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THE EVENING GAZETTE PORT ERVia N. Y. FWE Oti1>iSST ■tfKSSESTGKR' I ' \'7;' . IX T H E W OK IJ) P B ^ S E O T W Hi^K I^INCOLX WAS SHOT ' k . . POPULAR SONG 25YRS.AGOHAD BASIS IN FACT Syracuse Wolnan Daughter of Mother in ‘\Baggage Coach Ahead” H e n ry C. Wolford, 81, is the old­ est telegram delivery “boy\ in the United States, if not in the world. F o r th e last 40 years he has taken messages to practically all the bus­ iness concerns in the down-town section of W ashington, D. C. Wol­ ford was in the Ford Theatre the nighL T r ^ id e n t Ijincoln was shot. H e has a d s ^ H te v and four grand- -children* WEST END W est End, Dec. 6— Mrs. Harvey W elch and Mrs. Frank; Dillistin spent F riday in Paterson. Mrs. P r a n k W itt and Mrs. Edw a rd Schooner spent M onday in' Kew York- Mrs. Fox returned to her home in New York city after spending a few days w ith her sister, Mrs. Lewis Shake of Holbrook street. Mrs. Clarence Roberty, of B u c k ley, street, spenh Friday in Paterson, Mrs. Edw ard Schooner spent Thurs­ day in MiddletoWn. Mrs. E lla Skinner returned to her home in New Y o rk after visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo. H a ttler, of H o lbrook street. ’ Mrs. Sara W h ittaker, of W est M ain ■ street, is visiting Mrs. WestbrooT?: on F r o n t street. Mr. Alonzo Sedlock returned to hiS home in /Red B a n k after spending a few days with his sister, Mrs. P r a n k Brogan. Mrs. M erton D, Freeborn and son,. Donald, who have been spending a few days w ith Mrs. Freeborn’s father, H e n ry McCabe, of Holbrook street^ re-_ turned to their home in Binghamton on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Decker have moved from Holbrook street to New street. George Weigel is ill at his home on Buckley street. The Ladies’ Aid Society of th e W est End Reformed Church held its regular m e e ting oh W ednesday evening in the basem e n t of th e church. There was a good attendance and m u c h business w a s transacted. A social time and re­ freshm e n ts were enjoyed after the business session. Miss Alice Edw a rds has returned from Buffalo, w h e re she visited for a few days w ith her brother, Grover E d ­ wards. Little Miss K a thryn M onahan w ent to L iberty to spend aJ few weeks w ith her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John O’Meara, ^ r s . Alfred Dresher, of Lackawax- en, spent Friday with Mrs. R. Zwirz. Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. .5—^A q u a rter of a century ago one Of the most popular songs of the day w a s “The Baggage Coach Ahead,’’ w h ic h had for its theme th e story of a grief- stricken fa th e r and daughter accom ­ panying the body of a beloved wife and m o ther to its last resting place. Today it becam e know n for the first time th a t the song was based on an .actual occurance, w ith the little heroine a Syracuse matron, Mrs. W a l­ te r A. Rice, No. 319 Erie street, wife Of the engineer of the. Syracuse Muni­ cipal Planning, Parks and Recreation Comimssion. The song tells of a night ride on a train and of a baby crying in its fa­ ther's arm s. Exasperated and unable I to sleep, some of th e m a n 's traveling I c o m p anions finally rem o n strated be­ cause of the child’s crying. “Oh, where is its mother;^ take it to her,” one woman softly said, “I wish th a t I could,” was the m a n 's sad reply, “but she’s dead in the coach ahead. The passengers, shocked and sad­ dened and stricken with remorse for their outburst over the child’s crying then offer w h a t help they can women caring for the baby, w hich falls as­ leep as the father says: “But baby’s cries can’t w a k en her in the baggage coach ahead.” And here is w h a t happened: W il­ liam K. M unson m a rried Adelia Gam- bell a t Otisco, tooth having toeen toom and reared there. A fter m a rriage they moved to Lowell, Mich., a n d there, three days after th e birth of Nellie Munson, the mother died. Mr. Munson started E a s t to bury his wife a t Otisco, the old hom e ,and, w h ile his wife was . in the baggage coach ahead,” he attempted to care fo r th e motherless child during the sad and tedious journey. ’Then cam e th e incident which in ­ spired the song. The melody w a s w rit­ ten by Mr. Davis, who had been Mrs. 'l^unson’s music teacher. Nellie M unson grew to womanhood and w a s m a rried to W a lter R ic^ of another old Otisco family. H e r fa th ­ er died in 1915. Mrs. Rice is hut one of several Syracusians whose life incidents sup­ plied the them e for verse. “Casey at the Bat,\ the im m o rtal baseball classic, has as its hero C. Robinson Casey of this city, secretary of the Socety for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. WESrS/USE OFmOiUNEG^ N SCHOOLS A tlantic City, N. J., Dec. 5—The in­ troduction of chlorine gas into the ventilating systems of schools, thea­ tres and motion picture houses during epidemics of cblds,. influenza and oth­ er diseases was 'suggested by Lieut. Col. Edw a rd B. Veddor, chief of the m edical research’ division of the U n it­ ed States arsenal at Eddwood, Md., in a talk today before the m eeting of the New Jersey state health commission­ ers. Colonel Vedder has been engaged in a controversy with, the New York city health departm e n t as to the efficacy of the chlorine treatm e n t of respira­ tor^' diseases. In< his talk today Colo­ nel Vedder offered the results of nation-wide questionnaire on the chlorine gas treatm e n t as proof th a t this remedy was valuable. He said th a t the gas had been used with suc- in treating horse influenza and SPARROWBDSK CHURCH ENJ0YS TRAINING NIGHT Programs Are Becoming More Popular Eyery Week- “ Good FeHowship | that the experience with 1,000 animals indicated that chlorine gas thad its prophylactic as well as curative value. ELKSTOHOU) ANNUAL MEMORIAL SERVICES On Sunday evening the local Elks will observe their annual m em o rial ^services a t the E lk’s home. The pub­ lic is cordially invited to attend. The service will start at 8:15 o’clock. An appropriate address will be delivered i>y P a s t Exalted R u ler F r a n k Fallon of New York. The program for the evening will •be as follows: Processional m a rch, selected—Cun- niff e’s orchestra. Barcarolle, Tschaikovsky—'Orches­ tra. *, Opening ceremonies—^James R. Kinney, E x a lted R u le r, Roll call of deceased brothers—^John Bierlein, secretary. “The V a c a n t C h air” Sullivan—^Ki- wanis, club quartette, Middletown. Elegie, Crieg— Orchestra. Responses and' D e clarations—Offi­ cers. “Lead Kindly Light”, B u c k - K i - w anis quartette. Address, “In IMemoriam”—F r a n k Fallon, P. E. R. of I^odge No. 1. Devotion, Victor H e rbert— Orches­ tra. “The Beautiful Country’ Kiwanis quartette. •Closing ceremonies—'Exalted Ruler. Closing Ode, Lodge,. Audience and Orchestra. Benediction—Rev. C. H. Kues, Chap lain. ' Recessional, selected— Orchestra. Sparrewbiish, Dec. 6—^The folks p t SpaiTowbush are taking a constantly increasing.interest in the church tra in ­ ing night p^rogAm of the village- church. On W ednesday evening a i- m ost a hundred of them enjoyed the delicious' roast pork supper served by the Ladies’ Aid Society and well dy­ er a'huhdred were present for the rest of the evening’s program . i The Harm ony Club Orchestra, of P o r t Jervis heightened the pleasure of the good fell^^wship hour w ith several of their melodious selections, and then accompanied- the gathering in their “Gospel Sing.” a p a rt' of the program which grows more popular each week. The\ study period continues its min­ istry to all. The- stories of Mrs. H e r­ bert H a p p held the attention of the little folks. Miss Millie Hender'ehot brought a lesson to an enthusiastic group of juniors, MjJI. Greenwald’s discussion of “A Challenge to Life Service” engaged the interest of a growing class of young people, and the pastor continued his discussion of “•Religious Education in the Family’’ ■with a n adult class of thirty-five. The entertainm e n t for 'the evening as in charge of Mrs. Henry Happ and it proved to be a great success. An old time singfng school furnished the background for the main part of the program . The participants were fittingly dressed in old tim e costumes ' ■ ' The Mrs. Parks— KENDALL WANTED ON TWO CHANGES OBSEQUIES DEANMcCLANCYIS 80 YEARS OLD SUNDAY Middletown, Dec. 5— Rev. John P a t­ rick McClancy, Dean of Orange and Rockland counties, Sunday celebrates his 80th birthday. According to his «quiet, retiring m anner, he will prob­ ably do nothing more than note; th e fact that he has rounded out his* fourth score of years. D e an McCiancy w a s born in M al­ low County. Ireland. December 7, 1844, and came to this country’- in 1850. He has been connected w ith ^ St. Joseph’s parish for th e past 47 years and has been pastor for 36 years. H e celebrated the 50th anni­ versary of his ordination to the priest­ hood, his Golden Jubilee, in 1919. His daily m orning walk, made the Dean one of the best kno-wp m e n in-' the city. He meets** scores of friends as he walks downtown every m o rning some two or three miles, and seldom fails to stop and pass a friendly word or two before going on. € FOUR CARS WRECKED IN SUSQUEHANNA YARD Susquehanna, Pa,., Dec. 5— At 11 a. m, four freight cars were derailed and badly damaged a t the Erie Station. No one was injured. The train, was enroute from this, place to Carbondale over the Jefferson divi­ sion, and w a s in charge of Conduc­ to r Murphy and Engineer Porter of this place. A , pusher engine was as­ sisting the train. It is said that the signal block w a s . placed against the train and the sudden stop m ade caused the cars in the middle to buckle, piling them on the station platform , breaking the windows in th e baggageroom and dam a g ing the roof and station. _ Local wreckers ■were called and both tracks were open' f o r traffic after^w o hours. W anted for the theft of a Buick car owned by Joseph Greenwald, of Middletown, June 6, 1922, Francis Kendall, alias Jack Ryan, form erly employed by Mr. Greenwald and in Frost’s Garage, Central Valley, has been returned to county jail by Dep­ uty Sheriff Aaron Pugsley. Kendall was arrested in th e State Hospital, Connellsville, Pa„/w h e re he was undergoing treatm e n t for injuries received in an assault. He is wanted to answ er to two indictments, one charging ,^ a n d o n m e n t of his infant child, and the other charging him with grand larceny in connection with the theft here. Soon after the World W a r Kendall w e n t toi. Central Valley and after a bri§^f acquaintance m arried a daugh­ te r of Theron Gargery. The couple lived together for two years andl a child was '^ofp. Tb^en K e n d all is said to have eloped w ith a 13 year old girl, the couple posing as brother and sister:—Jack Ryan and Audrey Brice. A child was born to them 18 months ago in Columbus, O., and another is expected in May, according to report. Fourteen months, ago the couple went to Utica where K e n d all went to w o rk in the Auto Inn, and occupied rooms rented from E d w a rd Kempton, later taking apartm e n ts in the home of Elizabeth H a rris. He is said to have carried on flirtations with isev-^ eral Uticans. Hei is said to have married Beatrice Arm strong, one of the girls working in Auto Inn, a month ago, first having placed the other girl in apartm ents in ■Newark, -N. J. Circulars describing his appearance were sent to police departm e n ts throughout Pennsylvania and th© Connellsville assault led to his arrest. He has returned to Orange county w ithout extradition. RO GER W u i/IA M S OLUR Mrs. D o rothy E . Johnson. The funeral of Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Was held a t th e house M atam o ras a t i:30 P. M. on Friday December 5th, w h ere the services were conducted by th e Rev. C. M. A c k er­ m a n and Rev. A, H. Murdock. , A' delegation of the ,B. R. T. was in a t ­ tendance. Mrs. J. G. Heinle sang selection w ith Mrs. W. F. Speidel piano accom panist. There were m any beautiful floral tributes from rela-^ tives and friends. Interm e n t w a s in the Cuddebackville cemetery. Fred Percival, W. C. Shaffer, F. L. Jones, George Sutton, W', C. B aum g ardner, and C. W. Lorgan were the pall bear-, ers. George Hamilton, Roy B a r r and C. J, Mayer w e re the flower bearers. T h a regulai;’ m e e tiug of the feoger Williams- Club 6f the First church w ill he held in the chapel at 8:15 P. M. on Mohd.ay, Decem'bqr 8tH. A full attendance of th e m em bership is desired as im p o rtant business will he transacted. Bathroom innovation The first built-in china bathroom OO* cessory was a soap holder w h ic h 'o rf#' Inally nppenm i op the innrlcet In Drew M ethodist Episcopal Cjhti^dh John M. Versteeg, minister,’*; W o r­ ship 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. M o rn­ ing: Communion ■will be celebrated apd, new m em bers received. ;1;2 m, Sunday school in bbtF buildings, 6:30 p. m. F p w o rth League, leader,\ W a lter Richards; topic: “The. Bpworth League’s Voice and Rem em b rancer.” Eyenihg serm on: “Divorce and w recked H e a rls.” \ T h e Big Sing’’ precedes the sermon. Monday 7:00 p. m. Boy Scouts. Monday 7:30 p. m. Mr. S tarr’s class Christmas party in Em bury room, Tuesday 3:00 ,p. rtiy W o m en’s Home M issionaryW ill, meet at home of Mrs. W, T. Giilmder, 24 Elizabeth street. Tuesday 4:00 p. m. Junior-Boys in gymnasium. 8:06; p. m. Dram atic Club- presentation. ' W ed­ nesday “Food, F a ith and Ftin” night. This is the closing session: _ T h u rs­ day 4:00 p. m. senior boys in gym n as­ ium. Thursday 8 p. m. Drew Broth-/ erhood. Friday 2 p. m. Ladies’ Bible Class will hold a food sale at Y. M, O. A. annex. Friday 4:30 p. m. Girl Scouts. Saturday 2:30 p. m. “Helga and the. W hite Peacock.” TOILET CASES Gomh, B rash Mirrop Sets h i Amber, -Torteise ^-Bhell, M o ther of P e a r l M n ish an d E^rench Ivory; M a n ­ icure Sets, Pow d e r' Boxes, H a ir Re­ ceivers, M irrors, Buffers; Soap B o x ^ , Trays, H a t K n s Holders, Perfuine Bottles, eonfibs, Srasltes, Clocks, Shoe H o rns, NaiL^Files, B u tton Hooks and other items in large a^o rtm e p t. E. MACKEY & CO., INC/ . The N y al Drug^Store i o i 4 o 3 p i k e s t r e e t day school a t 12i Owing to the de­ sire of m any to attend the E lks M em­ orial service and the rector’s obliga- tipil to attend there will he no service 7:30 p. m. The 'W'oirien’g Guild will m e e t on Thursday afternoon a t the rectory. • and old tim e songs were sung, program was as follows, with Conrad Happ at the organ; “Jingle Bells”— ^Entire Choir. Duet, “Little Brown J u g ” — Messrs. R a u and Osterhout. “A u n t D inah's Quilting P a r ty ” — The Ghoir. Solo, “Believe Me”— Mrs. Rau. Reading, “The New Organ”— Mrs. H e rbert Happ. Q u artet, “Am I Not Fondly Thine Own?”—^Mrs. Rau, Mrs. Goodenough, Mrs. Happ and Mrs. Vernooy. Solo, Juanita—^Mrs. Balnche Quack- enhush. “Good N ight Ladies”— The Choir. Solo, “I W onder W h a t’s Become of Sally”— Robert Luckey, accompanied by-AIiss Shields at the piano and Miss Luckey on the* ukelele. The evening closed with the usual social hour, directed by Mr. Orean Linkey. Be one of the second hun­ dred to enjoy next W ednesday’s pro- If you enjoy C h ristian comradeship, .here is the place to find it. D e erpark Beformeid Church. W illiam Vandeveer Berg, pastor. Public worship 10:30 A. M. 7:30 P. M. Sunday school 12:00 M. M orn­ ing sulDject: “C h aracter Atoalyeis” ■ Evening subject: “If any m a n come to Me and H a te not” Mid-week ser­ vice on W ednesday, 7:45 P. M. H o p e Evangelical Church. R. W. Albright, pastor. Public w o rship 11 A. M. 7:30 P. M. Sunday school 10:00 A. M. Christian Endea­ vor 6:4,5 P. M. in charge of Mrs. Le- land Ennis. \^M o rning Eubject:- “The Ethics o'f Jesus” Evening subject,:' “The G reat Essential” E a s tern Star guests, P.X M. Dec. ,14. P rayer service W ednesday, 7:30 P. M. Senior Cate­ chism Monday, 7:03 P, M. Junior Catechism Tuesday, 4:00 P. M. E p w o rth M. E. Church. Rev. A. H. Murdock, pastor. Public w orship 10:30 A .M. 7:30 P. M. Sun­ day school 11:45 A. M.. Epw o rth League a t 6:45 P.- M., leader. Miss Elsie Maines. P r a y e r M eeting on W ednesday evening at 7:30 P. M. the home of Mrs. Schm idt on Ave. F. and 4th street. Boy Scouts- m eet oh F r i ­ day evening a t 7:00 P. M. in Y. M. O. A. Sparrowhush M. E . Church Boyd ■ R aymond ■ G reenwalt, pastor. Public worship 1.1 a. m. and 7:30 pu m. Sunday school 10 a. m. Even­ ing subject. “W h a t B u rden M ust I C a rry?” Epw o rth League 6:45 p. m. W ednesday church training- night, sup-^ per served a t 6. D u ring'the good fel- lov/ship hour, the ladies will have on sale fancy articles which will make appropriate Christmas gifts. - ^ ---------------- W o n d e r fu l P o w e r of H o p e . Hope it is which makes the ship­ wrecked sailor strike out with his arm s in the midst of the sea, even though on all sides he can see no lands.-—Ovid. E m e r g e n c y Rati^^ns “W here’s my whisk broom, Mary?’* asked the professor. “You ate it for breakfast, sir,” replied the maid. “The other cereal was all gone.”—American Legion Weekl 3 ^ — • — - ------------ - ------------- C o n tact D isillusions Worship your heroes from a f a r ; cox^ tact withers them.—Mine. Meeker^ PHILATHEA CLASS ELECTS OFFICERS Christian Science Socieity. 20 E a s t Main street. Sunday ser­ vice 11 A. M. Subject: “God the only Icause ajnd Crealtor,” ;Gold!en .Text; Genesis 1: 31. “And God saw every thing th a t he had made, and, behold it was very good. W ednesday servie'e 7:45 P. M. Reading room open daily from 3 to 5 P. M., except Sundays a n d holidays. All are m ost welcome to the services and reading room. Sun­ day school a t 12:15 P. M. Gehiel GiCteon, The funeral of Gehiel Gillson was held a t his late hom e No. 5 Myrtle avenue, Friday afternoon a t two o’clock Rev. W illiam Y. B e rg con­ ducted the service. Interm e n t took place in Laurel Grove cem etery. There was a large attendance of re­ latives and friends. The pall hearers were George Post. Edw a rd Cleipent, George Hamiltpip Jam e s B. H am ilton, Charles Prussia and E. A. Lameraux. -------------------------- ^ — • --------------------------------- F u n e ral of Dr. $M nner The funeral of Dr. Charles N. Skin­ ner will' be held a t his late home on Monday afternoon at two o’clock. Rev. Wiilliam V. Berg w ill officiate. In ter­ m e n t in the Skinner family plot in Laurel Grove Cemetery. EASTERN STAR GIVE MASQUERADE PARTY N. T a ft Chapter O. B. S. entertain­ ed two hundred members and “guests a t a masquerade dance a t Masonic hall on Friday evening. The cos­ tum es were varied and attractive. The prize for the best costum e for the ladies was won hy Miss Dorothy Milham; men, Donald Forhes. ' , The prize for the funniest ladies’ costum e was won by a; lady, who left before her name w a s learned. The m en’s prize w e n t to R a lph Teller. F. G. W ickham, of Matamoras, kept the guests in laughter hy his antics as a clown. The judges were Edw a rd H ol­ den and Irving Rothschild, and H- Hamilton. Music for the dan'eing was furnished by Lyon’s orchestra. Crullers a n d ' coffee Were serVed by th e com m itted' Mrs. 'W illiahi * P e rry was the general chairman. The P h ilathea Class of the B aptist Sunday school held its regular m eet­ ing a t the home of Mrs. B elcher ; on Orange Street Friday evening. There was a good attendance of m em b ers and m a n y plans for the coming year w ere m ade. R e p o rts received from the Various Committee th a t were very gratifying. The following officers w e re elected-for th e ensuing year. President—Miss M aude Hull. Vice-president—^hlrs. W illiam S. Ba- Secretary—'Mrs D. N. R a y n o r Treasurer— Mrs. W illiam Pelton. H istorian— Mrs. L. B. Eighmy. Teacher—Mrs. Starbuck. At the conclusion of the business session a social tim e was enjoyed and refreshm e n ts were served by th e hos­ tess, Mrsl Bevans, Mrs. W oods, Mrs. W ickham \and Mrs. Bond. Presibyterian Church. ^ I Rev. Charles M. Ackerm an, pastor. M orning w orship a t 10:30. Subject: “The Incarnation in H istory.” Even­ ing worship a t 7:30. Subject: “Arms and the M an” , (lessons from hum b le obscure lives.) Bible school a t 11:45 A. M. in the chapel. Brotherhood Bible class in the church a t 11:45 A. M. Mid-week service of praS’er and Bible study a t 7:30 P : M. on W ednes­ day in the chapel. You are cordially invited to work and worship w ith us. MAIN STREET MARKET SATURDAY . SPECIAL PRICES ON Meat, Poultry, Fruit and Vegetables Chickens ..................................... 30c Home made Sausage ............ 30c H om e dressed P o r k ............ 28c Legs of Lamh-^. ............ » . . . 35c Steaksr .......... 30c, 32c, 35c P o t R o a st ........ 15c P late Meat ................................ 8c V e a l ......................... .. .... .. 25c, 30c 134- w e s t m a i n STREEl^' Phone 150 tlertetlltger-OTcoIgey Co. ^ FUNERAL DIRECTORS 41 F ront S t , P ort J ervis , N. Y. TOO JLATh^ TU ULAtetoXlCi' PERSONAL Mrs. Anna Bell and Mrs. Asenath Crane, of P o r t Jervis, are hieceS of Dr, C. N, Skinner, whose nam es | ^id not appear in the obituary notice of yesterday^ JUNIOR DELIGHT COUNCIL OFFICERST A t the re g ti^ r meeting o f Junior Delight Council No. 29, D aughters of America held F riday evening the fol­ lowing Officers w ere elected: Councilor-—Mrs. M|ay Drake. Aissodate Councilor—Lydia Vose. Vice Councilor—G e rtrude Quacken- •A^sociate Vice Councilor—'M argaret Krause. Past Councilor— Mrs. M aud Taylor. Associate P a s t Councilor;—Catherine Lam b e rt. A ssistant Recording secretary-. —^Eth­ el Hornbeck, In^de Sentinel— E thel Rogers. Outside Sentinel— Grace Linley. W arden—C a rrie Bond. Conductor — Nettie Campbdli. Trustees, Freda Wood, Mrs. Ger­ trude Quackenbush. Pianist— Ina Cuddeback. om iTARy W illiam J. Duffy Newburgh, Dec. 5—'William J. D u f­ fy, for three years president of the village of H ighland Palls and fo r six years a member of the Board of Super­ visors, died this m o rning at,.his home in Highland Falls, ^at the age of 59 years, following, a n illness of several months, „ . ____ . _____ Mr. Duffy was a t one tim e a D iaf trict D e p u ty-G randr-K n ight- b f thb Knights of CoZumbi|s, and,^^ charter: ■•member of-Hil^hland;FMls;0©uncil. He also Tsvas president Storm K3ng Stage Coach Corporation an d fo r 15 years was in charge of transporta­ tion 'at W est Point. ' Besides his wife, 'Who w a s Miss Fanny Au, ■ h e leaves on© brother, Charles, of Buffalo, and one sister, Miss Catherine^ Duffy, of Rochester. St, Peter-s Luthier^n Chiurch. Rev. C. K rehler, pastor. Public w o rship a t 11 A. Ml. Sunday school and Bible class a t 9:45, there will be no evening service. Church Council m e e ts Thursday a t 8 o’clock. The Ladies Aid Society A n niversary Sermon will be preached on Sunday morning.^ Firs* B a p tist Ohurch. Rev. Charles DeWoody, pastor. 10:30 morning worship, sermon: “The Bon of Man” 11:50 Bible school 7:30 evening worship, sermon': “A W ise Quartette.” 8:30 P. M, Y. P. C. E. meeting. Annual Every M ember Canvass Sunday aftenioon from two to five o’clock. Luncheon served in church a t 5:30 to the solicitors. Mon­ day 7:30 P. M. Teacher’s training class. 8 P. M .-Regular m eeting of the Roger W illianis Club a t th e church, Tuesday: 7:30 P. M. Boy ScoUte. W ed­ nesday: 7:30 P. M. Our prayer meeting. Tuesday 7:30 P. M. reg u lar m o n thly m i^npujary (^ciety a t the home of Miss Louise Mondon, 65 E a s t M ain street. a n o t h e r t r e a t The second number bi the Junior Mechanics’ Lyceum courses, Monaay, LecemPer Stn. jii. C. Lavis, “Tne man who m ystities” w ill enten;ain. D anc­ ing w ill tioiiow. Larm o n y orchestra. Single admissions 7 5 cents. Children unaer 12 years free. ' 12-6-8 w a n t e d — Sm a ll apartm e n t w ith im - . provements. Address X Y Z -(Jazette 12-6-9 CATHOLIC D a u g h ters of America; Business meeting, December 9. His-* toriah. . 12-6-8 W ILL SHOW a selection of fine un­ derw ear fo r Xm as season, inelud- ing m a n y bargains of odd lots a t mid-week ^special low prices. Factory open from 8. A. M. to 5:30 P. 3^ including S a t­ urdays. M cCathie Company. 1&S-24 fWesit End Reforaiied Omrell. Rev.. W. E. Phifer, pastor. Sun­ day school a t 9:45. Junior Christian Endeavor Society “4:30. Senior Chris­ tian.. Endeavor Society,^6:45. Preach­ ing a t 7:30. Subject: “God’s -Great Day.” RED MAGIG This new separate ' s u p p lem ent to ‘ The New Y ork Sunday W o rld is con­ tinuing to please the public. E d i t e d ^ by the m a g ic ian of m agicians, H o u - .,;^ dini, it has baffling tricks, perplex- * ing‘-puzzles, curious illusions and. in- ' teresting tests. R e a d Red Magic—^i^fa is effective. T h e Red Magic Section of The New Y o rk Sunday W orld has caught on. Order a copy of The Sun­ day world from your newsdealer fo r next Sunday and you w ill see why. Chnrcli of th e M ost Sacredl H e a r t JEtev. W . J .Donohue, pastor. Masses and 10:10: Evening services a t , St.' : ^ ^ ’s ChprCK • ; * Francis A.'Barj^y, pastor. Thom as - F. iMbCa.rffey, a s s i s t ^ . M asses on Sunday af* 7 : 3 0 ,- fiOO add t0;30. Gra;ce Church 'Rev. Charles H. Kdes, rector. Sec­ ond Sunday in Advent. Services; Holy Goramtinion a t 8 a. xn. M o r n W pravei* and sermoPLaf i0:30 a. m. S^n- EBT. W ILLIAM H. NEARPASS. IN PURSUANCES of an Order o£ Hon Elwood C.^Smith Surrogate of t h e ' Coimty of Orange, Notice is hereby given according to law, to all persons having claim s against W illiam H. N e arpass late of -the City of P o r t J e r ­ vis in said County, deceased, t h a t they are required to present the same, w ith vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, a t th e offices of Cuddeback & Jones her attorneys,' Nos. 112-114 Pike street, City of P o r t Jervis in said County, on or before th e 1st day of July 1925. CHARLOTTE A. NEARPASS, Executrix. Cuddeback &,Jones, A ttorneys for Bxebutrix. . - FQ\^ SA L B ^ P o tatpes, applet, onions ATI kinds ’ o f fru it and Vegetables. Lowest pnces.‘3 Seward Ave, Tel. 752 , - ■ • • ■ ■ i- iLOS'r—P a i r of skids. M n d er pleas© notify Iva Simons and receive a re­ ward, . . Card! o f Thmaks Mrs. Catherine Gillson wishes t o ex­ press her ’gratitude t6 the m a n y neigh* bore and freinds fo r thm r of kindness during.. h e r receipt be-

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