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Lewis County Democrat. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1865-1910, August 21, 1867, Image 3

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The Kf.tioiidl Hone Tidv. TIlL' Mllllll.ll luil'M' I'.lll' il l IJllll'.llil (•lllHl'll Slllllllliiy. 'I'll!' lilK l niUL' Cull) incneeil ill i.'ii u'cliH'k in tlio inoi-iiinjj;. It Wilt\ II |H'i\ 111! Illllloll, I'll - ilVU ll 11 lit 1- vt'd tlullui't, lid wvi'ii* Ci'iizy JIIIIU, ol' Hynu'tiKo, mill Molly, of Uiinmiimti, Mully won ll'is lii>i, ll'unl mill lilt 11 licnts in 2:«:i4 'J::)j.J uml 2:;iti.l Cru/.y Juno Idtlk lllll Hl'l'i'iul tllli t I'lillllb llCUUS III '2:34i mill 'i-M\. Tin- lii:-t, ri'^ulni riii-i! WHS i'nr u pro- mi um ol't<lUO,llt'l-l lIlllU! ilJllU' llpl'll to nil IKUICII IIUI'KIH (jxirpi. I Jul lor iiinl Foiirli'H.s, • (jrny EIIRII', Kcy-iimi', Muy Quoi-n find Crazy June miiiii'il. i\liiy\(. n Culiloriiiii inure, linnijjii nvi-i 1 by .1. U. Giillnr, took ilic |)iii>i-in iliruc Hiniiohl hvim. Time— 'i-.au, 12:34.1, 2:333. Tlio Ht'i'utid riii'i- w us liir a |iii'iiiinm ot #000, best ihri'i! in live to linrtioss ; iVrO'io nil liiiihoK except Uuxti-r am) Ktliiin Alh'ii. Gui-jri' M. Pn'ohon, Billy Luwin uml J\lminitiiii Mniil wore, tlio coiiti'HlunlK. JMoiiiiitiin Maid took tin- [uirsf. Time— l J::i2, V\:1M$- and W.l'i. [IIUMIloss Notice. I BW° STANI'OISI) & LA.NI'IIUII IIAVII) liiinlo iiiTiiiigi'iin'1118 lo bo supplied with l'Vut-u Duller ii'd'i; du/i. Cull mid net n nice uri'ielc cheap. 4<lll Omen Lowvillo Price*. Ok'THlt Iil'.WIKlhirNTY DHMOIMUT, ) IiOWVlI.I.K, All;,'. Bl, JHII7. f 1'i.oun, ?>) barrel JliiAi., $ Inn ll».-* WllKVT, *(>' llllsliel CoHN, \ \ lU'i.i:v , \ \ OATS, \ \ UKANS, \ \ I'KAS, \ \ I'uTATOKs\ \ BUTTKH, |M1) OlIKKHK, V lb Hill, « lb ' PolK. \)bbl E.ma, $ dozen •S VI,T, 1) bbl MAPLE Suu.ui, (.new) V Hi.. IIoNKV ,*11 00<»l2 0(1 . (rt> 2 50 <vi> a BO (III —@ (II) (ii) c<« (a— — >*•>&— — Ul(il)— '27 IHtfiy'M HI) tit S ifi — liftc— ifi t^\M:3ii!loo(l «mi<I Youtlli'lll Vig- or lire regained by llilmbuld'* h'.e/riiel Iliiehu. £3r*stisiti«'i'«'<l «Oiisiimiions fie stored bv IlelinboliVx lu'trnef Jliieleit. r n I3S~ livery kind of l''ir»t-<'las*.0ol> ami Bouli printing; done in n fjuod iiiniiucr,und with clieapiicHrt una di'sputi-h at this OIHI.-M. EST II<'linB>oiaS FUlid i;xlra«'t, Buelin i.i p tiiMiint in tnstc mid odor, free from nil injurious properties, und iumiediiuoiti its no- tion. IW Wixiur's Hulsaiu of Wild CIIKHHY.—TIIIH remedy bus luiij; been eherisliod by tliceoniliiiiiiiiy lor its reninI'Uuble etliuuey in relieving, heiiliiifr und euring ihe iin>nt olistinutc, puinful and liiufr-.itniiiliii); eases of Ooiif;li< Oold, InlhU'llzii, More Thrnnt, llriiui-liilis, VVlioti[iinK Congb,('i'OU]i, Aslliiiiii.liilliiiiinliiiii ol'llie I.uiiL'-i while even Consumption ilsi-ll bus yielded in its liuigio inllui'iii-e when nil other menus have failed. Its whole hsitoiy proves that the pasi has prodiu-ed no ri-iin dy of equal Milne, as a euro lor the numerous ami ihineernii-i pulmon- ary ull'ectioiii wliieli pievuil all over the land. I'iixulirih'.l 7'r.sfh/loltl/ : X'rom ANIHIKIV AitciiKii, Iv-q , ol Fnii-lield Me. \ Abnii'. eijiln vein's sim-e, my sun, Henry A, Areher, now poslnm.-li'i- at r'.iirlhld, Mn.ii'i'.-ei County, Mninc win atnu'lu-il Willi spiirnj,' of blood, eon^'h, ^veal\ness ol luii'-s ami ^eiiei-iil debililv. so luin-h 'n that our I imilv pliy.-iriuu deelnri'il him in have a \ tintti'i < nnsnii'iiti'm.' He was under medii'iil treiiimei.l loi- a IIHIUIHT of months, hut reeeivi-il nu lii-ni'l't from it. A.t leiigtbfroin tlie solieiiuiion ol liim-elf and oth- ers, Flvus iiidueed u> purchase our Imllle ol WIHTAIl's I1AI.JAM OF WII.ll I 1IAI1KY, Whii-ll lll-Iie- iitted him so tnueli ! obiniiii\! nnotlier bottle, which in n phorl line- reslon-d him to bis usual atntp ol health. I think 1 run sul'i-ly i-i'couiiurnil this n'.i'dieine to others in like eondiiion, for ll. is, 1 think, nil it purporls in be— the Urrat Luii^ Jicmcd// for the Timex\ The above stuteim-jil ^I'l'ilen en, is m.v v 'Inn- tary ofleiing to you in I'm or ol your lialsaui, und is at your disposal,\ Prepared by SF.TII W. FOWI.E & SOX, _ IB Treinont St., lioston, uml fur sale by druggists ,'gcncrnlly. (ST ll«;Inil>oi<r«i Fluid t xtracl IBucbil pives health and vigor to the frame anil •bloom to the palid cheek. Debility is aeeom- pntiied hy many alarming symptoms, and if no treftTment is submitted to,cgnsiimplion, insanity, or epileplie fits ensue. |f\ Af«r'» «'alliiirti<' Pills.—Are the most perfect purgative we are ab.e to pro- duce, and, us we think, Iras over yet been made by ntiy body. Their eircets liave abundantly shown to tlio community how much limy excel the other medicines in inc. They are safe ami pleasant to take, but. powerful In cure. Their penetrating properties stinu.lnte the vital activ- ities of the body, remove the obstructions ol its orguna, purify the blood, \ml expel -disease.— They purge out the foul humors wlih-h breed and grow distemper, siiinulate sluggish or dis- ordered organs into their natural ai-t-un, and | Bl impart tone and strength to the whole systcv.. i Not only do they cure the everyday eonniU'juts I of everybody, but formidable and uaiic.i'rons discuses. While they produce pnwcrlul effects, thay are at the same lime, in diminished (1OM-S, the safest and best physic that can be employed for children. Being sugar-coated iliey nro plcasnnt to tnUo; and, being purely vegetable, are entirely harmless. Cures hn\e been made that would surpass belief, were lliey not sub- stnnciiited by men of such exalted diameter, as 'to forbid the suspicion of uniriitli. .Many enii- •nont clergymen mil physicians certify to ilie public the reliability of our remedies, while mil ers have sent us the assurance ol their convic- tion that our Preparations contribute iininense- •ly to the relief of our ufilicied Idlnir-iucn. The agent below nunied-is pleased lo lurnish gratis our American Almanac, containing direc- tions for the use of these medicines and eiriili- cates of their cures ol the fiillowingeompluinl.-: Costiveness. liillious Com plain is, 1{ hen uiaii.-in, Dropsy, Heartburn, Ileuil.ii'lie arising limn foul stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, .Morbid Iiiiti-liim ol tile bowels ued pains ni-i: incr llieiefrom, Flat- ulency, Loss of Appetite, nil diseases which re- qub an evucmml lnedicine. They ulso by pm i- fying the blood uml stimulating the system, cure innuy complaints which it. would not be supposed they could roach, such as Deafness, Parliul Blindness,, Neurnlicia and Nervous Irrilubilii v, I)erniigeiiient. of the Liver and Kidmys, (lout and other kiudn tl disorders arising from a Ion «tnte of the body, or nb.-u uelioiiol ils luneliims. Do not be put oil' by unprincipled dealers \villi otlier jui pnrations on which they make tnorc prolit. Deinuud Ayer'sand lal.e no o her- 'Tho tick want the best aid there is for them, und tliey should have it. Prepared by Hit. J. 0. Av it &• Co , Lowell, Masr Sold by all druggisis and dealers in ined- tcino everywhere ; also by .lolin Duig, Lowville. At wholesale by Dickinson, Coiuslock A' Co., Uticit. ,-- nfl Il^rKlTOrt* of Votltll.-A peinli'iinin who siill'ercd for years Iruui N.i vous Del.ilily, 1*1 ••umltin- Jieeny, and all the effects id youlii- till indiscretion, will, lor the suite of Miil'orlng huiuaniiy, Hem! to'ull who need It, the. receipt and directions for making the simple remedy by which ho was cured. KulVerers wishing to prolit by the advertiser's experience, can do so by.uildrcssing, ill perfect conll ence, JOHN 11. (HiDKN, 12 Cedar street. New York. -Uyl M/'TlM! <*l«i'j- of iTJun U AtlM'HKlIl. • Tlierefnre Ihe nervous and dehililaied should immediately use JleljitMU'it lixtruet Jhu-liu. 22r<!irii«'o'i» C«>l«>brnti>d Nulvo— AMI.SIU'HV, .Mass., (let. lit, IKUl).— Mr. (Mm, — Dear Hir: Having been iilllictcd grevlously for Heveral ivcckd with u severe ubecss upon my side, 1 used several reniedles lor lt« eradication willioiit reech'lng any relief, until 1 applied your salve, wlib-li effected a purniuuoiit and Hpccdy cure. I tliefuforo feol happy to eortity my coiilldenco in its virtues. YOIIIB witli re- spect. JAMES BEAN, I certify to tlio trutlifulncss of the, ubovo statement II, 8, DKARUUHN, M. I). HK'l'U W, FOYVLE & SON, llostou, I'rop'rs. Sold by ull druggists at 2fi cm. a box. liy mail UEi cts. 1ST ilciuiboui'N IluUI lOxliiuit Ituciiu is ii certain cure for all discuses of the Iilnddcr, Kidneys, '(iruvel, Dropsy, Organic Weakness, Female Complaints, tiene'ral Debilry, and all discuses of the. Urinary (b-gniis, wlielber existing In Male or Female, from whatever cause originating mid no mutter of how long standing. Diseases of these, organs require tho use of iv diuretic. I!'no treatment is submitted to, Consumption Insanliy inav ensue. Our flesh and blood are supported fioin tlese sources, and the health mid happiness, anil Unit ol PosUU'iuY, depends upon prompt, use of a reliable remedy, l/rluihuUl'ii Ji'jelruct Uttchii, estnbllalied up- wards of 18 years, prepared by II, l\ HELM- HOLD, Druggist, l)(l-l llroadway, New York, and Ibil Houlh llith Street, Philiub Iplitti, Pa, {{•TTakc No illwi'i! Uiiploasaul und unsafe remedies for unpleutaiit and danger- ous diseases. Uso llclinbold'* Ji'.vlr<iet Hiiclin and Improved utte Wath. 152?\ \Vo t'oiislliill>tiv<'M.—The adveF- liser, having been restored to health in a low weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suffered for several years with u severe lung af- fection, and that dread lung d'souse, Consump- tion—is anxious to make known to his fellow event urea the menus ot cure. To all v,ho desire il, he will send a copy of the prescription used (free of charge), with Urn directions for preparing and using the same, which they will find a sure euro lor Consump- tion, Aslbnin, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and all Throat and Lung Affections. Tlio onljuob- ject ol the advertiser il) sending the prescription is to benefit the iilllictcd, and spread information which lie conceives to be in valuable, and lie hopes every sufferer will fry hl-i remedy, as it, will cost them nothing, and may prove a bless- ing. Parlies wishing the pteserii.tion, FRKB by return mail, will please address UKV. EDWARD A. WILSON, Willi.imsburch, Kings Co., New York. _ 41 y 1 ;TfAt«»l>ers;'s «j)a1aMini<>! A fcufo- STiTimt ton MOTIIKU'K MILK, ASH FOOD l'oii l.\- VAt.ins. A safeguard ngninst Hummer Com plaints. Sold by nil Druggists, J'llty cents per enn. IIAI.I, Si. IU'UKKM. Agents, '218 Greenwich st, New York. rr- For r¥o!i-ii<'t<Mition or la- WondGIS of tll6 \World • 'iiiiiineiiei' ef I ruie. iritnlion, Inlhiiiiallou, or *\ v \ * ulceration ot the, liluddir, or kidneys, discuses of tlie prostrate glands, stone in the bladder, calcu- lus, j;invel or brick dust deposits, ami all dis- cuses of the bladder, kldnevs and dropsical fcivollings, use II elm hut it a Fluid h'xtruct Duchu. t£??\ WIMMIOW'H soothing Syrup.— Foil Ciiii.inu.'i T i.iiiisii.—The Original Medi- cine, know II for iipwn*'ils of tweiily-live years, beurs our i'i;.'niitiii'e on tlie wrapper and t.-ade mark, wiiluuiL whicii none i:i ^enui'ie. liltYAN & Co . Kl\i .mil sm llio.nlwav, S. Y, it* J«>S» t*i'iutiiiK off ftlvory !)« • oripnon, such us ll.ill 1'ickets, (Jireulars, Bill- lieuil Itceeipts, Wanks, Posters, Programmes, &u.,&o., &«., oxeuuted wilhcheapiiOBsand dee- imteli, at this ofliee FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKINtl! Great Excitement i~W\ HolmholdN Uxlrnrt IIIICIHI and Jinjirovnl Dose Il'«»/i cures secret and deli- cate disordcrsin all their ,-tages,at little expense, Utile or no change in diet, no inconvenience ami no exposure. It is pleasant in taste and odor, immediate in its action, and free from ull inju- rious properties. 2&V8. Ohaii&ler W 'OULD RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCE to )lie Ladies of this village and vicinity that she bus taken rooms In I he M^tonurd JBlocli, on Main street, und is prepared lo cut und lit Ladies, Misses nnrl Children's Dresses, Cloaks and Sacques, IN Till! LATEST STYI.KS, Having liuil yenm of exp'rlencn in the busi- ness with goml success, she kindly sollcils a ubiiro ofyour putroimne. 1 Take JN otice! TO ALL TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.— All persons indebted to Jnuoli I. Cook are r e uucstod to call ut Ids place of business In Low vilie und settle without delay. JAOOB I. COOK. Lowville, Aug. 7, 18I17. D2tf MANUFACTt'ltRl) BY DOMINICK A: SACK, BruiitiHghnni, Lewib County, N. Y, VVARKANTKD to keep in any eliiniile, and to he in all respeetn superior to other matches sold. Wo cannot loo highly commend these mulches in the public. Orders solicited Irom merchants and dealers, f ftSSmANtCtel A«KW41V CASH AS- . sets over TWENTY MILLION Dollars. .•OT.N'.Y, lliirtford.iiu-ur. 1K1H,assets.if 1.478,Dm IIOMK, rtfi llromlwuy, N. ) i,i,in.nnH II AllTFOliD.t'oini., incur. 1 Bill 1,7KK,1.\-K OUS'TINKNTAL, ln-2 l!riiudwav,N Y. l,(IHN,i:i« [iKOL'RITY, !U Pine st reel, N'. Y... 1,421, :126 INS. CO. ol i\. AMERICA, i'liila . . . ],7:il,uui) rNTERN'ATIONAL, Now York city. l,444,UKll PIKHNIX, 111!) Hrnudwnv, N.Y...' . l,iitlii,(is.'i MANHATTAN, N. Y., iiicor. 1H2I ., l,iiti2,12l< t, AVI Alt, r,u Wall street, N. Y 4:i:i,\21 AUR1CULTURAL, Wntertown, X.Y. iititi.otio TRAVELERS', Accident, Hartford.. 74],!IH7 CHARTER OAK Lll'li fl.tiilO.tllUl WILL NEVER CEASE, 'AMD IIEDDEN & DODGE ARK HOUND TO I11IM0NSTIUTK IT AT 1KVSTAL HALL, WHERE TIIKT ARB ]I.\r?Y TO AN- iiouneu can bo found aiiunusiinl large supply of goods in their line iiinonR which may bo found the latest pulterns of white granite of our twn Importation, from tho best potteries in Europe, such us .1, Fernlvitls, Meukiii & Sons, Wedg- wood, Hughs, und others. Aiso, A I.AUOK ASSORTMENT Of Common While Ware Rockingham Ware. French gold-bund Chliiu, Belgium cut u>id pluin (ilnss-wnre, Bohemian & American Ulusswiiro, Solid Silver wnr^, Silver-plated Wuro, Table Cutlery, Lamps & Lnntel-np, Kerosene Oil, An immense stock of most npprov cil kinds of self-sirling Piuit Jurs, All of which wo«are bound to Bel' in quantities lo suit purchasers, nnd ut prices to suit tlio times. •till of Which is ncapceirtitty Sub\ milted ami an early attcn- tlancc solicited. Crystal Hujl, Lowville June U,Wl._Ji_ \New^Iilliney Store. IN COPEJYHAGEJV. OeWitt C, West & Co, Are Around Onoe Mor# PULIIONIO^IBYSUP. T'rc rreiit iiie'l e.lnoeiil'Od Dr. ,1. II. Etni-MOiC, Uifl Te l'-'•', r. e'I'LliiMjua-.v t!.i-ii'ii',.p l.-.i, v. I.nii ll lm<l I' ; .1 ui'-\l.i P' tin ,-.!'.It'e f,.p-• , , ae.l W'.IIJ j ,,i'\. 1/ e.'.'i ur.;,'!-.. Il l lie inn.l'm e. IT',- jiV's-V .v.^iirn- i.fia'ef.l li'n i-i o iieruiMblo \-. > \i lio no-.ie ifi,-1 , ol I' plii.li-.. •I. r-.v.-e; \ el\/ r l ; le .'lih v.ai re-.'-jiv 1 in re-in-n of lli-i if; i- e. li; ll'l! liyilliecillH ilHu-'.'.ly ('..flliv.'.eii w'eHti., i,i:rj limn !• o l'.-.iut ;•*, ,!-o S'j ref;vf i-.e, l.-i li.n Tc o:,.-'I't'.'i-^' lo I! 1 ,) c.u-o ol {''r i]. enevi \\V. eli e-( II i;-'.'e rr,.; ill f ... | i,. I , ..i-,', III re: ii. lie :•!• I.id . I .n ... ..11 ...--. ut I e I tti.ll l'i I'. 1.1 Aggregate unpit.nl ?2:t,:iSri,'J0!) MORRIS CliASH, Agent, •VI Lowville, N.Y. IS^ciiiV li. TOESeVEvti, A'rrnnxiJY d- COUXXKI.OII AT LAW 3&owville, So-tvis County,:!^. \I\ Dualities iiliiuiiiiMl for disdiargeil soldiers, S'c. Olliee in the Ln.ia.ii'd block. 118 «-' USA'S. 1>. AtKAMH, Vt'.oniey and Counsellor al Law, LowvilU N'. Y. Olliee in the Leonard block. Purlieiihu- ir.tentiou p.mi t o collections,and Hiinvei-'incine nt j'Uiee •:.!-, ter ,;i • I-- i' . I . : : i i :-. :tl.l', !' l.i.j f.ie ,\i:r.i> .•i-iH,- T.i.-.:.', aei ;,;...:;:'::'.: ctl r-.p-'ec-l !n m.-in; C-.|..., ;v.i.'ii. V:i'.\ Jiie.- l : r»!i. -....• ;i,;j.i |V c \ \ p.. !'• .' .•• 1.' -liir. er,-i I '.'. ; lllJUl Willi:.;. ,• .. • • t;r. '., - w. -. , l-ii. \-. '„.:! ll In i-^n- p,:i 0 i! II I.\' i^ .e- :.\- t\\ ,v.\i r-.'.-ie-' .r,\ 1 , til! -,i a lli .ri>.i : T .i' ;;•: ui.ir. i„a ii'iiliiii U.i ...liiuieier li.ii 'e • i: lii.'i^e tlji'u' >. l'<ii-a oliiei'vo, WII.TI vnn'\' i-i'.v, fii! l'i\ te.*o lil-.i, I-::i'., i>: tlio Dm'icr-.'ii! nii-.i inttv.i iaila!a{0 ol (;oii4iniip!lon, nnd tho oltiar to lio now tl, la p.n-ii-ot li.'alli—aro rfn tho Govormnma sliunp. S ,'d by all Dmsplnta and PeaVrj. I'rloo $1.R0 per toitlo, or $7.50 tho lic'.f Jonon. Lwtora (i>r lulvlco should nhvaes lio directod to«Dr. Solionek's Wliio'iwi O.liio, U North fith St., riiilailc'.ph.a, 1'*. 'jenori'l WliotOrfalo ArenUi: Doiiiai nurncn ii Co., VI. Y..C-3. S. Hanco, IlnlUmoro, Mil.; John D. Tar!;, (Ji.uilmmtl, Ohio! Walker & Taylor, Ohicaj*, '11.i t'uliiin Hro»., Bl.Louis,Mo.[3d w.e«. mo. t >T. E^\HcmI)ol<i'>i CoHccHtvati'U Ex- tract finch u is the Groat. Diuretic. HelmbihVs Conrcnlrettcd Hsrtmet Sannparillu is tlie Great Blood Purifier. Roth are prepared according lo rules of Pharmacy nnd Chemistry, and are the most active that can be lu.nlo .jdtiitions, of bolhsi'M'S, use llr/mbnld's Kxlrnct y Buchit. It will give brisk and cuVrgelic feel- ings, and enable yon lo sleep well. N OTICIi—All per. ons in.lelii, Ragan, nre hereby n quested lo settle tlie mime without dikiv or the will be left for colic,,|iiin, Lowville, Aug, 2>i, Isi',7. 2 .i. UA<;AN. ICI^JEC'ITIOS KOTI€E. SlIEKIKP's Ol-TICF., CofKTT OI'T'KWIP, Notice is hereby given pursuant to the slut, utes of this Si»ir-, and of the annexed notice froni the Secretnry of State, that the general on '..ill be held in this county on the Tues- day suicci'diug the first, Monday of November next, at which election tho following officers nained in the annexed notice will be elected. KLISHA CROFOOT. Sheriff of Lewis county. STATF. OF SEW YORK, Otlico o\f the Secretiny ol State, Albany, July 27, 1807. 7!i the Sheriff of the mmili/ of J.evis : Slit! Notice is hereby given that at the Gent- eral Election to be held in the State on the Tuesday succeeding tlie lirst Monday of Noveni her next, flic following olliccrs nro to be clouted, to wit A Secretary of State in the plucc of Francis C, Harlow. A Comptroller in place of Thomas Ilillhouso, A Treasurer in the place nf Joseph IlowUnd, An Attorney (lencriflin the place ol John II, Mariinilnle. A Slate Engineer and Surveyor in the ph'.oc of .1. Plait, tioodscll. A Cumil Coinmissioucr in tlio place of Frank- lin A. Allierger. An Inspector of State Prisons in the place ol D.ivid P. Forrest, A Judge qf the Court of Appeals in the place of Henry E, Davi . II whose term of office will expire on Hie lust duy of December next. Also n Justice of the Supreme Court for fifth Judicial District in place ol Leliuy Morgan whose term of olliee will e-tpiro on the last day of Deceiliber next. Al.-o, a Senator for the Eighteenlh Senate District, comprising the counties of Jefferson and Lewis. w CurNTY OFKKIEIIS TO BE KLECTHD I A Member of Assembly. A Sheriff in tlie place of Elisha Crofoot. A County Clerk in tlie place of David A. Stow, art. Cyjfob IVork <!oti«- ;U this Office A County Judge in place of Curios P.Scovil, A District. Attorney in place oT Edward A, Brown, appointed to fill vaeunc.v occasioned by resignation of Seymour F. Ailanis. A Superintendent of the Poor in the place of Charles S. Kice. Two Justices of Sessions in the plnceofErl win S. Cailwell nnrl Hiram Warner. All wlyfse terms of office will expiro on tho Inst dnyyof Deeemher next. FRANCIS C. B Ilf/nY, Soctetnrv of State. Bny ©ootis of Advertisers, ii! RS» >V A ll at A. BiSBCOW:\!! .4 TTOU.X /.';',(• I'Ol'XSLl.Ln:! AT LAW. A:r/-nt for Pensions, Homilies, i.e. Ofiice ii. il'I Ion nal!''! Ill oe I , Lowville, (I'oiuieriv occupied by N. II. NvLi-.-ier, 1:-| I V.\i. !->iiFfi Al'fi'. FA<i!lt/X Mil K //,!//,• l>ll!-:.\Wh'!i AXD « ,s',V.-! ;/,\o /;/,', Will put. riizurs in urler, and keeps Hie bust quality for snle. IVilui.series ofiill kinds. Shop ill Wim-hell's block, Lowville, N. Y. .u .i. r. a. n ,i .^' u E <>a; si;-:, (Fronting on Court and Arsenal sis.) V.'ATEiiTOWN, N.Y. Stngts leave this House for all parts, daily. 2«-ly liACON .t MAY, Proprietors. It lit BY HOUSE, WM. C. HASCI1ETT, Proprietor, Court street, Wntertown, N. Y. This house hits under gone thorough refitting and offers the best, ac cotnmoilntions for tlio traveling public XMERS. E. B3S0Z£ HAS OPENER A NEW MILLINERY STORE where will be found, A LARGE ASSORTMENT 01? ALL THE LATEST STYLES OF BONNETS, Jockeys, Flowers and attarlicles found in A FIRST CLASS MILLINERY STORE, WHICH WILL IIK S0I.II V1.IIV C1IKAP. Ladies please call and be. cimrineed that (his is true. l^\A\\ kinds of bound? and jockeys Blench- ed, Colored, Shaped and Pressed or short notice. SI/OP 8KC0KJ) D0OL\ NORTH SIDE BAYAN UTRllliTt LOW VILLA', X. Y. (Eg?\ An apprentice wanted. CARRIAGE & AVAGON MANUFACTORY, AN I) BLACKSIUTH S 51 © P ,' OS NORTH SIIIK SHADY .Wr.MiU, Lowyille, 1ST. IT. HAVING FITTED IP THIS OLD ESTAB- lisheil Carriage shop, we now invite particular attention to our faciliiies, nc\erln for\ equalled, uf turning \in ilurable and finely finished, anil, in ever respect, Firsi-etosH Carriages & Wagons, at most lT'oinible prices, nnd which ivo guitnin- tce shall be excelled In no oilier milkers, In iiddiiiiiii !>• the I'lirriaire Shop, we have r.-ceiul\ ji..i. im.-t .1 .»• !i! iC'L'-'MiTU «Hnp adjiiiiiii.ir it nnd, ,.ic ,uiv pri pared to do all kinds ol' Kep.Miii'g, EOnaS - fflHOBIWG-, Ironing Carriages and Slei^lis and every and ull descriptions ol IShicksuiiilihig, b; tlio U:it woik- me'i. We bcsi'iv/ great iitteiitien tn thisbranch. Carriap-es repuired, nei' .\1 and put in order on short notice. We invite your attention, believing we can make it for \otir adMintmre to buy of lis. MORKIS u l'OIlTEK. Lowville May 15, ISI',7. 40tf 11215 WOODKlll'F II O U Ss EJ, WATERTOWN, N. Y. D. C, BURNF.TT, (formerly of American Hotel) Proprietor, 20-1 y A. BJ . CUOSB5¥, M. 5>. Formerly of Shirtiiisburgh, N. Y., has remove,] to Lowville lor tlie. practice of his profession. Olliee and residence on llayaa street, formerly occupied hy Dr, Oebbie.' n2titf \ OT. IH. S8ic8<sir<lts»B», LICENSED AUCTIOKElsn, Will promptly respond to all e.nlls in this line. B.~S.\ilEKkEt l , Atomsyand Counsellor at law, and Solicitor and Oouncellorin Mquity. Lowville, Lewis County. .BOB rPESHiSTHcYO, Of every description executed at this office-— Brick, block, corner State und Dnynn streets, Third floor. Entrance, lirst stairway South oi Stoddard & Singer's. Hl'E3£5AJ2»'S EEO>'8\E]L, 7'RUSSIAN PliTTLlOrENT, Clin (HIAN, JbKWIR 00UNY1\N. Y. S. R. HUBBARD, Proprietor. The beet accom- modations to bo found at this hotel for the traveling public—careful ulteiiiion, good sta- bling, &c. Passengers conveyed to and from the steamboat landing. Tlio best facilities for limiting and fishing parlies c m bo found at this house and excellent guides pro\ ided when desired. 4Slf joiTS\TITLTN'O II A'ST, A I) VlinriSlXU AGENT, Ko. 4 ExcitANiiK Btrii.niNOR, UTIOA, N. Y. Advertisements inserted in any paper in the United Stales at publisher's lowest rales. 2 lyl KT~O. ~i\ow Es , % Has all the facilities ior 3a003ES.3H5I»TX33:^rC5-. BLANK HOOKS of nil ilesenpiious kept con- • stanlly on hand. Also, PLAIN AND FAN- CY PAPER BOXES.at I slow rates as enn be got. anywhere. uf> FIIAINKIII, SQUARE, I'tieu. S O IL O • E K S ! EQTTALIZA 1'ION BOUNTIES OrnntcJ by Act, ol July, lSlifi, to living soldiers, obtuincd for §3, which includes all charges, W. HUDSON STEPHEN'S, Claim Agent. N.B.—Tllf required forms of application will probably be issued by the Pay-Muster General .iliiini the l\th of Anirust. nfi2 C. E. !>iTIiPMEf%N COUNSELOR AT LAW AND NOTARY rUBLIO. Particular attention paid to collections and conveyancing. Olliee corner of State and Day- nn streets, Lowville, N, Y. V Of j^\.lll kind* «»f? •»•>«> Wor cuteri at this office from a neat cin mammoth poster. Harness & Trunk Store AUSTIN & BOYCE MANft'ACTL'nEns ASB DEALERS IN Saddles, Harnesses, Twnks, Valices, LADIES' & GENTS' t cafljcr Cvabrlinfi %np, Whips, HOFNO C!ot!sm£, S«c!!«ll€vy Ilardivarc, JPr\parc«l Mavness Oil, I>»«v & Carriage Mats. (jr^**Special attention paid Io carriage Trim- ming. Uepairing done with Neatness anil Despatch. Opposite the Post Office, lowville, N- Y. 1\\k AUSTIN, Jit. S. O. BOYOK. N. B.—Old hair mnttriisscs repaired. 4is UNioN\ AC AI)EM Y, HE FALL TERM OF THIS INSTITUTION _ will commence on Tuesday, August ai, 1867. K,6^ I WILL PAY FOR HOARD ROOM \ AND WOOD. T I Term, Thirteen Weeks. The Clnssieal Course is that, prescribed by the University Oonvocation, to which the Principal devotes his entire attention,' which, when com- pleted, is all that is required b\ any College. The Seientilio Course is under the direction oT n graduate of the N. Y. State Xormal School, Albany. Modern Languages will be under the direction of tlie Preceptress, Mrs, M. A. Smith, an accom plisbed Linguist, whose success in this depart- ment heretofore is nil that tho most sanguine frjends of the institution could desire. Tho \u- sieul Department is still under the direction of Miss S. A, Olin, which is a suflicicil guaranty of its excellence. Tlio Connimrciitl Course is tho sumo ns that pursued ill Bryant, & Strntton's chain of commer- cial colleges, nnd is Relieved to be superior to that of any other academy in the State. Prof. Ililler, by virtue of arrangements just made, will be enabled nnd will give his entiro attention to lies department. Circulars will bo issued July lfitli, for which, and any otlier information, ple,i-e address WM. JENKINS, Principal, or E. H. IIILLEU, Business Principal Slm2 ]i tltevillc, Jeff. Co., N. r, Hll BUtt & CO., HAVE JUsiT PILLED THE STORE FORM- orlyooouplod by JLUQKI it RAYIIOSB, f dtti- flowing with DET GOODS, Of every description, too numerous to mention. KI3l>Al>Y.MADI3 CLOTHING GrVrooeries. JI ATS & GAPS. BOOTS AVtB SHOHB. GLASSWARE AND CUTLERY, Carpets, Oil Glottis. LADIES' AND GENTS' Furnishing Gooclgi woo VIM wAJij>:. WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES. Silverware &* Jtewclry* WATCHES, CLOCKS, &c, &<•., Ate. Wo respectfully invito the good people oj Copenhagen, nnd adjoining towns, to give us a call, nnd satisfy themselves that we sell Goods at leust 20 per cent, less than can bo piircliuserl elsewhere in Lewis or Jefferson counties. IIEDDEN, BLODGET & CO. Copenhagen, Nov. IB, 18GH. nl5 N.B.—Persons indebted to A. K. IIEDDEN will please call on C. E, Stephens, of Lowville, and settle Ihcir nccounls without dolay, nnd save co.«t. A. K. IIEDDEN. T > E()I 7 ur>nLL~SlJY\' BE I AT POJSCOE'S WITH A NEW STOCK OF GOODS. Cheaper titan Aaythinf in Thew ifarti. PROOF OF THIS WILL lift 70 *^r TUSM ANJt aSS. FIRST DOOIl ITORTF OF BOSTWICK HOUSE, LOWVILLE, FOR TIIK SIMPI.K r.UASOX THAT HE SJrVDERSKitiliS AJLL OTHERS! AND HAS A Large Stock to Select from! AND KKEl'S CONSTANTLY HKN.KKIS11ED WITH JVJEW &oons, THE LATEST ARHiVAL BES'OTE'S JL Great Decline in the Market, WHICH OF CO UliSS GOES TO TIM BEN- EFIT OF CUSTOMERS. &OOBS A K U 3> O W W And no mistnhe. If others'tcll you contrary do not mind it, but call on ' . 'S fiOODS AND PRICES D WILL PROVE THE CA1 PORK, FLOUR, LARD AND HAMS, HE KEEP S fiOODS AND PRICES MOVING, AND WIL L PROVE THE CARD. BY THE BARREL Oil IN SMALL QUANTITIES. 33XT1\3?33I?t. CHE333E, A>'I> ALL KINDS 01? Grrooeries, Constantly on hand at the Lowest Cash Ericc. Much money may be snved by people looking through a good stock before pu'rohnsiirg. You can save it by calling on li. RUSCOE, 4Stf Lowville, N. Y. GJR.EAT BARGAINS IN JSOOTS & siions. G ENTLEMEN, LADIES AND MISSjES, can be supplied with every variety ot Boots, Shoes, Gaiter* and Slippers, at extremely low prices. The public are ro spectfully invited to call and examine my Large Stock of Goods and Prices. Store one door north of the Post Office. DAVID WETMORB. Martinsburgh, Feb. 24, 1865 JJOUSE, SIGN & FRESCO PAINTING AND «ItAIlVlM« In all their branches. Window Shades and Trimmings, Cloth shades for stores, offices and parlors, also Wire Shades for windows nnd doors made to order, with let- tering or any devioc thereon. R. R. WISEMAN 36yl No. 24 Bleeker St., TJtiea, N. Y. t2TIf your Imsinc** i* dull, and you can sell cheap advertise in.the Lewis Conn ty Democrat. Our readers can dcai best with advertisers, as thereby tliey know them to be lire merchnnts. WE CAN'T EflfUMKRATlG, HV± iiAtB A liKKAT DEAL OB\ Everything W» JEver Keep i WE CHANGE STOCK OFTEN AN» NOYf UATE itOllil WHICH ARE GOING FAST TO MAKE ROOM FOB OTHERS, COME & SEE. < t>KWrrT a WEST A DO. Lowville, June 12, lBMi A H. B. WILDER A-COi ARB SOW BSCBITIWi r> \ LAItaB ST00» 09 Cloths, Casftluieret* HATS & CAPB, &a, «fce. THE LARGEST STOCK OT CtfSSTMEMJE/t, AND FINEST Assotei'kiirt '4» FRENCH G© ATIMfOHl Kt«» OMdkilB'l* ttrVis OOVtfrTT, OfiJIT'8 MTRWMWBM* .«*\Nf /)Y THE CORD; HATS & GAJPS KEAB THIS AND BUY GROCERIES HAP! SCOTTS & M b CAKTEY ARE NOW SELLING AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, A LARGE AND NJSW STOCK OF GJttOCMWMEfy Of ALL KINDS, ftKCENTLr ror.CIIASED, COti'SIStlKO 0* TEAS, , SUGARS, SYRUP.S;- MOLASSES, PORK, LARD, FISH, SALT, TOBACCO, CIGARS, STARCH, SPICES, COFFEES, WHOLK OK GROUND. TABLE SAUCES, CONFECTIONERY, Yankee Notions, STONB WARD, aiciIft^Has|injj Soaps, Dried Fruits & Canned Fruits, CHAMPION CLOTHES WRINGER, AMD ETKRMimrt} QKN8RAI.LY IN XKt IWK 0*' Grroceries, . AT THEIR NEW STORE IN THE LEONARB BLOCK* CA£4En AWD (SEE. Dated. Lowrflle, <funo 12. N OTICJB.—Whereas my wife Cynthia E. Coo, did, oh the 15th d«* of Match. 1866, 1«&VQ my be.4 nnd. board without just ctune or provocation, I hereby forbid any parson har- boring or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting. Leyde'n, July 89, 1887. LEVI COE. , TOK BBS MIMttOW. . ALARGE STOCK 09 RIM-MME mm AT PRICES THAT 6Mof ML f <j HUT. ta^Wo are selling Cassimorei at leu thta the coBt of raanufacvure. There if. 99 el*M «^f goodi that haro fallen off so'much h* prW »* CLOTHS AND OASSiMERS5ll» wi< ttiu. airs TOD ALL »ni »KSK»1I of I* A3SID .^ILL SfcLli tdiJ UBADY • xwcAsai oxionaif• OR MAKE IT TO dRDER ..... ,, ,; At IiOivcr Prices than cam hm Bought Elsewhere. mf.L YOU SEE FOR Y0UR8SLVM9. OUR CUSTOM DEPARTMOTT IS SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST 01 WO«iti«^f, A WORD TO'THELADIJES.—iol»k At *•* r\nt 6iZADIBB 1 SACKWeSi • - H. B. WILtJiilR & CQ. m • LowTihe, Aprila4, 1867. itt D AY BOARD.—A few singlegcntlenien oan INTEilESTiNG- TO ECONOMISTS t J 3NT6 Dffiore Monopoly! aro More Biffb Vrloet I The riihig zp& <3ti0C9l$ • \BUSINESS; ,. Heretofore earried on by it. J. RICHARD90S • •.-;. it ;«? Changed Hands t GEO. D, BROWN HAVING PURCHASED THE SAID STOCK and Business, would in this manner, »oliei» «r eonlinuarice of the trade so liberally *»(•«*«- upon his predecessor, and will guarantee then, and all new customers Bargains Never Mm Offered Il¥ LOWVILIiE, ; •-.. ., , .. .} Since the late war; and many arlWee^are <Mw being sold at this store at Prices Whioh Eeigned before the Wax. THJE PfCICI! OF OROCERIJU KNOCKED^ t>OWN WITH THE TStm tOSlt'tfAiiftl, ANE-WSTOOIC JUST BEING RECEIVED. JEXVELL.Ejr'I- TEA «t 79 CIV, AttD STILL A BETTER ARTICLE AT . 00 Cents a I*oun4* SUGARS^ PLOUR, SPICES, ?^OW* IONS OF ALL KINDS, J>RVGS? ( PAINTS d) OILS, <fc EVERY' THING HERETOFORE KEPT, AT Price* Below Cotnpetft!**' •• We Can Sell You Goods Cheaper tta» You can buy then* Elsewhere. WE KNQW TALK is CHEAp ,- , . * C ,'/'S But we meap to PROVE the afHertion* tni invite your attention to these thinjti, «nj4-*b««i you wish to purchase vou will find our wnoll stock good In quality and low In* ptl'tfeJ\ * We shall ever take the\ le*d ia iett* ingOoods Cheaper than the .,; t tgfPhysicUns* prescriptions car^ folly eat vp at all hour*, by experienced and careful per. • aons. ., • •. . Vi' • All leading Tatont Medicines kept for eaje; GEO. D. BROWJt, Lowville June 11, 186? 1 .' jjtf t3TBall und PmrtV firkfta'li' 'prdcare <A*f board by making ii _ ut the rei(ld«Bce of Judge Brewn,enElm8tM3t jalktyleee-tecutesat thte omce v . Mf^ * V • I,

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