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THE EVENING GAZETTE Issued Every Afternoon Except Sunday and Lepral Holidays by tUe GAZETTE PUBLISHING CO. Daniel F. Co^-k ....... General Manajrer Mark V. Rlcliards ............................ Editor W.^ H. Nearpass ...............Associate Editor Per eek ..........................................13 eent.^-’ Per Year, paid in advance .................. $7.0l> By mail, per year, strictly in advance $d.CK> Entered at the Post Office at Port M?ervis, N. Y., as second class matter Tri-Weekly ....Established April 22, IS© Dally . ............ Established January 17. ISSl Member of The Associated Fresa Th« Associated Press is exclusively en­ titled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. TO OUB SUBSCRIBEBS Any failure to receive paper larly or any complaint in : ^either regu rd t< any complaint by^ merely■ tcllinpr the tele- delivery should be reported to the ^of of ; tollnpr rinsf : II the best service as well as tbe office ei in person phone. Also any change Do not depend on merely carrier. address, tolli the y are endeavorins? to g:ivo paper, and all complaints too ported t tbe office prompt attention. will recer. e TIIT^- WIOATIIKR Itl'^PORT The following report is furnished by W. H. Nearpass United States W eatn- er Observer: Max. tem p , yesterday ....................... 73 Min. tern]), yesterday .......................... 36 Min. temp, today .................................... 38 T e m p , a t noon t o d a y .............................. ?-> Max. temp, this date 192 3 .............. 6S ^lin. temp, this date, 192 3 . . . t'SlMUS M AT .HEVEE rIAFPM By GEHE B Y m E S AT WHICH HO r<lC£ Orv OLD SHOE.5 t o P,O W N BE.C A U j e ^ A L L C O W s t o E R L D THE. OFFICE CAT TRADE MARK BY JU N IU S eopvRiGWT laai. s v cdgar allam moss ,. 54 ject is to trAniple on the rights of that W ind ................................................ South ! same electorate. It should b e , ob- i R a in last 24 h m i r s ................................. 0 j seiwed that the man who give.s utter- i R a in for m o n t h ................................. 2.07 ! a n ce to this foolish tiction is the same | R a in for y e a r ................................... 29.84 | w ho steadfastly mantained that the L a st year, same d a t e ..................... 29.64 ■ H ohenzollerns had international . •— — -------------- - ------------------------------------- ~j right on their side in th e W orld War. The fairness and decency of Robert \ IPOIt PRESIDENT JOHN W. DAVIS, Of W est Virginia FOR VICE-PRESI£)ENT CBLARIiES W. BRYAN Of Nebraska FOR CONGRESS ROSSLYN M. COX FOR STATE SENATOR IJEWIS J. STAGE FOR COUNTY JUDGE PH IL IP A. RORTY FOR SH E R IFF FR .1N K J. N E /iK N FOR COUNTY CLERK MARY G. m ULLANEY FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY WTLLL131 P. GREGG f o r c o r o n e r WILIJA^f F. HOGAN ANDREW EDWARDS F O R METiLBER O F A.'^^SEMBLY JOHN E. CUD.DEBACK LA FOLDETTE ON THE STUMP (Syi*acuse Herald) In his banner t^pepch of the paign up to date, delivered in N ew Marion La Follette are impressively ! illustrated b 5 ' his adyixcaey in New jYoi'k of w’hat is perhaps his favorite i theme, the alleged need of .shackling i the .Supreme Court of the United I Stte.s. W ith regard to our highest I court he .«aid: Either the court must be the final ! arbiter of w h at the law is or else j t o me means m u st be found to correct 1 it.s doeisions. If the court i.s the tinal i and eonelu.sive authority to determine j what law s Congre.s.s may pay.-?, then ! obidously the court i.s the real ruler L 'f the country exactly the same as -*i the most absolute king would lie. i All which is demogogic nons€*n.se of ‘ tlv‘ lare-'t kind. i In t-V“ry coimlry on earth W'hore j ui-m ooialic or other liberal govern- j ni'-nc prevails, some court i.s the final I arldt'W of all dispute.s arising under ! n a tional law, and m any minor courts i i ar? the Imal arbiter.s of other disputes L)f I(ual or limited gravity. But it is i ridicukni.'^ to claim that they are the “real rulers” within their respective juri.sdiction.s. Not a sin g le one of these agencies wlicrt by an ‘‘alisolute king” enforces h is w ill. is confided to the Supreme Court of th e United States. The function of the Supreme Court is not to detei-mine ‘‘yrhat law s Congress ma:|’’ pass.” Its function is to de­ termine, when the question is raised. K|elea.c:e Friday Sept. 26 Program foi* Sept. 27 (Convtesy of Radio Digest) fBy Associated Press) WMAQ— Chicago News (447.5) 5:3 0— Orchestra. 7: U 0— Band. 7:40— T ravel lecture. 8; 0 0— Theatre review’. WQJ— Chicago (448) 6:0 O'— ^Artists. 9-1:00 a.m.— Ox’che.stra, Melodians, JvY'VV— W— GJhleago ( 536) ■Concert. k. CJ 6:0 0 7:0 0— ^Musical. S;05— T alk. 9:15— Show’. WLS—.Chicago 7-12-<Mi_Mardi-Gras. l 1— Ciucinnati (345) (303) i mu.«:ic. VVSAl- 7:0 0— Chimes. 7:1 3— Mii.^-ae. 8:00— New’s. S: 2 i 0 — Haw'aiian 11 ; (U)— ( ’oncert. WT AM— Cleveland (390) 3:00— J-’oncert,; liaaeball. \V H .\F— New York (192) 2-9 p. m.— Music, Solos, I)ance. \\,jZ — New York (455) 11:00) a.m.-9:30 .-9:30 p. m.— Music The, tim e has come! shouted the radio fan, as Arlington ticked out the sixtieth minute. Ike Spittles thinks back porches are places where fools borrowed fr^rc. neighbors are kept, and kept„ and ■\Vhen a man goes to sleep on hi.s job, don’t wake him, just give the job 1 to som ebody already awake. I * * ■* I Don’t worry when you are rejected — unles.s you’ve'been rejected by an 1 in.suranee company. Why, oh why, murmers Old Sport does .a thin m a n ’s bathing suit always look like a fat man had worn it first ? ALL M)EN LIE' ABOUT The time they had been w’aitng for a tele-phone number— Miles on a gallon. Speed of their car— Value of property when insured and taxed— How hard they work. Y'ou don’t realize the number of splinters in th e ladder of life until you start sliding down, observes a friend who has run across several of them . NOT MUCH TO ASK Of cour.se, Henry, I know I’m in the wrong— but I do think you m ight agree w’ith me! The que.stion used to be: Can a man love more than one w’oman at on*' time? The modern question Is: ‘‘How can he help it?” j Salesmanship is .selling good.s that I do not come back to people w’ho do. BONUS MttL IS . ^WORKING FULL BLAST Washington, Sept. 25— ^Bonus ai^ li- cations are being ground rapidly through the ad.justed compensation paym ent ihachinery and are how com-' m encing to arrive at the Veterans Bu­ reau, their final approval pmnt„ at. the rate of 10,000 a day. O. W. Clark,-, chief of. the adjusted compensation divi.sion announced today. So far 130,000 applications havre reached the bureau and at the present- rate it is estimated 2,000,000 applica-i tlons w ill have been received and put in shape^^ for the issuance of eeptifi- cates b A J a n u a r y 1, the date getuM the Bonus Act. Gash payments .-of' the $50 maximmn .start March 1, 1925, The compensation division with, itfii personnel of 200, the \army division\ •With 2,000, naVy with 200 and marine corps Avith 45, are functioning, smooth­ ly and'there Is little fear of any last miiuitf- .rush Causing delay or conges­ tion, Clark said. Pour million certificates engraved in Green and Gold on silk' fiber paper, costing $210,000- are now in process of' manufacture in -the bureau of en­ graving* and printing. The first o f these are to be delivered to the bu- Teau Saturday and a large staff is ready to begin filling them out imme** diately. Potato Consumption 'Ireland is an easy, winner in the eat- . ilhg of potatoes. The average per cap­ ita consumption in the-Emerald isle is |fbtir pounds a day. The United States ;Is second in this class, with a record ‘of 200 pounds yearly for each inhabi­ tant. SMART AOTUMN HATS IndividisaHty is the keynote of our NEW MILUNERI which ofers styles as diverse as the wearers. Yet all are in accord with the latest fashions. Designed in our workrooms. We can furnish any headske de» sired. fl. L. 69 FRONT STREET, PORT JERVIS. Now’adays a flapper's most for­ midable -weapon of offense is a llp- a.m p. r ternational Hor; rse Race, Stock alk;:S, I’uri.^ orche.stra,ra, dance.ar WTIX— New \York (360) exchange Buri.^ orche.s1 sports, tali it d S.S —Solos, eoA^ert, —Solos, music talk. (309) York City Senator La Follette, w h ile -whetliGr, in th e adoption of some attacking both of the older parties, devoted hi.s m ajor intention to the Republican record. This discrim ina­ tion -was, of course, clever strategy. 1 In any tri-party contest for the Pres- : idency, two of the parties necessarily ’ ............. . have a common purpose, nam ely, the | guprem ? (’ourt, not on its volition ousting of the party in control of th e ' but by initlativ--- of tiielr.^ hundreds Government. j otber Fedfral laws are passed and According to Senator LaFollette, I go into clTeet. and are scrupulously hoth of the hi.storic old parties have resp. etc-d by the mass of people, w ith- given lesislative m'.easurA Congress ha.s observed th e mete.s and bounds established by our Constitution— ^the charter of our democracy— for the control of the Executive, the Congress and the Judiciary alike. For every now degenerated into organized ap­ petites,^ and the object of both i.s to f.-jster corporate interest.^ at the ex­ pense of the American people. This is not a new campaign dis­ covery. A bigger man than La F o l­ lette rang the same changes on the assertion tw e lve years ago. His name w a s Theodore Roosevelt. La F o l- lette’s N ew York address Was, in several salient respects, a replica of the Progressive N a tional Platform in 1912, -with the oil scandal substituted for the BalJanger-Conservation scandal Did Da Follette take his stand a t that tim e in the defense of the supposedly outraged m asses? He did not. The predatory truiSta .Sand corporations w ere fully a s powerful as they are to­ day to say the very least. But La­ Follette had neither aid nor sym ­ pathy for the Progressive party of 1912. H e w as reserving hisi cam p aign patent for future use. Senator La Follette’s review of the oil scandal w a s singular in th e sense th a t the only two men he m entioned in connection w ith that exposui'e were him s e lf and his running rhate, Sen­ ator W h eeler. The country had a c ­ quired the notion that Senator W h eel­ er’s senior colleague from Montana, Thomas J. W alsh, had som ething to do with it. Blit it is not a part o-f the La Follette program, to m a k e such an admission.. H is aim is to shouldej the discredit affair on President Coolidge, and to withold th e credit from everybody not connected w ith th e third party. And in order t o ac­ com p lish this ingenious purpose, he represents Candidate* D a v is a form er attorney for certain corporations, as one \wiio plainly aspires to talie Can­ didate Coolidge’s place as a protector o f public plunderers. In essence the L a - Folette propa­ ganda as here .outlined, resolves itself into a proposition that about iour-ftftftb o f th e Am erican electorate, at the lowest calculation, belong to tw^o political parties whose secret ab­ out anv intervention what.'?oever by the f^upreme Court. Furthermore, in pat^.sing upon the constitutionality of legislation in the Federal sphere, tlk'* Supreme Court upholds far more law.^ than it invalidates. This judicial .system has been in force for 135 years. It has remained for Senator La Follette to discover that the power of interpretation ex­ ercized by the Supreme Court is as despotic a s that of an “absolute king”. The judges of this court ■ a re ap ­ pointed by the President. Their num ­ ber is subject to the discretionary authority of Congress. They are re­ movable by th e process of im p each­ m ent by the H o u se and conviction by th e Senate. I f -thesei constitutional provisions are a mark of absolutism, then senior Senator from W isconsin is a preternationally discerning man, the immortal farm ers of the Consti­ tution were really fools, and the A- m erican people , who in the long s p w of more than a century and a quarter have failed to throw out their judicial tyrants by constitutional amendment, deserve not the blessings of political freedom. ' ' ^ \ij GLAD SISTER ESCAPED OPERATION 12:15-.3:30 mu.sic. 6:00-10; no— ffoloa, talk.*?, oi’cliesira VVOR—'Newai'k (405) 12:30-9 p.m ------ -- 5:30— Talk. W n > _ P M ladelphia 5:00— Talk. 6:00— Recital. 6:30— Serv’ices. 7:15— Recital. S:30— Dance. 9;15— Recitak ' W F I— PJiiladelphia (395) 4: ,3 0— O rchestra. 5:00— Talk. ^ 7:15— Recital. WOAE— P ittsburgh (462) 5:30— Concert. 6: :i0— Uncle Kaybee. -Mii.sical. 7:30- ‘Physlcians had given m y sister up die; they wanted to operate fioi gall stones, but she w a s too w eak an< 7X0. I got her a bottle of Mayr’s Monderful Remedy ahd in three w e e k s she wa able i-to get about and w a lked a mil to church.” It is a simple, harmless. the ca itinal tract which .........— —-------- - - ^ aratioh that removes th e cattar- mucffg^ from the intestin al tra ct and allays the inflamation which •causes practical all stom ach, liver ^nd intestinalntestinal ailmilm ents,nts, includingncluding appendi-ppe: i a e i a d tis. One dose w ill convince money refunded. F o r sale at all drug- gl.sts.— ^AdYertisement, K D K A— Pitt.slmrgh (326) ...o*.— i“Th4 Kiddies’ Bud(|y”' 7:00—Concert. WJ A R—Providence (360) 5:10— Musical. W ( iY — Schenectady (380) S: 3 0— Dance. WBZ— Springfield (337) 4:00— Concert. 4: ?, 0 — Orche.stra. 5:80— Bedtime. 5:40— roncert. 6:3 0— ^Xylophonist. 7:30~R e c it a l. W KG—W ashington (469) ; 5:00— Children. 7:4.5— Bible talk. 8:00— Song, : 8:30— P iano. 8:45— Concert. cA N c lkT E S o ir LOST IN FUMES Highland. Sept. 25.— ^Damage of $25,000 w a s caused by fire of un­ known origin which destroyed Dwyer Institute on th e Ciintondale road at 3 o’clock on. W ednesday morning. The local fire department responded to an alarm, but found the flames en­ veloping the second story of the building w h en they arrived and could do nothing. Three persons who were in the building escaped by a ' ladder which w a s leaning against a window sill. A. Dwyer of N e w York conduc­ ted theplace as a heallth resort for cancer patients. Seven patients had left th e institute Tuesday but mdre were expected. Dr. J. B. Pasternak of 225 E. 19th street. New York city, was the physician in charge, and rtsited the patients four tim es a week. The building w a s owned by Josepl^ and L. Brown of Milton, who It to Dwyer. j Willis R. Quackenbush Funeral Director 240 West Main Street Telepliotie 378-W Port Jervis, N. Y. { F ■WELL QUALIFIED Manager: You w a n t a position as a sardine packer, eh? Applicant: Yes, sir, Manager: Had any expenence? Applicant: Yes.^sir. Two years as a .street car conductor. GREEK ORDERS The three most important Greek orders are: Cups skuft'y, Rroas bif sanwitch. And peas cocoanut pie. Granting looets are born, is that really any excuse, asks Cy Kology. Lazy men, says Sol Goosepimple are dead ones \whose buifial has sim p ly po.stponed. ' Tommy: Have you ever come ac­ ross the man who could make you_ trem b le and thx'ill in every fibre of your being at hi.s very touch'? Yes, the dentirt. * * * Mother— ^Where did you get that ^ nickel? ; ' j W illie— ^You gave it to me for the heathen. ' Mother— T hen why did you keep it? Willie'—W ell, teacher oaid I w a s a heathen. The Im p o r tant Points It is nearly always a mistake to lis­ ten to a woman; a man rarely learns anything from what she says. Her manner, her hesitations, her expres­ sion, and particularly what she doesn’t say, are all far more important.—From “On the Veranda,” by Holloway Horn. TODAY SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Home dressed Chickens - ^ 0 0 Legs of L a m b ..................... Hoirse iimde Sausage . . , ‘0 0 Q Home dressed Veal 2 ' 5 ~ 3 0 C j ^ Chuck R o a s t ......... >*’’’’ 2 0 ' O Swift’s Premium Hums Boneless Post R o a s t ___ \j All; kinds'bf Cuts at Lowest.fik«» C I T t M t o A t e E T “THE FORBIDDEN LOVER” FEATURING ELLIOTT SPARLING, BARBARA BEDFORD AND NOAH BEERY A SIERRA PRODUCTION Directed by Nat Deverich A melodrama of early California days, replete ■with action, thrill, suspense and humor tempered with a touch of pathos. TWO-REEL COMEDY ™»«-J0LLY&WILD-3 HELD ANOTHERPAY BY REQUEST This is certainly funny; Those who did not see it last night will appreciate a good snappy show at the. PALACE TONIGHT Evening 7:30-11 cont. Adults 50c. Children 25c SATURDAY DUSTIN FA.RNUM IN “THE GRAE” appears as Texas Ranger. When Cupid draws a man from duty, fate laughs, and-the dewl wins. This a Western with plenty of pep; \ nf.

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