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w EIGHT THEEVHgNGGAmTE OLD BATTLE FRIGATE GONSTITUTi'^N SUkROUNDED BY SOlViE OF MOST'MODERaVESSEIli IN'UNCi^ SAM'S N.AVY ' ■ ■ - ^'“Old Ironsides,” tlie old frigate Constitution, is sliown lying a t the w h a rf in the Boston Navy Tard. 1' SCREtNLAND W h a t the producers say about films to toe shown a t local theatres PAliAGE TEDEATKE Mildred H a rris plays the fem inine lead in “By Divine R ight.” Elliott Dexter’s first picture for Grand-Ash- er, w h ic h comes to the Palace Theatre Monday. This charm ing star has m o re thav» lived up to h e r reputation a® an ar- ‘tist of rare ability, it is said, and the role she portrays in this picture is spoken of as the greatest of her car­ eer. A n d e rs R andolf plays the p a r t of an unscrupulous politician and reports indicate th a t he does some rem a rk­ able acting. Grace Carlisle, for seven years a Broadway favorite in F rohm a n and other productions, portrays the wife of the politician andl brings to the character m u c h dignity and poise. Sydney Grace;r is a great crook type as T u g W ilson, and D eW itt C. .Jen- | nings has an effective p a r t as a police ! detective . L ittle Jeanne C a rpenter has a delightful role as the child of the politician and his wife and is the one factor th a t holds them together. The story is concerned w ith a m is­ sion w o rker who is sent to prison for a crim e of w h ich he is guiltless and returns after being reported dead^ to right his own w rongs and bring h a p ­ piness into an unhappy home. There is a thrilling train w reck and a big fire scene in the picture togeth­ er w ith a great deal of highly emo­ tional dram a and a strong love them e The picture gives an idea of the i m arvelous progress made in the construction of fighting craft since INDIGESTION According to Dr. W illiam L. .Mun^ son. D istrict State H e a lth officer,, in ­ digestion m a y be the first symptom of any one of a num b e r of serious disorders the presence of which m ay ibe determined by thorough medical exam ination. This statem e n t was broadcast Friday ' evening from Sta­ tion WGY in one of the' regular week­ ly. health talks- of the State D e p art­ ment of H e alth. “To the lay m ind” said Dr. M un­ son, “any refusal of the stomach to care for the food put into it, together 1 w ith ^nausea, belching of gas, and pain in the pit of the stom ach, is in-r digestion. If you are subject to this triad of tornj'entors, you need to see your doctor. You ask, why? A little bit of indigetsion is nothing. In a fair num b e r of tim es you m ay be right but the times when you are wrong mean trouble. Indigestion may be the opening chapter of a serious story. “The most frequent cause of indi­ gestion is im p roper diet. E ither the am o u n t of food is too large or the character of food eaten is improper, or it is eaten too rapidly. I t is a w o n ­ der th a t the hum a n stom a c h does its w o rk a t all, considering the-w a y it is abused. You overload your stomach w ith all m a n n e r of improper foods, and then it balks and you call it in- the Constitution was launched in 1797 and won fam e in the W a r of. 1 : 812 . j regulation of your diet, such as eat­ ing regularly and cutting down on the am o u n t of food and eating well-bal­ anced meals fails to effect a prom pt relief, lose no time is consulting your doctor. P u t your faith in the advice of a competent physician after a com­ plete examination. Nothing is gained by delay— everything m ay be lost.” STATES FIX RIGHTS TO DELAWARE RIVER NEW TH E A T R E “A m e rica” a thrilltng Story of Lovte anfi R o m a n c e toy Rotoert W. Ohamtoers M o n d ay three showings of the w o rld’s greatest motion picture ‘i'America” takes place a t the New Theatre. The perform ance is repeat­ ed on Tuesday to give everyone a chance to see how this country th a t has given us shelter w a s made. How th e first Am ericans fought to keei^ this \land of Am erica free from in­ tolerance, from hatred; and how\ they suffered fo r years th a t the lights of freedom m a y not die out. This coun­ try is now yours as , as thehrs. ■America ‘^America Land- of all peo­ ple w ith its precious freedom gained through tears and sarifice and sorrow of the first ‘Almericans. W e love you dearly Every real American will w a n t to see tfiis picture w h ich pul­ sates w ith th e life and beauty of our country. You will be thrilled when P a u l Revere spreads jthe alarm “The B ritish are coming.” You w ill trem ­ ble w ith emotion when th e ro a r of m u sketry, rum b le of drum s and hor- or Is unloosed. Action, thrills heart- T>reaks, trium p h s and a dazzling ro m a n c e w h ic h w ill apepal to everyone is to be seen in D. W. Grifdth's ^*America” Don’t let yo u r children miss this historiacl picture. A tlantic City, Dec. 5—^The respec­ tive rights of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to use w a ter from the Delaware river are established in an agreement^ between the three states the draft of which was virtually com­ pleted here today. This was announced by members of ‘the Tristate Delaware Treaty Com­ mission after a one day session in the St. Charles Hotel. The commission has been holding meetings for several m o n ths and has considered seventeen different drafts of the proposed agreement. The final draft was said to he “in food shape and so form u la ted as to assure equit­ able distribution of the Delaware' riv­ er w a ter among the three states.” The agreem ent, it was announced, will be signed by representatives of digestion. The prevention of this con-' states a t a m eeting to be held af- dition is sim p ly the application of havA been common sense, regular meals, proper Suicide in Sleep M. Thornton Jones, a solicitor of Bangor, England, cut his i..fo:it in his sleep and died 80 minutes later. “1 dream t th a t I had dcr.e it,” he wrote in a moment of consciousness, “I awoke to find it true.” A verdict of saicide while tem porarily insane Was nsturned. Great Use of Adversity The advantage of the fires of sorrow «oes not lie in the things which they consume, but in the things which they isannot consume. The sweetest of all the uses of adversity is to show me the joy which it cannot take away.—• George Math.ison. Or a Snake Pon't worry when yon stnmhle—re­ member that a worm is about the only ^thing that can’t fall dowii.-^Bochester\’ {ttmes-Hnion. i food and not too'm u c h , and thorough m astication. “There are m any causes for indi­ gestion other than im p roper diet, and it is these possible causes th a t make it a com p la int th a t should be. Idokedl into. Not infrequently it is the only m a n ifestation, to yourself a t least, of chronic appendicitis; it is the early and usual advance agent of ulcer a n d cancer of the stom ach; it is the faith ­ ful companion of gall stones. Kidney diseases are often preceded by spells of indigestion; diseases of the liver are alm o st constantly associated- w ith in­ digestion, and it accom p anies certain nervous,. disorders. Constipation and indigestion are ‘first cousins.’ “Considering the many serious dis­ eases, the first indication of which may be indigestion, the question may well be asked— “why not discover those diseases when first they appear, a t a tim e when treatm e n t m ay be effec­ tive? Why w a it so long to know w hat the actual cause of your indigestion is, only to find that you^have some organic disease that is then too far advanced to be cured. Your insur­ ance against this possibility is an ex­ am ination by your physician. K the only thing you need is correction of your diet, and you follow the advice given, you will be well repaid. If it j is found that^ your indigestion is the ' beginning of some serious disease, it m a y be that ;this early knowledge^ will m a k e iti possible to add years to your life. If, however, you elect to guess w h a t the trouble causing your indiges­ tion is, and you guess diet, and you are right—you are lucky. If you guess diet, and you have ulcer orf cancer of the stom ach you have made a mistake th a t you must pay for. Guess work is poor policy. It pays poor dividends in both health and comfort, “Isn’t it plain th a t there is a cause for your^ indigestion, and isn’t' it equally plain th a t the proper tre a t­ m e n t is the rem o v al of that cause? Do not get the habit of taking drugs, no m a tter l^ow harmless you may con­ sider them. Don’t get to be a “pill swallower.” Your stom ach should ac­ commodate anything you ought to eat w ithout being drugged after each m eal w ith “digestive mixtures.’ B aking soda is not much good for cancer of the stomach, and 'patent m edicines' (haven’t a very high score fo r cures in chronic appendicitis, “Y o u r physician has m a n y ways of determ ining to w h a t your indigestion is due. He can have chemical exam­ ination m ade; x-ray pictures may be taken to show just w h a t is happening and w here the trouble lies. He can secure blood and many other tests that will m a k e it possible to tell w h a t Is causing your indigestion. Doesn’t th i s htppeal to you as being the com­ mon sense way? » ‘T f.you are having distress an d in - ’, 4 digestion a f ter meals, and If simple ter soine minor changes made. The agreem ent will provide gener­ ally, th a t above the New York and New Jersey state line, or above Fort Jervis, the three states will each have right to a third of the w a ter supply above a reserve minimum level, which Will always be maintained. New York will have a right to one- third of the w a ter below the state line providing such w a ter flows into the Delaware from New York tributaries, while New Jersey and Fenrisylvania each will have h a lf of the w a ter below the state line where such w a ter comes from tributaries also below the line. The minimum level provision ap ­ plies throughout and the agreement, it is said, gives am p le assurance of w a ­ ter supply for each state both for drinking and power purposes. ^ The agreem ent v/ill end all disputes as to state rights relative to the D e la ­ ware river, since, heretore, no rights had been established, except common, rights. Work for Architects In America we h a \e never stopped growing long enough \ p diagnose the fundam ental ailments 01 modem urban growth. Until we, individually and as a community, undertake this exam­ ination, the field for community plan­ ning will be limited, and the architect will continue to design, in subservi­ ence to the forces outside his work which are daily determining his milieu. Once our American communities a re ready to alter, not simply their super­ ficial physical characteristics, but some of their fundamental habits and traditions, then community planning will be possible. It is our belief that it will be to the supreme advantage of the architect to hasten this day. PORTIERVIS. FACTS OF S o c ia l AND MORAL QUESTIONS A tlanta, Dee. 5— “Facts regarding th e Christian viewpoint upon social m o ral questions should be prepared, by the churches fo r the plain m a n and w o m an who does not read books or attend conferences, and who has scant tim e and Tittle training, .accord­ ing to Mrs. W. A. Newell of Winston- Salem, Superintendent of Social ser­ vice of the M ethodist Episcopal * Church South, the first wom an op the program of the quadrennial m eeting of the Federal Co^uncil of Churches. \ “M e n ' and women of the churches can influence public opinion for the right when they know the facts,” she declared. “Cooperation between tho colored and white races through the General Commission on Interracial Cooperation and the Federal Coun­ cil’s Commission on R ace R elations show v/hat can be brought about*by group mediation. “Bitterness between the races, has been allayed, barriers lowered, oppor- tunitigs opened by this quiet group of undismayed workei's,” she stated. “The decrease in lynchings can he counted, but the persuasive influence to fair- . ness can never be measured, w h e n re- , suits are sought. | “As for industry, capital and labor | have both been standing in the bread line, contending for place, each ask­ ing to r^ e i v e the utm o st. M anufac­ turers who have dared to m a k e Jesus’ social teachings the explicit rule fo r the regulation of their relations to th e ir employees have found th a t an ­ tagonism s have been dissipated in effort to a common end, service to the public, which is bigger than the group interests of either employee or employer. “The Social Creed of the Churches is adm irable, hut\h o w m a n y church members know th a t we have one? It calls fo r publicity, it calls for inter­ pretation by facts, i t balls for conver­ sion, and education. “The adm irable w o rk of the D e p art m e n t of R e search and Informat!©*, m u st go on. It has been invaluable to the thinker, in gathering up and dissem inating the w ritings of thinkers and experimenters in the field of so- | cial work, in its book reviews and ac- i counts of conferences and discussions. | “B u t we need an extension of this service adapted to the uses of those who do not read books nor attend . conferences, for the plain m a n and womam w ith scaht .time sand little training. We need data carefully ^ gathered and interestingly presente T j th a t shall show prevailing conditions ’ in industry, reform and welfare. Such ' inform a tion should he made available to every church member. News stories of promising ventures in social w o rk by town and country churches should to*e gathered. They stim u la te activity Releases of this m a terial should*toe supplied to each denom ination and someone delegated in each to see that they are published in the church pa­ pers of his denomination in all sec­ tions of the country. In some such w a y the Social Cfeed would become common property. As it is it is re­ cently interred in our printed records.” CHURCHES INTERESTED IN PUBUC AFFAIRS 1 9 2 4 . Will Put Pep Into It The story Is told of a poet takin.s^ a . Broadway chorus girl to the'MetrOpoli-V tan galleries, ^he gazed a t the .fine paintings ah‘d listened to ihe^inspired ealogies of the verse m a k e r; then a s ’ they were leaving she rem arked^ “Well, I ain’t taken up culture yet, b u t' when I do I ’ll make it hum.” 5 M emblican i4fal» ' T h e goverfiment of m a ^ b y ms ii . man * * * of ;the coarser, ruder body of a natui ’0 'by its M e r ‘ soul, by its best men, set ^ip to rule not because they are im tf:i^sicaily different from the nature which they govern, but because they are its true seif—this is the meauing of • rf»mtblican institutions.—Phillip# ^Brooks. ' ■ I Tin Cans Help Beautify The driveway and-walks of San An­ tonio, Texas, are literally lined with tin cans, but not so that one may no­ tice, for the cans are embodied In the electric light posts, says Popular Science Monthly. Park Commissioner Ray Lam b ert originated this ingeniou’d method of utilizing the city’s waste tin cap output by using the cans for reinforcing the ornamental concrete electric light posts. Lack of Art Costly Beau.ty in a city is pot only a finan­ cial asset but ugliness is a thing of Sheer ocost to a muhlcipality, accord­ ing to Andrew W right Crawford of the Philadelphia aft jilry, who spdke to the delegates at the annual session of city planners. In support of his contention, Mr. Crawford point­ ed out ? th a t many city halls through­ out the United States, including the one a t Philadelphia, as well as many bridges and sim ilar municipal struc- tifCe#, bye Ander consfderation for re- placem^t, unsightUne^ (By The Associated Press) A tlanta, Dec. 5— “Increased in ter­ est by the churches in public affairs is one of the notable signs of the tim es,” said Dr. W illiam Adams Brown, of New: York, in opening’ the dishussion on “R esearch and Educa­ tion by the Federal Council of Church­ es” a t the quadrennial m eeting of that body today. “The church,” he states “face to face w ith controverted moral subjects, must take some stand or forfeit its moral leadership.” “An example in point is the activity of the churches in connection w ith the W ashington conference for the Lim itation of Armament^,” he con­ tinued. “This is only one of m a n y illustrations which could be given. The report of the Inter-Church Movement on the steel striket and the activity of the social service commissions of the different churches are fresh, in the minds of the public. ‘More recently the churches have been; taking an active interest in the race question, both a t home and abroad as evidenced by the recent ac­ tion of the churches in protesting against the action of congress in the m a tter of Japanese immigration. “ This activity of th e churches has diten been criticised but it is inevit­ able th a t as Christian people begin tc take seriously the m o ral ndeals m- plicit in Christianity, they find them ­ selves brought face, to face w ith con­ troverted questions on which they m u st take some stand if they are not to forfeit th e ir influence as m o ral leaders, ' i t is c lear that if the church­ es are to act wisely they m u st be in possession of th e relevant facts.” Uncle Eben \My ole mule,” said Uncle Eben, “balked in de middle of de road, held up a line o’ flivvers an’ kicked at de traffic cop. An’ I says to myse’f, ‘Mistoh Mule, you may have a bad dis­ position ; but you sho’ has got cour­ age.’ ’’^W a s h ington Star. Uses for Precious Metal About one-fourth of the annual pro­ duction of gold Is used for money, the remaining three-fourths being epn- fuiped In dentistry^’ in the arts, such as jew«lry» gilding and gold leaf work, and thd making dp b f the annual loss from Yariotis cau#es^ Gifts u s e d a n d r e ­ m e m b e r e d a ll tb e y e a r th r o u g h 11 lecting gifts specially appropriate to the recipient. Give beautiful, resplendent, useful electric g i f t s - gifts that delight because they are so serviceable. Come into our store and look around. Let’s tell you prices? and easy terms. Telephaiie 128 ORANffi COUNTY PUBLIC SERYICI COMPANY, INC. -I. I S ' NEW PAUCE THEATRE TdDAI COMPUTE FOX SHOW . SHIRLEY MAS(il M “MY HUSBAND’S WIVES” A Comedy Drama Worth Your While. 2-REEL FOX SUNSHINE COMEDY X f O X N E ^ Mat. 2:30, Spec, for Children 10c, Adults 15c Evening 7:30-11 Adults 20c, ChQdren 15c MONDAY AND TUESDAY “BY DIVINE RIGHT” ^ FEATURING ELLIOTDEXTER He was the most potent factor in a big city’s gov­ ernment—slaves by the hundred— fawning, spine­ less, soulless office seekers---trembled at his voice. The mailed fist was his religion — everything he wanted he took—^all his desires, he satisfied, regard­ less of the sorrow he brought upon others! - And then the unexpected happened! A force, a tre­ mendous force—more powerful, more potent, more unrelenting than any he and all his cringing minions could command, rose up and broiught him to~~un\ derstanding and happiness! Amazon-like she fought with all the ferocity, all the rage of a jungle thing against the beast who would ruin her life! Slowly^ unrelentingly, he was conquering her— she felt her strength ebbing—and then from somewhere came a force, strange, irre­ sistible force, that inflamed her with new courage, that sent the man slinking from her, filled with a fear he could not understand. Her child, the one ray of hope iu^ unhappiness, about to be torn froiri her-—atid through her own fault! But this mother didn’t give up—-she fought —^she had faith—and she won! \Won life for her child and a happiness for herself she had never even dreamed of! It’s a picture with a new thought, a new twist—AND BIG ENTERTAINMENT! TWO-WEEL GO GETTERS ~ ~ ONE41EH. FOX E D U ^ ^ Matinee 2^30 ^ 2^ Chfldreii ISc IraiM ig 2 : 3 0 4 1 T i Y i v I F

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