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The Lewis County banner. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1856-1864, November 05, 1856, Image 1

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r . — •«; \<-** LEWIS HO WEST! BUT Alf» TBE «Olf«T»VTf •!, WOW AND FOB1TEB •s^ *- *i ** L0WV1LLE, LEWIS CO. N- Y, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5, 1856. NO 10. CAEBS. C. DAVE*PO*T, Atonwr sad Counsellor at law; opposite the Bostwtek House, Lowrilte Wl attend to all business m the lini of his - nl CHAKXJE& ». ADAMS, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, LowviUe, If. IT Office dtrectlv over the Bank of Low- wlle. , PkrticuUr attention paid to collections, or ^ nl \ ALBEBT Justice of the Peace, tow Mile, will gtre his ear- nest attentwi to collecting debts, taking afli- danta acLnoniedgmcuts 1c, nl 22. S. J AttorneT and Ccm**, ior »t law, and Sohe tor and Count ellor m Jh imtv nl Copui'ngfn Xewia Coiiniv J* Y K A. BARNES; Attorncysand Cou is»U«r-> at La*, Martin burgh, Lewis Countv V 1 ! At-the Oil ee formcrlv occupied bj A H Barnes. GEO L BROWN, nl HVKRISON BARNE C. KMJHATI, Attorney and Counsellor i t .Law, Maran burgh, Lema Co, V Y Pension and Boun<r Lird Agcnev Lind Warrants procurei for applicant 1 * upon rea sonablc term&-.-~-J»^*lc> price paid tor Land A\ arrsnis. A\U t>» uie» entrusted to hi CJ c in the line of hia 1-ioK. >ioir »>U be ..ttenchd to with prouiptnt- md ndc'itj Office noith end of Buck. Bloc' oppo ite Atvsooil Hotel Martinsburgh, So\ Ji, IS t> nlO }L. C. DATS1POET, av the highest pneefor IAXB WAKR V>TS and attends \to^tl Bcntv Land Cluni-, h Taw Qffice in Law \ i Ic GEORG E fiUBEBT, Attorney and Caar e'lor a* livi, GalHghcr Block, (up sta •«j} Chr'-higc, Jefferson Coanfv, NY nl W. 3s. S1LTESTEK, aid Co IEU>O ic- i t Laiv LOT ville Lewis Counti \ Y Yl ill practice n a'l the Court of thw St e ~nJ ittend to ah bu me-. entru ted to 'u<! c »re- P 1 tioulii atten f ion piid to real e>*ate bi L\<- tnd eonveyinoni!; I agent for the «aio c 4 IOJ icie of WiUXand located m Lc \ i», T V r on nd St Law rence ! Counties , POETRY. The Departed. B\ PARK BFNJAVIN. the departed ' the dcpnrtcdl They visit us in dreams, And thc\ glile abo^e our \memories Like hadous over streams, But where tlic cheerful lights of home Inconstant lu ter burn, The depttrted, the departed Caa never more return • The good, the bra>e, the beautiful, IIo v drcamlc i-. their a lecp, A\\heie iol'« the duge Ii e mu«ic Of the e\ er to mg deep ' Or where the lu mnj night winds Pile v ntti io' e^hive spread Abo\ c their narrow pilaces, In the citie of the deid' I loo'x mound <.nd feel the awe Of one nho wa'ks alone Vniongthe ntccks of former da\ , In n-oumti 11 um. stro« n, I tart to heat tie snriing «ound Vinoi ij the cTpro-^ trees, Fo the 10 ce oi 'he dcpirted I born upon t'ie bieoze I looV a ound x ic 1 foel the av e 01 cr I'OI a 1 ' lloi e An OP 1 wito >. of ( oi ei div , In n o irnful nur *rown, I-tut to hen the n in\ «ound An o i\ t'ie dpi\ itL L , lo t'ie^oct<Oi the dep ited I Dome 1 1 on tl c bree/e Tint olc'ni^cice' it mingle with Each tree id c n c'c« ti un, I irce cin ' r o«i*h s min^tre'-y W 11 ehcei n \ hc^rt i^ain The melod\ oi um ner \i a\ e=, TI *hi s no c of b rd , Cin n\\ei 1 o^o den to no 4. tnei remen lie d «ord« POPULAR TALES. The Disappointed Politician. A TALE OF THE COUKT OF SWEEDEST \ Shonld.yon like to 1» <i qaeen, CUns- tina'\ \aid Count Pipci, m a tone of af- fected mdiftcrence, to his beantitnl } onus: danghtei who was reclining on a couch nursing a lap dog \ Queen ot hearts *\ asked tlic petite Yenu«, without rai mg h»rhevl. \That empire is jour own alread\ \ re turned the pohtieiun \ Ihen 1 ha^e no amb tion to extend mj dominions I ha^e more «ul»jects A* present than I well ki ow how to mm age. *• How l I « as not aw aie, m.uUm, th it >ou had lo\er« Suiclj jouaie too pi u dent to encouiage tlieu a^dies^es \ \ Indeed' I am not o obligmgh i,ieat fill foi homage which I consider as m\ due Theie is onh one min m the world tor whom 1 teel the lea^t tcndci logiid Hie brow ot the J'nnn Minj<5tei o Sweeden darke \ n 1 \Andpiav who l fiis f ^voicd Ado nis' ' Chn in i bl •-lied, looke 1 enc n itm^ 1> si nplc, in 1 KC'O ib d t le cncs--cs =:h was bestow i)£> o i liei ilo_ icpoatc 1 the q c ti > I \M conn, Holph sVonIIc<:se\ \You h u e not b u so ^oob^i a to fa'l m lo\e with thatLov' ' \Bo , indeed 1 Jso, Lwi'ke 1 nlo\e with him , fo I CMinob iwn o nil> n r the tl i when he fhst ^p^nul lo^e 1 um Q\O ' antrdole lo % tender emotions of th C Eri Count Ericstfn?\ B Ah, Chnstma 1 !\ \Why that sigh, Adolphus?\ u Your father will introduce to you to- night a hew lover, and I—I shall be for- gotten \ \Yon deserve the fete jou anticipate, for entertaining these unjust suspicions — but jou are a man and I forgive you.\ \Then jo> really lo\e me, Christina'\ \ Am I to tell j ou so a thousand times * You must be tired of the repetition ot that woid\ \ On the contrau- it is c\cr new.\ '•We lot e each other,\ «aid Chrishna, ' bu- mj father-will i,ot r •rfl» 1 «tat,gi,a his consent to our union, and \we must wait patientlj until he does\ \And it that period does not an ire*\ \\everfear\ \ But, Chnstana, I do fear.' \ Oui h >ppme=;s would not be mcieased by an act of disob\dnife\ \I thought as much, Chmtma, jou d\ The Co i it omv Oi Id. JTo, no, I cwnot d a ob-j him.\ tcu c '°\ ^ a tol bouls CluI<stln ' i > out Hi/ tnni.,» O Ai,i,,, f i .. .1 .. IL.I A ei v mis^h ef, had v>'a\ul oftt i.ix>n t '» pnetor ot thelo-> \ t, IIQU-C, LO- V I le \ i Tn P-opr co in J \ct I h- eierq c- I fc, to na' c li Hi -lit tO I Gutt* -havsre.dv to a, <_t 11 i icl'u tie-> to t iT e io~e SiiJJLc \. c I Ln e y. I I | coria oi u 'i is.l nl I oa.cii i \\5 dro u l their ple-'int ^till on me <™ect' f 11, Their tone ot 'o\ c I fam*I\ hear 1C \ I en a^ue call I !• io« 11 * t e\ ire h \pp , 11 ltn *'ieir ngd x? image on, mile ll You ii iv e b e l b me elv a si-fih up giovvn vuj pjudcit\ \ I cinnotbiea\ mv fa.thei's heart\ \But mine\ \Adolphu* it lam ,iot join vwthnrt i thei's cousc it, I v ul ne\e'i wed auoiVi But he is sc kind—so goo I—I am his, ! and her heart beat With reciprocal tender- ness Christina would not hare died for love; but she would have retained through life a painful impression of the lost object of her early affection. In spite of her loser's jealous fears, the spirit of coquetry induced her to bestow an extra ten minutes on the business of the toilet, and when »ho entered the hall, where supper was prepared for lier father and his solitary guest with unusual magnif- icence, she looked perfectly captivating. The Granger advances to her, and with an awkwaid and constrained manner led her to hei seat at the head ot the table. Great was CiiUbtian's disappointment m reeog- .niiei ncv.Joicx.an oldiauyljacface. \Eneson 1 \ she muttered to hciself, what does mj father mean by introducing buch a dull w ooci to me » \ And who w as Count Eneson' Patience gentle le ider, a tall law boned youth, in a captain's uniform, with laige blue eyes, a high aquiline nose, mddy cheeks, and jellow cuiniig ban , slovenly in hi dress, ungraceful in all his movements, and so blunt and uncoiteous in his conversation, that he haa long been Christina's butt and avei ion iioi some weeeks past this half man h 11 hu lat ' lcl ttl) 1 Ihc jom.g soldiu f ovv n\l, ai d walked s^v I il t IIKS hastily acio & the loom, at ev eiv tuin stopping to contempbfr 1 tlie fan tvimt who h d h heau m chains constant v lsitoi at vv th w horn lie vv as of ot \ Most completely,\ said Ericeon, rising, and pushing the board from h,m ;\ j ou have check-mated me.\ \ My father, how could yon. impose up- on me by bringing Count Eneson here as my wooer ? Do j ou imagine that a girl of any sensibility or ta«te could condescend to marry|jthat awkward boy?\ \ He is nineteen; just two jeare your senior; is brave, wealthy, and noble born. What would you desire more ?\ \ My cousin,' said Christina. \ As to thio Count Liieson, I detest him, and mean to tell him so the very next time I the misfortune to spend a whole evening m his-companv \ But manj daj\» parsed aw?j, *uid Chris<- tina was too much amused in tormentng her unfortunate lover, to put her threat mtopiactice Be ide«, Von Hesse purpose ly absented hini'selt from the hon«e; or, when present, behaved m so cold and di«t- tanta inamiei, that Christina saw no other wayofrestoiiiighimtohis senses than bj r flung with tbe Count \I had the misfoitnne to dieam of j 7 ou last n 2 Q t,\ \he s\>id one morning, to the enamoied j oi th \ I vi«h , foi the futaie that A ou w odld not presume fo di«tmb mj slumberbTiVith yojr un welcome pie et, had p'ajed of i.pon this hicivle *v\ei^ht, all hei «\1illeiy ot blight glances ajj wicatlicd sumes, without be- ing abL to e\toi t fiom hun a single com- giave , Ouii * ii vva tiving to look tfic loguish dimple-, v Inch guc such a ch im to hei IOS mo *T> vicio ready toe\ li A lolphns wcie nry bioth <.\ \ But fie 1 ou Ji OtVl 111° t^ n H1C and m bo m\ 1 \ I di«> o^ tb / <;p the \ oi •) his pLi o > 1 th v ue 1 • ), T ' ce\ *• o ilo«, h n -. \u h -5 co->n JI s on a I J w hen ••, ind + 1 a t % ^ ' pind, upon thp fd-t piovocation, into a he ut laugh It vv i impossible foi the utj to'oo\ sidfoi two m nut sto \*bn He s v\ is in no li'iobiii , . pninent lie would sit and stale at b_i IOI houi wit'iout'•peakiug a woid, and '-omei.il e-- but th was «iMoin t' ] e case, he had condescended to larjrh at h u 'lttle b A tUL1 n ood H vv >- m t 1 e vtr\ h IOICS of lo\», i I I id '•Oxt'd niiey m yo fled the iea sou ibl\ imp\d meiit to ]i un on ti mountun^ ciaidedbj tho^i blight ba'he- Chi. -t.na had given him up in de pcii, <. d f,iea& was hei indignation <»t liei uthai pioviJmg hei with such a ->pon-e, and he detennmed to aff ont him the 111 t lime tlivA weie 'ett alone togethei L it avvat^ oi IICL hostile intent on, the iK,nt jodtu c ALa\o^ed to e\ert hi pow ^ 1 the av uice ] f an l ( nm^ confi n h d i gi Cou it icini st J b' l oe + 1 im,\ P hi 5IOT2DF, The *! in cnlcr \ o iJ re poet'' \\ annonnc _^ 11 f--icp(l and tl e p ' , t 1 itLc h lite ribc it the IIo cl ( c I'cnr\ M-ind } im! 1 •> r tei>«rtcacco I c; itio'\-*b fmcier Ilft b'iopes bj i nreii u* n n xttc ion to bu'anc- \ d ' eepirg a. 1 £st 01 Ho e' to recei^ <* fe if hire of the p^tro •x'c of thepnbi c i This ho f ct'i «i f j\ted m r1 e >il'age of C»r 1U\e on the E'ack E ver -i\tetn m e* fr\i V terfiown, at t'ie ter unit on ot theBIick JI er Cinal, \ml a fi\o-^bjc powt for the tr eler to f.i c o- hi- T»T — C«fc ge, iov 5, IS f B p eopirg 10 e , ' I born, r' nn i t morn on th r d\ •> i >oi i»ned lip, mi i <-]i J i i «tooT)cd to lp, it. ereJ I I w i on the he iri grow warm, •5 tu e ci -\ie fle\tmg ch mi HOUSE, A Ii ^ o' , m I'I^ -oft, ^ a- n nights of June, K us n h&ii<; t of •*>«» sj 11 moon, \VS hen the «ir ro « UQ II f-o i her azure hight, L \a b ran s x> a m i\!c lobe of raght \\ IICP tne yep 1 ! - ecp m the q i • dell, Vnd'1 e on •* oiefzc lafcihedund till, j i the aec JI &'io\i er«i I JE mis - strand, \ s6 -[ It sp ed \e» ne' o e* 1 tne land i ri —• T -tr'I.-., i '^-r—gs tfA^, egESTEB, Proprietor Torter in attenience »^*e Cats, Baggage conveyed to andtfom, Fre»of Expense %». A.SWTlLft CO., Dealers m Clotb*; (Tasstmeres, Vesting*, Trim roings,'l^jidy\ 3Ude Clothing, Boots; Shoes, Hats, Cajfe, ic, ie. , JXS ^ Dye StaJ&,H1noW Glass^ ic Ata> ever) vari- ety of JFamily Groceries, and PtoreWine and I for medicinal ptnrposf«? LCK T 5 _. •Watchmaker and- Jeweler, Dealer in Clock*, Watches. Jewelry *c, it Shop two iWaSonth of the Baptist Church K Y paid to Watch and l Ooek Bepawing. of hardware, ut Tu. MO J»#-.K ^r*r -»m- ^Kj^moj i Seder in Boot*, Shoes, Laather, of all Kinds, ts, Shoes, e, ofKinda Sfeemaicer's Findfngs in (peat vanetr OMK Paid at all timw for Hidei and Skins ' ^_ Xarlinsbnrg^ Xewis Co, N T Bl «BO. 8. CASE * Co., Sann&etnrers of Boots an4. Shoe3, and dealers i Lh Fidi 4 t in Leather, Findings, 4c, *1 Lowtffle, IT. Y. B.C* WEST*CO., Deafen in Dry- Go«d«, Oroc«rie«, Crockery, Glass Ware, Plated Ware, Yankee Xotioas, Hata, Cbp^ Boots, Sbo«8, Fancy \Good* km, <llrS!*CbHY #^* m t lo tn a u th i o nd li\i a \ y I\ icaL -IK\ I do i i A \Ot 3ili f lB nJ love him ' But n z vvoJ CTIO lgli to raaLe h m nn n i \ ' An 1 1, o i w c t conpL in die v o 'd ' hei c '••s spir\hi g lik\ - hei t\ is \ Chu-tina n»ii have been a spo^lel ch Id I h i e z en >ou too much vour ovvii vv a\ , u J v o ' » ovv dc mud miDOssi bil tie 1 ? all p ! e\eJ i,ot ier lei n tha happ - '•aid. Cbr 11 a, & piicntal love, oviio diflviiitv in themattei, g ^ *lj Oi\ jt d b^ the pel (clm-is 1 ice of h» t love? vva oit of huiroi lie daiul ^. \^ oi O t com]' tf ot Cjiiist i a' colcn «s , an ^qnltuT-. tl icfoie endea OreTlotEfvv upoii le i eompie on, hv laiimg at himself \ C'liNtma, I ha\e su*le v.d a fatl pi« on to m le d me I will not T , , cis ot pleas.ng, md ioi the hist tune com , ambitio» an 1 \ ° . ,, . , , j. t . , , nei cd a coi \ei ation with his lair ensla u*nei's designs, . . vei, bv abiiiptlj asking her what «he thou^ut ot Alexandei the Oieat' Chris- i buist o it laughing and implied with Tgicit simphoit), that sh\ had nevei . | iLou^ht mw h about him, but she remein the Jept of ^iat *-ud I owe voi I fathci bv lobbHifjhim of h sciiilJ laicvvell, Chij tim I go to join mj lcgiment, should I i 11 m biltle, sometimes think of Yo» He- e \ 21 s voice fa'tercd—the tears rushed into Chi '•mi'seje—\\ was at hei Yoi ai\ not o 1 1 °uo sfh to choose ! t , ,„, , , , . u r , , fc c -All'>&imnai<imoii-resolutions \in 'nn 1 toi \o us }± Le a good g ir 3 and ion? t «1 il' irtio Ivoe von' to tn co i i, and lh\n -\ on v ul -voin«r k IT \ \ The n cb noi«t^i ' 11 ape h m Be Vheha* 0 oui bi i\ e c no \M h to | a hbel II\ is m lov e with ^ oi '\ ne 1 I nevr saw him in mi Time w \ \» lien o iri their bonnet » ore Projecttng half a vard biforc, When beautT ^ TS 'HI hidden deep, Tn s son ething e'en to »et a peep, But row—oh wonai' ficlledtmnd' Tl e\ -n ear their bonnet all behind, \\ hilc men their fe tu c hide with hair, The 'ad e go urth f-<ce bare, And fane} all admire who stare • So thi will pa in hi *orj' page As Engli h women's bire faced age. HAT ODDS AND ENDS. IMMMOHT vurr—In the beautiful dra ma of Ion, the instinct of immortality, so eloquentlv uttoed bv the death-devoted Greek, finds a deep response in ever) thoughtful \soul When about to yielu his jo lrg existence -iv a «acnfice to fat*, his beloved Cleoianthe asks if they shall not ine n t agun—^to which he replies, •'I nave a-,ked the drcidful question of the hills that looL eternal—ot the clear stream* that flow forever—of the stars, among whose fields ot azure my raised spirit hath walked in glorr. All were dumb But while 1 gaze upon thj living face, I feel there is something in the love that man- tles through its beauty which cannot wholly pensh. \We ihall meet again ClemintneJ' T A young gentleman down East commit- ted suieide in a very novel manner h*«t week, fie lite a pint of dried apples, and then drank water till he bursted. Tim rash act wa* caused by his father's forbid- ding him to grease his mouatach with the butter knifc. £b$j,Qst$g ladies in crowds and tean^attendedlbis foneral. life\ \But he has s-^en jou, an 1 he s-us—\ \Ah my deal Father, what does he \ You do not cire for the opinion of a rude mon-,tei and a vv om in hatei \ \Ah but he is king \What did he i 9 ^ \ But the Count was determined to leep the secret, and no coaxing, in which 'emi- mne art the little flirt was a perfect adept, could wheedle it out of him \ Christina, I shall bring an officer home to sup with me, jou must treat him with respect as I intend him for jour nns band.\ \But I will never have him,\ said Chnstma laughing, as her father left the room, \ If I no not marry my sdldier I'll die a maid \ \Bravely resolved, sweetheart,\ cried Von Hesse, stepping from behind the arras \•It is worth plajmg hide-and-seek, to hear vou advocate a cau°e so hopeless as mine\ > \ Hopeless» whv the battle is half won. My father's anger is like the dew upon the grass, which the first sunny smile evapo- rates Prithee^ do not sigh and look so sentimentally. Love will pay the piper, and we shall yet dance to a merry tune.\ •*• * You suffer hope to deceive you. Chris- tina!-I know your father tetter. Ah, Chnsfma, yon wffi iiot* t*f able to refuse the magnificent lover he will offet in er- change for-the warm heartawd devoted at- tachttaent of DHBcnhies wHidi cannot be got aronnd inq^ he snnnountiea—as the wag ««4 to * Imp^ettiMrtfetmflme wkomkemet I, hed, aud the lovei pai ted moi» enimoicc 1 of c?eh oil ei than ev e* It Vdolphi •» was inclined to despair of th-» success of h.s si it, Chnstma, on the othei hand, was too sanguine mbelievung tLit-mall oppjsit on would be made to Lei vvisbc* Ihe influence fejie mamt lined ov- ei11v,i «I perceive that yon are determined that fcmaie, iw«i^^jattHK«o«i I shall increase the hit of you* fiuthless of the late «6tai»e4«f my q over hi house hold Her comfort, her\ taste, and hei inclinations were consulted in eveij thing, but hei power extended no iiitLer To Chjistina, politics were a foi\ bidden subject, the count suffei ed no fe- male lii'cueience in state aftaif» Bat lat- teilj he h id letailed much of the court news to his danghtei, and was always oul- oajjzing the -j oung monaich, whosefavoute he had the good foi tun^ io be, and who was diilv heaping upon him some fresh marks of his affection and esteem. This biave prince whose eccentricities had -filled all Europe w ith -with astonishment, had been mtiodnced incognito, to Chnstmai and in spite of his pxofesscd antipathy to the seS, was seci&ly among the tram of admirers; a circumstance which gratified the pridc,and called forth-all the ambitious hopes of her father. Nor was it unreason, ablejfor the politician to suppose, that the youth who had commenced his reign by crowning himself and beating the united forces of Dennark, Saxony and Russia, would scrupulously consult the etiquett of courts in the choice of a- wife. In Ins charming daughter, Count Piper thought, he beheld the fu£ure queen of Sweden, The hint which he had dropped about the young king's admiration of her perso- nal charms, did nob fail to make an im- pression onjhe lovely Christina. She knew she was beaiitifid and (be disagreeable con- sciousness of the. feet was displayed with such natural ease and gayetjv that what would have appeared j&tttsd in another , wiiilc his hi tory, consid hnq a niaUman/' Liicksou cyeily demanded her reason foi pionouncmg non compos mentis the ^ eate t conqueioi the wo 11 ever saw \ Had AL^andei been as wisja man as he wa iguat eohqucioi,\ said Chnstma, \he would have leauied to govern himself' before he undertook the subjugation of the -world.\ Ericson reddened, and his proud e\ e flished as he replied with some warmth, \ Cannot j ou, madam, enter into the noble zeal which Lmues a brivo man into tLe loci •> of danger, and induce him to lei nc A iish life, ind all its p->ttv enjoyment , to guii the wreath of iminortc 1 i ime '\ Xo,md ed, \ietiirnedGhri&tiiia ev er looked upon -great conqueiei as fcols MICELLANY. Tl»e JBxecntton of JCoufetbc SixUmuth. The condemned man tjaver-eJthe inner :ourtou.foot. At the entcianc of the f-ver- nal courtagieen cirriage v a» vvnl]3ig, f w ith two gende>-mesholding open the doot. Louis entered, his confessor takibsja «cat h , tasja cat by his side, and the so'dier mounting in front. Um signal is given, and the coi- tege mo'.es on It wa a mournfal «c\ne From the prison to the piaee of de th w a« ranged a double line of pikes ui ^UB=, borne by mei who in. their mii iov ^b e «i- l d lb lenee, Miemed lib\ aimed wr colJ an I m • stillne« 3 orlv cice b.oKeu it - the Tcmpk b an of in- 3 ! uttered o\ st luues ILe J LiJei- : e c ie oi women, ung ng H d h idling vo ce the CJ<- T and theie a few s! op'sAve ^L J \ Qiitteis .veie do- 1 the toot p-t^enge- thcie v,uc i o u a i of issue , noi v as ti eie a si IJJIP e •> > i t n •*iect-, exc^i i that oi c VIIICJ. o^cd un -vei-il « le\r rt e, h™ ~* i^\ fiv* u.^- Lappj on» tL n ca\ed Lou « J L i<* ' the j a ltd Ii 1 il I'CJ we aimd \ I Per I u. ence.\ \I too, had a dieam,\ ^aid Enc«on, \ I dieamed tLa*- YOU Minled upon me, and I was happ\ \ \ You must t-<l e dreans bj their oppo site 0 At t^n ii: the foo + of the s^^fio'd ted m ii jnt of t 1 ! P lac 1 of • e <( i i •> c^d°d - xui Lo i J ne n t»ie «|jo f vvl e e s oou I ' of th° lio-s* conu^toili c, 1 1 - filled tr° [i I h JU li s bai. T J demLed v • % +li ee vv i <c » i ih-* cam o e Cpo-> oi r. J} he Lad I *i s J the ec IT _ c f v o con had o*t\ cc 1 11 n, a I 1 blown ro\ 1 -, w'lt \n e and wliiL so g« o d iv^c, 1 o \it. c \ How cl d I ipp ar to you J-«t night'\ , }l \ co * ta ^ ° l said the Count u\' 0 \\? U ,, ^ .. ,-. ,, . ibcenkcpuio iR'trc- \O a ascie\ible as jou aie to i j * \ \ A °- + L \Scornful c'l teach me how to woo no c J jou,\ «iid Eneson suddenly lmpnnting a kiss upon hei 1 p« This ficcdom, th mdeiess of which he was not quite aw ne of, Viasi\paidbj so smart a blow tb it the offender rubbed hi-. cnm«oned check, ard maivelled how it could be inflicted bj a hand so soft and del icate \ Your fath r hd me to imagine'' he said in a sullen torn, \that-\ou would not receive mj addrc-es with indifference\ \ Aly fathe* kn^vv nothing about the matter,\ «aid +hc ridignant ChrMina, \ oi he never would have introduced to his d<»ughtei uch an unminly ^outh But you px not a^i o' ]Ctt of indiffeiance— Befoie she could conclude the ominous sentence, ~\ on He '•a stood before he \ \W ho pie j ou sn '\ demanded Eucson fieiccly \Asoldiei said Von He-se, flmgng his sword careless!v on the table; u one who has bled m the cau«e of his country, a«3d is Teadv LO die in her service.\ \ \We must be friends,\ said Eneson ex tending hi hand \ \We aie nv K,\ said Von He-se draw- ing back \ Does Chri- + ma lo-i e you '\ \She has told me so a thousands times see what it i to put faith vi woman Yo I are no longer an object of indiflerence,and I re-ign my claims \ orinidmen—a s^ourg\ to their own peo-l «„? , ,„ , ^, , ^ -, i i ii x A « \lo whom'said Christina, the tear- pie, an mtoler ibie pest to societv j -, , , , r h~Zi —^~\*\i i . \ — \i 'slowlv ffatherin\ in l«er a \e . \ >ly Lord, said the minister, stuvinff to ,.„« , „ , „ ' rt lt J . ' , , .', * \The king,\ said Von Hesse, tarning molh y the rising cholor of his guest \ you must pay no heed to my daughter's impertinences, Her ] now ledge of battles and couqueiors it. confined to the cness- boaid On that limited sphere she enicts the gencnl so well, that even an old sol- dier like me finds some difficulty in ta- in ng hei audacitv.\ Eneson regained his composure and tur- ning to the laughter Fovjng Christina with more gallantry than she ltad imagined him capable of displaying, challenged her to pky a gamc^ith him. u With all my heart,\ said Cristma, \ but if I should beat you ?\ \ It would not be the first time that I have been vanquished by jou, Lady Chris- tina,\ said Encson, looking Jier full in the ic\ h .n eve \ « i_ • ! e COL.' 1 miA t re ^ K ? c^ i o TJO i^- i oldi j v o s no rrenicii)., v ic*> ce s l+o b\\ + lom then of kt If ru \m on •' \> hit tici-oi ^ *• Iamic^t\ -i + \-L i'i t inomo it 1 e hi b ^n ci] i; The e c ulo er no v off ap- to* 'isd^K 1 Ut V 1 i im ou tLe .v tli a p fiercely, and li' fiom 1 fiai \ thev ek B ^ : 1 to Le ti: to tie 11. It cvitaL'e—if t,, \ it J n rra t3n+ lo so ph\ 1 v t J Ihe A'JL\ E g^ oi tu P O \L 'f 1 d 1 OJ rfi^c, 7 -r> c J ! as hi- ma- r veiled lo loo ^ u at him, ] e said, \Sne -, ^ on 1 !) 1 o itirgo I oiilj =ce a last ti. ii*- o'te A.- in- bl^'ice b^vv GIT joirilije ij\ a <l -^-od who VMIL g^ve vou j-oui it. 1 ' \\E these v oias the indignatic oi t ie in J aw av + o tlia liuimhtj-oJ i'lo C i , and I oi ^>sai-lto + he e\cci iiw •> ^ i' diam tli\ ciij> to tl e diec.s ' 1h.it call « hand . t-c\ c i + oil h -li'ii, a K li , '\ i - ing on the aim o + his con J » 1 --o , L ^o^g 1 •> with a slow tie id and not JI d uixuo mount thu -t^, then veT 1 ste p r o' te gm\ot a* Upon tne Ja-t t t , ~o <- e he ^e^m^c 1 - id Wh to\^ioi B in -> a i •> rapidly aci o s to ihe otl ei si •> e ne s,,a fo'd, vv hen, bv i -i*n com •> i i •• h « k c>, lie e\cliim\>d \T a « i L i cent o f t \i - no s iDDitolto \e\ H^fc->-n -, nov °\ i np ito 1 to e II ^ led, anJ, ICCOR 1 rg to 1 ~L Chiistina colored, and cast her eye's to the ground, only to flash them again npon the count with a proud glance of mingled coquetry and disdain. But' the ice- war broken—the bashful \youth \had \gamed more confidence ; and he met her indig- nant look with anexpression of admiration and defiance. *• \ There is more mettle in this proud boy than I imagined,\ thought Christina, as she took her .seat at ihe chess board ; \my father has sent me to play a danger- ous game.\ me shaded het glowing chtsek wi&her hand, and find her eyes immovably on Contra- diction, to play as stupidly Wy could, to mortify her igjponeot\ Jgf {Same, however, l«,ui|«r noparticataakai con! nalit , hi be 1 ei So ne iOKC ^^ d •><; ii -as o oi d L 1 a + it away. * Stay,\ said Charles The young man Reluctantly obej ed. \ I have seen your face befowj—what is your name'\ r A dolphus \ on lle«se; the son of a brave officer, who died on the field of bat- tle, and left me no other heritage than his good name and my mother's tears.\ \-And where did you receive that scar npon your left temple 2 \ \In. the battle of Tfarra where your Majesty with a handful of men, defeated the armies of Uussia.\ \ Yon need no-other passport to my fa- vor,\ siaid 'Charles, raising him from the ground, as \he attempted to kneel and kiss Ins hand \ That glorious day made em act the part of a soldier, and feel like a man.\ Then turning to Christina, who had already dried up hertears,he said with an £ir of pleasantly, fe By my swoid, ma T deii, I am a sorrY wooer. That blow of thine has frighten- ed away all the cupidsthat had taken pos- session, of my heait. Do you love \this brave youth 3 \ ** Most smcerelj \ \What prevents your union.?\ \ Hy father refuses to make us happv.\ \Upon what plea*\ \He has higher views for hisdaugh- r. tr \Umph 1 I sees through them now,\ said Charles; *\ but love has ontwitted-tbe Christina, if JXMBC fibber re- inmarrisM tmctlj hcaiu \IpaidoL t - i iLoi Oi my death, and I pia\ BTeivei, th\t die blood A ou are about to shed in*ir ucv ei be visited upon Iftince He h h aboiii, to p continue, when his voice vvis diovu <Sh<r the renewed rollmor of t' e c 1 ' nal which it is *>faii\pj 'V comedian, DITTVOH, I I oideis of Snt^ne S cneJ Lo i s t ! io ^>i\teen + b, l I , i t ^ »ijr e I 1>T the iien o ILe be sVit 1 ' , g ail «*r*- contiol ii I stinjp g-vjo'eit'v wrtii in foot. EICHKI, one of tV e^ cot o ei-., then seized i pistol rud took a m at tlie Ling. It v as necessi • to diaa; himoiona; % force \VV-irh-JifficnltY iisU. *,& to the fatal plank, iie continued to at r u cnes, only mfernpt\d by rh^ L knife—fto'ii, Blanc's\ JEESoij* French Rev cl ihon. \ ter. 1 Hiats to Young o* tl,e of. the Oiie of the mo«* d'-ag ^e I V J\ '\hu 1 ae- tei« on eartl 1 , is that of the g i-p r^, tv-a- ncious and p\iyi oisraia \C^.1 i -itv is perfectly compatible wjtii econ^ liv ^ and the mo t nobie-heaitcd, geu&ions l «\i to do BO HUI.1I to bone'iT'inanicind, i& ob- tained not hy close fisted pern r,ousne>>§, but economy. JELe (bsta'ice 3\ not-great\ er between the senjth-and tlia i.at'31, than j between the coTetuonBsran<H*coiHmncaI man,; the irstJbanisn\e& et«(f Jus* *au4 honorable fcehng^, ironirtlie tialit, ths lat- ter fosters and ministers ta tkeia alL . heart, why-f w#—worth baag a nllamfct. Though an jincourtei qs lover, ISam not {is it if, your an Bngeflerous friemL with blunt delighted t ' Infest; andL doited their .her ear i. tomb! behind ^ ^ ^ thu d««rt n* ith tfe*« and retfoepee*-? *hT*o? -t

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