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The Associated Press Covering: W orld’iS'Events in Every Issue of TH E GAZETTE The^Weather Rilpbrt F a ir and cooler, tonight and toxxio]C<^ row; strong northwest winds. The Most Widely Read Newspaper ia the Upper Delaware Valley I VOL LVT, NoJ 153 PORT JERVIS, N. Y,, TUESDAY; OCTOBER 21, 1924 PRICE THI€E CENTS fiOVERNORSMilHCONmSTSTP ROOSEVELTSi ROCHESTER SPEECH Theodore the Elder Was i^ainst the Private Exploitation of State’s Water Power; Bat Theodore jhe Younger, Has Nothing to Say About It GOVERNOR SMITH EIH^LAINS ROAD SITUATION IN ORANGE COUNTY-URGES ELECTION OF DEMOCRATS Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 20—Discuss­ ing a t length the subject of w a ter­ power conservation, in which this city ahd vicinity are vitally interested, Govei'nor Smith aroused an audience of m o re than .5,000 people tonight when he arrayed Colonel Theodore .Roosevelt the father against Theodore Roosevelt, the son and present Repub- licp.n candidate^ for Governor! Pointing out that the dldeir KooBe- veit frequently had gone o n . record Aggressively as opposing th e surren-' der to private corporations of the na« tion'A natural reebjurces, Including; oil) ^ a l And water, he contrasted CoioneTs denunciaUon of the corpor­ ations seeking to get control of these Valuable posseissions with if he younger. Roosevelt's silence on the .same sub-* If Governor Smith has one pet sub­ je c t over another in the m a tter of in­ terest in the state's affairs, it is that of waterpower development, and not in this cam paign has he exhibited more earnestness in his rem a rks than ' to-i night. I “The exploitation of natural re-| sources by private interests in the p a s t' has been com paratively easy where either dishonest officials or those that do not hold strong views on the neces- sity ^or conservation have been in charge of our affairs of government,\ said Governor Smith. “This is brought about mainly by the fact that so few, people have any knowledge of these resources. F o r instance, how many people of the 120,000,000 th a t the country now holds had ever heard be­ fore the recent oil scanaffls^'of Teapot Dome or E lk Kills as natural resourc­ es for the oil supply for our navy? In our own state, how many people** have any intim a te knowledge of the Adi­ rondack preserve or of our great w a ­ ter power resources on th^ St. DaW- rence and NWgara rivers? HoW many people know the value to the people of this state of the Long Sault Rapids in the St. Lawrence river? “It is this lack of understanding of our resources on the part of the great rank and file of the people th a t has! made their alienation and exploitation j in the past a com p aratively easy ’ thing.’* The Governor referred to the oil TTPUL LADY J l c.ZON’. SSC.EKS PA R L IA M E N T SEA T m The following correspondence .ex­ plains itself: ' I Mr. John E. Cuddeback, / i P o r t Jervis, New York. Dear Sir: was forced to veto it as im p ractical. ’The same tre a tm e n t' w as given the quested the Highway Commissioners to revise'and resubmit the map pre­ pared by the Highway D epartm ent during his form er adm inistration. This was done. The Senate uiianimous- ]^eplying to your letter of October ly passed the bill th a t would have 7th, the letter recently sent out by .the j made this m ap a law. B u t the Republi- Governor, copy of w hich we enre send' can members of the Assembly, appar- ing you herewith, will give you .the'ently lacking the courage to vote highway inform ation relatives to Or* Against th e m ap, proceeded to add ange county. . . miles of- roads so unim p o rtant th a t 1 Very truly yours, Fred’.Jc Stuart GreenA^ Superintendent; map subm itted in .l&24r; which had My Dear Chairm an: - ■ been first draw n by the engineers of I do not consider th a t our party the Highway D epartm ent and then r e - has condemned as strongly as deseyv© [vised'and approved by representatives the partisan treatm e n t given the h i t h r of. .eight non-portion Associations way m a p s presented! to the Legii^-interested in «bod. roads than inv ture in both 1923 and 1924. \ i J polittcs* Again,, I was forced to veto Briefiyv here ia the history: tth e rldicu^ bill t h a t finally reach- 1^2i, a legislative prem y r ‘ . ed and had adopted a[inap w hich t W j Ifi yoPr| C ounty thefe w a s 314 m o re' claim ed represented co m p lied |'***1®® of >bad® th^ 1924 tern for the, state. In .reAjlty..thjis x t f p r e now ; Allowed y ^ .hy the RepUbV| was draw n m o re to 4>exiefitVinfipen^t .^licaA ihd-P) of 'I921. :You were Republicans. i;han to . improV© this mileage by a . R epublic^h ^ State’s Highway Bystem-, J t bY-isfesf^^embly;' ;tl?hiB, I should be with dead-end roads .pnd leaves l i . # ftresSed local can d id a te dui>' ?' in im p o itant,.through rqutes! |it^.Tng> thld\ Icampaigni I is. inadequate is pr.6V^n by thb'aid ] LEdONPARKCOMUTEETOGO AHEAD W Il ORANGE SQUARE WORK Contract Made With Suneyor for lYoper Levels ■— Street Decorations in and Aroiind the Square-Uniform Effects ROYALISTS BLAM E D BY R IN G ALFONSO’S COUSIN, ) e X P E L L E D f r o m FR A N C E believe th a t more in \erecting ’ b ill, (m o re'than one hundred) int|rb^|your ^ n ^ p t a n d duced at the. 1923 sessionrs.eeking j ^ ^ '^ true recital of the Republican trea«- Viscountess Curzon, wife of Lord Curzon, heir to the Earl of Kowe, has been called the most beautiful womar, in England! She is a can­ didate for Parliam ent in the gen­ eral ^ilections to be held late this mor,th. PLAINTIFF SAYS HE WAS IN ERROR IN COLLISION Makes Admission in O^n Court and Case is Prompt­ ly Dismissed add necessary roads. In February 192^: group of Republican Senatore, be reliexed from the embarrasamfeyMt’ of turning down these many bills, :pient of the Highway m a p s submitted to the Legislature in 1923 and 1924. Sincerely yours. ALFRED E. SMITH. NEARLYLOSTHIS LlFEINTRENCl’ Walden, Oct. 20—Floyd Howard narrowly escaped with his life when the sides of a trench in which he Was WOMAN KILLED Mrs. Rebecca Vought, 67 years old, died in St. Luke’s hospital, Newburgh Sunday night from a fracture of the Skull a t its base, and internal injuries w o rking on Saturday afternoon gave Sustained when she was struck by an way. completely burying him for A; brief period. Had it not been for the automobile and throw n a distance of 2 feet a t the corner of W ashington timely assistance of Floyd’s b r o t h ^ j a n d lib e r ty streets. The driver of Edm ond, who |was Working -peveral' t,he car made his escape, leaving no yards away a t - th e tiirie, young Ho- j clue ag to his identity, ward would liave .been killed. , . * * ---------------- -------------------- -- James Howa'j:d, father of th e tWo |?(j|RK5^T FIRES » boys, owns real property on avenue, near which the bovh ging a trench for a sewer th a t was to be laid to th.e house. The required depth of 7 feet had practically been reached and Floyd was Tvorking. in the trench alone when the edge sud­ denly collapsed -without warning com ­ pletely burying him. The other bro­ ther, hearing the noise, called to his brother, but got no response. He ran to the trench w hich was filled w ith dirt, but no brother was in sight. He immediately started digging yelling fOr help a t the same time. Several men Gtoshen. Ovet, 20 —^Dumbfounding j his own lawyers and startling judge, hu ry and spectators a t a session of the j Supreme Court in Goshen this m o rn- ling, George H. Stum pfel of Newburgh . „ , ^ ‘ who was the com p la inant in an auto- soanaals unaer the Republican ooiiision, case, to o t the ttlt- m inistration and. taking up the state’s ^ resources, said: , against n-hom he had compained was 'a n up and digging fast they soon had ••Our great natural resources of w a -L b s o lutely free from blam e and had Sloyd's head cleared He received a te r power. MilUons of tons o{ coal|,jo„^ everything possible to avoid the are dragged a t great expense into this. presiding Judge. Jus- state annually by railroads to turn the,u,,e A rthur s. Tompkins, lost no tim e wheeLs of industry and to heat and granting the motion of Philip A. Rorty, Bisq., attorney for Henry J. ,Tova, the defendant th a t th e case dismissed. light the homes arid the farm s of the state, while w a ter power capable of generating an enormous amount of •leptrical energy for light, heat and power is runing to waste. Hydroelec­ tric development is a proven possibili­ ty. Private companies are now dis­ tributing electrical energy in the liOrthern and w estern part of the state with the w a ter taken from the N iagara R iver above the Falls. Mod­ em inventions in the way of trans- broken collarbone;, and was bruised about the body but he considers his hurts of small consequence since he h ^ his life. HYMENEAL The action consisted of two concur­ rent cases, th a t cf George H. Stum p ­ fel and that of Miss Mary R. Griggs, both of Newburgh, for damages for personal injuries claim ed to have been the result of a collision o nSept. 13, 1922, between a/ motor-cycle driven by Stumpfel and a car operated by Mr. Jova. The collision took place m itting electrical energy make it pos- the storied ‘'Balmville T ree/’ on sible, w ithout destruction to the seen- from Newburgh to Balm - ic beauty of N iagara Falls, and by yiije. . Miss Griggs, who was a 16- year-old high school student then and dam m ing up the St. Lawrence river lo bring the great power from these jg now a teacher in public school, wa» two spots in the state to practically ^ slightly injured, though she was throw n out of the side-car of Stump- every part of it: “This being a known fact the ques­ tion must naturally arise in a person’s mindl Why is it notydeveloped? The answ e r to th a t is both of the great political parties t h a t m u st in the first instance when in control of the gov­ ernm e n t of the state define the state’s policy with regard to it have two con­ flicting opinions as io how th e devcl- bpment should be brought about. ^‘The Republican party believes in private development under private ownership and private control for privaifce profit. The Dem o crat P a rty believes in public development under public ownership and pontrol for the accident happened he 4 3 ? benefit of all the people th a t a r e the real owners of the property. D f I |£ H ARMS HOLD OCTOBER MEETING The regular monthly meetinir of the D u tch Arm s of the Reformed Church waa^ held in the Chapel on Monday ■ evening y i t h a veiY gopd ^fj®bdance. A t th e business m e e ting atpangem e p ts ytUXO completed, fo r the annuaL 'dinner H be held On 'Tuesday eveniri^, No­ vem b er 18. A fter an -b u t of'tow n en­ tertain e r had guven a number of'selec- ttons the entertainipent committee oyster stew, crackers .and sweet fel’s motorcycle. B u t Stumpfel him ­ self spent eight weeks in the New­ burgh hospital, nearly a whole year in a New York hospital and was badly h u rt one leg is perm anently stiff and an inch and a half shorter than it ought to be. He is 25i years old. Ini the sworn icomplaint Stum pfel made the allegation dhat the collision was the result of Mr. Jova’s neglig­ ence. The attorneys for both sides took fully an hour sifting the jury, and then Stum pfel went on the stand and calm ly testified th a t when the was on the Fenton—^Bnms Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burns an­ nounce the m arriage of their daughter, Miss Mary, to Jess J. Fenton of this city, on Monday, October 20.' The witnesses were Miss Catherine Burns sister of the bride, and Russell Fenton brother of the groom. A fter a motor trip they will reside a t 149 Jersey ave­ nue, this city. NEAR WARWICK W arwick Oct. 20- (Special)—^Forest fires,, which are believed to have beer, started by a careless hunter Saturday and Sunday, burned over a large area in the hills near Vernon, N. J., several niiles from here, and were still burn­ ing today. Smoke from the fires is easily visible a t Sparta, N. J., 15 milefs from Vernon. It. was not known her© today w h e ther efforts w ere made lo combat the spread of the flames H u n te rs were taking a d v a n tage of the driving out of m uch game. W hen Prince Louis Ferdinand Maria, Infante of Spain and cous­ in Of King Alfonso, left Paris by request, the police were reported to have given him only five days in which to leave the country. Prince Louis blames the French Radicals for persecution of a royalist-on the flimsy- Pretext of, his having visited a nortorious resort while in the Fi*each capitaL FARMER KILLED WHENIEAMWENT DOmBiGBANK Body Fcmid Under Wheels and Partly Covered With Coal—Neck was Broken POUCE GET MUCH BOOZE IN RAH .Corporal David Trout and Private Theodore Enoch of the Pennsylvania state police raided the place of Gus- tus Hessleberg at Rowlands yesterday Honesdale, Oct. 21— M atthew Ryan a resident of Cannan township, was driving home from Carbondale on Friday night, Oct. 17 and about 7:30 lost his life by an accident. His team of horses, one of which was blind, was being driven w ith this load of coal through a “short cut’’ of the Farview hospital grounds and evi­ dently the team . somehow A t a irieeting of the American Le­ gion park committee, held on Monday afternoon, it was decided to proceed at once with the work, of improving Orange Square so that by next sum­ m e r it will be a beauty spot instead of an unsightly blot on. th e fair face of the city. . ,, The committee ;has, entered into a contract) with a surveyor to* lay out the proper levels for the new-iJawn, arrange for curbing fo r -the • walkic ^erpba the ^u,are, th e placingMof new ■I^^Ches, which will probably of bf compete construqtipn, and the temp^!* elin^. and painting of tbci new grand,<> stolid. The plans also call for a syet^ - tern of piping, under the lawn th a t w a || ' perm it of uniform sprinkfl«g .to ‘ the, g rass in first class condition. / ; The work this fall will consist of ploughing up The lawns; grading P0^ering, with manurei This will^bb. followed in the spring by seein g , re­ grading and rolling, fixing the w alka and band stands, etc. By w a rm w e a ther everything should be in excel­ lent shape and Orange gquai*e a pride to the city. ' In connection with the work of beautifying Orange Square, the Am­ erican Legion will install a new sys­ tem of street decoration in and around the square. Metal sockets will be placed a t uniform distances near the curb and, at certain places in th© park. In these sockets are in.serted 3 2 foot flag poles carrying a flag four feet by six feet. The idea is to, se­ cure uniform ity in city decorattng, and the Legion will make an effort to have this system adopted generally throughout the city by merchants on the business streets 'and householders in the residence portions of the city. The flag pole is securely locked in the socket, and when it is removed a metal cap. covers the opening. By getting this system installed through the American Legion the cost will be but $5 for each, uhit. This price does . .. not net the Legioh any profit, but Is the pdbe they cari obtatir by having the s.v3tem installed in quantities. - This uniform system of decoration has been, adopted iri Middletown, Newburgh, Syracuse, Niagara Falls and many other cities arid has been found very satisfactory, as it gives a uniform appearance th a t is very effec­ tive. CHAMPLIN OPENS TO FULL HOUSE One of the finest performamces any price, ever given in Fort Jervis was ta a t of \Thank You\ as present­ ed by Chas. K. Champlin and his splendid company a t the New Theatre I _~7. evening, Chas. K. Cham plin ■ and his com p any have been coming to team .sotnehow was Jervis for a great many years, guided and with tie load of coal and brought with him an em bankm ent, ^ Broadway successes, but this -V . . w k ... „ 1 •„ ! season his line up of plays ft by far and seized 200 q u a rts of-whiskey wine *eet. W h e ther he was kiUed instantly greatest plays New York has pro- - - not IS undeterm ined but it is sup- production of “Thank driver rolled down over and over, a distance of about and gin, 300 bottles of beer and five gallons of alcohol. The proprietor was arraigned before Justice Ludwig a t Milford and released under $1,000 bail tri the next term of court. Prince of Wales Quits Auto'for Horse When He : Inspects Chicago Stock Yards with Louis Swift | .. . .. w rong side of the road, going a t over 25 miles per hour and looking down a t something th a t had, gone wrong with his machine. Miss Grigg’s testi­ mony w a s unim p o rtant and Justice Tompkins, in dismissing th© case, said he had t o ‘take it from the jury be­ cause th© plaintiff bad \com pletely .exonerated the defenldant.\. OBITUARY infant c lif^ infant child o f M fjh'nd Jacob‘^anerbriry died a t ' 225 East'M ain street Sunday night. The funeral was held at two o’clqck this afternoon' from tthe ftodfL®* J. M. Verstee® officiated, liiteigtitieht took place in laurel-Grove Cemetery. i '' 'the Frince to showii lit the left, I^c 9 m|)anied by Mr. Swift, na they period oWrtOT a tour of ITjiepePtIcn, Vim (hrtiiflii tut tt and pens .and the Prince saw a l l . the proce»ea by which ■ Ihe atenr to r e d u w tht. posed th a t he was. The watchman of the grounds, John W itting, going the rounds a t th a t time heard a noise, and the dogs gave alarm and h'e went to the spot and found the horses standing on their feet one over the other, but practical­ ly uninjured. He found Mr; Ryan’s body under one wheel of the and partly covered w ith coal, Coroner Baer Was notified and ’Squire Lincoln Medland acting in th a t capacity, concluded th a t it was an accident and th a t the victim had his neck broken and died w ithout pain. Mr. Ryan, was about 42 years of age, a hard working farm e r and leaves to mourn their loss a wife. Who was Miss Nolan and four small children, the youngest, an about ten years. You' last night was simply superbw . Every mem ber of the company seemed just fitted to their parts and brought out every little detail. Champlin has surrounded himself this season w |th the greatest acting company he h a s infant, the oldest WARDEN SAYS DEATH PENALTY IS FAILURE ever carried and if last nights pro­ duction is a sample of w h a t is to be wagon presented during the week it is safe * to say the attendance will be in large numbers to see each play. Among th e other plays his list includes, “Red. Light Annie” “Seven K eys to isakiii- pate” “The . Unwanted Child” and \Twin Beds” ' Tonight's play *‘Th© F irst Year’ comes from the ,pen of Wirichell Sm ith and F rank Craven. It is w ithout doubt one of the funnliMt comedy dram a s ever seen here. It ran fo r two years in New York an d was pronounced by all the critics to b© the best real entertainm ent seen there in years. Mr. Champlin in his aimouricement said he would person­ ally guarantee \The F irst Year” to b e equally as good as any $2.00 show touring the country today. cent, more in^vidqa|it ,1 p ^ to death In the electiic c h ^ r , are pasa^ing through a period pt dis­ regard fo r lew and on all eidee ^ d hy ah e©4d Mr, Li^weai. COOLEY IS CHAIRMAN SERVICE MEN’S LEAGUE William O. Cooley of P o r t Jervis, has been named Orange county chair- m a ir of the National. Service Men’# League, it Was anonunced Saturday afternoon during th e diqtelct coftfer- eri^e held iri the bltibhow e of Describing capital punishment ae a ^‘signal' failure” in this state. W a r­ den Lewis E. Lawes of Sing Sing said yesterday t h a t only about 3 per “oent. of the persons responsible for ' 1,800 homicides in N e w \Y o rk city in the sbe-year period frpiq 1918. i f 1923 h a d received the death '«en*»ce. 'M t . Lawes-dfecujbing th e gubfeef^f cfinre Rpgtoii. in the national chairm a n ia H anford MacNider, p'ast N a tional Commander of the American'>l4egion.; t F a s t State Gommknder 'A lb e r t S. <3adam to the 'Jetote ©imirman^

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