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Tp S D A ^ SEPTEMBE R 2 3 , 1924 THE EVENING G A Z rr PORT JERVIS, i s v t ' . f MINISTER ADMITS POISONING WIFE TOWED^NOTHER Mr. Bight Also Supplied Arse­ nic to Mrs. Sweetin to Kill Husband I Decem b er ' 23, 1867, sbe w a s ^^aited S J X E S j in m artiage with Ando’ew MacKechnie Glen, Spey, w h ose death occui^Gd iDAVIS AND McADOO Mount Vernon, 111., Sept, 22 -n^The R ev. Lawrence M. HJght, former Jockey and race horse owner held on th e charge of ipurdering his w ife, and heretofore suspected of causing the death of ‘Wllford Sw e e tin,. a I)a- rishlonjer, 'because of an infatuation for Mrs. g^veetin, made -two confes­ sions today. In tUe first stating tjbat he had given poison to both Mrs. KCigrht and Sweetin, and in the second that, while he w a s responsible for his w ife’s death, Mx-s. Sweetin had poisoned her husband. He admitted that he and Airs. Sweetin had planned to marrj''. In the first confession the clergy­ man related that he had administered poison in both eases to ease the pain of his victims. A t first be insisted Mrs. ^weetin w a s not connected w ith th e crime.' In his first admission lie stated he had bought the poison given to her hus* band by the woman. Her arrest quickly followed the second confes­ sion. Fearing mob action State’s Attor« ney Frank G. Thompson telephoned the Sheriff’s office from Ina late to* day, asking th e jailer to throw a guard around the jail. The prosecu* tor said feeling w a s running high at Ina. Fifteen special deputy sheriffs were sworn In immediately. Misses Kuth Millspaugh and Alary Clendenin left this m orning .for New York and at 3 ' o’clock on Wednie^- day w ill sail on. the steam er Brittania for Spain. Mrs. Eliza H a ynes and daughter, Mrs. Jam es J, Sweeney, \of this city, have just returned after paying brief visit to Rome, N . T., attending the funeral of John R. Harper, cou­ sin of above. Charles AV.. Prussia left town this, afternoon to attend the dahlia show at the 71st armory. N ew York, this week* on February 21, 1923. \ Alrs^ Alac- kechnie has alw a ys made her home at Albany, Sept 22. Em p h a tic ap- Glen Spey, w h ere she w as a 'member Preciation of the work that the Con- of the Glen Spey Congregational servation Commission 'is doing in ARE APPRECIATED! TO HOLD COMFERENCE New York, Sept. 23—John W. Davis Democratic presidential candidate, ___ ___________ Commission is doin g in failed yesterday to see either Govei’-^ church. She waS always held in high opening trails and laying out public, nor Smith or W iiliam G. McAdoo for esteem by all who knew her, and w as : camp sites, in ' the forest preserve is long the leading contend.ers tor the alw a y s a loving mother and a kind ©^Pressed in a letter just received by Deixiocratic nomination for President neighbor, ' ( th e Commission Alfred Human, m a n - at the Madison Square Garden con- She is survived by five sons, Floyd ^Sing editor of^ Musical America, tel- vention, although he had expected to ROYAL DIGESTO F o r quick an^ perm anent relief ca.ses of D yspepsia. Xnaigaftioti, nlcnce, ileartb iim , Loss of App and the m any ailm ents caused Stom ach Disorder's &iid faulty lion. p p e % W SOLD ON A GDABANTJElM A., of Port Jervis; Charles A., of El- dred, N. >Y.; W illiam J. and Elm er R., of Glen Spey, N . Y., and Alfred 6. .of Bedford Hills, N. Y.; five d^-ugh- ters, Mrs. Alfred C. Flynn, Mrs, E d ­ gar W hipple and Mrs. Adam. W eickel, of Middletown; Mrs. Robert J. Farrell, f.ing of b(is |peris(onjail .elxperiences m eet both of thepd. w h ile cam p ing in /the lAdirondeucks I The detention of his chauffeur by and Catskills. He writes: ** j the police through a misunderstanding ^‘W ilh you allow a citizen of N ew prevented'* him frona reaching New York State to speak a word on t h e esx- ; Y ork city in tim e to k&ep an appoint- cellent work being done by the Con- ' ment with t|ie governor before the servation Commission throughout the latteFs departure for Albany. The E. MACKEY & CQ.,hc. ^*The Nyal Drug Store” 101-103 PIK E S I S f e E T of N ew York city, and Mrs. Henderson monntains? For a number of years lateness olj Mr. McAdoo’S* arrival from Baker, of) Glen Spey; two- brothers,,^ been visiting th e Adirondacks, “ OBITUARY RAIL BOARD WILL CONDUCT ELECTION Chicago, Sept. 22— ^Tlie Railroad La­ bor Board announced today that it would hold an election on the Penn- S3dvania R ailw a y System to determine who in th§^ eyes of the board, may legally negotiate for telegraph em ­ ployees of the road in the m aking oi contracts. Hitherto, in calling for elections to determine . representation questions, the borad has left the conduct of the election by one or both of the interest­ ed parties. The question of represen­ tation in di.sputes over w a g es and rules and in the negotiation of con­ tracts long has been at i.=:sv.e on the Pennsjlv.ania lines and has been, re­ peatedly before the board. The issue w a s involved in a question of juris­ diction carried to the Supreme Court and an employes’ petition asking an injunction, which w a s denied. The board’s action w a s taken in connection with a hearing which in ­ volved a w a g e dispute between the , road manageip-ent and the telegraph­ ers’ com m ittee. The comm ittee,' it %vas stated, had unanim ously_voted to strike, subject to the sanction of E. J. Manion, President of the Order of R a ilroad Telegraphex's, which is not recognized by the railroad as repre­ senting its employes. B.4KERS STANDARDIZE PRICE OF BREAD ’ A tlantic City, N. J., Sept 22— N o tw ithstanding the rise in the cost o f w h e a t the standard price of the pound loaf of bread throughout the United States xvill retpain 10 cents, w ith but little probability of any in­ crease, even though whe,at should go still higher. This w a s th e oflicial declaration here today of representatives of 80 per. cent, of the bakers in the United States, gathered for the tw enty- seventh annual convention of the A- m erican Bakers’ Association. The eessions w ill close Friday. It w a s also asserted, th a t the long­ standing w a r between the w h e a t gro'wers has ended, that the sanita­ tion problem in bakeries has* been solved, and that the next m ovem ent TTill b e a gigantic advertising- pro­ gram throughout the country, dem o n ­ stratin g to the public th e excellence of the m odem bakery output. In this connection association of­ ficials pointed out that w h ereas . five years ago 70 per. cent, of .housewives dissatisfied w ith the then im p erfect bakery products baked at home, at th is tim e only about 25 per cent, do SO. . “Both bakers and m illers also rea­ lize,” said I. K. R u ssel of Chicago, bditor of B a k ery Technology , “that w h e n the^ farm er faces • bankruptcy beneath a p ile of surplus w h e a t it is bad for all in the end. B y better bak­ in g and distributing, and by proper advertising, th e bakers cari absorb a t least 200,000,-000 more bushels of w h e a t a year, th u s aiding e v ^ y one. “The farmers know this, aiid know th a t by co-operation, alonp 'W0 can succeed. A s an illustration of this, the* farm ers are also advej^isin^ bread in- ste/ad of wheat, because if }bread'^is sold w h e a t m u st be sold. ^ ^ , !/ It is because of th e ecientifle ,ma- chinery w h ich equips, thb >l^|xd:erp bakery th a t th e price of bread by the lo a f ^Ti be kept down even though w h e a t still contipues to ^ m a c h inery u tilises ^11 of . w h e a t. and there ar# Jib spoiled lb«iYb^. 'Cs G eorge W. R o c k w e ll M oiitlcello, Sep. 22 —^Georg-© W, R o c w e ii , veteran b9t?i m an and for­ mer county clerk of Sullivan'^county, died Sunday night at hi.s home here after a short illness at the age o f 6S years, lie had retired from active business two years ago,’ ' Mr. Rockwell w as for 20 years pro­ prietor of the Rockwell House here, conducting the hotel until -its des­ truction in, the disastrous fire of 1910. Pour years later, in 1914, Mx*. R o ck­ w ell purchased the Liberty House in Liberty, rem a ining in business, there until two years! ago, when he sold the hotel and retired, making his home in Monticello. He w a s born February 14, 1850, in Brooklyn, and^was a son of George W . Rockwell and Mary Catherine Hen- ricka. H e ‘was married a number of ye.ars ago to Miss Kathryn Morris, daughter of LeGrand Morris, former proprietor of the Mansion House here. Besides his wife, he leaves one son, George W. Rockwell, Jr.1 one sister. Mrs. E tta Branning, w ife of Edward Branning. of New York city, and three brothers, L. N. S. Rockwell, former Otisville postmaster, Charles, of Tbiells, and Edward, of Jersey City, N. J. Prior to his m arriage, Mr. Rockwell was active in political affairs of Sul­ livan county and in 1885 was elected county clerk on the Democratic tick-' et. Mr. R o ckwell served until 188.8. Funeral services w ill be held \Wed- ne.sday afternoon at 2 o’clock Stand­ ard tim e, in St. John’s Episcopal E u rope on the Leviathan made a m eeting with Mr. D a v is inconvenient. Mr.-McAdoo accepted an invitation to have luncheon w ith Mr. Davis at the H o tel Belmont, however, and the tw o w ill discuss plans for Mr, Mc- Addo’s ispeaKmg'trip. Mr. McAdoo nephews. . I work in territory make at least six or eight speeck- The funeral services will be held a t ! AdirOndacRS. Surely when the gg f 5 ^, the Democratic national ticket the Glen Spey church on Friday af- | Qf the Commission ip m a rking on his way to hi& hom e in Los An- ternoon at 1:30 o’clock. Rev. W , E. Samuel and W a llace Van Auken ai*d e- large number bf trails, three sisters, Mrs. Jam es W ooisey, I summer, during a w a lking trip, Mrs,. Lafe Waidler, and Mrs. M a u rice! ^ took the occasion to explore som e Coleman, all of Port Jervis; a lso ; the less known ( to m e) trails tw elve grandchildren and three great- > surprise, I m u st confess, the granaciiiiar^n, ana several nieces ana' com'mission ha.a uone -- trails and building camps becomes Phifer > o f the W est End Reformed travelled, church of Port Jervis w ill officiate. In- lei’ment will be in the Glen Spey cem - Mrs. Jam es N. M cKittrick Mrs, Katherine McKittrick, wife of James N. McKittrick. of Parker’s Glen, died in St. Francis Hospital this morning at' ten o’clock aged 35 years. Deceased w a s born in Chica'go and w a s a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hinkel. She is survived by her hus- baixd, an infant son. hex* parent.^, four brothers, Petex’ of Rochester, Edward and George of Parker’s Glen, W illiam of Milford, two .sisters, Clara, of Ma- tamoras and A n n a of^ Parker’s Glen, SAYS PRISONS ARE TOO LUXURIOUS Judge A lfred J. Tally of the Court General Sessions last night expressed counter-opinion to that attributed to Clarence Darrow of Chicago, counsel for Richard Loeb and N athan Leopold Jr., iiv a statem ent issued by the Neuropathic Hospital hex’e on Sunday. Judge Talliy said: 'Tt is not the criminals, actual or potential, that need a neuropp^thic hospital. It is the people who slob- church, Rev. Ernest A. Smith, tlie 1 over them in an effort to find ex­ rector, officiating. Interm ent w ill toe cuses for their exumes. in the Monticello cemetery. ..^he demand of the hour in A- merica, above all other countries, is for jurors w ith conscience, Judges with courage and prisons w h ich are neither country clubs of summer x-e- Tsaac J. Lobb H a a c J, Lobb died at the home of Ins daughter, Mrs. Mark V. Richards, geies. The dates and places have not ' I been selected but it is expected that “We w ent over th© entxre sectxon McAdoo w ill speak in Ohio, In- from Ellenville to lake Awosting; njinois. Missouri, Kansas and to Grahamville, Claryville, down the Qther states where he displayed great W est Branch, over W innisook Lodge strength in the pre-convention cam- to Slide, to Cornell and W ittenberg p^ign. Mountains, through Phoenicia to j Big Indian, th e D iy Book section, Seager and Arkville. The trails ^ r e in fine condition, alm o st without ex­ ception, and the new camps are a joy. Above all, I w o u ld like to comment on th e courteous and helpful spirit displayed' by cur Bangers and Obser­ vers through Ulster, Delaware, and Other counties we visited. I w a s so delighted w ith th e work of our Com­ m ission that I cannot refrain from w riting these lines in appreciation. AGED COUPLE ARE BURNED TO DEATH No. 108 Orange .street dt .8:15 o’clock ■ sorts. The vexy latest prison reform Monday evening after a lon^ illness slogan v.'hieh I have seen is: “Sun- of diabetes. j shine in everj' cell.” R e s p e c tab ]^ Decea-sed w^as born ' on the fa m ily , law-abiding and reasonably w e ll-to- homestead in Dumei'e, Cornwall, England, and was a son of Captain W illiam T. Lobb and Jane Knight Lobb. He w'as the oldest of eight children. W hen he w a s about two j'e.ars of age, his parents cam e to America and welcomes an opportunity settled at Honesdale. Later they 'went to Beach Lake, where part of the boyhood of the deceased w a s spent. In early manhood, Mr. Lobb return­ ed, to Honesdale, and lived there until about three 3 ’cax’s ago wlien after the death of his wife, Elizabeth McCartj’\ whom he married F'eb. 17, 187 6, he cam e to Port Jervis to spend the rest of his days with his daughter H e w as a carpenter by trade and had charge of much of the coxistruction work of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. before that waterwa 3 ’- was abandoned. In early manhood Mr. Lobb united with the M ethodist church of llo n e s - dale and for the last tw e n ty years of his residence there vras a member of its official ho-ard. Since coming to Port Jer3ua, he was a r.egular attend­ ant of Drew Methodist church as long as his health permitted, .and after be- ipg confined .to his xoom , still tooJe m u ch interest in the fortvard work of this church. Mr. Lobb w a s a man of strong religious conviction and liv­ ed true to the faith that w a s in him. He stood for all that was right in the national and com m u n ity life and w a s regarded by all as a steady, substan­ tial citizen. He w a s a strong prohibi­ tionist and w a s several times the can­ didate of his party for public office in those days when it took courkge to stand up and be counted. H e w a s patient and uncomplaining in his long illness and passed aw ay strong in the Christian faith, which he had followed the greater pai*t of his life. Deceased is survived by one daugh­ ter, Bertha, w ife of Mark V. R ich­ ards. of this city; one grandson. James Lobb Richards, a student of Co­ lum b ia University; one sister,' Miss M elissa Lobb of Honesdalfe, and^ two brothers, Anthony J. Lobb, of H a w ­ ley, and Solon Frank Lobb, of H o n es­ dale. The funeral w ill be held at the hom e bf his daughter at 10:30 o’clock Thursday m orning. The services wil^ he conduc1;ed hy Rev. J. M. Versteeg. .assisted by Rev. W illiam V. Berg. The body w ill be taken to Horfesdale Thursday noon for interm ent. do people in othefi cities cannot a f ­ ford living apartmentts w ith sunshine in their .sleeping rooms, and , m o st workers wear out their eyes under artificial- light a ll day long. The a 3 ’ei*age citizen w^ho respects the law to see a m oving picture show once a w eek and pays for the entertainment. But the model prison of today treats its inm a tes to th e movies e^-erv night, “Those w h o worr 3 ’’ about th e m en­ tality of crim inals should know that recent survey of th© m entality of prisoners in Joliet Prison by Neurol­ ogists and psych ologi.sts disclosed th a t the m ental status of about 2,000 prisoners w a s exactly on a par w ith the m ental equipment of our Amer­ ican Expeditionary Arm3^ In other w o rds aboat the average. “There are lots of sick people who concerp themseL’es w ith crime, but •the -criminals 'are not numbered am ong them . Spencer, Sept. 22.— ^Their home £ roai’ing 'furnace as a result of a Are Of unknown origin, Mr. and Mrs. George Grant, aged couple of North Spenjcer, met a horrible death Sunday evening after seven o’clock. The body of- Mrs. Grant has been recovered While searchers early this m orning found w h a t are believed to> be the remains of Mr. Grant. How the fire started in the house is a mystery. A Mrs. Fairfield, who .sta 3 ’-ed w ith Mr. and MrS. Grant had left th© Grant Home to call on Hugh Grant a son of Mr. and Mrs. Grant whose home is a few rods south of the Grant hom e. She left Mi’S. Grant .alone in the sitting room. Mr. Grant had retired to his room on th© second Mrs. Fairfield 3vas about to enter the home of H u g h Grant when, look­ ing back she saw flames bursting j fx'om the home she had left but a few xaiiiiiutes before, .^creaming for help she rushed back to the flaming house to rescue the aged couple. The heat w a s so intense that neither she nor the neighbors w e r e able to get 1 w ithin som e distance of th© house. It w a s thought Mrs. Grant had at­ tem p ted to sum mon help w h e n she discovered th e fire. H er body w a s found a short distance from the porch to the living room. She had fallen face down, and her body w a s badly burned. Many futile attem p ts were mad© to rescue the couple by farm ­ ers and neighbors. CONSERVATION INFORMATION Dr. Em m eline Moore, investigator in fish oultur© for th© Conservation Com­ m ission has been in attendance at the A m erican fisheries Society held In Quebec, A s Vice President of D ivision A q u a tic Biology and Physics she re­ ported on the researches in these fields bearing directly -on the problem of fish conservation. Dr. Moore also presented a paper on work of the Con­ servation Commission relating to stu­ dies of hatchery diseases describing her m ore recentre,searches bn the affects of parasitism in brood fish. The Chenango County Pish and Game Association has ordered 6000 young whit© pine trees from th© Con­ servation to add to its growing forest and the Jefferson County Pish and Gam© protective Association has order­ ed 20,000 w h ite pine, Scotch pine, red pine aud Norway spruce. Sportsmen’s Associations throughout the state rec­ ognize the fact that more forests m ean better hunting and fishing and, pi*o- ceedJng on, that Icnowledge, are plant- in g ^ r e e s . WILL RETIRE PUBLIC DEBT IN 25 YEARS Cleveland, Sept 22.— Complete re­ tirem ent of the gigantic public debt of the United States in the next ' 25 •years is contemplated * by the Treas­ ury. Federal fiscal affairs have reached th e stage. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dewey disclosed in a state- 1 ment prepared for delivery at the an­ nual convention of the Investment Association opening da, where the , treasury has been 3varrented in map- ! ..ping out a program contem p lating ! the w iping out of. the^ entire debt, | about 21 and one-half billion® in the next quarter of a century. fi To put tlxrough such a program, however, Mr D.ewey said, the treasury m u st hai’e full co-operation of all. He told th e in\'estment hankers that any effort to interfere seriously w ith the present v/ide market for the gov­ ernment securities' w o u ld ;upset the plan, and he urged them to aid in 'combatting any movem ent that would result in the trading off by their hol­ ders Of government securities. Pointing out that the government has to pay appxmximately one billion ! dollars a year— a lm o st one-foui'th of its entire expenditure— in interest on its public debt, the assistant secre- tar 3 ?- declared that outlay must be re­ duced if material reduction is to be an accomplished fact. HIGH SCHOOL OPEN FOR mSPECnOM The ne-w high school huilding wHH be open for'public inspection this 6lr«- ninR- and Thursday ev4ning froxn. >fziM t o 9:56 o*elocjU ;_,__T lie p u l a l i c ix: §© 3 fc- eral is cordially inyited to inspect th|l» wonderful building. First Railways The first railway in England w a s.b l- gun in 1S25.; in Austria and in P r a n ^ in 1828; i i \ the United States in 182^; Belgium and Germany, 1835; Russia^ 1838, and Italy^in 1880. NEW tow PRICES - O N - BLIZZARD ENSIL AGE CUTTERS Fairbanks-Morse TYPE “Z” ENGINES LOOMIS 6-ROLL CORN BUSKERS 50, 60, 75 and 50 ft. ENDLESS • THRESHER BETS ■ — AT— . BDCI BEOS. -MIDDLETOWN, M. Y. FIRE WOOD Block or S p i t ............................ $5.00 a^oad POSTS Arbor, Fence, or for anv purpose, as per vour order, IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ^ Telephone 2 0 4 -X . , Tongue Trpuhles Betty la a great talker. It was ^ often said of her tongue that it w a s j loose at both ends and it wagged in j the middle. But when she ate she • quite often bit her tongue. One eve- j ning at supper she bit her tongue and t then burned it on something hot. Af- [ ter a few tears and a little S3’tnpa(h3r j she remarked: “I gness I’ll take my j tongue out when I eat and put it back vjhen I talk.” PAUCE THEATRE TODAY Sleep for the Nervous A specialist in nervous disease?' says that women should sleep nim hours at night and one hour ia th< daytime. ’ • • • ' Phoebe Aim Van Auken M aoKeclmie Mrs. Phoebe Ann Van Auken M ac- -Kechnie. widow of Andrew M acKech- ]iixe, pasised aw ay at her home at Glen Spey, Sullivan county. N. Y., on Mon­ day evening, September 22, after ^ a Short ififiess. She w a s in the seventy- fourth year of her age. Deceased w a s the daughter bf Charles Van Auken and Martha ■ICnight V a il Auken and w a s born at ^MoUgaup, on..O ctober 5, 18S0. On V Twenty seven orders aggregating 151,000 young trees for planting on farm pa.«tures. and unused farm fields th is fall have already, b een booked by th e Conservation Comniission and the fa ll plajiting just beginning, ^ The Conservation ,, Commission Is m aking an educational moldon pip- lU're on white* pine, ho3v the diseajue is controlled and results obtained wh^re conftol m easures have been ap­ plied. Co. f u k e r a l d i r e c t o r s MONDAY AND TUESDAY WOW WHAT A WHALE OF A PICTURE; That’s tbe exclamation—-or words/to that etfect— every member of every audience at the Palace Tbea- tr is going to use next Monday after seeing “JUDGMENT OFTHESTORM” See the big scenes in the gambling house where men and women tempt fate and fortune; see the man who binds himself as a Have for Bfe to right anoth­ er’s wrong; see the thrilling scenes in the raging bli:^ard ot the high Si#raa; see the most vir3e, vivid.drama you have ever seen! TWO-REEL TELEPHONE GIRLS I TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOR RENT—3 Main St. Inqui rooms, iS l on prem ises. 9-23r29 Matinee 2:30 Eve. 7 :30-11 25 Crafc Childrei^ 15c, Adults FO R SALE— ^Double barreled N ew Barker hammer gun. First claes condition, ?18; also Swiss army rx:|e cut down, ?10. L. Roberts, 15 Center. 9-23-24 LOST— a pair of Beagle hounds, black and white spotted. Anyone knowing anything of them please notify C. J. Edwards, Matamoras,- Pa. • - 9-23-25 FO R SALE— 40 running feet 7 foot 113-115 Pike ! iT i - 79 Orange St. fla g st'one at 113-115 Pik e St. Best offer takes them. \Write W . A-. Kadel. ‘ 9j2372i _____ -2 fam ily house, electric light, hot and cold w a ter, toil^et, FOR SA.LF- light, h ot ----- - , hath, each floor. Private cellars.. Gu- rage. In Brtioklsn. IPrice $5,500. A real /bargain. G. W. Shields;, Spar- rowbush PW n e 409-W3. 9-28-26 M E N W ANTED at the Gas Plant to ­ morrow, $ a. m. 5C;c,per hour. M, •T. Cleary. . ltd WEDNESDAY Warner Bros. Classics of the Screen, an ace, two queens and a whole evening full of laughter. WESLEY BARRY IN “GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR.” ~ From the Play by George M Cohan A snappy, Jazzy, Social Comedy in w h icl Freckles emerges from knickers into the long'-trousered role of a cJashiixg young hero. TWD-REEL COMEDY MatMee2;30 - Evening 7 :30-11 Adults 25c, Clfidirim 15 c Adults 25c, 15c

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