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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, October 30, 1924, Image 3

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# t THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, ipiw— ■■■■■— ■■■■■■■■ 1924 THE EVENING GAZETTE PORT TERVIS. N/Y. THREE D o n ' t Worry Sickness in the home—M un­ expected guest -furnace gone dead—Sorget it '—Instant and com fortab le heat— I PERFECTION Oil Heaters in the improved models P<uUy:rEraiing Fairy T alj\^ G m h a T tie MR. MOON’S CHAT S T A N D A R D O I L GO. OF NEW YORK Zb Bxfoadway Mr, Moon was laughing to. himself as he leaned back on his sky couch. ' “Such a funny thing happened/’ he said. “A little girl said to her friend: j “ ‘Look at that moon up there.’ “And her friend said: “ ‘Which moon?’ “Well, the little girl laughed and said: “ ‘There is only one moon. How silly you are.’ “But the friend said: “ ‘I know there is only one moon, but you told me “Look , at That Moon lip There.” |B > n T H COTitiEGl^^ C R E W S ^ ARE TAUGHT HOW TO ubW BY ONLY WOMAN COACH Miss Eleanor Clifton, head .teoach of the Smith College crews, the only woman In the world to [liold such a position. She is cred­ ited with having developed some Of the finest crews In the coxmiry I from the girl student athlet^ at (Korthampton, Mass. A facto r y h a s been established in Now S o u th W a les fo r th e ex tr a c tio n o f ^ o range an d lem o n oils an d th e - m a n u f a c tu r e of calciu m c i tr a t e an d allied prod u c ts . Quart of Water | Cleans Kidneys j a LIttleb S a lts if Your Back Hurts,* or B ladder is Troubling You No man or woman can make a mi.. take by flushing the kidneys \oceasi./jv ally, says a well-known authority, ing^- too rnuch rich food creates acids, which excite the kidneys. They become overworked from the strain, get slug- j gish and fail to filter the- waste and poisons from the blood. Then v/e get sick. Rheumatism, headaches, licer trouble, nervou'^nesr, dizziness, sleep­ lessness and urinary disorders often come from sluggish kidney.s. The moment you feel a dull ache in the kidneys, or your back hurts, or if the urine is cloudy, ofluisue, iitll of sediment, irregular of passage or at­ tended by a sensation of scalding, begin drinking a quart of water each day, also get about four ounces of Jad Salts from any pharmacy; take a tablespoon­ ful in a glass of water before breakfast, and in a few days your kidneys may act line. This famous salts is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, com­ bined with lithia, and has been used for years ,to flush and stimulate the Mdneys; also to help neutralize the acids in the system, so they no longer cause irritation, thus often relieving bladder weakness. Jad Salts is inexpensive; makes a delightful effervescent lifhfa*water drink ■which everyone should take now and then to help keep the kidneys clean and active and the blood pure, thereby bften avoiding serious kidney complica­ tions. By all jneans have your physb oian examine your Hdneys at least twice a year. to look at “that moon” as though there were a number of others and as though you wanted me to be sure to see that particular one.’ “Then they went off laughing and talking, but I thought to myself that it was quite a joke on the one who thought it had been a joke on the other.” “Well,” said Mr. Sun, who was still up in the sky and who had not gone to bed, even though Mr. Moon had come up, “I hope no one ever says that I ‘sit.’ “I heard some children saying to each other today that some ignorant people would speak of a person las setting instead of sitting. “They said that it was not correct i to say ‘set’, but that they should al- I ways say ‘sit.’ i “Except, they explained, when speak­ ing of a hen, for then it was correct to say ‘set’ and not ‘sit.’ ! “Set was the word to use for hens, but sit for people. I “Well, that’s all right. 1 “But they didn’t say a word about I me, and I would like to have them know that I don’t sit. I set. “When I’m going to s e t I don’t sit. And I hope they understand this.” “I think they do,” said Mr. Moon. “Well, I hope so,” said Mr. Sun, “and it is a relief to my mind that you think so.” ‘I have something else to tell you,” said Mr. Moon. “I feel quite chatty, as you notice. “You do notice it, don’t you?” “Yes,” said Mr. Sun, “I notice it, and I am pleased, for it is nice to have a chat with you.* “I don’t have this opportunity often, and soon now I must go to bed.” “Well,” said Mr. Moon, “the other thing I had to tell you was about a dog named Shrimp. “He was a dog—not a fish. A nice dog, too. I saw him as I looked through a window the other night. “And what do you suppose he was doing? “He was listening to the music over the radio. When his master was lis­ tening, Shrimp barked and wanted to be given his turn,. and when he lis­ tened, he was much pleased. “Now, if a dog didn’t like to hear it, it would be cruel to try to make him listen, for many dogs would not care for music. “But Shrimp loved It, and he and his master were having such a good time. “It did amuse me though to see Shrimp’s master hold the listen­ ing part (I don’t know all the terms, dear Mr. Sun, for I never had a radio outfit myself) over Shrimp’s ears. “I also saw Shrimp playing a game called sell­ ing ~p a p e r s, in which he went around making- believe to sell papers to the family. f Having Such Good Time. “And each member of the family took a paper. “But I call Shrimp the radio dog now.” “A good name for him,” laughed Mr. Sun, who had been much Interested in hearing of a dog who listened to the radio. “But good night, I must be off now— to set and not to sit!” , And Mr, Moon was alone In the sky, except for the stars who came out now to join him. ' N e w Language “And so your little baby brother can talk now, can he?” asked the lady vis­ itor. “Yes,” said little Harold, “he can say som e words very well.” *‘How nice. And what words are thejy?” “I don’t know,” replied Harold, shaking his head vigorously. “I never heard any of them before.”—Boston Tran­ script. ^ Heaven on Earth Malden Auiit (reading)—“In heaven there is no marrying or giving in mar- Hage.” Small Ed&ia—It must aecmi like; heaven to you here tn earth, doesn’t Itr atintle? Grct a Glenwood mw and pay for It later AN old railge that has to be coaxed XX to cook isn’t worth giving kitchen space. Ifpnttingoff huying a Glenwood meansthatyoa’repuituigupwithanun- satisfactory range, coitie in and see us. Whatever your old range is' worth will be allowed in exchange for a mod­ em labor-saving Glenwood that you can be enjoying now. Model‘“O* for Coal or Wood Finished in pearl-gray por­ celain enamel or plain Mack. Its big square oven bakes % food exactly right,—top, bottom and dear throngh. Glenwood ^ n g e s M a ^ Cooking Easy A Glenwood Balanced- Baking Damper never warps or sticks. The wonderfully even heat­ ing of a Glenwood oven makes it easy to hake two rows of bread or pastryatthesametixae. JCHNSON & PARKS - PORT JERVIS Doheny, His Counsel, and Government’s Legs! ^ ^ Force in Battle To Cancel Elk Hills Oil Leases in the United States District C o u rt. Los Angeles, C a t . , the 1 U n ited States government is seek-; ling to cancel the Elk Hills naval oil reserve leases now controlled ■ by the Doheny oil interests. Mem­ bers o£ the government’s legal are shown abovtt. (left to right) as follows: District'Atte.**r».ey Joseph Burke, former states Senator Atlee Pomerene, As­ sistan t D istrict Attorney Camarillo and Owen J. Roberts, standing, in the Insert are seen to right) Frederick Kellogg. Edward U Doheny and_Fr^*^ H og^. What to Take for . SICK HEADACHE Takes eood dose of Carter’s Little liver Pills take 2 or 3 for a few liii^hts after* A few doses restore yotar organs to their proper functions and the Headache and the causes of it pass away. In the same manner regulate the Boweli and prevent Omettpatton, Tlum. 4k iibMMimsLPUuUsat . for Cougjns Mid Coida. Kead-^ sche. Neuralgia. Phmiinatiim and Ail AcKes and Pams AUDRVeerSTS FOR SALE SHOTGUNS, RIFLES LOADED SHELLS & CARTRIDGES GUNS AND RIFLES. RENTED AND REPAIRED -AI- RUTANAUTOm . 46 FRONT STKEEI

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