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>■ (■ ■ The Assodated Press Covering World’s Events in Every IsKut of THE g :^2;E1.TO ■g^iy The Most Widely Read Newspaper in the Upper Delaware Valley. The Weatfiei- Report. Cloudy and cooler today; tom o rrow fair and cooler.^ VOL. LVL, No. 169 PORT JERVIS, N. Y., SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 8,1924 PRICE THREE CENTS P HUNTER ACCIDENTALLY SHOT DEAD IN WOODS BACK OF CALUCOON C^Ilicoon, TSTov. 7 (Special)— Charles W ahl, 38, for several years employed h y the Standard Oil Co., here a s a chauffeur, w a s instantly killed at 9:3u th is morning- folio-wing the^ accidneta^l iiiscliarge jf a .35 calibre automatic rifle, w h ile it w a s being em p tied by JFohn J. M eehan, a m em b er of the New York city police depax’tment, in the forect a mile -west of this village. The accident occurred after the \party w h ich included three New York policemen, the father of one and W ahl, had decided to quit hunting for the morning, and w h ile W ahl was turning ,his m a chine ai:ouncl prepara­ tory to returning to Callicoon. - The bullet, w h ich entered W a h l’s body above the right pelvic bone, mushroomed and sm ashed its way through the .abdominal otgans, and em erged above the left pelvic bone but did not penetrate his clothing Death was instantaneous. T h e party, w h ich was headed , by W ahl, included Officers' Harry H o d - :gins, John J. Meeman, Elwood Le- iForge and John LeForge, the latter’s father. They arrived here Thursday afternoon by autom obile from New York, and stopped at the hom e of John Mitterwager, where W a h l was a boarder. Mrs. Mitterwager is a sis­ ter of Mrs. John LeForge.} This morning they left the place shortly after 7 o’clock, enroute to the w o o d s west of the Erie Railroad tow ­ er a m ile west of Callicoon. In the car w ith W ahl were two of the PA-rty, i th e others following in another m a ­ chine. After hunting for a time they abandoned the idea and decided to re­ turn home. W a h l started h is car and w a s turn­ ing around w h ile M eehan and the others em p tied their weapons as a precautionary m easure. --As the ba-r cam e in line with Meehan his rifle w a s discharged, the bullet striking W ahl. Elwood LeForge im m ediately took the wheel and drove here, taking W a h l to the office of Dr. A u g u stus Mayer, who, after a brief exam ina­ tion said W ahl had been instantly killed H is body was removed to the es?tablishment of \Edward F. Kelly. District Attorney Henry P. Gardner w h o w a s in Monticello, w as notified as was Sheriff Fletcher E. R h odes and Dr. J. Cameron Gain of Jefferson­ ville, the coroner in that section of Sullivan county. They arrived shortly before noon and conducted an inquest which ended at 1 o’clock this after­ noon. Follow ing the inquest Dr. Gain gave a verdict of death caused by accidental shooting. Meehan w a s not held. FOREST FIRES NEARHARRIMAN Harriman, N.ov, 7.— N ew and dan­ gerous fires have developed near Sterling., F o r est m a k ing it necessary t j call on a ll the surroujiding towns for assistance. The fires were brought under control W ednesday night about m idnight by forces from Arden and Harriman but started again Thurs­ day and gained such headway that a general call w s sent out for help. One of the Sterling fires started by the burning off and dropping of a high power electric wire but w as prompt- . ly brought under control by a force of m en from Tuxedo under direction of Charles S. Patterson. The fires in Town of Woodbury are all appar­ ently under control a t this -^.ime, but strict watch is being kept to prevent further outbreaks. BOYS SENT TO JAIL FOR STEALING AUTO Goshen, Nov. 7 (E y a staff report- ter)— W alter Avery and W endell Conkling both of Middletown, w h o pleaded guilty in Supreme Court to th e indictm ent of having stolen a car to go to a dance in Port Jex’vis several m o n ths ago ^were sentenced by Justice Tom p kins to serve short tei'ms in county jail. Avery received a sen­ tence of 60 days w h ile Conkling w a s given 30 days, the difference in time being due to the fact that he had al- FIRE BREAKS OUT IN ^ BEAR MOUNTAIN Newbui'gh, Nov. 7.—^Wearied after eeveral days fight against fires in the Bear Mountain park section, hun­ dreds of men of the vicinity including soldiers from W est Point and XJ. S. Marines from Iona Island late lasv night succeeded in putting oxxt the blaze w h ich threatened the park, on­ ly to ba called out again early today w h e n a new blaze broke out in the section known as Doodletov/n. The m en in the governm ent service ami residents of the vicinity were aU turned out for a new battle. It is cted that this w ill be controlled Os Valera, Released From Prison, Fscorted by Constabulary As His Returns to Irish Free State Claries WaM, Wlsile Turning Antoiiobile Around to Go Home, Hit in Abdomen by Ballet from Companion’s Rifle SENTENCES PASSED BY JUDGE TOMPKINS Goshen, Nov*. 7 (P y a staff repor­ ter)— J u stice Arthur S. Tom p k ins in session of Supreme Court today sen­ tenced all prisoners who had pleaded guilty to the indictm ents against Harold Kelly. Andrew K e lly and Harold Lester, indicted for burglary in Newburgh, received suspended sentences and were placed in charge of County Probation Officer W illiam A. Handerson for a year. Peter Finland, alias George Evans, \who escaped from the New York City R eform a tory at New Ham p ton, was returned there for three m o n ths’ sen­ tence. The sam e action w a s taken in tho c.ase of Arthur Sanchers’ and sentence w a s suspended on Edward Grant, who also escaped. Sentence wHs suspended on Clar­ ence Elston and Henry Green of Mid­ dletown, who pleaded guilty to charge of disorderly conduct. They were represented by Attorney Ivan A. Gardner, of that city. Sentence was suspended on Samuel Exirman, who escaped fi’om the New York City-Reform atory at New Hamp This photograph, just received from' London, was taken as Eamonn De Valera. Irish Republi­ can leader, was about to board 3 train at Anaroyle station to return to the Free State. Pollowing hi% release from prison, members of the constabulary escorted him for his own protection. He seem s to have been in a joyous mood. FOREST HRE FIGHTERS FIND BODYOFMANHANGINgOTREE Bisenvery Maie in Rsar Monntaiii Pafk—Clatbes Contained N® Papers Mor Letters—Beliefsd to Be '. New York Taikr MISSING BOY WAS SHOT BY ONE OFHISMMRADES Body Was Then Hid in Ashes —Playmates FinaDy Confess TFEGUSON TO BE GOVERNOR EXPECT CLASH WITH HUNTERS Temple. Texas. Nov. 7— (The Assoc­ iated Press)—The advice of her hus­ band Avill be taken by Mrs. Miriam Am anda Ferguson, governor-elect of Texas, “just as I w ill take the advice of any citizen of Texas, interested in the w elfare of the State,’’ she said at her hom e here. Her happiness unconfined, unflur­ ried by the round of gaieties and con- gratulatory celebrations of which she., has been the cenlie, y^et cognizant the responsibility that w ill' be hers for two years, Mrs. Ferguson iS look­ ing forward to lier inauguration day. “I expect to be governor, just as any man,” Mrs. Ferguson said. Hex* title, she continued, would be ‘ just governor, I guess, for no other title would do. The title “Madam Governor” would be out of place.” W ith Mrs. Ferguson will go to A u s­ tin her daughtex’, Dorrace, and her husband. “I guess 'Dorrace w ill he th e ’ ‘first lady of the state' and w ill be supervi,s- or of the mansion and Jim w ill be an interested spectator,’’ Mrs. Ferguson said. There will be no m a terial change in the family routine, she said. There will w ithout serious dam age. Chief Gee of the Bear Mountaiix police, who has been w ith the fire fighters night and day estimated today that 4,000 ready served more tim e in custody i p.cres in the Bear M ountain park were than did Avery. The youths were a l­ lowed to change their plea. The dis­ trict attorney’s office accepting a p lea of petit larcency. The car broke down on the road to P o r t Jervis and w a s abandoned at H o w ells. REAL ESTATE TRANS- FERS IN PIKE COUNTY The follow ing real estate transfers in P ike County have been entered for record for the w eek ending Nov. 5: R o b e rt Goller to Fritz Lindloff, 2 acres 66 pCrcres in Laekawaxen Twp. Dated Oct. 6, 1924. W illiam E. Labar et ux. to R alph E . Cummings of Port Jervis, lot 86 in Matarnoras. D a ted Oct. 30, 1921 Samuel Caskey et ux. et al. to Thom a s Merritt of Port Jervis, lots 144,145 and 146 in Matamoras. D a t­ ed Oct. 27, 1924. D. N. Raynor et ux- to Thomas Merritt, 1 acre in W estfall township D a ted Oct. 16, 1924, included in the fire sw e p t territory. lUiistrated Lecture The Cathedral of St. John the D i­ vine, N ew York city, which w ill be the third largest cathedral in the world, w ill be described in an illustrat­ ed lecture to be delivered by Rev. Charles P. Cannedy D D at Mechanics Hall, Port Jervis, Friday evening, N o ­ vember 14th. The colored view s to be used by the speaker show the pro gress of construction on the Cathedral and the plans for its completion. The m eeting w ill he open and the public is invited. No collection. No solicitation. Serious clashes between hunters and state authorities in New Jersey are threatened on Monday, as in some parts of the state hunters are threat­ ening to go gunning on Monday, when the gam e seasons opens, in spite of the proclam ation of the State Game Com mission against shooting until a heavy rain has lessened the danger. H u n ters owning preserves near Ham- ^ipoiiton, ar^ reported to be pre- pariiig to shoot on 4lxeir own proper­ ty, and members of clubs have the sam e intention. They deny that in hunting on their own property they became a source of danger and they deny also that there is any legal force in the proclamation against hunting The weakness of the proclam ation is that there is no legal machinery -\or I enforcing it and no penalty for its violation. There is an agitation, how ­ ever, to induce the state game com ­ m ission of New Jersey to announce that it w ill seek legislation forfeiting the right of any violator of the proc­ lamation to obtain a hunting license in the future. Public sentim ent throughout New Jersey is sternly opposed to hunting while the present condition prevails. Four . boys, between the ages of 8 and 13 years, cleared up the myster- lious disappearance of 13-year-old Ernest Schwer Jr., when they confes­ sed last evening to detectives that on the afternoon of Oct. 29, last, the m is­ sing boy accidentally had been shot and killed with a rifle owned by one of them w h en they were hunting m u s­ krats on an ash dump about two and a h a lf miles from the home of the slain boy’s pdi’ents at Richmond Hill. Queens. They said that the rifle, owned by Arthur Meigan, 13 years old, of Rich­ mond Hill had been left on a rock a t the top of a hill known as Hayes- Newburgh, Nov. 7— F ire fighters in the Bear M ountain Park area Thurs­ day discovered the body of an uniden­ tified man, apparently about 60 years old, hanging from a tree w^hile enroute to one section ot the park to combat thft fLimes which in the past few days have burned over 4,000 acres of tim.- ber in addition to that outside the park area. The only mark by which th e body may be identified, is that o f a tailot in New York city. In the m a n ’s clothing w a s ^3 in m o n ey‘^and a sil­ ver w a tch. H is clothing contained n o papers or letters. The body^ w a s -sus­ pended by a half inch rope from the limb of a tree and is thought to have been in the woods for som e time . The firefighters who discovered the body notified auti(orities but were un- abTe for a time to locate the body when they -returned to the scene. The body was placed- in chabge of a H igh­ land Park, undertaker. A new fire has broken out in the vicinity of D o o d letown, near the R o ck­ land county liiie, it was learned to­ day. Thursday 18 families removed their household furnishings from dwellings in this village but returned later when the blaze which threaten­ ed them for a tim e was extinguished. Marines from the naval arsenal at Iona Island, south of Fort Montgom­ ery, were added to the fire-fighting, crews Thursday afternoon and a large be Gntertaining. but Dorrace will bo l^he men out fighting fires number liodx*ss. tens of thousandg. The fire-fighters have become so numerous and have their intelligence system so w ell ox*- ganized that it is possible now, in much, of th e brush and forest country, to bring a large force together on short notice, and the fresh blazes of the last few days have been speedily subdued. WRECK ON ERIE v IS NEARLY CLEARED R O G E R WELIilAMS ClilJB MEET The Jloger ‘W illiam s Club w ill meet a t 8 p. m. on Monday, Novem b er 10 In the chapel of the First Baptist ■church. A fu ll attendance is desired as im p ortant business w ill be trans- apted. . ■ To Test Sanity Beacon, Nov. 7.— Vincent O'Brien, 15, alleged to have confessed to set­ ting afire the chapel and main build­ ing of the M arinist Brothers’ School here--where he is a student, has been released on $2 000 bail in custody of his father. The boy w ill be taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, for observation. W . D. McCombs agent for the es­ tate of George J. Hubbard, turned over to Max and Sam Kornishy the new owners of the Hubbard block, w h ich passed title on November 6. Erie w recking crews have m a d e x'a- pid progress Ju the clearing of the w reck on the Erie, five m iles east of this city yesterday morning. Three freight engines and eight freight cars were derailed, in a rear end collision and a caboose sm a shed. The wreck occurred near Shin Hollow Brid.ge. loaded wdth beef and the other seven w ith grain. Contents of the eight cars w ere strew n along the rails, which -Were torn up for some distance The seven cars were piled ui>, i.ele- scoping one another. A coal train in charge of Conductor C. G. Shafer, Engineer E. Culver, with engine 3191 w a s being pushed up the m o u n tain by engines 3181 and 3161 Engineers W illiam W-erching and Thom a s Dickerman. This train was not m a k ing very good headway. A mixed train in charge of Conductor Milton Hanners and Engineer George Pantley also traveling up the m o u n ­ tain w a s m a k ing m u ch better time. Engineer Pantley claim ed that he did not see the train ahead until his en­ gine was into the caboose, on ac­ count of the dense fog. The second train sim p ly ran up to the rear of the train ahead and then crashed into the pushers. Wlien the train crew heard the crash, they at once knew that some­ thing w a s wrong and jumped to safe­ ty. The caboose was demolished and a section of it remained on the pilot of the engine which demolished it, the 3181 w h ich w a s pushing next to the caboose. This engine w as derailed as w a s .the 3161. Cars in both th e head ■ and rear ^trains were demolished and pieces scattered about the vicinity. Consid­ erable of Ihe m eat and grain were <^ved. Damages, however, w ill Amount to Several thousands bf dollam# DOZEN FOREST FIRES BURNING UNCHECKED (B y Associated Press) New York, Nov. 7— T he drought, { w h ich has prevailed in New York. N ew Jersey and N ew England and during the last month remained un­ broken today, w h ile more than a do­ zen forest fires burned unchecked in various parts of N ew York and New Jersey. town dump, about a quarter of a mile Ebuthwest of Maple Grove Cemetery, | body of men is still engaged today in near K ew Gardens, and that w h en i attempting to check the spread of the one of them accidentally struck it the blaze, rifle went off and the bullet plowed through the right tem p le of the victim of the shooting. Young Meigan and his brother Har old, 8 years old, Adam Rotundo, of ■ m c m M e tm m . . and: tK f r c h - field, 9' years old, then led ^ J it a ih John Gallagher, head of the Queens D etective Division and Captain Her­ bert Graham and Detective Sergeants Herbert and Mierau of the Richm ond H ill Station to the brambles at the foot of Hayestown dump where the body of the boy w a s found. Three of them admitted that Young Kirchfield had fled after the shooting and they held a conference as to w h a t they would do w ith the body and w h e ther they would say anything to their parents or the authorities about the killing. They decided, they told the detectives, that they w o u ld roll the body of their chum down the hill about tv/enty yards to the brambles, staff it in there and w h en they got to their homes pretend that they had last seen Ernest when he was seeking places in Cowhill swam p on the oth­ er side of the cemetery, and about four and a half miles from the Schwer home, in w h ich to plant two m u skrats traps, w h ich Ernst had told them he expected to receive by m a il at his home the next day. The four boys said they h a d ' n ot visited the swam p on the day of the killing, and because o f conflicting statem ents regarding the manner in which the rifle w ent off, the detec­ tives hurried them to the R ichm o n d Hill Station, where they were qiies- ^ioned for hours by A ssistant D is­ trict Attorney David \Wolff. ORANGE COUNTY TEACHERS MEET The Orange county teachers discussion in th e Goshen. High school Friday morning. The secondary group which discussed High school m a tters was in charge of' Supt. of Schools E. H. Burdick. The program w as as follows: Speeches by A. J. Stoddard, superintendent of schools at Bronx- ville; Principal George L. Bennett, of Yonkers, and Principal W illiam Lyon Hooseman of W h ite Plains. Miss Dorothy Giddings of the New Paltz Norm al school, and Supt. Sto.d- dard w ill be the speakers at the m e e t­ ing of the elem entary group under the direction of Prof. E. B. Zimmer- m ^ . The afternoon meeting w a s held in the Presbyterian Church pre­ ceded by an Organ recital by How­ ard S. Dayton. The afternoon progranr consisted of invocation by Rev. G. II. Scofield, addresses by Arvie Eldred, of Troy, president of the New York State Teachers’ Association, and M iss Olive M. Jones past president of th e N a tional Educational Association. The program was followed by a business session and election of officers. c: WGiMEN’S BIBLE CLASS ELECTS OFFICERS Sparrowbush, Nov 8.— The Womans Bible class of the M. E. S. S. m et Friday evening at the hom e of the teacher, Mrs. E. L. Hanlon .w ith 12 in attendance. * T he follow ing are the officers: President Louisa Bertsch; Vice president, Katherine Lilley; Sec­ retary, Agnes Lilley; Treasurer, Ame- EVAN DAVIES PLEASES , AT DEERPARK CLUB November ladies’ night w a s observ­ ed at the Deerpark Club on Friday evening w ith a large attendance. The entertainment was furnished by Evan Davies, a very versatile entertainer whose work is w e ll known in Port Jervis. For over an hour he gave character sketches and sang songs to the great delight of the audience, who joined with him in som e of the favor­ ite Harry Lauder songs. A fter the entertainment the Harmony Club Or­ chestra furnished m u sic for dancing, while m any card gam es were in pro- MOORE SENT TO SING SINI^OR FORGERY Goshen, Nov. 7— J. J. Moore, a rail­ road man, w h o w as indicted for third degree forgery, pleaded guilty to the dliarge of having passed . w o r th less. checks in Middletown and Port Jervis. He acknowledged having served a term of two years in Sing Sing and v/as sent hack there by Justice Tomp­ kins in Supreme Court today for tw o m o re years. Henry B. Merritt ap­ peared for Moore on the request of Moore’s father. BUSINESS MACES WILL CLOSE TUESDAY lia Bloomer. The class is to be known gress on the m a in floor until a late as the F. S. S. Club, with white and blue for the class colors, white for purity and blue for loyalty. Following a very interesting, business session, the president presiding, the evening j w a s spent in m aking fancy articles to be sold a t . a bazaar to bo held som e time in December by the ladies aid of the church. A t a special m eeting of the Mer­ chant’s Bureau held at the Chamber of Commerce rooms Friday morning, it w a s unanim ously decided that all m erchant m embers would close their stores at 1 p. m. on Tuesday, N o v em ­ ber 11, Armistice day, and remain closed the remainder of thxe day. This atcion was taken in order that the m erchants aixd their em p loyes Get Your Orders In If there are Port Jervis merchants who desire the American Legion flags, •they m u st notify Fred W eigle, W ost Main street, before noon Monday. Otherwise, they will have to do their own drillixiir* ' KENTUCKY BQREST .FIRES UNDER CONTROL participate with the American ______ . Legion in the observance o f A rm istice ;r (B y Associated Press) Louisville, Nov. 7 ^ Forest fires in K entucky, \which already have caused dam age of two hundred thousand dol­ lars, appeared today to have been checked in m o st sections , although they are still burning fiercely at some points. The unsuually extended dry spell here made I p o ssible th^ rapid spread of flam e s when fanned ^ brisk winds of the last tw o 'daysi Day. Facts and Figures The vote on three candidates at the last election w a s as follows: Sniith . B a v i?. Greggr N ewburgh .............. 3954 2526 4D30 Midmetown ...... 3126 1833 i 2211' P o r t J e r v i s ............. 1678 1270 I860 Tottdt Orange Go. 13,087 10,382 14,117 /; .'■i

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