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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, November 01, 1924, Image 3

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SATURDAY. NOV'EMR T, 1924 THE EVENING GAZETTE PORTIERVIS; N. Y. JL. THREE THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPEN ! Copyright. , __ _________ ' # ■ r fiSVl 'fo'* k ™ - 'ill J B ^ j i M B rr— , 13 I - - J W Z::> S-e^wce^ *‘lk e e p six honest, s e r v ing m e n ; {T h e y taught m e A ll I K n e w ): Their nam e s are W H A T and W H Y and W H E N , and H O W and W H E R E and W H O\ W H A T w a s the Declaration o f London? W H Y does the date for Easter v a ry ? W H E N w a s the g reat pyramid of Cheops built ? HOW can you distinguish a malarJ'1 mosquito ? W H E R E is Canberra ? Zo'~fcr::gg3 ? W K O w a s the Millboy of the Slashes ? A r e Jre-\ i:- ■ - /•■t : ? Give them an opporturacy by piaciUji M ew iMTEifiimoMt DICTI0MARY^/3 s T^; knowledge offers immediate, constant, lasting, trust­ worthy. Answers all kinds of ques­ tions. A century of developing, enlarging, and perfecting under ex­ acting care and highest scholarship insures accuracy, com p leteness, compactness, authority. G.&C.MERRIAM CO. Springfield, Mass., U. S. A. Est. i831 . f r!i(^ (Vll j • i ■ : i;;: [>i il i t :c;;,n tniTi incurred tlie disiih’asiiiv of Kin;. Louis XI, w-lio had liiui shut up in ai iron cage for eleven yearr-;, from 14d' to 14S0.' , D e stiny Called Herder and Schiller both in thei .youtli intended to study as surgeons but Destiny said, “No, there are deep : er wounds than those of the body- hoal the deeper!” And they wrote.- Ri cider. SEW AND SAVE WITH Best Six Cord Spool Cotton DRESSMAKING HINTS For a Taluable book on dressmaking, send 4 c . to THE SPOOL COTTON CO., Dept. C 31S Fourtb Ave., New York SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Home dressed Chickens Legs of Lamb . .. .................. TToirie n.atle Sausage * ' * * 3 0 ^ Hom e dressed Veal Chuck R o a st ....................... 2 0 Horae Killed Pork ............ 3 0 G Boneless Pot R o a st ......... *1 H o m o Grown Potatoes, 60 lb. to a bush, .............. $1.00 bu. All kkds of Western Cuts at Lowest Prices CITY MEAT MARKET R. Perl, Prop. 80 Jersey Ave. Tel. 732 F R E E DELIVERY S U R E 1 I-IAVE A PL A Y G R O U N D ; G IV E IT T H E O N C E O V E R ‘1 BUT WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY HERE? An empty lot does not a playground make, to paraphrase the poet, although some folks seem to think that vacaht lots solve all the problems of growing childhood. This kind of playground—the only kind that many children in our city know—does not mafee for health, safety or develop­ ment of sturdy character, those invaluable products always re,suiting from properly developed and supervised playgrounds. Rather, such makeshifts (some of them are better and some are worse) breed disease, cause accident and are a constant menace to the morals of entire neigh­ borhoods. Until we have a playground and' recreation sy.stera wliirh provides a safe, healthy, supervised place and program for intelligent capitalization of every child’s free time, the future of our city will be menaced by a steady increase in delinquency, Mce, crime, sickness, acci­ dent and.Jnsanity. These are chiefly the product of civic neglect of that most important phase in child life—Ihe play time—dhring which charae- ?ter and health are either strengthened or wrecked, Securing Loo&e t, asters Loose cnstTers can be made secure by filling up the hole with melted par­ affin and resetting the caster while the wax is still hot Complete in Itself Sl^pens the blade in the rtzor 'vithout removing ft. .Quick. Convenient. Easy ' to clean. Complete sets—^ razor, with strop and extra blades, $1.00 and up. MJelydutoStrop Razor K e y West Sees Many Ships More than' 5.000 ships a year pass within sight of Key West, Fla. l.HOAL NOTICE ' Est. Bridscl Dwyer. m PURSUANCE of an Order of Hon. Elwood C. Smith, Surrogate of the County of Orange. KOTICB IS HEREBY g iv e n according to law, tc to all persons having claims against Bridget Dwyer late of the City of Pori .lerviH in aaid County, deceased, that they are required to present the same, with vouchers thereof, to the subscrib­ er, at the offices of Cuddeback & •Jones 112-114 Pike street. Port Jervis , in said County, on or before the Is. day of December, 1924. DANIEL B. MANDAVTLLE, Executor. Cuddeback & Jones. Attorneys for Executor. What to Take for CONSTIPATION a good dose of Carter’s little Elver Pills —then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after. They cleanse your system of all waste matter a n d . Regulate Yeiar Bowels. .Mild-^as easy to take as sugar. Cenuine hea, ^fna/a«— Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price. ^ m NEW MEAT MARKET NOW OPEN FOB BUSINESS WITH A FULL LINE OF CHOICE WESTERN MEATS AT LOWEST PRICES ERl^SH I'RUIT AND VEGETABLES J. MELNICK 84 P,ALL STREET TELEPHONE 2C0-W - A NEW fourteen story' fireproof structure containing every modern convenience ^and “Servidor\ Service. y Capacity 1 , 0 3 4 The -location is unique:-, subway, elevated, street cars, busses, all at door. G e t Busy You must select your \vork; you shiill take what your brains can, and drop all fne rest. Only so can that amount of vital force accumulate which cun make the step from knowipg to doing. No m atter how much faculty of the idle seeing a man has. the stpp from knowing to doing is rarely taken. It is a step out of a chalk circle of im­ becility into fruitfulness.—iialpn Wal­ do Emerson. K e p t in Cage Eleven Years •Itan de la Balue, Fiamch ecdosias AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING Electrical Systems Overhauled and Repaired OILS, GREASE AND ACCESSORIES A. ISRAEL JR. 76 FOWLER STREET PORT JERVIS, N. Y. Over John D. H a m ilton’s N ew Blacksm ith Shop. H A T E S Room, private toilet $ 2.5« Single Room with bath S.S'\ Double Room with bath ^ ^ ‘T n Y T i ' I ’f l ^ ■ e e e s e | | | \ * ' eeeeeeeeee EeESEEEEE E E EEEEEEEB E \]m e e e e e e e e C l S S I frill U nder P ersonal D keoton P. V. LAND. MANAGER 3 Look Yourself O v er, O ld Boy If you’re not satished with your lu in life, think before you send her bad to her mother. Perhaps your quota lion in her market isn't nhat you put it at.—Wall Street Journal. G u ests of the Library A hook, a pipe, a tire on a chilly niglit, with guests that come unbiddeii from realms of golden dreams to share your humble fireside—what greater hU'Ssing could you ask, in perfect peace and measureless content? Announcing a new service for your convenience and comfort New and wonderful labor-saving uses of gas and electricity feave developed in the past few years. Even the most up-to-date home manager welcomes expert advice on the methods —and particularly on the appliances—by means of which gas and electricity take the labor of housekeeping off the woman’s shoulders and place it where it belongs —on machines. What our new service does for you Onr new service offered by oar appliance department is established to ipve yon information and assistance in getting full use of your gas and electricity. This de­ partment (3) makes it possible for our custom- , ers to secure these appliances on small initial payments and small equal monthly payments added to the gas or electric bill. (4) brings to the attention of our customers such tested and guar­ anteed appliances. (1) tests ail new appliances and of- ers for sale to our customers on­ ly those which give best service at most economical cost. (2) assures our customers of atten­ tion and service on all appliances bought from us—instruction, ad­ justment, repairs. Every customer is entitled to know ^ about every gas and electric appliance The prime duty of this department is TO HELP YOU KNOW what the various ap­ pliances v/ill do and how each appliance operates^ To he sure, this department will sell the appliances at the easy terms mentioned; but its very first duty is not to sell but to spread information. You are under no obligation whatsoever to buy. In our showrooms, in your home, let us demonstrate the \\arious appliances and their power to lighten the labor of housework. Telephone now. Ask us to send an expert v/ho'will show you how to operate any appliance we carry. If you pay for gas or electricity, it is your right to know how any gas or electric appliance may serve you. Don’t hesitate to ask. Telephone, write, or step into our store. ORANGE COUNH PURLIC SffiVlCE CO. Telephone 128 132 Pike Street, Port Jervis. ■r^

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