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FntiR, THE EVENING GAZETTE 1 ^ ' m i W, - i'r '1^ THE EVENING GAZETTE Issued Every Afternoon Except Sunday and Legal Holidays by the GAZETTE PUBLISHING CO. Daniel F. Cock ................. .General Manager Mark V. Richards ................................. Editor W. H. Nearpass . ............ Associate Editor Per Meek .....................................lo ceoLs Per Ycfar. paid in advance ..................... By mail, per year, strictly in advance Sniered at the Post Office at Port jfervis. N. Y., as second class matter ”5h'i-Weekly ....E s t a b lish e d April 22, 38® © ally . . . . . . .Established Jancary 17, 3S8l M**nbcr jof The Associated Press W iti Associated Press is exclusively e«- KUe4 t« the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to ft or not otherwise CBentited in tills paper and also the local published herein. TO OUB SVBSCBXBBBS Any failure to receive paper r ^ « - Ifirly or any oomplaiut in regard, to dell-very should be reported to the office either in person or by tde- phoae. Also any change of. address. Do not depead on merely telling the carrier. are endeavoring to give you the best service as well as the beet paper, ' and all complaints rt- ported to the office will receive prompt attention. FOR PRESIT j ENT JOHN W. DAVIS, Of West Virginia FOR VICE-PRESIDENT CHAKI a ES W. BKTAil Of Nebraska jrOR CONGRESS ROSSLYN M. COX FOR GOV.ERNOR AJ a FKED e . sm ith Of New York FOR L.IEUT.-GOVERNOR GEORGE R. I j IJNN Of Schenectady FOR SECRETARY OF STATE JAME.S A. H.AMHiTON Of The Bronx FOR CONTROLLER J.AMES W. P ISm N G Of Lyons FOR ATTORNEY-GENERAL CARL SHERMAN Of Bnifalo FOR STATE ENGINEER DWIGHT B. LADU Of Albany FOR STATE SENATOR lEW IS J. STAGE FOR COUNTY JUDGE PHILIP A. ROKTY -FOR SHERIFF FRANK J. NEARN FOR COUNTY CLERIC MARY G. MXJLLANEX FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY WILLIAM P. GREGG FOR CORONER WILLIAM F. HOGAN ANDREW EDWARDS FOR MEMBER OP ASSEMBLY JOHN E, CTJDDEBAOIC GOING IN THE SLACKER CLASS? There are abput a thousand voters in Port Jervis, who have not yet reg­ istered according to the figures at the close of Friday’s work. The boards of registry will be In session at the var­ ious fire houses until ten o’clock this evening to accommodate those, who have neglected this important matter. By all means, get registered so you can be ’a real one hundred percent American on election^day. The man or the woman, who does not register and d o e s n o t have a reason a b le excuse, is a slacker. How many care to be found in the slacker class when time is up at ten o’clock tonight? TH REE MILLION DOLLARS Three million dollars is a big lot of money. It is the intention of the Re­ publicans to spend that sum and prob­ ably more. They have already spent $^1,700,000 while the other parties are worrying along on considerably less than ?500,00a. Now the question is, from what ^urce Is this big campaign fund com ing? We can make due allowance for party loyalty, but when men give big amounts totaling three million and more, it Is reasonable Jo assume that big Interests are involved. _ And of course, they expect some favors in re­ turn. They are not spending good money for nothing. The high tariff profiteers are prob­ ably coming across for the^r share of the three millions. The exploiters of government land are probably j Iftinging their offerings. Grafters and ’ robbers, who like an administration that sleeps at the switch, while their devilishness is going on, may drop in a piece of change, when the hat is passed around. We don’t mean to say that every contributor to the huge canfpaign fund of the Republican part.v, does so from a dishonest motive; but It can be said that oil crooks, * booze grafters and 6lgh tariff profiteers won't be \ Slutting any money in the Democratic jMirty. . “ it atrika tha •.Temge s»«won PORTIERVIS.N. Y. SATURDAY; OCTCBER 18, 1924 fSMGS THAT NEVER IfAFFEI By GEN£ BYRNES © I u t-io e R S T A M O SH-L IS -THRee \ Motsrr-’.s IN AR8E.ARSU''’, BUT i’LL. -5EHO Y o u ' A C H E C K OKI t h e F I R S T O E T B E ' m o n t h W lT H O U 'f f A I L 1 m j OFFICE CAT TRADE MARK RCO.) ^ ^ J u n i u s ] as significant, that the tory minded re- MT, PARK actionaries are willing to put so much , Y O K H P X OPKM money in an election? In an interview with Mr. W. Aver- illl Harriman, ComniissloneT of Uie Palisades Interstate Park, plans were ' disclosed indicating chat the Oommis- • sioners inten<l to coiiUnue the use, by sued a warning that this is a danger- public of this vast park during the material in them I can use again, ous time in the woods. The woods are coming fall and winter, . • * • Bear Mountain Inn is now roadly ' OF OOtlBSE HEED THE WARNING The state authorities yesterday is- Newspapers ^ay the Prince of Wale© wears just. what he pleases, Jud. Tunkii.s Miinks maybe, it’s parUy lu-ca’ise b€‘s £• prince and partiv* he* ^.ause lio'r a bacheloi*. * * * Perkins and Jessup had been hav­ ing-heated words as to which was the braver ’iia». ' The outcome was in agreement to fight » duel after the old-time style. According to th^ rules they were both to be put in a darkened room, each with a revolver in his hand. The first one to find tils otlitr rt'as TO fire once Aft«r taht no more shots were to be fired About seconds after the light.'-! were tM 'Aas enough for Perkins Thinging t oend the agony he crept into tiTC finr-jpce and fired up ihc chimney. Jessup fell dead at his fdet. No man is really well educated un­ til he can answer all the quesdoa-s bis children may ask him. 'i Give a man enough rope; ^y.s Old I Sport, and he will start manuCactur- I ing five cent cigars. ' Teacher—George, who defeated the , Philistines? I George—Aw, I don’t know: I don’t follow those bush league team.s. * .♦. * He—'You refuse my proposal. Is this absolutely final? She—Yes. indeed. Shall I return your letters? Please do; then is some very good SEW AND SAVE W ITH Best Six C ord Spool Cotton d r e s s m a k i n g h i n t s enURCH TOMORROW EVE­ NING INCLUDES; ’’THE BIG SING” A RESPONSIVE READING OF 3IADAME GUYON’S “LOVE” A READING FROM “WATCHERS OF THE SKY” BY. ALFRED NOYES A S 0 L 0 h “0 JESUS, THOV a r t -.S i d i n g .” . A b e a u t i f u l illum t n - a t e d s e r v i c e o f s i l e n c e . ^Hiy SERMON DEALS WITH J . “THE HEALING SECTS.” ^ ^ .DOORS. OPEN AT 7. dry, many leaves are the ground I for the entertainment of overnight With all due deference, my boy, I and conditions are just right for for­ est fires. The warning says that the danger is increased by so many hun-i may wish to tramp over f-everal ters in the woods, many of whom are I of the new trails through Bear M.-oun- so careless about those pipe ashes, 1 tain and Harriman State Parns. Tv,o+r.-N Harriman says the Inn offer® — ' that half burned match anti but comfortable, rooms no use In soins on with the conver- cigarette stubb. What the state au-1 , be accommodation thorities say applies to this section, of 200 guests and furnishes substan- We have some fine woodland and let | tial meals at a very reasonable charge everybody take extra precautions that j Tt iS planned tO have ready by the , 4 . time snow flies, two toboggan slides, it IS not burned over. If hunters were • , xt ... ' a good ski jump and ice rink on the more careful about fire, there would pia,yground south- of the Inn. gnests, thereby affording very plea- really think our English custom at the sant headnuarters for lilking parlies telephone is better than saying \Hoi- lo” as you do. What do you say in England? Wo say: “Are- you there?’’ Then, of course if you are not there, there Because your wife is forty, snaps, Cy Kology, it is no sign you can ex­ change her for t-wo twenties. be more game. FAME PRODUCTS This winter the Commissioners are ex­ pecting . to run the ammonia pipes from the ice machine in the restau- .rar.t out on the skating rink so as to CONTINUE RISE good smooth fast ice, availably ______ [ during all kinds of winter weather XXI 7 .T V ^ X -I o mi- • .3 Bear Mountain Park is fast becoming Ithaca, N. Y., Oct. 13— The index x • x i j “ - ' . . • x-.- TT -X n great winter playground, number of farm prices in the United States rose from 138 in July to 146 in August nays Prof. F. A. Pearson by the park snow plows the state college , of agriculture here. making the sporti The major part of this increase is at- except In most severe wen- DAMAGED LOCALLY As a certain judge was leaving his bench one day,, he slipped and with considerable noise and speed bumped down With several steps arid landed IV.th some violence on fie floor. The alarmed county attorney ran to help him up, inquiring solicitously: “I hope your honor is not hurt!’’ Mr. Harriman says the motor roads leading to and through the Park are ' '^'\® tenderly abaft. My hon- tributable to the increases in the price of hogs which has resulted from the ther, by automobile as well as train. or is safe enough, but the seat. is bruised confoundedly.’.’ ■■■■■•♦• Old Timer isays when a man tries to forget the- tobacco habit he can t. It is 'the desire of the Sommissionifs^t^HK. else. NO CHANGE diminishing numbers and from short corn crop. Although the farm • winter us^^ .... price of hogs advanced $1.94 per hun- Palisades Interstate Park avail- ' sure most of our troubles ne- dred pounds during August they are New York and New Jer»* haprpen, says Sol Goosepimp.^ still very cheap, being but 14 per cent communities who have not the the unexpected ones do. above pre-war. The index numbers nor the funds necessary to visit • • • of prices of corn, oats, wheat, barley, ^ distant winter resort. j rye, buckwheat, beans, cotton, onions. Details of arrangemnts for a few sweet potatoes, apple.s, eggs, lambs, ^ays to be spent in the Park may be and hogs for August 1924, were high- Q,i)|-ained at the Commissioner’s office er than for July. j Information Department, 25 Broad- The increases-in prices are encour- L,^ay, New York. aging but they should not be heralded! ------------------ - --------------- — as they have been, as the end of .the O D irp A R F O R O O F IM fi agTiciiltural depression. Farm prices . 10 college scholarships 5 for boys - 5 for girls These are International prizes In the Better Home Lighting Contest. Also valuable local prizes for th|S district only. Open to school chil­ dren in the Seventh, Eighth or ffigh School grades. Write, phone, or call sit oui* oJTi.:e iov full inforniatiori. ORANGE COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICE CORPORATION PhoEe 128 Phone 128 of food as paid H:o farmers is 122 per cent of pre-war wholesale prices of food in cities 143 and retail prices of -food in cities 149 per cent. Only nine products, buckwheat, beans, sweet' potatoes, apples, chick- GOOD AS SfflNGLES Straphanger (to another who has just given up his seat to a woman)— Good luck sir, I’ve been traveling on I this line for three years and I’ve ne- | ver offered my seat to a woman. | The other—Then you’ve never had . any manners, sir. No, it isn’t that; I’ve never had a en.s, butter, lambs, wool, and c'btton, are as high as the general price level. Rye, hay, milch cows, beef cattle. Ithaca, N. Y.. Oct. IS—Wood Shin- j When love interferes with a man’s •gles are not the only kind of ro o f i n g business he should marry and then j that will stand the test of time, a c - so back to work, remarks Hy Brow, j cording to the rural engineering de- i month. MATAMOpS Matamoras, Oct . 18—Miss Myra Strait of Penna. Ave. and Mrs. Vin­ cent Hicks of Ave. N., spent Friday in New York City. The condition of Mrs. Ell Mead who is ill at her home^ is slightly improv- Rally Day ' will be observed at Hope Sunday school tomorrow morn­ ing. The morning service and the rally day exercises will be together, starting at 10:30. The exercises con­ sist of recitations and a program by the primary department. Rev. John C. Brundaugh of Reading, Pa., will give a short address. W3Ks R. Oiiackenbush Funeral Director^ 240 West Main Street Telephone 378-W Port Jervis, N. Y. manence desired in the material, and sometimes the appearance of the roof For example, a man may, if he wishes to make the investment, pujt on a tile roof that is not likely to need replacing. Slate likewise will last an almost indefinite period if proper­ ly laid, and well supported. Prepar­ ed roofings may be purchased that will last from eight to ten years up to fifty years, depending on the qualir ty one Is willing to pay for, with due \ respect to the reliability of the manu­ facturer. Almost any of these roofs are le‘s^ liable to catcji fire from sp.^ks or lightning that are wood sjiingles; which is one of the main drawbacks to that type of roof. Cedar shingles have long been a standard roofing: on farm houses and barns, -where the‘ fire risk is comparatively small but they may be replaced in popularity by the prepared roofings as the cost of cedar goes up and the cost of manufactured products remains the same or goes down. No roof, how­ ever, offers the heat insulating pro-' pertle^i that wood shipgli^s do. that jtbe giilnBiryoot will proh»Wy ♦Iwayi . In demand for that mMol: ' I partment of the state epUege of agri- | How many Americans would know culture here. Tile and slate have ' what to call the Prince of Wales if long been recognized as durable ma- introduced? It is worrying quite a veal calves, and hogs are but little terials, but it is only recently that- few who «re B'ire it isn't Mr. Wales above the pre-war average. Horses people have been willing to upt their j ----------------------------------------------------- are below the the pre-war average. ' tru.st in asbestos, (sheet metal, rub*- j . -- _ Index numbers of prices paid to T>er, and prepared roofing in general^ ^ producers for food products for Au- Ih most cases, say the rural enginr gust, 1924, were as follows: George. ‘ ®ering authorities, there is some one, 202; Texas, 175; New York, 135; ®f these materials that will suit the Iowa, 130; North Dakota, 129; and■ needs of the man putting the United States, 146. The index on a new roof. Factors to be conf. numbers of prices paid to producers; ®idered are the cost, the foundation - for farm products for the above states ;^hich the roofing is to be laid, the’ were all.higher than for the previous permanence of the building, the per? SATURDAY’S PRICES Deerpark Meat Market Eorae dressed Roasting 3 S C ' VhsSTERN STEAKS: 40c 40c 3@c 20c .Sirloin Porterhoiiae . ................. Round .R o a st .............. . Home dressed stewing V.eal ............................. Legs of Spring Lamb * * * 3 3 6 Chuck Roast, b e s t ........ 3 0 0 Legs of Veal .................. 3 5 C Stewing Lamb .................. 3 0 C Fresh Jersey Pork ...... Smoked Hams ...............t T S Corned Beet' .......... .. Boneless Pot Roast ,... Clovcrbloom;Butter .... Brookfield' B'utter i.... Fresh Haniburg, lb. .. F.vesh Perk Sausage , , . .Swift’s Premium Hams Fresh Eggs ................. - 1 Sc f Sc - 44c 44c 20c !S® 20c 65c M: RUDERl^N <14 Jersey Ave. Tel. 2S7 FRFie DELTVEpY TOM()filWeiiiNING .WILL PREACH AT DREW CHURCH ABOUT “ THE HEALING SECTS.” A discussion of Faith Cure Movements Mental Cults . Christian Science ' ^ Ntew Thought Applied “Psychology” Psycho-Analysis. Service at 7 : 3 0 ; • Doors Open at 7. ;,V ‘‘The Greatest Se#ice of in Any City df Our Sizer’^^ ;; - 5--.A* r>:

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