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The Associated Press C overing W orld’s E v ents in Evei-y Issue of T H E G ^ E T T E Infitiwi V , ; v The Most Widely Read Newspaper m the l^pper Delaware Valley The Weather ReiwM . j '''’'j PaJa* to n i ^ t and-Tfctn:sda 3 P» .'i, . , rm l i iT. VOL. LVI., No. 136 PORT JERVIS, N. Y., W.DNESDAY^Q€t<® 1', 1924 ,1 ' FEAR OF KLAN CAUSED WOMAN TO SPEND RAINY NlGHT iN WOODS Sk and Children Foimd by Sheriff With Clothing in Shreds aid Flesh Scratches—Woman is Probably Mentally Unbalanced Mi?s W ashington Hom eyer stepped lies'.itatingly from a New York train to rhe platform of the Campbell H a li station Monday afternoon. She cau­ tiously .swept the faces of those gath­ ered about the depot and turning to her tvro children, who clung tightly to her, whispered: ’ “The KluKluxKlian They^re after m© The children looked in am azem ent sit their mother. They gazed about but saw nothing except curious per­ sons staring at them. The jhother said nothing. She continued silently to view those about her. Suddenly tightening her clasp upon th e hands of her children, she hur- ried th e m through the gathering of interested spectators and disappeared into the denseness of a thick woods nearby. T u esday m o rning after a two-hour search in a downpour of rain, Sheriff J. D. Tweed and d<iputies found them , huddled closely together in the midst of a forest thicket. The moth­ er’s clothing liad been alm o st torn from her body. The clothing of th e ■children hung in shreds about them. Scratches covered the faces and hands of the three, evidence of a guideless tram p through briers and thistles. The sheriff and his deputies had^ started the search in response to call fron'i Campbell Hall. The m o th­ er pjTdtested th,bir ^assistance, m u m ­ b ling som ething about the Ku Klux K lan. Mrs. Homeyer reluctantly accom­ panied the officers to tlie Goshen court house. There they were given drj' clothing by Mrs. Tweed, who cared for their injuries. The m o ther appeared to be of a refined character but rcfimed to talk. She kept re-, iterating her fear of th e Klan. Henry, her eight year old boy, ta lk ­ ed w illingly. H e told of a night of suffering spent in a''drenching dow n ­ pour in the m idst of a w o o d s thickly populated w ith sharp pointed brushes, briers th a t pricked and thistle.s that brought scratches to the flesh. They bad w a lked aim lessly. They had stood listlesslj^. They had even a t ­ tem p ted to sleep on a water soaked ground w ith the rain pouring tor­ rents in their faces. Henry told of the trip which he, his m other and 11 year old sister had m a d e from their hom e a t 321 E a st 52 street, Nev/ Y'ork. It w as to be a pleasure trip, a period of recreation and rest from a busy summer in the city. Before leaving home, liis m other had drawn about $500 from a bank. F o r days they had pla,nned f PRICE OF GAS \ IS LOWEST NOW IN TEN YEARS Standard Starts With Drop of Cent and Others Follow trip to the country. Their ticket was nouneed a to have taken them to \Warwarsing w h o lesale. A general reduction in the w h o le­ sale and retail prices of gasoline throughout the New England and Middle A tlantic States w a s announced yesterday by th e leading com p anies operating in these sections. The cuts wore im m ediately m e t by the sm a ller independenc com p a n ies, and as a re­ sult gasoline is irow selling at the low e st level recorded in this city in ten years. The reductions made by the Gulf R efining Company, th e largest inde­ pendent oil com p any operating in the countjl'y, amoupited' to fou r cents a gallon in M a ssachusetts and three cents in other Eastern States in w h ich the com p any operates. The reduction m ade by the two Standard Oil com­ panies m o st active in the Eastern States w;as only one cent a gallon. It w a s said in local tip.de c i r c l e s , that th e Standard w ill be forced to m a k e further reudetion to m e e t the com p e ­ tition. Early, yesterday the Gulf R efining Company announced a reduction of three cents a gallon in Massachusetts and other New England stp-tes, and two cents a gallon in N ew York, and Now Jersey. Before the day ended, however, the com p any made another of a cent, m a k ing a reduction of four cents a gallon for New England and thi-ee cents for New York and New Jersey. Under its new schedule the com p a n y is quoting gasoline w h o le­ sale at 13 cent® a gallon in the New England states, 14 cents in N ew York state and 13% cents in N ew Jersey. Tlie retail prices in all cases varies according to the attitude of the retail dealer. The first drop in price was m ade by the Standard Oil company of N ew Jersey. T h is action w a s followed by the Standard Oil com p a n y of N ew York. * The form er cut the wholesale price from 16% to 15% cents a gal- quiet »X'he latter com p a n y then an- where accom m odations had been en­ gaged at the boarding house of H, Felsen. “M other hadn’t been feeling weU„” ,.JIenry said, “and papa thought it W u ld be good for her to get awav from the city. She had been so ner­ vous. It w o rried u s all, and then cut from 17 to 16 cent®, The Texas Company, and the Sinclair R efining Company, w h ich nrak next to th e Gulf R e fining com­ pany as the largest independent or­ ganizations operating in the East, followed w ith a reduction of a cent. The approach of the end of th e m o tor-touring season, when curtail­ m e n t of gasoline appears evident and papa had intended m o v ing our homej^j^g heavy surplus stocks are w h ile we were away so that we might return to new surrounding.^.” Mamma haS alw a y s been afraid of the Ivu K lux Klaja the boy told ths- officials. She r^sed to talk about it day after day, and then the new s ­ papers published so m u ch about the K lan, too. Mother saw all that and it worried her. B efore approaching Campbell H a ll Mrs. Homeyer becam e restless. ‘ .She felt that the K lan was chasing her, the boy continued. A rriving .at the station, Mrs. Hom ey­ er took her children by the hand and hastened them to the platform . There she stopped trem b ling and gazing in tear about her. She told them she w a s afraid to go farther. She bought return tickets to N ew York. T h e last train had left for the' day. They wandered about and then sought the protection of the woods. On^e in th e night, his m o ther had lost her pocketbook, the boy said. R e ­ tracing their steps, it w a s found. M.r^. H o m e y er bad the pocketbook when found by the officers. It contained nearly $500, At th e court house Mrs., Humeyer remained fearful. She refuses to-.eat. .^ e refuse® to taJH. ^ H e n r y said sojndthing about liLs mother’s fear for.-the Klan. She has -thought about it .so much, he-Said, fljat she think® Klanstiien; are alw ays searching her. The boy said his father is a m a- -chinist* , He is 44 years of age. His Uiothey is 32. Mr»- Hom eycr’.s fear of the K lan is (Conti&tafd to pago eiglit) HEAVY RAINFAE CAUSES R l i i i ^ t e ; PRICE THREE CENfiS UPROVEffiNT !N W m SB !fi||lM G S iro»H ! a.5 FIR S T PH tlTO GKRTSTIilN Y&'HOSE $1,500,000 THEFTS W RECKED ST. P I R 3 i ■ A bove is the first photograph obtained of George R. Christian, m issing broker whose defalca- j^ons of at least a m illion and a half dollars forced into bank­ ruptcy the firm of Day & Heaton. H e has been m issing since August il4, although his thefts ' did not become known until a few^-days Ago. Harry V, D ay says * this photo, the first the police have been able to obtain, is apt to be m isleading in that it m a k es Christ­ ian’s hair appear dark, whereas it is a decided blonde. The picture also shows -Christian’s hair quite Yuli, whereas he is actually quite !bald above the forehead. ' AUTO BELONGED TOMSEYMAN MOCLfflEDlT Bai Boys Whose Actions fir- cited Suspicion Make Good Their Escape Chief of Police Moorehead received word late Tuesday afternoon tifiat the Chevrolet coupe, (whajeh w a s stalled w h ile being driven by two boys at •Greenville, N. Y,, and w h ich Mir. George Balm o s of Greenville is hold­ ing w a s stolen from W illiam Beck of Englewood, N. J., on M onday after­ noon. The story of the suspicious actions of the boys and of their es­ cape from a Mr. Carson, w h o w a s bringing them to the local police sta­ tion w a s published Tuesday’s Gazette- After the m a chine w a s deserted, Mr. B a lm o s made a s e a r c h of th e m a chine and found the owner’s card in one of the pockets. H e located th e owner and notified hiyn where he could find his m a chine. Mr. Beck arrived in Greenville th is afternoon and claimed his property. being carried by m any companies, were given a s reasons for the reduc­ tions, It w a s pointed out in the trade th a t some of the larger companies ■were . s u c cessful in reducing their Stock to a point near a norm al level in the last few mon-ths of record- breaking demand from autom obilists, Other com p anies however, it w a s ex­ plained, were less fortunate, and as a result *of th is situaftion . com p etition in the sale of gasoline is now keener than at any tim e since last Autnmn. Oil men pointed out that if the w h olesale price of 14 cents quoted by th e Gulf R e fining Company may be accepted as .a .standard, gaspline is selling in N ew York City at the lowest price recorded since the early yars of the World W ar, when it dropped to 12 cents a gallon wholesale. The current price o f 16 cents wholesale quoted by the Standard Oil company Now York is still half a cent a gallon above the low price lc..st year, quoted in December. EVEN MONEY BETS , ON WORLD SERIES N^'w York, Sept, 3H—-EVP11 money general!^’ prevailed ofi: the world’s series tddh 5 % w ith one dr two bgts ported lA which the TSjrdHhihgtpn Sch-' # o r s wdre slightStavoriiee. Tn-mhe in-; ahd quidkiy coW e d 't h a t' Harris^ team would vrin- :^ettlrig comthiasioner^ believe W alter' Johnson will pitch the first game for the Senators and YYash- Ington w ill be a S to 2 iTaVofifo to take the initial contest. ^ A son, John Robert, w eighing 7 3-4 pounds, w a s born- to Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Grady, on Sunday, Septem b er 28, at the Bergen private sanitarium, Jer­ sey City. Mrs. Grady w a s form erly Miss Katherine MurpJiy, of 74 B a ll street, this city. Mother and child are doing nicely. The ,heavy’ rainfall of over five in­ ches ' ^ d u ring Monday and Tuesday ’ caused ihucE'concern to the residents o f thi^-ciiy::and ■ v icinity and further up BeldwAiT^yalley. • • ;Both the Deiatijin'e N o yer 9 ink rivers began raising TuescTaJr mbrni-ng aiid continu­ ed tbj rise^;until about 8:30 o’clock this h ^ r n in c - * ’ A t ' ^ t o tinie th e Bdlawa^rtJhad risen 14 fie f , s ix above low w a ter mark.l \ The N eyersink T o se'about th l same: began-to re* ceed 9 4 ^ loweiredT abouATfour vihOheW :a%onn4^ of ralk' t m TWO .ctea^ i n c h e | ^ Which;fQUr a n d one The fh e in o n m of ;w a O /^ y e n to r t y - ^ o ohp ' . . - ■ : . . ' ^ top M IlfeA. Moh>(^ W all a t i h e tiridge. The Mpnf^t^O Y o a d /t(oY e r th e sidew a lk) op p b ij^; .Jfchie Tri4^tmtes Mill., / . rear yiiird».-rOf H a r r /'C o r w in and resid'lnt^ i n that locality w e r e fjooded. to ai fepp^derable depth. .jBOrtiona. of til eflarip s e m e n ts’ a t Joyiand Park such ^ lift® large r a f t and diving'^ b o a r d f *^.ere washed down stream . Large'tree®, logs, lumber, row boats and ettpops w ere seen floating down the ]^taivare during yesterday after­ noontoday. ThCT^ater.was to the ba^e of the high-v^^. a long the Montague road along . farm s of Silas Cuddeback and Harry K n ight. B ill ^ a r v in the' hermit of th e Dela* w a re i^ o r m s Island)' lacked but little of b e il^ 'flood e d out entirely. H e had but litlOe space to keep h is .fe e t dry. W h e n ’’a-representative of the Gazette looked^BHl over this morning, h e h a d a d r y i ^ p t that Wplild harely m a k e a good ^ i O d room .in a house. One of h i^ 'sia h t ies w^s' w e ll filled w ith W h i^'.both fiv^l^.are r< are still high. W h ite •caps ,on- top of the 'ntuddy greater-part of the day; ' W%Rightly h eavier^ w est of here.\' *o'he‘7lmMe ‘'east of Gulf Summitfc the w est bound' track of the Erie m a in line w a s w a s h ­ ed out for a considerable distance. The east bound track w a s som ew h a t loos­ ened but not w a shed out. This track w a s repaired in about one hour’s tim e and w'as then used as a one w a y track over w h ich trains running in botii directions w ere run. Three work trains were sent to the scene together w ith 75 cars of material for filling. It is expected th a t th e w e s t track w ill be open for traffic about three o’clock this afternoon. There w a s n o ' deten-tion of trains to speak of during th e tim e of repairs. A report from M iddletown this noon sta.ted that only a little over three inches of rain fell there dur­ ing the storm. No damages are re- The w a ter com p a n y w a s som ewhat benefited b y th e rain. Pum p ing from the Neversink river w a s stopped at noon yesterday. N u m b er one re­ servoir w a s benefited-hy one foot and 8 inches of w a ter. Secretary Graeb- ner-of the W ater W o rks Company an ­ n o u n c e d -th a t number one reservoir w a s about full, number 2 practical­ ly em p ty and num b er three h a s but a little better than six feet of w a ter. The com p a n y is hopeful however, that the supplying stream s to the reser- A’oirs w ill, add- enough water in the (CoTitinued to page eight) STROUDSBURG BUXOiER CONVICTED OF M U L T iG SCHOOL 11ACHER His ficliffi Expresses Pleapre at iery’s Yerfa-r-Afterne^ . WiH MoYe for a Mew Iriar / REPUBLICAN CLUB GIVESUP RADIO TO SMITH ■ - . ■ - GoYcrhor’s Speecli of Accoj#- ance YlSjl ^Broadcasted - Albany, SbpL 30.^—A Schenectady I^publipan- organization know n iaa th e Lincoln Republican. Club made it possible for Governor Smiith to broad­ e n his Bpeeeht’ of acceptance from Schenectady’s radio station, WGY, on Saturday evening. It' had been intendeds to have th e notification speech Friday evening at one o f the theatres in Schenectady, and it Avas planned to broadica^ the address. H o w e v e r - iLieu^. Gov.‘ George R .Lunn found th a t it would be im p o ssible because of a urevious arrangem ent which w ould not m a k e the W GY station available. The Lieutenant Governor then in­ duced ‘ members of th e L incaln R e ­ publican (^lub to give up their plan of broadcasting an address on th e com- ' m ission form of governm e n t. and Governor Sm ith w a s notified th is a f ­ ternoon th a t a t 8:30 o’clock Satur­ day night- he w ill be form a lly n o t i ­ fied of his .nomination at the Barcil •ecedins.they-Ti^eatre,; - caps .o n - t o p A lbany D em o crats are planning-the ater w e r e visible the greatest political dem o n stration ever j,.fiaged Tn^Aibahy as a Avelcome to Monday .night. .H e ,- i® m. Harmanus Bleecke'r H a ll. 'I^Oen.- thousand Democrait®,. Avfth red fire and bombs and all the bands in the city, w ill m a rch to the hall escorting the candidate from his hotel. Waterveitj, Cohoes, (Green Island and the sm a ller com m u n ities of the county w ill also send big delegations to Albany. Troy is to send 500 Mar­ cher®. W o m en w ill also march, it is announced today by Mrs. E'. 'V'. Colbert, \Vice Chairman of the Albany County D em o cratic Committee. She w ill lead at least 1,000 women. If it can b e arranged the Davi.s speech w ill be broadcast, and micro­ phones on the stage, coupled to loud­ speakers outside the building, w ill carry th e m essage of' the candidate to those unable to get inside. Fines Amount to $60 The city treasury w a s reimbursed to the amount of $60\’thLs morning when six defendants paid fines ranging from $5 to $15 for public intoxication, disorderly con^.ict and assault. Two prisoners w'-ere released on suspended sentences because of public intoxica­ tion and aonther on a charge of as- .sault demanded a hearing w h ich was set' for tom orrow m orning. The ar­ rests Avere m ade by Officer^ Stephen Campbell, W a lter Holzer, J. C. Kelly and Chris M iilvauey. 'UNITED STATES ARMY FLY'ERS BACK IN CALIFORNIA AFTER , EPOCH MAKING FLIGHT ARO? iND THE WORLD : Sine photograpi w a s made ‘ Lieut. 'Smith, fiigbt com -j Lieut. Nolsofi -ho i th© ta to th. ccitoi*, that »f J aad Uo»t. W«Ul*» to Lieut. 'KolsQil <t th on topr ' Stroudsburg, Bept 30.—■-Follawihg h is conyictipn. on Saturday afternoon for an assa^R upon M a rgaret GOJnbar a fornaer NQrmal.:^hooI student, Cfin- ton.,Difrhir, butcher: of E a s t S t r o t ^ - iburg, is in. the c o u n ty j a il today vrailo relatives and frinds are trying to oh- ■ tain - h is release on bail. - - D iehl’s counsel announced tod n r th a t a motion w ill be prej^nted' to. Judge S h u ll before th e close o f tim present t^rm of court f o r a pew tr ^ t T h is w a s indicated follow ing the ve^' ^iiet returned by th e jury^ ^ t i i r d ^ w h e n D iehl’s ‘ la w y er ^ k e d tha£ V1|«it be fixed for hint. ^ ^ The bail for D iehl’s appearance *''' sentence w a s fixed by Judge BhuU $14,000, tw ice th e am o u n t eff hiS for appearance a t the Septem b er tem * .of court. H e has alsO* filed' a bond , for his appearance a t th e D ecem b er term of court to answ er th e chargee grow ing out of his alleged attack up­ on Marie.Grafdy a t M ount Pocono, ih , the am o u n t of $7,090. I f D ieh l > released from jail, his tofal bail w ill . am ount t o $21,900 ~ . D iehl w ill not be called for sentence^ until hi.s motion fqir a n e w tria l is presented, argued by counsel and die*-, posed of by the,- court. Clinton D iehl, Hast StroUdshurg butcher, .was found gu ilty of an as­ sault upon M iss M argaret Gombar, a pre tty 1 s c h o o l. teacher, by the jury on Saturday afternoon, ' Never has a crim e attracted m o re attenfiGn ..in Monroe county than did th e D iehl case and never did a jury- return a verdict th a t m e t w ith more^ popular favor.'than did th,e''one th a t found hirh guilty of five counts: rape, assault w ith intent to raAusb, aggra­ vated assault and battery, asssaiit and: battery ahdf adultery.- ' ' ' - “ ^The- 3UTypiemJiad. thair-m inds • ; Up-^that 32Liehl w a s g u ilty bbfore • th e y Y e f f - t h e box, and a® n ne'-aff|fiem-SO% “We w ere a ll eager to reach pur ver­ dict as soon a® one of th e members asked for a vote, m o v ing w e find him' guilty on all counts, every one arose. W© did not take more than tw enty m inutes to com e to our decision. “W e realized w h a t a serious ca s e w e were trying and did not w a n t to return to the court room w ithout giv­ ing D iehl every chance so after our vote w e started an inform a l discus­ sion of the case. N o one had any argum ent to try^ and change our first vote in any wa,y, so after talking a few m inutes, and eating the dinner w h ich hdd been sen t in for ue, w e returned ^ .to the court room and rendered our verdict.” The juror then discussed the oas® w ith some friends and said that the' jurors w ere most im p ressed w ith th e story of Miss Gombar and the physi­ cians w h o testified of her condition H e said th a t t h is testim o n y alone w a s, in his mind, enough to conAqct D iehl. H e com m ented upbn M iss Gombar’s attitude on the stand and said th a t all wer-e conAunced that she w a s an innocent girl w h o had been harmed and assaulted by Diehl. 'x “You know ,” said this • man, w h p is a farmer, “th a t w e w o u ld not sub­ ject our cattle to th e treatm ent and\^ abuse th a t Miss Gombar w a s sub ject­ ed to. W h en w e thought of th e ter­ rible abuse D iehl had subjected her, it seemed th a t w e could not reach ouj* verdict quickly enough-.” Miss Gombar, who, w a s sitting in the court room w ith her friends. Miss Jean Sheridan, ho w a s w ith h e r and D iehl and Fullerton '.on several occa­ sion®, and Miss Marie Grady, the girl w h o m D iehl is accused o f assaulting six days before he assaulted M iss Gom bar, w a s elated w ith th e verdict, and kissed one another w h e n it was read. Miss Gombar said: “I’m so glpd the jury found him (D ieh l) guilty, but I knew they would. -Of pours©, I. feel very sorry for h is w ife and children^ but h e shoi^ld be punished. N o one can possibly realize w h a t I w e n t through and suffered, w b a t I’m stiU suffering and the stigm a I m u st carry although perfectly innobent of any Avrong doing.” “Mr. B u rnett attacked Miss Sheri­ dan an d m y characters, but wei did nothing different than, all the girls of today are doing. W e w ere w rong in going out w ith D ieh l and F u ller- tc^, but after talking so long w ith p m - t h e . first eveniiig about, m y ^ r i 'friend^ I felt-^os if . J knew ; him , a i ^ w h e p . h e and Fulerton cogx^d n» go for, a ride, w e did not feel w e d o in l anytm n g w rong in aipcepting^;. ^ f e l t #iat we were .frping ^ w l t l i p e n ^ ^ h o were perftepl^ ^ until. .the men ,di®clo^d their true character when they me. “B o th D iehl and FpBprton 'muet h% • punished so th a t no other giria i h a l i su f f e r a s I did a t their hand*.’* ; m \ H ■C;

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