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The Most Widely Read Newspaper in the Upper Delaware Valley f ' VOL. LVL, No. 13! PORT JERVIS, N. Y., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25,1924 PRICE THREE CENTS BOARD OF HEALTH WILL REPIE A t th e reg-ular m e etiug’ of the 33oard , H e a lth held W e d n esday evcnirg j ^ 'C o rporation Counsel V/. A. P a r s h a ll ‘ •was instructed to d r a f t and p resent to th e B o a rd for its consideration a p r o ­ posed ordinance providing\ for th e sale w ithin the city fo r G rade A p a s te u r ­ ized m ilk only. ■This action w a s ta k e n after a recom m endation th a t t h e c i t y h a v e on ly pasteurized m ilk ::sold h e re w a s subm itted by M ilk In s p e c to r Rum sey. M r. Rum.<5e3*’s Tecom m endhtion reads a s follows: T o tl e Board of Health of the City -of Port Jervis, H. TT. A t th i s tim e , I th i n k it is advisable to again brin g to y o u r atten tio n rec­ om m e n d a tion, m a d e in my rep o r t «om e time ago, t h a t a f t e r M ay 1, 1925. a l l m ilk o r cream sold in th e City of P o r t Jerv is sh a ll conform to th e re­ quirem e n ts of G rade A. pasteurized, a s designated by th e saijitary code. T h e s e requirem e n ts as set fo rth in th e g!anitary Code a r e as follows: G rade A pasteurized. No m ilk , s h a ll be sold or offered fo r sal HNED $ 3,025 Case of Robert Bowley is Sel for Trial at Oclober Term of Court M onticello, Sept. 24 (S p e c ial)— P ines aggregating $3,025 w e re imposed M o n d ay afternoon in Supreme C o u rt hereb y Justice J. A. R o sch upon 24 reso rt proprietors throughout Sullivan a s “G rade A pasteurized” unless ^ i t j c o u n ty w h o w e re indicted by th e Sep- conform s to th e follow ing req u ire- j tem b er grand Jury for illegal posses- Knoxville^s Gity Manager Surprises Taxpayers , Willi Teu Per Cent. Cash Divi<3end After One Yeai In his first year a« City Manager of Knoxville, Tenn., liOuis Brown- low proved his worth. By his ef* ficlcncy in handling the city's fin­ ances he made possible the pay­ ment of a cash dividend^of ten per cent. Taxpayers are^ pinching, them selves and rubbing their eyes*! te m b er gran d ju r y f o r illeg a l posse s- delivering gam b ling devices and entered s or cream m u s t h(Tld 'a~ p e r- | p leas of guilty w h e n arrain g e d before m i t from th e h e a lth ofilcier. m e n ts: The dealer selling su c h m ilk o r crea m i h e a lth offic j h im fo r pleading. oducing su c h m ii^ or ■ i<ho in d ictm e n t an d th e fines as- 3 disclosed 1 ^ m in a tio n . sessed grow out of a series of raids Such milk or cream before p a s teu r- } b y Sheriff F letch e r E. R h o d e s an d at- izatioh m u s t n o t contain m o re th a n , tach e s upon places suspected of pos- a e v l c e . In addUton a f t e r p a s teurization and previous to to th e fines lail te r m s aggregatin g delive:ry A i r cows crea m m u s t be healthy b y an an n u a l physical deliv e to the consum e r contain m o re 570 days w e re im p o sed an d suspend- th a n 30,000 b a c teria p e r cubic centi- j those who refused o n c n r » ' h nof mnrA tnnTI * m e ter, an d such cream not 3 20.000 b.acteria p e r cubic Such m ilk and duced on farm s v th e score n s t be pr' ch are duly.scort rescribed by •state com m issioner of health n o t less nore t h a n ' entim e ter. e d I the hree n e r cent, for m e thods, cream m u s t be cle- to reveal th e indentity of th e ow n e r of th e m a chines. R o b e r t Bowley, of P o r t Jervis, a r ­ rested Tuesday m o rning in th a t city on a bench w a r r e n t following h is In­ dictm e n t as a “com m o n gam b ler,” pleaded n o t guilty -when arrainged and -wa.s released in $2,500 cash bail, w h ich he furnished, for tria l a t th e OPERATOR’S LICENSE FOR € nn f o r ty - th r e e n Such m ilk and crea m m i liverered w ithin th irty - s ix hours p.fter pasteurization, unless a sh o rter tim e sh a ll be pi-escribed by th e h e a lth officer. Such milk and cream mu.st he d e ­ livered to consum ers only in con­ ta in e r s sealed a t th e d,airy .or bottling p la n t. The caps an d tags m u s t be ■white and contain th e te r m G rade A racieu rized in large black type. | Tn resrard to th e pasteu r izatio n of 1 m ilk and cream . R e g u lation 12 of | • .r , C h a p ter ITT of Ihe S a n itary Code j J a c k M iller N o rth W h ite Lake, $100 reads ps follow s; _ _ j fining Cantw e ll $100 an d announcing R e g u lation 12. P a s teurization. E x - i tei'm R o scli w a rned C a n t- cept w h e re a different stan d a r d of | arrested m a n y more HSteurization h a s been adopted pre- ^ ^ ^ eus to th e first day of Sept. 1914, tim e s th a t he w o u ld be sentenced to b y the local h e a lth au th o r ities, no j s tate’s prison as a h a b itu a l crim inal. offered 1 (/nntw e ll is h u t 26 ye*ars old. Tho.=:e fined and given jail term.s in - Albany, Sept. 25— ^Under a ruling m ade today bj’- Charles A. H a rn e tt. Coit.xnissioner of M o tor Yeliicles, th o u ­ sands of persons in New Y o rk state who do n o t own autom o b iles, an d arc. i n o t the im mediate relatives of persons ' o w n ing autom o b iles, will be allowed to take out operators’ licenses if they ! m e e t the requirem e n ts of the m o tor ! vehicle bureau. O ctober term of Cmanty co u rt before Ju d g e G eorge H. Sm ith. H e is a l­ leged to be th e ow n er of the m a c h ines seized. One of th e m en fined and give a su.=pended jail term of 90 days w a s 'I’ll is ruling by Commissioner H a r ­ nett is intended to do aw a y w ith the necessity of such persons tak in g out chauffeur licenses. In th e p a s t the j policy of The m o tor vehicle bureau ; has !)een to refuse to issue operators’ I licenses 1 o any except persons owning ; aiitoiiioliiles and m e m b ers of the im- REPUBLICANS NOMINATE ROOSEVELT (By The A.sgociated P ress) Rochester, Sept. 2 5 — Theodore Roo.sevelt of O y ster Bay, w as nom in­ ated for governor by th e New Y o rk Republican state convention today on tJie first ballot. CLE.4R1NG UP WRECK IN OTISVILLE TUNNEL pa Vif he pres'-rihed by si o n e r of h e a lth : and n iilk or cream sh a ll he sold nr for sale ,as pasteurized unless it h a s _ been subjected to a te m p e r a t u r e of, 1-12 tn 145 decrees F a h r e n h e it f o r ' $100; Mee H a lpern, Young.sville,SlOO, not less th a n thirty’' m inutes, and , Airs. M a ry F e lderm a n , Liberty, $100; u n d e r such .sa n i t a r y conditions as m a y j Joseph Tuck, N o rth W 'hite Lake, $150 h e pres'-rihe d l y th e state commis- days; M ichael Steiner, N o r th ' W h ite Lake, $200 and 90 days as a second offender; P a u l B iretta, N o rth W h ite Lake, $150 and 30 days; M ich­ ael Perciuetz, Lake H u n tington, $50; Israel B a n k , L a k e H u n tington, $50; Joseph Cantwell, T u lan $100 and 90 clays; Jo s e p h K a r tin a , Eldred, $75; Jack M iller , N o rth W h itet Lake, $100 and 20 day's; P h il Loback, NarrO'WS- burg, $200 and 30 days, and O tto Y o u n k er, N a rrow sburg, $100 and 20 O thers w e re M orris Fishlow itz, of Toungsville, $100.; Don B rodsky, of South F a llsburg, $150 an d 30 days; C a rl Teppel, South FallsTiurg, SlOO; B e n n y G roginsky, S o u th F a llsb u r g , $100; D ave Goldberg, Glen W ild, $200 and 30 dayrs; H irsch S trachm a n , of H a r ris, $100 and 20 day.s; G u stave Stiglitz, Stevensville. $225 a n d 30 days; H a r r y Levine, Stevensville $150 and 30' days; N a than FeUert, S^outh F a llsburg. $75 an d 30 days: Jacob F a rb e r, N o r th W h ite L a k e . $200 and 30 days, and D avid B reachor, F a lls- burg. $150 and 30 days. Five others indicted on th e ciiarge p u t over llio term , including one who pleaded not guiltyn The w o rk of clearing up the w reck of iraiit 80, the. fast fru it and stock train w hich occurred in the Ocisville tunnel Wodiu*.« kiv aflnrhoon i'S pro- grc-i;i.h<g as i.-apidly' as po-JsihL? under lh “ try’lng circum s tances ^ucb as ex­ ists. The wrecking- crew s cann o t lift to any extent the w reckage in th e innnel, all tliia has to be snaked out. There w e re 20 cars of fru it wrcckeci m e d iate fam ily o P an owner, requiring j w h ich som e of the w reckage ex­ ten d s as fa r in ihe tunn e l as the air i-hafr. which is c.hout midwav llirougli. W. C. T. U. CONVENTION ENDS WITH ELECTION OF COUNTY OfflCERS Address fey Mrs. D. Leigh Colvin Was Feature ®f Wednesday Eveniag’s SessioH—Ffee S®lo fey Joseph Delakoff, E m m a TOKILLWASPART BLACKMDPLOT Refusal to Accede to Demand for $4,000 Followed By Shooting Ne-wbiirgh, Sept. 24— ^Refusal to ac­ cede to a demand fo r $4,00.0 m a d e a m o n th ago in an alleged B lack hand letter, w'as believed to d a y by N ew ­ burgh, police to be responsible for the attem p ted killing early th is m o rning of Daniel G aronn, b e tter know n as “D a n n y Shields,” as he w as di.srobing a t his hom e in the w e s tern end of the f*ity. ^ The attem p t occurred shortly after 1 o’clock. G aronn, o r Shields, had entered hi.s room and w as about to re ­ tire w h e n he heard an autom o b ile a p ­ proach his place and stop. Three shots w'er<^ fired the b u llets sm ashing through his window, ori.e of th e m sma.sliing the electric light bulb in the room . The machine sped aw a y im m e ­ diately afterw a rd H is place w a s th e scene of a ro b ­ bery' in 1920 in wliicli fo u r men se­ cured cash L iberty bonds and jew ­ elry totaling $15,000 and an autom o ­ bile. Shields or G aronn, W'as injured during the robbery. L a ter the quar- . . . te t \was captured n e a r Tuxedo by | Pi'^senta.tion w ith an address in which Chief of Police G ilm o re O. Bush and bud g e t w a s ,48 hours afterw a rd w e re serving the | i f irst of their sentences in Sing S in g } used, and g a \ e tie sm r y o pj.j<.on ' Cataldi, an Ita lia n girl, w h o T h e 'f o n r art- ,=tiU in prison aesptto 1 nnm e rons efforts to secure their C a t. i cam e o this couniry’- s e v e ral yeans ago and be- A't th e session of the O range co u n ty W. C. T. U. convention this m o rning th e county officers w e re re-elected fo r th e ensuing year and a r e as follow s:— P r e s iden t— M rs. Clarence W. Griggas. of E a s t Leptondale. AYce-presldent— M rs. W illiam ‘Taylor of W a lden. C o rresponding secreffi.ry—.Mrs. JL C. Stevens of F o r t M o n tgom eys^ R e c o rding secretary— Mrs. B. Tow n shend of P ine .Bush. T r e a s u r e r — M rs. H e r b e r t A n ^ rc^ vette of W a lden. ^ The convention cam e to an endt e t 2:30 o’clock -with th e singing o f “God be W ith You till W e Meofe A g a in” The evening .session of the Jubilee^ C o n v ention of the O range C o u n ty W o ­ m a n ’s C h ristian T e m p e rance U n ioit which is being held a t the Firat; B a p ­ tist church w a s opened w ith the sing ­ ing of “F a it h of O u r F a th e r s .” Tho- S^cripture lesscm w a s read by R e v . J* M. V e rsteeg and th a t -was foilowecl w ith prayer by Rev. Chanl^.s DeW o o d y. Joseph D elakoff sang “The L o rd is My L ight,” H e w.as accompanied by- Mrs. D elakoff. M rs. .John Willian-i Taylor, of W a l­ den, liie-n presented County Life Mem­ bership Certificates to M rs. Jen n ie Travis, Mrs. Abbie J. Barry, of C ircle- ville; Mrs. Clarence W. Griggs, M iss E s ther '1'. Brqwn, of Leptondale, Mrs.. 'M a ry Lunn, of M o n tgom e ry; M rs. E l­ ba M onroe, Mrs. Jennie Hill, M rs. .Jo­ seph Hill, of M iddletow n; M rs. F r a n ­ cis Taylor, Mrs. M. K. B arris, M rs. M ae Mapledetli, M rs. A n n a G a zka, Mr.''’. B a r b a r a Coler, M rs. A n n a F o rt, of N ew b u rgh; Mrs. George Niles and Mrs. M ary Blake, ol W alden. Mrs. D. L^igh Colvin, vice president of the State W. C. T. U. followed the t'thev persons to obtain chauffeur li- c<‘iises. crenm \whioh has been heated by any m e thod sh a ll be sold or offered for sale unle.^s th e h e a ting conform s to gulation. e m ilk an d cream shall\ be im m e d iately cooled an d placed in containers and th e co n ­ ta in e r s sh a ll be im m e d iately cooled p.nd placed in clean containers ^nd th e co n tainers sh a ll be immediately •sealed. No m ilk or cream sh a ll be p a s te u r ­ ized m o re th a n once. No m ilk or crea m th a t has been p a s teurized in one p la n t to be tra n s f e r red to an d bottled in an o th e r p lan t o r place and labled sold or dispensed o s pasteurized m ilk o r cream . In a s m u c h as th e B o a rd of H e a lth has, during th e p a s t several years, adopted a num b e r of ordinances ten d ­ in g to im p rove th e milk supply of the •City of P o r t Jervis, the recom m eda- tio n s m a d e in th i s rep o r t are only a g r a d u a l step to still fu r th e r im p rove an d safeg u a r d the m ilk supply. Briefly stated, th e follow ing changes w ill be necessary. All dairv’m e n should be required tn, use ice fo r cooling 0.nd storing m ilk a f t e r M ay 1, 1925. A ll dairym en should be required to irovifle and use a m ilk house w h ere he m ilk can he strain e d . T h is room to have iio direct opening |fito the co-w barn o r other building. The d a iries m u s t score n o t less th a n 86 per cent, instead of 60 p e r cent, as now required. A bacterial count m u s t be m ade of th e milk- 'Phe m ilk m u s t be pasteurized a c ­ cording to m e thods prescribed by the state com m issioner of the h e a lth an d by th e localf- board of h e a lth . th( Dca Tt is suggested th a t he f ealtL . the Board of H e a lth require th a t m f t e r Mfiy 1, 192 5 a ll m ilk and cream sold in the city of P o r t Jervis sh a ll b e o f such quality th a t it w ill m e e t th e designations of Grade A pasteurized and th a t all or­ d in a n c e s to thi.s effect be adopted as soon as possible. R e s p e c t f u lly subm itted, Y7. Y. RUMSEY, M ilk Inspector The m a t t e r of forbidding anything b u t pasteurized m ilk to be sold in this city has been und e r consideration by th e b o a rd for som*‘. tiirne past. D r. G A. H am m o n d , who has been on the b o a r d for a n u m b e r of years, states thst ho firm ly believes th a t if pas- •ienrized milk alone w a s sold in thi*? c i ty it would be a g r e a t benefit to the . health o f P o r t Jerv is citizens. O ther TOiem'bers of th e board w e re of th e sam e opinion. S a n itary Insp e c to r P a tterso n r6- ’Forted a p ro p e r ty belonging to W. J. Collier on Coleman rtreet in an unsan­ itary eondition. The clerk was in- to page eigBt) The ne-vt' m o tor vehicle law pro- vhicH thrit an opera tor’s license “shall bo iS'^iK'd” w ithout a driving exam in­ ation up to J a n u a r y 1 to “an ow'nei of a m o to r vehicle or a m e m b er of his im m e d iate fam ily,” in th e disv'retion of the m o tor vehicle com m issioner. ‘The statu te,” said Commissioner H a rnett today “does not prohibit in term s the issuance of operatoi's’ li­ censes to o th e r persons, and h e reafter any person w h o cannot qualify as an ow n e r of a motor vehicle registered in 1924, or as a m e m b e r of the im m edi­ ate fam ily of su c h an owner, will he issued an o p e r a to r ’s licen.se upon a p ­ plication provided he passes an am ination, but no t otherwise.” This new' ruling m eans th a t a great many persons who have been advised since Ju ly 1, t h a t they would have to ta k e o u t a chauffeur license because they did n o t own a car or w e re not m e m b e rs of an im mediate household in w h ich a car w a s owned, now may be perm itted to obtain an operator’s license. m t-iiiJ f. broken rail was. the cause the a'^eiJent. 3v«-ne o f the train crew wore injv’.rc-d. CnURCH S F B n i S HAM AND EGGS, BOOST A'TTENDANCE P ittsb u r g h ) Sept. 23.^—The excuse th a t frien d w ife failed to arise in tim e to p rep a r e b r e a k f a s t before Sunday school is decidely o u t of order f o r mem­ bers of th e H ighland M en’s Bible class, of th e H ighland Presbyterip-n ch u r c h . B r e a k ­ fa s t w as served in th e church basem e n t Sunday p r io r to th® opening of th e class m e eting, h o t h a m and eggs being on th e m e n u . T h e innonvation a t t r a c ­ ted m a n y . T h e Sundp.y m o rn­ ing breakfasts a r e to be con­ tin u e d fo r late risers an d as a m eans of stim u latin g S u n d a y school 0,ttendance. lease, which has~been opposed by J u s ­ tice A rtliur S. Tom p k ins and other officio Is. The demand for $4,000 is thought to have been m a d e to provide mnney to fim h e r this attorn r t. At th '‘ tim e the. letter wt .. s received Shield.s notified Gounty D c 'cctiv e Uncls.ay D. N. H u tchins and JDistrict At+orney J. D. TTilson, .Tr. Ho w as referred to Sheriff Jam e s D. Tweed and acting (-n his advice w e n t to H ar- rim a n w ith $ i , 000, goin.g to ilie oal- v tr t , a.s directed to in the letter, in the bolh'f th a t he mlgnt iiiduie the band *c release him Cor th a t am o u n t. The b a n ’ failed to appoa.’ setting at naught efforts of Sheriff T-weed an.J the State Con.sta.bulary to capture them w h ile he bargained. Shields, or C a ionn, w as under their guard when he visited H a rrinian. OBSEQUIES Isfiae J. liobli T h e funeral, of Isaac J. Lobb w as held ar th e home of nis daugiuer, Mve. M a rk Y R ichai-’s, No. 10:: O range street a t lu:30 o’clock tin’s m o rning. The services w ere conducted by Rev. J, H. Vei-f»>eg. a.'=si.‘ted by R<^v. W illr iam Y . B e rg 'rh e iK.dy w as rakcii to H o n e sdale for iutorm o n t in Gleu Dy* b e r r y cvinetery. M any f'o r a l tributes w e r e sent by H o n e s d a le and P o r t Jer- vi's friends.- CAPTAIN MAC MILLAN ANQ HIS ARCTIC SCHOONER BOWDOIN BACK AFTER 14 MONTHS’ EXPLORATION TRIP . •• ■ ' ■ ■ ................................ : ■ . ■•‘.- I V. I LABORER ON STATE ROAD KILLED BY A TRUCK Middletown, N. T.. Sept. 25—Tgna- oio Botana. a laborer eraploved by Harold H. Sm ith, a co n tr a c to r on the Goshen sta te road w a s in s tantly kill­ ed a t 7:30 o’clock th is morning. Bo­ ta n a w a s carrying a concrete form when the bank on \which he w a s w a lk ­ ing gave w a y throw ing him in fro n t of a large tru c k w h ich w a s w o rking on th e paving job. B e fore the tru c k could be .stopped th e m a n w a s crush­ ed to death b e n e a th its wheels. The .accident occurred near the Colonial G arage, aborit th r e e - q u a r ters of m ile beyond the city lim its. ■ f t '■■:= ; ■ To Comiiiue Practical AAnouncements were received lA' this city today from Lew is J. Stags and Lawrence/ Stage, pf W arwick, ’ the effect thai: the surviving partners^ of t h e firm of) Kan© and Stag©, at­ torneys, w ill continue the practice of lo/w under th|& firm name. Michael N. IjAne, 'Behior member of the firm, died a few months Ago, - I- ' T h e a b o v e photogxi,ph8 Bhow ICaptaln Donald B. MadMilInn and -llil* party and the little schooner ■which brought them back to Wis- caBset.' Me., after a fourteen months* voyage beypnd tlic Arctic <!ire!e north of Greenland. The .^tgCdoror lirbiiijht hom e foA th uahle d a ^ on anthropology, botapy,' geofiflosy, ethnologs' and ornith­ ology and a vast collection of noteS and pictures. Captain MacMillan named hla ship after Bowdoin Col­ lege and a body of sludentB were itt W !acas^t,-tO w c lc o :^ .,th e f cam e intere.sted in the w o rk, studying under Dr. W h ite a t his Bible T raining School. She is doing social service, religious woi'k, A m ericanization and obsrevance of the law am o n g her coun­ trym e n . H e r salary comes from th e bu.lgct of the W. C. T. U. Those Who atten d th e state convention a t O n eon- ta w ill have an opportunity to h e a r lier .speak. Airs. Colvin told how the fight fo r tem p e rance wvas carried on throug h m issionary work, tem p e rance lessons in Sunday school. Loyal Tempera-nce Leagues and the public schools; also of the fight against p a t e n t medicines. W hile the problem of prohibition m a y seem a serious one now, a g r e a t en­ deavor mu.st be p u t forth to change ihe attitu d e of the governm e n t by the election of m e n who uphold p ro h i­ bition and its enforcem ent. A t p r e s ­ ent only federal officials can properly enforce the eighteenth am endm ent. There is no law fo r state enforcem e n t since the repealing of t'ae M u llan-G a g e law and for the first tim e in 259 years New Y o rk state is w ithout some re ­ strictive m easure to curb the liquor traffic. The repealing of th e M u llan- G age act has n o t legalized the sale o f liquor, b u t h a s tied the hands of the state, county and city officials hy n o t haying enough federal officers f o r suc­ cessful enforcem e n t. The W. C. T. U. is w o rking fo r some m e thod of state enforcem ent by electing a governor a.nd legislature th a t w ill give a state- enforcem e n t law. Mrs. C o lvin urged everyone to stand for prohibition and said th a t a g r e a t deal th a t w e now h e a r ag a in s t it is (C o n tinued to page eight) ERIE BREAKS RECORD FOR CAR MOVEMENT The Erie breaks all previous records for total car movement in a single day. On S a turday, Septem b e r 20, Erie- R a ilroad handled a to t a l of 33,‘i6S cars, of w hich 21,967 w ere loads. Tiventy-four tra in s , 1807 cars m o v ­ ed eastw a rd on the N ew Y o rk divis­ ion, 26 tra in s 1751 cars moved w e s t- Tw enty trains, 1722 cars mov'e^^ . ea.stw.ard on the Susquehanna division» 19. tra in s 1738 cars m o v e d westwarO. Auto CoIBdes With Biis A Jew e tt touriAg ca r ow n ed a n d driven by M rs. F r e d Ju s tin of M attt- rnoras. collided with Bus No. 2 of the P o r t Jervis T r a n s p o r tatio n Company In Maty.moras Wednesday afternoon,^ The bus w a s slightly dam a g e d wM lo ’ the J'^weft was damaged to a greater oxtont, There ’were no personal iutie-i . l i l ,-•1 / !

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