874. Dr. C. H. Jenkins has removed his dental office to room No. 7 Rand’s Bmall Hall. Entrance between 154 and 66 Congress street. nl2D&Wly_ _ C. H. JEXKINS._ W h y l e t a c h e s a n d p a in s y o u r tem p e rspoil ? A cu r e Is s u r e by u s ing INNE’SIIA R E X N E ’S M A G IC O I L c a r e s R h e u m a tism , r e x n e ' S JIAC4IC o i l . c u r e s N e u r a lg ia, R E N N E ’S M A G IC O I L cures Sprains, K E N S E ’.S M A G IC O I L cu r e s B r u ises, R E N T E ’S a U G I C OIX. c u r e s Colic, It t'W 'I U S I4IAGIC O I L c u r e s C h o lera M o rbus, R E N N E ’S M A G IC O I L c u r e s Coughs, E E N N E 'S B IA G IC OIL, c u r e s S o r e T h r o a t , And is sold I iv all dealer * iu Medicines. VVM. BLXNE & SONS, Proprietors, m15 tl&wly ______ ____ _ Pittsfield, Mass. T h e C e l e b r a t e d ^ T A U L I O N A M E R I C A N K T H A S T Will make the season of 7S75 at Fay's Park House, Whip­ ple avenue, l.ansinyburgh. Terms, ?50 the Season. Mares not proving in foal ean be returned the following season, free of charge. Good stabling and pasturage on the premises. All accidents at owner's risk. Seasm from APRIL 15TH to A11C. 7' ST 1ST. Pedigree—Asurin- <*.iN E thax, black stallion, sired by E than Allen; dam, Grey York, by American, by Whitehall, by Bullock's North American, by- Sir Walter, by Imp. Whip, AMBBI- C.VN ETHAN through the dam of Sir Walter, which wa3 Nettletop, receives the blood of Imp. Diomed, tlie first winner of the “ English Derby.” (Bee Wallace's Stud .Book.) This advertisement is principally addressed to tlmse who, haying good mares, desire to cross them with a horse whose blood and qualities will beget the stock that will pay for the cost in money, and in time in rais­ ing them. For any further particulars address the un­ dersigned. GATES H. BARNARD, 7-3-4tB-3tWk _ Troy.N . Y._ A F O R T U N E ' F O R 81~ W Y O M IN G MONTHS,Y’ J a O T T E R I T . Legalized by authority of an aet of the Legislature. Ticket? ?1 each. Six for $5. One chance in every 9. F I F T H E X T R A O R D I N A R Y D R A W IN G . 1 C a s h P r i z e o f . ................................................. $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 1 C a s h P r i z e of. ..................................... 59,f*o<* 1 C a s h P i'ize o f . .......................................... nK 1 1 C a s h P r i z e o f ........................................... 5 1 , 0 - 5 Cash Prize?, amounting to 350', ___ The first extraordinary drawing was presided over by Col. Patrick, Pres't of Board of Trade. The second bv Gov. James, third by* tieket holder.?, the fourth by Judc’e Haskell, President of the Senate. Draws everv 3 0 days. Agenta wanted. Liberal Pay. For full particulars send for circulars. Address the manager, J. M. PATTEE, Laramie City, Wyoming. N . B.— Laramie City is on the Union Pacific railroad, between Chicago and O g d e n . _______ f20eodlyd&w T E E W O I D E E S O F w i n w m SARSAPARiLLlAK AMD ITS ASS3SIAJIS. Changes as Seen and Felt, As They Daily Occur After rr-ing a few doses of D B . B A D W A Y ’ S SARSAPARILLIAN RESOLVENT, THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. 1. Good spirits, disappearance of weakness, languor, melancholy; increase and hardness of flesh and muscles. etc. 2. Strength increases, appetite improves, relish f o r food, no more sour eructations or waterbrash, good di­ gestion, calm and undisturbed sleep, awaken, fresh and. vigorous. 2. Disappearance of spots, blotches and pimple3; the skin looks clear and healthy, the urine changed from its turbid and cloudy appearance to a clear sherry o r .am­ ber c o lor; water passes freely from the bladder through the urethra without pain or scalding; little or no sedi­ m ent: no pain or weakness. 4. Marked diminution of quantity and frequency o t involuntary weakening discharges (if afilieted 'that way) with certainty of permanent cure. Increased strength exhibited In the secreting giands and function­ al harmony restored to the several organs. 5. Yellow tinge on the white of the eye3, and the swarthy, saffron appearance of the skin changed t o a clear, lively and healthy color, 6. Those suffering from wehk or ulcerated lunga, o r air-cells, bronchi or windy, ing the frequency of cough. ___________________ throughout the system; stoppage of night sweats and pains, and feeling of weakness around the ankles, legs, shoulders, etc.; cessation of cold and chills, sense o f suf- focatlon; hard breathing and paroxysm of cough oa ly­ ing down or arising in the morning. All these distress­ ing symptoms gradually and surely disappear, 7. As day after day the BAESAVABILLIAN is taken new signs of returning health will appear; as the bipod Improves in purity and strength disease will diminish, and all foreign and Impure deposits, nodes. tuiUC'TS, CSQ* cere, hard lumps, ete., be resolved away, and the un- sound made sound and JiealtliT; nlcers, fever EOres nlmvntn attn dkpnaoo m’artanTItr HioDrvnr.rtw THE OELEBEATIB !W BRANCH. BECAUSE THE ai HONESTLY BADE COOKING* STOVE Ever offered to the public. Also, a great variety of Cooking and Heating Btov es of the most modern styles, for sale at WHOLESALE PRI€ES to all who mav deyiro.to purcha.se. Farmers, mechanics ana citizens, one and all, are invited to call and examine my stock and BY PATRONIZING C H A O T C E Y 0 . G - B E E M E , S T O V E M A N U F A C T U R E S , S u c c e s s o r t o S h e l d o n & G r e e n e . Office and Balesroom No. 66 Sixth st., Troy, just south of Union Kailroad Depot. d&w — v. ---------------- salivated, a n d Mercury, Quicksilver, Corrosive Sublimate bare accu- mulcted, and become deposited in the bones, joints, etc.* causing caries of the bones, rickets, spiaal curvature?* contortions, white swellings, varicose veins, etc.. the isARSAPARHLlAy -win resolve away these deposits and exterminate tbe virus o f tbe disease from tbe sys- tem. 9. If those who are taking these medicines for the cure of Chronic, Scrofulous or Syphilitic diseases, however alow may be the cure, “ feel better,” and find their gen­ eral health Improving, their flesh and weight Increasing or even keeping Its own, Is a sure sign that the cure Is progressing. In these diseases the patient either gets better or worse—the virus of the disease is n o t Inactive : If not arrested and driven from the blood i t will spread and continue to undermine the constitution. As Boon ax the SAEBAPAEELLIAN makes the patient “ feel bet­ te r ” every hour von will grow better and increase in health, strength and flesh. The great power of this remedy is in diseases that threaten death, as In eONIUMPTION Of the Lungs and Tuberculous Phttsis, Scrofula, Syphil­ oid Diseases, Masting, Degeneration and deertlon of the Kidneys, Diabetes, Stoppage of M ater (Instantane­ ous relief afforded where Catheters have been used, thu3 doing away with the painful operation of using these in­ struments), dissolving stone in the bladder, and in nil cases of I1FLAIXM ATI0H OF THE BLABBEB & KIBHEYS, In Chronic cases of Leucorrhea and Uterine diseases. In tumors, nodes, hal'd lumps and syphiloid ulcers; In dropsy; in venereal sore throat, ulcers and In tubercnle3 of the lungs; in gout, dyspepsia, rheumatism, rickets; in mercurial deposits—it is in these terrible forms ox diseases, where the human body has become a complete wreck, and where every hour of existence Is torture, wherein this great remedy challenges the astonishment and admiration of the sick. I t is in such cases, where a ll the pleasures of existence appear cut off from the un- if e fortunate, and by its wonderful, almost supernatural I a g e n c y it restores the hopeless to a life ana new exis­ tence where this great remedy stands alone in its might and power. in the ordinary skin diseases that every one is more o r less troubled with a few doses will In most cases, and a few bottles in the more aggravated forms, work a per­ manent cure. Those afflicted wltn chronic diseases should purchase a package containing one dozen bottle?. Price S10 per dozen, or S3 per half dozen bottles, or Si per bottle- Sold by druggists. LORD it, TAYLOR DEALERS IN F S B i IlifiC SSI sms. are offering a large a n d Jlegant assortment of ® ] L A € M C ' O L O R I B R S I L K S , E * . . T O . . 2 = L . READY RELIEF €ures tho Worst Pains in from One to Twenty MinnteSy N O T O I S F E H O U R . After reading this advertisement need any one SUFFER MITH PAIN. Unequaled for style; finest in quality and lowest iu price. The assortment contains the most fashionable tints and colore to be a or v Iruiug the coming season. not granted or com Cj ed by him m them shall ret ert t\ the urantor or grantors, ht* or their heirs or devisee*, or persons claiming under them, to the same oltect as though sueh trust had uot hern errated. B ills* or* 8 i i . i : k - inti-e oi the r-rrretary ot state, ?-.* I l in e roi,i|i:msl the K e n .ll'ig tv Ith tlie original lu« mii file* In tJu* «»llic<\ un«i do ln.*rel«> ivriixv that the kui e i? ii i v n n t tiai'MVipt theroiVMinoud ot tbo wiudo of -aid e rm lnanau. secretary of state. CHAPTER 39?. AN ACT to amend section tltjrd. o f title four o f chapter ell-lit of pari third of the revised statute*. Passed June 7,1 *75, three-fifths bcb-.c present. The PtOplcof the State nf A’n r York, represented in Sctiate anti Assembly, do m a rt tfx.n.nvt. s . B utto n 1. Section third oi. title four o f chap ter eight of f art third of the revised statutes i* hereby amended so as to read a? follow s; ; 3. Insults brought hy tu* against a corporation crea­ ted by or under any statute or tilts state, it shall not be netTSsavy topvo\e outlie trial of the cause, the existence of such corporatfpn, unices, the defendant sli rU have al­ leged In tho answer in the action that the plaintiffs or de­ fendant?, as the case nrsy he, arc not a corporation, nor uni. ss the allegations In the answer that the defendant Is not a colouration, be verified under oatti.in tbe mpn- ner provided by lav, tor t h •- actions tu courts o f record, j u t iy New Y olk Office for the verification uf pleadings in of the Bccretary of State, ss.. 1 Uaie compared tnt preceding with the urU gli a' ia» op fiiq m tht? office, aud do hem.} certify that tlie same D a correct Uanserint therefrom and of the w hole o i said original law. DIEDRICH MILLERS, Jr., wRicretary ------- ■cretary o f state. CHAPTER 570. A \ A,( V to amend bcctlon six of title four of chapter two hundred and ninety-one of tlie laws of eighteen hundred and seventy, entitled “An act for the Incor­ poration of villages ’’--Passefi J u n e 9,187?; three fifths being present. The People ut the state of A'etc York, represenlea tn St'n*ttz trtid Astembttj ./o e,ia< t a,v foVoivs (* e <- t .! on l. /Section six of title four of chapter two hundred and ninety-one of the laws of one thousand eight hundred and seventy, entitled “ An aet for the in­ corporation of villages,** is hereby amended so as to read anluilOWBt $ (i. In addition to the amount raised by the trustees >r •* ordinary c&penattures/* Mu* board of trustees shall have power, ill any one year, in addition to the poll tax* to raifte by tux such sum as they m y deem necessary, not exceeding iu any one year ihe amount o? one per cent.on >elu&th»4i of such >iuaw* to hedc- Comprising all the choicest novelties from the French, Kngiifrh and Domestic marKcts. This line embraces selections made expressly for this house. L i r a s . Quilts, Towels, Towrilteg.? and House-fundshing Goods generally, at prlcea which will always Ira found exceedingly reasonabla. CSUFor the accommodation of lathe? who* are un­ able to visit tlie city, full Rues of samples o f oil grades of Dry Goods will be sent, aud order* by moil filled with tlie g reatest possible care. Broadway and a N r a s s 'm r Twentieth Street, t o r s . , , inyJJ Sinw $ 1 . $ 1 . MERITED SUCCESS Every u«j>rejudieeit aersou is obliged t« concede d i« in o p la c e o f l>n$in«?.s in existCH» 4 d giwes as good value for the moiuflj as tlie Ii! BQLLi STORE, ■wa*ieS* accounts, for its Mitttj* spread p o p d t e ity anil IEMIBK18LE SUCCESS. WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT Stocked, with Popular P ricedGecdq. AY’S READY RELIEF IS EVERY PAIN! It was the first and is A CURE FOR CRYSTAL PALACE 860 KIY&E §T,S TEOY «HE OULY PAHS REMEDY iElinstantlY stops the most, excruciating pain, allays pffiammation aud cures Congestion, whether of the vmgs, Stomach, Bowels, or other organs or glands by 1 application IN FROM ONE TO TWENTY’ MINUTES, j* matter how violent or excruciating the patn, the RHEUMATIC, Bed-riQdeja, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous* Neuralgic or prostrated, with disease may suffer, RADWAT’S READY RELIEF MILL AFFORD INSTANT EABB. Inflammation, of tire Kidneys, Inflammation of the Bladder, Inflammation of the Bowels. Congestion of the Lungs. Sore Throat, Difficult Breathing. Bali>itation of the Heart. Hysterics, Croup, Diphtheria. Catarrh, Influenza. Head&ehe, Toothache. Heuralgia, Rheumatism. Cold Chills, Ague Chills, The application of the READ Y RELIEF to the part o r parts where the palir or difficulty exists win afford ease and comfort. Twenty drops in half a tumbler of water will in a few moments euro Cramps, Spasms, Sour stomach. Heart­ burn, (sick Headache. Marrhma, Dysentery, Colic, Mind m the Bowels, and 31 1 Internal Pams. ^ Travelers shoutq.* al wavs carry a b o ttle o f HAD vv i r s READY r e l ie f with them. A few drops in water wIH prevent sickness or pains from change of water. It I i better than French Brandy or Bitters s s a rtimulant. F e v e r a n d A s y n e . FEYTKT* ANP AGUTE cured for fifty cents. There Is nut a rcnedial aprcnt ia tliis world that will euro Fevci* ana Agrncv and all other Malarious, Billions, Scarlet, Ty- pitoid. Yellow and other fevers (aided by RADYVAY'vi PILLS), so quickly as RADYYAYU READY EELIEF- Ftfty vent? per bottle. DR. RADI AY’S PERFECT PURGATIVE AND REUU* DATES’© PILLS. Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated with sweet gam, purge, regulate, purify, cleanse and strengthen. Rad- was’s Plus, for tlie cure of all disorders o f the Kesnath, Liver, Bowels, Ktdueys, Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Headache, Constipation, Costivenesa, Indigestion, Dys­ pepsia, Biiiiousness, Fever, Inflammation of the Bowel?, Piles and all der-mgemtut .oi.feWt Internal Viscera, M'ar- ranted to effect n positive cure. Purely vegetable, con- •-*“* -------------------- — - ----- j j o r - .< ----- Constipation, Inward, PI)ei?P'uu'riess of the Btagd ta * ** - ’ — - »*— — ------ *■ ■*■-------- HeartsffiKh Choking or Dimness of \^ \ latto tw ’wiiehin a I r f K I 1 ’£ > 5 / ,r Mcbs before ttesIsh M s '- r i- from all of the above named sHsordera* Price per bos. Sold by PrJsgfcts* H E i 3 L 3 3 4 F a l s e a n i l T r u e . ” Send a letter f tamp to R ADMA Y 4: YG.. tan : ten, corner CJisreli ,v~., New i Information worth tttou and? will be sent 50 s, 1

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