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/ The Asscciated Press Covering W o rld’s Events in Every Issue of T H E GAZET^TE h e : f h e i t i i i i The Weather Repoirt' ’F a ir arid colder tonight. Tlmrsday partly cloudy, slowly rising temperaj- ture. * - \ \ The Most Widely Read Newspapeflii the Upper Delaware Valley. VOL. LVL, No. 194 PORT JERVIS, N. Y., ^'EDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1924 PRICE THREE CENTS PAIR ARRESTED i V AT ELLENVILIE PLEAD GUILTY Charges Against Them are Highway Robbery, Larceny and Assault IT' Audubon, N. J., Dec. 9—W illiam H. Tracey, and his pal, Sampson Jam es, the sailor highwaymen who recently heat up and robbed W illiam Bishop, of this city, pleaded guilty M onday night w h e n arraigned before Record­ er S. A. White, and are being held w ithout hail to aw a it the action o f th e Cam d en county grand jury now in session. The pail? was taken into custody r e ­ cently in Ellenville, N. T., by Chief H a r rison B a rnes, head of th e police departm e n t there. H e thought they acted suspiciously Tliursday night i while in a restaurant in that village and took them in fo r questioning. It was later learned from Captain W il­ liam Schregler, of th e Camden detec­ tiv e bureau th a t the H u d son car they | occupied was stolen. F u r th e r investigation revealed the car and license numbers corresponded with one stolen here and immediately the authorities were positive they w e re the bandits who assaulted Bishop, relieved him of $50 and took his car. E a r lier th a t night they had hired Bishop in Camden and directed him to go to Audobon., They w ere half w ay there w h e n the assault was staged. A fter positive identification was made, the m en broken down and con­ fessed their guilt. MONROE’S COM­ PANION ARRESTED FOR BURGLARY Newburgh, Dec. 9—Charged with burglary, H a rold B a rrett, 20 years old, companion of “B ad Bill” M on­ roe on the trip* into th e M shkill m o u n tains when A n d rew B a rrett, un­ cle of the prisoner was; m u rdered, for which offense Monroe is now doing tim e in Sing Sing, was arrested in this city last evening. The crim e of w h ich he is accused w a s committed early yesterday afternoon In the for­ m er home of Rev. A. J . Palm e r in Mil- ton, now owned by the latter’s son, Dudley B. Palmer. The house is un­ occupied, A rug, silverware, cut glass, china and other articles taken were recovered. ‘ WOULD REDUCE COST OF HIGHWAY HAMENACE Woraout Pavements Woidd be Salvaged, Resurfaced With Asphalt Concrete Goshen, Dee. 9— R esolutions look­ ing to a reduction of the county ex­ penditures for reconstruction of high­ ways. and to ite referred to th^ B u ­ reau of Highways of the State D e p a rt­ m e n t of Public W orks, wei»e adopted by the Board of Supervisors this morning and' sent to the highway committee. The resoltuioii was of­ fered by Supervisor George P, Gregg. The resolution points out th a t Oth­ er states have found it practicable to m ake use of wornout pavem ents by leveling and asphalting concrete and .surfacting this w earing surface, re­ sulting in -X cost of approximately one third the present reconstruction cost per mile. The resolution follows; • “W h ereas it has been'the custom in this county for a num b e r of years to ' reconstruct roads by ripping up old m acadam and replacing^ it w ith nev/ sub-base w ithout any effort to sal­ vage existing pavements, and “W hereas it has been found practic­ able in other states to m a k e use of ■worn out pavements by leveling with asphalting concrete and surfacing with asphalted concrete wearing sur­ face completed pavements two inches thick a t the center and five inches thick at the sides, 20 feet wide, being built at a cost $18,225 per mile or about one-third of the cost of roads now being reconstructed in this coun­ ty, be it “Resolved, that the H ighw ay Com­ m ittee of this Board be directed to take up this m a tter with the State Bureau oi Highways for the pux-pose of ascertaining if the sam e or sim ilar methods cannot be adopted here with the view of securing th e reconstruc­ tion of a greater mileage of highways at a .greatly redticecl cost.” SOY SHOT GIRL; QUARRELED OVER PHOTO Camden, N. J., Dec. 10 — Stanley Curtis, sixteen, confessed today th a t he s h o t and killed his sixteen year old school m ate, Betsy Ross. According to Prosecutor W escott, the boy said he and the girl quarreled over an im­ proper picture she found in his pos­ session. “NOT GUlLn” IS VERDICT OF JURY IN CASE AGAINST VERE EVANS Pefendaot Acquitted of Charge |)f Assaulting Woman on Canal Street—l^rial Held Before Jnstic^ Bevans and Jury pPresid^t and Mrs. Cooiidge Practice Economy; Arrival in Chicago, Car That Saved Them $1,700 ( 'f ' ’ M Shown above with Mr. and Mrs. ■CJooIidge is Captain Adolphus An­ drews, naval aide to the President, who aocompanied them when thc^ ^went to attend the International ilir e atoeJc JPJxpositlon at the Cfeic- MTO atoei# Varda ‘ Also shown Is XAaUtad car tn wjMch [sto f 1 the Coolldges traveled instead ox! using the President’s sx>ectal car,; By traveling in the regular train^ and taking their meals In the re­ gular diner^ the Chief Bamcvitivar and the Firtk Isidy of the land re-) dnoed their a ip t is s s fteia ( The jury in the crim inal action o f r th« People against Vere Eivans lor a i - . leged assault in the third degree on Mrs. Mabel Lozier of Amity, Orango | County on Saturday night K o -em b er 29th, brought in a verdict of iNot G p ilty” a f ter deliberating 87 minutes, Tuesday afternoon. Evans was tried before Justice W. S Bevans and a jury in a court o. special sessions. The paneling of the jury took exactly 25 m inutes and w h e n announced by both attorneys that it was satisfactory it yms com-^ posed of MArio Mori ,Samuel Wood J. j W. Lewis, E. E. Noe. Raym ond Adams and Leroy C arpenter. Corporation Coxir.sel W . A. P a rshall prosecuted the case and E. P. Jones of the law firm of Cucldeback and ones conducted the defense. Evans w a s accom p a n ied in court by his mo­ ther and wife, who sat beside him throughout the trial. Corporation Counsel P a rshall brief­ ly outlined the case to th e .jury. He stated th a t the defendant had accost­ ed Mrs! Lozier and asked h e r to ge- into his automobile on Saturday nigbt November: 29, about 7:30 o’clock-and th a t she refused and walked uP Or­ ange street to,. Canal streeC T h a t Evans followed her and touched nei. Fortunately her cry was heard and he was prevented from harm ing h e r Mrs. Lozier the first w itness called for the prosecution testified th a t her home is in Amity, Orange County that on Saturday evening, Novem­ ber 29th ^he was, in the City ef Port Grvis. 'lliat she had come to this city for work. She had been w alking a.bout the city early in the evening and w a s carrying h e r J her arms. She w a lked west side of Pike street about 7.30 o’clock. The defendant m e t her m front of Slade’s store and asked her to go for a ride in his automobile. She refused to go, made no outOT, continued across M ain street to Or­ ange street, crossed Orange w ent up th e rig h t side of that- s treet to Canal street w h e re she tu rn e d right. The defendant again m e t her on Canal street. She did ^o t .either see or hear him until he touched her and said “I am going to fix you righ n o w ” She fu r th e r testified th a t she L e a r n e d and Mr. L. L. Bush c ^ e I along The defendant ran away. Thi. loccured a sh o r t <^i®tance from Bush s house. She w ent to city hall after Evans was brought there by ess Slado and Bush. Messrs. Blnsl.. Slade. (Love ^ 3 Evans w ere a t the city hall when sW arrived. She again w e n t to the ciW hall th e 'n e x t day and made a com plaint against Evans. She the eom p laint in the presence of Jn® tice Bevans, A tto r n e y Jones, PaJ- shall, E i ^ n s and his m o ther, • ■R.ita P. Evans. ^ . On cross examination Mrs. Eozier ^ said that she bad lived Amitj for ! about flve or six years, that she was j married to John ^ with her husband. fane nau lived with her hnsband up until a ^ u t i T L i r P o r f JerTTs X u t a weeR be- r-:n de^;f get '.»-orK. F ifst saw ™ ir o n f o f'S lade's store on the s^e- walR ^ . .horrt 7:80 o’clock. She had nev- \ 1 i » diefore and a i a ^ ™ if anyone else had heard him ask h e r to go for a ride. She then tol ^ r J l d n * th e sam e route as tertifled on direct examination. She didn qee nor hear Evans approach and know 01 his presence until he fin k hold of her shoulders with his both hands and said “I am going to ^i^ht now ” She screamed for help°\Did“ t ”o:i; for help at Slade's TShe thought if ehe went up there she could get away from t o ITa that he wouldn’t follow her. She was going to see a man by the name Tf jfm. - Didn’t know Just where he uted Had been there before w itt other girls. Attorney ed if it ’\” 1 T ne tw ered yes. K n e w him about one ^.ear H ad been a t his house about a 'ronr ago F irst m e t him when he !aid “Hello.\ -Went to his house w ith ■'Charles Mead W as w o r k in g P o r t Jervis at th a t time. W h en a child she Uved -Witt her parents on Canal street next to where M yer’s barns used to be. Th® house w a s burned down. W e n t aw ay w ith her m o ther a f ter her father died. DREWDRAMATIC C lub ENTERTAIN ' LARGE CROWD three one act plays presented by I the Drew D ram a tic Club in the Drjew M ethodist H o u ^ Tuesday even­ ing were well acted and enjoyed by a laijge audience. The auditorium was filled to its capacity. The characters prbved by their excellent acting th a t it is possible to present dram a tics un­ der Christian leadership. D u ring intrm ission E. Gillincler gave ing intermission E. B. Gillinder gave a short address on dram atics. He also extended -an invitation to anyone, who desires to join the Drew D ram tlc, w h e ther a m em ber of the Drew church or some other church. The program was as follows: Piano Solo, N o tturno .... E thelbert • .................................. Nevln Thelma Bell. Prologue .................... Helene Langan The M aker of Dreams ................ ............................... Oliphant Downs P ierro t .................... Helen Bierlein P ierrette ....................... Sylvia B arber M a n u facturer. .......... Viola R u st Piano solo., A'dieu ......................... F rim l Eleanor Hammond. The Silent System ................ A. Dreyfus The wife. .D o rothy H arsch Tlio liustianQ .. . . . . .Sheldon Bell Adclrogg ........................... E. B. Gillinder The H o u r G lass .................. W. B. Yeats The wise roaji ........... Leroy Brooks Teigue, the fool ................. Alexander Thompson. The A n g e l .. ................ Gladys Bell B ridget.. . . .E d n a A'ines Versteeg -^The children. . . . . . .T h e lm a Bell Byron H a rding The pupils—'Lyle Wells, P a u l Span- genberg. P r a n k Sudderly, Raymond Sharp. Properties and lighting—Harold Nash and com m ittee. Costumes— ^Mrs. Leroy Brooks and Committee. Furniture used for “The Silent Sys­ tem ” loaned by Terwilliger-Woolsey Company. AMERICA WILL JOIN GENEVA ARMS PARLEY Secretary Hughes Announces 1 1 Acceptance of League of Nations Invitation CHRISTMAS TREES COME FROM SWAMPS By The Associate<^ P ress^ Saranac Lake, N. Y., Dec. 10— Adi­ rondack land o-wners are m aking the usual reply, to the annual protest of those conservationists who deplore the cutting of sm all evergreens through­ out the m o u n ta in counties to be used as Christm as trees. Tlie reply is that practically all th e trees are taken from swamps, or wind swept m o untain pastures where, ac­ cording to A dirondack lumbermen, the little evergreens could never amount to anything as timber. There are hardly any trees taken from the for­ ests except a few for Adirondack homes. The cutting and gathering of the trees furnishes w ork for several weeks to scores of men and boys. But the strongest argum e n t of the m oun­ tain folk is that the little trees bring joy and happiness on Christm as morn­ ing to thousands of children in the Cities of the state who would be bit­ terly disappointed without them. c o n t r ib u t e ' m o n e y TO WORTHY OBJECTS The monthly meeting of M achacke- mech Chapter D. R. was held\ Tues­ day, Dec. 9, a t th e residence of Mrs. R. G rant Thorpe, E a s t M ain .street. Lunch was served a t 12 o’clock, fol­ lowed by the reading, of m onthly re ­ ports and the transacting of th e busi­ ness brought before the society. It was voted to give $25 to the Home of the Aged in memory of Mrs. W. H, Nearpass and constributions to the Salvation Army and Associated C h a r­ ities. Chamber of Commerce At the December m eeting of the Board of Directors of the Cham ber of Commerce, held last evening in th e Chamber of Commerce office, several m a tters o t im portance were discussed and acted upon. - ------ - ---- ------------ - Acacia Club Dance W ashington, D ec. 9.-^—Secretary H u g h e s announced today, acceptance by the A m erican Government o f the invitation from th e L e a g u e , o f N a tions to participate in the proposed in ter­ n a tional conference on traffic in arm s m u n itions and im p lem e n ts, of war to be held d t G eneva in April or May, 1925. The reply to th e League’s invita­ tion w a s m a d e in th e form of a note handed to the Secretary! General of the L e a g u e today by H u g h S. Gibson Am erican M inister to Switzerland. Its text w a s m a d e public by Secretary H u g h es late this afternoon as follows: T. h eg to inform you that I have been instructed: by m y Governm ent . to acknow ledge th e receipt of your com m u n ication of Oct. 7, 1924, trans­ m itting the text of a resolution adopt­ ed by the Council of the League of N a ­ tions w ith respect to th e holding of an international conference of the States, m em b ers and n o n -m e m b e r s of the League of N a tions in April or May ,1925, for the purpose of consid- ei'ing th e conclusion ox a convention With respect to the international trade in arm s, m u nitions and im p le­ m ents of war. In this com m u n ication you inquire w h e ther m y Governm ent would he prtpared to'tak e part in such conference. In reply I take in referring to the communication addressed to you on Aug, S9, in w h ich it w a s stated that my Government would be disposed to give favorable consideration to^an in ­ vitation to participate in an .appro- px'iate international conference of the pow e r s fo r th e aforem e n tioned pur­ pose. My G o v e rnm ent still holds this attitude and is agreeable to the sug­ gestion th a t th e tim e of holding th e conference should be in A p ril or May, 1925. HUDSON COIMY MAY BERULED - BY MARTIAL UW If Civil Law is Inadequate, Appeal %ould be lade to Governor and President \ Jersey City, Dec. ID— T he Decern ber H u d son County G rand Ju r y wa^ em panelled in Jersey City yesterday to investigate the charges th a t a boot­ leg syndicate bribed W ehaw k e n police and officials to-furnish protection for the landing of millions of dollars w o rth of liquor on the w a ter fro n t there. In his charge to the jury Su­ prem e Court Justice Sam u el F. Mln-^ turn saidl tliat the possible inability of the civil governm ental m a c h inery to 4©al with th e ' s ituation m ight m ake th e declaration of m a rtial law in New Jersey a necessity. “If it is to be conceded th a t w e cannot suceed in this struggle to en­ force the law,” he said, “and th a t f a il­ ure is to be the inevitable resu lt of your labors and th a t hereafter p u r s is to be a governm ent of official cor­ ruption identified w ith the black flag of piracy, in which m u rder is th e logi­ cal penalty of exposure, then the time has come for you and the Prosecutor and this Court to retire from our posts by a confession of ineptitude, I a n d request the President and the Governor to enforce m a rtial law upon our w ater front as the only alterna tive to state wide anarchy.” Justice M inturn told the grand ju r y ­ men they must disregard personal danger and m a k e a thorough investi­ gation into the liquor situation in the county in order “to combat the wild beasts that surround usJJ He declar­ ed th a t the murder of Frank d’A g n o s- tino, bootlegger, found sh o t on the Baldwin, avenuej dock, W eehawken, tj^ie morning of Sept, 12 last, should be th e starting point of the grand jury’s inquiry. » The Acacia Club has issued invita­ tions to a social dance which will be held a t M echanics’ H a ll Friday dveh- ^ aw a ^ k k o u t ited kn aurt Mra. Ttora, akoi# once affair and the hall (Continued to, paire eight) ■, ' ' rule* will b r .trictly .ntored. BUILDINGS BURNED BUT BOOZE IS RESCUED (By The Associated Press) Bisbee, Ariz., Dec. 10— F ire caused by overheated stove in a saloon, de­ stroyed a block of saloons and cabarets in Naco, Sonora, Mexico, nine miles south of here last night. Considerable liquor was lost, most of it being stolen as it was carried into the streets from the burning build­ ing. A report that a fusilade of shots followed the outburst of flam es was denied by M exican custom s officers, who said the bursting of bottles could have been m istaken for gunshots. LADIES’ AUxiuARY ELECT OFFICERS The ^^Americah Legion Auxiliary elected the following officers on Mon­ day evening: President— Mrs. M ary Bockover. F ir s t Vice ji^ e s id e n t—Mrs. Jam e s Second Vice President— ^Mjs. Leroy j ' Bockover. Secretary— Mrs. Charles Croopin. T reasurer—Mrs.) Levi Fercival. ■ c h a p lain and Sergeant a t Arm s — Mrs, J. E. Noll, Executive Committee— Officers and Mrs. J. Fitzgihhons, Mrs. J. E. Noll and Mrs. J. W. Stoll. Couhty Committee—^Mrs. J. E. Noll, Mrs. M, Bockover and one other ap­ pointed each m o n th. AMERICAN LEGION ELECT OFFICERS CATHOUC DAUGHTERS ELECT OFFICERS The following officers were elected by Jam e s C. Bil25 P o s t American L e ­ gion Monday evening: Commander—C. A, Lefferts. F ir s t Vice Com m ander—D. S. H a r ­ ing. Second Vice-Com mander — W est­ brook Stoll, Third Vice-President—Fred Tuthill. Adjutant—Fletcher Gillinder. Finance Officer—^Fred W eigle. Historian-—Francis MurraCy. Chaplain-—Rev, Boyd Greenwalt, Chairm an of Executive Committee— Fred W eale. - . Sergeant a t Arms— C harles Croopin Service Officer—Dr. J. E. Noll. A thletic Officer— ^James Hurr.' Trustees—Dr. J, E. Noll, Fred W eale, W. N. Bloojmer, D. S. H a ring, Carl W arner, F, D. Salmon, Ben C^ark an d 6. D. Reese. It. was voted to have a Christmas tree at Orange Square and present the children with candy, etc., on Christm as eve. , ' A committee for this work w a s ap- . pointed which is composed of J. C. Ollear, D. S. H a ring, G. D. Reese, P e ­ ter Dunwald, W a lter P o s k e tt and C. A. Lefferts. MUSKRATS HAVE TROU­ BLE IN HOME MAKING A peculiar condition exists among the m u s k rat fam ilies of the Shawan- gunk K ill above the Bloomingbqrg dam. Previous to the operations a t the bridge, w h e n the w a ter was drain­ ed from th e stream bed to allow fo r dry abutm e n t placing the genial and The regular m eeting .of Court Ma­ donna No. 114 Catholic D a u g h ters-of America, was held in the K. of C. gregarious tribe of m u skrat had been [ hom e Tuesday, December 9th. The following 'officers w ere elected for th e com ing year: Grand Regent—^Margaret C. Mahan. Vice Grand R egent—A n n a M oran. Prophetess—'Mary M ackin, Historian— ^Mae C. Lord. Financial Secretary — Elizabeth M urnen. - Treasurer—^Nellie R. Canixon. M ohitor-r-Bessie E . Boland. Sentinel—^Rena Goodfellow. O rganist—^Mae Clancy. Trustee, 3 years,— Mary Cleary and Anna Reddington. Cynical De/iniiion History is a narrative of events hy a man who does not -personally know them, compiled from writings of other I persons, probably misinformed.— Wx-' chrage/ ' i . ' enjoying their norm a l quarters in well stocked bank burrow s fo r th e w inter However the Kill was drained for some w e eks and the frightened little aquatic rodents looked forth unto an arid-w o rld from rapidly drying b u r ­ row openings, once under water. A t once they set about m a k ing additions', I'to their labyrinth of cham b er open- in.gs to allow for the drought. But, w h e n all excavations had been com ­ pleted and the fu r bearers had once m ore settled down to normal’ dwell­ ing, t h e ,dam, was fixed, and w a ter rose to the old level. Again there was a. moving of aquatio furniture. And now, due to th e rains the K ill surface is fa r above norm a l and the m u s k rat m a y be seen building liests in the trees [ in desperation. They are throw ing '’aw ay th p ir w a ter wings fo r clim bing iro m tail fefttjiers. T h e w o rks of iifkturo are indeed einiiBlap.

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