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\ THURSDAY. DECEMBER \ tj: I i m THE EVE3NING GAZETTE FIVE * C.W.HIMER1S RE-EMPLOYED AS SCOUT LEADER 6 x j c m s s C T R lh t ■ ' MA'VV BE. CZARINA, 4 - %ERlS FOR B R i^ r ^ Reports are Giveh Boy ^ Scout Districts—More Money is Needed M iddletown, Dec. 10.— Clarence W. ilTnnter w a s re-empToyed a s Orange C o u n ty Boy Scout executive ;J^^pnday^' night hy the executive board stl Tie Tweeting, lield in the scout; headquar­ ters in the Chamber of Commerce I^luilding in this city, with G e n eral M. .Davis, C. A. Owen. C. C. Chappell, p | A. R o rty, l i . S. -Close, H. B. W eod- ^ wArd and Mr. H u n ter present. ^^'he boar<^ adopted a. resolution re-, qd^sting the national council to des^ i^i|ate the Schrade r C utlery Co., of W arden a© an official m a n u facturer o f ScOjUt knives an d to give the^firm per­ mission .to use the official insignia on such knives. ' The treasu r e r ’s ref>ort showed th a t ^ the cash paid in on the financial can - ' vass am o u n ted to $867, while the am o u n t prom ised was $6,190.50 or a to tal of $7,057.50 of the 8,825. The balance in the bank was $407.59 while bills am o u n ting to .$2,977.56 were* un­ paid. t This report w a s accepted as read and filed. A motion; authorizing T reasurer C. A. Owen to pay a l l ,the back bills a t his discretion as the money came in, was approved. Com m u n ications w e re read from* * Dr. George J. Fisher regarding the quota: C. A. Gammons regarding th e annual m e e ting of Region No, 2 tO be held on Saturday; C. H. Littlejohn regarding application to 'act as outfit.- ter in W alden and M ajor C. P. Stearns stating th a t he had raised the quota of $1^0 assigned to W est Point. Gen. Davis w a s appointed the couh^ cil representative for the annual rer gional meeting. Brief reports w e re give nfo r the various districts. Tire, Newburgh Kf- w a n is Club . raised $485.72 tow a rd N e w b u rgh’s quota of $3,100. The re-’ m ainder of the m o n e y is to be raised* in M arch by \ the district committee. H a rold S. Close reported th a t the R o ­ tary-and'K i w an i.s Clubs of M iddletown had each underw ritten $1,000 on Middletown’S q u o ta 'a h d lyere failin g , th e m oney now by a . personal^ can-^ R eports w e re given for the Chuvi ' Of H o n o r and showed th a t 179 badges^ had been aw a rded during thei, m o n th of iNovember including one Eagle badge to T'he royal blood of En.glaod, Oc-rrnany. Russia and Spain is ■jjolne'i in Grand - Duchess Cyril., A\-'l;pr.v hiisbami has issiu-d a pro-' ykviha'ion, declaring he is now giufrdi'in of the Russian .throne: and ilyA he will present himself, to thc‘ Ttnssian people as, (heir (.'■/,iv -vhen the lime is ripe. Grand L)! s 1:(' Cyril is cousin of (.'zar Kichoias, whom the Bo’sheviki as-' sa^'‘di:alei] in 1918. The duches.s is a cousin of King George of Eng­ land £vnd i’.er ^ister is Qu^en Marie of Rum ania. Wlien she arriv<Vl in New York as <S-ucst of the Monda}' Opera Club, she said; “I have come across the ocean to thank tlie^ Arporican people, ospceially the vvomen, who have rendered such groat charity to destitute 'laad ex­ iled Kus.sians.” , _. ... MILFORD WOMAN REQUIRED TO TELL HER AGE New York, Dec. 10.— ^It required le­ gal pressure to induce Mrs. M a rgaret H u n tington H a ll of Hewlett, D. I., to tell her age in the Suprem e Court on Fhiday. Mrs. H a ll is being sued by Spencer W aters, member of th e New Y o rk Cotton Exchange, for the pro ceeds from the sale of property in W est W a shington Place, which 'was intended for a theatre by Mr. W a ters and in which enterprise he put about $100,000 before abandoning the pro­ ject.' W aters contends Mrs. H a ll m eie- ly ^eld the property in tru s t for him and the money should be turned ^ v e r to Mife. H a ll says she and Mr. ^^ate:^s speculated jointly in the m ar­ ket and the funds pu t into the propoi*- ty Were hers. Counsel for Mr. W aters asked Mrs, -]0talb-,who w ^ on the stand, her age. “Over *^li”, HdiS served m any times as ^ a sufficiently responsive answ e r of w o ­ m en w itnesses. T h a t is th e answ e r Mrs. Hall made. ■aenjaisjin (Jray ,pl fe-iaslst- up«m town and three Star Scouts, Flickin- definite answer to that question, o-or o n d S t a o - p nf Warwick, and -Car- -r ’ ___ _ said ger and Stage, of ■WarwlcK, and C ar­ te r of W est Point. R e p o rts given fo r the orgattizatl^»f .1 .;aSf3r^:.''j3^TT 'a p p e a l to Justice Davis, I m u st have yoiir correct age,” the lawyer. com m ittee ishow* ltiiat| three Dis- ti'ict Leaders’ Round Tables had bi^ilf organized in the three cities of -|%b©\ county and one headquarter trobp under D istric t, Commissioner A. S, Moore\ h a s been organized of the M§r- it Badge Scouts. Two new troops have been registered and three new troops are form ing in N ew b u rgh and two* in Port Jervis and one in ' Maybrook. Nine troops have been placed on the inactive list, due to- th e lack of ..lead­ ers. The active roll of scouts register­ ed is 82'7 w ith 97 volunteer leaders A proposition of purchasing a* ^cout pictural set including a lantern* a h d film s of th e various phases of scout c r a f t as outlined by the Corte-^Scope Cc.. to aid in th e instruction and^'ad’- vancem e n t of the Scouts, was discuss­ ed. and the scout e^xecutlve w a s au ­ thorized to purchase sue han outfit. ^ “M ust I answ e r that question,” she a'^ked. In reply to the question of 1:116 Justice th q witness said there was ko gfeat objection, “but it’s! a person­ al, m a tter, isn’t it?” ‘ . b'Jusfiee Davis askdd the attorney for M.r. W a ters w h e ther the age of Mrs. H b ll was m a terial to the case^ and w h ether he insisted on • a n exact an swer. The attorney replied yes to both questions, whereby Justice Davis gently directed her to tell her age. “I ’ll bethirty-nine in' May next,' H a ll announced. - Milfdrd, Dec. 10— R e g u lar term of Pike county court will convene here Monday,; Dec. 15 a t 1:30 p. m. No traverse jury will be in attendance.A npm b er of Gatnmonwealth cases w ill be presented before the grand jury -Which will attend, * Christmas sale of fancy articles for t^tb benefit of the C h ristm a s fund of^ the Sunday school; will be held in the Presbyterian ^Church parlors on F r i day, Dec. 12. Doors open, a t 4 p. m. A chicken supper will be served a t six o’clock. The rem ains of R o b e rt Terw illiger w ere brought to the hom e of his parents, Mr, and ^ r s . A. Terw illiger op Broad street Friday morning, and 'funYeai services held at 1:30, Rev. A. E lliott officiating. Interm ent iii the M ilford Cem etery, _ Hunters from town were lucky last week. Ed M cM urray and Jesse My- each got a bear.. A rth u r Rigney and Bob D rake each brought a deer to ■ town. Charles Stroh’s party and the party in the K ill Camp, th e fo r ­ m e r had two and the latter four to their credit. H a rry Pitney, who nev­ e r fails to get his annual deer, got it. Floyd Quick and A ssistant Postm a s­ te r August Metz captured a bear. Baseball and football seasons are over. Next skating and coasting and basketball. The first game of bas­ ketball was played in B^orest hall F r i­ day evening between team s of the Milford high school and Bushkill. The form er won out. Movies only once a. week on Sat­ urday. Mrs. D o ra Kill has closed her residence on M ott street and has gone to Florida to spend the w inter. p ro f , Norman Coykendall left town Monday for P a lm Beach, Fla., where he will rem a in until April. Mr. and Mrs. Jam es Bull have clos ed their residence on Ann street. They will spend the w inter in New York. Gabriel Ruser, who has been ser­ iously ill w ith pneum o nia, is, I ana glad to note, slightly impaoW d. The following persons are draw n to serve as grand jurors at th e regular term of Pike county court which commences here Monday, Dec. 15 at 1:30 p. m. F red Beck, Lackawaxen. A lbert Beisel, Lackawaxen, F r a n k Decker, Lackawaxen. John H. Cook, Lehman. W illiam Cortright, Lehm a n . P a u l Depue, Lehm an, Henry Cotterill, M ilford township, Herm an Delling, Blooming Grove.* L. P, Engle, Palm y ra. H e rm a n Getohart^- M atam o ras. F r a n k Gansules, Porter. John Plaag, Greene. Jam e s H a rrison, Delaware. Florence Keller, MilfOrd. H e n ry Kneeling, Shohola. Philip M isenhelder, Milford. Edwinj Peters, Lehman. George R. Quick, Milfordi, ^ Jo h n ’ Sawder, W estfall. W illiam . Schoonover, Lackawaxen. ‘ H a rry Steele, M atamoras. Roberi Swartwood, M atamoras. M arried by J. H e n ry Ludwig, Esq., a t his residence on Broad street, Dec. 9, 1924, Cornilo Cornelius ^Coleranti, of New York, and Mary Grace Baulf, of M atamoras. The witnesses were Miss M ary Ludw ig and John W. Bev- FIVE KILLED WHEN AIRPUNE FELL (Continued from page one) PNEUMONIA SERUM DECLARED EFFEGTIVE MAY BE DROtf ED (■Continued from page onei th a t they were h u n ting before sunrise It was. then shortly a f ti^ 6 a. m. day­ light tim e, according to Mr. Bacon, who said his watch, w a s “set on day­ light saving time. He left the party and started! back tow a rd his station, stopping a m o m e n t en route to kill a blacksnake w h ich lay in h is path. R o senstraus testified th a t he heard the discharge of th e 'g u n and turned in tim e to' see Bacon standing- w ith the sm o king gun u n d e r his arm , pointed a t the ground. A little f u r th e r along Bacon testified he cam e 'u p o n a dead wood drake, which he found) to have been shot, and w h ic h he pick­ ed U p and put into his pocket. H© then m e t Robert Y ork and P r a n k King, standing approxim ately twhere he had seen the duck shot down. He accused' York and K ing of the shoot­ ing. They denied having killed the bird. Taking the wood duck ti-om- Ms pocket Bacon said he asked them wh did shoot the bird and finally told them also' to appear before Justice McAuley. It h a d been m a intianed by King t h a t the ,shot Bacofa fired a t the snake, had killed the bird, w h ic h Ba­ con carried. ^ Bacon appeared against R o senstraus and W ashington before Justice Mc- Aoiley, who levied th e sum of $37.50 against the three hunters. Later, when the question w a s brought up as to* w h e ther the men had in reality been hunting before sunrise, because of the, difference between D a y light Saving Time and Standard Time, w h ic h all the hunters w e n t by Bacon adopted McAuley’s suggestion th a t perhaps the fines had not been -legally levied, and returned the clieck to R o sentraus On cross-examination Bacon denied all the pertinent p a r ts of K ing’s tes­ timony, th e m o st dam aging ^ v e n yes­ terday. 'T h e Commission was represented ■by D e p u ty A ttorney General Clarence Cummings assisted by Special Agent Speenberg .of ^the Conservation Com­ mission. The stenographers were Miss Haynes, Secretary to the Commission­ er and Miss H a rt, Secretary to the Deputy A ttorney General. Bacon was represented by J. Floyd H a lstead of Goshen. Practically every game w a r­ den and protector in the district was present. The com p laints charged Ba- ■ con w ith; violation of the gam e law; neglect of duty; m isappropriation of funds co;nduct unbecom ing a game protector and violation of the rules and regulations of the Conservation Commission. OBSEQUIES T h e funeral of Afrs. K a te D e cker was held a t the home of Frank-G o b le No. 3 Reservoir, a t 2- P. M‘. on W ed­ nesday, Decem ber 10th. w h e re th e ser-.. vices w e re conducted -1-^ the Rev. C h arles M. A c k erm an. Interm e n t ;Was in the ^ a f tr o w b u s h cen^tery. Thom as DeGroat, K e n n e th Adams> Isaac ^rodhead ' and. John M illigan were- the pall bearers. CHRISTMAS CANDY Parke and lYIford, t Schralirtis% Belle M eM e Sweets, • idiiTor and ' ClyntWa Sweets. - V ' A ssorted Chocolates, Choetknies and/ Bqn Bons, N u t Chocolates, C aram els, -Mint M ixtures, - N u t s ,. Erutf3r;r Crystal Ginger, Glace F ruits, Chpdbtate Al- \monds. Old Fashioned Thynihlbfs and H a rd Candies in Glass Jars. ” ^ £. M A (» & CO, INC. The Nyal Drug Stom 101-103 PIK E STREET H e n ry Schiulze i The funeral of H e n ry Schulze, of Ithaca, form erly* pf P o r t Jervis was held a t 8 P. M. on Wednesday,. Dec­ em b e r 10th. in the chapel of U n d e r­ taker P. H. Poster, 126 Pike street,, w here tha' services were conducted by the Rev. Sheldon V andeberg, In te r ­ m e n t took place this morning in L a u ­ rel ‘GroV(& cemetery. ‘ ^ MISS McGRATH’S BEAUTY PARLOR Transform a tions, Switches, Curls,^ P uffs, Sidepiece' and B raids SPECIA L ATTENTION IN MATCHING H A IR 519 CHICKEN DINNER 11 A. M. te 8 P. M. SUNDAY, DEC. 14 PR O M P T y C M SERV ICE ■ Fountain Restaurant 72 Pike Street TEL. 926 a B (Successor to Whitney & Denton). » WHITNEY’S MURDER ENDS WEDDING PUNS WELFARE WORK PUBUC SERVICE CORPORATION Dr. Bullock of Boston was In this city Itcday giving demon'stjrations to ,,the employes of the pow er plant and the line gangs of the Oraiige County Public Service Company. Inc.,, on a r ­ tificial respiration and first aid. TTie ^octor has been giving these dem on­ strations for the p a s t three days in -the different plants of the company. '\It is the purpose of the company to es tablish “first aid team s ” who are*^ to be especially trained in first aid w o rk The Prone M ethod is being demon­ strated and studied. Last evening about 120 employes were guests of the com pany a t a ban­ quet in the M asonic Building, Middle- town and an Employes M u tual benefit association w a s formed. Gifts For Men J. W. W eiczk, radio operator. T h e Injured. ' S. R. Davenport-, m a c h inist’s'in a te slightly burned. R. Pautz, aviation ?nate, first class. D. J. M assengill, aviation rigger^ first class. T h e bodies of Varini, Thurston an4^ Trtlll w e re found in the cockpit of the plane when it w a s towed in and th a t of Roby was found in the ^he pilot of a land ^ p la n e flying over P o int L o m a saw th e plane fall. T u rning back, hb flew low over the seaplane h a n g a r shouting, w o rd olf. th e accident. . # ■ A n o ther •seaplane all ready to take off. followed th0 land plane and descended to the wreckage. - T h e five injured m en w e r e ‘brought ashore and later the wreck, w ith t^e dead, was tow e d in. No trace of the m issing two has been found. I t ig possible th a t they are, still afloat holding onto som e of the wreckage. New York, Dec.. 10.— ^Pneumonia, th a t dreaded w inter disease need * b e no m o re dangerous than a mild cold according to Dr. Frederick T. DeDeria .celebrated Fr.ench-American physician -Who h a s ju s t come to’ A m e rica a t the invitation of a group of doctors to dem o n strate his new serum. “Pneu- ,monia* isi not dangerous a t all. Cer­ tainly th e re is no reason fo r it *^ver' being fatal. The thousands, .16,000 in ;!^ew Y o rk alone who die from it every -year, died, needlessly. They are sacri­ ficed,” he said. Even persons in the last stages can be cured like they had nothing m o re th a n a bad cold. O ther doctors and myself have treated over 600 cases and affected a like num ber of cures” he said. H© mean® to show th e American doctors how simple it is jto adm inister the serUm and to ' save lives. PERSONAL Invitations have been issued by'\Mr. and Mrs. B. H o c k s to the m a rriage of th e ir daughter. Miss Minnie to Mr, H erm an PearlStein, w h ich is to take place a t the K n ight’s of . Colum­ bus H a ll on T h u rsday evening, Jan u ­ ary first, 1925. . \ A lderm a n Charles M arch is confined, to h is hom e on Cole street w ithuan atta'Ck of -‘ptom a ine p^soning. H it condition m d ay is impiepYed, RISKS IN AIR TRAVEL RAPIDLY VANISHING New York, Dec. 11.— M ajor General* Mdson M. Patrick, Chief of the Air Service of the U n ited States Army, believes th a t a ir c r a f t transportation systems far passengers, m a il and goods can, under proper conditions, com p ete fo r safety and reliability With th e standards of railw a y train service or even surpass them. He made th a t statem e n t this afternoon to. t h e IS th annual convention of the Asso­ ciation of Life Insurance Presidents in urging the life insurance companies to give consideration to the granting of insurance a t i-egular prem ium s on the lives of traveler® by air and the operators of aircraft, declaring also th a t such insurance would greatly aid the development of a ir transportation: G e n e ral Patrick, who learned tc. fliv when about ' 60 y e ^ s old, often uses the air s h ip to ' Save tim e in thq trahs- vaction -of h is official d u ti^ . Auburn, Dec. 10.—A firm convic­ tion th a t H a rry Dayton, slain A m e r­ ican vice consul a t Belgrade, was not th e ^uctim of a love tangle, was. expressed today by his affianced bride Miss M ary Post, No. 28 \Washington street. The tragic death, of D a y ton. b lasted a rom a n c e which .was to have its** culm ination in a holiday . wedding. „ The vice consul had planned to re- ' tu rn to his home fo r C h ristm a s auid the wedding was to take place short­ ly thereafter. * ^ D a y ton’s engagem e n t to Miss tpost until'^today, was. know n only to rela­ tives and th e ir most intim a te friends. W istfully, M iss P o s t today told how she had prepared he rw e d d ing trousseau, in a happy anticipation of the scheduled m a rriage, and how she has receive^ lengtl^y and alm o s t dai­ ly letters from Dayton, These letters •h e said strengthened her conviction th a t there cpuld have been no other woman. t She said: “If H a r r y had been interested in any other woman, I am sure th a t he would not have had tim e to. Write the lengthy letters w h ich I have been receiving. It m u s t have taken him from one to two hours every dtiy to w rite them . | “During all the time that he ■ w as abroad, I received letters alm o s t dally w ith the exception .of Snuday.” According to Miss Post, some of the letters Were from eight to ten pages The tone of the letters and care w ith w h ic h *they were w ritten leave no doubt in Miss P o s t’s m ind as to the co n s tan c y of D a y ton’s affections., • 'I*. ~yf' ^ ; Cruel W ay to Figli Chippewa Indians have a way all .Iheir owft of fishing, an^ ..while^it Is cruel it irsually nets resulic Th^ utSe live squirrels for bait. They fasten the squirrel on a hook witli line and then row out in tlie lake and throw it oyeij- board. The squirrel, in its agony, stirs up the waier apd attracts the big fish. Cue makes a dasb and gulps it,down and the Indian then proceeds to land his catch. The usual way wiU do.| 9 ,r ns. That's cruel enough J ^ A Lost Tail Dolly (having seen a blacksnake)— Oh, mamma! 1 jiist saw a tail that ,„was wagging at me, but there wasn’t any dog on it. , B Men’s practical nature appreciates gifts of useful- fS ness—^Hose, Ties, Shirts, Suspenders, Belts, Hand- j|^ kerchiefs, Gloves, Umbrellas, Scarfs, Underwear. m All of these are here, ready for you to place them W in attractive Christmas boxes, that will silently and y sincerely wish him “A Merry Christmas” when he ^ opens them on the morning of the 25th. ------ T H E ------ 41 F rotct ' S o ?. Ctrtotlltger.OTooIge? Co. . FUNERAL DIRECTORS F o r t .T e r v i s , N . X . | TOO LATE TO OLASSIPY CHRISTMAS T R E E S =aifd w reaths for sale. W. H.- Kirschner ,20 Fow ­ ler street, p h o n e 66-J 12-11-13 SALE O F SILK Hosiery th is week. h ; F. H a ll & Co.,. Inc., Successors to W. B. Chant & Son. 12-11-13 Cayd ©f Thaxiksi. T h rough the colum n s of th is paper , we wish to express our appreciation of the sym p athy and kindness extenU 7 ed to us by our friends and neighbors^ during our recent bereavement. Josie M. B lack an d fam ily . ___ j ____ KEJD MAGIC Houdini, the M aster Magician, is the E d itor of the new separate four- page supplem ent printed in red, nam ­ ed “Red Magic,” and given free w ith th e New Y o rk Sunday W orld. This ; supplem ent contains baffling tricks, j perplexing puzzles, card tricks and in-1 teresting tests; som ething to interest .every m em b er of the fam ily. S tart w o rking on these puzzles next Sunday , To be sure of a copy ,tell your news­ dealer next Sunday you w a n t T H E , W O RLD. THE' WQlvrEN’S GUILD of the R e ­ formed! D u tc h Church %ill have a.j sale of f6od and: u s e ful articles a t the home of Mrs. Jam e s Schofield i 52 Pike F r iday afternoon, Dec. 12 a t three o’clock . 1 td. ! ;TINY t o t , s h o p , You will.fin4 here thel.gift that is worth while. Practical garments m a d e of- good quality materials that will wear well and give lasting satisfac­ tion. Come in and be convinced that our prices are the lowest for values offered. R E M E M BER t i n y t o t s h o p Lowest .Bricet andw.' B lliolt and Eddy >164 Pike street. NEW PALACE THEATRE TODAY WILLIAM FOX PRESENTS “HOODMAN BUND” The William Fox screen version of the stage play, “Hoodman Blind,” brings home the foregoing facts with emphasis and at least one mo Ye— Life exacts an ultimate price for every wrong deed and it pays a bonus for all the good. Many a man triecT to drown his sorrow in drink, but sorrow, like a noted brand of soap, is 99 3-4 per cent pure and it floats. 2-REEL CENTURY COMEDY / FOX NEWS Matinee 2:30 Evening 7:30-11 Adults 25c, Children 15c Adults 25c^ Children 15c FRIDAY . “FORflVE AND FORGET” ' With a Distinguished Cast Including ESTELLE TAYLOR, WYNDHAM STANDING PAULINE GARON Muscles tensed, eyes blazing, they struggled, for the one^ object that meant wealth to one ^ d more than life to the other. She had played w^kh the foe of man’s passions aVid the flame of their Wrath had now overtaken her. TWP-REEL ALL-STAR COMEDY Matinee.2:30 Eyenffig 7 ;3 0 -ll ' Adulta 20c, ChildrW 15c , Adults 20c, Children 15c A v J \'

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