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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, October 30, 1924, Image 8

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EIGHT TriE EVENING GAZETlt P ( K r 1E1TVIS. N. Y. _;S. i i ^ ^ f c i C T O B E R 30, 1924 LABOB ENDOBSBS SMITH’S REOOBD EememTjers Goveraor’s Faith- ,ful Fulfillment Of Promises Made To Workers. Schenectady, October. — Organixed jlahor and the workers of New York [state as a whole hare given ooi:diai ^spproval to Governor S m ith s caiidi- idacy. His friendship and assistance [to the working people 'of th e ’ S tate jwere endorsed by the State Federa- Ition of Labor at its convention in fSchnectady only recently. The report lof the convention said: “We find th a t Governor Alfred E. {Smith recommended without reserva- ition to the Legislature in his annual Imessages the adoption of every plank . icontamed in the platform on which he rwas elected relating to labor legisla- ition, and in further messages empha- isized the necessity for the enactm ent lOf bir.s carrying out such labor pro- ivisions * * * “As to Governor Smith, your com- imittee recommends that it is the sense of this convention that he has fulfilled every promise made to organized iCbor in the declarations for labor legislation contained in the party platform, upon which he was so trium p h antly Elected ■in 1922. He believes in the sacredness iof platform obligations and has proven Ihis faith by performance. No candi- jdate for ‘the Governorship more ac- iceptable to the wage-earning voters of Ithe State could possibly la v e been mominated by the Democratic State (Convention than the Hon, Alfred B. iSmith.” - UEUT.-GOV. GEORGE R. l UKIN Candidate For Re-election On New York State Democratic Picket* - --------------- w.*-*— ------ - -«■*' Needed Compass Change The United Stares Geological survey . says that a compass should be Changed about one degree every 20 years. Tliis change is necessary, as the magnetic pole toward which the needle of a compass points and the North pole are not the same. The magnetic pole shifts, and therefore the change must be made in the compass to make up for the shift of the magnetic pole. Few Aggressive Snakes The Departm ent of Agriculture says th a t the king cobra of Asia has been known to follow and attack persons and the large constricting snakes of the tropics also at times are aggres fiive. The poisonous snakes of th^ United States usualily do not attacl men unless m o le sted,. RADIO PROGRAM T h e following is the radio program to be given Oct. M. * (Courtesy i f Radio Digest) (By Aeociated Press) , WHiHU—^Bjpston (303) 6;00— R adio rally. 6:10— ■Pisr brother club. 6:45—^Talk. 7:00— Musieal. : I . 8:00—Program . Dance. uxv—oLsmiaio (31V) 6:30— News. 7:40—Readings, John Dodswortli. 8-ll:3v0— C oncert. , WMAQ—Chicago News (417.5) 6:00— C hicago theatre organ. 6:3 0— Orchestra. 8:0—W ide-Awako Club. 8:3 0— M 11 Icail,' geography. Wrists — V/jmcago V )6;30— Organ. 6:45-10:0 o— EntertaAners, ! o rches­ tra, farm progmm> 10:15— B aritone. i ' 10:40— Kord and Glen. W HK—Cleveland (283) 7:00— E n tertainm e n t. W W J^D c itroit News (547) 6:00— . T^aritonp. quartet. W ’A'ASS ---- (Z » B ) 6:00-8:00— S tring quartette. W JY—New York (405) 6:30— Orf'hestra. i 7:15— T alk. ' 7:30— P rogram , music. 8:30— Income taxes. 8; 40—^Tenor. 9:00—“Current topics. g:15_V ipliniB t ___ , **''**'■.'***'***** I generation, of the flhppem and hdight, ap p r o x i m a | ^ 200, feet wide . .r. . - their “cake eaters.*' Eleanor Board-, by 100 feet deep, with nearly X5o: SCREENLAND W h at the producers say about CHins to be shown a t local fheati’es 'r r r . f NEW THEATRE A Thrilling Story of Life in the Higl* Places and the Low room s was the firsL to go. The,y^p^ man plays the role of Mary, the mod­ ern flapper. The discovered, a t 2.10 and 4h/ Ben Lyon, W ilham Collier, Jr., W ill- building Was a m ass iam H a iles, Bobby Agnewj Johnnie j flam e s and burning embeys wer^ W alker, Creighton Hale, Niles Weigh fiyjng t^ 't h e smaller buildings whi<m and J a m e s M orrison. Yidor has treat- farmed a p a r t of the G rand View Inn ed this story of m odern youth w ith ^ a oq^ipm ent. O th e r ' buildings in a: r a - iight and humorous touch. He de­ clares he has attem p ted to show the flapper and her “sheik\ as they real­ ly are. He m a intains they are nei- cheir jaded, sophisticated adventurers, as some w riters depict them, nor are uiey real when shown as . childish morons who try to pose as sophisticat­ ed. In addition to the above the pro­ gram includes a two reel'Jim m y Au- orey comedy “A Perfect Pest,\ “Pa- the Review,” and “Topics of the Day.” GOOD MINSTRELS COMING 7*fanager Smith of the New Theatre ’ wishes tc announce to the public that he has secured John R ^ V a n Arnam’-s^ Superior M instrels for Wednesday, November 5th, matinee and evening. Van Arnam’s m instrels, while only on . . . . 5 . y .. ivew io r k (4M>) 6 • e—^Ensembla. 7:0;0— F tnancial review- 7:10—Talk. 7-30—-PianistL ' 7 : 45 —V. L. Reynolds, Socialist L a ­ bor Party. - 8:09—Pianist., g;l 5 — r w o Padio Franks. 8:30r—B allet' music. 10:jn—^^Orchestra. Y o rk (492) 6:00—Children. '6:30— Soprano. 6:45— Happiness Boys. 8:00—New musicJ 8:'30—jOrdbpstra'. ^■^t(^A R ^ ^ P h flaaelphia (395) 6:30— Talk. 7 : 00 —n-niir. band. ■ , , _ _ 9:00—Dance. nf< I f l»=»feSn-=-!£SaaB.pn,a ; 6:3 0— Orchestra. ® = (S2G) 6; 15— T'^’-'Pie Ed. 6:30— Talk. A motion picture which is packed full of human dram a, in the tensest and most moving of situations, is “The D.ay of > aith.*’ tjoldwyn’s picturiza- tion of A rthur Somers Roche’s novel, directed by Tod Browning, which will beshown again at the New Theatre tonight. The.film is‘ent''rtainm ent In the highest degree, yet manages to give to the world a message of* g reat snir- itual im p o rt while seemingly 'striving only to entertain. This powerful storv will hold ?;ou spellbound. It is big­ ger than words. It is radiant w i‘h be­ lief jn, the goodness of hum ankind, their fifth season comes- w ith an en- The portrait of the society - girl who | viable reputation of ha-ving played two plunges her life Into a whirlpool of j consecutive years as a headline attrac- peril for the sake of an ideal is one, tion over th e 'B .-E . K eith’s circuit of of the greatest cham cterizations you vaudeville theatres, being the only have ever seen on the screen. The production giving the entire show on oast is an unusually notable one, in- the Keith circuit. eluding Eleanor Boardm an, Tyrone j Mr._Van k r n a m has the only min- PoV'ers and Ray Griffith m the lead- strel shpw- on the road today playing ing roles. Completing the piogram is popular prices-.'He believes in crowd- a two reel H a rry Langdon comedy ed housos-and pleasing the public. As “B is New Mamma,” and “Bathe News” w ith all m instrel shows therev^llbe-a showing among other subjects the ZR3 street parade at noon and a bahd con- dirigible landing .in the United | cert in front of the theatre before the States. / ■ j n ight perform ance. dius of a hundred yards .caught fire and by three o’clock every building on the hill was enveloped by flam e, illum inating thj6 Sky. G rand Y l m Inb' w a s c o n s tr u c t ^ ten years ago. I t has lately been th e property o f a Mr. Shapih), a New York lawyer, A New^ Fad'^—Perhaps We sometimes have to go outside of our own door to . I earn what is going on inside. Thus from Canada we get the information that the latest Ameri­ can fad is the sending of enp'aved cards announcing tne sender’s divorce. An example given runs th u s : “Mrs. John Henry Howard is pleased, to announce Her iuisbatKl. Jolm Henry, is given the bimnee.” —Boston T ranscript • Has Long Made Musie An organ in the Philippine islands has furnished music for more than GRAM) VIEW INN X ‘W ine of Y o u th” TViday M atiuee and. . K DESTROlrp) BY FIRE in Rifton, ,one of A light com edy-drama of the screen ‘ •boasXirig eight youthful and p o p u lar’ 7 : 00 —ArlclroPS. 7*30— Ch-aminade Concert Com- —T»vovidence (360) 8:00—Musical. 10*45— n -^bectra. - k FA E —P ullm an (330V 9-30— •P’nno. bnrvin. bo^'^'- ^^vie'M WGV—«rb»'''emdy (380) —TToflUir talk. 6; BO --- TTovi'paf .urogram. ’ 9 s 3 0— r.a. —jc.u«<’n<rneld (337) 6:tO-^Pnr>v review. P * Ot r --- 9rOn—Gn-ppprt. 9‘SO—T'A’^nr. 5 nr on—mwn. v. \ 10:3 —0 ’-ch*^'!tra. —^Washington (469) 7 -ti-o— r* An ffprt. 5? • O p __ iri. 9-11—^Ilallow’een program, dance. dance. Ancient Commerce Body The chamber of commerce of New York was formed in 17(>S and the charter granted at that time by King George III of England was to “The chamber of commerce of the city of New York in America.” When the United States was established the as­ sociation was reincoi-porated under the laws of the state of New York and the name changed to the cham­ ber of commerce of the state of New York. / Grand View Inn loading men in its cast is scheduled Ulster county’s largest- summer resort for the program o-f the New. Theg.tre was completely consumed by fire ear- oh Friday m atinee and night. The ly this morning. -The’woods on each jiicture is “Wine of Youth,” King Vi- side of the main buildings got ablaze dor’s film version of Rachel Grother's and only the absence of the slightest delightful stage success, “Mary the breeze prevented a conflagration of Third,” which is released by Metro- magnitude. The m,ain building,, of Goldyn. The story is of the young- fram e construction, three stories in T^he Crooked Line^ ^ You need not be ' Ufarmed hecau*^* ypa} cannot walk straight wttb -ey^ .closed. The time to be alartn^ i s ’when you- chnnot do it with yoUf eyes open! Few people can shut their eyes and walk in a straight line, for thessimple reasoti that few pairs o t legs are of exactly the same length. Thus, without the usual,signs to guld# ^ e —a 'guidance, of coutse. tmCoft*' sciously accepted—tite steps becowi uneven. — — ----- : ----- 0 - Extraetinjg Flower Essence % Perfume must be drawn from tha blooip on the day that it is plucked. In 24 hours the delicate aroma is al­ most gone. IMany flowers are quired to produce Small amounts the perfume. It takes about two tons, of' violet blossoms, for instance, to make about.^two pounds of essence of violets. W Asking Too Much of Fox Sbe was in Alaska looking over a fi'x farm.' After admiring a beautiful silver specimen she asked her guide; “Just ^ how many times can the fox be 'skinued for bis, fur?” “Three limes, madam,” said th e guide grave- .iy, “Any more than that would spoil his temper.” PORT ARMY A nd NAVY STORE 60 f^ONT STREET Down N^ar Depot Next to G lo^ Store Don’t forget to see us on your HUNTING iHJ I'HT'. We will save you mofiey. : ^ ^ ' It^s youl* own fault if you pay more. Sweatera Shirts U n d e r w ^ r ^ Socks Lea. Butties P a n ts - Shoes B reeches; Boots Legging^ Gloves F e lt vSlinpers _ .Field Glasses Horse B l ^ k e t s Army Coat ^ . '■ Blankets \ M ackinaws ^ Sheep lined/Ooats ■* N avy Coat^ Leather Coats ETC., ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC. Utility Beautified IN A WRIST WATCH U .AOCT^RATE service, built into a delicate and grace­ ful ornament, m a rks this w rist -watch. It will dis­ charge its first duty as a watch, leaving you none of th r annoyances that characterize trinket watches. A beautifully engraved case—the latest word in style '—at +ho modest price o f ......................... ... .'i $35.00 Character in a Pocket Watch JfHere is a pocket w atch you will be proud to carry. It is a per­ fect timepiece. W hite gold en- . graved case—it has that appeal­ ing touch o-f slimness. Moder­ ately priced at $65,00 $0 $90.00 Membe-rship in the H a llm a rk associa-, tion of one jeweler in over 600 cities 'gives this store- .a purchasing advan­ tage in the finer jewelxT m'arkets. This is reflected to you in prices th a t can- ‘ n o t he met unless quality is sacrificed. fl.J.PIPPin 91 Pike Street P«rtJ«TO, N.Y. G I F T S OF «»eW ELG .y TIES OF FR4Er<DSHlP. DEPTARTIENT STORE 35 Front Street I Friday and SatttrdQy DENIR’S DEPTARTMENT STORE 35 Front Skeet Gld Fashioned Bargaiti Days Every department offers at least one' item from then* Tegn- lar stock, and reduced specially for these two days— the Coats and Dresses advertised are exceptional bargains— COME EARLY. Ladies' he;a\y outing double yoked gowns, Friday, and Saturday . ............................. , ............... 95c Colored 27 in. outing flannel, Friday and Saturday . 15c yd Ladies’ extra fine quality wool hose; Fri. and Sat. $1.00 pr Ladies’ and Mbses ^ wool, flannel aiid s ^ dresses, sold up t o $18 Friday and Saturday, $5:00 Palm Olive Soap, Friday apd Saturday ........ 6c cake Ladie,s’ fine chamoisette gloves, Friday and Saturday 59c pr Infants - hand rnade d r e s s e s , ^ 1-'® Friday,and Saturday. $1.00 ; 4 pc. child’^ angora sets, Friday ,,, , ™ v and Saturday ..... ■ $ 4 .f ‘ ' i 1 rk ■ 4 — ' 1. \■ ' ^ ■ Best r Fri(lay and Saturday I5c-yd _ ^ - LADIES HIGH GRADE SWEATER^Reduced 20?'^’ Fri. & Sat Ladies’ all silk Houses, asst, colors, Fri. & Sat. . . . . $4.95 Blankets, guaranteed'all wool, 66x80, Fri. & Sat. . . $7.95. Infant's fine quality satin bloomers, 4 and 6 only, Friday and Saturday .......... _____ _ ... 48c Ladies’ fleeced union suits, worth double, Fri. & Sat. $1.00 m MILLINERY DEPT. offers exceptional values for la­ dies and misses in velvet and ^atin hats, s^eciaDy priced^ ' (j> - A T - . , ■ $3.95 AND $4.95 COATS For ladies and mbses, -plain and fur trhnined: of fine quahb^ RpUvia, : . sold ui) t o : ; ^ 7 | ^ , F r i d a y ^ ^ d , | ^ t o 4 a y , , , , , ^ . -.yy- V P i WE Guarantee Everything We SeU D e n n e i r ^ s D e p t * S t 0 i ^ IF ITS NEW WE HAVE IT I

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