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THE CORRECTO R SAG-HARBOK , L. I. SATURDAY , NOVEMBER 7 , 1903 . THE OLD BURYIN G GROUND. A RRANGED FOR P UBLICATION BY G. E. L ATHAM . \What is now called the \Old Bury ing Ground , \ the \ silent city of tho dead , \ is situ ated in the center of the village of Sag Harbor , N . Y., on what ia quits a hill. From all sides of the plot , as you look at it from the street , the attention of the passer-by is called to it. On the north it is bounded by Union Street , on ' the west b y Madison Street , on the south b y Latham Street , and on the east by the Presby terian Church . In it , are laid at rest many of the early settlers of the vil- lage , possibl y soma of its founders. His- tory says Sag Harbor was settled about the years 1730 or 1740. The earl y set- tiers or residents of the village , were em- p loyed in the coasting trade. Sloops and schooners were largely used at this time in the West India trade. The houses, the first of them were built near the water , on the north-west part of the village , or weat of the old \Hog Neck Brid ge . \ In looking oy . e? this \Old Bury ing Groun d , \ and reading the inscrip tions on the old. moss-grown gravestones , we find that persons were buried in it nine years before the Revolutionary War . On these tombstones the ravage s of time have made inroads. The old and familiar names we have read on the tombstones , which are especiall y noticeable , we have cop ied. They are as follow s : Raymond , Clark , Hed ges , Price , Crowell , L'Hommedieu , Treman , R ussell , Jermain , Latharo , Tay- lor , Hall , Coot , Goodwin , Jaggar , T y> I- den , jp sonjson , Sayre , Davall , Harris , Eldred ge , Collins , Rip ley, Corey, Chase , Harlow , Whittlesey, Hildreth , Gelston , How el l , Parker , Stuart, Woodruff , and pthers. Many bodies were taken out from this enclosure , some years ago , and bur- iad in \Oakland . Cemetery, \ or Burying Ground. Iu law , it is said , \ possesBion 'is nine points , ' 1 and if such is the case , then we thin k these deceased who have held quiet possession pf this syq i , for so long a time , oug ht NOT to be DISTURBED , or tbe BDBIA I I PLACE EITHEB . There are also other connections about this spot , which make it dear to those who have friends ami. relaUvss buned ther e. Where the \Old Bury ing . Ground\ now is , no doubt in earl y settlement of the village , when this tract was laid out for burial purposes it wa« thickly wooded , as now is the Oak- land Cemetery, in the southern part of tbe village. We ^yerje informed a few days ago , by an old citizen , that he was told the first burial in the \Old Bury ing Ground\ was that of a small child , and the mother was heart-broken to think that her child had been buried all alone in the woods , and that after dar k , she went withm this enclosure aud stayecj b y the grave of the child all ni g ht long. If this ia true , the first burial iu }t must have been in the summer time. How true this statement , is we know not , but we g ive it as stated to us. Suggestions have ljee . i) * made from time to time in regard to these grounds being used for bchool purposes. We dg not fall in with this idea. Let the \Old B urying Grouud\ remain as it is. There are oth- er p laces on which to build g school building, if necessary. Don 't dis turb thig resting place of the dead 1 The lar dies of our Yillage Improvement Society have these grounds in charge. We know they will not see it disturbed. In look- ing over sonic old papers a week or two since , we found an old deed , which re- lates to this matter , which have we copied as follows : Thomas Tarbell to Hubbard Lath ^ m , 10 acres , now Bury ing Ground , ^18.00 , 1772. Lot No. 1 , Great Division, north by highway ; east by land of Sarah Tarbell ; south by land of Edward Howell ; west by lau d of David Hand , and Hubb*rd Latham. 1772 , Now. Presbyterian Church in Lot No. l f Great Division. The above which has been written , is an outside copy of the Thomas Ta . rb . ell fl . ee-d ;. The following is on the insi qe , of the Thomas Tarbell deed : '' • .Kn .p. w , a. 14 ioen by these Presents , thajj I K Th , onia 1 8 Tarbell , of the township of Riohmont , in tbe county of Barkshier iu Boston , Government; Physician . Do . for the consideration of the sum of Eighteen pounds , York money , which being pajd to my full satisfaction b y Hubbar d Latham , of/tl^e town of Southampton ^ in the coun- ty of Suffolk , and province of New York , cordroinder. ' The Receipt of Money I do acknowledge aud myseif Fully satis- fied , contested aud Paid, have given , granted , aud do by tbe Presents , Give , Grant , Bargain , Sell , Convey, Confirm , un- to the said Hubbard Latham and his heirs and assigns forever : One certain piece of laud , lying in the Lot No. 1 , Great Divis- ion , aud contains Ten Acres , be it more or less , aud is butted aud bounded as fol- lows : Begiuuiug north by a Highway, and east by the land of Sarah Tarbell ; south bv the up land Swamp of Edward Howell a west b y David Hand aud Hub- bard Latham ; to be unto him , the sd. Hubbard Latham , to have aud hold , Po- ssess and enjoy the same as his own prop- erty aud Lawful Estate of Inhoriteuce for- ever : One cetaiu piece of laud lying in the Lot No. 1 , Great Division , and con- tains Ten Acres , be it more or less , and is butted or bounded as follows : Beg iuuiug north b y n hi g hway, and east by the land of Sarah Tarbel l ; south by the up land and Swamp of Edward Howel l ; west b y Da- vid Hand and Hubbard Latham ; to be unto him , the sd. Hubbard Lathain , to have and to hold , Posseee and enjoy the same as his own and their property and lawful estate of Inheritance forever. And furthermore , I the said Thomas Tarbell , for me and my heirs , executors and administrators and assigns , Do Cov- enant ; and I engage the Afore Dismissed premises to him the said Hubbar d Lath- am , his heirs and assigns forever , against all lawful claims or demands of any per- son or persons whatsoever , to warrant , secure and defend the same , in witness whereof , I have hereunto set my hand and seal , this twent y-sixth day of August , and iu the year of our Lor d , 1772. Signed , Sealed and Delivered in the Presents of S Simeon Mackley, ) Rich ard Carpenter . THOMAS TARBELL. [SEAI.] Among some memorandums of the late Mr. Eleazor L atham , w , e fin , d the follow- ing : Oldest Burj ing Ground at Sag Harbor— May 5 , 1767—A t a meeting of the trustees held b y adjournment , voted and ordered b y said trustees , that Mr. Wm. Rogers aud David Woodruff , shall purchase a piece Of land at S^ g Harbor , near Meet- ing House , not to exceed £ of one acre , to be for a burial place , ; and th at at the town ' s cost. \ June 23d , 1767—The trustees being met by adj ournment , voted and ordered , by said trustees , that E> #y . id Hand , may and shal l have a certain piece of laud , ad- joing on the south side of his home lot. Bounded on the trea t , on the lands of Peter Hildreth , and is 5 poles , 21 feet and a half wide at the west end , and runs eastward 30 poles . in leng th , coming to a pojni. To be unto him and his forever , iu con- sideration of a certain piece of land at or n«ar the meeting house , as it is layed off and staked out for a burial p lace to be to the trustees of Sag Harbor and their suc- cessors forever , for and in consideration of tho said land adjoining Hand' e lot. A copy from the Records of the proprie- tors trustees. Edwin Post , OJerk. David Hand to Hubbard Latham , north by Biiryjng Ground. Deed 1770. This is what is now called tbe Old Burying Ground , on Madison St. , cornar Union . The last interments which were made in the Old Burying Grouud were in the year 1784. Among other old papers we find the following :— \State of New York , si i^- Be it remembered that on tbe 28th day of Aug. 1810 , before me ' , Corn ' s Slei ght , a Master in Chancery, for the State of Ney Yor k , personall y appeared Sophia Hand , and person well known here , and who i« a, subscribing -witness to the within, who being duly sworn , says tbat slje saw Da- vid Hand make his mark to the within and aek owled ge the same for the u es aud purposes therein contained , and finding no material era8ureB , oi interliniations , do allow the same to be recorded. G Q BN ' S SI J EIGHT. David Hand was the person of whom Latham purchased. Gideon Hand , his son , has heard him make the declaration. Knows Latham , the person , as person who paid. To whom it may concern , I certify, tha t I David Hand , hayo sold the whole of the northern part of my lot to Hubbard Lath- am , excepting 3 acres , to Icknbod Ed- wards aud the \Bury ing Ground. \ Bridgehatnpton , 1808. As witness , my hand , David Hand. X , his mark. Iu presence of Sophia Hand , State of New York. David Hand' s Deed , to Hubbard Lath- am , Near Burying Yard , 1804 , 1 and i acres , 1804 , May 3d. —-To a}l peop le to whom these presents shall come , Greet- ing, know ye that I David Hand , farmer of Southampton , County of Suffolk , State of New York , for and in consideration of six pounds current money of New York , to me in hand paid b y Hubbard Latham , the recei pt whereof I doe hereb y acknowl- ed ge , and myself full y satisfied and paid doa discharge him , the said Hubbard La- tham by these presents and confirmed te . him , the said Hubbard Latham , his heirs, and assi gns forever , a certain tract of land in the town of Southampton , in lot No. 1 , Great Division , containing one acre and one fourth of an acre , butted aud bound- ed westerl y by the Jand of B , rad , ick Qor- ey, and northerly by the land of Bradick Corny ; easterly by Sag Harbor road , aud southerly land of Hubbar d Latham , to hold the said bargained premises with all the privileges to the same belonging to him t the said Hubbard Latham , bis heirs and assi gns forever , and tbe said David Hand for me my heirs and executors do covenant aud engage to him , the aaid Hubbard Latham , 1 am the true and law- f ul owner of- the above bargained premis- es, aud have full power to sell the same as above said , and furthermore tb ,e as,;d David Hand ; for myself , my heirs , and ex- ecutors do covenant and enga ge the above bargained premis . es to Hubbard Latham ,. , his heir* a, nd assigns against thq lawful claim o£ any person or persons whatso-^ ever , hereafter to warrant aud defend in witness hereof , I have hereunto set my hand , and seal this Third day of May, One Thousand Eighteen Hundred, and Eo-u ,r» Si gned , Sealed and Deliver!. . 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Xo Curo Constipation forever. TtUe C=iscaret_s Cuml y Ca.lhart.ic 10c or aSo. U P. C C, J»U to c\n- _ s , arupgisis retail nwns» FAHI'S CLUB SMOKER. On Monday evening last the Fahys ' Rifle Club held a smoker in their rooms on Washing ton St., and prizes were giv- en to tbe winners in the rifle shooting wihlch has been going on ,at their range on the Brid ge Hampton turnpike , for some time past. In addition to the prize distribution ther e was a musical enter- tainment both vocal and instrumental , and a good time generally. The . .special prizes were awarded aa follows ' . 1 R. Ekstrand 74 C. Biechele 72 F. Haase 72 B . Cadish 70 Theo. Bie . eb , eJe 70 J. Connolly 70 These were out of a possible 75. The prizes consisted for the most part ol handsome pieces of furniture. The score by points out of a possible 1500 , during the ten weeks ' shoot , #hpw . ed th. e follow- ing : B. Csdish . 1311 Cap t. Bieehete . .,. .. . ..,. 1285 Paal Schrier.... . ' 1278 J. Connoll y ... .. . 1243 F. Fischer . . .. ... . ... . ' .... . ... ' . .. ' . ' .... . . IMS N. Beyuon 1231 O. Combs 1229 W. S. Wilson 1201 Theo. Biechele „ 1190 C. Weidlog ,. ... . ,., ... . . 116 7 H. Coatea ... . . . .. ' . 1183 F. Sckupka.. ' .. ' .. ' 1165 f, Haase 1148 R. Estrand 1145 E. Fordham 1^41 C. Sprake V. ..... 114(1 M. Sloab y . \ 1135 S. Combs ' .. ' 1099 H. Card,, . .. \ . 1092 TS f Gregory 1Q14 J. Baier , . . , . 1014 C. Butts. ' .. ' ' .. ' ......... ' ' .. ' ... ' ' ' , ....... 923 FOOT BALL. A game of fppt-ba^ between the Star A. C. eleven and an al jL-§ag Harbor team p layed at the Park Grounds the afternoon of Election Day, attracted #, large crowd of spectators who witnessed a fine exhibi- tion. The Stars scored a touch down in $be first half ; in second half no /score was made. Thus the Stars won b y a score of 5-0. There was also , & very closely contested game of basket ball p layed by the crack Star team aud a team of Hi g h School boys. The g line resulted in a tie—8-8. In the play off the Stars won by two points . The school boys played a fast game , and deserve praise for the excellent showing made against so strong a team as the Stars. A C ORRECTION . -^Tn g iving thp percen- tage of the propert y voted upon in the electric light question last -week the drop- ping of a type made the figure appea r rid- iculous. A little more than 34 per ceut of the resident tax payers voted , repre- senting an assessed \ valuation of $532 , 300 , fir .about 41} per ceut of the whole resi- dent property . The total resident prop- erty on the hist assessment roll was val- «.|a . at §1 , 284 , 150. / at is said jihafc John Bagshaw , of Eiver- ! . pi. who stood by Surrogate-elect Belford in the Surrogate fi g bt this year , would . }i' s-;Q to be Clerk of the Probate Court or Tax Sale Clerk. -In Amit yvilie are Wells which may drown this Ambi- tion . 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Testimonials rer Hall' s Fami l y Pills ara the best. THE LIGHTING QUESTION Mr. SUehau , an electrical engineer , was in town yesterday in consultation with President Reimaun and oth er members of the Board of Trustees in relation to the proposed electric light plant. At a jmeetiug of the Board of Trustees held Monday eveniug Mr. Kiev nan ap- peared aud wanted an immediate an- swer in regar d to the purchase of the old electric li g ht p lant. The Trustees however took uo action. Mr. Palmer , of the Sag Harbor Gas Works , is obtaining contracts ifrom our sbop keepers aud others for a supply of gas at reduced rates for iroii three <to five , years. Tho Trustees within a week , or as soon as the necessary information and terms can be obtained, wil l take such action as they deem advisable upou the lighting question. 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JThis train will not be run between East port , Amagansett , Brid ge Hampton , «nd Sag Harbor afte Nov . 2d . |This train will not beiun until after Oct. 31. ABBirrKG AT SAG HARBOB 12.00 m ., 6:51 , 6:3 7 , and 7:5 6 p. m. TBATN FOB OKBElfFORT Leaves Sag Harbor at 9 :42 a. m. . ar- rives at Greenport at 12:26 p. m. ; re- turnin g, leaves Greenpor t at 1 :30 p. m., arrives at Sag Harbor at 4:16 p. m. §DSIfXX TRAJSS Leave L , L Cit y 9:10 a. m., 4:20 p. m. arrive Sag Harbor 12:45 , 7 :24 p. m. Leave Sag Harbor , 7:30 a. m., 4;12 p. m. arrive L. I. Cit y 10 ;34 ft. m., l> r ±a p. m. Brookl yn trains leave about 15 minutes earlier than Jj. I- City grains , and trains arrive at Brookly n about ten minutes Jat^r than at L. I. City. M.ATDS Gtose at 6- -25 a. re., S J IQ a. m., 9:15 a, m.j (for Greenport) , 11:15 a. m,, (for poin ' t^ east of Bridge Hampton), and 1- A0 p. ' m. The corn, shucks ^ndicate an early -win- der and the goose boi f O pays ifc will be earl y and a hard one. Steamer Sarah Thorp, of the Bliss Co. toot up her ifioorlngs on Taesd ^ and. is laid tip for Hie winter at Long Wharf. The Daughter* of Liberty are holding a Bummago Sale this week iu the store on Washing ton St. , latel y occup ied by A. Schwartz. The Sixteenth Annual Ball of Court Montank j F. pf A., will be g iven in the new M$s on|c Hall , on Thanksg iving gyS: Clinton Q. Elliott notifies , the public that he still represents the Mutual Life Insurance Co. , and is read y to write poli- cies. A scientist estimates that the earth will Inst 100 million years longer. This will give Sag Harbor ' gmple time to , get in electric li ghte and build a new school house. 3?h e Ladies pf Christ Church are to hold a Penny Supper at the home of Mis? Am- elia Douglass , U fl ion St. , on Wednesday, Nov. 11 , g iven from 5 to 7 p. m. Each article served will cost a penny. On Tuesday evening Court M pntauk , F. pf A., enter tained the wives*, friends , and \best g irls \ of members , at their lodge TOOIUS on M ^iu St. There was a musical programme aud refreshments were §ery- ed . At So-utb.am .p tan , where special revival services are to be he . lcl next we . elc , the Key. K. F. ^orton wil l assist the Bev. Mr. Barton , of thq Southamp ton M. E. Clwrrclw The . barn au ,^ tool h , ouse o . f Frederick BUI , night wa^chma^ for the Fah ys \Watchcasfi Go.^ wer e totall y destroyed by fire early Ul ectio ,^ ^ > ay , morning. Loss $250. Insured f , pr §100. Origin of fire supposed \o be Jqcgndiary, Eugene Eenelon , ^° * 8 engaged iu business pumuits in Englaud is now in town , visiting hia Brother , Mrs. Gabriel Fenelon. He will return to Eng- land after the holidays , taking with him as a bride , Miss Moll y Mooney, of Brooklyn , who is well known to many in thig yillage. Supt. Quaekenbush . of the Ga« Works , has accepted a position with the Mont- gomery Co. Gas Co., in Nor rial own , Pa. Mrs . B. B. C. Slei g ht , who has been in Europe for the past- four mouths is expect- ed to arrive home on the Deutchland , due to-morrow. The juaryiage of Mias Virginia Madeline Myers , daughter of Mr. and Mrb. Hanni- bal French , to Mr. George Ernest Clarke of Brookl yn , was solemnized iu Brooklvn on the 27th of Oct. At the Ewchro Party in the Library Room , Thursday ni g ht , Mrs . W. H . Van Nostrautl , Miss May Costabel , Bev. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Baudall won the prizes . The proceeds go to Christ Church organ motor fund. Doctor ' s Prescri ption , SAG HARBOR'S LEADING 5c. CIG AR E. G RISWOLD & S ON , Makers. B IVEBBKAD , L. I. PERSONAL. Ladies Can Wear Shoes one size smajler aftei; using Mien ' s Foot- Ease , a powder to be shaken into tho shoes. It makes ti g ht or new shoes, ieel easy ; g ives instant relief to coi ns or bunions. 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It is particularly recommended to those whoae appetite U poor , with coated tongues , distress after eating and the Qtber ill? always attendant on dyspepsia, Por Sal e at Win. B. Reimann ' s . J 40 *~£ j b «A«DY , CATMA-WTWC ^ **« 2U. OOcT*'' ^^*' \IWff J fr Piifffifflfo og^\ '^ Oragoiifa. Genuine stamped C. C C. Never scid bi bulk. Beware of the dealer who tries to sell \ something tos* as good. \* DER&SAKO&.A ointment cures all skin diseases. DEWEY HOTEL , [I-iiceiu&'d Premises.! J OHN B. M CJ S AHY , Proprietor .. This popular resort has been renovated a.n& newly furnished throii;. -liout, a new liar and fix- tures put in , anil is now pnepureU to supply • the public wiih a tirst class assia-tiiwnr of Brandies , \Vhisl:ieF ,^:ns. ihims and Cordials , imported and Domestic Wines. rS~Lai- frfSt. stock of cit su j^ootls in town kept constantly on hand. FuH Une oI Imported una Dorucsbie Cjiff-rs . Mixed Drinks-— Skilled coucocler to serve patrons. 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The coffeo bean from which eoffoo is I made , contains , according to tho American Jled- j leal Dispensary- , a oubstnnco colled caHoine , S which Is a poison productive, cf headache , palpi- 9 tatlon , sleeplessness , norvouifiiosa , lifmnees of f vision and deafness. Yet pooplo will drlntc this 3 COfftOl £Tf[ri Knei|. ipdldftpreut jyood rorDU]r.iin- 1 lty, when by tonjjuo and pea he d«nonnccd Its f use and icoommended as a cuhstl tnte n cereal B eoUoe. which , while hlKlily nutritive , contains no poisons whatever. For five or six years I have oe«n usini? this cereal product ana would not be without it . It It cost twleo as much as tho poison ous ooltee bean. 35auy of my at-nualnt- ances , who a few years ago were in poor health , are strong to-day, aud tlioy attribute tiia result tathe substitution, ot the cereal for Uu> coiTco boan, I am glad tbat you ;ye ensa^cd In tho pro- duction of a cereal coffee , for- your honesty and Integrity, to which I can testify from aitatpialnt- aneo of i3 735rs , will not permit you to manu- facture any but a pure article. Your I lyKlenlo ' ¦ Coffee Is of a superior quality and I take pleasure In reco mm en d i ng it. Yours trul y, OBEY.) JAMES H. DAY. 5U. Morris , N , Y , Hygienic Cereal Coffee la one of the most f perfect table beverages In the world . It J is Healthful , Palatable ( Nutritious and Economical , and should be served in every household where health is considered. Try it , and note the removal of some ailment with which you have been afflicted , directly- traceable to the use of the bean I coffee, Sol<5 iu one and two pound packages at 15c. and 25c . i The Pe r fecfer Coffe e Pot HAYS YOU SEEM IT? If Jt v. -iii r.iai.c belter coffee than ! yotir old one. u U uut the on& yvit want ? A *. ' ^§&v IK^ '^*\^^* F w \ - i 'r \-i I ^%. t^-' ' - 4 - '^ ' '^ ^^^ ] rli ¦ Vi, ' -^ ifc^ S^i\ ..' ?' s^ l &4aJ jl s \m fe^:^ ;& r^ ^ ^ • - m^rafe^ssg'^wf^ : iLr W^^ f v-i^f i , v*x!^ v5; ;- . - . . ' i.^' .w?.:t i4 l X^v .r, - - . ; :. *;. , Si f.% &- : ¦ ' - . . ;.^^ ^i Ne::t to h' -vi n ti food coffee , in to have so!::2t;i' .n^ \oo' .l to make it in The Perimeter rills :hc above wacts ar.d tnure It snv. -s 2: . )' a! Coffee arj c! extracts a ' .; t!> - st-' . -:i^ -Ji or lae coifee la tne Iraoi l' ' ^ - - ' . '' - .c Xi.v. i: It is ' u:-p. .: ~$i ' r<le to bo-! the coffee wh-ir i:M ' ii ;U (l ' • ! I' .^c-i <u.Co: ' dlll , £ . to dii eC ' . io :s I A.i i./si' -clis y. dealers scM them. i ' | /• < • fij . i - v . r l r;v r i-r ^p ! L. li i ^;; i-J - . .. lL; n^ stF i c f f l i H U j |NT \V!'0\T ?> ¦ » ' • 'Stteugtb aud vi gor comes of good food thoroug hl y di gested . 'Force ' a read y to serve wheat aud barley food , adds uo bur- den , bnt sustains , nuriches. pimicjtl MoTT-^-PoTTER. -^-In tliis village , Oct. .31, by Bev. Bobcrfc V. Norton , Miss May Potter aud Harry Moljt. Gouj iD^-CooK. — Kx, Moutaufc Poiut , Oct. 29 , at the residence of Capt. S^ott , by the Rev. John D . Stokes , Charles O. Gould , of East Hampton , aud Miss Ev- - sliu . e M. Cook , uieee of Mrs , S . eojt . B KOWX . —At Laurel , Oct. 31 . Mrs . Sam. uel Brown , ;e 80 years, Bijrial at Mat titllck.

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