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D I S C O L O R E C L P A P E R GROCER Y& PROVISION STORE. “ S. MYERS, m s recently commenced the above business in the first building' east of the Canal, State-Street. He has taken much pains to procure from New-York, a general assort­ ment of such articles in his line, as he hopes will merit a share of the public patronage. A- mong which are : Old Hyson, Young Hyson, Ilyson Skin and Gunpowder TEAS ; Loaf, Ziump, and Brown SUGARS ; Green and White COFFEE ; CMOCOLJTE; Co-'mac, Spanish and American BRANDY ; Jamaica, St. Croix and New-England RU U ; Maderia, Teneriffe, Malaga and Port WINES: Holland and American GIN ; Fresh Rice, & Molasses ; Muscatel, Hunch, Bloom, Keg and Sultana RAISINS ; F igs, Prunes and Currants ; Tamarinds and Ginger Preserves ; Capers and Olives ; Mushroom Ketchup ; India Soy ; Pepper and ReadingSauce ; Pepper, Alspice, Ginger : Nutmegs, Cloves, Mace, Cinnamon and Citron Liverpool Basket SALT ; Sweet O il; Cayenne Pepper ; English and American Mustard ; Lemons, Oranges and Cocoa Nuts ; .ilmonds, Filberts ; Maderia, Brazil and Pea Nuts ; Cranberries ; Dxyed Apples and Peaches ; Maccaboy, Rappee and Scotch SNUFF ; Windsor and Bar SOAP ; Candles and Indigo. TOBACCO AND SEGARS, Porky Hams , Codfish , Mackerel , Buttery Cheese , Rc 8,'C. Together with various other articles, all of which will be sold as low as can be purchased m this c'fty or Albany. Schenectady, June 1, 1824. 1 S addlingy Harness Alalcmg aud COACH TRIMMING. F j f lH E subscriber respectfully in- | l . forms his friends Sc the publick in gener- ■ aljthat he has commenced the above business two doors east of the Canal t ridge State street ; where be will be ready at all times to serve those who may please to favour him with a call He will warrant his work to be done in the best maimer and on as reasonable terms as at any other place in this citv. EUVID LYON. Schenectady, June 8 , 1--25. 51 N. B. TRUNKS kept constantly on hand, aud all kinds o f M i l i t a r y W o r k made and repaired TANNING. ----------- rjT i H E subscriber em b races ibis i’j opportunity of returning thanks to his customers & friends for past favours,and solicits the continuance of their patronage. He has hired the Tan-Yard lately occupied by Air. James O’Neil, J ay-Street; where Cash will be paid for HIDES and SKINS ; as also at his store in State-Street, a few doors south o fthe Tavern lately occupied by Capt. M Al. R. Wimple, and now by Air. B. Homan. Hides and Skins will be tanned on shares as formerly, and as soon as can rea­ sonably be1 done,without heating the liquors. He has on hand a general as- sortmcnt of of the first quality, viz. Sole Leather , Wax dr Grain Neats do. Do. do. Calf Skins Cordovan Leather ,* Ha mess dr Bridle do. Curasson, Madras & Horse Skin Morocco ; Bindinlfin the Skin and by the GrosSy d'C- all which will be sold low for Cash. < ash paid for Leather in the rough, as formeily. GE >. M’QUEEN. Si’hencctady, April Glh, 182J. 43 J V . B . A q u a n t it y o f O a k an d H emlock B auk , is wanted immediately, for which the Cash will be paid. W ALSH, Pewter & Brass. T h e subscriber wishes to pur­ chase a quantity of old Pew ter and Brass, for which tiie highest cash price will he given. J. B R O D E R I C K . L T S C H O O L C R A F T , ES P E C f F U L L Y informs the Schenectady, that lie has Enquire o f Schenectady, October 26, 1825. citizens of commenced the TAILO R ING BUSINESS, in Front-Street, opposite Ferry-street. •Schenectady, September 1, 1825. _________ _ GROCERY ii PROVISION STORE. F O R S A L E — A F i r s t R a te K E Y W f J G L 1 ® , „ H E N R Y M IL L E R . J J A S refitted OD- FANN1NG MiJL-L AND OOBL39T SH3Z.L3B. T H E Subscriber takes this portunity to inform the public^ that h* now has, and intends to keep 'a con­ stant supply of Lemuel Peck’s newly in­ vented Patent Fanning Mill Corn SBller, at his shop in Union-Sfreet, one door east o f Hr. Robert Cunningham's Store, and opposite to Mr. I. V. Furrci’s Tav­ ern. The Corn Sheller, with the labor of two men, or one man and two boys, will shell from forty to sixty bushels of ears in an hour. Inventions of this nature have hitherto been sold at such exhorbi- tant prices, as to prevent farmers from purchasing: but as the price of those now offered, are so moderate as to place them within the reach of every person, it is believed that every man who wishes to purchase, will, after examination, readily embrace the opportunity of sup­ plying himself with so great a labor sav ing piece of machinery. N. B. The Fanning Mill, complete­ ly finished and painted, will be sold at D l 2 , and the Corr Sheller at D 8 . • ANDREW BEA RU lg|b Schenectady , Oct. 1 3 , 1 8 2 5 . ^ H 2 C O M M S K D A T IO N S , We, the undersigned, were invited this day, to see the Corn Sheller abovemention- ed, in operation, and do not hesitate to pro­ nounce it superior to any machine we have ev- «r seen, for that purpose . Maus Schermerhorn. George McQueen, James Y\ alker. S chcneelmdy, May 10, 1825. T h is m a y certify that 1 h a v e w itn e s s e d the operation of the above mentioned Corn bheller, and saw it shell upwards of two bushels o f ears in the sp me of 3 minutes, with apparent ease—and therefore do not hesitate in recom­ mending it to the public as a useful invention and of great utility to farmers. James l-Iays, of Galway. I, the undersigned, purchased one of the above mentioned Mills, and have used it for som e tim e . From its lightness to handle, and its expedition in cleaning grain (having to run througu but once to make it clean enough for seed or grinding ! I do not hesitate to recom­ mend it to farmers a 3 the best mill in use that I have ever seen. Simon I. Van Antwerp. Niskaunna,Sept. 9, 1825. We, the undersigned, do not hesitate in recommending the above mentioned Fanning Mill as a useful article to farmers, and lrom its lightness to handle, and its expedition in clean­ ing, vve -esteem it equal, if not superior to any in use at present, at least, that we are acquaint­ e d with. G' W- Veeder. Robert Snell. This may certify, that I have purchas­ ed one ofthe above mentioned Fanning. Alills, and do not hesitate in recommending said pa­ tent Mill to be as good as any now in use. James Bradshaw. Princetoisn, Sept. 1, 1825. This may certify, that I have one of the above Fanning Mills in use, and do not hesitate in recommending it to the public, as one of the best Mills I have ever used, and trill clean the grain enough in once runnirg through. Lewis Powers- Schenectady , Sept. 20, 1825. his ’VZGTUAZsXiZNTG ' B O O M a' his GROCERY STORE in Ferry-street,and has procured a FlliS'J RATE COOIC, who will be ready, at all times, to at­ tend to those who call. Said room will be furnished with as good Provisions as can be obtained in this market. Cold Cuts, of all kinds, constantly on hand. Connected with this Room, is a convenient B aii , stocked with Beer, Cider and l^e choicest Liquors of all kinds. He hopes to receive the patronage of a generous public, as there shall be nothing wanting on his part to merit it. Just received, a Fresh Supply of O y s t e r s . Schenectady, March 30 th 1823. __ subscriber informs his friends and the public, that he has remo­ ved from lliij old stand in Uuion-Streot, to the Green ‘More in State-Street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Alix & Bowlsby, where lie intends to keep a general assortment of D R Y G O O D S dr G R O C E R I E S , and hopes by strict attention to business, to merit a share o f public patronage. Among other articles, which he has now on hand, are the following* Cogniac Brandy, 4th proof. Jamaica Rum. St. Croix. Gotland Gin. Common Brandy. Malaga Wine. S w e e t do. Cherry Rum. Raspberry Brandy. N. E. Rum Az Whiskey. No. 1 , 2 , & 3 Mackerel, by the barrel, Boston inspection. Codfish,, Molasses., 1 st quality. Brown and Lump Sugar, F O R SA L E . A smart, active black Boy, 17 years of age. Enquire of the Printer. ttpu I2g 2 .S 2 5 . Schenectady , May 2, 1825. T BOOKS LOST- H E subscriber, upon e x a mina­ tion, finds several volumes of his Libra­ ry missing. Whoever has them in possession, will confer a favor by returning them without delay. ,/?mong others are the following :— The Antiquary, 2 vols.—2d vol. of Marshall’s Life of Washington—-1st, 2d, 3d and 4tli vols. Josehpus—1st vol. Dante’s Vision. N. F. BECK* Schenectady , Sept. 29,1825. n o t i c e . T HE Subscriber about returning to the city of Albany, requests ali , who are indebted <o him, to make imme- 1 AMES 1). F E L I’H O U S E N , for qJ! one door east of the Collector’s office, in- I __tfiprnpnt JOHN GATES, Jr. forms his friends and the public generally, that : ± iq t has on hand a very ch o i c e a s s o r t m e n t o f ‘ S c h e n e c t a d y , • --------- - — — . GROCERIES & PROVISIONS, : r g l B E copartnership heretofore ch will s e l l at a v e r y sm a ll advance from form e d b e t w e e n G o m b a u l t and Figs, Raisins, Pork by the barrel. Young Hyson Tea. Ginger, Chocolate, Ham, Dried Beef. Herring, Salmon. R o p e and C o r d of every description. All of which he will dispose of as low as they can be had in this or the adjacent places. Tavern keepers & * 'anallers, will find it to their advantage to call. All orders for A. G ombault & Co. Tobacconists, will be prom p t­ ly attended to. W M . S. H U L L . FOR A fust rate span of G rey Morses. Schenectady, July 6 th, 1825. ________ JOSEPH LANGDON, ETURNS thank* to his friends and the public,for the liberal encourage­ ment he has received since he has com­ menced the TAILORING BUSINESS, n this city ; and hopes by punctual at- endance, to merit a continuance of pub­ ic patronage. N. B. He has removed from his former dace to Ferry-St. one door north of Messrs. Yates fy Vedder*s Boot and Shoe Ware-House, where he will be ready at all times to wait on all those who may be jleased to favour him with their custom. Military Uniforms and Gentlemen's Frock Coats , made and trimmed with braid, by first ate workmen,and finished in the neatest manner, and most fashionable style, at the shortest notice. Schenectady , March. 1825. 38 Vich he will sell at a very small advance from j New-York wholesale prices, among which are .- i Loaf, Lump, and brown Sugars ; Green and White Coffee ; Muscatel, Bunch,Bloom h Keg Raisins 5 Jamaica,St.Croix&New-England Rum 5 Cogniac & Spanish Brandy ; Wii.es <£• Cherry Brandy ; Molasses, Chocolate & Rice ; Alspice, Pepper & Ginger ; Lorillard’s & Riell’s Bl’k & Scotch Snuff; Mustard & Cayenne P epper: Lemons Oranges ; Almonds, Filberts Pea-Nuts. Also — 1000 cwI. First Quality Cheese . L ikewise — Constantly on hand Parraelee’s best S o a p , M o u l d &: D i p t C a n d l e s . 1835. Madeira, Brazil and W L T H u l l , under t h e firm o f A. Gombau't & Co­ in th e T o b a c c o M a n u f a c t o r y , is tlus day d i s s o l v ­ e d by m u t u a l consent. Any person h a v i n g d e ­ m a n d s against t h e s a i d firm, w i l l p l e a s e to ca l l immediately. A. GOMBAULT. S chencctadif, Oct. 11, 1825. N. B. The business will be carried bv A. GOM B A U L T . on D ip t Schenectady, June 23, I ' J O m i S E D W A B D 8 , J ^ E S F E C T F U L L Y informs his that he has opened his shop, opposite A. Mynderse’s Paint Store, 4 doors west of Mr. James Bailey’s store tatc-streei, * where he intends manufacturing improv­ ed Brass and Block Tin A L E d- CIDER PUMPS , which he will wanant as good as can be purchased in the State of New-York. Also'— Jlni ss Castings, Copper Brands and N a m e Punches , ffinaller, and all other articles in Brass 1 Iron or Steel, made and repaired in good . style. Schenectady, July 21 , 1825. 57 TAILORING. WM- F R E E M A N , Ip r A S removed from his old i JL stand in 7erry-Street, to the house one door west of Wm* Lyman’s ;More in State- 8 t. where all orders will be thankfully received and punctually attended to. C u tting done at the shortest notice. Schenectady, June 23, 1835. __________ 53 Metalic Paste and Razor Strop. T is w ith particular satisfac­ tion the proprietor offers these in­ strument; to thepublic, as being well satisfied from the high recommenda. tion received from the best judges that thev are far superior to any thing of the kind now offered for sharpening Razors, Surgical Instruments, Pen-Knives, &c. Mr. S e x t o n , S ir , I have used the Strop and Paste which I had of you last fall, with peculiar pleasure, and do not hesitate to pro­ nounce it the best thing ofthe kind 1 ev­ er used for keeping my razors in good order. Yours, with my best wishes for your prosperity. R. W iggins . CERTIFICATES. Agreeable to your request I handed some oi your R.azor Strops and Paste, to persons 1 considered the best judges; they who got them say they are excel­ lent, not one was returned. I sold all I had in a few days, and believe you might sell thousands in this place if they were here, and persons became ac­ quainted with them. RICHARD WIGGINS. New - York, 1823. Having\ heard of the excellence of Mr. Sexton’s Razor Strop and Paste, I ob- :ained enough of the paste to cover my trop ; and having used it for above four months with great satisfaction, I, %vith pleasure recommend it to the public, as ar superior to any other kind of paste of which I have any knowledge. James W. Dominick. We having used, for some time, Mr. Sexton’s Paste,and have as high an opin­ ion of its value as Mr. Dominick. S. T. Seymor , Andrew Seymor . New-York, March 29, S824. We have used Sexton’s Metallic Paste on oui Razor Strops, and find it superior to Pomeroy's or any other we have met with. FOii SALE, O R exchanged for property at or near the city o f Schenectady,340 acres N' SALE OF LANDS FOR TAXES. State o f New-Yorky 1 Comptroller's Office. 5 Albany', May 16,1825. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That lists of lands liable to be sold for arrears of taxes have been forwarded to each of the County Treasurers, and the several Town Clerks in this state; and that so much of the said lands will, o n t h e S e v e n t e e n t h d a y o f J a n u a r y , 1826, and the immediately succeeding days, be sold at public auction, at the Capitol, in the city of Albany, as will be necessary to pay all taxes, interest, and charges due, assessed or to /e?' assessed thereon, at the time of such sale.\ W, L. MARC.Y, Comptroller of land, lying- in the county of Herkimer, about 40 acres of which is under improvement. For terms apply to K exxedy F eurel ,residing in this friends and the public, in gen e r a l, Clt.v> or A bel C ummin - s , Russia, Herkimer Co. • - - “chenectady, Sept. 1, 18:5. Six Cents Reward. AN away from the subscriber on the loth inst. an indented apprentice to the Shoe-Making business, named H E N R Y | H ILL . All persons are forbid harboring or : trusting said boy on my account, as I shall pay no deDts of his contracting after this date. DAVID BliOWN Schenectady, June 23,1285. 53 WAJNTEU, 8 or 10 T o r s of Sumac, F OR which be paid per cwt* Also, a quantity of SH E E P d' LAM B 'S P E L T S , for which the highest Cash price will be paid at No. 5,Van Guysling’s Row, Ferrv-Street. GEORGE SIMS. Schenectady. Sept. 8 , lr25. TO T H E \ClLiZiM Sb O F ' SCHENECTADY. I T is my duty to inform you, that the “ New-London Bilious Fills ” sold in your city ,without my xoritten signature at the bottom of the envelope direction, are spurious imita­ tions, and are not prepared by me nor by my a u t h o r i t y , a \ d I c a n n o t b e r e s p o n s i b l e f o r t h e disappointment and injury resulting from their use. My genuine Pills are always signed with a pen and black ink, at the foot of each direc­ tion. The counterfeits have no written signa­ ture, to affix which would be forgery. Having taken out a copy right of my envelope, I will give a reward of one hundred dollars, for the conviction ol any person printing and vending the said enveiopei Mi. H. P. Lfc^E, M. C. M. S. bole preparer of the N. London Bilious Pills. New-London, August 25, 1825. * FOR SALE PRIJVTIJYG PRESS, in good order. Also, 1 Font of b Line PICA, shaded Sr mounted, entirely new. For terms enquire of the Printer. ______ _ ________________ _ NATIONAL TALK1S. A NEW PERIODICAL WORK, li E first volume of a a series of tales ,translated and compiled from the works of different authors, and not previously published in the United States, was issued from the New York press in the month of July last ; and in October next, a second volume will make its appearance. In the preface to the first volume, the editor announced it to be his intention to continue the work quarterly, if the pub­ lic patronized the undertaking. Since then he has had the most satisfactory proofs, that his efforts to increase the present stock of literary amusement and instruction have been generally accepta­ ble. Having offered a premium for original domestic tales, the editor calculates on giving a considerable portion of these in the progress of the work. Already sev­ eral competitors have appeared, whose productions, if approied of. shall have a place in the forthcoming volume. u National Tales” will in future be published at 42 William Street, New York, at four dollars per annum. To subscribers who transmit a year’s sub­ scription in advance, the four volumes will be forwarded regularly as published to any post town in the Stale of New- York, free of additional expenses; all , charges for conveyance beyond the Slate, must be paid by the subscriber. Single volumes may be had at one dollar. N-iro-York, September , 1825. UiriSoLimOXM. T H E C o p a r t n e r s h ip heretofoie existing between the subscribers, under thefirm of B. W. Felthousen Ss Co. Is th is day- dissolved by mutual consent. All persons in­ debted to them by note or book account, w ill please call immediately and settle th e s p e , as- all accounts unsettled on the 15th October nextj. must be left for collection. Those having de­ mands will please present them. B. W. FELTHOUSEN, 13. R. LYON* r p H E subscriber will continue the business on his own account, at the NEW STAND in State-st. opposite the store of Mr. .Tames Walker, where he now offers for sale at the lowest cash . rices, a very extensive and superior assortment of F A N C Y dr ST A P L E DRY GOODS, just received from New-York, comprising^ as- great a variety as can be offered in this city, and respectfully invites his friends and custom­ ers and the public generally, to tavor lliia with a call for any thing in his line. B . It. LYON. Schenectady , Sept. 28, 1825. A T William Lyman, A. G. Fonda , R. P. G. Writfhl. John Martino, Joseph Mynderse, James Walker , Joseph Stillman , Made and sold by E. S e x t o n , Schenec­ tady. June 18, 1824. P L A S T E R * FOUR HUNDRED TONS WESTERN PLASTER. FRESH GROUND, A N D for sale at the Schen e c tad y Mill, and at the Paper Mill Ware House near the Mohawk Bridge, in Washington Street,Schenectady, LO W i ‘M JR CASH, orexchanged for AVlieat,Rve or Corn. March, 1825 11 JN otice. T h e partnership heretofore ex­ isting between the subscribers, as attor- nies and counsellors at Law, is this day dissolv­ ed by the removal of Mr. Beck to the city of Albany. The business o f the firm will be attend­ ed to by Mr. Linn, who continues in the practice of the Law at the former office of B.eck fe I-inn—Schenectady, Sept. 26. 1825. JY. F. B E C K , A. L. L I N N TAKE NOTICE. F f l H E subscriber Informs the JL public that he still continues the Cnr- riag'e Making business, at his old stand in U- mon-st. a few doors west of the City Hall, i» its various branches, particularly P O S T COACHES . which he engages to finish as -.veil, and on ass good terms, as any made in this state, and after the most approved fashions lie likewise en­ gages to defend them against all Patentees, whatever, and solicits the patronag-e of the pub.- lie. CALEB LYON. Schenectady, Oct. 18, 1825. N. B. AH kinds of repairs done at above place, and at the shortest notice. BY virtue of an execution issued by Jclles a . Fonda Esq. Clerk ofthe county of S chenectady and to me directed and delivered, against the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of Ja­ cob C. Consaul, I have seized and taken, and shall expose to sale as the law directs, at the house of Joseph Sharratt, innkeeper in the second ward of the city of if chenectady, on Saturday the twelfth day of November next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day, all the right and title of the said Jacob C. of in and to all that certain house and lot of ground lying and being in the first ward of the city of Sche­ nectady on the north side of Green-street, bounded as follows ; on the east by property of Nicholas Barheydt, on the west by proper­ ty o f Nicholas Lighthall, on the north by prop­ erty o f Henry Barheydt, being about one hun­ dred feet in breadth in front, and about sixty feet in length.be the same more or less, Also, All that certain lot o f ground situate, lying and being'in the first ward of said city, on the north side of Green street, and bounded as fol­ lows -• on the west by a lot of ground of Jolirr Corl, on the east by a lot of ground of David Consaul, on the northeast by a lot of ground o f Henry Barhydt, and on the south by Green- Street, aforesaid, being in length five hundred & twenty-eight feet,in breadth on Green-Street sixty-three feet six inches, and in breadth in rear forty-nine feet, be the same more or le s s being part o f the real estate of Jacob Clute deceased. Dated Schenectady,Sept. 29 1825. For Harmanus A. Van Slyck, Sheriff, Gerret G. Van Zandt, Under sheriff. DEFAULT having been made in the payment of money, secured lob e paid by a mortgage bearing dale on the first day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four­ teen, executed by Jacob C. Consaui^ John A. Vedder, of all that certain lot ground, situate, lying and being in the first ward ofthe city of Schenectady, oi the north side of Green street, bounded as follows, on the west by a lot of ground of John Corl, on the east by a lot of ground of David Consaul, on the north east by a lot of ground of Henry Bar­ heydt, and on the south by Green street aforesaid, being in length five hundred and twenty eight feet, in breadth on Green street sixty three feet six inches, and in breadth in rear forty-nine feet be the same more or less, being part o f the real estate of Jacob Clute, deceased which said mortgage has been duly as­ signed to the subscriber. Notice there­ fore is hereby given, that by virtue of a power contained in said mortgage, and by force of the statue in such case made and provided, the said mortgaged premi­ ses will be sold at public auction or ven­ due to the highest bidder, on Friday the second day of December next, between the hours of two and three o’clock in the afternoon of that day, at the house of Daniel Comstock Innkeeper in the city and county of Schenectady.— Dated June 2d, 1825. J n MAPPA, Assignee* C. A. M ann , Alt'y. \ X

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