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©octrp. TH E MAID OF ARUTINA. 7h e following 1 Song, by Tannaliill, a Scottish poet, and author of ‘Jessie of Dunblane,’ ‘Gloomy W inter,’ &c. we believe has not appeared in print before in this coun­ try.— Pall. Forlorn among the Highland hills, ’Midst nature’s wildest grandeur, ’Mid rocky dens and wooden glens, With weary steps 1 wander, The langsome wav, the darksome day, The mountain mist sae rainy, Are naught to me when gaun to thee, Sweet maid o f Arutina. Yon mossy rose-bud down the ho we, Just opening fresh and bonny, Blooms fresh beneath the hazel bought, And scarcely seen by ony ; But fairer mid her native dale, Obscurely blooms rny Jearmie, m ore fair than day or rosy May, The maid of Arutina. High on the mountain’s lofty brow, I view the distant ocean, Where avarice courls her hounded prow Ambition courts pro notion *, Let fortune pour her golden store, Her IaurelPd favours manv; */ 3 Give me but this, my soul’s first wish, The maid of Arutina. to intelligent naval gentlemen, for any hints winch j more than a crooked sixpence I u The deuce is may go to confirm or to overthrow the conjecture j in him,7' said one of the rogues • “if he had eigh- whichwe have ventured to throw out upon this teen ponce, I suppose he would have kiile 1 the subject.— Nat. Intel. whole o f u s . ” SCtiENEC fA D Y ACADEMY. t h e course of instruction in the A c a d e ­ my lias been confined for some time past to Classical Studies, The trustees have been induced, by tbe pros- Young Napoleon .— A letter from a person of rank at Vienna, gives the following particulars re­ lative to the Ex-king of Rome, who will be four­ teen years of age on the 20 th of next month. > It is not true, as it has been said, that his educa- 1 Perous State of the Academy, under the care of Mr. I. s. finn ie nocrlprted or merelv anrh as w o u ld lit ’ S pkkcbh , and by the consideration, t at instruction in the tion IS neglected, or merely suctl as « ould lit higher branches of an English education, is much needed him lor the ecclesiastical stale. On th e contra- ’ by the youth in this place and its vicinity, to establish ry.it is on a more liberal plan, and more likely . an English department according to the original plan. n rpnrlpr h im fl milifarv c.hnrorf p r . Rpsirloe rea- i *F1’* •l0SErrf Heaj.y, is to take charge of this part ; and t jrBi^ccKlfaneou^ 9 £ t d d e $ . Interesting Reminiscence. — In an account o f Ihe loss of the Spring-Grove, a whaling ship that was lost on the coast of Africa, on the 23d of Novem­ ber last, part of the crew of which was delivered from captivity among thfe Anbs by that ornament of humanity, Mr. Wiltshire, the British C o n s u l at Mogadore, the following paragraph occurs : “ A circumstance is stated by one of these res­ cued men, which is as follows :— He says that the Arab Chief in whose hands they fell, could speak a little English $ and contrived to inform them, that some years ago, an English ship was lost o?i the African coast , that the crew reached the shore to the number o f three hundred men, well armed ; that his own tribe, consisting of five hundred men to render him a military character. Besides re a ding books of general instruction, great care is taken to perfect him in all manly and robust exer­ cises. His countenance tho’ handsomer than that ofhis father, has still that character of expres­ sion. His constitution is strong, his health unin­ terrupted ; he [-assesses for his age, a rare degree of sagacity. The Emperor sees him frequently and seems to take much delight in him ; he in­ dulges him in all his boyish fantasies. He has al­ ready, though so young, read the greater nu rnber of the memoirs relative to his father, but through 7 V » charge o f this part ; and the whole is to be under the cave of ' ir. Speivier, as principal. Eliphalei Nott , Andrew Yates, Abm. Van Ingen, Jacob Van Vechtcn , J. C. Duane , Schenectady, July 12, 18 4. Executive ommittee. FOR F OR a T e r m of Y e a r s , a HOUSE A N D VE­ R Y SPACIOUS L O T OF GROUND , si­ tuate in Green-street, in the city of Schenectady a finesse of tact, extraordinary at his age he ne- formerly thd property of Jelles Clute, deceased ; nevr mentions the name of his father. Lately on the premises are, Convenient Out-Houses, and tiie Emperor made him a present of a little horse, an excellent Well of Water— all in the best re- which happened to resemble a favourite Arabi- pajr# The house is capable of accommodating an horse of Napoleon’s, call Le Viser. The Emperor asked him what name he should give to his horse : I wish to call him said the child. with great animation, Le Viser, because,—here he hesitated for a moment, and then added,— be­ cause somebody that I love very much nad a horse of the same name. FLIGHT OF BIRDS. It has been objected to the migration of birds that it is imposible they should support them­ selves so long upon the wing or exist so long with out food, as they must do in performing such long journeys as a migration supposes.— ‘But these difficulties,’ sa>s Dr. Fleming, u van­ ish altogether when we attend to the rapidity of the flight of birds. The rapidity with which a hawk Sz many other birds occasionally flv, is pro­ bably not less than 150 miles an hour. A/a Carl - right, on ihecoa-'t of Labrador, found by repear­ ed observations, that the flight of a duck was at the rate of 90 miles an hour. two small families:— The lot is fifty-two feet front and rear, and one hundred and sixty-eight feet in length to the Presbyterian church. Tiie terms of sale will be easy, only part of the consid­ eration will be required down, and a reasonable time given for the residue. If let, the terns will aiso be reasonable. An indisputable title can be had. Enquire of JAM E S L I G H T I I A L L . on the premises. Schenectady, Jan. 25/A, 1825. FOR SALE OR TO LET. U R subscriber offers for sale, the HOUSE and LOT, situ a te at the ju n c t io n of Green and Front-'treets, facing Ferry-Street. T h e Lot contains a commodious S TORE, and a large and convenient 2 story Dwelling-House. Further particulars are not thought re­ quisite, as the property is well known. Terms made easy to the purchaser. If not sold previous to the first of May, Sir G. Capely computed the flight of the cro w it will be to Let. For particulars enquire of Join? M’Mi- at nearly^S m. an hour, and Spallanzani found CHAEt'- that the swalloxv completed 9 2 miles A falcon, •' which belonged to Henry IV. of France, esca- : ped from Fontainbleau, and in 21 hours was found at Malta , a distance of 1350 miles ; a velocity j equal to o l miles an hour, supposing the falcon j ANDREW N. VAN PATTEN. Schenectady, March 24, 1825. 40 SALE OF LANDS FOR TAXES. Stale (\f New-York. ) Comptroller\*s Qjficc. \ attacked them, and weie repulsed ; that he sohci- ' to bave been the whole time upon the wing. I Albany, May 16.1825. ted the assistance of a neighboring tribe to renew • But as Slich birds never % b> night*. aiul allovy-1 ]\T O T I C E IS HEREBY G I V E N , That lists the attack with an additional force of four or five ing the day, to beat the longest, his flight was Lxl of lands liable to be sold for arrears of taxes hundred men ; that the British drove them back perhaps equal to 75 miles an hour. But if we have been forwarded to each of the County Trea u second time, and were making good their retreat even restrict the migratory flight of birds to the surers, and the several Town Clerks in this state ; for some settlement of security,\ when they were rate of 50 miles an hour, how easily can they per- and that so much of the said lands will, on the a third time surrounded by a body of thirteen hun- f°rm their most extensive migrations! And we S eventeenth day of J anuary , 1826, and the I two decrees east one chain,thirty-six links thence 'flred; and that the British fought till three fourths of know in the case of woodcocks, and perha ps all immediately succeeding days, be sold at publie n0rth sixtv-five decrees thirtv minutes east ^wo their number fell, and the remainder were cut otber migrating birds, that they in general take aucti on, at the Capitol, in the city of Albany, ^ . . o T _ _ to pieces, after laying down their arms and after advantage of a fair wind with which to perform as will be necessary to pay all taxes, interest killing 250 Arabs, th e name o f the ship, and t h e . their % ht* The breezy perhaps aids them at and charges due, assessed or to be assessed r A i d i - l ^ - 1 . 1 ____________ 1_ 1 i • i«o f a / i t Q D A r* f r t p f i f n a i I a c ! o a U a i i i » . Q *r r» r _ * t _ z_ 1 T / * _______ . P ______ ___ ! _____ 1 _ DE FA ULT having been made in ihe payment o f mo ney, secured to be paid bj a mortgage bearing date on the first day of July, in the year of oqf Lord ofte thousand eight hundred and fourteen, executed by Jacob C. Consaul to John A. Vedder, of all that certain lot of ground, situate, lying and being in thw first ward ofthe city ot Schenectady, on the north side of Green street, bounded as fol­ lows, on the west by a lot of ground of John Corl, on the east by a lot of ground of David Consaii!f_ on the no rth east by a lot of ground of Henry Barbeydt, and on the south by Greer street afore­ said, being in length five hundred and twenty eight feet, in breadth on Green street sixty three feet six inches, and in breadth in rear forty-nine feet, be the same more or less, being part of the real estate of Jacob Clute , deceased, which said mortgage has been duly assigned to the subscri­ ber. Notice therefore is hereby given, that by vir­ tue of a power contained in said mortgage, and by force of the statue in such case made and pro­ vided, the said mortgaged premises will be sold at public auction or vendue to the highest bidder, on Friday the second day of December next, be­ tween the hours of two and three o’clock inthe afternoon of that day, at the house of Daniel Com­ stock Snnkeeper-in the city and county of Sche* nectady.— Dated June ?d, 1825. ADAM Gr. MAPPA, Assignee . C. A. M a n n , Att'y. WHEREAS ^ exanaei Roily, of ihe city ot Sche­ nectady. to secure to the people ofthe state ofNew- York the payment of the sum of one thousand dol­ lar1-', witn uie interest thereon, did, by indenture o f r ortgage, bearing date the fifth day of May, 1809, mortgage to the said people, All those* certain pieces or parcels of land described in said mort­ gage as follows, viz. “ All those certain two and an half morgans of land situate and being in the said city of Schenectady, being part of three morgans of land formerly conveyed to James' Wilson by Helmes Veeder, and is bounded on the east by lands belonging to the heirs of Abraham Groot, deceased, 011 the south by lands belonging to the heirs of Daniel Campbell, deceased; on the west partly by lands belonging to the heirs of Daniel Campbell and partly by the heirs of Adam S. Vrooman, deceased, and by the lands o f John B. Vrooman, and on the north by lands the pro­ perty of the heirs of the said Daniel Campbell, — Also, all that certain pasture or wood land, si­ tuate, lying and being in the third ward of the city of Schenectady, about four miles south west from the Dutch church, betwixt the pasture of the heirs of Ryer Veeder, deceased, and the pasture or hay land of the said Alexander Kelly, begin­ ning about twelve links from a white oak tree, which stands on the northwest corner of a pas­ ture or hay land of the said Alexander Kelly, and runs thence south thirty-seven degrees west nine chains and thirty-eight links to the pasture of the , heirs of the said Ryer Veeder, thence along the said pasture south fifty-nine degrees east six chains and fifty-one links, thence north eighty- [exact] time of the shipwreck are both unknown.’ There is an appearance of connexion between the circumstances above described, & an incident which at the time, made an impression not yet effaced from our minds, the percplion of which made the heart ache, & the nerves thrill within us. Whoever knew them, has forgetten the gallant Blakely his noble crew of the U. States’ Sloop of War Wasp, supposed to have been lost at sea, and never heard of since September, 1814 ? Is it now highly probable that the Wasp w a s the vessel a- bove described, lost on the African coast “ some years ago, ” the crew of which repulsed tribe af­ ter tribe ofthe Arabs, and when reduced to one fourth of their number, having doubtless lost all their officers 111 the different encounters, were barbarously rnurderet after su)mission ? ----- To us there appears to be every probability that such is the fact. The Wasp it will be recollect­ ed, sailed from Portsmouth in July, 1814, on her first cruize, and was remarkably successful in annoying the commerce of the enemy, having, up to the - 2 ) st of September, besides ca p tu r in g a British Sloop ol War, and, it was supposed, sinking a nothex in a night fight, made thirteen prizes. The thirteenth, the Atalanta. arrived at S a v a n n a h -, having the Wasp, 011 the 23d of Sep­ tember, o f the Maderia Islands , and not know­ i n g what her destination was. — Taking this fact ' with 'the -uncertain time of “ several years ago,” -and not having.heard of any British ship then lost in that direction, we see strong reasons to the rate of 30 or forty miles an hour. LIE. -S m e l- thereon, at the time of such sale. ANECDOTE. A considerable time ago, a young gentleman who had spent his fortune in riotous living, was re duced to poverty :—for some time his friends supported him, but at length they all forsook him. Wandering about as a vagabond, and having no W. L. MARCY. Comptroller. believe that this ship, thus accidently heard of, was the long lamented U. S. Ship Wasp. To be sure the number ofthe crew is said to have been 300. But this may be an accidental exag­ geration and the prisoners on board the Wasp may have swelled the number of her erewfromi 250 to about that amount. As to the report that tbe vessel was English, the Arabs farmed their judgement from the dress and the language, anil! could not distinguish from these outward tokens, United States’ Americans aud English, if, indeed they are aware of distinct nations wearing the same garb and speaking an identical tongue. Could not some relic be obtained, through Mr. W ilshire, of the clothing, or books, or arms, of these wretched victims of African barbarity, by which curiosity could be gratified on this head 9 Jt may be said such curiosity is idle, and that immaterial to their .surviving countrymen and friends whether their remains repose in o- cean caves or desert sands ; but great curiosity *s regard to many things in which w e ; take vastly less interest* We should be obliged 1 in g then in a strange place, he put lead into his pock ets, and went to the river side for .the horrid pur­ pose ; but waiting till it was dark, he saw a light in a house at no great distance, and went to it : on his arrival there he heard people singing pslams ; he listened at the door till a chapter of the bible was read, and a prayer offered up to God. He was surprised to find people assembled there for worship, and wished for admission, for which purpose he knocked gently at the door *, one of the company opened it, and asked him what he wanted ? He signified his desire of being admitted. He was told it was not customary to admit strangers into their meeting; however, if he would behave decently, he might come in. In the astonishing kindness of divine Providence, the passage of scripture under consideration lhat evening, was Actsxvi. 27. ‘ Do thyself no harm.’ After the several members had made their re­ marks upon the subject, tixw concluded with pray­ er, and they had no sooner tfane than the stranger asked them how they came to\now his thoughts, for he had not mentioned his intention to an)? per­ son upon earth. This equally surprised the mpm WHEREAS Simon Vedder, late of the (then) third ward of the city of Schenectady, now town of Rotterdam , in the county of Schenectady, and state of New-York, deceased, and Catharine his wife, did bv two several indentures of mortgage, chains, to a white oak tree by the corner of the land of the heirs of John Vedder, deceased,— thence north forty-one degrees thirty minutes east six chains twrenty-eight links, thence along the pasture or hay land of the said Alexander Kelly, north sixty degrees west eight chains eigh­ ty-six links to the place of beginning, containing seven acres, three roods and twenty-nine perches, be the same more or less.— Also, all that certain piece ofland situate, lying and being about four the on# bearing date, the twenty-third day of Feb- ■ ™’|es from, Unio\ College, in the said city of , „ - , , , J-.K ruarv, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight j Schenectady, southwesterly, beginning at a stake prospect of any further supply, he formed the fnr th. navmL t and heap of stones standing on the southwest side dreadful resoluhon of drownine h.mself. Being of ^ ^ ofo|)(j ^ eighly.t;P j of the road leading past the grist mill o fthe heirs with interest, at the time and in the manner in I of John Vedder to Curry s Bush, or Princetown the slid indentures mentioned : and the other of at ^b® distance of one . chain froin the southwes- the said indentures bearing date the eighteenth day 1 terly bounds of the heirs of Simon Schermerhorn s of November, in the year aforesaid, for securing * meadow, and runs thence fifty-two degrees and the payment of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, with interest, at the time and in the man­ ner in the said last mentioned indenture of mort­ gage also mentioned ; grant, bargain, sell, release, alien and confirm unto the subscriber, Nancy Fer- rel, and to her heirs and assigns, all that certain lot of land, situate in Princetown, in the countv of Schenectady, beginning at a certain thirty minutes west, sixteen chains and eighty- three links, thence north sixty degrees west nine chains and sixty four links to and along a certain piece of pasture ground formerly conveyed by the trustees of Schenectady to Hendrick S. Vee­ der, thence north forty-four degrees east five chains to the aforesaid road, thence along the same north eighty-seven degrees east three chains, maple stump, in the line form e r ly run by Philip j thence north seventy-five degrees and twenty mi- Ver Planck, for the east bounds of said Prince- ■ mites, east seven chains, thence north eight j-one j town, formerly Currysbush, and runs thence j degrees, east one chain and forty-links, thence : alon^ the said line as formerly running south thir- ; south eighty-seven degrees and thirty minutes,east , ty three chains, to the lot then in possession of j seven chains to the place of beginning, contain- . | -r-s. . ■ | f / h r . /% n t h r f t f t r> A A r l a n n n f TV C* IT T V f l P 1’P n P C _ D Daniel Darrow, thence along the same as the nee­ dle then pointed, north seventy degrees west fifty- six chains, to the north-west corner thereof, thence north eighty-seven degrees, thirty minutes east ! ten chains, thence north two degrees, thirty mi- ) nutes west, twelve chains, thence north eighty-se- ing ten acres, three roods and twenty perches. And whereas default has been made in the pay­ ment of the principal and interest secured to be paid by said mortgage. Notice is therefore hereby given, that by virtue of a power contained in the said mortgage, and in pur­ suance of the statute in such case made an< u u u « « ,u ,. - J - ! ven degrees thirty minutes east, forty chains, to suance ot the statute in sucn case made an« bers of the meetmg, who declared they had not ^ fnni containin 0’n e hun(j re < 1 j provided, the said mortgaged premises will sp.en or hoard or him till that pvpninu. If non r ° . r . . . . . 1 i i fnt. .n)a of nuUha __ seen or heard of him till that evening. Upon which the young gentleman told them his design of taking away his life, and how he had been prevented by seeing a lii/ht in their window. This remarkable providence struck him to such a de­ gree, that, by the divine blessing, it was made the means ofhis conversion. He became an eminent Christian, rtgained the favour ofhis friends, was put into a way of supporting himself into the world, and lived happily afterwards. A scotch pedestrian attacked by three high­ waymen defended himself with great courage and obstinacy, but was at last overpowered and his pockets rifled. The robbers expected from the extraordinary resistance they hud experienced to lay their hands on some rich booty ; but were not a little surprized to discover that the whole treasure which a sturdy Caledonian had been de­ fending at the hazard of his life consisted of no and two acres, and three roods of land, being the lands conveyed by Matthew Neely and Elizabeth his wife, as by their deed dated June .twenty-fifth, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight will more fully appear— And whereas default has been made in the payment of the principal and interest, intended to £e secured by the said mort­ gages respectively at the times and in the manner be exposed for sale at public vendue, at the capitol, in the city of Albany, on the eighth day o f June next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day. The terms of which sale will be, the payment of the whole of the interest then due, the one eighth of the principal, and the costs of sale,—the remainder of the principal to be se­ cured by mortgage upon unincumbered real es-« mentioned in the said several mortgages.— Notice , tate of double the value of the mortgage money is therefore hereby given, that by virtue of a pow er contained in the said mortgages respectively, and in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided the above mortgaged and described premises will be exposed to sale at public vendue at the Court-Houserin the city of Schenectady, on Saturday the twenty-ninth day of October next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day— Dat­ ed fcht 27th day of April, 1825. NANCY FERREL. payable in six equal yearly instalments, with law­ ful interest. Dated Albany, November 23d, Iff24. SAMUEL A. TALCOTT, Att,y. GcnV. The sale of the abovfe premises is postponed to the fourteenth day o f September next, at the same hour and place above mentioned.— Dated Alba­ ny, June 8 th, 1825. S a m u e l A. T a l c o t t , AWy GcnH. Cash paid for RagsT

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