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THURSDA5fv 10VE^iE,20.^ 1924 THE EVENING GAZETTR PORT JERVIS, N. Y. <Mrs. Reginald Vanderbilt, Returns from Europe j With Heir Sister, Mrs. Thelma Morgan Converse S i A fter a tour abroad, R e g inald Vanderbilt irrived in New York .Teccntljr aboard the steam ship [Paris ,wltli his wife, the' former MILFORD Milfoi^d. Ing early.. Nov. 19.— Cold anau coni' A fairly w ell attended m eeting of the Chamber of Commerce held in Forrest H a ll Thursday evening. Prof. B issinger presided in th e , absence of the president, George R. Bull. Several subjects were discussed th e , m o st im p o rtant one that of compell-,' j'ng the V. P, T. Co. to furnish better^ service and to ask the B e ll'T e l. Co. to give Milford: a private wire ■to New York for the summer m onths. Charles Stroh was appointed a com ­ m ittee of one to obtain from the spc- retai*y o f the Matamoras Building , and Loan Association the correct method of proceeding to start an association in MUford.' The question of w inter sports w a s brought up biit no definite action taken, , . ■ Treasurer’s report showed a bal­ ance of 1345 in treasury. .The follow ing officers tvere elected for the coming year: President, Joseph Seipert; vice president, C. E. B is s in- ger; treasurer, P. N . Bournique; sec­ retary, Charles Foster. Directors; Leo Wertheimer. C. S. Black, J. C. Warner, and R. W ohlberg. It will be ladies’ night at the next ^ h n e r of th e Chamber o f Comm erce which vrill be held tom orrow (Thurs­ day) evening at the H ill Crest J n n . A Jew ett car owned b y a N e w Yqrk party in charge of two m en going to Glen Eyre, tried its best to dem olish the- side w a ll on the Vanderm ark bridge Sunday night. N o one , .was hurt. T h e .car stopp e d fo r repairs and a check fo r ?500 w a s le f t to re­ pair the Wall, -.: , Robert Drake has sold his bug line to Thomas C. Pitney. Mr. Pitney has given good service between. Milfopd and Port Jervis for tw o years,. always . on time and never missing a: trip, and* he expects to continue to piease. the traveling public. The M ilford -Auto Co. am b u lance W'as called out yesterday afternoon to care for a brand new car owned by a Milford lady, w h o had the misforr tune to lose control of the gas wagon and put the sam e out of com m ission by running into a bank on the Log- tow n road. None of the occupants of the car w a s injured; An adjourned term of court w as held here Monday. President Judge S, E. Shull and Associates Bournique and M arvin on th e bench. In borough of Milford vs. B u r­ nett in equity, continued to Febrqary term. In case of Martha Van W h ;^ infant. Petition to place Martha in home, in Philadelphia. Petition granted. Sale of* Rowland: M. E . Church con­ firmed, . E^^ition of R. Gilpen, guardian Evelyn M ichels, minor,, tor private sale of real estate filed; . Bond' ap- ' proved. Sale authorized by. court,., Tn divorce, Marks v. Marks, alias. In divorce, Forbel v Forbel, -alias. ' In divorce, Soule v. Soule, X. P. Huddy appointed m aster, ^ u i r e Ludwig and John Schorr spent Monday in New York attending court in Supreme Court, Part 5, It is with sincere regret I hear of the death om our old friend the good Deacon N earpass, with w h om I have been w ell acquainted for the past thirty years. By his death the Gazette last the last of ^ the old Gazette force, which I knew years ago. Ice of considerable th'ickness has been form ed on the \Wells Dam and on the D elaw a re river, i^^no+iier night or two like the. last tyve. itights w ill give the kids a chance to skate as well a s to fall in th e water, . i‘ G loria M organ. A c c o iiipanying them was Mrs. Vanderbilt’s sister, Mrs. Thelma Morgan Converse. GOV. SMITH RETURNS HOME WITH SORE FOOT So Painful Was It That 1 Had to Go to Bed at Once RAILROADS TO SPEND BHliON D U W 1 9 2 5 Executives Announce Eco­ nomic and L^islative Policies Seven planks in the legislative and econom ic platform of the first class railroads were drafted at an all day session of the Aasociation of Railway Executives in annual m eeting at the Yale Club yesterday. E stim a tes by the executives indicated that during 1925 the railroads would expend ap­ proximately §1,100,000,000 for new equipm ent and improvements in addi­ tion to the §2,136,446,426 authorized d u r ing the last two years. Several hundred executives, inchul- ing practically every im p o rtant rail­ road official in the country, attended the m eeting, w h ich expressed itself as satisfied with the political and tlie business outlook for the com ing year. This is the first large gathering of railroad officials since the election. Which w a s accepted throughout the ailroad community as a repudiation of he governm ent ownership idea. The executives promised a cam- :paign to improve the equipment and the service of the railroads on the ame scale as in 1923 and 1924. They also directed attention to the expendi­ ture, of §1,077,297,000 for equipment md im p rovem ents in 1924, compared ivith §1,059,149,000 for the previous ear. In an official statem ent they )utlined their platform as follows; “In the light of this record, the car­ ders now define their position as fol- ows: '“That all railroad problems as they .rise should be dealt with and settled as ecoi'jfomic question|s, wliich^ '|bey are, and not as political issues, w h ich hey are not. “That there is no condition existing today which calls for any urgent leg* illative action by congress w ith respect to the railroads, either as . to r a t e s / la ­ bor relationship or valuation. “That railroad freight rate and pas­ senger fare adjustm ents should be left to the duly constituted government regulating body, where they w ill re­ ceive a full and fair hearing and an adequate economic analysis and not be made the subject of direct .legisla- Ive action. R a te m a k ing by legisla- ive action would be destructive. “That am endm ents to the transpor- ation act which may be demonstrated to be necessary by expenience under normal busines conditions, should be m a d e only after a fair and judicial consideratioi^ 'of all ‘.pertln^'fen't 'eco- FIVE I- Charles Fisher of M atamoras is seriously ill at the home of his son, Harry, in this city. Miss Jennie Caskey, of Sussex St. left today for K ingston, w h ere she w ill visit re la t iv e s for several? w e e k s. Miss Genevieve R. Clune attended the Hotel Show at Grand Central P a l­ ace w h ile in New York city and re­ ports that the m echanical m ethods of producing foodstuffs are indeed a les­ son in efficiency. H igh Bridge, one of N ew York’s greatest bridges, is copied in spun sugar and is indeed work of art and rightly deserving of the first prize it received. Olae of the am u sing exhibits w a s a plate of cookies bearing the sign “Take One’’ and when a cookie w a s touched * result a bell clanged out an alarm, evidently intended for private homes where children insist on eating be­ tween meals- This exhibition of food m a k ing appliances w as of particular interest to Miss Clune inasmuch she graduates Dec. 2 and w ill then don the white uniform of a profes­ sional dietitian. A large number of Port Jervis Elks journeyed to Middletown W ednesday evening where they attended the Elks Circus. DELEGATION FROM MILFORD AT SERVICES Encouraging Reports of Pres- ' bjderian Evangelistic Campaip HYMENEAL. % Peril Favored hy Nature ■ Though in the torrid zpne, Peru pos­ sesses such diversity of elevations and clim ate peculiarities as to- be able, to produce alm ost auy product that< k Rnowu to man. . . I. I .. . ...... ........... . ... . Foothallere Become Bald Football ,play€!i» and gwimmers^ajre fiubject baldness • i;d later yealrii irfiile tennis ahd cricket-players^ u Lbudon ^ ^ . / / Albany, Nov. 19— 'Governor Smith returned here tonight from French Lick Springs, suffering from a. return of his old m alady, rheum atism . He cut his vacation short a w eek to get hom e andj have px-oper m edical a t ­ tention. A severe wrench he had given his right foot w h ile playing golf w a s responsible for the return of his trou­ ble, he said. ’T know w h a t brought it about this time,” he said, as he limped with a cane from the train to his automobile “W h ile on the links the other day I swung at the ball w ith m y driver, piv­ oting on the ball of my right foot. I must have given the big toe a severe wrench, for an intense pain suddenly shot through m y foot. I couldn’t fin- .ish th e gam e and had all I could dor to hob'ble back to the_club house, “W hen it appeared certain, that I couldn't finish the kind of a vacation I had gone out there to get I decided I would be better off back at the E x ­ ecutive Man-sion in A lbany.-A lthough m y vacation w asn’t up until the 25th I go t < I am ,” It was evident to those w h o saw the j “'That a co n t in u a t io n of adequate Governor limping along the station .transportation facilities and service platform leaning heavily on the arm of his brother-in-law, John J. Glinn, who accompanied him from French Lick, that he w a s suffering severe pain. H e said he could barely allow his foot to touch the ground. Every fe w fe e t h e stopped and made a m a n i test effort to control him self. “So far as I can tell” he said “there is no infection whatever. In fact, I am not ail together sure th a t it is rheu­ matism. It m ay be that I have m erely wrenched one of the joints of the foot old trouble. It is evident that I have previously nursed for rheumatism , and I suppose it is the return of the old trouble. It si evident that I have got to give the foot a good rest and I would sooner do it here than out W est. The Governor asked to be excused from talking about politics or anything else. “My only anxiety is to get to bed as quickly as possible and case the pain” he said. The Governor declared he had no appointm ents and would not see any ^ n e for a t least a day or two. H e said he had read newspaper accounts of the nom ic facts and not ag the result of the fir s t train out, and here | Political agitation or of Political pres­ sure upon congress. carries as an inevitable corollary the lecessity for adequate revenues to be arned and retained in order that rail- oad credit m a y be restored and stablished in the confidence of inves- ors and that ample additions, improve- iien ts and repairs m ay be made at easonable financial costs. “That the carriers should seek In very legitim a te w a y to enlighten the public on all phases of the complex transportation industry by the dls- em ination of authoritative informa- ion and should foster and aid the endency recently observed to remove •ailroad questions from the arena of politics to the field of econom ic analy­ sis so th a t the private management t.f the railroad may continue a program of Increasingly adequate and efficient service under full and proper regular- tion, and may continue the efforts they are m a k ing to serve faithfully the public interest. ‘And that, looking forward w ith continued confidence to the fairness of the American people, the railroads are determined to continue their policy Of expansion to provide adeqtlate trans- repox-ted organization of the |portation for the increasing commerce D em o cratic Party and the statem ents of the country and to strive in every of State Republican leaders regarding the com ing session of the Legislature ■but he would not say anything on any subject until his foot was attend­ ed to . The Governor drqve^at once to the Executive Mansion. W ithin an hour he hah retired w ithout w aiting even for his physician. New Fish Market The A tlantic Coast Pish Company have leased the store room form erly occupied by th e W estern Union Tele­ graph Com pany at 26 Jersey avenue and today opened a new fish market where they have on sale a large va­ riety of fresh fish^ o f all kinds. Their assertion Is “if ifr ’Awims, .we have it,” way to bring about a greater efficien-: cy in operation and a progressive re­ duction in cost.” POUND SKUNK IN FURNACE DRAFT Elizabethtown, Nov. 18— Edgar U. Marvin went hunting in his own fur- W ohlsciiild— B a lch A quiet and inform a l w edding took place in the rectory of St. ' Joseph church, M atamoras this m orning at nine o’clock, when M ies' Mildred W o h lschild daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George W ohlschild of Third street, M atamoras w a s united in marriage to Alfred Balch, son of Erastus Balch of First street. M atam oras by the Rev. C. A. McHugh. The attendants were Mr, and Mxrs. Edward Martin of'W e st End, sister and brother-in-law. of the bride. The bride w a s attired in a gow n of brown satin crepe w ith fox trim m ings and carried an arm boquet of w h ite roses. The bridesmaid, Mrs. Martin wore a gown of gray satin and carried pink roses. Follow ing a wedding breakfast at the home of the bride’s parents, the happy young cou p le left town for a trip west. On their return w ill m a k e their hom e on First street, M atamoras With the groom’s father. Both Mf. and Mrs. Balch are w ell known young people in M atamoras and Port Jervis where they have a host of friends, who join in w ishing them m any years of happy wedded life. GIRLS MUST PAY FOR BEING FLAPPERS / SAVE YOl® RADIATOR USE BENA1| re D ALCOHOL in proportions given below to prevent freezing Alcohol Ddrts 5 ............ . ....... 25 . ___ iO , _ ____ ....... 10 ...i.. W ater ^ a r ts Point • • • • ............... .. 30 above • • • • ..................... 2b above ..... 75. . . ........... .. . ,10 abovo • • • • yd .......................... .. . z e r o . • ’ - - ......................10 below ------ 60...................20 below CUT T H IS OUT (B y Associated Press) • New York, Nov. 19— Dr. Lyman Ei&k to ld m e m bers o f th e Am erican E d u c a tion C o n ference ton igh t th a t tl)e modern y o u n g w o m a n ’s “serene self confidence is her ability to defy convention and tradition as to the ethics of living m a y be som ew h a t jsjmken by the knowledge that she is giving w a y under the strain and ^hat she is not as good an anim a l as her brother.” .The price exacted of the flapper by w h a t she considex-s her freedom. Doc­ tor Fisk said, is a lessening of her years, an inability to get all that should be obtained from life, physical ly and spiritually, and a general de­ preciation Of health. ‘At every age period of life th e fe ­ m a le portion of the population en­ joys a low er death rate than the male portion except during the period ages of 17 to 32, w h e n the rate is decided­ ly higher am o n g fem a les,” he said. “Tuberculosis, influenza, and the mor tality of child birth are chiefly re­ sponsible for this exces.<3 of loss am ong' wom en.” KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS AT DISTRICT MEETING About 300 members of the Knights of Columbus gathered at M onticello Wedne.sday evening, where they held district meeting of the 38tb district. The m eeting was presided over 'by Deputy Grand Knight J . ’ A. Boyle. Addresses were delivered by W alter Lynch,' chairman of ' the N ew York Chapter of the Knights of Columbus of the City of New York, Rev. W. J. Donohue and others. A fter the busi­ ness session an entertainm ent w a s en- nace today in an effort to remove j joyed and a buffet lunch served. Dele- from an air duct an animal which he j gallon w ere in attendance from Port Last night a large delegation from the Milford Presbyterian Church at­ tended the evangelistic service in the Presbyterian Church here. The B a p ­ tist Church of Port Jervis m erged its regular m id-w eek service w ith the m eeting in the Presbyterian Church and other churches were represented in the large attendance. The Rey. Charles DeW oody led in prayer after the song service and Mr. Delakoff sang “In the Garden.” Dr. Bowm a n took for the scripture lesson the story of the h e a l i n g ' of the lame man at the pool of B e th e s d a and upon that m iracle of Jesus he based an impressive serm on under the theme “The Tenderness of . J esus.” He first spoke of Jesus’ tenderness to the chil­ dren. Paganism has little or no time for the child, but Christ taught the im p o rtance of the child and laid upon his follow e r s the great duty o f caring for the children and providing for their proper development. A t present the church loses three out of every five children that enter her Sabbath schools. She must m a k e greater ef­ fort to hold them. It is w ell known that most people who enter the service of Christ do so before they reach the age of 21. Dr. Bowm a n then spoke of the ten ­ derness o f Jesus to the sorrowing and the afflicted. A number of the m any instances of his life that niustrate this w ere quoted and the speaker dwelt upon God's grace to the afflict­ ed and sorrow ing ones who trust in him today, - . - Finally, the tenderness of Jesus to­ ward the sinner w a s described as is notably portrayed in the story of the sin f u l. woman brought to the Master , by the self-righteous Pharisees, who were ready w ith stones in their hands to miserably slay her. Jesus, putting the accusers to shame, tenderly for­ gave the wom an and warned her to sin no more. At the conclusion of the sermon Mr. Delakoff sang “Jesus is Tenderly Calling Thee,” and w a s assisted by the choir in the chorus. \ Tonight the service w ill be espec­ ially interesting to men and on F r i­ day night to young people. Very encouraging and enthusiastic reports come from the services being held in the Presbyterian churches at M iddletown, Liberty, Livingston Ma­ nor, Jeffersonville, Hillburn, Otisville, Goshen and other places where sim i­ lar services are being held under the direction of Hudson Presbytery’s Evangelistic Committee. E. MACKEY & CO., Inc. “The .x\yai Drug store” 101-lOS P liq s STREET MATAMORAS Matamoras, Nov. 2 0 ^ T h e Lad,xes Aid Society of Epworth M. E. church held their regular business and soc­ ial m eeting on W ednesday afternoon ! in the basem ent of the church in the • form of a Thank.sgiving meeting.' Thei'e were forty membexi’s hnd foU’- visitors present. T h e meeting wl ; / opened by singing and reports wer.* heard from the secretai'y 'and treas-- urer. A number of members read ' many pretty Thanksgiving* clippings and scripture x-eadxngs, w h ich helped to m a k e the m eeting a m ore interest­ ing. . Mrs. Chester Smith, Mrs. Madie Reinert, Mrs, James Lyons and Julia Ryder were appointed a doin’- m ittee to pack th e barrel, w hich is to be foirsvarded to the Jersey City Good W ill Community center on Mon­ day afternoon, all those w ishing .fo donate toward this cause, please hand them in th is w eek or Monday m o m - in. At th e close of the business session the social Committee, Mrs. John. N e w ­ kirk, Mrs, Kellar, Mrs. Jam e s Boyd;, Mrs. R. Skinner, Mrs. Claude Skinner and Mrs. Harold Lyons served scallop­ ed potatoes sandwiches and -coffee The next m eeting w ill be held on Mon­ day afternoon,-D ecem b er the 2nd. and in the evening a . s u p p er w ill b e ser­ ved to w h ich the husbands and fam­ ilies w ill be invited. The Boy. Scoqts. w ill m eet this.- even­ ing a t the y . M. C. A: at '7 o’clock. The m em b ers of Epworth M. B- church, -who desii’G to go to the evan­ gelistic sei’vices at the Presbyterian church tom orrow evening, w ill m eet a t W a lker’s store at 7 o’clock. Rod and Gun Club The Port Jervis Rod and Guir Cluh. Inc., held their first meeting at M e - . clianics H a ll W ednesday evening. There were over 100 members in at­ tendance. Ueveral new members were added t o the roll of membership, Arrangements were completed for the clay pigeon shoot on Thanksgiving day at Donahue's grove. The new shooting gallery w ill sooW be in operation in their club rooms.' Arrangem ents are' being m ade for a boxing exhibition to take place on De- ^cember 3rd. HEALTH AND EDUCATION AT KIWANIS MEETING thought w as a rat and which was shutting off the draft. The creature proved to be a skunk and the furni­ ture, hangings and clothing in the Marvin home w ere out in the breeze tonight while the house was opened for com p lete ventilation. Marvin Said his furnace did not function p p p e r tly .last night or this day. Fresh fruit and vegetables w ill be received daxly. A share of your pa- jtronage ig gollcited. The store has been fitted up for th e ^ ^ handling of - a large stock of t e h fishi .oysters and clams, which will be ^ ^ ^ animal on silo. Thoir fish day will bo “ aw f T '^\7 every enough f ^ m the fla m e a to escape being singed and near enough to be com fortable, Marvin reached In and grabbed the supposed rat. H is nose told him the intruder was a sk u n k and he retreated to find & new w a y to dislodge the animal. Burning sulphur failed even to worry the skunk and finally Marvin was forced to get his rifle and k ill the animal before it could be remoyedj ^ Real Estate Sale ‘A. E. Palm e r of BVont street this city: and Matamoras, has purchased th e property of Jam es H. «w©eney lo- oatod a t 60 and 60 itreet, / • Jervis, Middletown and Goshen. _ : ---------------------------------------------------------- - — ST. MARY’S HOME EXPRESSES THANKS T h ^ Ladies’ Auxiliary o f St. .. Ma­ ry’s Home wish to extend their most grateful thanks to all w h o helped in any w a y to make such a fiinanc^l suc­ cess the euchre which was held for the benefit of the orphans on November 17th . They are especially thankful to the Port Jervis Council, i^ni^hts of Columbus, w h o generously gave them the ube of their hall; to the m er­ chants of Port Jervis who contributed over seventy-five beautiful prizes; to Professor \W. Gerald Holmes, head of the departm ent of m athem ati^ in the local high school and principal of the night school, Mrs. Mary C. Lincoln of the N ew York State D epartm ent of Health and Mrs. Elizabeth Rehm, child w elfare nurse of this city were the guests of the K iw a n is Club at the w eekly luncheon held this noon at H o tel Mitchell. Mrs. Lincoln told of the work - o f this^department in establishic^g climes In the different com m u n ities of the state to try to reduce infant m o rtal­ ity.^ These have been very successful except in the case of infants during the first month of life. To meet this condition it has been found necessary to begin w ith the mothers. To this end pre-natal clinics are being con­ ducted once a m o n th in many cities. The. pre-natal clinic opened here ' on November 6th, under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Rehm, city health nurse, and Mrs. Lincoln, stated that it was very sucecssful. Mrs, Lincoln said that- it is a .question in which every­ one should be m terested' and asked for the support of all citizens in spreading the knowledge of these clinics and w h at they seek to accom- A fter the conclusion of Mrs. Lin­ coln's remarks, Rev. Charles H. Kues, chairm a n of the meeting, called on Mr, Holm es to tell something about the night school. Mr. Holmes gave a m o st interesting and instructive talk, sta tin g that the United States censUS gave the number of illiterate persons in Port Jervis as 153, w h ich number could probably be doubled. The night school stood ready to help these per­ sons to learn to read and w rite the English . language ,and thereby make of them selves ug^ul citizens, but it was a d ifficult' problem £'o get hold of them. H e asked the co-operation of all ..^mployer^^pf labor in finding out the:/ones ik* jieed of this instruc-:^ tion and Inducing them \to take ad­ vantage of the great privilege ofeered them. Instead of anyone w h o is not able to read and w rite the English language, feelin g It a dl^graoe to at-^ tend night school, they sho.uld feel it- w a s an honor and should be made to Furs for America Purs which probably will be broiigm. to this country from Buenos Aires in- elude fox. nutria, skunk, guanaco and vicuna. Co. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 4el. yKO*r* S«. Mr. .Edward Cunniffe w h o ' w illingly' ^his light. - furnished this m u sic for t h e \ occasion Lloyd Hornbeck w a s the winner of a.hd to the' shopkeepers who donatedU h e attendance prize, a black leather the refreehnoonta. / j w a llet, d o n a t a ^ b y O. Cooley. TU U JbATE TO CLASSIFY SCHAUER’S TH IRFT SHOP now in /new location. No. 181 Pike street. Special sale of Children's Underweai’, 'Wool sox, ladies’ sk i lls and house dresses and m any other articles slight ly soiled from handling. New over­ coats for men, §17.98 and $21.00 11-19-25 ROOMERS or boarders w a n ted. 24 Church street. ll-1 9 ^ t f LOST—Child’s knitted scarf; brown, orange and tan, between N ational 'Bakery and A. &• P* Store. Finder please, return to National 2 ft . Red M a g ic i* The N ew Y^ork Sunday'W orld’s-new section,. Red Magic,., edited by Hpudni, the world fam o u s handcuff king, has become as fam o u s a s the cross word .puzzles. It contains baffling tricks perplexing puzzles,^curious illusions, interesting tests, brain racking prob­ lem s to solve, something to entertain, instruct and amuse the fam ily. Edi­ tion lim ited, be sure to order- th e New York Sunday W orld in advance. LOST—^Nov. 13 in city, black and w h ite fem a le labbit hound, answers to nam e of Maud. Phone 393-'W', ft Hudson street. 11-20-21 W A N T B D - dition. 33 -Parlor stove, in good con- W. Main street. 11 - 20-22 MRS. HUGH M iller’s Class of Drew Sunday school w ill hold a Food sale at Peck’s Hardware store Friday a f ­ ternoon at 2 o’clock. 1 td. Jft: iteO H A N IC S A ND D? of A. •: ‘A : N ovelty * D ance, another of those enjoyable socials of Delaw a re Coun­ cil, Jr. o . U. A. M-. w ill he held at the hom e on Wednesday, evening Novem­ ber 26. This dance 'Will'also be a mas­ querade. All members of D elaw a re Council, their fam ilies or friend, and the members of the Daughter® of Am erica their fa m i n e and triend, or invited by .either th e Juniors pr Da.ughters. are most cordially invited* Other than those mentioned the affair —ill ------ 11-20-2» w be private.. V* A- FO R SALE— 5 Spring ■ geese. .'Small ;lt.r roasting. L* Phqno 1D44P1A. f’K >r

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