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The evening gazette. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 1869-1924, September 25, 1924, Image 2

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^ 0 THE EVENING GAZETTE PORT JERVIS, N. Y. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1924 DOROTHY DARMT By Charles McManus W H A - r S T w g ( J O - HO o L, Gr?oTHt\rC A, f-\ :('LU S A i ^ 'F i., HJM O :: ns^jSLZHL 'sPT\z A f * 7 r ~ ~ ^ S E E A ThiMPf — H h - A H - T \ T M o w £ O ^ V c A i t ) 1 NJ T H e U -M< E O Av v V - r-\ Av v v / ^ ? i X ' L r ALL 1 llEi Shoiild K eott lioY/ iMs Worker was Made Sti'OEg anci V/e!i!:/ Ljdk E. Pissldianfs Ci^iGpCTmd ZahljN. Dakcte.„—“I vv^as n'l^rrs'ic ancJ •weak and was rot regular. I also had ,';'^-oams frequently. I was sickly for seven years and iinally had I I a ne r v on c oreak- \\ idown foHov/ing an J operation. I am a I dressmaker and mil- dinsr, and a lady I i Y e g e t a b i e Com- hoimd. Ism taking '.- and it has made - - hue well and able to Think ylbout By K A rrJlKER WILDERNESS OF THOUGHT do my work again. I have even helped your medicine and you may use my let­ ter as you see fit. I hope it will help some other woman.®’—?*irs.0LE N ord - LEIN, Box 23, Zahl, North Dakota. Over 121,000 women have so far re­ plied to our question. ‘‘Have you re­ ceived benefit from taking Lydia B., Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound V'’ 98 per cent, \of these replies; answer “ Yes.” T h is m oans tiir-t OS out of every 100 wom en takin g tl'k ' '.. liriiie for ail­ m e n ts for \vlii> li il i- i> urnneiiilfil are \bentfited by u . f t r s iV- i-\ ail drug­ g ists. LONG RANGE GUNS MENACE TO FARMER Go.shen, Sept. 2S— F a m iers in this tow n are complaining of the dangers they are being- subjected to through the firing of long range rifles b-y parties, the indentities of whom have not been ascertained. One prominent farmer, residing a short distance from Owen’s Station, stated, this morning that w h ile he and others were employed in a field on h is farm three bullet.s whizzed by th e ir heads at short intervals. “The long-distance rifles can shoot a mile, and such reckle.ssness should be dis­ continued,” he declared. “If it is not som e life will pay the penalty as in th e CA?e I speak of, had th e bullets passed only a few inches nearer, one of us would have been shot. I tell you it is not a very pleasant sensa­ tion to hear bullets -whizzing past j'our h e a d »irul r t . i l i z i u g th a t you are in danger of being struck any m o ­ ment on your own property. Those •who shoot these rifles should plan to have th e bullets go into a hill and not fire at random.” TEACHERS EYE BURNED BY CURLING IRON Tk/TANY of the highest prized things in life, often through careless­ ness, neglect or perverted habits, are lost amid a wilderness of tveeds, whose rankness had l)oen permitted to overtop a wealthy soil. Penelope’s flower garden, which she elected to call “her own,” was Lieauti- fully laid out and gave great promise, but in an evil day, when she grew weary of pulling out the tares and 1 watering the buds, the weeds ran j amuck and ruined the plot about which ! Penelope had dreamed for weeks. ; When put to the test she preferred I the melancholy weeds to the rose and ‘ the lily. And so it was with William, who hud planned great things while in col­ lege, but the weeds crept in among his cherished amidtions and led him fur, far afield in a direction he never suspected. Up to a given point he \va.s a faith­ ful worker, so long as bi.s boyish hor»es bright en(>d his .sky, but when they faded he lost interest and did not Then came the day wlien the garden was choked with weeds. He smiled comphu'ently and accept­ ed his fate because he believed in luck. He had never been taught to hold to the ancln r of faith. But William had learned some risky games of chance, and could, when sud­ denly called upon to do so, shut his mouth very firmly and exhibit not the slightest sign of fear or discourage­ ment. He meant to he good ami true, and he sought to he fortunate and happy, but the weeds smothered him. The brilliant course he had consid­ ered must wait till another season, or at least until he shall give proof of his change of heart. He has ample ability, but even with his fine talents there springs up at regular intervals a crop of hot-headed weeds, sometimes growing in the night to present a sickening spectacle in the morning. William is hut a name for a thou­ sand young men who, in spite of pa­ ternal advice, insisted upon sowing their wild oats. Wiiliam has won the name of being wild and r* nkla.«?.«!, wlucli he admits. He re<(itrni/.e.s that he i.s a sort of moral cripple, too weak to strike out alone, too proud to accept advice. He is to be pitied, for lie really is not bad at heart and is nobody’s enemy but his own. {© by- M cC lure Ne-vvppaper S y n d ica t e .) Pine Bush, Sept. 23—^Miss Mildred Jansen, instructor in French in the local high school, ran a hot curling iron in her eye last week. She is recuperating nicely. Some person en­ tering Miss Jansen’s room attracted her attention and this distraction was the cause of the accident. Miss Mar­ ion Baker is substituting for Miss Jansen in the school. -tt .. ■■ ' --------- - Legend of the Raven There is an ancient belief that the raven was originally white but was turned black for its disobedience. The Greek legend is that Apollo sent the bird to the fountain for water but on arrival it found a fig tree -with fruit so nearly ripe that it decided to wait until it was quite so; and, since an excuse for the delay was necessary, it brought back to the god a water snake in his pitcher with the explanatipn that tlie creature had drunk the fountain dry.— Exchange. ----------------------- • ----------------—— Finns Trained to Work Finns are good athletes by force of circumstances. They get their train­ ing from the day they are born. When the child is old enough to go to school gymnastics is a part of his education and when he or she has graduated from, the school there is strenuous •work ahead, work for existence. Wom­ en must work as well as men. - They are not afraid or ashamed to do hard •work, attend the cattle, milk the cows and work in the fields.—Buffalo Ex­ press. \ ' A MYSTERY By DOUGLAS M ALLO CH TLTAPPENED on a mystery, Anyway it was to me; On the bank I found a book Down beside a shady brook, Yes, sir, yonder by “the crick** Found a brown arithmetic. How it got there, hard to tell; Maybe put there, maybe fell. There it lay, a book of suras Bearing marks of smudgy thumbs. Looking blankly at the sky Just as though it wondered why, How it got there. That to me Also Is a mystery. Near it was a fishing-hole. I could swear I saw a pole Prom the bushes- sticking out— It was there without a doubt; Not a split bamboo affair. Just an alder cut somewhere. And it seemed to me the line Wasn’t silk, but cottton twine. On the water, seemed to me. Something else that I could see; Just a cork, a cork of browa, Slowly bobbing up and down. It's a mystery, as I say; yor I’m sure there’s school today. (© by McClur® Newspaper Syndicattt.) Rats Thrive on Coffee Coffee growers in the Kona district of the Hawaiian islands have to com bat a pest of sage rats that descend on the ripe coffee berries and eat and de stroy enormous quantities of th^ prod net C o s t of U n tidin e s s It costs the office of works about >2.000 per month in summer to pick up '.‘iper scattered by an untidy public In he royal parks of Lpn'don. L a r g e s t U n iversity The Fniversity of Eondon fg; largest univer.'^ity in the world, having more colleges affiliated with it than any other. Those coliecres occupy at present not less than 212 acres. Ourdverti^lig A Serfice Means More Sales for Yoyis Mr. BuslnesB Man V/hen you begin advertising in this paper you start on the road to more business. There is no better oi cheaper me­ dium for reaching tiie buyers of this community. We can also provide A s - t i s t s c F r i r a t i s i of every description. Swans Not Songsters Swans have been favorites of peo- T since ancient times. Greeks called ..cm the birds of Apollo. There are two fine species of swans in America —^the Trumpeter and the Whistler. They build their nests along the shores of lakes and on islands, from the Dakotas north to the Arctic re­ gions. People used to believe that a swan sang but once, and that was when it was dying. This is not tnie. The swans are great trumpeters, but they never sing. C h a p ters in B ible A lik a Tlie 19th chapter of II King.s tin'd the 37th chapter of Isaiah are identical in wording. MOST GIRLS CAN HAVE PRETTY EYES No girl or woman is pre^cy if her s are red, strained oi have dark Simple camphor,^ hydrascis, witchhazel, etc., as mr.<ed in Bavoptik eye wash, ■will brighten the eyes and a \week’s use -vvill surprise you Avitli its QUICK results. Regular use of Lav- optik keeps the eyes healthy, spai’kling and vi-v’acious. The quick change will please you. Dainty aluminum eye cup FREE. Benj. C. Quick, druggist.— ^Ad­ vertisement. Tfi8jyickimehree-Wayyniace j T T F The Fm’uace That Eliminates Floes- Drafts MADE IN PORT JERVIS, N. Y. EA S am h . uarris preseRf^s TONIGHT. WORLD'S GREATEST bjj John Colton Clemeuce %.ndolph, GK WSomerset S t o r y \AiiSS THOMPSON-' Prices 50c to $2.50, plus tax Ahei years of experimenting we have succeeded in placing upon the market The Quick Time Three-Way Furnace which has all the features of the best makes Y/ith added improvements of our own. Please in­ vestigate before placing your order. CAN ALSO BE INSTALLED WITH PIPES SWINTON & CO. J f^or Cougns dead Coida* Bead-® dche, Neuralgia, PKenmatism »xm Ail Aches and Fainft ALL DRUGGISTS SSc a n d 6 S c , Jars a n d llospita! size, FRIDAY C D y u d u ^ pifejrejrd / XJrrmSi CUoodJ- /TfV CimsrHart'^. GbriL (M^-Zlhamasr. WHITNEY’S (Successor to Whitney & Denton) S t i b e I S j g M N i l A A I \ fkm Ikrbar Bat\'feahinri^ E V E I Y N B R E N T s ’ M O N T E b l u e Jbon JOoojeilj. C^hotkir Gmmd end J ^ p h Baulk/iet' A T H O M P J D M B U C H A K A N P R O D U C T I O N Direcfed Ay XJbnt % % ' At this time, when Winter coat buying is commencing it will prove your worth v»^hile A STORY of the conflict in a man's soul between Love and Duty ------ ^Filled with melodramatic thrills, action and sus­ pense. as well as heart interest. Chapter No. 7 “ Eivenoak^s Revenge^^ of ‘^EATHERSTOcklNG^^ from the famous novels by James Fenimore Cooper. “PATHE REVIEW” “TOPICS OF THE DAY” Matinee 2 :30 Evening 8: 00 Price 15 Cents Admisuon 20 Cents just m to see M our collection. To view them is to probe further in- H H to the question of new coats, and to be more fully gj satisfied that here you you may select the style that H ” Individually becomes you, at a price that you ex- ^ m pected to pay. The deep pile fabrics are gratifying R ^ to the eye and touch and are in shades that are most m M fashionable now. H S FUR COATS H [5 Our assortment consists of muskrat, bay seal, seal, m f l and marmot; trimmed with skunk and raccoon; and R every garment guaranteed. LIntil the 1 st of Octo- R flU her we will allow a discount on any of our fur coats. K m By making us a payment, we will reserve any of K IB these coats fob you. ^ B We are carrying the celebrated “MISS SARA- f i [S TOGA” line of! Children’s .and Misses’ Flannel Mid- Wl dies, Wool plaited ifcrts, and dresses. * GAZETTE WANT ADS BRING BUSINESS •'i. ' i

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