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M U T I L A T E D I him Obeisance, h e putfeTK forth his hand, and taketh him, and kisseth him.” But like Absalom of old, he will fail of his objects. The people of this enlightened age are not so easily to be tricked. Your unhallowed combination, with the D el­ egation of Duanesburgh will not avail -v° u* high spirited, and well inform- ed Electors of that great town, are neith­ er to be bought or sold—-they hive not forgotten you, friend Hanky. Your fa­ mous reply, to one of their distinguished citizens, who had requested of you, that some of the official patronage of the council of appointment might be' extend­ ed to their Town, still tingles in their ear>. At the close of the Election, you will have heart-rending evidence, that they are (it for something else, than to be mere. Petit Juiym tn ! In your contest with Judge Titus, you obtained forty Jour -votes f in that great town. How many more do you expect now ! look to the issue ! Rotterdam,and the first ward, cant save you. Glenville, Duanesburgh, Niskayuoa, Princetown, and the se­ cond ward will give imposing majorities against you. Prepare yourself for the result, and submit with a good grace, to your masters. Q Who will he be fof next year ? A, HIMSELF. QUERIST. It is recommended to Mr. Professor Nott and Mr. Register Holland, when they again take an electioneering excur­ sion, to leave friend Joel’s Hearse behind. For should their pretty fuc.es luckily es­ cape detection, that would surely betray them. the to POLITICAL CATECHISM. Q. What is the ch:ef end of Yates’ A . To keep what they have, and get what they can. Q. To what party doe* Henry Yates, Jr. belong ? A. To the party without a name, but which is always represented by its stand­ ing Delegate and Chair m a n , D M Boyd, ! c *tizen, and the just H isto r y o f the R o y a t F a m ily. ei Pigmies are pigmies still, thoitgli perched on Atps, And pyramids are pyramids in vales.” My paper is so crowded this week with matters important to the people, that 1 have scarcely room to develope at large.the character ofthe Royal Fam­ ily of this county. I shall, however.de- vote a small portion of it to that O p ­ pose, for in truth it is time for the peo­ ple ol this coumty to awake and shake oil* their chains. -they have been thi dupes of the Yates’s too long, and if there be one spark of Independence a-> mongtbem, they will, at the coming e- lectiou, fan it into a flame that will con­ sume the throne and the diadem , and consign to their native nothingness,these avaricious, craving, popularity seeking politicians, who are eternally crying with the Horse-Leech, give, give, give / / Let us briefly see what have been and what are the claims of this family, and with what propriety they can ask for other offices. They have, one and all, from their youth, been in public employ, and have grown rich, by the number and value ol the offices which they have gained by a system of intrigue and management. Offices have descended from relation to relation so that no one.bearing the name, has been unprovided with the means of growing rich. One, after having been a Mayor Sen­ ator, and a Judge of the Supreme Court (all of which stations he disgraced from want of character and talent) must needs be a Governor , for which he was no better lifted than Sancho Panza. After calling down upon his devoted head the ribaldry of the mob, the ridi­ cule and contempt of every intelligent indignation of a making, during the whole period, the sum of 4,000 4th. He was member of the State C o n v e n tio n , w h ich sat 7 5 days, w h ich at 5 dollars per day, would amount to 375 5(h* He was Scrivener to the Corpo­ ration when deeds and leases were given for the common lands which he managed to have sold, lie received $2 50 for each deed and lease, and $3 for each bond and mortgage. He executed about 400 deeds and leases, which would un­ mount to 1,000 and abotit 150 bonds and mortgages which would amount to 450 6 th. fie has been Attorney and Coun­ sellor for Onion College for fifteen years, which, at a moderate calculation, is worth 300 dollars per year, making,dur­ ing the whole period,the sum of 4,500 7th. lie has been Attorney and Coun­ sellor during tbe same period, for the Mohawk bank, which is worth at least, the same sum 4 500. 8 th. He has been a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and General Sessions for eight years, which is worth at least, to him, (being a lawyer and living in the city) 200 per year, making, during the whole period the--sum of 1600 Cashier o f the Mohawk Bank, Public,First Judge, and Po!it: a Notary degraded people, he was thrown out of Broker ! h'sih-gotten power, either by the tacit or avowed consent of til, and retired in­ to private life, the victim of his own ig­ norant and dolt-l!ike measures. Two others of the same name and race, are capable of a like lescription. The one from the nature of his calling, to be a j escapes here a particular notice, thougli we cannot, for the sake of truth pass him by without rem arking that he well for the Office Merchants, 'Number One , Church-Street, at the sign oi the clo­ ven foot. Q. How long is it since His Honor, Judge Boyd, expressed an anxiety for the success of the People’s Party, in this county ; and when dm he get Republican ? A. About t h r e e or four w e e k s sin c e . He was extremely fearful, lest the Peo- ’• proves his slock, being richly endowed pie’s Men should loose their ascendancy, with the family gift, speculation, which and became a Republican about two enters into all his calculations, whether weeks ago, on being informed by his concerning the brain or thejMtm. The Master, Henry Yates, Jr. that he wanted other, after gaining many trophies on an office. his o*v:i dunghill,has retired from the na- Q. Coirid discounted at the . tive field of his exertions, and wisely Mohawk Bank, between this and the E- ‘ considering life a lottery has bequeathed lection, with greater facility than at any the prizes in & about Schenectady to his other time ? i brethren, and embarked upon a wider A. Yes, provided the Drawer would ocean of experiment where he and obtain some five or six endorsers, who a whole batch of little Yates’s are were voters, and who would promise to basking in the sunshine of Cash. He vote the Director , General o f ihe mint o f has now a Lottery of his own, and so, Schenectady. indeed, has the whole family, though it Q. Why is David Boyd particularly j is to them a lottery of prizes only. h favor of Henry Yates, J i . ? j We now come to the last of the broth- A. He is fearful le-t the Mohawk ■ erhood, though he is not the least in feats Sank Monopoly may be cast down, if h.s .o f political dexterity and money catch- graven image be not sent to Albany to mg- Our orother Henry may indeed be is, it ■Manufacturers’ and Farm e r s’ aiectady Bank.” Q. When was the Letter of Henry Tate?; declining a re-election for Mayor, ■iiated ? and when was it presented ? A, It was dated the 1 st day of Janu­ ary, 1825, and presented some four or uppose the application for the 44 Sche- called the Grenadier of the family, be- * ' * ' ” ‘ i cau-e he has fought the most battles and ' decked the family crown with the great- . est number of successful adventures. He is by far the most rigid in his devo­ tions to aristocracy, believing that when he cannot gain held from a power, it must be with- particular class, de­ rive weeks thereafter, when several bal- j nominated by him interlopers, but vul fetings had been taken, and when it was \ garly called by nis train bearers and ascertained that he could not be elected, scullions, Republicans. His maxim has * Q. What is Henry Yates, Jr. to do, If elected to the A s s e m b l y ? A » He is to make a Canal in Rotter­ dam, which is to touch every man’s always been 4* near is my shirt but near­ er is my skin,” or in other words. I like those who like me\ but Ilike m yself most. His thirst for the good things of this kitchen and barn door aud pig stye— he ! world is insatiable,* so much so, that is to retain the offices which he and his i like “ a hungry dog he will sometimes family now hold, by virtue of the great eat dirty puddings.” very careful liow- s*al of Governor Hardenburgh, and is ' ever always to take hxscatspazo, (an hon- io get as many more as posstble— he is j orable ju Jge) to feel first whether or not to get i his own canal damages paid, es- ; they be hot. Total $21,825 Besides these Offices which, as it ap­ pears, amo.unts to the enormous sum of $21,825, he has been for several years, 9th. A Notary Public. 10 th. A Com­ missioner to execute the duties o f a JmLc of the Supreme Coart. 11 th. Director of the Mohawk Turnpike. 12 th. A Commissioner in the District Court of the United States. 13th. Trustee of the Lancaster School. 14th. Director in the ./Wohawk Bank. 15th. A Solicitor and Counsellor in Chancery, all of which latter offices have been the ; source of more or less profit to him. ! Add to all this a very lucrative business ; as a Lawyer, having much public pat- , ronage and having it in his power to ' make many friend: ; and then let the people say if he may not be called the { Gienadier of the family. And let it he remembered that these are only his sue- j cesses, for to see his avarice as it must also be viewed in its defeats. Here are a few of them :— 1 st. He was an unsuccessful candi­ date for th e Assembly, 011 the first organ­ iza tio n o f t h is co u n t y . 2 d. He was an unsuccessful candidate for the office of Canal Cornmissior.-'r. 3d. He was an unsuccessful candidate for a re-election as Mayor. 4th. rle urged his pretensions upon both parties, unsuccessfully, as * candi­ date for the Senate, last year ; and what honest man, after having read these facts, will not in hi5? heart trust, that af­ ter the coming election, he may, in truth add, 5th. He was an unsuccessful candi­ date for the Assembly, in 1 8 2 5 . Thus we see how this family have controlled the offices of the county. Had we room we might comment much, but we have only space to call upon the honest yeomanry of this county to as­ sert their rights at the polls. In a R e ­ publican Government it is u.safe, even to trust a man of talents and a correct politician with too much power ; how very aristocratic and dangerous th n, is it, to place the greatest possible variety of both Legislative aud Executive pat­ ronage at the disposal of him who is not distinguished for his talents, and a ! disgrace to himself and the community to which he belongs, for his double-deal­ ing, traitorous and self-interested polit­ ical course. i to look around, and learn if possible, the man best calculated to establish and pre­ serve its credit. Many circumstances con c u r to render the present one, p e r ­ haps, of the greatest moment that has ever occured since the organization of the Federal Government. What shall we think of that man, who strives through j the medium o f *4 base bribes,” to corrupt | the honest yeomanry of this enlight- 1 ened county. Is there any man among | you, who would barter away his liberty for the polluted gold of an aspiring dem- | agogue ? Should we not infer that that ; man who would willingly spend the con- ; siderable sutn of FOUR THOUSAND j DOLLARS, for the sake of an election to the office of Assemblyman, had some object to accomplish, which would fur­ nish him, (if not more,) an equivalent adequate to the sum ? I ask you, Fellow-Citizcns, if it is con­ sistent with the character of Henry Yates, jr. thus to do? It cannot be for the sounding title of Assemblyman, for he has before had them that were far more gratifying to his insatiate vanity. It cannot, as every man who is acquaint­ ed with him will testify, be for the good of his country. For what then, let me ask, is this sacrifice ? Already has he commenced—--already is his political emissaries s vanning the country, in quest of prey. ^‘■-No place is sacred ; not the Church is free ; E ’en Sunday shines, no sabbath-day to thee.” It ought, by every man who would wish to remain free and independent, be considered as the greatest possible in­ sult that could be heaped upon him, for any man, if he is deserving of the name, to ask for the purchase of his birthright. CINC1NNAT.US. teen prftper to proscribe me,and substi- tu te another name in my place. Are you willing to submit to ‘their dictation ? If you are, I cannot expect your sup­ port, at the ensuing Election. But if you will support the rights of the peo­ ple, and thp independent principles of our government, I solicit your suffrages at the ensuing Election. EVERT FREAR. A rum o u r having gone abroad that R o b e r t S a n d e r s , has d e c lined standing as a C a n d idate for the Assembly, this is to assure the public that the report is false. Nov. 2 , 1825. •- I s a a c M. S c h e r m e r h o r n , J o h n M ’ M i c h a e l , )>■ Committee S. W. J o n e s , M r. E d ito r — Living in a retired part of the lovvn of Glenville,.I have not an opportunity of informing myself so well upon political subjects, as some of the more favored ol the community; and in fact I hardly know the distinction be- tween Federalist and Democrat. In con.■sequence of this. I always make it a point to vote for the man who appears to me best qualified for the office. Having occasion a few days since,to go into the city, I was asked by a gentleman with whom 1 am usually in the habit of trading, who I should favor with my vole for Assemblyman at the coming election. I replied that I had not yet been so fortu iate as to learn the names At a meeting o f the C o u n ty Con\ vention, friendly to the rights of the people’^ held at the Court-.(ouse in the c>ty of Sche nectady, October 29th, 182 >, for the purpose of nominating county officers, a.id to consider the nomination of Senator m .de by the Dis­ trict Esq, was appointed Chairman, and solomon Kelly Secretary.- The nomination of AMBROSE L, JORDAN, was cordially approved of, and unanimously a- greed to be supported at the ensuing Election. Resolved unanimously , That R O B E R T S A N D E R S , of the town of Menville, be supported as a can­ didate for the office o f Assembly for this county. P. D. VEDDER, ofthe town of Duanesburgh, for the office of Sheriff. JOHN S. VROOMAN, for the office o f County Clerk, and N O R T H R U P J. SMITH,of Glenville. JOHN WOOD, of Duanesburgh, DAVID MURRAY, o f Princetown and-'' SAMUEL WHITE, of Schenectady, for the office of Coroners. 11 ENJ \ MIN LOVETT, Chairman. SOLOMON KELLY, Secretary. D u a n e s b u r g h , N o v . 1,1825. Sir — Since my communication to John S. \ roo.nan, Esq. of 3 esterday, in which 1 declined standing a candidate for the office of Sheriff of this county, I have re­ ceived more particular, and as I con­ ceive, more correct information, as to the circumstances under which that nom­ ination was made, and have, upon ma- of the candidates nominated. He in- | ture deliberation, determined to accept In a word, he has no i- KeeiaUy the damage occasioned by the ; d eaof “ coming for wool and going back ?ce$er from the paper-mill 5 and after- shorn.” So when upon camp duty, he #frds the damages of all those who vote him at the coming ejection— he is to is surrounded by his armour bearers who consist ofthe rising generation of the Ingratitude .— Henry Y~ates, Jr. after receiving Ninety-Nine favors from Re­ publicans, grumbles, because they will not confer upon him the hundredth ; and that too after biting the hand which has lavished upon him, the wealth in which he now rolls. M r . R i t c h i e — I promised last week to attack with a sword and lancet,” my very worthy' friend and fellow-laborer, Doct. Gerg on- ic, but as time will not permit I must dis- formed me that Henry Yates, jr. was the man. What ! said I, Hank Yates, is it possible ? he shall never receive my vote. But, said he, he has received a regular nomination, and his name is he’d forth a- long with that of Vrooman & Gaige. O ! sacrilege, said I, it cannot be possible that they were all nominated by the same person. It is even so, said he. Before this, I had some thought, being considerably advanced in years, of not attending the polls this year, but rather than see a man so regardless of every thing else, save that of his own aggran­ disement & profit, as Hank Yates, elect­ ed to office, it seems to me that as old and enfeebled as 1 am, I could walk from here to the polls, barefoot, over broken glass bottles, to assist in preventing his election ! and I hope and trust that every man who is mindful of the public good is of the same opinion. It is time this county should be represented by some person, who is actuated by something more than his own sinister views and pur­ poses. Let every true lover of his coun­ try, go hand and heart to the polls to as­ sist in putting down this wolf in sheeps clothing, and in saving this county from its threatened disgrace. SEVENTY-SIX. Glenville, Oct. 27. It is rumoured that Henry Yates this year ci :her m- fiy tends to be elected fair or foul means. His money is scat­ tered in every part of the county, and his messengers dispatched in all direc­ tions. However it wont do ; money can­ not make a man of him nor can the arts of his servants supply the place of hones­ ty. The people know him a3 he is and * * m ade Printer Jfo the j ' ^ t c h b n n ^ t e present, bjr asking 1 st. D o y o u rea lly suppose that your 44 gorgon h e a d ” w a s n o t d iscoverab le, although y o u r 4£ n o te app e n d e d ” seem s to have confused th e pericranium of Dr. Riggs ? 2 d. From whence did you draw your definitions of a u patriot” from your pro­ fessions, or your practice ? 3d, how happens it that your com­ munication from Glenville, does not, like your pills, operate 44 as a charm ? 4th. Where was the 44 sword and lan­ cet” used that you speak of; in the wars of “ Mars or Venus ?” When these shall have been answered I shall have more subtle questions to propound to the Doctor. Yours, &c. GLENVILLE, Jr. that is all we want to insure exemplary defeat. him, an State, so that he may sell more paper to j up in the words, wisdom, strength and im, and is to concert ways and means : beauty. Jmerally, to promote the interests of ! Henry Yates, Jr. has indeed picked Si the little Y ites’s, (those who have no • the public goose at a round rate— he has Wains included.) Finally, he is, as usu- * not even left the pin featheis. He has to make many eloquent speeches ; to obtained by* hts management the best defend the Axacutive from the Anem y , offices, of eveiy party. e have only «pd to come home to the tune of Three r o o m to enumeiate fhose which he has dollars a day. All, important items of . held, and those which he now holds, and duty and responsibility, which his great 1 their value. talents and acquirements, are alone able ! 1st. He was Mayor o f the city of to accomplish. [W e would advise him S c h e n e c tady, for eight years connected 9a take Judge Boyd along as Prime Min- , with which, (being a counsellor at law,) ijter.1 ” 1 a r e v a r i o u s perquisites, y i e l d i n g at l e a s t Q.’ What Will become o f all the little 3 0 0 d o l l a r s a y e a r , a m o u n t i n g during Yates*sif the King d o e s not s u c c e e d ? > the whole p e r i o d , to $2,400 A . They will have to live without of- | 2d. He is Clerk and Treasurer of fice, and get their bread as other men do, , the Board of Trustees of Union Col­ by their own exertions. (W hat a p it y !) j lege, and has held that office for at least Q. Who was Henry Yates for last fifteen years, for which he receives a year ? A. HIMSELF. Q • Who is he for thrs year ? A. HIMSELF* Q . Who har he always been for\ A HIMSELF. salary of 200 dollars per year amount­ ing to 3,000 3d. He has been Senator of the State of New-York, for eight years, which at 5 dollars per day, would be e- F or t h e M o h a w k S e s t i n e l . F e l l o w - C i t i z e n s — As th* approach­ ing Election is near at baud, :t becomes every man, who regards the true inter- qualto at least, 500 dollars per year, i ests of this county with a patriot’s eye * T is too much prored that with devotions visage A n d pious action , we do sugar o’er The devil himself.” Tis’ said that David Boyd, Cashier &c. folded himself in his cloak & journeyed to Glenvihe a day* or two since. But his complacent smile and convienent shrug of the shoulders did not take with the honest farmers. One of them told us,” he might better be a delegate from the first ward, then a missionary to Glen­ ville.” Do you know who our infor­ mant is, most potent financier? If you do, hide your head, and nevermore pre­ tend,to honesty in politics,lest the public doubt your honesty in morals. O n e w h o K n o w *. PROSCRIPTION. To the Independent Electors of the County o f Schenectady .— I have been se­ lected by the Delegates of the County Convention, held on the 22d ult. as a proper candidate for the office of Coro­ ner, biit the Regency of the Mohawk Bank and Union College, under the in­ fluence of Henry Yates. Jr. & co. have of said nomination, and will thank you to apprize the County Convention of this determination, and to give to it such fur? ther publicity as they may deem proper* Yours Respectfully, JO N F . D .‘VEDDER. To Benjamin Lavett. Esq. Chairman } of the County Convention. y Republican Meeting. At a respectable meeting held at the house of David M. Moore in the 2d ward, pursuant to public notice,on the 2d inst. Victor Putman was called to the chair, and John N. Barheydt ap­ pointed Secretary- On motion, resolved,-hat EtenrvR. W endell, • * of the town of Niskayuna, be supported as a suitable candidate for member of Assembly- JOH^ F . D. VEDDER, of the town o f Duanesburgh, for Sheriff* * JOHN S. VROOMAN, of the 2d ward, for County Clerk, J ohn C. B arheydt , of the 1st ward. E vert F rear , of the 2d ward. W illiam S . J I a g a d o r n , of Glenville. J ames C antly of Duanesburgh, for Coroners. Resolved, That the proceedings be signed by the Chairman and Secretary and be published in the Sentine * Victor Putman, Chairman. John N . Barheydt. Secretary. Resolved, That Richard Van Voast, Jacob Groosbeck, Ahasuerus Marcellus, David M. Moore, John Benson and Wil­ liam Van Vranken, together with the Chairman and Secretary, be a committee of correspondence^ _____ _ _ _ _ _ _ * TAKE NOTICE! ~ YVheras m y wife ELLF.M, has eloped from my bed and board, without any j u s t cause or provocation. Thi* is to forbid all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, if I shall nav no debts, of her co n t r a c t in g after this date. T H O M A S K I L L E E N . Schnectady, October 27.1825. ______________ T NOTICE. he accounts of th e late 6rm o f B . W . F e l t h o u s e n Sc Co* are Jeft in tbe hands of Mr. A b e l Ward for settlem e n t. •All p e rsons indebt e d to th e la t e firm , are re­ quested to m a k e paym e n t to h i m , as hg; is d u ty authorized to settle the same. B. R. LYON. Schenectady, November 3, 1825- ^ BY order of th e H o n o rable John T itus, a Ju d g e o f th e C o u rt of Common Pleas of th e county of S c h e n e c ta d y , notice is hereby given to all th e creditors o f Henry Parlour, o f D u a n e s- burgh, in the county of Schenectady, an insol­ vent debtor, to shew c a u se, i f any they h t v e ,b e ­ fore th e said J u d g e , a t his office in th e tow n o f D u a n e sburgh, in the county of Schenectady, on the s e v e n teenth day o f D e c e m b e r n e x t, at osie o’clock in the afternoon, why an a ssignm e n t of th e said insolvent’s e s tate should not be m a d e , and hi* person b e exem p ted from imprison* m e n t, p u i* u a n tto the act, en titled “ an a c t t* abolish im p risonm e n t for d e b t in c e rtain cases,” passed A p ril 7 , 1 8 i9 . D a ted t h » 24 4*y 4 f November, I t 24. / t v- f S 4 t / - /- , 1 r «

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