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SA T W A Y ,. N O y E f t T O .8 ,1924 THE EVENING GAZETTE P ( ^ T JERVIS, N, Y. FIVE WEST END [USED MONOXIDE TO END HIS LIFE y: W est End, Nov. 8— Mrs. Louise R o ­ berts of Colem an street returned to her hom e W ednesday from Deposit, she w a s accom p a n ied. home by Miss Elizabeth. Roberts, w h o w ill Spend a w e e k here. '• _ ____ „ Mrs. Prank H art Sr., o f Foss0.rd lousiness card addressed to his sw e et- street is seriously ill at her home. . ^eart. Miss Irene Savacol of Newark. Mr. Arthur H a w k ins of Tusten w a s youth's body w a s found last night called to W est End on account of the garage at the rear/of his hom e illn e s s of his m other-in-law, com m itted suicide by Prank H art. . ‘inbaling monozide gas generated from M iss Qenivieve R h o a d es w ill enter­ tain the m em b ers of h'er Sunday school class th is afternoon a t three o’clock In the basement of the church as a farew e ll to Elm er Dover, who is soon to leave town, Mrs. E. L. Jones and daughter, R u th, left town Friday to spend the week end w ith relatives in Hawley. The Ladles Aid Society of the W est , End R eform ed church met on W ed­ nesday evening in the basement of the church for its regular meeting. Flans -were completed for the fair and sup- 'Newark, N. J., Nov. 7-^ ‘T shall now w a it for death. I ffeel it com ing,”' These were the last words of Albert R ejmolds, 23, written on th e b ack of a the engine of his fathers autom obile, A long note addressed to Miss Sav- vacol rea.di' “Dear Irene: I cannot live without you. I lOve you dearly,, dear. Forgive m e and be happy with Murray. I have kept our little secret the trolley ride to the roadhouse. You have made me v ery happy. Oh, darling I love you so. I w a n t you, dear, and need you m ore than food. W h at I am doing' is the only good and honest act- r li Miss Helen Sm ith a student at New Paltz Norm a l school is spending the week end w ith her parents, Mr.. ' and Mrs. H. G. Smith, on Neversink Drive Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Mackenzie, of Flushing, L. I., areguests over the week-end of Mr. and Mrs. Almarin Phillips, on E a st Main street. Mr. Mackenzie w ill preach at both m orn­ ing and evening services in the Deer- park Reformed Church on Sunday, he and Mr. Berg exchanging pulpits for the day. Miss Florence Cutwater has return­ ed to her home on Lyman street after spending the past v/eek at the home of Mrs. Charles H. H a ll of Newark, N. J. St. Frances H ospital Guild w ill hold a m eeting at Port Jervis Free library on Monday afternoon, Novemhber 10, at 3 o’clock. Notices have been sent I have ever done. I w ish you could . kiss me good nigTit and lake care of jto all members and a great many non .d .3 .A . T d-* 4 n T- 7 r per w h ich w ill be held Friday, N ov­ em b er 14. Angurson Lynch, w h o has beeh vis­ iting his friend, W illiam Phifer at th e parsonage, for a few days, re- me as you did w h en I wras taken ill [ members, and a large attendance is th a t night at your Jiome. Now I shall j expected. The Guild w ill reorganize. forgetfulness than better peace than “turned to his hom e in Delaware, F r i­ day m orning. \ Mrs. Harry Spear and son, Harry Jr., are spending a few days in Ding- , j^neral. mans w ith Mrs. Spear's parents, Mr. [ __ and M rs. S. R , Smith. j Mr. and Mrs. Fred Luckey return- j ed to the home of the latter’s parents j Mr. and Mrs. W. J. D a v ey on W ednes­ day, from their wedding tour. Miss Dor,a W orzel of M achanic St. j left town Friday for N ew York, where she w ill spend the w eek end w ith re­ latives. jMks. Ijcna K e lly is ill at the home Of her sister, Mrs. W illiam P. Gregg, on W est Main street. Mrs. H enry Prussia and daughter, motored .to W estcolang Friday, where find m ore in drink and be drugs”. In the no,te addressed to his m o th­ er he said: ’’Goodbye, Mamma. It is the best w a y out. My debts are all paid now. A sk Irene to come to my laSSIONARY WORK AT HOME AND ABROAD The im p ortance of m issionary work at home and abroad was emphasized at the annual praise and thanks Of­ fering servico^of the Women’s Miissioii- ary Society cf the Presbyterian churca of this city, held yesterday at the home of Mrs. W. H. Chant on Eliza- ‘beth street. There w a s a good at­ tendance of members and guests. The they w ill spend the week end at their president, Mrs. F. C. W alalce presided cottage. j The spe<tker of the afternoon w a s Mrs. Hugh Miller’s Sunday school Mrs. E. T. Hanford cf Middletown, class of the Drew- M. E. church m et president of the Hudson Presbyterial at the hom e of Miss Myrtle MacAlla society, w h o took as her subject “Our Friday evening, after the business ses- -World W ide Responsibility:” In a sion, a social tim e and refreshm ents practical and inspiring address, Mrs. were enjoyed. ^ /Hanford outlined the v;ork of the lo- Mrs. Robert 'Miller of W est Main ^al society in its own com m u n ity, in street left town Friday to visit rela- Am erica and tives take in as many new members as pos­ sible and .begin active work for the hospital. After *the m eeting they w ill inspect the new hospital, on Bast Main street. Mrs. A. G. Teller returned home this m orning from Ne-w York, w h ere she, w'ent to attend the council m eeting of New York D epartm ent W om an’s R e ­ lief Corps in Alxeander H a m ilton Post parlors, Lenox avenue. Department President Mrs. Caroline M. W right, and her staff w-ere guests of Alexander H am ilton W oman’s R e lief Corps at a dinner held in H o tel T h e r e s a ,125 t h street and 7th avenue. Mrs. Teller is a member of Department of New York Executive Board. Hunters Are Held Gardner, N. Y., Nov. 7. (Special)— Follow ing arraignm ent here yesterday before Justice of the Peace, Joseph Deyo, Patrick Poewrs and his son, Irving, form er residents of this vil­ lage, are^being held on bail for action of the ^rand Jury on charges or aw- sault in the second degree. The two men, it is charged, on Tuesday, Octo- throughout the world . ker, 28, set upon Game Protector Le­ in New York over the w ek end. ^ tj^ief resume of th e meetings of the w e e d , 37, and his daughter, Lil- Herbert Davies of Honesdale ,spnt N ew York synodical society, held re- 17^ of ih is village w h ile the game [4 ^ We'''n^-~d‘iV with Mrs. Sam uel Maney on Grand street. Mrs. Marais D a ily of Matamoras is a guest at the home of Mrs. Samuel Maney. , Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lefferts are changing their residence from Mc­ Allister street to Kingston Ave. Ruth Hawkins is ill a t her on W est Main street. cently at Cortland, w a s also given, j The devotional period w a s conduct­ ed by the pastor. Rev. C. M. Ackerman who continuing the society’s study of stewardship, spoke on the “Steward­ ship of Time.” A solo w a s effective- '■ w ith Mrs. Joseph home piano. , fr( CHOPPED DOWN HER TENANT’S AERIAL New York, Nov. 8.— Mrs. Grace W. Parks, owner of the apartment- house a t 28 A rgyle Road, Brooklyn, w a s ar­ raigned in the Flatbush Court yester­ day on a com p laint by one of her -tenants,' M aurice B j Lieberman, w h o charged her with destroying his radio aerial which he ha'd erected on the roof of the house. Mrs. Parks w h o w a s technically charged w ith disor­ derly conduct, had announced to Lieb­ erman that she would remove any other aerial fixture he m a y put up on th e roof of her property. The question of the right of tenants to put up aerials against the wishes of landlords m a y carry this case to the higher courts for a final decision as M agistrate O’Neill pronounced it a novel one and w ithout precedent in legal practice. The Magistrate adjour­ ned th e hearing to Nov, 20. Lieberman, who got a summons for Mrs. Parks, after he had* consulted D istn e t A ttorney Dodd, said there were thirty-seven radio aerials on the roof of Mrs. Parks house owned by by other tenants, w h ich she had left T>ndisturbed w h e n she chopped .. h is down. lierb^rjhan contended that' ,ja decision he got in a. Municipal Gourt M ilton Herz, attorney for Mrs. Parks said he had advised \her to remove a ll the aerials o f tenants! - ; LYCEUM COURSE FOR MATAMORAS , The first number of the N a tional Lyceum course w ill be presented on Dec. 8. The attracliou w ill be “The D ixie Trio.” The other three numbers o f the four number course, and the dates on w h ich they w ill be presented are as follow s: January 5, a play entitled, “The Bubble,” ; January 15, “The Barnes Co. On February 8, the fourth and last number of the course w ill be a lecture by Honorable Thomas Pryor Gore, form er m e m b e r o f the United States Senate from Oklahoma. The course w ill be presented tinder warden w a s bringing them before a justice of the peace on charge of vio­ lation of the gam e laws. W eed found the two men w ith a hen pheasant, according to the story told by the game warden. W h ile lie ly rendered by Mrs. Theron S. Parks, taking them before Justice Deyo D e lakoff at the .(. jjq ajieged to have assaulted the warden, w h o w a s saved from serious Repoi-l* from the secretary for j injury only through the daring of his Junior work, Mrs. W, H. Chant show - | daughter, w h o warded off the two ed a considerable sum of the treasury hunters with a revolver, be in a flourishing* condition. The m ite boxes opened at this time, add­ ed a considerabl sum to th treasury and it w a s decided that th e third quarterly paym ent on the apportion­ m ent be sent to the Presbyterial treasurer. Announcement was made of the December m eeting w h ich w ill be a joint m eeting of the Missionary soc­ iety and W illing Workers, w h e n the Camp Fire Girls w ill give a playlet “On the Yon Side of Little Pine.” MORE U W S SOUGHT TO PROlECil GAME Legislation for the protection of Am­ erican wild gam e w ill be sought of thirty-nine state legislatures this win- tei* by the Perm a n ent W ild Life Pro- ^teetion Fund, Dr. W. T. Hornaday, a trustee of the organization, announced yesterday. A lim itation of the use of pump and -autom atic shot guns and a de­ crease of the bag limits in V’irtually all classes of game w ill be asked. Laws also w ill be sought lim iting the open season for certain game to ev­ ery other year rather than yearly. •'' Mr. Hornaday’s statem ent wa.q prompted by the recent publication of a-.dispatch froiii M exico Gity^ in which it-was; asserted that gun batteries known as “armados” operated by In ­ dian villages on shallow lakes, often resulted In the.slaughter of 2,000 birds at a single-discharge. “These ‘armados’ have nothing on the autom a tic and pump shotguns that right now are- in the hands of about 3,500,000 sportsmen and game- hogs in the United States,” Mr. Horn­ aday said. “The American people should first look right at home at their unsportsmanlike practices in gam e slaughter, and clean house in forty-six of th e states of the United States before they begin to feel badly about Mexico.” Pennsylvania and N ew Jersey are the only two states in which the use of autom a tic shot guns is prohibited. New Fire in Sullivan Albany. Nov. 7 - ’-Ono new forest Y. M. C. A DIRECTORS HOLD MEETING The regular monthly m eeting of the Board of Directors of the Y. M. C. A. w a s held in the Association rooms Friday, evening. Supper w a s served at 6:30 o’clock by the ladies of the Auxiliary after which th e business m eeting was held. The report of the general secretary w as received. R e ­ m arks concerning the membership cam p aign were made by Campaign M anager J. J. Foskett and General Secretary Charles H. Turner spoke on the appropriation. the apspices of the teachers of M ala- fire, in Sullivan county, w as reported m oras and the H igh School apditori- to the ConseVvation commission today. «m w ill be available for the first The fire is not in territory w h ich has num b er on Dec. 8. /been closed to hunting and cam p ing Further inform a tion w ill be given and reports to the commission did not E i eilOlEB IS Feoiio , iM THE eiMPis mmi Party Looking for Fires W alks Into Territory Teeming With Wild Game. during the coming week. COTTAGE P R A Y E I t M E E T ING A cottage prayer m eeting w ill be lield at the home of Mrs. Ort, 44 Pen­ nsylvania Ave,„ Monday at 7:45 P, M. Topic, “Christ, the only w a y of Salva­ tion.” cader, Mr. A. J, Quick. say w h e ther it w as under control or how serious it m ight be. Carpet for the Cellar A piece of old carpet placed at tht bottom of the cellar steps will prove a wonderful help in preventing mark* from rubber heels on. the cleaul:iitclieD linoleum. Aberdeen, Wash.^—The discovery of a huge new glacier in the Olympic mountains w as reported recently by M. Mulkay, Qninault trapper, who was visiting In the^eity. The ice held dis; covered was one o f the largest in the Olympic range, and is located, on Mnn- CJister mountain, which dies . b etw een> the headwaters of the Rnstleri.and the ■ east branch of the Qulnav.lt river... The glacier w a s discovered by acci­ dent. A party composed of D istrict Ranger Fulton, P. A. Mulkey, F. Olson and Lloyd C o o p ^ -of the forest service w a s traveling through the district in search of fires caused by lightning recently, and ■ in an effort to ' gain a view of the country scaled Muncaster mountain, a peak with an elevaUom of approximately 7,000 feet. Upon reaching the top of the peak the party discovered that the mountain was split in two parts, never before known, aiid after a hard descent down a precipi­ tous slope, reached broad meadow between the halves of the peak. According to members of the party, the meadow was at least a mile in Width and abounded with game. Fol­ lowing the meadow down between jthe canyon ‘ walls, the party came to a precipice' at its end, and looking over the edge discovered the ice field more than 200 feet below them. The'giaciei is approximately a mile wide and can be approached only the route taken by the party, v Members of the party believe the meadow land is probably a lake dur­ ing the rainy season. Due to the dif­ ficulty in approaching .the mountain the cleft in the peak w as never dis­ covered before, or the existence of the glacier suspected. O E S . Drew M ethodist Church ' John M. Versteeg, minister. ‘Wor­ ship 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p..m . Morn­ ing serm on: “Forgotten Yesterday.” 12 M. Sunday school in both- build­ ings. 6:30 p. m, Bpworth League. Leader: Mrs. Ethel Bullivant, topic: “W hat Do I Need to be a Christian?” E v ening serm on: “Th.e Protestant- Problem of the State and Church.” Monday 7:00 p. m. Boy- Scouts. Tuesday 4:00 p. m. junior ^boys in gymnasium; 'Tuesday ‘7:30 p. m., gymnasium for wom en; Tuesday 8 p. m., se-wing circle- -will m eet at the . - ■ . home of Mrs. Arthur Peck, 8 Eliza- M ethodist EpiSCOpa] Clllirch. beth street. W ednesday 3 -p. m. \ SPEIAL ONE POUlto Wedgawood Lawn Paper — ^and— ' . FIFTY ENVELOPES 59 CENTS - VMACKEY & C 0 „!nc. “The N y a l D rug Store” IQl-lOa PIK E STREEP street. ^ Home M issionary society w ill m eet at home o f Mrs. Edward Taylor, 60 Or- f ange street. W ednesday 6:30 p. “Pood, Faith and Fun” night. Thi Boyd Raym o n d Greenwalt, pastor. 11:0 A. M.; 7:30 P. M. Sunday school 10:00 A. M. M orning , ------- -------------- _hursi- Subiect: “Law and Light” Evening of A r,nis.ide dist House. Matters of ance 'will be considered, m ents w ill follow. Friday 2:30 p. m. December com m ittee of Ladies’ Aid society w ill hold food sale at M owitt’s drug store. Friday 4:30 i/. m. Girl Scouts. Saturday 2 p. m. Prim ary 3 p. m. junior girls in gymnasium. . . D a y .” Epw o r th. League 6:45 P. M. 7^ ^ W ednesday evening. Church rally,an d ' cl. Refresh- organization for church training. Night,, Supper w ill be served at ^ six o’clock by the Ladies Aid Society. A ll are welcome... Tae- evening w ill close w ith a social hour at Which th e .M . B. C’s fam ous “Birdtown M inistrels’* T h e DEREttCTSLEAD IN MERRY CHASE Never Where Last Reported When United States Vessels Arrive. Norfolk,, Va.—Is the Atlantic ocean strewn with derelict vessels, aban­ doned, b^ their crews in storms, and which for months and perhaps years have drifted with the currents, first in one direction and then in another, defying capture by government ves­ sels sent out to find and destroy them? Records of the hydrographic department show many vessels tom asunder by storms have drifted from the Virginia coast and other parts of the Atlantic ocean to England, Spain and Scotland, and almost back to the point Where they were abandoned without being detected by searching craft. The most recent case of tfie peculiar action of ocean currents i s . shown in the remarkable drifting record of the British schooner Governor Parr, which i . .>. l s xam ous -.tsiratown mmn was abandoned off the Jersey coast I story^hour and play permd. Saturday popular chorus. October 3, 1923, and which is still wal­ lowing around in the sea a dangerous menace to navigation. This vessel has drifted more than 3,000 miles. Sight­ ed dozens of times by passing ships, the Parr was never in the position, or eveh near it, given by the vessel that • saw herjvhen a government craft went odt to find her. Seen Near Gibraltar. According to the last reports re­ ceived here the Parr was sighted in latitude 34.16 north and longitude 12.55 west. That is only a few hun­ dred m iles from Gibraltar. The ves­ sel previously w a s sighted ofE the coasts of Nova Scotia, Spain, Portugal and Scotland. In ninety days the schooner drifted 808 miles, approximately nine miles a day. She first started drifting in a northerly direction. As the currents changed she drifted northeast, then east, and now she is on her way back to the American coast. Marine men expect the craft to drift back to the point where she was originally aban­ doned by her crew. The government has spent considerable money in fuel for ships that have chased the Parr without ever getting a glimpse of her. Government records show the schooner S. P. Blackburn, abandoned by her crew some years ago off the American coast, drifted nine months in all directions and finally went ashore, where she remained. The schooner V/. L. White, ^ h i c h M. B. C. club w ill be the guests of honor at the Sunday evening service. Christian Science Society 20 E a s t Main street. Sunday ser­ vice 11 a. m. • Subject “Adam and-,-®-®'P® E v a n g ^ ical Ohurcli. Fallen Man.” Golden text .Micah 7:8. I W. Albright, pastor. Public j Rejoice not against me, O m ine en- ; W orship 11 A. M. 7:30 P. M. Sunday emy: when I fall, I shall arise; when ^*^^^®^ A. M. Christian Endeavor I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a ; U- charge of Miss R ena- light unto me. W ednesday service* i 7:45 p. m. Reading room open daily j from 3 to 5 p. m. except Sundays and holidays. A ll are most welcome to the services and reading room. Sunday school at 12:15 p. m. 6:45 P. “A True Armistice” E v e n ­ ing subject: “Th^ Origin ahd use of ’ the Bible” Catechism Monday 7 toS P. M, Prayer service, W ednesdayq, 7:30 P. M. Rev. Maude T. Seymour speaks. Pii'st Baptist Church W est Eud Reform ed CImrcli. Rev. Charles DeWoody, pastor. Rev. W. E. Phifer, pastor^ Sunday 10:Bt) m orning -worship, serm on “Re- school at 9:45. Preaching service ligious Safeguards.” 11:50 Bible 7:80, subject: “The Dividends of School. 7:30 evening worship. Ser- C hristianity.” Christian Endeavor \svas abandoned 88 miles east New York, drifted many montlis, finally being cast upon the beach at Huskies island off the coast of Scotland. She was hunted for weeks by searching craft, but always eluded them. The schooner Anna R. Bishop per­ formed a drifting feat that baffled skippers o'f American coast guard cutters and finally gave herself up when a northeast storm drove her ashore off the British coast. Schooner With a Record. One of the most remarkable drift­ ing performances on record w a s made by the American schooner N ettie Champion, which w a s abandoned by her crew in a northeast storm off Hat-1 League 6:45. teras. During December a nor’easter j Rev. Maude mon: “The Good Fight of Faith.” 8:30 Y. P. S. C. E . meeting, leader: John Thorpe. Monday 7:15 p. m. ad­ journed meeting of the Board of Trus­ tees in the Baraca room. 8:00 p. m. jregular meeting of the R oger W illiams Club in the Sunday school room: Thursday 8 p. m. entertainment in the Sunday school room- by the Junior Baraca Class. 6:45. Junior Christian Endeavor 4:30 RAI4ACE TH E A T R E B. P. Schulberg, vrho has been cre- with successful Christopher- Columbusing in the finding and fea­ turing Clara Bow and Ethel Shan­ non— tw o of the screen finds of the - year—^haq announced his intention to _ ■ . Imake sim ilar use of the tw elve beau- St. Peter’s Lutheran Clrard. developed In minor ro’es in th e Morning service 11 a, m ^ e v e n in g preferred picture production of “May worship 7:30 p. m. Sunday-school » and Bible class 9:45. Rev. Dr. R. J. j wholesale development of new M ekler of N ew Haven, Conn., w ill • p ityin g m a terial is in line with the preach. Services in English. Sunday Schulberg organi- school teachers meet Monday 8 p. m. j .provide opportunities \ to Church council meets Thursday 8 p. m, promising actors or actresses who tliough undeveloped All welcome. . genum , ' . - ■ ability. Deoi-park Reformed Church ^ step in this direction the W illiam ‘Vanderveer Berg, pastor, p^oducep has cast the twelve girls Public worship 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 “Poisoned Paradise” Gasnier’s pro- p. J3T. Sunday school 12 m. Morning Auction coming Monday to the Palace and evening the pulpit w ill he occu- Theatre. In every case the girls have pied by the Rev. Thom a s H. M acken- given the sm a ll “bits” that have zie, D.D., of Flushing, N. Y. Mid- proved stepping stones to success on w eek service W ednesday at 7:45 p. m. of the greatest stars. ----------- “If these twelve girls m a k e good Epworth M. E . Church ! on their present promise it is possible Rev. A. H. Murdock, pastor. Morn- we m a y get two or possibly m ore ing worship 10:30. Rev. Frank Fow - featured players out of the dozen— Jer, D. D., -w ill deliver th e sermon, w h ich is accomplishing som ething real Sunday school 11:45. Epworth jy w o rthwhile for the screen.’ said Mr. E v ening service- 7:30. Schulberg. T.- ^ Seymour, w r it e r ,! v ripped the sails from the Champion j evangelist, lecturer^and organizer will EUNERAL OF CHRISTOPHER OP- ahd high seas tore her seams apart, causing water to rush into the ves­ sel’s hold at an alarming rate. Her crew took to small boats, were picked up by a passing ship and landed at New York. Practically every week after her crew left her the Champion was sighted at various points along the coast by passing ships. As late as May of the following year the Cham­ pion was sighted. She was then off tlie British coast. There's no record showing what fate finaUy overtook the old craft. fii’he Governor Parr^ because of her peculiar drifting record, has been named “the Floating Ghost.” She Is loaded with lumber and Is considered a most serious menace to navigation. New York Defense Guns 3hQot 30 Miles in Test New York.—^The test of ^ the pew 16-inch guns at Fort Tilden, on .Rock- away point, was completed with the firing of four shots from one gun and rtx from the other. Army officers ex- be the speaker of the evening. She has been an active worker in the W. C. T. U. for sixteen years, and is a licensed M ethodist preacher and PELT. The body of Chistopher Oppelt of Middletown, form erly of Port Jervis, evangelist. She was also a noted w el- jwas brought to this city Friday night and the funeral w ill take place in the chapel of Undertaker A. C. Eeirne, 66 Propt street at 8:30 A. M. on Mon­ day,- November 10 and a t 9 o’clock in St. Mary’s church. Interment w ill be in St. Mary’s Cemetery.' fare worker. Prayer service W ednes­ day evening 7:30. Choir rehearsal Thursday evening 7:80. Church of ilie Most Sacred H e a rt Rev. W. J .Donohue, pastor. Masses 8:10 and 10:10. Evening services at «:30. Bt. Mary’s Church Rev. Francis A. Barry, pastor. Rev. Thomas F. McCarney, assistant. Masshs on Sunday a t 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30. Pre^yteriau church. Rev. Charles M. • A ckerifian, pastor. M orning W orship a t 10:3(1 , Subject; “Unprom ising - MateriaL” < • E-vening SertotUigti-'l^oolger Co. directors , TOD LATE TO CLASSII?,Y Worship at 7:30. O b ject, \The R ich 'sAiLiS^MBN 'w A N T :B i>t,B ig m oney Man and Lazarus.” In the morhing j- year around in selling qur'complieto Mr. D elakoff w iU 'sing “The Earth Is. line of Bank supplies, including check the Lord’s and at th e evening .serves S t f e r S l oijb itum uic V. 111 C- Be still.” Song service in the riovfelties; 200 exclusive calenders; ex- pressed satIsJaotlon, and Lient. Wii- G e n in g w ith the of the new books clyTve^ contract. Weo^ liam B. O’Connell, in command of the I ® at the evangel stic crews,, said that the new pieces had otvices. Bible School in the chapel at Bankers Adv. & Supply Co., Iowa City done everTthins expected of them. a. m. Brotherhood Btble class lowa. n The guns have a range of 30 to 3 s l ‘\ “ ■ miles, which can be increased some conducted by SPECIAL meeting Tji-States Monday, Nov. 10, ' ss of im p ortance to illlX C O , W lU C ll e u i l UKS JLLIV.X OV/IJLIO ^ \ by increasing the charge. In the test S. Bowman D. D„ „css ^ _ _ _ ___ - ’nOG'f/'kT* r \ r TTI tvit - v io ‘n n c x l TDY'/xc.Tvtrf 0 * 1*1 n I Tr Hose 6, 7:30 P. M. Busi- all. See’y. 11 - 8-10 ordnance In the world and form a par{ of a new system of defense for New York from attack by sea. tinuing through two -weeks. The pub­ lic is cordially invited. FO R SALE — Q Lym an Ave. 6 room ^ h o u se, all improvements, at a sac­ rifice to ouick buyer. Buyers of perty should sei 8 D elawai’e S t , iiyer. Buyers o f pro- this. L. G. Langton, Phone 239-R 11-8-10 FO R SALE— ^New w ith bath and six room house all improvements. Grace Clrarcli Rev. Chas. H.: H u es, pastor. 21st., Names in Ink on Back Matk Newborn Babies yer and serm o n a t 10:30 A. M.. Sun^ REGULAR MEE-TING of the Ptort of®ZS7S'Imong f. T T b t vX'wM j “ dren born in the maternity waT^ of o\ W ednesday evening at the ments to by-law s w ill be consi^e^-ed. Sunday after Trinity Services* Holy Hardv$-ood floors. $4,400, quick Communion at 8 A. M; Morning • GirtA ^ A '%ir • Johns Hopkins hospital If the system for marking babies is a suc­ cess. At present tho babies wear neck- CiiT*HOLTC Daughters of A Business meeting, No- \m e r ica »v. 11, Hto^o-ifvn 11-S-lP rectory. The W o m en’s Guild w ill hold, “A S<^ial” a t the residence o f Mrs. Rutan, corner Ball and'F o w ler Sts. . .................... - - ____ There w ill be a F r e e Illustrated lec- Iac,es with their names spelled out in .tnre dt M echanics H a ll Friday evening t o — All C a thoiv the beads. ' Under the new plan the ° f the CatHerdrai bf st. John, the Di- o “ S i \ ! wht a r ? goi^ names of the babies will be marked vme, by Dr. Cannedsn A ir members of part in the Armistice D a y Parade on their backs with ink which will the parish are urged to come- Bring at the K. of C. Club House, at W^r for about threo weelci. jthe children along. 1 .1^:15 P._M. sharp. Tuesday, Nov. 11. 11-S -li 1 1:15 P. M. sharp. Tuesday, Grand Regent. U - 8.X0

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