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EOUEt THE E^NINGGAZEllE. ‘TORI' 1 EKV 1 S. R r; , / THE EVENING GAZETTE Issued Every Afternoon Except Sunday and Legal Holidays by the g a z e t t e PUBLISHING CO. . Daniel F. CocE ................. General Mark V.' Richards .................... .....E d itor W. H. Nearpaas ........ ....Associate Edito Per '«eek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . cents t»er Year, paid In advance . .................. . By mail, per year, strictly in advance $ 6 . 0 < Entered at the Post . Office at Port ifervis. N. Y.,' as second/class inaltea Tri-Weekly ..r,Established April 22, 186'. /Daily .......... .E.stablished January 17. 1881 Member of The. Associated Press Th 6 Ais.sociated Press is exclusively en titled to the use for publication of all new« dispatches credited to it or' not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news puldished herein. TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS Any failure to receive paper regu­ larly .or any complaint regard to 'nominated E . B. Labar for represen­ tative. He has held the office for tjie last tw o yeyars and has m ade good. He has kept his campaign pledges, and has lined' tip for those things that are for the best interests o f the. state. Hisi cou^rse is also pleasing to conserva­ tive labor , for his cahdidacy lias thd endorsement of the railroad brother- hoods. H e voted one hundred percent on all labor and w elfare laws, he fa­ vors the repeal of the state tax on coal, which the profiteering coal barons u.ses as an excuse for charg­ ing extortionate prices. Everybody who knows Ed Labar know s that h© is a substantial, high grade citizen. We hope Pike county w ill have the good sense to send him back to Harrisburg- TH E SHUSH FUND rly -C- — .. . delivery should be reported to the office either in person or by tele­ phone. ALSO any change of address. Do not depend on merely telling the larrier. are endeavoring to give rou the best service as well as the >est paper, and all complaints re­ ported to the office will receive prompt attention. TH E W E A T HEK REPORT T ‘ ■ PT The following report is furnished by H. Ne.arpass United States W eatn- ' Observer: Mjaxj. Temp, yesterday ----- Min. Temp, yesterday .......... M in Temn today ................... T- lap . i OOP today.... - . Max. Temp, this date, 1923 Min. Temp th is date, 1923 W ind ----- ..................................... P a in last 24 hours .............. R ain for Month ........................ Rain for year .......................... Last year, sam e date ----- -- . FOR PRESIDENT JOHN W. DAVIS, Of W est V irginia FOR V IC E -PR E S ID E N T . CHARLES W. BRYAN Of Nebraska FOR CONGRESS ROSSLYN M. COX FO R GOV.ERNOR A iiP K F D E. SMITH Of New York FO R LIEUT.-GOVPJRNOR GEORGE R. LUNN Of Schenectady FOR SECRETARY OF S T a TJE l JA3TES A. H-AMTIiTON Of The B ronx FOR CONTROLLER J.AMES W'. FT.EmxNG ^ Of lo ’ons FOR ATTORNEY-GENERAL CARL SHERAIAN Of Buffalo rO R STATE EN G INEER DW IGHT B. LADU Of Albany To date, the R epublicans have re­ ceived $3,742,962 in cam p a ign contri­ butions; the Democrats have receiv' ed $552,369. It is reasonable to as­ sum e tha.t there is considerable ju s ti­ fication for the charge of John W ..D a ­ vis that the favored protected inter­ ests are endeavoring to buy the elec­ tion of Coolidge. That a cam p aign can be conducted on legitim a te lines without the use of big slush, fund is am p ly dem onstrat­ ed by the small sum the Democ.fatS have spent. But th a t isn’t w h at the •favor-hunting crowd w ant. If their man cannot be elected by the legiti­ mate use of money, then let us have a big slush fund. Freely w e have re­ ceived so freely must w e give i f w e arc to receive, more. \When the agricultural industry w a n ts some remedial legislation, it is called a socialistic farm bloc. W hen fo r k in g men w a n t justice, they are railed a bloc ■ o f reds and socialists. But if a bloc of porfiteering, high tariff industrialists w a n t some legis­ lation and is w illing to put up a slush fund of $4,000,000 to get it, w e m u st look upon them as builders of the n a ­ tion, preservers of the constitution. We are radicals, destroyers of pros­ perity and menaces to the constitution the moment that w e have any other mentality than the tory w a y of think­ ing. ^ • B ig slu.sh funds w ill not w in ‘ an electidUj however, if the people will get in their minds w h a t a m enace this is. The w a y to beat the contributors of big cam p aign contributions is to i^Qte for Davis and Smith. A COUSIN’S OPINION A ___ - NOVEMBER t, (MH)ATE«Bi!OeRATK r - n,i:irn ' ■ . ! Lewis. J. Stage. Demonrafio date for state senator, w a s 'bprn''bn a farm in . the town o f W arwick 'bii' Nov. .24,1$7Q., H e attended trict schools an,d w as .graduat§i^\ irom W arwick High sch o o L in , i g 8 7 / /J^^^ tw o . years bC; taught .scbooll. an^/th entered the office of the Kane, w |iere he studied law.^' iir.' Stage w a si admitted tp, th§ b ^ in 1S94- ■ ■ . He has since practiced.^ law in W ar­ wick, and for the past i? yeaa?s‘ utitil the^death of Mr. Kane a few. m o n ths ago, was a.^.ociated with him a s ,, a partner under the firi\iifff&,me o f Kape & Stage. Since the death ^ f Mr. Kane the firm has becom e Stage & -Stage and has a large circle of clients, . In 1894 he w a s married to Jessie M. Lawrence. They had four sons, two of whom saw service in the W orld W ar. Lawrence, junidr mem ­ ber of the- firm, served 11 months in France, and Floyd, the first to volun­ teer from W a rw ick after the declara­ tion o f war, ,.was severely wounded in ia battle w ith a subm arine during his 1 service in the navy, j Lewis J. Stage haa been the candi- Idat^e of his party for county offices] •w illia m P. Gr&gg, D em o cratic can- I and Member of Assembly. He is pi e->- didate for district attorney, w a s born. JO H N W. D AV IS Who Will Be The Next President Of The United States. ident of the W arwick Board of Edu­ cation and the Fortnightly Club; sec­ retary of the Orange County Bar As­ sociation; treasurer of th e -W a r w ick y . M. C. A., and the W a rwick 'Valley, H istorical Sodiety, and a director of the W^r,wick K n ife Co., and .the Or­ ange County y , M. C, A. -Hb' a lso is a member of the N ew Y o r k .0tate Bar As.sociation, * W arwick and Pom o n a Granges, the\^ W arwick Automobile Club, Board of Trade and other W ar w ick organizations. John\E. Cuddebacli FOR STATE SENATOR I j a w i s J. STAGE FOR COUNTY JUDGE PH IL IP A. RORTY FO R SH E R IF F FR A N K J. N E A K N FO R COUNTY CLERK M ARY G. M ULLANEY FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY W ILLIAM P. GREGG FOR CORONER WILLIAM F. HOGAN AND R E W EDW ARDS FOR MEM B E R OF ASSEMBLY JOHN E. CTJDDEBACK TH E LOCAL CANDIDATES The D e m o cratic party has nom inated some excellent men and woman of high ch a r a c ter and ability for the loca,l offices beginning v/ith m em b er of congress and ending w ith m em b er of assem bly. W hen pulling the pointers for Davis and Smith and the rest of the state ticket, remember that these men in high positions must have the support of the legislatures and of the county adm inistrative of­ ficers. Let us have good Democratic aclininistration all along the line and Franklin D. -Roosevelt was the as­ sistant secretary of the navy under W oodrow W ilson for eight years. At tim es he w as the acting secretary. The Republicans say the navy was ineffic­ ient under Democratic administration; but it w as that navy that put the boys in France through seas infested w ith German submarines w ithout the lo^s of a m an. Prom his experience of eight years, part of ,which was in the greatest war in history, Franklin D. R oosevelt ob­ tained a great deal of inform ation. He can speak as an authority. W e th e r e ­ fore invite our readers to a careful reading of his charges against the work® of his cousin, Theodore R o o se­ velt, w h o succeeded him . H e describes it as grossly inefficient, and the Re- publcians w ere so eager to find a w a y to get rid of the coloiiel that they had him unloaded on the people of N ew York state. Do we w a n t for our gov­ ernor'a w eakling like th a t in place of a strong, virile, businefss like, honest official like Governor Smith? Mrs. Mary MuUaney Mrs. Mary G. Mullaney, of Middle- town, is the Dem ocratic candidate for county clerk. She is the w idow o f J. P. Mullaney, who before his death two years ago, had been Erie section fore­ m an in Middletown for 50 years. Mrs. Mulkiney w a s born in N ew York city, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kel­ ly, who recently celebrated their six­ tieth wedding anniversary at ■ th eir home in Platbush. Mrs. M u liany’s fa­ ther, Mm is 82 years old, has been en­ gaged in tlip prodiic? business for more than 50 years. After attending public schools, Mrs. Mullaney norapleted her education at Holy Cross, New York city. Mrs. Mullaney, who is chairm an of the Dem ocratic wom en’s organization of C>range county’s second assem bly district, has alw ays been, interested in politics. She has been an inspec,tor of election in M iddletown since \^omen were first accorded suffrage. She is a member of the present D em o cratic city committee. For the past year Mrs. M u llaney has been em p loyed in the office of the city assessor, Fred L. Cortright, as his assistant. j Ml'S. Mullaney is the mother of five children, four of whom are living. Cecelia Mullaney, who is now Mrs. Jo.seph B. McCracken, of Detroit, Mich., taiight Sicbool in this city sev­ eral years before her marriage. Ger­ trude Mullaney, a graduate of Middle- lown High. School w a s an understudy of Andrew J. Baird for some tim e. She i.s now attending the M axwell training .school for music teachers. Robert S. Mullaney is a travelling salesman with lieadquarterg in Mew York city. John L. Mullaney, another son, is at home. Mrs. M u llaney is a m em b er of the Chilrch of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel,^ and a member of the A ltar Society of that church. She is a charter mem­ ber of Court Rosemary, No. 681, Cath olic D.aughters of America. ■ Philip A. Rorty Ehillp A'. Rorty, D em o cratic candi- show the people that the brains of the date for county judge, w a s born in country are not all in th e Republican Paterson, N. J., on Aug.^ 25 1876. I H is parents m oved to Middletown in 11877 and he received his education in Besidra these gen e r ^ facts, there is Middletown public schools, gradual- this to be said concerning the local ifig from W a llkill Academ y in 1893. ( D em ocratic ticket. Two of the*candi-1 He jstudied law in the office of the dates are from Port Jervis. -They late Henry W . W iggins for two years -ra, ^ com p letm g his legal education at the are -Wailam P. Gregg for district at- university Law School, from torney and John E. Cuddeback for -yy^jiich institution he graduated in member of assem b ly. They are th e 1897. only tw o men on this side o f thel For about three years he practiced mountain, w h o are on either ticket. profession in this city. Since , 1902 he has been actively engaged in Are w e going to give these good men a good hom e vote, or do w e intend as a member of the firm of to boost those sections of t h e ‘county 'Bacon & Mexritt; then as a m em b er that are continually fighting us in such of the firm of Bacon & Rorty, and matters .as Orange county roads and i\ “ 15 w ith- : out a partner. Koute SA? If Port Jervm stood mora.^ corporation.cofinsel for for Port Jervis in politics as in every the village of Goshen for nine years o t h ^ association, there would be less and eoupgel for the succ.essive isher- . of this dispositon ip Newburgh sec- Rfs of the county for thersam e period At A ^ ^ 4 . ,.c • Ho Is 3} membcr of the First Pres- tion to sneer at us as back enders- , , . ^ , byterian Church of Goshen; Past Give our Port Jervis candidates a rous' 355 , p. • Ing home vote and stand by the entire ^ m ., of Goshen, chairm a n of Go- Demoeratfe ticket. ' *Bhe;a Chapter of the American Red And while w e are discusing local Cross; a member of the Orange Coun- car.didates, it is proper to bear our Gouhcil of the , • America, arjd treasurer of the Orange neighboring county Of Pike in mind- c^u^ty committee of the State Char- The Democrat* over there have re-j^ies Aid Association. GOVERNOR ALFR E D E. SM ITH Whose Be-EIectiou By The Volwii Of Ketf -Vork Is Certain. 'in Ellenville, N. Y., on March 16. 1879.^ He studied law with th e lata- ikenry B. Fullerton and the late €>. P. H o w eil who practiced.law in this city and wore prominent lawyers in this county for many years. Mr. Gregg^ h.as practiced law in Port Jervis since Ms adm ission to the bar. Since 1920 as a member of the firm of Gregg & Feuclis. Mr. Gregg has alwaj’s taken an ac­ tive part in public affairs and haa be^en actively identified w ith the Dem­ ocratic, party. W hen twenty-one years of age he was- elected' justice of the- peace of the pev/n of Deerpark and was later re-elected. He w as one o f the first, justices of the peace of the- city x»f Port Jervis. H e has held the- follow ing positions: t^orporaton counsel of the ^ city o f Port Jervis, transfer tax appraiser o f ■ Orange county, assistant district at­ torney of Orange county. M r. Gregg is a m e m b e r of the Or­ ange County Bar Association, State Bar Association, and_, the American Par Association. Rosslyn M. Cox - ^ 1 The Cuddeback fam ily is one of the m o st prominent in the histoty of: Or­ ange county, m which they settled about 1690, and since that tim e mem.- bers have been active in business, agricultural and political circles in the county. . . John E. Cuddeback, Democratic candidate for A ssem b ly from the Sec­ on d Assem b ly district, is a farmer re­ siding near Port Jervis and is a grad­ uate of the Port -Jervis schols, grad­ uating from the High school in 1909 and from Cornell University w ith a B. S. degree in 1914. In addition to th e farm, which he purchased afte r com p leting his college course, Mr. Cuddeback conducts a sand and gravel business. 'He is a member of the Orange County Farm B u reau, the Grange, Darymen’S League, Jr. O. U. A. 'M., and a, mem­ ber of the board of governors of the Deerpark Club. He is married and is 34 years old. \ Mr. Cuddeback ha^ held no politi­ cal office but for the past six yeays has been an active member 'of the D em o cratic county comihittee. , ^ -Frank T. Neam Prank -J. Nearn, the, \ D em o cratic candidate for sheriff, WdS; born in Middletown on November 20 , 1880. Hte early education w a s received in the public schools In and near Middle-'; town, but at the age of 12 he left school and entered the grocery store, of C. N. Predm o re, remaining With hi'U for'four years. The next four years were spent in the building up of m ilk route and after selling this Mr. Nearn conducted the Delmonic'o H o tel for 11 years. A f­ ter this he becam e a member of the Middletown police department, serving nearly two years. '' .In Apr^l, 1900, he conducted the C e n tral 'Valley Hotel and ad^^eVa Hv- Ory busip^ss w h ich h^ conducted for five years. He' also . served asr post-? master at Central Valley fbt more than six years, raising the office from third class to second cla'^s, •vvitli con­ sequent increase in salary for both postm aster and other eimployes. Mr. Nearn has served StS ’ Deputy Sheriff or Special Dopytjr Sheriff f03^. 18 years under Sheriffs. A. e.^Sbthbr« land, A. L. Decker, W-.'S^Sayer, >F.». S. MoDqwen, W^ M. Iwipnard atfd 'Jimes I D. Tweed. ' ,,, ,Rosslyn M. Cox, the Dfemocrati'e- candidate for Congress in the 26 Conr grer-sional D istrict was born in the- Tov/n of M ount Hope. He* cam e to Middletown' when a boy and attended, the. public schools and graduated, froim Wallkill Academy in the class- js,of 1886. He w a s admitted to th e Bar .in 1892 and has practiced his pro­ fession in that City continuously since ,that date. ■ Mr. Cox w a s first elected M a y o r of the City of M iddletown in 1910 and continued to hold that office for .five terms. He has been a careful student • of’ m u n icipal governm ent and was one- of the founders of the New Yoric- State Conference of Mayors. He or­ ganized the Bureau ,.of M u n icipal In­ formation 'Which is conceded to b©»^ one of th e most beneficial agencies of efficient and econom ical govern— • m ent in the United States. M a y o r Cox w a s tw ice elected presi­ dent of th e M ayors' Conference and ' m a d e th r e e trip s over the State visit­ ing every city, and h a s addressed city officials. C h a m b e r of Commerce, R o ­ tary Clubs Wild public m e etings on taxation, r^unicipal governm ent'? a n d kindred subject of State and N a tion­ al im p o rtance. Upon the creation of the Conserva­ tion of fhe State Mr. Cox acted as- special counsel for the com m ission, codified, drafted and proem ed the- enactment of the public parks, lands and forest laws of the State and ad­ vocated the development of the grea t water powers of the State , for Ihi®'v. generation of electric power and A , for th e .b e n e fit of the people.' •Mr. Cox has alw a y s been a friend' of organized labor. H is father M a r- Tin *B. Cox, a carpenter, having been; one of the organizers oi; one of the- first unions in Orange county. H e has alw a y s cham p ioned the cause o f the farm er in his fight for a living- prioe for, his produce, by the establish­ ment ot farmer organizations apd pu­ blic m a rkets; he w a s among the first to advocate w o m a n suffrage. H is views are tem p erance and demoQracy w ithout hypocrisy, and he is opposed' „ to th e open saloon. And to w h a t h e describes Volsteadism and Anderson-- His wide acquaintance and experi­ ence w ith men and affairs, his energy and ability and his gift as a c o n v i n c - ^ ing speaker am p ly qualify him to fillij^ th e office of' Congressman, if by any^ chance he should be '* elected ill this Strong. Republican district. ■ He is a m em b er of the following- fraternities and clubs; Hoffman lod g e P. and A. M., Midland Chapter R o y a l Arch Masons, Cyprus Commandry, The Consistory of New York. Mecca. Temple A. A. O. N. M^ S. of w h ich h e is lid s t r io u s potentate, Elks, Moose, Eagles, Odd Fellow.*!. Knights Of P y ­ thias, Junior Order United A m erican M echanics, Royal Arcanum. Monha- H o se Co/, MiddletQ’wii' club.

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