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Jf.'/T \Prior to being appointed United States Mershal, I was not only anti- prohibition -but was very active a- galnst prohibition,\ writes Phil B. Baer, U. S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Texas. \Since my appoint- ment I have come in contact with the nnti element in such a way that 'my eves have been opened' and I sincerely trust that I can render the fsame service to the cause of prohibi- tion in tho future that I have ren- dered to the cause of the wets in the past. 1 do not favor changing the prohibition act except to make the penalty more severe I believe that this law has done more toward the happiness and prosperity of our peo- ple than anything else except the Christian religion.\ Marshal Baer says that in traveling over the state he finds that sentiment in favor , of prohibition and law enforcement is steadily increasing.\ REV. DR. J. F BURNS 'Mai :e the Willi Drug < ] ms Ojl^ 3; ' \ - —*— Former. Superintendent of Jamestown District, Erie Conference, M E. Church, Dies at* Erie Fa. . V • ■' • % • YOUR DRUG STORE Itev. Dr. J. Palmer Burns for six years superintendent of the James- town district, Erie conference, Me- thodist Episcopal church, died April. 26th at 6:30 o'clock at his home in Erie Pa. He was in his 67th year. Mr. Burns is survived by his wife and four sons, Donald, Harold P., Bernard and Harland Burns. Harold F. Burns resides in Jamestown, Dr. Burns had been in the ministry for 39 years. He served the Meadyille district of the Erie conference for six years a# dis- trict superintendent and since the conference in September had been pastor of the Cascade M. E. church at Erie. He suffered a stroke several days ago. Why? # 3 REASONS: LOWEST PRICES LARGEST STOCK BEST of QUALITY and SERVICE • . Bftik Narcissus Bring us your FACE POWDER . * FILMS ELECTED MAYOR OF STOUTVILLE The following item clipped from the Semi-Weekly News of Monroe City Missouri, will be of interest to many Westfleld \and Mayville people: \The first woman mayor in Monroe County and in Northeast Missouri is Mrs. Mildred Putnam, who was last week named the mayor of Stoutvllle. Her election for this position was made at a meeting of the newly elec- ted city council of five members, chosen in that city at the regular city election last week. The first order issued by Mrs. Putnam as May- or, was for clean-up day. A day was set aside for the purpose and the co- operation: of the people- solicited.\ Mrs. Putnam is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Putnam of Westfield and the widow of Qlyde Putnam whom Mayville residents will remember as having been a resident of Green Street of that village for many years. You know the delicate appealing odor —In trying to get under way Friday night tho drive wheels of a Central engine (\raced\ so much that a section of steel tire flew across the street and shiv- ered a large plate glass window in Black- ney's store. Luckily no one was in line with lhe flying missile.—Angola Record. ■ • —exquisite hardly tells enough $1 Box Free \ Where is Your Buy a jar of Black Narcissus Cold Cream for 50c. Mother?\ Vest Pocket You want them devel- t oped correctly, printed properly and returned promptly. That is the kind of Kodak fiqish~ ing service we render. Have us develop a roll and yoi$] know. Autographic Kodak \ • • Buy a jar of Black Narcissus Vanish- ing Cream for 50c. We will mail a Here's a camera whose long standing popularity at our Kodak Counter assures us that it will v box of Apollo and the powder is free-limited num- chocolates t o SUICIDE OF FARMER —*— Jarret Gabrial, Prosperous Ifcrmer of Clymer, Hung Himself in His Barn. please you —or anyone ber. her. Clymer, April 28. —Jarret Gabriel, a well kown and prosperous farmer of this town committed suicide this morning by hanging himself in his barn. He told his wlfe x about 11 o'clock that he was going over to visit a neighbor. He went toward the barn, and as she did not see him leave the building went out shortly afterward and found his body swing- ing from a rafter* The body was im- mediately taken down' and the man was still breathing but died a few minutes later. Small size, ease of Op- eration, and dear, sharp pictures —no wonder it's popular. Let us show it to you. Finishing that*s right and right on time is our specialty I V * ■ Vyv / \y I 1 * H| Clean Up Special for Saturday, Week May 10th Picture Size iH x 2/4 inchcs Price $6.$0 Chocolate Almonds, Bicyils CQ a Filberts, pound tftfv Paint the house. Paint the floor. He was about 69 years old and is survived by his wife and nine child- ren all grown up. No cause is known for such an act other than that he had been suffering from extreme ner- vousness for a year or more, and hdd been' heard to express the wish that he might pass on but had nfever threatened to end his own life. All colors, and at reason- able prices for the highest The Olympian quality. \Norway prohibits the sale of all spirituous liquors, such as whisky and brandy but permits the sale of wines and beer,\ writes Curtis Lee Laws, in the Examiner. \I spent three days in Christiania, the capital city of Norway, and never anywhere have I seen so much drunkenness in the same length of time. We got to Chris- tiana late Saturday night, After being settled in our hotel we went out for a walk. It was near to mid- night but the streets were crowded with people. Reeling past us in a mo- ment came two young men: so intoxi- cated that they walked as if on a razzle-dazzle. On Sunday we saw a score of drunken men. We stood on the oppoiste side of the street and gazed at the front door of a great wine and beer resort. It was so full that the people were admitted only in relays—as two or more people came out two or more were admitted. Many who came out were in a state of intoxication. \We mention this not primarily in criticism of Norway, but as a statement of fact which throws light on American prohibition problems. Change our prohibition law and permit the sale of wine and beer, and you immediately bring in again all the evils of drunkenness. \I have seen enough to convince me that beer drinking and wine drink- ing do not make for sobriety. More than ever, if that be possible, I am against tampering with the Volstead act.\ Mother's Day May 11th 1 • • » • • I_ Remember her with a gift or card. See those beautiful boxes of candy with the motto in them. $1.50 A BOX We will mail one wherever you want it sent. Cod Liver Oil Leave Your Packages ( during the services at the Tabernacle. We are open when it closes. Doc£or Knows Loflkutg well-—?c'<•//, / should say for little chicks. Prevents leg weak- ness. We have it in bulk or bottles. just what you want. We have it. Leave your prescriptions for proper filling. That is li'/ty / taf an,(plav so. — J Mother Hubbard Lip Sticks PHONE ITS. WE DELIVER Good, pure food for the sturdy youngsters. Keeps 'em in good health. Well fed parents feel like romping with them. Satisfying service and tine meats. Butter and eggs fur happy meal times. DOUBLE VOTES in FORD CONTEST SATURDAY Any flavor 25c The Williams Drug Store Hie key's Market Phone 190 13 N. Portage, West field, N Y WESTFIELD, NEW YORK creased our patronage wonderfully. Regardless of the merits of the Eigh- teenth Amendment, It is a great busi- ness booster for us.\' See j 9\ this agency for insurance —*— 4r///fe ne**f y an Reports from the Almshouse at Man- chester, Connecticut, show that the nqm- ber of inmates has been reduced fiify per cent since prohibition went into effect Watt Jns. Agency Insurance Service \WELCH BLOCK Westfield, New York %> Are badly soiled gloves worth Knows Where For Sale cleaning ? the day s cares \SK LITTI.E BOY BRIGHT old -furniture can be re- i 9 acres, good -buildings, vineyard and other fruit, good location; about 1 mile to town. . , v IIK'S RIGHT stored. All furniture re- buildings, good land, road, less than mile to $4,200. paired. Screens made to If you are one of the per- Why 25 acres, The solace and comfort of music will make you forget the cares and worries of the day. sons who have been in paved order..- the habit of discarding town. glove when they look 3U acres, 10 acres vineyard, close to shipping station, good [land and cheap at 2,500. Odd Jobs Carpentry on badly soiled \%e have a BECAUSE, Chiropractic ad- justments straighten and\ strengthen the spinal column. This releases the impinged' lierves and allows the nerve impulses (life and energy) to flow freely to different organs, thus enabling them to function properly and overcome disease. TRY IT NND BE CON- VINCED. With a'\ictrola In your home' you have always at your command the world's greatest entertainers and artists. You may have music for your every mood. See us today about that Victrola you've wanted so long. Terms to suit. —because, while Its wings tend to keep it afloat, its propellers drive it ahead with sufficient force to overcome the down- ward pull of gravity. In the daily drive of work and play. cleaning surprise in store Styrt Notice for you that costs car 12 acres, 6 acres vineyard, loft of fruit and berries, good buildings, gas well highly productive. 2V1' acres, buildings, paved road, plenty of fruit, gas and water in house. $2,500. fare—that's about all F. E. BECKMAN Wo IUf*lr Automohilo Castor Oil 13 Ash Street Phone 327-J Curtains helps to keep the system internally clean and functioning smoothly. Puretest Castor Oil is made by a new process which renders it absolutely pure. Not nauseating like old fashioned castor oil, but easy to take. 40 acres, 2S acres vineyard, good buildings, complete with stock verton & Hall EXAMINATION FREE Take Notice! JEWELERS One of 200 Pcretest preparations for health and hygiene. Every item the best that skill and care can produce. leaning! Morris I. Cook, D. C. and tools. According to Thomas J. Hockey, president of the American 1 Baseball Association, prohibition has been a great blessing to baseball. Mr. Hickey said recently: \The season was a re- cord breaker. Prohibition has been the greatest blessing baseball ever en- joyed. The passing of the saloon in- Pulverized sheep manure at my warehouse one-half mile west of Portland. Fine, for garden and lawns. Will deliver small orders. Kent Bldg. Oiiice hours: 10 to 12 a. m 2 to 5 and 7 to S p. in. Phones: Office, 249-R Res., 270-J Watt Farm Agency The Williams Drugstore . Welch Block . EDWARD MATHEWS. Westfield, New York Also of North East«aftd Erie, Pa. -r 7h9 ' Portland, N. Y. Phone 100-B

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