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The Lewis County banner. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1856-1864, September 03, 1856, Image 1

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f/- *\». » i- » W«#«MITF::H: 1*0-13 AS-*'*,, sro WES^S ••&&£• *'^i^ : *5i^^ VOL. 1. CO. N. Y., WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 3., 1856. NO. 1- THE EARLY »J£A1> BT WJLLU) 0. Ct IKK. If It be sad to make the bovr>d with ago Sink in the luills of the remorseless iomb, Ctosing.the chang»ot life's ,j)ilg.rii(iag.o In the still darknc -of it monlclctmggtodm: ©• what a shadow o'er the heart is-ftangv IV hen peals the retimeiu of the loved and joung! •friey to. -Whosebosoms;. Hfc« the dawn of spring Jo the unfolding bud and .scented; rose. Gomes: the pure freshness age catt never bring, ft sir, [ fills the spirit with ii ricsli repose, \Ifow shall *«Hay them in their filial rest, Sow pile the clouds upon their \wasting breast? t&ftpcnethbra-htly to their ardent \azfr; j butfons .Oil\ the* office's eoat. A glorious potnp sits on the gorgeous sky; - O'er the-broad world hope's smile incessant f OK, THE N&VMCA.T. RUSE. It was on a sunny mornings during the ] •*' 1 will toil you. the tender's giktie Tip pears to l>ooveilvmilmg f vessels, from which she takes wen to impress in the British .navy and also plunders the craft of such tilings of value as they niajy contain.— jftogress of tlielast war with -Great Brit-[ % plan is to chator a sloop, the woM ian^that ayoniignaval officcivstauJiii« ou i looking one. that can. le found, yet a tol \ Yk hd hi teti j ^ aljk bailor fer she must act well readi)) ian^that ayoniignaval officcivstauJiii« ou i g the battery\ at New York, had his attention j ^ aljk bailor, fer she must act well readi)) , lmf .ill itrill il,.TV>rirl rttt :\r*Vnp frficiA lrtilU- drawn to agroup of persons earnestly en- gagedin watehmgtwo ^vessels just visible, fardowni: tilic hat-bor. \\Yhat is it iny frieiidf \lie asked, in a frank hearty tone as ho joined them, 'rThe tender agam,ehasingin a schooner x ©id tar, touching the I hut all will depend ageinuiit of the affair,. your, good Now youscc wh it g , y I would be at Eraiife^will you join me i.u it*\ 1 ' • ' ' ' \ Iteart and hancl,svr,\ f cspondedFrank Talbot with enthusiasm. ^' Will you al low me to he the baud•• on deck to hi ] p Aiutscenes ofbeajity How; »td to break the vision, and to !?W- Eieh'Mfelessfbrmin earth's embiiieiiig mouiil! Tet thia.iaiifel To mack ftqin d:ty to day, Youth, 'in. thfefreshness of its niotuing;prime,, Pass,, like the antheni of a breeze away, Sinking in w-aves;- of death, ere clull'il. by jjiiaei - . r JEre yet jfeicfc years on the Sv.irni cheekhatl shed- Autumnal saiWew o'er tlie : rose-Jilce Keel! . 4Lfl4-j-e,t»-hatmdu)-nor, though (he pensive eye' .. jfe dimly tKoughlfiitiiurs burning tc-ar§,. But: should with, rapture ^;izo upon the sW* : Through whoso for tlepths die sjiiirit's vv tug ^ parcels? • ' Theregfcatns eternal o'et theirways are thing; ^Vho fade from earth while vet their vein's «iv • .jpiing;! Charade ICife -l-._ \ . - Whendisease hathseizi-don the nerveless limb, ! Ai'd the- beaming-.eye gcoweth.tlull ami (Uiivi When the brow that eKlshohe-^inoocUaiuifiur, AVears the sallowrihiprt'ss of\pain'-and care : WhehtEe fcofbtooil Bows With.a.-qtiickeiied' rush, .\ . .. . And the thin cheek burns with a- fevered flush, •As'a, deathly shrowl'Oi'jr 'the surface iluug v Sty first then eliiigs io-clie iiiiliivg tougue^ My nfest'^-rVfhctc the hedge, with its gnar- -dia_it thorn, ..\-.- .-(Jleams bright KMI, the- glfstcmtig ifcws of- - • inocu, ^ \' •'•'•<* •i'K'here the tail; olcl trqe>-by the -roadside,, lift Their branching ?teiiis tn tl-.e free'-waul's drift.; Or where, at- the wonted word and sigh, Steru. edlumnS' wheel- to ;t-,semt-(i line, And the subuauis glance from the steel so point^Tdshatashenoticedtheanchor-j' ^ ^ fm cm ta& Weafersfeld T---^---- -,it thi* qflicor s-coat. ! • • J, • • • is a spy glass sir,\ said a toaster's py g stood-«eai?, at the same time handing it to \Thattk you^ sity mail/' answered thci ntj QS he took the insteamentj and placed It to liis eye. ' • By its aid lie conldelbarly distingiiish an acnied schooner, of about ninety tons, crowdin\' sail; in chase Of a trading fore- amdraiter,tUat Wtlihy towing and.thro\viiig water onthc sails r was making every exer- , 1 rather guess I lieii^ thotigh 1 haint bin douh' tur Connecticut since Li-~t iioli to cseapcv . ^Tlicfhiweas .about half a nnic ahead,.: a \ sir,\ sudtltt'4na?ter's iiiatti, \but-thetevid- er sails like A s-'Jiarlc in chase of a dwlptun. The fore-and-aftur don't stand a (5han.ee oi' livttiiiir iii past the fort.\ The reply was pronounced in siieh in- imitable Yankee that the lieutenant burst into a hearty laugh. ' ' \ You will doj Frank. Now We want to-proceed at once to action. I want you to go at once to the other rendezvous • in l'earl street, and druni tip five and thirty\ men. Take only those that are daring tor anything. Let none ofthtan l know your object lest yoa be; betrayed by information being conveyed to thts tender; 011 will.find iiien enough .'irt these \AJ in iiul bov r »he h i-> a stout crew 1 ' siultho IK utui tut, l.iughinjr \ Uicj look in^hk ncd out of thui ^ lfo is tluj begin to think tht} are gone foi it Sloop aho\ \ \Whit (hi }ou want' 1 \ cimeacio s the \\ itci m the stiougcbt nassal of Yankee dom. \ J want )ou to hoie to, biothu John itli m \ * I'd Uhci m. t if 'ts all the «unc tn \on, foi I'm in nml\ hiiuv Fi ink,\ il lul the I olhu.1 m in mi Lt torn. i ymii 'iv, ^me tnn^ «il' put tt the loop w il^ X\l> of v ' when t 01 hi -\ oi i lot go th it jib, ^ on mu t di iw it aft a- h u 1 will lut \mi I i' 'iv, ^ ip tht, helm '•o md i ill ibcmd oftlotcudei, *oi Inn det< iimncd to f ill iboird of her. I sh ill em>o)our blundei , and older \ou to let go, but clout nund me, keep Jjnlling the pb sheet haul to the wimhvud Lta\e the rest to me. ISov my mtu,\ lie said -.peikmg through the compinion •w.ij, ' tike A good gi i^p of \our pistols «md «. utl i'-^'- ^\ hen I st imp nn toot on the MISCELLANEOUS. God. When Adam w.is m the hcautihil gn den ot Eden, he heaid God walking the»e m the cool ot tht d X} , and long ailei IUCA h id been «hut out ot the g u len, A blc knew that G«d wa* theic in tht pl.itr s w licit- he was, and &o he built nltais and oJttei < d \ K J ih( cs to God All ill mi lie ml the command of God in his di-t mt eonntiy, and he jelt tint God w is with him, and in all piaco white he wjndcicd,he built his altais md put up Ins pi loci's Jh knew th it tint God~w ns present t h i th' t bld l gg p . '- The- tender\ can sailj antFI am the- one that onght itj\ said \Sbe was a, pilot d the fastest crafe that ever danced. o\~er -There-^tliere my Second ^vill greet the-siirhf. . Mj-Whole, whenthu w.tua-.o'or tliejoueanr;iv.e, .JKides-side T>y ado with- tiit- boiliug -wa.se, Jn: tlfe Spring: finH'.-soft; o.Vr all tlu- -land-; -•\Xis traueii on tlie Viro-w.*«f the \»ri}slrt aiutl'm Asijic Jiautumii bi-oey.fs of life -jjit>w cold : •^VtHloft'tis the- -istnimuA wlu-ji- Ijfftct . i'lo.yf-on for the foliies-of jMnly yuare. ileck; over yoiir head's,-thirow off the hatch- es,'leap on deck aii follow inc.\ '\ Heave to, or I'll sink you. ^Yihat are o'u palavering, gliouti\ the l£ng- jsluninu, •'. . • \ . ' The two vessels vvere now side by'side, Eui'i.dihg\ oirthe s.ame course,, abeam of each who wiil ask 110 ejneations. Meet moatj bthtir,. the tender.to the leewai-d, and iipt twelve o'clock at the Exchange Reading Rooms,, and report to -niCi\ y Thc.initlshipioaii then took his lcavO^ and. lutstened ivp #&- batte-ry. The lieu- •tenaut returned to the ^ruiMte, and takitu; aside the.- master's incite,, whom, he knew, ?i T.la-ee weeks ao;o,t and:my crew w-orej \•'.'\\' VJ ''\\\ i% '\T\\* \ -•-*•*—>•_ _ - u •• i .1 \ .H i. , .X• . ~<~ i ' laid'briettv hcfinv hiin his .project. Tlie tmt m heiV wlie-n von Jiiitj-Jishtviiiate made j , •\ l : J • t. - _ , , \ , S' ,, .,* ,. ,,! old tar entered into-it with zeal. Togiifli t t tg i;iHk and \\\'' \ p i her appeataneo out ot a ,tug i);iHk,. and, wonsjht us t<> a stop. • tout i nook my fyr the land, a league 1 > ' ' I yaw V. awl a-wati and tin; EiiyfHslmmn- coiflct nt>ti£yt a glimpse of\ •mt'.- Its iii.y setiouiier tht-y'vo turuo-il into a t'lwleysi'r.j.aiHr liliat's iu;i'le--.s<iin;:\iw : cap- ture the last .three weeks, of our snulll coasters.\*\ . \She carries forty nipa, and: a 'lohir .Trhirty^two, so I heinv' said a seaman of. the grfuipi ' \iViid is comniandud\ -by-a luff-and rcc£ t-r,\ : added the • master's mate. \•\•\ i \ - p i tlmy went to the-doeks., where, on account - \of tho bloeJaide, lay jdfc a larec iiuinl)e-t Th f j, - T , ( • ,, .• i I of- vessels- ot every dcsc.nption. - lliey Lfoi:th,e1<»s;-vvas so thiukj . ,- • i A * • •• \ - < were not lonpc vn discovering such a cralt as suited tibcni^^a'tludsmi sloop'o'f nkiety ton?. Site was immodiittely put in, trim for sailhijv by tlit- master's j ; iiatc and; t.lircc or-fuur me-.u. w-hinn he .uiivptoyed, wliilc the offic-er pivi-eerled to buy up and send on. board- his live stock; ' Tho Jnorniiig following tlicse cvent^thd tender of the British frigatti was-standing off aud on liuder every sail, vrery cjtf&e-~.iir in witli Sandy Hook.. The wind wasfr.o'in more' than a.:hundred fathoms oft\ \Wsillj-dpjit be too fixxs wdth. youi: pow- der and I will, ^niuida^j. let go tluif ar i*-\: : ..\.. :\ \::- : .'•\-: - - • f ¥as,\I will,\ andsvve?-eel\tlie.j*oungreef- or^«atttl wfth a; hearty will\ he commenced |s|o diiSiw ijj^-'to the windward, At the same ''iT^iiTenC fto American officer piit.his h.elm lKiM?i.ip, and the sloop rabidly paid off tpwavd.ihe tender.i, >* -.--.. •\.let-go- that jib sheet,'.' .shouted the HnSj-lislf ofiiecr. . \ Yes, Amiiid^il),, you t-arnat foerf 3'ou,- ; [ let ft.go, I say! let.it go! JJon-'i you sec • coniijig Mght' aboatd-thc captain's- w -ii Wtfuui •'•lit- a. blessing,\ 'observed Jt; , ., ,,.,... ,. n , ., j, , . , I'the -south-west aud olowinsy a five-k-ii; )i;iTi-ot-wai\s ^uuiiiv w-lLo had. not- ret spt-ik- •il; \if that ,t ain't wife n;t i'f tl.it' harhnr., -,-,,, i- . .irecze. Tliu sky was wvoliouta,-<iltiud,and r;iit'-•oitld'lio-cati'flrt; nappmaf.'i . ' ' .+,' -.' ,'. - ' v-. i ,,• . , : oiilv H-onlV a.-u'untk unaulation-luted tlw F\ jt-il!« v p to piit her n \c «el« ' But Vnrnid il> pulled the h udi I , and f iiilv tjoL. i tmn w ith the sheet cuoun 1 i bel u HIC, pm Ihe Jniflish officer wis about to poui <.ir.u up^ti rmu i voi e) it o ith , «ltui c in.r th i f the '-lyop w uld tcitlinh i i'f tjn! f him, he tinned t> gisi, oi < is ki tin % \ JtiiAV.Or SAtT RIVER.) • —Ixom -yonir fi;ie!i d the g: .Accept fliit? map oi* S-tliiie \iiiver: {The sreat: Exptos-ej- will; of course* r,p-teace & 10 u* rt'ry souree :.) -taSivitkit -taJse Ms, tiiiiely iiiiit i s SxiiiDi&y heed and. counsel in't;, * - •*\ * •-* •\*\.•.# steam OE Si Kreittotit.,) • •Setfiet .yoiir state-ro'oni, • !V '•• r iiev»hd the cape; but e,- tliey c'nu'lil : in • light, wafcr, -and i'Sur \• in iw It ^ manned ud eh iru.i (. 1 yi N \ t ml cr A\ hen tvcr\thm o l m u il o ir ], Tour pa gi p id, -»o r 11 u i L tore 1, And \on look round rilt o u 1 iH \ne\in To take a YK» of dl TO I re It rtiu o , You'll get a glimp e ot c\u\ t v\, And looming grmdlv f u iv, n Upon its waters bright, YOU U ce, A ehpper, signalled B & 15 P S—With pv o 'l -s from the iprer deck, You'll jatA.* her out the Utci>. ••* -.\kip ul\-!'r; iVif >S!.iW ; tfifj!' lie- t'.rtt vt-.jt-l .s:v< ist-.t,. is ' bnirurlit' tu :1iy*tl«it l»n<5'*jan of tlie .tenilt-i-v*' . \ Tlwa's ;t 1\ct r -.tlu.'n,\ respdnded ahoth- •(.'r ?canta.n. \She- Ifaa taken or •tlui-ven 'tick ifiti>\poi-t ho- fcsR than- bwenty-^x clif- feitrtt' ci-a/t-s m-the- last thrco wscdes. 1 iltrtill be »lad'when out- Trigate, lyiiig' offj there, gets hsi- ariijaincu-t oa 'boawf,. for then 1 tli-in-Ii -We'll swnHiiw tile -Ktiglisli y'irte outside, and pick -oxir teeth witli the to'ude-r:'\ \ \ .\ . . .All these remarks were • heard -by tie oung nfficei-j who atl tlie Wfhile coirtiuued D look \through the glass at the tender r- *MAIRP <SASE,-^rrObe:-Stephen; fpnnerely the eccentrje rcpi-cseutative in . the As^mbly from SteubenjWho hosvr keep |» ^^ pHoxiiek^ille; tells a,yery goo ^^ai-ttecxpense-ofoarEre'iiioiit finencl •:N^ion^sinee v - a very good looking young •! %o^n;stepp*!&into <s>be's ihonsc and; called ^r\^i^ni>;sayiiJg:thathe* Hnsbaiid'-wemifi 6afeii|«*rtly, ^lfe% she »Jshed^ hini f 0 bts shpwTinp. Soon after, ^feiifly dandified •ifcdlonid^nsstm' called sosk ^ inqtiired for his wife; i0tie *>ld^^lnnx she cotdd.not have. •topped there, as there was: onl* one fe- fliale guest ui, the hotise, an^.'sne w.as a Terynne locking white lady. ^ : ^^^S'in^rr-TOt's her/ said the sable •\sii^i^'-'-f-l' ' • •C -ififlS&'ihoq^feitliere intjst be*;sonie mis^ ,4 take.-sr'iiip .he^ent-tp ^tbe .iady ? s rooln and \informed her tbe a f«nssed Jiiggcr' was down below, #ho claiimedto be her hus^ band, She fjufetly informed himvthat the t'^oldr^gemitf n' was iii reality lierhus^ .band, aiid that side wished him sentnp to her room. 7- ^'I^tfe-TT^ir^elaini^djObejWith astoh ttgment,' is it gossible that as go<?d look ii^ ft woman as^ jouw'onld Hianj a nig- SJje »*HWd himthat it was^ a fact and ime& • ••' ;\••\•--' - *Iniai^?iniicK-l)e|teF than my sister l-S'.i^j^'S^!*. xeq>6n%i Oi»; 'whp in li»iil'^l|e|*a r w ;r •:\ .. H'«fes>iwb\d the lad j writh great 8fce\ married to a Fremont and the.; \There goes a. gun!\ .\cried' several ofi the spcctatols, asii flash and jet of snioke came' from tlio \tender's'bow. ' • - '^That's bold enough\ observed the of- ficer, as if speaking: his thoughts aloud; \the inipudurit tender is almost up to thy' -fortj and;-dares to fire'at the-chase- in the vei-y face of the bateries.\ . \^ It is only to ±vy and- do inischief; sir,\ said the master's tnate, \for sheknowsthe foreTfintUatier w'ifl'escape her, so she fires; a gun to cut a->yay somotliing;\ \ You: arc tight,, my ipa-n-,\ saidi3ie t offi- ;er, \ for she has put about, and to the seaward.\ -- -' - ->- ' lie icoptinned. tt> watch the ltttiring ten- der for some time in. silence. , *' It's a pity we had'iit an arineel feuttejij in port that woiild sail fastet than she can so we Might, give her a chasie.- Qtitj\ said ; alsd approaching, the group. BHs dress was that sof a lnidshipmanj and his air singularly free and fearless. \A-h Erankjare you there?.\ said.the lieutenant, f ' wihen did- you get back from your, father's?\ \Last night; I wsis in hopes to fijitl the schooner ready for sea,, Mr. Porciv^a but ani told it will be three weeks befoi vv»e can get ready.; I want to have ablush with John Bull's frigate wh© hovers off the harbor with.' sncJi bf avadbing. did yoii gftt te town; sift' r ._ •^YesteKday inoi-iiing;. Have witnessing-the cfcise dewn on Frank?\ \ ?JTes,' and I'wptil«l^ye '»\year% pay iflcojtld; haveafeand in caj>tarftjg tiiai Th» exrepwtntative acknowledged the com, and extended to the 'mixed pair' the best the hotm could aiford.—[Elmira 6a- „ HttiwtkwHnilMfal things, and not lM%t faowa Mttf tbing*, ttthe wiser \Come aside wMtafle?\ sajd the officer, ? j , putting his arm lif ^Ba^ of the midship- man \ Your w f>f^ ; isiii^pfess my own V ^^py wishes 1 have coneeiVed a plan to cap- h '* ture, that tendu'* \ In what way,\ demanded the youth th animation \ ' with animation ii.it, tl t !y a.gi surface of the ocean. Tlie ti-mitet-.w-fw a clipper built \es~o Ncry iloiiif ami narrow in the \iu-arii^ nn v • tn!*truc\U.«.l wliottv « idt au eye -tingio t to lie\ lit—t >.-ii!;uni; «;;:i!H\k -, and slit- gai |>i-oori' -of them by. ovfrkautiog She carried aiu|t1slii[is <{ long •piiimdw\. list crew consisted, of abotit forty men iii the UDiforni of ffiOj, British navy, they were principsdly a the b(;w and' fiti TSSS \wilnMrCFSj\ ;ether or w.at<'hi!ig- tile- shore, rfiicer of the de-He, a'bhitF, full-] l-nglish-wtd'd-y, wns ioiuigijig 0.11 on tli.tv a alter rail way, wtuikiug a cigai-. The' niiu at thoiieini had a sint'CUrd bf li-is' ist-j for tlie vessel skipped along so easily that she almost seemed to ; steer hcfselfl \Sail ho!\ cried the lookout from the; 'head oi' the bowsprit.. . : \Where away?'\ quickly demanded the: officer:. \Inshore about tvvo points forvvarcl thejbeain.\ . \ \ \Aye aye, I sec,\ answered the middy,: levelling his. glass at a stoop-'-, just stealing out of the .hartoor, closely .hugging tlie shore.' \It's another'of those Yankee: coasters. A sail in shoi-o, Mr, Stanley,\ >aid he speaking through, the skylight., The lieutenant, a.stont, fleshy, port-wine- vigaged John BuO, came on-deck, and\ took a sight at the stranger, who wasaboiita mile distant. . • • * It-'s-a'liiiubtif gloop, bntwe will Tjrhig i, TO. of ' uitei tl i \\e~ (.', L t en, ou h 4jop!» ^jpxy, in Li h JN-. «tJU I wun^ioup I m n't, tlie Ajrser-iefni cfli- C- deeli,.aiid- : (i'i'tv anu- .appeai'a-iJeo j'roni the site an.A. cahiiv, and leopied on the tender's tieek.' IT,.taken.by surprisa sm- ¥low^ si^'h-t to if she dares to Venture out, for-w:e get some fresh provisions pxit of her if noth ing else.\ ' .. ;• \Shall I put her onthetaci, sir?\ \ Not yet. Keep oil as we arej till*the sloop gets an offings If we mm for her now, she will take refcge in i \ Tlie sloop stood Qutforli^ then hauling her wind, be2$T;i th&land. The.tendef .elclaycd_ the chasej until slife had rgpt top : far from the ft-plft the-entrance of the liaTeboi 1 ; to get b,ack again, then put abpjit and.rtiii for as to cut her off> -jThe sloop seemed to take alaitnrandpiijtting about, began to -nialce, the best.of p hcr vvay toward the iiar'- .bor slie had jett. Confident iii the speed pf his own ti ycsspi, -the English felt satisfied- that the chase was alisjalTy his> and laughed ftt the efforts.of the sloop to !gfet%' \'\ cam^ near enpnghtQ see thather deck was literally covered with pigs and. piaultry. \• A rate h»»\ we shall nwfee this morn- iiig!\ said the middy. \Enough chick- g gy ^n; pie for the whole §]g»|e'» CFCW, to i v, ttiing|of turkeys and t fo \ ] of turkeys and - for \tue a slab-sided skipper she has at fi-r rue stern' to stem. At.flic riune i;er' ?ta%viped \t]a iii-tl i-d' men. tniukj tiieir Initcho's, foiiH-t sifter Tfifi-vivt o ...The lE-ng.Kslu roiKlftred. without s.cai;ctily-strikiug, ; :i and. gefcfcijtg under weigh, in\thfe\ ; vojy «£ the. Irigate, &\ gallant young- captor sailed.' with -li-ia -prize back into the hailioi;. tfter an. -absitirGO-'of six hours and' twciitj^ ^evetFt miiirttes. . ' . ^-. • 1 . • • • .-' This exploit is doUhtlcss otto of tjie, Lsoldost and in,bst spirited'- aftairs? tliat satne off diifing the wajv The \account j'iven above is a . fiiitJifiii \narative pf \the ti'ansaGtion^ and the chief. circuhistances will: be i-eeognized both by • -the bravse pihV ccr in cpiestionj as. well ashyliis niiinerpus fi-ien.dsi •\.; ' p i ithel's t ible, .md lie when p w hcu he w is it | knew tha+lie »it p Jmt np m puson, tai away oft in the land of E/Apt 1) iv id was a shcplicrdliO} when he was ehased on the mount tins by S.iul, like .i li tinted pai tndge, when ht \was on the bed ot siekntRs, ivhon he w as oft the held ot battle, .md when he was on the throne, he knew that God was present. You have read, how Jonah once tho't th it lie could flee from the piesenee ot the Loid \Wliitfolb ' God followed him walking on the wings ot the wind, and \<>u soon B l all hcii the pooi in m c ilimg uj on God m the bell ot the h-h, t i 'own m the gu it w iteis, and he knew t li it God w is theie to he vr him (Je»n xh, 1 2) L> miel knelt i I lu-> oh unliei m pTnei, md wlun down m the den imong buns, w Vb theie al»o, and w o d the) woi«-lnpel God— d h bhd h A I,cgeiMi of Palestine. Somewhat moieth meightccn hundred \i us i_,o, tlicie ippeued in th< 1 md of I decline, a teadici whose coming hil I1 en pioini* d to the exiled p irent of the hum m i ice In him w is seen, an i-<-em III ij;e ot Mrtucs sueh^is hi d ne^er been witness d, and poweis which fai «uipassed those e\en ot Moses and the piophetb — ^ e ilth might lii\e been his but hi heed id it not, the sceptei of thewoild, but In would not wield it III whole soul w - <k\ote<Lt<.rtric one objeutr trt doing goo I Ihongh houseless and penniless, he led thouhands b j his bounty, and bestowed gifts which t, old could not pin chase — Diseases fled before him, and the tomb jielded up its occupants. The blind look ed ior the fii st time upon the face of the beloved, the dumb grew eloquent, and the deaf diank in the words ot kindness — I he ci uel became merciful, the miser gen eions, the h inghtj meek, the ambitions contented w ith m humble fortune. Ten del and considei ite, no harsh expressions left his lips, no haish thought dwcltm his bosom let a.-, has been foretold, this life of nn weinul love w is lepaid \by treacheij- md di ith lemble indou], was the exhibition of God'-, augei during hv> dj mg agonies Ilu ^eil ot the temple w is, rent, the t,rivc-s wore opened and the slecpei i loused fiom then rtbt. Ilicsunshiouded b) gloiy hid iii« fact, trom the unutteiable sin Time passed and nature icsumed In i course 'Llit dnv v\ v, again bnllnut, tht night l idi int witl. staife, and the earth a- gam reeened hei chikhcn,and fondly dec orated their bed with gticuness and beau tlfe l bl tj. h g wnc pale blossom, in memory of has worn a cross upon her lll th fl ^ p biea<-t, and men cal it the passion flower. —[Christian Watehmun. paper? \Y \ Sonnj, does you lather take a \ , tw«.> ot them Orw belongs to Mr. South, and th&otherto Mr. Thomp- son. I hooka 'cm off the stoop.\ \ ^'^iM^i -. - r*mt • .gj-'.- ~ Sgi>,J-i • •«?? he f It th it he u lu pi i\el. In Joins 1 in Iii* altkr vvrasthere, aiicl wdieii Shadjtich, Mashaoh aStd Abednego, : (3p!aniel iii<) were cast into the fiery ivrrnaee,-,t1iey felt, that Gocl. VYa^tlitire, -/\ r '_ ' . SHifpose you go awiiy frem your home aiiu-ing'feti^n^i^;^fe-yott : ]iQt:i6eef J flia't;Sod\ is there;' as really \as wleii Kt 'liSiiie\'Tby yaui'.owii; father's fireside? You might l>etravelling iii the Great Desert of'Africa you might taint vyitli hunger, aiid lie down to die. As j'otl look 'ai-onuil on- the baiv ivn saiicT,. j'ou Ice\ a little sprig' Ofg'rcen uj< S3\ \at -tour ,'head-^-it.is- alt alone mid 'I'tfe-afttifulV . Do you not-at onee-Jeel, tliat tiiere,ta-ki}ig; care .of tlia.t little; \green and 'tlrat.il.e wiff be tliere to ..hear you pra-y? . j -• > .' • ' ; • Tilt-poo,r;-sailor hciyh^s-nptbeen'taiigbt unythaiig ab©St.(aoflj .and yet, when-'he lias; bceii-siiipwreked\ iind \hangs id the -wreck uftjio- yessel all lijght iy a little rope r a-r 1 uitt the daiine'ss. pf- night; aiid: ihe i'oar of ill lif., Jit n, an I the oJ the '-ci- he Religion and Politick. There j s cems ncvei to have be< n a time m thehistoi) or our countiy, when question^ of religious and politic »1 w icnte weie <v ninigled togethei ab at the pic«cnt \V lu n we opcruapapei it ib often haid to tell it the fii -st glance, whetliti it is a pohti* al oi a lehgious jouinil In all puts ol out land, but especially m the Aorthein poi tons,thepl,'ttonn md thebtuirip give e\ tited ntteiiiMe to tin theoht,ic il do^ni i 1 -, the pulpit thimdei^ Toith pohtioil To whit ill tins will ftiow v^e l mgucs l mgucs To whit ill tins will ftiow v^e h*i\e'i)ottliepiophetie ken b j which, wr mi_,ht foietell Jlut in the TOidst ot commotion md coniiiMon,\we c m 1 t bl h l fod^,tlj&t iGrod.isthei-e. • J|e crftis tipon Ootl j Ol in praytir;.aiKi.kiioAV!3 thatiio darkness, can | hoyafi. sl'eitt; Ii5m-fri>ai the- eye of Goel, and that iro roar of ihe storrn can shut his;.jpi<ayer, froni'fec earof. God;\ * i • •••-.' •oldier _W;as foniitl' ,^iion.g..tlic aljthe •!,!: talfltV xt%%| Ipt fliu % i!d. e;^fnatj|rs\ ^nid\fW\x>rt3er of' tttiflis 1 > 0\0%^^&k sijp|)S4 siiig;that they' are; \cai^Hg ^j^r i«ligi^ intO%lie:j%4iteit;^ itheff^M|aily iiiMres^, aife*iii tf4pt b'riiigjiijg their ipoiitics an^l- wVOrltiiyjiiia^rg iiph tlte\serefie aiid ejevia- m& ^ei^^^^iF^lig^'.^flul^ .a : course ; as s ^n&if'^0$ : i0iiWotiM -|is* it is ', ^sastei'On.sfe%eb%§iihtefests QJf'hum^ ^'W : V^'%'-'^ i*u : \Vi.\h:'. i •Eeligjbn'is a piire,/Jieayensborn maidVff i¥pl|ie ineiii a,ia$ se^nB c*oSntenan.ce; She. stands upon a lotty'elevatibii of .truth and' goednfiis aiiellove; 'anclfieiice shesjirveys'; vvatli-'-ffejidbir''interest 1 >ihe*' scenes of turinoii: ifi0: Mtfc|fej/o¥' .sin and;w'oe^wiiit;h;.human ajV ; fairs\ jjjt'SiSi'ii ';to'hcf':piftyi«g, gaze. B-oin-; ller litSght^Rlit?rj|teji> fejioijjls> at pHe -glatj.ee ; tliti' wiLole\ of tjie\; toM uSecl and- trp.uhlexl' sea-, )iS5s \vttlvgentleness ; aiid : lm;e, \slie\ 'reaches fertli lleii hajKl to;soothe,and\.eakn. to restrain itntiguitle..' 'She tyijigs order c-41ifusi0il, 'Minis wrathl staci stjiite to peacc^iindlbye, an<J\ sheiji .,a. Ije.iiiga- anel infiuenee' pier the raging ;and tossing sea of. lituiia?i passions, lii her , iltfngling^ 3ViJh t]io woiitd and .its\ contiicts, slic maintHlirs lier .own:\;elevation 'ajlff'ke^ps^r.^iw^js'ali'iatigp.QtiM\^!* 1 . the contesl. '^lie asirrtld w-prldi./yet iiot-of a'fc . jSheliv^sJaiid iia.ciy.es and; wioiiis' niigh- tywoHtdlibvein, tlie. very iriidst of-tlie worlds copy notion. Yet. ig.she .abovre-ttlie vvorid: vvitli. ail! her\ aspirations tQ>v|Utds heaven and'; eternity. .$*aBi-is .the.pofiitibn: qf i»l:igi.0n:.an£lsnch.h.ei^.irfii.tion to. .poli-, jneskni&Jll otheitusa-Jltlily.-ffiiugs. 3>ut. of. fate, we B?we ^§ty«- hei', closesn-l intotialieaV- ted-'ahjii.a.j.tose\. liei-sylfin. t}i.t- surging <aii«l iai^|».§m>v4- r ;!ajid-:Vs;J%j.n j c t sfc^e^PCT^^ e'iitilicr v^lJcit. lier'.posrtioiljs agaiii bGcii- p^Od, 'tas n.oloiigor- hei-sel-f Jbftfc -a J^tDia^stv tiEa1^\-\vni^A¥S^-4sfiite^iii^-{^e^'ei;awl.. reches and. belch.es,- iorffi WOKIS.^-OE. -stiiife ;ind:\scOtn : i>jicl--,bijtejaiess acl-* ding -fuel.to.'the il'ames o'f, .h?ia'ed.a»d l eiifji m.9<?ki.f!£ ht-a^isaT Vfitli tfen^ur l/iassiolicjiiT:. to it (Oliecrs.)T TJle fiom all parte of the d ••Mil .4'pp.Qr jjf;i«l iuid... <iyi.0g. in.:a hospMili. avvay jar n • iistant iajid, forsfikeu.- Ity flit Eninia.i\. : be- •JigK-^uot a ftiend st'iieKiavo Jtas^^iitu^— •1-mt ]ie ft4t;fhtrt\fefpd svas .there,. 'aiicT that (j<jti would -heat his prayer.for Iiis \poor \\idmv'od;.iupthfir,. QX&\ 'vy-liiin. lie \vas far. witiiicai-.di-atltto inake .tha.t... 'pi-ayei wo^reis, tJi;;.evcn\ to.inafa?IhesJ\^ >v itJi Iiis 1%»\.\ - .,..'•. '-• '•'/.\. ; , M^ii.'efft«ri neglect Qod, fo3sakollEfai.aJ!i ; •lrvaJttahl-.'.-33ttfr w^hein.' ^iliay -cpnie to, 1>6, it nvirbii^.:fl'rey.-fe%v4ys-f5pi'tIli(fe\-G'6dj4'^i^.- ; •'tit. j-Evoit Tiroinas Paine^ on; ,])is tlyuig\. !)e'[ v ililthv, loatiisdi.ne, and ioKsaktm^eoultl tipt-ht'-Ipeiyiugo.ut, \JIiortl:?)t'«tis-]ielp Tiiis he '.did dfteu. .Ali.witix' iiiihis irtfi- •lalitr, IiisTSaastiiig ihjit he u»s jiitji afrtvid; tpdiiifhe \knew' that •& e :Loi;d-J-csuS' Svas fn-escnj,.' aiid : ' he. ielt - that .he -neeefetl beiiv.'. : .•'.-\•.• -.•;;' , :.-;Wh;y, if you; were to gp-.tp.th&^p of thii highest jiiotnitain,; vyherethie snow stnf 1 1% have hiing ever siiic6'civation, you .wiSidd^: icel: Shiit Gpil Jwas, there* Yon might ,g-p ifttp \a eaV;e';sp. deep that 'pOt.'-a i;ay pf -Tight ever entered, ajid you would feel thatJtJodvyas 'tyysiSQi ..•. -. . ' ' \'-.\-•- Oli! tlie time will ; iiever v cbinc!, ahtt th:e spot will ri.eyer fe.fpuifc^ ; wlicEt? yptrcsPiU will not. ieoi thatGotJ- is.pifestvnt., 1'pitwill always, in time and eternity,.iee| Gpd to be ^th'ypuv^Kbv^EeMd.\ ••\••-'\• • : Money. to. wieid,tli0 thundeirs .of Je-, •ji'ett -^itch.- a. '.sceiwj fiieeti- •oiii-. troUlJlcd- visipn. we -cr-vr, sni-elj* J'eligitai- 4>as beijii \ti'pdilen in - Silo - stre.ef%.-. tifetiby- ansrr ri^EtcousjiesS; lie.jbJcQdjn.g': in -the ^tftst.^ Miis, afas \ slie^a^p^isSMforjevirV i^all. we .'never, tnoi'e *I*dioi/T he.rbeaut-i 1 -, aiad: feel he y«c t atti u uoi eome feilh lulv I n ! h she as HUB t \ xli Gfil, hti it t tlu is o_i omf it uc-s th it the JOJI ii 1} chei Tjie f the jsle he m 11 i 11 \tt ' ~i.es, she n IS OI I h\ \ti h il is the d v\ s oi Jtho oi h\ i i i _ --j md ri tho e 0 s tj: t r nl ie ^ntth JLJH ojtli: t]j te, ml the mtl + itlles ^lid thet ot—jTic>.b-\teii Money is qucci institution It huvs pi ov endei, si tisfie justitc, and heals w onn ded honoi feveiy thing lesolvesitself in to cash, fiom stockjobbing to building, huuhes. Childhood ciaves pennies,— vouth aspnesto dunes; manhood issv\aj ed bj the ahm^htj dollar It is the end ind mn of our temporary labors. 1 he blacksmith swings his sledge, the 1 iwrver pleads tor his clien«, and the judge decides the question of life and death, for the sake of his salary. Money makes the man;— there'bre man must make the money, ithe would be respccted(—'—) by fools, for the eje of the world leoks through golden spectacles. It bujs Brussels carpets, lace curtains, gilded cornice, rich furnituie, and beautiful inaible mansion*. I t dnvts nsto chuichin splendid equippage, p ij the rent ot the best pew. It buj s silks, andjcvvely foi my ladv, lteommuuk thu ltspect ot gaping crowds, and ensures ob sc jnious attt ntion A\ ho would not be neli* It enable us to be chautaWe, to semi Bibles to the he ithen, and relieve domestic jnrligents It gilds the rude scenes ot lite and spreads oVi the ruggtdpath ofdailv eMstence* a velvet oaipet, soft to oui bade, the rude scenes ot tnimoil ait, en cised m a gilt fiamc It bids caie v wish, sooths the mguish ot the bod of siekiuss, t/it of notlnnjc «a%e the grim dr y whose relentltsb hand «p tres none, but* lcviils all moitil distinctions, md ti aches poor, weak hum mitv th it it is but dn«t Thus wealth p<niv s on.the bunk ot eternity, the btjgar and the lnilhouare rtot side by sitfe beneath tho s<xl, to rise m equality m answer to the final summons 1SLW Y0EK 50,000 Dvinoci lit*, in COHUCII. 1IU OLi)Jb-sl JNUAlll Gnat Meeting in the Pail,. TAMJt'JFY- rtXU'MTS . flox; AifivsA 3. EiRK£jt, HON.. Jonx ^AKDEifi ijjiiT^ HON-.. JAMES ;|5ucriA>ux,;OT TttcL,. \\. .TltoN. Divip E SEYitopit, and opicM.., •ffbe^feijce ^VSiiled-J^^oi^^^i 'lows. • =- ; -:'.. y-^jMr^'} '^^?W&i^; .-• 33ie flitio^ol.$h<)C^^}i^^|^^P? '1forfci§.hpw-Cic)||j^S^J'«Jl|f '\~ -•••'\'-- -Ma2;e.ibea'E.wv;it4iel! \* \ ~ i|3ehip.6ratit? prtyss •t^-w^^tond^!^^^^^^^ fill ^piee, asse.i^r\ : JSn# ; K|i^p^l^f^||; ^Jn^renTO^-^a#^eii6fajp^^|^^^|^? tar ;p£- .jjateig^m^aH^^lJt^lsJI^^Pl^^i '©^in^if|Sc^^^#tefu^^i^K^Wi •ouejMs'gteSby'siy^- to^PrSMiiSffli^^^jpi^ der^itfiie^ly -^iymi^!f%^^0^0^^^ •uiniis;--' - =0pMi^^4apgi6B^|iil^|^/ aslnr-cpetyi^hgre- 3?reyail^*^^jaS^|^gi. tibj^aj^bie^uin^ y^^^jj^^^^p geifiilness' he ;dr,awn.\-^vi#v^i^|^|i^i;. letthisiijifott Of D&Wi|eiatS: *4§^^M0B''- (A-pplausei) \ It\ was--/ wM|tiS^ii^|b^i|p^ great ; ;ai^l>li:0]^.state^^if||^^^^iil >m i%tlonjdji<ik^#i5rtf-pMs?^mj<6^^ 4£?e; BeiiipciifcyjbS ^w4%fcaf^^|i^i^v •flitei;isis5.is-'oM-pf-.'^ie;r^an^si#f^ PUr%st6iiyi''' •\^-•'C^svl^ki-^^^^^^i iniiitme^t JperiJ;: it prbmij^gt-ft^rS^lltliSw^. large«v^^\this^OwerM';§iM^^p|^-t iide9c#g|fy> %ina^%-^h^|opa^jf happy m,eans-uBder-Brovgaencb*^ jng fox a Ipj'ig- tiiq^to -(iprs^'J(i00^^^,j JJuipfij to ais, •p) : ^^f(^hM^m0i^^ry : vvorldi • tt is .!Hntiei\ v --azdee^' -isenleWoi|»ps^Bv) : daiigfers to Puiv|^f©sed;\epiii)tQKAMi^i^';\ :ii-' Wore-you. ;t6aT^ht-'pii:<'&y5fi^ib'tt,;?tciV - of • thf : ispmsms^^^^^^:^ piaiding.contest.. fcc;tn-ipiscdifer:^^anjis;-: ; p!)pprjety-ui $ny.. doing-so, / >.>«/g?^JS?fs'.^i : • • J-soiig-Wtbifeiiiy jioirmiali^iJDl-^Sft^feS ; elared; -i«y -cmmM<gf^^l&:W^^^S^f r u ,pcct, an.ll^-]\)];01Sli||e||f^;-£|gfSl?^•X39!i^fi;•- : : •-i.iomination.iias^^sl^y^^^^^^^y^.\' 1 PWC rtij*- -c6vntif^iik^^^00is3^0^^ I ;tlie-:«yblig;jtibii W$^^f&0i}^0^;M^i • all' jthc candadatefe-eftJBVe i00p^<Sgj0S0!:; toils witkthe* : .d^%enceiai^| : aS||^e]Bvl|^ X sincerely it^'4^ : '^W^:^] : ^fe^^ o ^V^ rch?micters,-. .and isay li'btffing' 3o£-iiij^i^^-:; : respectihg njyseflfy .1 :shrill-sii'p;.4t'i]t|f i t§;^lMy- ly sustained in,\sBO4iangy^dlf'-'-!a4%'^^fJ'\ :.ly b£ •a11.mc»isu^g^f-j)i6i}i&p3jSfiii^^;i®^t^ , hostife- to• ilie texxid intta^sfei^pf ^tlife^iebBtt ^-.- —- •• ----- ••-••*• thinft to gam. -discussions'- ©l;tho ; ,-cr^ia«^piis;.#||icTj;f^o^ agitate tlio fiovnitev.; '• It U i^0ft0fe |{Ss# itHdejstaiicHng --©f-onj tme^^ifi^JLS 1 •%? gai'd to. x f|ierii,. :%ai w:§ cfiix •^>ii4tS5^JJit{i^ 4iss.ai:ted.. /We lja$e jten/ gTO;|||j5}iifl^e.|ij|ig\. siait-etl' and niisi|n4 c3; ^ o ' o d*. '3pl6-^!^{|^? bofed'.ctfoife.h.&ytt',|^n\.'Ma^e-^V''^oW^^|'- .ffic'tlei»Sc.ra'in(?-\|)fe : v ^. ;tetP®:tn;^ j^|*jfc.^| she Sol-th as.;a jn'OTsJa-veisy--paiite..^^S' ins. conid: -be more .iimtj-ne; bi^tf^jlBi^f^^ a .party, w^e .aife .ncitlitg* ^T:© '\'\' ^ '\\ _ : '_[_ ^H'sJaTkif:. ' -\.'\ . ' -~ ! 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'More; ill) $i): Rftv \t-lS p'hsalLtf jqispiis wesre\ ee>ijg*^iitcd, iiiJTainany^atl' aiid i%& T^a^MM^Mb niost-'gratill'iiig 1 -fepnCprd 'ali'tt' entlffiaasm 1^ars^.ay,dven^ig,;\Ayt^iist.\2Jc r \[w|[^'\a., : fel^^fl^ot^a&it^yic-sti^igSi; ofjjnj^e Siibii^aHcl olj|HelQs%;^}np|Sv _„_., .._u -J,.. ,r . -.-,, . ^J > ^^ ic ^ 1 jj^__ c . ! y| j ^^-.^\jg|^j^^gj^|^. a.iiibinen-fe, '. eii^a-ijger-thei, : peiiiiiapij|CJj--^f: rthestJKPnT^^jfejJ^i^^ utetiy elttfe^ett.-the.,,adp|jtip.^^pjf.^Bfe'- : Q&it ^t^itibn^ie^t^t/l^-^»y|^r:ii^y ; |p^^ isjoi^>audi^pin©EpnMse..>. .||!J(e^r§^; ^-.r.;\ ; •', r <ffit>:^esMpn ^!Wplwd\ ; \ife.jjio|:S^^^;- fer Congjpess • has-\ .the/-:^oweEf r ^'vreg^la|^: •slavery inHshe femtoiijug; Jt : isiii<^Ng6gM|: er it was Jm$G ;anet|Kjj]iie>tptfwglJ^|;3fe t, pie\ nle 1. Ihe whole eastciu poition of tho Puk, ocup\ mg the sp iee «&uth of the Citv Hall nd the JIall ot JieeouK, togeOMrw]th the open uea in front ot Tun HIT Hall md the Ifriek Chinch was filled with Demo-. 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'Tlipljg^- ipectaoltsto^v-e aSickstings goj'ng onSafconce iii tlie l?a):kfAvas .TOPS! inagiiiJloent, The JJhje sttecessivve fi«-ivM of.Aife- @h#sliwdth: their .bands. pEanusicrj. .slpivly the erpjwi antLg;0ma,-4p/i!liis3u.s j section of the act jo ts « i most hvelj md annmtmT sight. 1 Jn. tint! ofOie Jinp ie Club w *> snimoun ted iteiehcndbj a goi-jjoou bautiei, md m the middle a splendid poi trait ot James Pialimin wo& t\bil>ited, Hags waved and p shone ovei the mass th it < unvded the stand Ihelourth and J ittlf V\ aid (lubs w ith nnulhtude ot torches iu<L truispnemies, lilbuiinatol tht p of tlie I nv p tho front of the Mrs partington sa\ b the only eamhocii ei^osion ,i«-to the engineers bile their w<itei t on in her opinion all the busting is done by cooking tho steam onboard. ; [I ill ot lttt< ids w is occupiedb\ the ^ tieise^i the 1 lttecntklwentiethand Lwm tv Fust Waids, with a ero»fd ot baimtih and numetoiis lighto and transparent ies Ihe doors of Tainany Hall weie opeix e d at S o eloek-, anc( the Hill was liUed in * few minutes by the uo\, iwlnch fillrd h d ^o. ! (pia«feB ; fl#^^:^.o;Wj^#J^gp|ej|g!p;\| •restore it. ..• 3Bitft\t|te^e^jp^i.« : ;y3|t|ti|Kr|^;; •an>p^si6al^ffesliin|-#:i'f;glpfs|^^^J? iant^lJliilife'l^le^Ve^^ei^l^^fB^^lii :der%\\HeK-^n^4.s%^tsiialb.sgt^!^^ idents S/fei^$^r^Siott *;pf^ut»ijSrQ^i»fo^5; the priviledge^ifdiseidingr- fpRS|be^§li^i the 'ajuestiofeswhetheE- ••\SLOVS^SUQ^'^W^^i sh;aU\%^sF^o^f. ; &etasf. ; |illce^)^^wp«« pjf^^^yfl^Riin^^sQi^^^fts^l^^ ii^icli^c^nrilry^^-lfetligf^^^^^r is the whbte s|iie^^te§|i^S^j||^^^ji , tt^»b%aiiijze;-\i^yr;|^^p^^|^g5 awUJ^e;3aiutskgy^^^sfeJtg<|^(ji^^3gl : w *f'*h%etiojg^f|^^^p^^i|i^ $eirt%i<&^iift|S*K|^^i|fli|i^^^ late ^ykfyHifM^^^^^^^^^ •iRn%fe£dK.4lifil^i*4&t^ft!P^?^ft^^S^^^ tlie :pop|^^tetoQhi|ei%|pS^^^^^ •Midft-giij^&fejilMfe^^l^^^l their- -b^'way,' -sTiilJfet;^^& tiiia##lhxn©nit&i^^l5ipBS^^ SSilfefS question -itis siuiplj «ue v ttiveution it- WJH uot lx» deniu' possiblr, bv the most vAtxX ^f ' « tionist, tliaf eat h Stile li i«- the <-ide ton. iteclt, tjie ^aiiest-ton. oi •within it limits \without the letlerenctt liom -r.ht.Tfc mVrs pohtiijal orgaui&itK- a, It is refcuenco to iK«~T&iilon T f and q^ shall become a State, thafiour p/jweajof lll *il % i* efc It p g ^ entrance fo^eme tame previous [lim the Hon Arna^i J and received with vociierdUB &•\

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