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RE \AN. Local, Lilerfy mud MttceUtsHtow. Ir** mtxa, r, April 1«, 1866. Oa tae UthtaH.WBn.XBiUcy, Mr *, fa. A »S&3lt F rtWte: x-S'wteiiti H WW «d Mia* Ilstta K. *M*k.attet P. In FitMi, April 1%V *«*• L *\••«*. air. a W. Met* «ndMls»L»sraJ. FrW oil of r- BOB* In Ripley, en the Md sK, Mm Elizabeth Dick- on. Age 59 years. Rbttomty's Ointment and Pitts certain Remedies for Khenmatism.—Henry Koot.ageil o2, of Xatrher, Mississippi, wan a severe sufferer from this complaint, and tried a number of reputed remedies, hoping the}' would bsanttt him, but he became M bad at last, as to be entirely confined to his bed, and he was uMble to move either baud or foot. While he was tn this horrible condition a friend brought him a quantity of Botloway'a Ointment and Pill*, which he immediately coin* menced to use, he soon found himself gradually improved by them, and by jierscrving with tbem for eleven weeks, he wax entirely cured, and ha* since enjoyed the l>o«t of health. WESTF1ELD CLOTHING STORE!! MIXTOV hM roeetfed b» Mpply of crock- «ry, gfcws w»re and wall paper. Tho dry • goods are coming immediateto. BTCK.has been to the city, ami exjiccts nn imn^into arrival of his ample season stock ofjrood*. En. \keeps things neat and flouncy. BABCOC* & SMITH have received a rich stock of Spring and Summer Goods, and arc now ready to part with them again, on reasonable terms. We notice a fine article of Brussells carpet. TIM Principal of tho Academy says that H would be difficult not to have a good school, with such scholars as be has. There, young gentlemen and ladies that unsolicit- ed compliment to you, fcy your teacher, is wor* adeal of faithfwi endeavor on your part, to deserve it THE sugar season will be very short, this spring—undesirably so, for tho bvors of the ••camp and kettle.\ 1 The snow has vanish cd so suddenly, that tho ground will not feel •the mvstcrious influence of a \sugar snow,\ unless-it arrives before the sap ascends to the buds. \Xiirhtingalea aing, Tn time- of Sprint'' Wo haven't heard thorn yet, hut every •other kind of throat lias been tried, unti» the air floats one aw eel and continuous war- ble. In newspaper phrase, \Our thanks are duo Messrs. Robin, Bluebird. Phebe, <fcc. for\— some late music. MACOMBXR'S Carriage Shop, on Nort ifurtage street, deserves a mention among it'he<sjKjMj»iisin'.r manufacturing centers, in I ... ,, . , . , , ' situated in the town of Clviner—near the Plank our village. Carnages, buggies and heavy ; K,,,^. p r j,. e aBd terms of sale made easy. wagons, are the regular work of the shop. | Mlrrh ,, th ^ MPPOCK * **.'$\• and arc got. up by several distinct, depart- 'ments of its labor. The reputation of Mr. \Sts. worki, ''tin strength finish and durability. is, we think, richly deserved. Particulars •anon. DOWATIOS.—Tlio ladies of St. Peter's fhurcli invite the public to attend a Dona- tion Party, at Metropolitan Hall, on Friday •evening. April 18th. Mr* W. R, MOUSE, \ H. Parana, I CotnmJttee. Miss F. (Hut, i H AVE Jest been received at the Westfield CLOTHING HALL, Xo, 12, MainiStieet: where may be fonnd a general assortment of Broad Clolbs, ('aaimeres, A estinps andTriming*. ^ Also a general assortment of READY-MADE CLOTHIXC: consisting \of coots, pants, vesta, shirts collars, cravats, stoaks, handkerchiefs* gloves, socks, snspenders^h-. Rubbers, Cents Leggins, oil elotb pants *«'., Ac, The latest styles of gentlemen's Dress Goods have been selected with care, something new A- fancy can I* bought for the season. The snlwcrilKTs continue to carry on the Tailor- ing Business in all its various brunches. SJ-tf. Westfield .» pril 10, '56. CARLISLE A CO. C IOUCH A STOXETS Bell is ringing and our .Futon Itnmiing on good Home Market goods. CASH OR CLOTH paid for old Fleece or pulled wool—give us a call gentlemen, we shall charge you nothing without aiming to give vou an equivalent. tf-\'l! COO'H ft KTOXE. Westfield. April Uth, 1*,-.°;. For Male. H ouse and lot pteasantlv located in Barcelona. ~We«tneld_AprII 10th. ls.',«. M. ('. Iticc. (hnir Factory. B y Tiiupson.t; Wooilrri, Mam St., opposite the Stone Bonding. The Firm has also connected with their establishment a Turning Shop, well supplied with machinery, circular sawn, Ac. and are prepared to do all kinds of turning to order and on short notice. I' Villi FOR MALE. W F. are wishing to sella desirable Farm of 13d acres— ltxi of which are improved — .IOKEPII TIXXEY 1 TUMMM * MTU Xo 23 MAIN STBEKT. Westfield. V, Real Estate For Sate. r T^ He SnbscriWr offers for sale on reasonable JL terms, and on tiaie to suit the purchasers. Two Xew Dwelling Houses and Lots, eligibly sit- uated, in the village of Westfield. Those designing to purchase will do well to call soon. AUSTIN SMITH. Westfield. April'2U. IS..... CUAITAKJ I \• Cot vrv JIIMIK'S OiKiir, .lauuary I, ls.'iij. The Ceneral Term* of the County Court and j the court of Sessions for the County of < liautau- l que arc appointed to be hidden at the t 'ourt House | in the Village of Maylle in said County in the S. KinBK. j I years ls.'.i', and lS'.T. u follows: . _. . . ___ A General Term «f the County Court for the ,., _.,i • . .i ^ i trial of Issues of la» and for the hearing and de- llSM* Will be a smart eha«cc t o ftx U]) cisi „ n of M„ t i,.ns another proceedings, nt which our streets and side-walks, soon. We hope I no jury will attend, «i the first Monday of Febru- i ary in the year ls. r ,t;. the responsible ones are thinking ttrertly skint tbo matter. WKSTFIBI.II has a ru- inored credit, of beilsj one of the sweetest rural sp«!s Oiere is; though its modesty has veiled it from public gaz<\ Its walks and streets are the chief drawbacks on this rep- utation. Let Main street bo planked and planked all over, the walks ditto. And let ihe provoking di]»-ti<iles ami slip-holes lie leveled. A general Term of the Connty Court for tl.e trial and MMM of law * of fact, and for the heai ing and deeisinn of motions and other proceed- ings, and a term of the Court of Sessions Btwhich a petit .Inry will he required to attend, on the first Monday of April, the first Monday of Sfcptem- tier, aud the fourth Monday of November in each year. x There will be no • '• rand Jury in attendance s the Court* sf Sessions miles- rj echillv ordered SELDIX MARVIN. Co-iMy Judge. A C'AR». Tn the fimlietmmd Cfcantawai '»/' Wes^piW: In reply to the fn-quent inquires, permit me most res|N.*ctt'ully to answer: My intention is o[ { remaining here at least one year from this spring Vv exchange paper says that the ladies j and devoting myself professionally, to pupils in . . . ,\ . . ! everv branch of Mu-ii-. 'i'be new suit of rooms «f Aurora have passed Uie lollowtng rcso- | w i,ic'h I am furnishing with every convenience »• — . I for Students will soon Is- opened to the public, «ith our rchersals. Yours most Olicd'tlv, lititolreri. That if wo. the VOaag ladies of i E. A. BOBBINS. Prof, or Mi s' c Aurora. <l«>n't get limi'ml this year, some- j SISSOlirJTION \ l*».|y wiU b * t o blame. ; ^ OTICt . ish< . r ,. b v ,, iv< .„ tllit t tllc \co-partnership SnHiciellth illdefitlite, ladies of Aurora.: »> hitherto existin.' between the undersigned . . is this dav dissolved bv mntoal consent. H e fed for tlie voting men o f your region. | The C«iBfaar> Hooks wiltbelert-at the store of Win. Osle. liumedient settlement is desireil. ;,'.'-iii« WILLIAM <»C! E, Westfield. April lltb. T.ti. TIH»MAS RIIOTII. l T nder that dubious resolve, we fear you in- j tend some desperate step. 15e entreated j todesi-it, young ladies of Aurora. No pre- text, not even a fair face, a lip «»f dazzling j scorn or a pretty f«s>t. can justify violence J against defenseless young men. Disperse, i Orr, Correspondents must not wonder, if tbey find us bristling with ! ! '. '. I—over their unreadable manuscript, it is compa- ratively t-asy to write legibly, to what it is to linger and hesitate over half-spelled, half- p'lnetuated, half-written manuscript, in the hands of a young eom|>ositor. A piece of «*om]K)>ition should come to die hands of a printer, ready, in every respect, for a trans- fer totvpc; instead of this many send their tinsbapcu scrolls to an editor, as if he was :ut al-'Iivtnist or a doctor, or a even school master to teach the art of composition and For Sale. \ desirable house and lot situated on mnrket street. House new and convenient. To be obi low and possesion '.riven imme.liatelv if de- ssired. BABl'OCK A KNIGHT. April 1st. ls;,(L LEI US REASON TOGETHER 'IB'• I H I if*JMll.lL*-LLJ!*z*r- of iafemnfefee: sine. ffelKh of SepWaat having beea^ atojyed Mare than oa» Ay i n the time. Also, that the 11111* can do, and are doing as mack grinding, and aa well a* oay ethtrt in tlu* Imek. For farther information, call and aee for yourselves Fkrar, Meal, Praah Gkonnai Fteaatar, and an extra article of Stucco for for sale by J. I!. WALKER. P. S. 1 have also a separator procured on pur- pose to clean wheat perfectly clean (which I be- lieve no other mills here have.) Those wishing Flouring dene will do well to tall before making contracts elsewhere. 43tf. J. R. W. .rFKl** •Saa^aSV rerUlta premises followat Ail that piece or parcel of land aM and beingbS*ek>wuTouaftTandHtate and being part of lot master ii, fifth town- ship, and tiurteenjh nagi< ««['•; \oBao* te«d 4 00 i ::5 I 00 3 iO If, 50 44 14 - \ 44 14 44 44 \bush \bush HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. 117/ r - f RE WE SICK? It has teen the lot of the human race to be n -I i c '• weighed down bv disease and suffering. HOL- ehirography. dentlemen, please to form j aoiTAW PIMJI are apecially adapted t» the vour letters on the plan of Spencer, Rice, or i relief of the WEAK, the XEUVOrs, the DELI- , . , , ' ' , .' , I CATE, and the 1.NKIU9, of all climes, ages sexes, somebody, and then put enough of them in- | and constitutions. Professor Holloway personal to the word, to make it. spell what you de- sire—clear to the end. And if the sense of your paragraph requires n punetuatirnr point, (n % eapital letter, in with tbem, fearlessly, Hndd trustt to thee gencVall forti (or eatvaw]ue*x'es. Tako heed Hn trus to th gerri?ra fortune of things, i o | These f • I,, - 0 \ !, puu ^- «»!> re *' l ! v ..j\» ' to THE Mineral Point Tribune leHs of eggi (t*iat measure 7^ itmUns round. Tb«v are i/ot a select trk l*it sj^mens of a pecul- ~£**i* nt the hnaa. fjU variety (4 hen4;—not Kh»4igh«j»'^--aml jf auy of our ivitnaos can ataov larger eggs ,f haji tbese, j»*> would like to can them,\ We will fitow \fM os>c—a bad one. The •JiOgMlatiwo,(/ t«ii« State at New V'vfc, lm* ,thi« winter, sunk out of sight, as far as it could, the little grouod that the, lovers of FHESK PILLS PURIFY THE BLOOD These famous Pills are expressly combined t( perata on the stomach, the liver, the kidness, the | lungs, the skin, and the bowels, correcting any erangeineut in their functions, purifying the blood, the very fountain of life, and thus curing diseases in all its forms. DYSPEPSIA * LIVER COMPLAINT. _._an race have taken these PiUss It has been proved in all parts of the world that nothing has been fonnd equal to them in ca- ses of disorders of the liver, dyspepsia, and stom- ach complaints generally. They soon give a healthy tone lo tbe»o organs, however much de- ranged, aud when all other means have failed. GENERAL DEBILITY, ILL HEALTH. Many of the moat despotic Covcrnracnts luive opened their Custom Houses to the introduction of these Pills, that they may become the medicine inan and the haters (A rum, had won from • \ f the mans**, learned Colleges admit that this .!.„ U_-l.i„ ,..-:„ .!„» »„_ .1.- . :... ! \\«\<•'•\: £ th . c '.-est remedy ever known for per- the horrible furies, that torture the agonized family of the drunkard. Rum called from iU red and infuriate dens, and down went our prohibitory statute, the best labor of .the am lowr for these maay years, to rest witbotW «l«*tive «flbrts to rescue a suf- ferinirhfrB^nHy. What earns the Legials, tor, for dni^eneaB^the yifer. W0C| ^ djjL dir^ssotoowl Titf. g whit. Alegalquib. r 4e, wjH ssar ite Hsice and paUey its bands. Tbe^earo gymbmonhtammftam; Bat this recreant bo<l>> wbieh took such caro to jniUoV»ra,brtBottobsuldurs in this vital ituUtertotberjKsia^aadhafi.itiesatoftlin people «f Urn State, dearie—not the Gov- enaor's call to an extra asuajon, but to hare the inatyprsbU words of Philip, the subtle prinea r/Maeedoa. WTMM wer their offi- t^acj|s«fr^I-*wlhas»itotakea<%, ; I could introduce s mule Entail Prices at Wslkers Mili, and u>ui- ttock'i S re. WBSTPIEI.S, Feb. IS. Winter \VixeM Flour, Extro, $4 50 per cwt Spring \ \ Meal f Buckwheat Flour Short s, llran, I'rover.der, 43 UK XT IS THY. D R. THOMPSUX, in the usual manner would present his compliments to the pationixing public and solicit attention to his experience and facilities for sueccsful practice in the. DISTAL SI llfilt 1L ART. T'lis aunonncenieiit need not require the partic- ular explanation that wiuild Is- due from a new and stranger operator. The subscriber will, there- fore, merelv advertise his Kooma, on Main Street. at the East'end of the Brick Block, near the Post Office, where he will hereafter be constantly in readiness to give attention to calls, and to make bis work satisfactory, and in the la-st style of the art Strangers, aud those wishing references, as «yto« turned to his <*» <nto***«V <vT ft-a rc-M g part of tot an ihfunaJMi iteji nfl Company's sorvey: and site.' map or aurrey of part s f aaM lot made by Thau Ihy Jndasa far Abner & Qawbe and others at lot number thirty; and. Bounded Korth by She origi- nal Use of said lot nnaer MeanWaVre, three chains. East bv lots number twenty-seven and twenty-nine of the said last ineatteied aarveys, thiatee* chains, *• uuiia, Souttf by the cen- ter of the north Erie Boad, .four efcaiaa and nint- ty-six links; and went by lot number thirty oae of the Holland Company'* surveys, nfteen chains, forty-six link*; Containing live and forty hun- dreths, acres, be the same more or leaa. And also all that certain other piece or parcel of land situate lying and being in the said town of Port- land and bounded as follows W> wit: Iieginaiog in the center of the north Erie ltoad on tli e west line of a certain lot of land conveyed by James Dunn to Simeon Whitconib, and running north on said Whitcomb's line, twenty-six chains, twenty-seven links; thence west on the south lineof lot number thirty-two', three chains, sixty-live links; thence south, twenty-eight chains, lifty-six links, thence north fifty-three degrees east! four chains thirty-one liks to the place of beginning: contain- ing ten acres of land, with the exception of one acre lying in the South east corner of the above | described land. Said nwrtjnigc with the- power of sale therein ' contained was recorded in the Clark's office of'| the County of Chaotauque, the lltii duv of Octo- j ber A. I>. is.'.2 at 11 o'clock a. at. i n Liber 33 or mortgages at page ;>\ The amount due on said mortgage at the time of the lirst publication of this notice is »134.\ N 23, and there will remain un- paid, and to become due upon said mortgage, live years from the date thereof, the further sum of sliKMMi. Default having been made in the payment of the amount due and secured hjr said mortgage, and no-auit having been instituted at law to recover the same, or'any part thereof.— Now, therefore by virtue of the power of saie con- tained in said mortgage, not ice i- hereby given that the above described premises will be sold at public aucticn to the highest bidder on Saturday the ltth day of Jane A. I». IftSa, at one o'clock P. M. at the Westliebl House, in Wcsthehl village, Chautauquc Conutv, X. V. Dated March, 17, Is.',.;. PHILIP MKUK 'I.E. Mortgagee. SMITH A CHADWICK. Attvs. l:»w.4K. i uddtthW to & form* stock, is now p^parfng- to supptr al ar tides g«|ieraily oomprisod ia ; a sndharjllr GROCERY AND PROV AJfOirCr WHICH ABE J-iiA M Ar^T»A^A >i 4^H|^,a-A r %.-tel W tejtw STORE; Sugar, white and brown of all grades. Tea, green and black, the best chops. (fynif and lUam; that will fit the most fa«- tidioas. - Cofer, Mocba, Java, Rio, Laguira and Pea. Toaacro, Cavendish, Fine cat and smoking. Am/,ttneaboy ami Scdtcli. Fruit, liaiains, Cnrranta, Citron, Lemons. Oran- ges, in their season. Candles, Sperm, Wax, Seearlne, Star and tallow. inmphene and Burning Fluid made fresh daily. Fitlt, Troat Mackerel, Salmon, Shad Cod and White Fish. rKoasim Ware, Wash Tabs, Pails. Bowls, Bask- ets, Brooms Ac. (warden Seeds, From the most celebrated Card- dens Spire, Pepper, Cloves, cassia buda, nutmegs pi- mento, kinger, cinnamon, mace, it,, Ac. For Birds, Canary and hemp seed, cuttle fish bone, and an assortment of cages, (onfeetiouerij, From liedgkin's Few York, Ac. I .Crackers, Boston butter and soda, Aitf*. Grenable. Breafl, Kilharta, almoads, Ac. Pwfumery, Harrison's ana others. P,neder, shot and fishing tackle. S,HI„, cream tartar and aohl, ritoue-mare, farina, corn ftarch, chocUte, coros. Flowr, of Winter and Spring Wheat br the load or 100 lbs. > Buckirheat, Flour, corn meal, shorts, bran, Ac. Com, oats, seed wheat, beans. Cloter Seed, any quantity and rery nice. Timothy Heed, lOti bushels, first quality. Cigars, Sl.iKW worth constantly on band, prices roni s.i MJ to 4,001L Lemon, Sotla and Sarsaparilla svrnps bv the Dozen Bottles. Tobacco, a large quantity cheap plug Tobacco, Suitable fur washing sheep. Stationery, letter Foolscap and Billet paper, Peacils Sealing wax. Wafers, Steel Pens, Ac. Westfield, April 16. ii-tf. Mtabwlednied to bo the inoet aapwrffleent EiMbiffin tbk CtobdrV.\ OuTmttkj * MHmtmy, Atw. »* » Mt BrnMArj wiH deliw L f [Iwlst, Le<^aat>aavtbefictureia upraa^ 3. 4. 5. 6. i. 8. WE8TFIEID HAEDWARE STORE. to work, ran find them readily in this plucr, or farther about if desirable. Chlorofom administered in the extraction of | teeth it desired, for which an additional charge will be made. The sutwcritier may state his entire sneeess tn a long practice, in the use of this U'- nclieuni agent, in painful operations, Specimen plates and other work, can be examined at his to lie paid by a Mortgage dated, May 1,185; Uoonis. • made and executed bv Aiuxin V. Burr, of Stock- Tbe creation of lieautifnl artificial b-eth'within | ton, Chautauque Cuanty, K. V. to James Smith.— ao, T HE Subscribers would respectfnlly call the attention of the public to the fact that ther keenon band at the old stand, the best assortment of v r~ HARDWARE, STOVES, AND TIN-WARS, To be found in this section of the country, comprising every variety of House Trimmings, Carriag* Trinuiuiu,*, Enalish and American Table and Pocket Cutlery, Carpenters' tt Joiners' Blacksmith's <f- Mechanics' Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Salt and Putty, Mill X Cut and Machine Saws, Chain Pumps, Cistern tb Well Pumps, Lead Pipe, Xails, Iron, Steel, rfr., rf-r. S T O V E ST°~^T O V E S . \% rORTUAGE HALKi— Default having been The best assortment of Tooking, Parlor and Plate Stov.-s. ever oSered in this market selected from among the newest and most approved patterns to lie found in Eastern markets, among which are the Black Diamond, Empire State, Improved, MeUmora. Forest Belle. l>ining lloom Stoves of all made in the the payment of monies seenred ] styles. Parlor Stores of every variety, togethep with a large a-segtnimt of Japanned Ware, Tin Copper snd Sheet Iron Ware, Stove-Pipe, and everything aaWssti found in an kind; all of «hicb they offer for sale at prices which cannot fail to suit. in an establishment of this a short period, so perfect as to «|oal ajid even j Which Mortgage contains a power of sale and ' } <ii together with said Mortgage recorded in the JOB WORK OF ALL KIYD* excel nature in regularity and tint, gives a new } was together with said Mortirage recorded in the • value andfacination to the dental art, and makes | „(n c r of t he clerk of Chaatauquc Countv afore- \ i_ nllr i in „ j,„„ nn s hnn notice and In the best > n ,i m~,, . » » • . _ . artincial aets desirable, not only for the purposes | ^id, in U ber St. of Mortgmfts at page 28e. on tin- | 2-T N'^7M.IU street Westneld N Y subsUnti.l manner. Remember the ly grace . jnth dav of Mav lSTii SirH Mortgage was given v ' •-•• ,,.„„,» , „ of i>pench and msstication, but for rouiei an I beauty. Double sets on silveror gold mount ings. Old plates r-modelled, or improved, orex cbangedTor new work, Ac. Ac. V. A THOMPSOX. Westfield, March, 1\. MM, 47-tf. DISCOVERED AT LAST. (IREATEST CL'RE IX THE WORLD Vim MAX, Prof. CHAR. De <.RATI!'*. t Sail Mortgage was gi for the purchase money tad to secure the pay inent of $1,OT3 35 with \intrrest and to be paid according to the terms set forth in the condition or the Bond accompanying said Mortgage. The whole amount of principal and interest due at the date of this notice is $!\1 74, leaving a balance of principal of si\'.'.' 37 unpaid aud to grow due thereon with use. Said Mortgage on the Jlst day of February, ls'a;, was duly assigned by James Smith, to Will- iam W. Ilowen. and the assignment recorded Feb- ruary 23, ls.Vj in the autre of the Clerk of said 'PHIS Oil is the only sure remedy in tlf- world } •'ounty of I'liautuuqui- and the said William W. X. for the cure of Rheumatism, tiout. Talus in ! Bowen is now the legal owner and holder of said the Back, Breast or side. Palpitation of the Heart J. HARRINGTON, <k CO. Kfccetsior Mill. ALL RIG/IT r^l S TIME. V KTEll a long delay, we BOW offer to a discrim- inating public the very best Portable Crain Mill in existence. The Excelsior Young Ameri- ca Mill. Patented by Mr. CnsiaLES Lnavirr, in February last, adapted to (Irinding Vrovrnder from Corn in the Ear.' Shelled Corn. Corn and Hats, and other i.;rains. By a simple adjusting apparatus the will is made to tgrind coarse and tin,- as draireiL. The meal is conducted out at Carriage aud Wagon bv Paralytic Stroke, Toothache, Headache, (ramps in the Stomach, Scrofula, Frosted hands or Feet, Sore Eyes, Piles, sprains or bruises. Sores or barns, 'StitThess in the Joints., Tetter, or Salt I given, that pursuant to the |aiwer of sale coutarn- Uheunie, Xeuralgia, Sore Breast, or any Diseases ] ed insaid Mortgage and of the Statue insiicb caw [hat are Sore or Paiufnl.it the only article erer J nusup aud provided, the said Mortgage will lie brought la-fore the p'nBlic that will do its work foreclosed by the sale of the lands and premise- perfectly in from three to twenty minutes has • dcscrilied in said Mortgage, together with the ap- becn used bv thousands and pronounced to be j pnrU-naiires,at public notion t« the highest bid- rhe heat remedy ever disi overcd. der at he Inn kept by Paul Persons .lr„ in West- TbLs Oil acts \ou the system with electricity, is field village X. Y. on the Jth day of Juue next, at of pure vegetable preparation, not the slightest ! 2_o\clock m the afternoon or that d:i danger of applying it outwardly or uorardly, it at once gives a permanent cure, in most cases in ] -pout at the side or the Mill. This Mili is set on Mortgage and Bond; and no -nit action, or pro- I three legs, cast solid to the rone. It took the cecdiug at l.aw, or in Equity, having been insti- tuted to recover the detu or any part thereof due '— saiil Mortgage; Xoticc is \therefore hereby ten or twenty minutes. The best Physiologist of Europe have discover- ed that all Organic Derangement in the Animal System is the effect of an obstruction of tllc i'iiv- sico-Electro Fluid iu the organ diseased—a skill- ful aplicstionof this Oil puts into immediate mo- tion the nerve fluid, and the cure is at once ac- complished. Xo bleeding, no vomiting, purging, or blistering, is resorted to. Xoue genuine nthont the stgnalnre of Labels signed in < an E. SX1TI1. Chemist. writing. ( De i.HATH A Co. Principal Depot. \». 3:i South Eight St.. three doors liclow I'hcsnu' I'hilada. Country Dealers and Druggists can he supplied. Wholesale and Re- tail. Price 2J cents, .~rt) ct-., and $1 per Bottle. Try everything els,-, then give this one simple trial. ?j«T* Xo genuine * Kl.txTKR' OIL\' sold by ped- lers in the 1'nited State*. BsT*The Bottb-s will have on our own stainp.^-j. Entered according to Act of Congres, iu the rest l*-iS,l»r Pmfe saar Cniauts Ms Rnarm, in tho flerk's Office of the Dis.rict Court of the Eastern District of rVuusjrhraula For Sale bv l_ Parson-, Xo. 17, Main Street Westfield, X. V. 47-tf. FOR H \I,E OR TO RENT. r |^UK Subscriber has four Duellings and Lata, 1 pleasantly l.ocateil iu this Village for sale. <t low rates for prompt pay. II not sold they will be rented from the hat of April ne.v*. A. L WFI.I.K. Wcstlield, March s. Is:,.-. 47-tf. FOR MALE. V I.ARtJE. new and oominodions Dwelling House—pleasantly situated on Washington Sreel. \ UAHCOCK A KXIOHT- Manh 1J. !*•.. 47-tf. O X the Loril Isti, 1 bonus Winner . t III Ht II SLIP. TT T F. are wishing to sell Slip Xo. \. in the Bap- > \ tist Church in this village. To In- sold low. BABCOCK. A KNIfillT. March 12 IB.'.'.. 4s.tf. mun m BOOK. ~ THE SACRED PLAINS. Bl'J. H. HE ABLY. One 12mo. Volume, cloth. Elegantly Illustrated. Pnana, .\-$1 2.\ Mailed free of Postage on receipt of the retail price. The lands anil premises are described in said Mortgage as follows: •• All that tract or parcel of land situate in the County of Chautauquc l« - ing port of Lot Xo. 14. Township 4, range 13. of the Holland ljuid Company's purchase according to the Maps and Honeys thereof made by test ah a.'id Benjamin Ellicott: Beginning at the Xorth east corner of said Lot Xo. 11, thence west on I the north bounds of said Lot Xo. It, eighteen ehaJtas and twenty six links to the center of the highway: thence southerly, along the center of ; the highway, known as the Old ('hautampje ltoad. in entj -three rliaius and 14 links to the center of i th-i ltoad leading from D. lanti to Westflehl: thence easterly along the center of said Road 32 | chains fiS links to the east bounds ••! said Lot j Xo. 14; thence north 2-\> chains H links to tlu: place of begining. containing ..7 and thirty two I one hundredths acres of land.\ Dated, Westfield, I March -\ ls,16 Wn.l.IAM W. HOWEX, Assignee. JOHN (',, Hisixi.tv. Att'y for Assiguee. 4U-13«' , MORTGAGE W V LL. first day of Februarv in the year of our , xccnu-d a mort- gage upon real estate to .lo-bu.i I:. Babcock and I dated of that da*, conditioned to pay $172 M, with interest, and to l«- paid by installments par- ! ticularly specified iu a Bond Ivaring the : ' same date, and was recorded iu the < lerk's office '. of Chautauquc Countv on the 2>it h duv of Februa- 1 i ry 1844, at 11 o'clock A. M. in I.ils-r 1? of Mort- | ! gages, at page 4'js. And it contains the usual j power of saie. Default having been made in the ; | pavmciit of some part of the money s ( cured to be ! paid by said Mortgage, there remaining now due ; ami unpaid at the date hereof, the sum of $2f> •>$. j Therefore notice is hereby given that the mort- j I gaged premises lielow described, will be sold at | . public auction at the AVesttleld House in the vil- ; : lage of Westfield in said County, on the lnth day af May next, at nine o'clock in\ the forenoon. The mortgaged premises are situated in the I ' town of Westlield aforesaid; and in the said inort- | gage are descrils-d as follows to wit: All that j j certain piece or parcel of laud situate, lying and \ ' being in the rounty there mentioned, ami bouu- ; ded as follows; Xrtrth by land deedeil to I'eriy ' B. Xoble, thirteen clmius nine links; East by land deeded to Robert Cochrane, nineteen chains tcu ' ; links; South by bind deedeil to William Ialw. thirteen chains, nine links, and West by laud deeded tn l : \*Jk' Cochrane, ind nineteen chains i ten links. roSfiining twenty-five acres of land more or less. Westfield Feb. 11, !S.iK. 13w43. DIXO.V A MCE, Atty's. I lirst premium at the last Ohio finA Fair, in com- petition with the •• Little riiant.\ •Aitar,\ Ac and has taken the trsl premium at every other Fair where prf-uiiuuu- were awarded, aud brat every- thing of the kind at every Fair af which it was presented. s Please road the following report of the trial of Com and Cob Mills at the late Fair of the Mary- land Agricultural Societv, at Baltimore, from the Mansfield (0.1 Herald. . \The following will show the time occupied, and the number of revolutions of each of the Mills II cxhihisiou, in grinding a half bushel of corn and cobs: - Mins. Revolutions Excelsior Young America Mill.-2{ 10 Little Iiiant Mill. *i M Mavnard's Champion Mill. ** 20 Coibum's Mill. SI 32 Advantages of (he Excelsior Young America Mill over all other—1st, (mat strength and dura- bility, '-'d. Simplicity—luiviagonry onrsrtscrew to graduate the quufitli of grinding. 3d, It will grind more corn, or roru aud cob/, in the same time and of the same quality, tiiane*ny other Mill in use. 4th, EcnBoniy—thnt*i«rt oSShe Mill which is most liable to wi-nr, lieing separate from the main body of the Machine, can benenewed when worn outat the smnll cost of-;x Thus is the EA- celsior Young America ^lill we present, the ls»st. • beapeat and most durable mill ever offered to the farmer.\ • Price of MIIHV complete. SU-'. >KMs of the old patent >on which a premium was awarded at our last Countv Fair> also on hand—Prsrc. §40 Town llights for ante cheap. We are Willing to guaran tee CNTiitK SATISFAI TIOX to any reasonable mau. For fnrther particulare, call or aiWres« J. R WRIOHT A CO. Westfield, Dec. 2G, ISi.laj WESTFIELD ACADEMY rpHK Spring Term will coinmcuce March 2fi, to Jl continue fifteen weeks. Tuition in the higher department, per term, $5 00 do primary, do extra | MAMYACTORY. On Main Street, ojijMtitethe Agricultural Works. ; AXTU-I.IAM CRAXDA LL has been for severs T » years engaged in carrying ou the above , business, and keeps coustantl'v on liand, and will manufacture to order, all kiiids of work in his line. _.?«r Reparing done on short notice. Westlield. April 2.'>, 18.VJ. tf-1 L7PA R SONS, I Xo. 17, MaiN-sr, NEXT TO THE STOXL BIILHINO, ..Ceneral Dealer in DRCfJS A MED1CIXES, DVE-STVFFS, PAIST6 Oils, Varnishes. Perfumery. Chemicals. ! :.\r. FANCY Amicus,Surgica l Instruments, Ac^ Ac. AUiO-^- . Books and MtaUasserr. 3NT 3B B AYARD TAVLOIPS TRAVELS, the l'rartice of a Xew York Surgeon. ? notary, • rawing. do do Scenes In Wid-| ow Bedott Papers. Wolfert's Roost. Sunshine j on Daily Path*. ••Dickens'\ Foot Prints of the ' Creator. The Xewromes. Snany Memories of Foreign Iannis. American Statesman, Ac. \TVYMILY Toilet aud Shaving Soaps at L. Par- ! JT s»ns\ Drug Slon. n AXDKERCHIEF and Flavoring Extracts.— I line assortment, at I* Parsons', Xo. 17. | Main Street. 1 >ROF. DeCraths Electric OU—the best artirb? I iu the world for Kheumatism, Sprains. Itrui- ' ses. Ac. at L Parsons' Xo. 17, Main st. JOCKET Medicine Cases. Reticules, Drafting j Instruments cheai>, at L Parsons', Xo. 17, Main-st. C ^ OLD PESU, Cnrd Cases, and Portmonnaies, JT at Xo. 17. Rjt\ASCRO A PALMER'S Sarsaparilla—the best I igua M ORTOAGE SALE—Defanlt hawing liee'u made in the payment of money due upon a y su|Hfrintends the manufacture of his medicines Tin the t'nited States, and offers them to a free anil enlightened stasia, as the best remedy the world ever saw for the removal of disease. sons of delicate health, or where the system has been imnu}red, as its invigorating properties nev- er fail t<) afford relief. FEMALE COMPLAINTS. Xo female, young or old, should be without this celebrated medicine. It corrects apd regu- lates the monthly courses at all periods, acting in many cases like u cfe^ffn. It is also the best and safest medicine that ca# be given to (children of all ages, and for any complaint: consequently no family sdould lie without it. Hottounuj* Pills tire, are the hest remedy known in the world for the following dis- ease ; Asthma. Bowel Complaints. Coughs. Colds, Chest Disease*. Costiveness, uys- Dropsv, • - IWIsll'ty, Fever and Ague, Female Complaints. Headarhs. Indigestion, Influenza. Influniation. Veneral AfiV'-'tions, Worms of all kinds. Stone A Crave 1 , Liver ItomptainU. Ix-wdnrss of Spirit, Piles. From the Xew York Evening Post. '•This volume will lie read with satisfaction by j those who most enjoy the \Sacred Mountains.' \\ | From the Louisville Journal. \ It is fall of deep interest, and written in a most glowing and beautiful style.'' From the Detroit Daily Advertiser. \There is merit suilicient iu the work to make it a favorite with a lover of things associated so closely with biblical history. From the Huston Saturday Evening Cazette. \The writer has a powerful use of language: though he enters upon his task with a true devo- tional spirit, he invests his theme with an inter- est sun- to fascinate the gem-nil reader.\ From the Buffalo Christian Advocate. \A finished specimen of style and workmanship.\ From the l.'oehester Inion. \lie has clothed his ideas with lofty and beau- tiful language.and rested the subject In a'luan- iier becoming Its importance.'' From the Xew York Courier and Enquirer. '•The author, like his predecessor, is very suc- cessful in reviving scenes with life-like efle'ctimd his book will very justly find extensive favor.\ From the Boston Journal. '•The style is different (rota .1. T. lleadley, and perhaps better adapted to the subject. It is sim- ple and unpretending, but plain and forcible.\ From the Medina Tribune. \It is written in a style of poetic prose suited to thewnbject, and makes some glowing pictures of the 'Sin red Plains.' spreading them out in all their oriental loVetifiess and investing them with a charm and Interest that lielotig only to Script- ure scenes.\ From the Buffalo Daily Republic. \An elegant hook, both in contents and appear- . ance—fitted to adorn and increase the value of any library.\ From the Boston Daily Advertiser. \The volume is handsomely illustrated with I views of many spots made interesting by the sa- cred history.\ From the (leneseo Republican. \The author has faithfully executed his ilcsign and presented to the public* a book replete with: interest and instruction.' From the Salem iMass.i Observer. \The material* of the several chapters seem to have lasen collected with much care.\ UJ- Papers inserting the foregoing three times and sending a copy of paper to the publisher-, wffl receive a copy of the above work, anil also | the KconomiejCottage Builder, pre-paid. WAXEER, McKIM ACO., Publisher., 3wt9, Bufiklo. X. V. i mortgage executed by Thudeus F. Barton to Thomas Hunter, bearing date the twelfth day on Xovrmlier. one thousand, eight hundred fifty-three and recorded in the Clerk's office of Chaiitauque Couuty. on the 12th day of .lauuary, 1H.14. in lilier III! of mortgages, at |»ge 2t>7, which said mortgage was given to secure the payment of the sum of nine hundred dollars and interest from the first day of January, ls.»4. and has lieen properly as- signed by the suhl Hunter to; Russell Saiulcrlin, which assignment is'revOrdsd in the Ck-rVsoffice on the I Jib day olj-lanuarv ls'i-l.in lils-r :ij page .174 Amount claimed to he unpaid on said mortgage, on the day of the first publication of this notice, is ten hundred aud thirty seven dollars and two cents. The amount claimed to be actually due and unpaid is three hundred and twenty six dol- lars. Mortgaged premises pert lot number twen- ty-two. in the first townshid and fifteenth range of the Holland Land Company's survey .and bound- deil north by lot number twenty-three, fifteen chains and one link: east by a line parallel to the east bounds of said lot numisvr twen-two, fat the distance of twonsythTc chains six links west therefrom,i fifty-nine chains ninety-six links: Music, Uo u( TtACHi.ss; J. c. DOX.VLPsOX, A. P.. Princiro' WM. 11. MAYXARn, A. B. Teacher of languages. Miss MARY M. SMITH. Preceptress. Miss JANE MACOJ«B»:K, Teacher in Primary Dep. Prof. E. A. BOBBINS, Teacher of Music. Mrs J AMES II. CKOCKER, Teacher of Drawing. Mr. IL D. STONE, Teacher of Penmanship. The course of study and method of teaching will Is- desigued to develop the power of thought and at the same time give practiclc skill, so as finally to make the students thorough, both in the theory and practice ol the branches of education pursued by them. The course of study prepara- tory to entrance in the best coUcges will be taught to such as wish to )iersiir the coUego course: also the principal studies of the collegiate course. The method will differ from that pursued in college, in this: that what must la- passed over in college iu a specified time, without regard to the attainments of the scholar, will lie studied for a longer or shorter time, according to the canaokv or the students, that they may not leave their work imperfect, A Teacher's Clas» a ill Is- organized, in which will la* given instruction iu the Theory and Prac- tice of School Teaching. The Musical Department, under the sniiervisioi of Prof. E, A. RoBiiiNS presents a new and attrac- tive feature to those' desirous of giving their chil- dren a finished musical education, without the usual accompaniment .of great expense. Aside from private tuition upon the Piano, Melodeon, (•altar, \<\, the theory of music from first princi- ples to musical composition, will lie taught as a daily study. All necessary fa-ilities will Is- pro- vided, and the same attention given as to other branches of education. Terms *:i. All private lessons. Instrumental or Vocal, S*12 )>er term of U lessons. tfU. WATCHES AND JEWELHy. S Y. R. WELI.S. has opened a new and spleu- • did assortment of WATCHES ANA JEWELRY. Silver and Plated Ware, Pocket and Table Cutlery Clocks, Mnsieal Instruments, Ar„ Ac WATCHES, _ article in Market, at a reduced price, and all : £j | the popular Patent Medicines for sale at L Par- ' I sons' Drug and Book Store. Xo. 17. 40 3 00 Westlield. January 23d, 18iC. WANTED, I I W W 1 rl >TOMERS at J. R. WALKER'S 1 jvW Mill, which is now in running order Those wanting flouring done, will do veil to cul soon. Westfield, September 5, 1865. II. south bv lot number twenty-one, fifteen cliains one ! F'\ e Gold French Swis- and Chines Duplex, Magic Hunting and doable time Keepers Hunting and open face Patent Eng. Lev. \ •• \ Detach'-.i \ •• \ Cvlinder (iuard. Vest and Fob Chains. Ladies and Uents Breast Pins, •' - Finger Rings. SI1.\ F.R WATCHES, bv Asa Farnsworth. on the :ils day of Mav lSoK. • of every style and price from f»Jut* $60. Silver at noon, upon the powers contained in said' nVbrt S\»rd Yeat and Fob Chains. Twelve to fifteen gage, aud or the statute in such case made and t different stylesand Patterns of provided. Dated March 6th 1*6* Rl'SSELL SL'XDERLIX, Assignee. link, and west by a line parrall.-l to the east bounds of the bind hereby conveyed, sixty chains twenty-one links—containing ninety acres of land ; more or less—excepting twenty acres ofland now occupied by Philo s, Mawley. Xotiee is hereby given, that the above described mortgaged preiu- ; ises will be sold at public auction, at the West- field House, in the village of Westlield, now kept S IPUEME COUBtw Csuntr Otis Aldrich against Frank P. Perkins.- rillFDKSILE. \17\c arewhdfteutosf-ll a farm of 10.'; _ * \ most of wnleh iaimprovud—Situated ou the •H Mayville road, ab-«st two. utile* ftps, the vil. MK UwreSt*»«Welt Uahered, f Chaiitauque.— To Frank P. Perkins defendant: You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint of Otis Al- drich, plaintiff, which was filed in the office of the Clerk of Chautauquc County, at May- viile, on the With-day of November. A. D. U5», and to serve a copv ofyoitr answer on the sub- scribers at their office iu Westlield X. Y., within twenty day s after the service; and if you fail to answer such .•\ra.BJafnt. us hereby required, the plalntiffwitl taaw-jsdirement against you for fif- teen hundred sixty two dollars and forty-two cents, with interest rin right hundred eighty-one dollars, at six per.cent, ssr annum, fnuu the 10th day of August Is.Vi; aud interest, ou six hundred eighty-one dollars and:forty-two cents, at six per cent, per annum from the 30th day of .Not ember, A. D. 1S66, besides coats of thi* action. Mated Xovemlier :«>, Htii ^ SMITH I CtfADWICK, Att'ys for PITT. 6w-tl '• which he will sell as cheap is caa be bought at • any retail establishment, ami every article warran- ' ted to IK- what it is sold fir. Please call and examine before purchasing ! elsewhere. X. B.—.lobbing done on short notice. Particu- | lar attention paid to repairing watches, bj a n ex- i perienced workman. ! Wessffield, Jan. 30, lsjfi, 41tf Bounty X»nsuf 1 t lly mi AH passed March 3, IS 16. r f^HK undersigned are prepared to obtain Land JL Warrants under the above Act. All persons who have served It days in any of the wars since 17(MI, or been in any \battle or il deceased, their widows or minor children, are each by this Act, entitled to 160 acres of Land, or enough to make that amount, if they have receiv- ed any bv a previous Art. MM A RICE. Westlield, April 26, 18A6. Eclectic Physician At sturgeon. W M. BOORX. formerly of Richmond, X. has permantly located in this place, and supplied himself with new Instruments, and pure Medicines. He is prepared to attend to all busi- ness pertaining to his profession. He will be at his office from S till 10 A. M. each day. X. H. special attention paid to Chronic Diseas- es, surh as Scrofula, Cancers Diseases of the Eye aud Skin, also a good supply of Eclectic prepsra- tious of Medicines on hand. Cough DnqM, Lini- ments. Mother's relief, Pills, Plasters, Ac. He has also a good Bathing House connected with his office, which will be kept in readiness for the accomi latiowof those who wish to use it. Dr. Boom having treated successfully for a number of years, diseases of the skin in every form, would respectfully call the attention of the public to his Collyrium'for the re moral of Tan s Sunburn. Freckh-s, Liver S»l>or«, < 'haf». luughhcau of the skiu, Ac. It is also a \ ery coo.ing wash fo r children, and can lie used at all timeslw ith safety Office Xo. rj. South Portage street, Westfie, ,, Chant, (o. , X. Y. ' J-tf. AUBURN TB MALE SEMINARY! AAV COLLEGIATE Ifc'STITt'TE. r pHE Winter Session of this Institution la-gin* L Dec. 6th. in one of the most magnificent ed- ifices devoted to Female Education in this country under an abb- and efficient corps of Teachers. The w indowsare famished with Venetian blinds water on ererj' Hour, and gas-lights throughout the building, promote the comfort of the student, and add to the safety of the Institution. The ar- ringements for ventilation are unsuri'assed. A s experienced nurse, residing in the Seminar}', baa rare of the sick. Xoriuat students admitted free of tuitions including Masic. Ornamentals and Languages, for two years, by paying the usual price of board. Only one received from each town. Mileage paid for all distances over 1(N) mile-'. For Circulars, write, stating particulars, to E. Jl. SMITH. A. M., tf-20 Principal. FROM S. M.PETTE56ILL & COS Newspaper Advertising Agency, 119 Xassatt Street, X. Y. THE WOXDER OF THE AtlE! Dr. Tobin'ft Venetian Liniment s warranted to cure the Cholera, Colic, fiea- sickne»». Chronic Rheumatism. Vomitings, Cuts, Bitras, Old Sores, Swellings, Tooth-ache and Pains of alt kinds, or no pay. (.wruat Cure of RJitHmntism.-~Ca\n. Coiuatock, of the Steamer Baltic, (Collins Line.i was cured of it severe attack of the Chronic Kheuinatism, in a few days, by Dr. Tobins' Celebrated Venetian Un- latest. Cure of Chtiltra. —John Wright, of tbo Arm of John Wright * I OM XO 161 Chartrcss St., Xew Or- leans, was immediately cured df an attack of Choi era, by ToJMns' Liniment. Vomitiug\iai Co/ir.—-Mrs. Sosrph Xicholl, No. 1 I. 'tho City of SM»*y. < >( / :'s b A purtt off for the Golti Diggins. Passage over tho Blue Mountains. The Gold Diggjns. Camping out in the Bush. Dinner time at tho Cstop Home of tho Australia?! I Washing and Shearing the! Q. TUo City of Melbourne by Mapnlight. 10. Native ou his Raft. 11. Native acquiring dexterity by tlirow- Tnc thd Spean 12. Natives under tho Otarvsh. or Bark Hut. - 13. Specimens of natural PrtxluctioDs. 14. An American Vessel feavicnj it* China. 15. Terrors of n storm at 8ea-^*Al3 THUNDER and LIGHTNING 16. Tbo Quiet Sen. 17. Arrival at Canton. Part H.—CHINA. 1. Landing place and entrance tea that Budhist Temple and HootBan 7 . -!. Interior of the Temple and Imaga sf the God. A Street in Canton. , A Cap Stone in Canton. Itinerant Barber. Canton Bargo-meti and their amuse- ments. 7. The Golden Island—Chinese Naviga- tion and Fishing. 8. Cat Merchants. 9. Itinerant Doctors. 10. Opium Srnofcers. 11. The punishment of tho Cungue. 12. Cultivation of Ride—Rice Sowing. 13. Transplanting of Bice. 14. The Melon Island and Irrigating Wheel. 15. Playing at Shuttlecock with tho feet. 16. Cultivation and preparation of Tea. 17. House of a Chinese Merchant. 18. The Cataract of Shitan. 10. Bamboo Acqueduct. . 20. Festival of the Dragon Boat. Part III.-CHIWACOarTItfrED. 1. The Great Wall of China. 2. Ceremony of 'Meeting the Spring.' 3. Silk Culture—Silk Farms. 4. Feeding Silk Worms and Sorting Co- coons. 5. Destroying the Chrrsalidc9,and wind- ing off the Silk. 6. Dyeing and Winding Silk. 7. Chinese Kite flying. 8. Punishment of the Bastinado. . 9. A Mandarin pa\ ing a visit of Cere- mony. A dinner Party at the House of a Mandarin. . . Jugglers exhibiting at the Court of a Mandarin's Palace. 12. Pavilion and <jardcn of a Mandarin. 13. Ladies of a Mandarin's Family at Cards. i 14. Chinese Fortune Telling fly the -Sticks or' Fate.\ 15. Marriage Ceremonies—receiving tha Bridal Presents. If!. Marriage Proeession. 17. Rice Sellers at Military Stations. • 18. The Emperor reviewing his Guards. 19. The Emperor's Palace and Gardens. 20. The Tung-Ting-Shnng Mountain. 21. Termination of the Great Wall Concluded with a gorgeous represent*. tio n of omtnoloro Perry s Flset leaving J pan, and the wonderful effect of firing • • salute of 21 guns from the broadside of ha e Flag Ship. ADMISSION, Single Tickets 25 cents, 5 Tickets 81,00, 10 Tickets *1,50. Dooss open at 6J o'clock. Commence at 7^. CLEVELAND, Jan. 2.5. •jHaving witnessed an exhibition of Bo- NFAU'S Pauoramma, we can cordially recom- mend it as highlr interesting arid instruc- tive. Rev. R. B. CLAXTON. Rev. D. PROSSER. Bonesu's Panorama has been exhibited to the Schools of this towasad to the Cit- izens generally. There) is Mat'one opinion in relation to the Paintings. ai*# th.-t is, that they arc unsurpassed. All seem to be highly pleased and highly satisfied with tho exhibition. We cheerfully recQmmerd tho Paintings as worthy the patronage of an ntelligtMit community. G. E. HOWE, Sup'*, Schools, Parmrrflle, Ohio.—Tickets to be had st Babeocks and arsons Book Store. r - _ SIXCER-S siroixo mcHixBK C *~1 RKAT improvements have just been eeosple. T ted in these well known machines. They now run without noise, with great ease to the on- erator. and at double the fanner speed—so tli.-i' twice as much work can be done in a day. All who want Sewing Machines, and have bought tlia worthless ones of other manufacturers whicn thi J cannot use, may be assured that each cne of Sin- ger's Machines will do,- In uneqaalled style, ai j kind of sewing, coarse or Hue, ia cloth,or leataei. They are strong and do not get 'oat' or order.— Thov sew 1,000 stitches per minuie, and asferd a clear profit to the user of *L890^ayearl 10. 11. I 13W-34 A'CO, 323J»r<m«w«',:Newlfprk F ill BALE.—A first rate Dairy Karaa, situsscil in the town of Portland, abost four miles from the village of Wcstriel'd, nn«halt a*%ihVs*£th of tin- KilicoU road consisting of 2*1 acres,—JW) of which arc improved and a good cultivation.— Said farm is well watered and weH Umbered an.I well fenced- The buildings arc -commsdiauasnu in a good state of repair—and there * on the farm a Urfta snpply at orthanaina hscllsWs gr»ft eil and natural fruit. The premises will b* sol< Strsujern extremely low—awl a Utsjral <-radH part of the purchase money If desired. For nnr- tlculara'tnqatrc of the scTserlher* or of Moore Titns on the pisof March, 19th. 1SJC, -L— '- s—ij fui;\ BABCOCK 4 KX1UHT. lment. Pcnotr-eSa ( oiirtlaiid Sttrtct, Xew York. ' hv ali Uruggis I le. fl AX WAJU## # VWaJrCInV „; . T GLEN MUX, • . - eir WESTFIELD. qiAf/TAlWUE, CO. %.% rr^HE above parties having entered into a f art- l ssr*ip»hnihicw«mldre^»wtfalkrMsiW t^^nr&ffi^tolEl&w^^ ffib^are»^.nWo^ims' Meal for Corn, and are urtermlaeBl t o gta* sat- isfaction. . ,, 1.1..':... j i. The Business will be eoffdnWet 1itKr,JtliB Manwiiriug long and sacceasfal practice lfi Essex St.. New York, was cured of an attack of enables Idm >o 8Uarnnt«« 0i« best WfWJP «esr Colic ami Vomiting, by Dr. Tobins' Venetian I.ia- 4 from the wheat with which b^ attry^WnWorM; and it way be asdef. thSSsssSiOhsS Sold short time \ Price 'J5 and .iO ceiits per lx»t- r *s»VlaSte H i-tl laicofWetSsnt ^rM^ ^-•JC- k lksr rW *u Ssrta I'ortage Sttuet ST . )T«a«4«, .tprll KUi |«M. X. C.tkc. Z4f Sold at the Manufactories of Professor Holloway, gO llablen Una, New York, and 2ft aHrand Doadon, by all raaneetable Druggist* In the I 'sited Htatm, and tlm rtrtlised world, in box- es, at S3 eents,. M l cent*, and j»l each. There is a . oasideraMe saving by taking the I large sizest X. Ii. IHrcetions for the goiiisaee of patients in twr? <jiioj l tt a/i^aHi,.i to cacl-Jiov, W 'sssir '- AKXm He! A out the nest af Kay next wo sUrt for Iowa \f taa SSI asm- of mcating government Thnarkavlng ' of LliaaUnsjue, ft Smith Mr: loc, et can lai wi so April t,ia*U g l-aiul Warrants, that they be aeeoiiioilateii by applying lijlieoek & KnigllL Weatern Lsiski. W estern LsndS i situated in Michigan sad Iowa) for sale the States of bv Babcock a. pajca :'CiiK S lI'llEME CfiUirr. Connty Hemsn Bobinson against V summons. To V R. fiutith Ysf ace here bv sammnnesl Stf plaint of Herns* MOUIMOH ststatinl which was Hied in the osjee of the tiorfc af Cliaataminc .ounty at Mayville « n the Stb sssy of Janssrv A. 1). lHj«, and serv* air answer oat .the sulwcrilwrs at their ofBre la WsfsacM K. Y„ within twenty days after the imlse heraof, exelusive of the dav of inrek service: sad, if you fail to answer tkw- coathilaiut as aforeasM, the pisistnT wMt take jn.lgi-ment againstyau-for one Iwmlssd sialism with interest, from tss.UMt das- of isaimsstsi ose thou-and eight hundred and afts-foa* ssntrost of this. i< Hon. lut.-d March IS. IS.V,. tiMITH a CHAItW '. K, Plffs Atfvs. a.- : *i 6 AHA ACW* (*V 1.AXO for sale, la tha VUl/ town* of r'renr h ( reek. Clyster. Mlna r*KIXfr?S VnOTKW FtH'XTAlS' P1WN. T the thing; saasssSSa, am I l'ST the thing; for canvaaaara, Katrv Clerks. JkV •' ' \ \ ' '\ to the exi •ddetV lass flsa <^eyWVJ»taJMlJ»» > it haa.rnn, has establiahedfy n|uran *ra«as»on7'I^ ; alhio oT,toimo<i Mapl wood, Asb, Oak, Chestnut, Hemlock, snd terms of payment easv. Enuslre' and address. ' ,n, i r „i'| 0 I'.f\* ATLTTXPLl'MB. lee ' Trice ' ,our '\ t< \ ' ,ours constant use, and saving' one- April Vi. West Held, Chant Co , Y. X. Mass 6K W e hare o s band far VMa, sfrw maps of ••hantau'ia county, as if is. •• Woadmau Spare that free.\ Bsscack * Knight il--ii It, 18JU. Prlrem$3, and SW.-VO, 'KtJKi. Crral inducements to Agents and the Trade. -Sent lay mail, free of. postage, no receipt of either of the above sum*— Town and County rigbU on reasonable terma. , BA6c6ck*tatt<5rfr. : ly-3t 1 Ti»)' for salt by \SLwlenr and one half barrel each. . - . MAXWA«TXG * fWiW&k •' ' ,sj, \r~* asjaa' 1 *r>*4,n> •.•m -y**%- &

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