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V frnr.'i am •MM Committees on Premiums. RT.VLIONS.—Truman Todd, Stockton; tlenry Baker, Jamestown; Orrin McClure, Fredonia. MARES ASD COLTS, AND COLTS.—T. Prendergast, Westfield; Jonas Underwood, Mayvillo; J. B. Slocum, Kiautone. MATCHED AND SINGLE HOUSES.—Sidney E. Palmer, Gerry; Isaac Forbes, James- town ; John Eason, Westfield. TKOTTINO HORSES.—George Farnsworth, Westfield; Richard F. Fenton, Jamestown; Walter Stevens, Fredonia. JACKS AND MULES.—Hiram Tiffany, Westfield; George White, Fredonia; Dan- iel Williams, Harmony. CATTLE. CLASS 1.—SHORT HORNS.— John E. Griswold, Sheriden Center; R. E. Young 1 Busti; T. Parker, She rman. CLASS 2.—DEVONS.—H. A. Prendergast, Westfield; Amos R. Warren, Stockton; Otis Skinner, Sherman. CLASS 3.—HEREFORDS.—C B. Brock- way, Ripley; Alex. T Prendergast, Kian- tone*; J. Orton, Fredonia. CLASS 4.—NATIVE AND MLXED.—Chan- cey Wa)ren,Stockton; Abijah Clark,EUory; Simeon Collins, Ripley. OXEN AND STEERS.—Nehemiah Morrick, Sherman; Wm. Moore, Laona; John M. Edson, Gerry. COARSE WOOL SHEEP.—Henry Sheldon; Eliaha Norton, Fredonia; David DoCloe, Mina. FINK WOOL SHEEP.—Nelson Gorham, Laona; John Campbell, Busti; Stephen Prendergast Ripley. SWINE.—D. Azrtro Nichols, Westfield; Warren Couch and John S. Coon,Portland. BUTTER AND CHEESE.—Abram Frank, Busti; B. W. Grant, Stockton; T. Oovenov, Ripley. FRUIT.-Georgo G. Parker Westfield; J&s. D. Dunlap, Erie; George Barker, Fredonia; Hanson A, Risley, Mayvillo; Chancey Burcb, Jamestown. FLOVVBRS.—-Mrs. James McClurg, Miss Sarah Kibb.e, Miss Mary M. Smith, West- field ; Theodore Brown, Jamestown. ROOTS AND VEGETABLES.—J. Harris, Westfield; J. Raadi>h>li, Panama; George Goff, Dunkirk. MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT.—Geo. Hall; L. Bliss, Westfield; John Sinallwood, Rip- ley. CLASS 2—MECHANICAL.—Frank Waters, Westfield; Wm. H. Tew, Jamestown; L. Kelson Van Jsoss, Chaut. CLASS 3.—MECHANICAL.—E. S. Bargen S .V. R. Wells, Westfield; Esli Bartholo- mew, Portland. UNENUMERATED ARTICLES.—A. F. Allen Jamestown; Milton Smith, Mavvillo; The ron S. Bly, Harmony; Solden M. Ely, Ripley, Wm. Risley Fredonia. DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES.—A. Lewis & Lady, Prnama; H. J. Cowden and Lady, Ripley; S. S. Whallon and Lady, MrtyviHe. NEEDLE WORK.—T. D. Strong and La- dy, G. G. Parker and Lady, Westfield; T. S. Ways and Lady, Ripley; Miss Hannah Patterson, Miss Martha Sherman, C. 1) Sacket, Westfield. PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, <fcc.—Abel Patch- en and Lady, Miss Mary E. Plumb, Miss Eveline Barrett, Charles Chadwick. PLOWING MATCH.—Dr. Wm . Prender- gast, Chautawjue; Martin Boyd, Busti; Le- vi Risley, Fredonia; J. Smallwood. Rl^'.cy 1 Karvey Baker, Westfield; John Farman, •Elington. LAUV EonitsTnuNSHIR.— A . F. Ilawloy, Jamestown; Charles Chadwick, Westfield; Leverctt Morrison, Forestville; David Forbs, Fredonia; M. P. ^cmus, Mayville. FIELD CRCPS.— John D. Patterson, Westfield; Nicholas Kessler, Westfield Dr. Collins, Ripley, AT SURROGATE'S COURT—held at Sin clearville in and for the County of Chautau- que on the 30th day of May, 1850, before Albert Richmond, Surrogate of said County, the matter of the application of Hugh John- ston administrator of James Bassett deceased, tor authority to mortgage, lease or sell the real estate of the said deceased for the payment of his debts. On reading and filing the application of Hugh Johnston administrator of the estate of James Bassett, late of Westtield in the County of Chau- tauque, deceased, for authority to mortgage, lease or sell the real estate of the said deceased for the payment of his debts. It is ordered that all per- sons interested in the estate of the said James Bassett deceased, appear before the Surrogate of the County of Chautauque at his office in Sia- clcarville on the 21st day of July next at twelve o'clock, ii., of that day, then and there to show cause why authority should not be given to the administrator to Mortgage, lease or sell so much of the real estate of the said James Bassett de- ceased as shall be necessary to pay his debts. In witness whereof T have hereunto set my hand ami seal of office the day and year first above written. A. RICHMOND, Surrogate. [L. S.] 7-7w. LEGAL NOTICES. TOINVaLIDS Laboring nnder Affections of the Throat or Lungs Doct. Calvin M. Fitch, FORMERLY OF 714 BROADWAY, N.Y Author of the Invalid's Guide, and Consump- tive's Manual. ,vc. having recently returned from Europe' would inform his Patients at llie Wes t, and.\!' interested in the announcement, that he will open on the FIRST OF JUXE a permanent office At No. 459 Main St., Buffalo, K. Y. Where he may be consulted Daily (Sabbath ex- cepted) from nine to five, for ^Throat and Pulmonary Diseases, More Particularly Consumption, Asthma, and Chronic Bronchitis, In the treatment of which a judicious combina- tion of Remedial measures, the employment of Mechanical and Constitutional Remedies, and of Medicinal and Sthenotrophic Inhalations, give him a degree of success which can never attend a merely partial treatment of these Affections.— Dr. FITCH may also be consulted for all derange- ments of the system preceding, or giving rise to Pulmonary Disease, particularly Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Costivcncss, and female Complaints. Persons'wishing to consult, but nnable to visit Dr. Filch, can do so by .sending him a written statement of their ca*c—ami Foreigner* unac- quainted with English may address him either in French or German. A personal e.<a»t : i/aiit>/i is however preferable, as important symptoms are sometimes overlooked by the patient; and also as constant practice in consultation enable Dr. F. to determine the condition of the Langs with great accuracy: thus of course enabling him more successfully to modify and adapt treatment to Dividual eases. FROM S. M. PETTENGILL & COS Newspaper Advertising Agency, 110 Nana* Street, N\. Y. AfQRTGAE SALE.—By virtue of a Mortgage 1YJL bearing date September 27, A. D. 1862. Sal- mon C. Riley, of Portland, Chautauque County, N. Y. conveyed to Philip Mericle of the same place, certain premises desoribedin said mortgage follows: All that piece or parcel or land situate lying and being iu the town county and State aforesaid, and being part of lot number 25, fifth town- ship, and thirteenth range of the Holland Land Company's survey: and also distinguished on a map or survey of part of said lot made by Timo- thy Judson for Aimer B. Beebe aud others as lot number thirty; and Bounded North by the origi- nal line of said lot number twenty five, three chains. East by lots number twenty-seven and twenty-nine of the said last mentioned surveys, thirteen chains, 25 links; South by the cen- ter of the north Erie Road, four chains and nine- ty-six links; and west by lot number thirty-one of the Holland Company's surveys, fifteen chains, forty-six links; Containing five and forty lran- dreths, acres, be the same more or less. And also all that certain other piece or parcel of land situate lying and being in the said town of Port- land and bounded as follows to wit: Beginning in the center of the north Erie Road onthe west line of a certain lot of land conveyed by James Dunn to Simeon Whiteonih, and running north on said Whitcomb's line, twenty-six chains, twenty-seven links; thence west on the south lineof lot number thirty-two, three chains, sixty-five links: thence south, twenty-eight chains, fifty-six links, thence north fifty-three degrees east, four chains thirty-one liks to the place of beginning: contain- ing ten acres ot land, with the exception of one acre lying in the South cast corner of the above described land. Said mortgage with the power of sale therein contained was recorded iu the Clerk's office of the Countv of Chautauque, the 11th day of Octo- ber A. D. 1852 at 11 o'clock A. M. in Lilier 32 of mortgages at page 375. The amount due o n said mortgage at the time of the first publication of this notice is $1343,23, and there will remain un- paid, and t o become due upon said mortgage, live years from the date thereof, the further sum of$700,00. Default having been made in the payment of the amount due and secured by said mortgage, and no suit having been instituted at law to recover the same, or any pait thereof.— y!o\\; therefore by virtue of the power of Kile con- tained in said mortgage, notice is hereby given that the above described premises will be sold at public aucticn to the highest bidder on Saturday the 14th day of June A. D. In36, at one o'cloeli I*. M.^at the Westfield House, in Westtield village. Chautauque Conntv, X. Y. Dated March, 17, ls.ii',. PHILIP MERICLE, Mortgagee. SMITH A Cll ADW1CK. Ally's. l:lw-l«. The above sale is postponed till RatnrJny the 13thday of September next, at the same placi and time of da v. Dated. June !>th, lsOfi. PHILIP MERICLE, Mortgagee. SMITH A CHADWICK, Arty*. REED HOUSE, FRONTING THE PARK, WM H. HARRIS, PROPRIETOR, The public arc respectfully informed that this well known and commodious public house, has been Refitted and arranged, by the present pro-, prietor, for the accommodation of guests, on the most inviting scale! The rooms are all large and well ventilated, and visitors are supplied with every comfort thought to render their stay pleasant. No expense will be spared to please, and the proprietor would reapeclfully ask a share of puublic patronage. Charges moderate. tJEXEKAI. STAGE OFFICE! i2gj- Carriages always in readiness to convey passengers and baggage to and from the cars. JST Extensive sttbling attached. Erie, i'a, July TO, 18.50. 13-3m. W. R. Morse & Co, W ithout making much noise abont it, would call attention to their stock which is now complete with everything usually kept by them in the line of Dry Goods, Groceries, Shoes, Car- pets and oil cloths, summer hats, umbrellas ftc. We will not try to tell all that may be found.but will say that those lawn's from Is to 2s per yard are as good as can tie found iu town for the price and barege de laines,ehallis, ginghams, Ac.prints too. CalTand see them. Bonnets aud Kibbons with all kinds of Miiliuery, goods. Staple Goods at Reduced Prices Stripes, ticks, denims, and goods for Summer wear—all for sale for cash or exchange, for all kinds of Produce. CASH AS USUAL FOR BUTTER. 'tf. June 2d, 1856. Good Books Delight, Instruct, Refin^ How and Where to Procure them. PLKASS SEND FOR A COPY OK ova Illustrated Catalogue! of 150 different works, suitable for Family and Fireside Reading, and embracing. Poptdtir American Biographies, Kara lives and Travels, Agriculture, Temper anc# f Lttw, and School books for the Young, beautifully Printed and Illustra- ted Family Bibles, Religious Books, Stand- ard and Select poetry, and a choice vari- ety of Miscellaneous Books, We will Send Without Charge. It contains afnll description of the best stand- ard works on the above important subjects with their prices, and iu form convenient for reference and preservation. Every reader and book buyer should have it. /E9*We will send any of our books. Postage prepaid, on receipt of the adver- tised price,which may be sent to us by mail. Ours are the Best Books for Agents, because they are adapted to the wants o| the peo- ple. Full particulars and practical Instructions to Agents sent gratis, OB applications to MILLER, ORTON k MULIGAN, Publisher-;, 25 Park Row, New York, or 107 Geneaee-st. Auburn. ' 4-om. M ORTGAGE SALEL- mailc in the payment RUFUSSTORY, \Wholesale Grocer, AN D IlEAI.Kli IN TEAS, COFFEE, GI.\GER, PEPPER, And all kinds of Spices, NOS. 7 A 9 Front St., New York. PORTABLE GAS WOltKS. \V F \ 1 ' : desire to call nub';.' attenton, to onr new V v iy invented Gas Apparatus, designed Cor ighting country/ lesidcncea, factories, hotels, Ac These works are efficint and simple in their construction, and warrantee 1 to give entire salis- fai Lion. Applv to s. CGATES A co., at Archer WARREN & c o.'s, 376, Droa.lwav, New York 1 7<NCAUSTICT1LES, 1/He.irths Pining Ro Garnkirk Plumbers for Vestibules Halls, cms. Conservatories, Ac.— Chimney, tops. Drain pipes. Also Material-\ and Fixtures,, for sale hv MILLEI1 A- COATS. 279 Pearl at, New York, •\PIIK. JL ' Fro chasers- Manufacture of Steel by Electricity- The London Mining Journal contains an account of some ex]>eriiiK>nts, by which, in contradistinction to the ordinary method of manufacturing steel, it is proved that a pro- cess has been discovered of converting iron into stoel by a current o f electricity, passed through the iron when placed in a furnace and embeded in charcoal, whereby an im- monc<8 saving oi labor, lime nnd fuel, is the moro immediate result. The operation of «the conversion of iron into steel in this manner gives a greater power of governance to the operators, inas- much as the aplieation of tho latter for a certain amount of carbon l><?iug taken ab- sorbed or consecrated, and amalgamated with the iron, and thereby increasing or diminishing the netion of the battery: different quantities of steel will bo produced with a certainty, regularity, and efficiency, whathitherto, under the ordinary process of manufacture, has been the object wanting. The Intunlor. FALL OF THK \CHARTER OAK.\—HART- FORD Aug. 21—The \Charter Oak,, fell this morning, with a tremendous crash, and but six foet of tho stump now remains. This famous treo was far past its prime when the charter was concealed in it, on tho att day uf May, IOOO, aud was j>roli- •bly an old tree when Columbus discove red the new world. It stood upon the old Willis estate, now owned by Hon. J. \V. Steward. Crowds of citizens are now visiting the ruins, and each one be ars away a portion ot that venerable treo. * > — I . _ HONORS TO AMERICAN: EXPLORERS.—Tho British Royal Geographical Society has presented gold medals to four American travellers within a few years. Tho first was presented to Rev. Dr. Robinson, for his researches in Palestine; the second to Col. Fremont, for his Western explorations; the third to E. G. Squior, Esq., for his waearches in Central America; and tho fourth recenlly to Dr. Kane, for his Arctic discoveries, Judil Linseed and Sperm Oil co. No. 139 ront street, offer for sale in lots tosuitpnr- Linseed Oil, English and American,— English in bond. Sperm, Whale and Elephant Oil in bhda.. tierce** bid*. Whale Oil, Foot's and Oil Soap. Linseed cake and meal. Rape Seed Oil. Olive Oil in casks .».«• [U . V , - r eii ^_ Juuu's Patent candles; .Indd's Sperm randies, packed at the old stand of Samuel Judd & John Bridge, l.ii), Front street, New York. C ^t AS and Water J\h u Jn1, : ;s 0 n and ISrothert X'.as ana -•, MI„ flitters, Plumbers. Ac , Erccs (.lis and W.,:e, Works fur Cities. Towns VHsge residences, also furnished and kept for sa'e Fit. lings, Fixtures, Fountains. .lets, Ac. and all arti- cles required for the above branches at their manufactory. No. Ill EAST I8TH ST., New York Default having been f money due Upon I mortgage executed 1 y Thadi »•• F. Paitoa U. Thomas Hunter, bearing date lt>» twelfth day on November. tvn»* , -.6nsand,eight hundred Bfty-thrre and recorded in the Clerk's office of Chantanque Comity, on the ISth day of January, 1854, in lilier 3C of mortgages, at page Z67, which said mortgage was given to secure the payment of the SUM of nine hundred dollars and interest ftom the lirst day of January, lsj I. and has been propel !y a~ signed by the said Hunter to Russell Simdeiiin. which asKigmnc't <.v»> recorded in the Clerk's office on the 12th day ot January ls.U,in liber 33 Of Mort- gages, pago *>7t. Amount claimed to bo unpaid on said mortgage, on the day of the first publication of this notice, is ten bundled and fifty-six dollars and tortv-tive cents. The amount claimed to be actually due and unpaid is three hundred * thirtj two dollars 4 77c. Mortgaged premises p^rt lot a umber tW( n- tytwo, in tiie first townshid arht tiftccnih range of the Holland l-aud Company's snrvey.snd bound- ded north by lot number twi nty-three, fifteen chains and one link: cast by a line paralli 1 to the east bonudu <•! said lot number t« <-:.:;, ;»<•. ,r. the distance of twenty-Are chahss six ' li:iks west therefrom.) fifty-nine chains ninety-six links: south by lot number twenty-one, fifteen chains om link, and west by a line parra'.hl to -the e:;<t bounds of the land hereby conveyed, sixty chains twenty-one links—containing ninety ,icn s of land more or lc^s—excepting twent} a< .'. so! land now occupied by 1'hilo 8, Hawley. Notice is hereby given, that the above described mortgaged prem- ises will be sold at public auction, at the W t M field House, in the village of Westfield, now kc r t by Asa Farnsworth, en the 29 day of Sept. ls.v.. at noon, upon the powers contained in said mort- gage, and of the statute in such east made and provided. Dated Jnne 25th 1856. G-13w KC8SELL SKNBE2L1N, Assignee. CHAUTAUQUE COUNTY COURT. THOMAS UCSSELL) against > Foreclosure. I)*TSV JACKSON ) In pursuance ofajudgment and decree ot sale made iu the above entitled cause by the said court on the twenty-third day of July, lsoti.— I, the sob- referee, appointed by the said court, will sell RtjmUir aartion, at the bonsc of K. W. Buswcll iji the town of Ripley, in said county on the tii'.i einh day of September next at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the following describ- ed premises, to «it: all that certain piece or par- cel of land -i.ua ed. lying and being in the town of Itipley afo esaid, boing th e third township *. fifteenthrasgc of the Holland l.anO Company' Survey, nnd bounded as follows. La •.,; ;: cotameiic ing on the south bouuds of the Bu.Tilo ;>i:d '-';,,,,• Lto\RaHroai at Ihe.\ • .. ,„ ?1X r ,„-. s ' froH1 huid- on- • '. •„, ,.. c. T> b, , -• thence rannin-: cast on the son \.. ' n Is if -,!,.• M i,| Un'.f '. - ami State l.lne ft'ihor'l, iV; teen rod* ttfl! *'i T ' e finks: thenc< sou lieriy ai light ••••'•' . e-.d parallel t., s.ii'. Ii'.lfi',.'. i'lic. -,\, • t •;. • >;•, in'.- and eleven feet; Ihvuccwsterdiy at -i'.lit ngles. thirteen rods aad three link*, to land derded by the partj ol the :i -t part In M nv A. [.ee: Thence not tier- Ij *t rig'i*. angles anl i>u the line of said M.:- ry a Lee'.- b-nd. ;\u iry-s'\ to, 1 .- and eleven fee'. totheiiorth bouniTs'of said Ituif.do cud S».7tc Line II lit.oad to the place o, beginning; contain- ing two and one-ronrth acres of bind be the same more or less. CEOitCE W. I'ALMEK. Referee. T. >. WAYS, IMainliU's Alton . li-«w. Dated Jiilv 25th, l-^i', T MA.NW \I:K\< fcFKAMCfS, GLEII MILL, W1LSTF1ELO. fit ACTAi'nl'I; CO. N. rpHE ahuvc parties ha \_ nership as M i V. \ /ii'« Boild Oil 76 Cents a Gallon. Building •r«oi' ami and Fence Oil 50 cents a gallon.— Bleached boiled Oil for purely white, s i per gal- lon. Oil varnish, for Chin:! ?loss, Si 25per gal- lon Paints for buildings, fences, roots. Ac lj per poundby. J. HENERV SMITH. No. 113JI.UDEN LAXE. New York Beauty! FJeganre.' Erouomy! English velvet Carpets It!, 13 and 14 shillings per yard. English Brussels, 7s (Id. ss and Us. Floor Oil Cloths, 'js (id, ts. and os, Sptended in- grain Carpets.:ls Cd 4s. nnd \>s. Cold Window Shades $2 t o $3, at the largest Carpet establish- ment in the United States. IIIUA11 ANOKUSON, No, 90 Bbwery, New York. •?•?- The Croat Carpet Establishment of Hi BAX AITDKBSON, No. 99, Bowerv, New York. Housekeepers and Merchants visiting the \Great Metropolis,\ are nartienhuly invited to visit and examine the extensive assortment of English, Royal, Velvet. Tap.-try, Brussels, Three plv and Ingrain Carpets. Oilcloths Ac, offered at treinen- rifice. They are displayed in ten spa- cious sales rooms, the celebrated, largest, and cheapest carpet establishment in Unit, .i States. IlniAU ANDEBSOX.No. 99, Bowery. See adver- tisement iu another column. COXSCLTATIONS FBEE. Br. C. M. FITCH has associated w ; ; h himselft in practice Dr. J . W. SYKd>:s, for a long Brae his assistant; a gentleman in whose professional abil- ity he has the highest confidence; and he further ityshes it Oisihscay underwood that lie has uo winger any proAewdcual connection witn Br. S. S oiicli. out ihat coiiiinti-iicaiious will hereafter addressed .o CALV1X 11. PITCH. II. D 459 M.n'n street. Buffalo N.Y. . 5-tf. . To ascertain the length of tho day and night, any time of tho year, double the eon rising, which gives tho length of tin night; and of its sotting, which gives tho length of the day. This is a method of which but few of our readers, probably, boon aware of.— The Inventor. have A friend, who stopped a few hours in Trenton yesterday, brings tho choerino- m- taHipmoe that the new Republican piper which w« established to fill tho place of ibd Trraton Gazette bought out by tho Fiil- more party, has already a larger circulation *h« tin old one ever had, although it has been launched only a week.—N. Y. Post. TOmriOJS WONTT X30! They never did do more than give temporary relief and they never will. It is be- cause tney don't touch the CAUSE of the dis- ease. Ihe CAUSE of ail ague and billions dis- eases is the atmospheric poison called Miasma or Malaria. Neutral is this poison by its Natural Antidote, and all diseases caused by it, disap- pears at once. Rhodes' Fever and Ague Cure is this Antidote to Malaria, and Moreover it is a liernrcery narnmess medicine, me certificate of the-celebrated chemist. J. p_ Chilton, of New Turk to this effect, is attached to every bottle- tfH-refore if it does no good it can do no harm This is more than can be said of Quinine \r- scnic, or any other tonic in existence, as their •j»e larataona to the constitution and brings on Dumb Ague, which never allows a person to feel perfectly well for a single moment. In illustra- tion of these truths I annex some extracts from an extract just received from a Physician: Georgetown, Ohio, March 17,185G. Jas A. Rhodes, Esip—Bear Sir: Yours of 2d inst is at hand. The Cure arrived late last year and the difficulty in getting any one t o try it was greatly increased from the fact that a reme- dy had been introduced which was growing in iivorwith the public, as being better than using Quinine—not knowing I presume that the reme- dy that they used to escape taking Qui- nine,(ontained the Drug itself. 'this remedy (known as '-Smith's Tonic\) would irvariably break an ague, but it did not Cure i as it would often return wi.h renewed vigour, .'his onecircumstance I deemed in your favor, •f I could institute a test comparison between it and your cure. The following is the result: Jhree persons took your -Cure,\ all of which »«. casus,,, . yi , mi(Iian intermittent r-ve?\ of ^dUerV Tf n \~ The >' h; \' tric \ QKtai! I iI „! r r ,u ' 1lt \. occasionally missing a chil \'tit was sowly wearing them out, and arini be foundation ofo.hcr and severer maladies I did succeed ,n efcetia* a radical cure of al three no ' , e ^' il , 0S ., WT . t '''yonr remedy, and they have not bad a chill smce, In all three of these cases Lie •c-mithsTonic-' had been used, and as before slated, break the chill, but aft. nod or two haeelapsed it would return 1 think t'lerewill be no difficulty now in giving to your cure the vantage proond of anv other remedy now in use here. W. BDCKNEK, M. B Khodesfevcr and Ague Cure or Antidote to Miaaria. the only harmless remedy in existence is equally certain as a prevontavive as a Cure take it when you feel the chills coming on and you never will have a single one JAMF.S A. RHODES. Proprietor, Prov B. For sale by Druggists generally. MANN'S BIG FIDDLE AGAIN. E M. M\y\ wotuild call attention to his fa- • cilitics for furnishing PIANO F0BTES * MELODEONS. Having Just completed HOC mraugtmtmU -.villi the hest Manufacturers in the United States.— Among whom are BOABDM AN, (,l(iV A CO. A. U. CAI.E A CO. NEW YoitK HAXTFACTTBIK CO. l.innT, NEWTON ,v lin.u i;; I:Y. FIKTII. BoNn * Co. MAINS HUOTHEKS. Which will enable me to furnish instruments at less price even, than can be purchased at their Warerooms. Inducements never before offered, nor found elsewhere will be made, and every instrument warranted to suit, and delivered free of charge. £3* -V large assortment wii be o|ienedd at Fre- donia in connection with my Warerooms at Erie; and as 1 shall treat* tmi entire lime and attention to tlif Pimm trade, feel confident I can make it an object for any one to try me. E. M. MANN, Erie, Pa. 45-tf L. PARSONS, No. 17, MAIN-ST, NEXT TO THE STONE BUILDING General Dealer IL DRUO^ & MEDIC]NI-TS,\!)YE-STPPFS. PAINTS Oils, Varnishes, Perfumery. Chemicals, FIN E FANCY AKTICI.ES ,Surgical lnstrunK-uts, Ac, Ac. —ALSO— Hooks and Statiouery. 3>X E \W 13 O O lac <S» . B AYARD TAYl.l)l\s TBAVBIA Scenes in the Practice of a New Pork Surgeon. Wid- ow Bedott Papers. Wolf-it's Roost. Sunshine on Daily Paths. \Dickens'\ Foot Prints of the Creator. The Newcoines. Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands. American Statesman, Ac. \ ing entered into a pal ;i as ' • .ii.. inform ! the iiibal itants ol VVi stl • :•'• and its \ ; iiiity : they are prciisred to atteii I to their wauts in tin ig line They will pay cash for Wheat— n Sh in — i>. iang( I utu for Win ,.j ..ii. : Meal [or I'e.i;. ami ,;ie actcnuiui 1th give sat- isfaction. . The Uusi ics« ill le conducted W Mr. John Manwa-.ing whose long and hnecessinl i enables hi.u to guarantee the best possible ftour from tiieV heat .» ah ..'.;'. b he may lie f.ivoie.l; and ! it may lie . Ided that the Glen'MiM, da shoi: time it has run, has i sUblished for ita It an enviable repula. ioi . The audersi^ae ! would i .ill es| eciai attention to Uc exchange of gi ists for Con . Ac a- I .;.._• more convi iteut to lie miller, who then is nut subjei t to I iv delays aad trouble of stoppages at every g. ist. and much more ecouomii ... ; f . cos I tomcrs who have . . valm of their giist whethei ; large or small light along, without the loxs of limt • | otherwttS anavoidable, either in wailing while : the work is don* Oi iB two journies t\ the Mill. N H.—Fleer aad Ileal In baga of one qu . aud one half barrel each. MANWAEING A FRANCIS. Wcst.lcbl, March 2<i, lsjti. t9-tf A 1SKAI tii-ci^ COMPLEXION \» J\AY be icejiircdbv using the \Balm ofThou- irX a»ad Flowers,*' Jt eredlcatea all i:m. pim- ple* and rreckiea, A- a dentifrice, It purl net the breath, making the teeth white as alabaster. For sale by all respectable draggigis 13iv-3i DISCOVERED AT LAST. GREATEST CURE IN THE WORLD FOR MAN. Prof. (HAS. De GRATII'S \EXJECTRIC OIL.\ \MIIS Oil is the only stne mnet/i/ in the world for the cure of Rheumatism, 1'ont, I'ains in the Back, Breast or side, Palpitation of the Heart, Paralytic Stroke, Toothache, Headache, Cramps in the Stomach,Scrofula, Frosted hands or Keet Sore Eyes, Files, Sprains or bruises. Sores or burns, StiOhese in the Joints,. Tetter, or Suit Rheninc, Neuralgia. Sore Breast, or any Diseaai s tliat are >'nre or Pain/id, is the omhf nrtnlt ewr brought before the public that will do its work perfectly in from three to twenty minutes, bus been used by thousands and pronounced to be the best remedy ever discovered. Thi- Oil acts on the system with ilccti icily, is of pure vegetable preparation, not the tligiitrst liangtr of applying it outwardly or hiiranlly. it at once ..- ,i permanent care, in uiu.-t cases in ten '.-i treaty aiinuu •. Tl:e beat «-••• ' ' ^'.mof Europe have discover -'. t'-i'. sit Organic 1 >. rangi incut in the Animal .-ysf. :., is the effect id an (destruction of the l'liy- -i.-o-Eici-tru Fluid in the organ diseased—i -kill 'ill aplieation of this Oil po's into immediate mo- tion the nerve iluid. and the cure is at once ac- complished. No Weeding, no vomiting, pi or I listering, is r< suite I iVvM< genuine vct\honi the v nature of Lab.!- signed iu ' A. E. SMTH. demist. writing. \ Fc CIIATH A Co. Fiin-ipil Depot, No. :;o South Eight St..three j door- below Cht-siiut Phihoia. Coantry Dealers | and Drnggists can be supplied, Wholesale and lic- t.iil. Price -•\> cents, \»o if-., anil si per Bottle. Try everything else, then give this one simple trial. \^j— fit j-ittiifnc \ELECTBIC OIL\ sold by ]KM1- tels in the Unite.I States. ££r*The Bottles will have on onr own s-amp._.>: Entered according to Act of Centre*, in the year Is.\ bv Professor Cnaai.ES DKGKATII. in the Clerk's <lffice of the District Court of the Eastern District uf Pennsylvania. for s.de bv U Parsons, No. 17. Main Street Westfield, N. V. 47-tf. asamaM»Mms»ammsmmmmwmla»aias»a»mmsssass»ms« CABINET WARE ROOMS, At THOMAS SHAW'S, on Xorti-Portage-at, op- posite the Westtield House Block, where may be found all kinds of Cabinet Ware, of the choi- cest kind; embracing Chairs, Sofas, Sofa Bed- steads, Mahogany and Black Walnut Bureaus, Centre Tallies, Splendid Rosewood and Mahog- any Book Cases, Card Tables, Enclosed Wasb- Stands, and a variety of other articles, too nu- merous to mention. Also, Coffins constantly on hand. Please call and look for yourselves. 42 \EYE AND^EART - D R KNAI'P, Occulist and Aurist, Operator on the Eye and Ear, at, 140 Main-st., Buffalo, N\. Y., exclusively treats Deafness aud all Diseas- es of the Eye and Ear. Eight years experiance and undivided atten- tion to these two branches, enables Dr. K. to meet with successes saldom attained. By the usa of Chemical Vapors and other new remedies, a number of Diseases of the Eye and Ear are removed without pain. Operations pel formed fur Cataract and Strabis- mus or Squinting. Artificial Eyas inserted. They move and re- semble the natural Ejre exactly, in color and tx- pressicn, and are worn and inserted with perfect ease. 1 have just received a quantity of these gems of art from Paris. Dr. Knapp has opened an office in Dunkirk, opposite the Post mfFrr mW nri r fftr ff war which he will visit each Thursday morning, from 9A. M. to IP. M-, and as soon as necessary, twice a week. Severe cases should apply promptly at'.) o'clock, so as to afford sufficient time. Dr. K. invites attention to bis testimonials, which embraces the first citizens of Buffalo, as well as persons from different parts of the United Stutes, restored to Bight and hearing. Dunkirk Sept. 11.1853. 1y-2!) -!•—B -J-IB' si ii b—n ATS as AVERS CHERRY PECTORAL. For the Rapid cure of Coughs, Cold » Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Whoop- ing Cough, Croup, Asthma, and Consumption. \ M'isdtmi shall bate dntm to it, and the great m„i of the earth shall kneel before it.\ Never could this be said with more truth thun it nos- applies to this remedy for affections of the Throat and Lungs, The exalted in learning and power, acknowledge its supremacy, while both the little and the great can feal its be\neflta. Tholib- eral-minded among those skilled to cure are free to own its mastery over disU-mpers which have baffled their art. Those of exalted stations are not ashamed to testify to its virtues, but deem it a duty and a pleasure to thus hold out the lamp of their ex]ierience to their suffering fellow mtn. \\ itness the follow ing: [Translation.[ A. > T, y ermilli \»vnic. La., April 1853. Mens, lo B r J. C. Ay**:-] have of late mad. •nt use of your Cherry Pectoral in mv pri.c- ii.I am happy to inform you that iu no ct *e t tailed me. I have made some siei.al RAILROADS- BUFFALO A: 8. L. RAILROAD 1 TIME TABLE. U NTIL further notice, Trains will leave the Dunkirk and Westtield Station as follows: frequent u tice. an vet ha: GOING EAST. DINKIKK Night Express, 3 no t. M. \\ av Express, - - - -H 40 A.M. Express Mail. - - - • 2 'Ji p. j. Lightning Express, - - 8 2or. v. Freight, 12 1(1 r. M. GOING WEST. Express Mail. - - - - R 44] \. M. Lightning Express, - - ]'.' 20, JI. War Express, - - - .'. .in r. *. N'iu-ht Express. - - - ] 1 4.\i r. >i. freight, 11 :io \. «. C. C. DEXX Dunkirk. May 7. 1H.V.. WFSIKIKLH . ; 2 Id A. M. 7 lis A. x. ' 1 3S r. x. '• 7 4S v. M. ! 10 SO i\ M. ; | fl Is A. M. , 12 43 y.. t T! 1-. Si. 12 -:r, A. M. ' 12 43 A.M. i S, Supt. 1 Carriage and Wagon cures of I.aryniritis and Bronchitis with it,\and have completely cured one ease of Asthma whf-h withstood every other medicine I could ciiipln - Accept, Sir, the assurances of my distiugtiisl ed consideratioo. JULES CLAUD GOUfirBT, M D Late Surgeon of the Hoyal Marine. Francfi Extract from a letter of our Minister at »h-> Court of the Sublime Parte. Legation of the U. S. A., Constantinople, Tar- Dr. .7. C. Aver. Dear Sir:—The Cherry Pec ' tend received from you for the Sultan, has tx-cn- delivered to his private Secretary at the palace and you will doubtless hear from it in due season. • That yon were so kind us t o send me, has been- given to friends, who have in many cases -found it exceedingly nscfiil. Yens, respectfully, CEO. P. MARSH*. Minister Plenipotentiary ot the U. S. A. to Tur- key. „ , Cniacoa, March 5,18.W, 11 r. .1. (. Aver:—I use your Cherry Pectoral- daily in my practice, and am satisfied it is a rem- edy whk-h must meet in every est approbation. C. W. .I.\f KIIEEII. M. D. . , Rfsid.-nt Court Physiciam, Among the eminent Editors who testify to their personal ex|.. IH-.KC and knowledge of the «on eh i In! riiresaud in.in. use usefulness of the Ch( rry i I'cetoiai in their s. etions, we may mention lioiichtoi. A Co., < i the Federal Union, Millejgc- vi'.le, l.'a. L. I'atton, Christian Advocate, Knoxville, Tennv J. P. Di.l son, American I'nslvtciian, tiieeav vine, 'i i an. .1. I'..- imson, I>, mocrat, Mi Conm-lk4>arc, Pa. .'. Russ,.!r., Slull.yvilh- Ntws,Ttnn. ' Harvi y, McKi imnK'n, state t,'az( ite Ruiling- i ton. Iowa. 1. Knabb A (•„., Jonrnal, Reading, P». Itaynioml, Haiper A Co.. Mrw-York Tim-\. s. Cobb. Christian Frii man. Iloslon. « ai. T. Jaeo! ,. Christian Chronicle, . phia- l!on. J. Wcntu-orth, M. C III. Rev. E. C Reese, Mctlm country the high- MANUFACTORY. Main Street, nppvtutrtk* Ags/ertltaral Wor/ta T ll.l.lAM ( ItANDALL has U-en for seven 111! yeaiseagagcd in carrying on the i usinesa, and ki tj s cva<aui Iy on ban.I. an mauafsrture to order, rll kinds of woik in'-- /--•\**\ Heparin? done on short notice. We HI ( T. April 25, I.-.'..'-. aliove .1 wil in hi- i tf-1 MUSIC. Mr. IOHN n. PIXLEY. Vocal Mnsir Teacher, and former Music Director of \th e Amphions,\ having i i •im-'iii- for one year as Tear It- er and Director of the Presbyterian Church in Wcsttiel I, V. V.. \w!l hold himselt in readiness to give private instruct ion npon the vidce: Souj Singing. <;]< e Clas: -. and singini: cb --• - for -a 1 i'i. ti'i Forti - aud Meluticom • notice, an.I • ••< -»! ; -- ••- . I ' dcr* l:i;'\ • ...-. No. 21«. .. ng s;o: • ol J. ' a '-•.- t Co. 1 am also :>•_. :.t or the sale o : Mess . Don euian .'. II ay's splcn- '.•! •• Dolce Co'ii.... la ' a.i i >: i in n s. i .. • unding boa. ;i Piano fo • - -. Uu-h 1 will supply n short notice to c.i- ..'nets. We: ticid, .l.ci. !i, J-\.. PROCLAMAT ION. SIIKRIFF'S OFFICE. CM M Tinj K COVX I TV, s-—N'.iir,- is herol»v '-;i>'ii that a I Court of Oyer and Tonninor nnd (icnrral Jail Delivery will be ln-M a; the Court House JB the ulfer of Mavtille, in said county, on the 3(1 Monday, (-!-t day) of | July, 1S50, at 10 o'clock in ili<- fWnoori FAMILY Toilet and Shaving sous' Drug Store. ioapa at L. Par- H ANDKERCHIEF and Plaroring Extracts.— a line assortment, at L. Parsons', No. 17, Main Street. P ROF. Dc(,'rath's Electric Oil—the beat article in the world for Rheumatism, Sprains. Brui- ses, Ac , at L Parsons' No. 17, Main-st. 130CKET Medicine Cases, Reticules, Drafting Instruments, cheap, at L. Parsons', No. 17, Main-st. G OLD PENS, Card Cases, and Portmonnaies, at No. IT. M ASURG A PALMER'S Sarsaparflla—the best article in Market, at a reduced price, and all the popular Patent Medicines for sale at L. Par- sons' Drug and Rook Store, No. 17. 40 Westtield, January 2:id, ISoG. CHURCH SLIP. W E are wishing to sell Slip No. .1, in the Bap- tist Church in this village. To be sold low. March U 1855. BABUOCK. & KXlCiflt. 48-tf. would, after a per- SUMMONS. S UPREME COURT, CMAI-TAI-QI-E OOCXTV.- John Eason Plaintiff, against Frank S Bte vens Defendant. To Defendeat Su: You are hereby Summoned to answer the complaint in this cause which was filed in the Clerk's office of Cbautauoue county on the 12th day of Au-u'-t instant and serve a copy of your answer on me at Westfield N. A. within Ueutv days after the service hereof, exclusive of the day of such ser- vice; and if yon fail to answer the'complaint as aforesaid, the PLAINTIFF will take Judgement against you for two thousand, live hundred dol- lars,, aad interest, rom the first dav of March one thousand eight hundred and fifty three ami 'cost of this action. w . s'. HINCKLEY l'laff's. Attv Dated Westlicbl N. Y.. Aug. 11,1866. ] & w Public ir. gi IK i al n particttl<:r. The ! informing them rri:ti:tn f» Kckxtic Pliy^iciun Ai Surgeon. XTtTM. BOORN, formerly of Richmond, N. 11.. j VV has permanlly located in this place, and Bnppli d himself « iih new Insti uments, and pure Medicines. He is prepared to attend to all busi- i ness ;.• • ri. ii|- profession. He will be at hisofiii e from > till 10 A. M. each day. N. 1!. special attention paid t-i Chronic Disci - es, such as Scrofula, Cancer-, Diseases of the Eye and Skin, also a good supply \i E.-lei tic prepara- tions of Medicines on hand, Cough Drops, Lini- ments, Moth, r's relief. Pills, Plasters*Ac. He lias also a good Bathing House connected with his office, which will be kept in readiness lor the accommodation of those who wish to ose ii.i Dr. Boom having treated successfully for a number of years, diseases of the skin in every form, would rcspoctfirlty call the attention of the public j,, hi- Collyiinra for the rcmoral ofTa-is Snjburn, Freckles Liver Spots, Chaps rong'..uess ofthi -k r i . Ac. It is also a very cooling wash for ehUdri n, and can be used at all timesis ith safety NOTICE, For the inform and the Millers oj i, ••/,- i. Mil scriber tales tliis method that Walker's Mills m i m :-..•• have been since ihe 10th ol Sent^ not ha\ ing bei n sti.ii , il more '.hat; cut ••ny in the time. A:.-\ that the Slllh. caa <5o, ami are doinj .••• much gnnain?, ami as well as a»y n /•.•-,.., .-;.••. /nil-,,, F»r farther information, call an J; .• < •• you: s-'h'IT. Flour, Meal, Fresh Ground Plaster, and an extra artii k i I •-; co for for sale bv •'. R. WALKER. P. s. I have also a separal r procured on pur- pose to chaii wheat perfectly clean (which 1 be- lieve no other IU'IIS In ie have.) Those wishii ig Jonc will do wel! to tall before making contracts elsewhere. tlttf. J. R. W. nf thai (Jay, aud all jiersons who would •i-us- pctttc ;.ri\ |;,T-...I . r .-•• • ntis hr- then thc-ri lo prosecute as shall Lo just, and nil i>, r S..IIS I mind liy rvcognizancc; and all Jusli ccs of the Peace, Coroners, and o.li-r offi cots who have taken any ri e igtiianiti - foi the apjieanin -e of any ]«-r-i n at SIK-II cottrl ii-\li ' have t.-ikv ti any inquisition orex.-nn inatioti of any person or witness, return ssn-h recogtiizances, inquisitions and cxatuinatioiis orjerand . ;.i ihe saiticourt at tie opening thereof on tho first day nt'iis sittin«j. Given under my hand at my office in Mayville, i!us luili • lav of June, ISM:. MILTON SMITH. ?hr:aF 8w-8 Philadet- Pcmocrat, Chicago\ 'list Piotistant, rfaltt- W. M. Wightnian. Christian Advocate S J. M. I'oi.mil. Daily Xtws, Savannah, (la. <le... D. Prentiss, I onisvillr.lonmal Kv Hoi,. Schuykr Colfax, M. C. l-o r Indiaaa. A. dimming*, Christian Mirror Pi M. II. Hartictt A Co., Rtiwldka ('onn. ChadJii k ,v lb rrv, Banner Teun. Tl in; son .',- (-,,., I'nited Toronto, V. \\. Chalks Cook, Democrat. Danville, Pa Hannnm, Dcmoriat, Ail. Mown l'a' iirmanA Harnui.Statetfatettr, Tunton \ In A Havtn, Prairie Farmer, ebb agifi n •gi ntlemen have not only certified toffee in thiri papers to the public'but hive prrseaal Wtters, to the effecttfiaP they have found my preaeration en urtud* t\. great ] ubln- utility. \ ce «ill not admit full bstinionisifs here fciit -• u'.s i i Ion m m,,; wiilrnmished mv Auier- • -ii Almanac, gratis, tu all who ask fm it\ «h ( ,, - in are in'l |, ; , :i, ulais and M. Shi Wrif This statements seat me their S\ South Uead ilrg- .itland, Kf . can, liaiitotd. Peace, l.el.a IOD^. and I'.,t >»«, .Ifci- Kiupj '•• tin stati (in nt indispntal 1< prool up 4m-28 \\ WANTED ! e want MO Firkins ofg I yellov luttci delivered by the 20:h of Ji.n« for whit h cash i be paid, 7-::.v \V. R. MORSE A CO. I % / ::AIN STREET, MFFAI.C N. I, JM) SUPERIOR ST.. CLEVELAND, ft. DIRECTORS: T Real Estate For Sale. Subscrilier o.Ters for pile on reasonable to suit t.ie pa. , hasevs, •. i and Lots, eligibly sit [\•He terms, and on ti'iie Two New Dweiliu r H<^ Wocd Land. 1' are wis ling Lo > -I! two hnnd'ed • n - - f wwxl f*nd. lying a little east of ihe May- lit 1'iaak f.'^a-i aad about live mile.- from this llagc, l-:... Babcock A Katht March 27, w Hon. A. II. Tuny, Hon. E. c. Spaulding, Hon. C. W. Clinton.' Hon. I. A. V, iplanck, Hon. Tlios. \l. Ko«.,t, Hon. Eli Cook. Hon. \ ictor M. Ilice, Win. A. Ibid. I-:-.,.. Jolin 1!. Lee, Esq., Hon. X. K. Hon. Wm. Han, \. Moseb v. Hon. Hon. S. c . Havens, <>. C. Steele, Esq.. John L. Kiiiilcitv C. M. Reed, I—,..' I'eter A. Porti r, ii li. I!. Spencer, Washington fjunt K- n . Office \u. Chaut. Co. I'J, South Portage street, WestHe'td 1-tf. \WANTED TOME«tS at J. P. WAI.KI'irS I which is now in running order flouring done, will do well to cal 1,000 £T» Th \se n'anting I soon. w.sttield, September is;. For Sale or to Rent. S lipN'o. 'JI (b.ing iu a very desirable locaiton ~_ in the Dapiist Church in tins village. April, 17, 1850 BABCOCK A KX1IT. PILES! PILES^ PILES! ACE YOL r SUFFEBISTG With the Piles, Inwardly or Outwardly? IF SO, USE DR. DUPRIES' CELEBRATED REMEDY. Warranted to Cure in all Cases. The above is the only remedy that has ever cured effectually. City references aud testimon- ials given. If von have the Piles inwardly, ask for a llox of Dr. D.'s Pills—only .\.(> cents.\ It you have the Pries owtwardhy, ask for a Boa oi Dr. D.'s Ointment—only 50 cents. 6-3ai Farm for Sale! QITIWTED, lying and being in the town of kjEioley, containing ion acres, about (o implor- ed, with a good house and barn thereon. A lib- eral credit given lor a part of the purchase mon- ey I T desired- li A ill. OCK * K'N HJHT Westfield, June 2. 1856, 7-\tf nated. in the villi ••• ..' w e SeW. Those designing t e pvrchase «ill do well u call soon. AIM IX SMITH. Westtield Aprii'.'O Is.:\.. I I. .'il'Kia' I I! i l i . ( Ol ST Y £ Mm AI. iss. Co.. Fredonia. JB>IV 11. !-\•'. s\ In pursuance i ; sesolii'ioa o€ the Board ol Directors of this t'omjiaoy, Notice Is IVereby givt en ;!i it an assessiucut has ;..-. n made of two i\ r- cent on all Prcm'Hiu Notes in force onthe l v '.l; day oj Jaunary, ls.*a», and three ; cr cent. i:i addi- tion on ail Premium Ncsuts- m force on the 30th day of April. Is:,.;. Members oi' the Company- are requested to pay the assessments to s. Hart rreasurer, or t o the several agents of t'>e Com- panv, who will be authorized to receive the same, °-:>w S. HART, Secretary. GROCERY* ^llis da y Opened Iy l.roceries. ( ing one door Maii-.-st.. at the sig Company. T il entue ..eir Star ill i.«.d m e ii-. at vol ol Han ingto i i *•• America C i . a. Teas aad Black I buildius Main street. A -( lie: Westli of Fsmi he SiOllc A SonV E.\pres> II. !'.. Bryant, II. U. Stiattmi, Jeo. if. Penn, .las. tv. Lnsk, W. P. Spencer, FACLI.TV: •j» Professors of tie »cienc» «f t \c- > counts, and Lectin era on lia>i- ) ness customs. ) Instrnctois in llnsiai ssand Or- namented Penmanship, „ n d Lcctureisin Mrrrunrjte Cor- ,t the u. at tl Id X. V. o and .lava, and stone: building. AY For Sale. are wishing to sell a good House and lot iih convenient barn aud o.|,buih: : ,•_.-. — Pleasacth situated near the ficsl co.m rs mi the westsidcofthe creek. Tube sold low—or we would exchange the same for weste.-n lands. BABCOCK.A KN1CHT. WeslReld Julv 7th, 1S.W. ]->-tf For Sale very desirable house and lot, pleastuitlv sit- Bated on Main Street—a little west of the ri'lge, Or we will exchange tho same for west- BABCOCK A KNIGHT. Aug. 12, .',0. A: Dollar Weekly Philadelphia Times. This elegant Family Weekly, issued from the office of the Philadelphia Daily Times, contains in addition to the choicest Editorials, Con capon dent News. Ac, from tl»e Emily, a large amoaa of Original Literary Matter, procured at. area eYpens»,7rom some of the most minent writer in the counii-y. il will be thee otns aim ofs the publishers lo make the Dor. LjTlXKSa wor- thy coiupi iilor for the patrouage of tiie public, with the very best weekly newspapers in the Un- ion, and a very decided improvement upon any journal of a similar character ever established in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Daily Tims, a large and well printed morning paper, complete in all iu de- partments, and especially full in its Commercial and Slarrne Intelligence, is pablisbed andfurnish- ed to mail subscribers at $0,00 per annumn in ad vance. TERMS OF THE DOLLAR TIME& One Subscriber, one year Ten Twenty Forty \ (to OJ:C address) A ddress, •MM b.oo 15,00 20,00 WILLIAM MOriC \ y \TIMES Philadelphia. cm land, w cattle] Wheat \Wanted- A pply to John Francis, or at the Olen Mi Hi W.itlirld. July U, Is.\ ],;,/ ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. lit the matter of the A<!ministratnrs sale of the Real Estate <;/' James Bassett if if mtn' Pursuant to an order of A. Richmond Surro- gate of the county of chantanque, dated Jnlv 21, lS.id, made for the Sale of the Real Estate o'f .lames Bassett deceased, for the payment of his debts, the Subscriber, Administrator of the Estate of said Jamea Bassett deceased, will sen at pub- lic auction to the highest bidder at the Westlicbl House in Westlicbl Village, X'. Y. on the 35th day of September next, at 10 o'clock A. M. of that day, tiie following described land aud prem- ises Of the said J. Bassett, deceased. \ All that tract or parcel of land Situate in the town of Westfield being part of Lot No. 18,Town- ship t, Range 14, Boomled as- follows: Begiuvng at a post in the north bounds of Said lot lHatthe distance of three chains, ninety one links east from the north west corner of said lot and cor- ner of land formerly owned bv S. E. Robinson, thence easterly along the north bounds of said lot and bounding on lot 17, three chains and sixty seven links, thence southerly parallel to the west bounds of said lot IS, seven chains and twenty four links to the center or the Buffalo and Erie Hold, and bounding on lands formerly owned by one Durand, thence south westerly along the center of said road, two chains and twenty links, ihenec north 424 degrees west on the line'ol' sai.i itobiuson's land one chain and eighteen links, thence northwesterly on said Rabinson's line sev- en chains ninety six links to the place of begin- ingconUiiningtwoacresanda half of land be the same more or less, lieing the land and premises deeded by Eli Goodrich and wife to Henry Clow, April 12, 18-10, reference being thereto had, and the plan laid down in the margin of the deed from said Goodrich to said Clow. There is a house and barn and orchard on the premises. 7<rrm* of Payment —half the purchase money at date of purchase—the ballauce in one year and ictereut. HUGH JOHNSTON, Administrator Ac. Dated Westtield Aug. |,2, lrtio. 17-7w. T FARM FOR SALE. C onsisting ti' loo acres — gitoete, lying aud being in the town of Kip'ey—about 40 acres of which a,e improved. A bouse and barn thereon—also a young orchard. To be sold low, and a lioe •::!' credit giveB for a part of tiie purchase money if derired. EADCOCKA KNIGHT. June 7, Is.',:'. -..jr. FOR BALE OK To BENT. HE Subscriber has four Dwellings and Lots. Pleasantly Located in this Village for sale. at low rates for prompt pa;/. D not sold they will be rented from the 1st of April next. A. L WILLS Westfield, March S lS.lfi. Wood Milk! E are manufacturing Woo.bn.lis of the most approved paterns—w i. ii our approw 1 Saw guide attached—at the shop formerly oec .pi- ed by Tli..iim-\.Iiiihl as a bedstead factory, one mileno: t h of Centerville, in ihe town of '.'uii. land, Chacau'iue Co.; and woo'd say to those iu want of ,iic article that we shall no: be out,lone. either in wo.knansliip or prices. We likewise furnish Threshing machines and Peed Cutters that may be p< o:»-l'ed by the s.it.ie power; we on ha.id plows, cultivators. The best Cornstalk Cntter ever invented, (one that will cut hoop- pol-s when co as; dks are scarce.l together with a genera'assort jaent of iraplemen - C-vl THOMAS Jl'DD A Co. Portland, May 27, I8S6. First-rate article of i good (.round Coffee, i Main street. | Ougars, an excelcnt assortment of all kinds and O rradc at the stone Imildi I:. .Main street West- 1 Held. and Syrtipsofthe sweetest lind, had at the old stone I uilding, M ii (1 Bui ning Fluid. Can Tallow, by tl •• I ox oi onn I. Camphene, Fluid and Can.lb W'icking.a the stone bailding, Main st. 1 Fish, White Hs g and Mackei il, a good ar h- can be found at the stone building Main street. Y east.—BaSalo Yeast cake of th - best oiiali- tv, st stone building. MIIMI .!,••-. Westiii-M Wash Tubs, pails and Baskets, Canara and He street 1 )airins, Citron--. Nutmegs, Cloves, and \\ua n ill find at the tnet. C > arden Seeds.—Rochester Garden Seeds b\ J the lb or paper, at the stone bnilding Mail feet WfstKeld. Uf ].. DEWEY II Spe, I-ill; J Mann. •pom i .ml lb Ac Gi O. W. Clinton, m. lb ial I.e.: llrel s. nee, Ac. Ai. Ilev. .1. Hyatt Smith, and Mr. s on Political Economy. 1!. \s . M. L.H. p. Thompson, f!. W. HoWni i W. Hcaeoek, Lecturers on Mercantile B. A;kini>, I.cctnr- and (I Etliics M: I ight—Camphene j.lies, Stearinc and OH\ I . the sto pod V_'tiel Oliver A rt-y. Lei-tun is on ( eed at the building, Main aiic building. S! l.i. lain $tn no ij en 5 no \Y FOR SALE. t bout 00 acres wood land, siiuaied near the f\ Westti Id and Chantanque Plank road, aboti milts from the village ol Weslii, Id. i CK A NIC III t i.gc (.1 BAB SUE YOUR FRUIT. THE INFALIBLE Srlf-Sraliag Frnit and Irgelable Cur experience duri.ig'.he past fan. r, in'ma factoring SEI.F-SEALINt; FBI ,T ( AXS, and the universal satisfaction and ccrtilieatcs parties who have purchased and tested those Width\ Nig.it CEXTCB EI.OtK. and Plicate Libraries. in. Or- Western Land. Lands (limated in (lie Stoles i f j ,an aid Iowa) .or sa'e by P.abcockA March ~l, lH.JC. E«UK-Bi.\Di>G II BinJivzr fur Public M F/SIC, Magazines. Ac., bound in PI namentai and Antiques,.vie and Edge Gild ing. 1'ariicular auentiou paid to Bl ink Hooks tanks. Merchants. Insurance Companies, Ac , and Papers. :sc, Ac. W. M A 8 8 I] NBEEO, Having estabiished a Book Bindery iu Center Block, over Boswortii r s Jewelry Store, would as- sure tiie public ofhisenli.e oompetetwv in ear. lying ou that business, aud would respectfully vaiioos makers have given oars the decided pref- erence over all others. The subscribers offer to'the public, the BERT SKLF-SKALINC CAN. ever inaented, to presvero Fruits, Vegetables, Ac. TIIE SEALING IS ALWAYS THJI1T. II others require solder or cement. A The opening has been enlarged t FULL SIZED PEACH. Every can is tested before it leaves factory, and stamped with our name. TAYLOR A: IIODGETTS Manufacturers of Planished Tin A Japanned ware No. co Beekman St., xew York, lo-rtui. AND Bl'CHANAN. Prince's Protean Pen,\ A recently been added to. aiiiuit a our maim- TT'BEMONT. F1LLMOBE. V All iu the liel.1 for new improvement has M. .1. Qotinan and K. C. Pomeioy, ummercial Compulations. TERMS: For full coins,-—time unlimited—includ- ing all departments of Book-Kei) ing, la. tines and Practical Pciiinanshi|, For same conrsi in l-niits'departmi ut. Persons taking Penmanship alone n ill rc- '•i ii i\ twenty lessons for Foi various sfyhs of Ornamental Penman-].; , as may 1 e agi'.-id u| on. * For instruction in busintas Arithuuti only as per agieeini :it. Th- design of the Institution is to : ftbrd >e,f t rt lai I ities lor acquiiing in an expeiliii. nsmakhcr thorough knowledge of Ci.mmi rrial s. i, ,,, r „,.,i Art, as practically employed in tl„. ( ouiiinc Loom and business pursuits, gi ncrallv. The Book Keeping Department is nnder the personal Buperintemttnce of the most arcane •dished Accountants and Teachers, i,,,,i it j + v* need that no Mercantile College i a . «, vnit, * Mates possesses superior advantages for bnoart- ing a thorough and piactical kno«lci!g« of I . m- mercial s. u-bce. The Collegiate Course will emirate the ax-t I'pproved and practical forms for kec, ing L : „„ls by Double Entry m tiie various dcpannVeirts ,t i rade and f ommen e, including Geni ial W„U- sale and Retail, Mtrcantile Kxchanc,, C.n ,„oV sion. Mamifartniinr, Railroad. BanVinc. Pi in fog; .Mining, Snipping, Stcamboathig, Individual wva- neislup. and Compound Company Bu-im ss. T All manuscripts from which the Student copii, ••« •rrttU-n in a bold rapid business ham}, win. b n iill serve as a great auxiliary ha securing to 1,1: am excellent style of writing, llaily Lectures will be delivered upon th* su«- ence of accounts, Commercial Law. Political Economy, Commercial Calculations, Pnrfjlnji, Mercantile Chstoms, Commercial Ethirft Mail.- roading, Business Correspondence, Mining, Com-. meree, Commercial Geography, etc Penmanship, practical aad oniamcnta!,.»ilMie- lauttit in the most etleiitiial niaiiner by Lii-l-. S|)enccr and Cooper, gjjtlenicn of the hi accomplisbments, as systaniatic and rapid ( | . ness jcnincn—the former of whom j n News.. and the latter both in Ohio and Michigan, tirst premiums ou business and ornamental mansliip the present year. We guarantee t' part t» our imtrons to a more general extent is done at any similar institution, a hand wr ry respect adapted to business phrsui wishing to qualify <r -s. in ev Gentleman and Indie selves for teaching penmanship, will find uu facilities at this College. The Suite of Rooms occupied by the Cii»- ..v .. xupioitiiitm n,i > i t:i.i*iJLi> IIUCII MIHII-.II IU . ar - j Q .,. . •» _i . , V •l 1 \\' \J m \ v * \\ this invention, which makes the Pen peirect and r„l tl '.'ill\ ' ?S3? *2 fulnl8l '<''l. •\•nd conv by which to graduate the flow of ink. Every wii- ^\r ' ,?i ^S. r l ,,,reu!n g every dcpartmcnl ter should have this Pen. The material is incor. l Me '\«-'antile Education. and Puling of all kinds of Blanks Scrap Books, CIoJi and Leather ( solicit PRACTICAL ENCOURAGEMENT. In the form of increasing patronage. Fredonia. June 11, 18'iC. g_tf. rodihie—made under i.'oodvear's patent—tilled \\iihea>e. writes from 4 to III hours, constant use —saving half the time, Inducements to local a- gents and trade. Single pens seu« by mail, on receipt of St,CO or S\> The gold pen warrant- ed oue year with fair usage. T. G. STKARXS, Geni Agent, 200 Broadway, cor lt«aile-st v New-York. I To Sell or Ront. A Shoe Shop on North Portage Street by E NQUIRE of wesfield, Aug Wood fir Sal . BABCOCK A KNIGHT. 12. v,.; Westtield, April ICth \K,6. M. C. Rice. FARM FOR SALE. E are wishing to sella desirable Farm o 130 acres—100 of which arc improved — Mtuated in the towa of Clyuier—near the Plank Road. Price and terms ol sale made earn. BABCOCK A KM1GHT. March 12th. 1*5?. 47 *f w FOR SALE. A small farm of U acres of laud, well watered house and barn, good orchard, all thing about the place convenient. Situated about one mile ami a half west ol tne village of Westtield JAM S CROSSGBOVE.' June 2 18.\>u. 10-3w. * DISSOLUTION. N OTICe is hereby given that the co-partnership hitherto existing between the undersigned is this day dissolved by mutual consent The Company Books will he loft at the store o Wm. Ogle. Iinmcdient settlementis desired. 5J-m« WILLIAM OGLE, Westfield, Apt il Ilth'dC. THOMAS BOOTH The Ladies' department is entirely sepaw from the gentlemen's, and is fitted up in a n{ ami convenient manner. Through the extensive business acqnaintaii • of the principals, many of the students on grad . ating lire placed in lucrative situations. For further information, send by mail, for e« ogne and circular recently issued' whic^ wlH h promptly forwarded free of charge. ly-Jl .^ ,— .1 i .,». Homo Again! H AVING returned from the western woil* older if not wiser, we>\ take thi* method t< inform our old customers, and the public gen»> ally, that we may he found at onr old stand e.» stantly on hand ready to wait ujion all who n favor us with a call, BABCOCK A KNIGHT' ' Westfield, May 28. 1856, \ ' • ' ' —s.——I _ Wagon for Sain. O ne new double seated Baggy- with in n su trees—suited to one horse or two. ~ Also one single seated Buggy Wagon. A/ no erackcy waggon April IS, lSeti. Enquire of BABCOCK iiKNICIlT

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