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THE CORRECTOR SAG-HABBOB , L. I . SATURDAY , OCTOBEK 10 , 1903. The British steamer Elliot , Capt. F , Nelson , which has been discharg ing rail- road ties at Greenport , cleared in ballast , from this port Tuesday for Lpnisbnrg, Oapa Breton. Among the recent recorded conveyances js one of George C. Raynor to Eleauor Baynor , lot corner Sag Harbor <fc Bulls Head Tarnpike and South Sts., adj oining land of John M. Hildreth , $§00. Past Masters Sherwood , Reimgu n , Pal- mer , Di ppel , Brown , Bates and Lister , of Wamp. onanion Lodge , were present at the last communication of Star-ofrthe-Eaat Of 22#»t Bamptan , and assisted in raising ITeliowcvafts M. B. Lawis , John W. Hand, and Eyerett J. Edwards to the sublime degree of Master Mason. C LOSING T7 P T HE T ODH M - AMEN - I . — The subscri p tion s for the Firemen ' s Tourna- men t at Patchogue exceeded tbe exp end- tnreB by §179.94. Forty dollars has been awarded to each of the three fire com- panies , leaving a little hnlauce of S19 to meet possible contingencies , or to be diyided hereafter. The total expense Of the department was onl y $524.31 . On Tuesday evening the Cornet Ban d headed a procession of Odd , Fellows and other citizens and went to the new resi- dence of W. R. Reimaim , President of the Village , and gave him aud his biide p. serenade in celebration of their marri- age the Thursday previous. Ther e were fireworks and other tokens of congratula- tion to which Mr , R. responded gener- ously. The new inemorial ga te will be present- ed b y the Ladies ' Improvement Society to the trustees of Oakland Cemetery, on Saturday, Oct. 10 , at 3 p. in. The simple exercises appropriate to the occasion will be held at the main entrance to the coui- eiery. All are cordially invited to be present , Members of the Improvement Society are requested to wear their bad ges and stand together in a p lace which \dU be reserved for them . On Wednesday, George McCnrreu , a small delicate child , nine years of age , was sent to bring home a basket of grapes worth ahout QUO dollar . Ou the way he was met b y George Higgins , Willie Pox , Harry Heiurich s and one or two other boys , some years older than himself , who asked him for some grapes. He offered a bunch to one boy, when tho crowd set upon him , snatching the basket aud made off with the whole lot. With older per- sons this would have been hi g hway rob - bery, a serious, criminal offense. The Long Island Railroad Company would deem it a great favor if those who secure good p hotographs of general views on Long Island , would send duplicates of their prints to H. M. Smith , Gen. Passen- ger Agent , 2< H ? Fifth Avenue , N. Y. City. Unmounted prints prat tired. THINGS POLITICAL Every youn g man who has a -vote should cast his ballot for- Samuel P. Hil- dreth. He is a young man , and the young man ' s candidate. Can Hildreth carry Southampton town ? Wh y not ! The pessimist says : \he can never do it. \ He said the same thing when Thomas W. Lister was nominated for Supervisor , yet Mr. Lister was elect- ed b y 53 majority. To-day is the first day of registration in the country. Every Democrat should tee that his name is enrolled upon the lists by the Board of Inspectors in the district where he resides. If you are not reg istered you cannot vote. When m 1896 the Hon. Joseph M. Belford was elected to Congress from the First District his majority in Suffolk Count y over Marvel and Hazard was 4 , 810 ; two yGars later -when lie stood lor re-election , the Hon. Townsend Scudder who defeated him , reduced these fi gures more than one-half in Suffolk County, viz ; 2 , 270. Suffolk County went Republican last Fall b y from 1 , 200 to 1 , 300 majority. A change C-H550 voters this Fall will elect Samuel P. Hildreth Surrogate. We believe . this change will occm- , Every- thing now shapes for his election , and he grows stronger and stronger as a candi- date each day. If the Hon. Josep h M. Belford should be elected the next Surrogate of Suffolk County, who will be the Clerk of the Conrt of Probate ? Alread y this ques- tion haa been propounded , and specula- tion js rife as to whom this p lace , and other fat p lums connected with the office , will go. Some hazard a close guess , and it is said the question may be one of tho prominent issues of tho campaign. The vote for County Treasurer in 1899 stood : John Sherr y 5 ,816 Samuel P. Hildreth........... 5 , 793 23 The total vote cast iu tho county for Treasurer wss 12 , 141 . Cou n ting the Coroners ' vote Suffolk County went 1 , 105 Republican in 1899. In 1.399 Ex-Count y Treasurer John Sherry carried the three districts of Sag Harbor against Samuel P. Hildreth b y 359 majorit y. Xotwithstanding this handsome home vote Mr. Sherry won out in the county b y onl y 23 majority. In 189 6 running for the same office he car* ried the count y by 4 , 855. Mr. Hil- dreth ' s majori t y in his home town in '99 Avas 414. The Brid ge Hamp ton and Water Mill polls , which went Republican b y 63 , gave Mr . Hildreth a maiority of 54. Benjamin J. Boyla is the newly aj?- pointed Democratic County Committee- man in the 2nd district of Southampton town. Mr. Boy le is a native of the Borou g h of Brookl yn where active poll workers are born and bred. He has . however , long made Sag Harbor his home , and has always worked for the advancement of tho Democratic party . He is popular , and his district leadership will mean an increase of Democratic votes in the Second. Mr. Boy le suc- ceeds Louis Hertz, who is now a travel- ling salesman for the Fah ys Watchcase Company. ' 'H E C OCLD N OT B E E LE CTED . \ A Suffolk County exchange said iu its issue , Friday of last week , previous to the Republican County Convention , \the Petty folks at Riverhead sent wor d to the BrooKl yn E AGLE , on Tuesday, that Mr . Belford , if nominated , could not be elected Surrogate , and th er e is talk of a compromis e candidate. Democrats think that if a dark ttorse be chosen tho Bel- for d men in the convention will do the choosing. \ The latter forecast proved to bo cor- rec t. For once wo agree with ''th e Petty folks of Riverhead\ and believe their prediction relative to the election of a Surrogate will be realized. Messrs. Samuel C. Grimshaw and Herbert T. Barnes are two newly chosen members ot the Democratic County Com- mittee in East Hampton town. Roth are young men , anil bustlers , Mr. Grjui^ shaw resides in East Hamp ton and will look out for the interests of his party in the 1st district. He was one of the corn? rnitteo of Dem o crats who hel ped achieve the notable victory for the party in the town aleotion last Spring, Mr , Barnes will have charge of the Ainagansett dis- trict , and will be p ittied against Dr. F , A. Finch who succeeds the Hon. Theo- dor e D. Dimon as Republican County Committeaman in the 3d district. Wit!) Grimshaw and Barnes working for the Democratic ticket in their respective election districts this Fall , wo look for substantial Democratic gains in the town. Fon CoNsmEUATiox B Y G UNNERS . In a report of tho Republican Conven- tion of the Second District , at Babylon , it is stated Lawyer Weeks in seconding the nomination of the Hon. Orlando Hubbs made a \humorous address \ in which he said that while Mr . HllbbS did not defeat the Blown (duck) bill last winter , \the ducks could come to our waters aud reuiaiu all wiuter if they so desired. \ Let us all lau g h at this ex- cellent je st—especially the gunners who , with the help of Mr. Hubbs and Mr. Reeves , are permitted to look on while the ducks abound on the bays of both the north and . south sides from January 1st to Sep tember 30th , but must not shoot or possess them under penalty ! _ Such humor from a lawyer defending his cli- ent must make tbe gunners smile—on the wrong side of their faces. When they go into the booths next month , if they don ' t find any braut to shoot at they can turu their guus toward Central Isli p aud blaze away at Orlando. —Watchman. Gunners deprived of tbe duck shooting privileges will this year east their votes for Mr. Topp ing aud Mr. Arthur. A P OPULAR C ANDIDATE . The S UFFOLK B ULLETIN says of the Democratic nominee for Assembl y in the Second District : Mr. Arthur was elected Supervisor of the strongly Republican tow n of Hunt- ington last April b y over 400 majority, and his conduct of town affairs has been such as to render it impossible for auy one to criticise or question his official actions. The Town Board is composed of both Democrats and Republicans , with the latter predominating, and their de- liberations have been ever marked by friendl y feeling aud entire unanimit y, the spirit of discord aud a desire to fur- ther partisan interest being wholl y lack- ing. We have no hesitation in venturing the prediction that Supervisor Arthur will carry Huntington town this Fall. While we are conscious of the fact that a Democratic Assembly nomination iu the Second District is far from being equiva- lent to an election , we believe , with a man of the ehaiacter and reputation of John W. Arthur on the Democratic tick- et , that with p lent y of hustling aud hard persistent work before election day, vic- tory is assured the Democratic nominee. It was enoug h to warm the cocciee of any Democrat' s heart to be at the conven- tion in Riverhead on Tuesday evening and share in the g low of zeal and earnestness that prevailed. Seldom has there been gathered iti this county a more enthusias- tic assemblage or a finer bod y of young and old representatives of our part y. The utmost harmony of purpose and action characterized its proceedings and the knowled ge that three such excellent and capable nominees had been named for lo. - cal positions as Messrs; Topping, Arthur aud Hildreth , gave tho hi ghest satisfac- tion to all present and insp ired a livel y sense of confidence that the good people of the count y, abhorring the dictation of party bosses and the unscrupulous meth- ods of machine politicians , will set the seal of their emp hatic condemnation on such reprehensible practices , by electing the Democratic candidates. They may safely be commended as worthy in all re- spects of public trust and support , quite irrespective of mere party interests, There is no question of State or Federal politics seriousl y involved iu the election ; every voter desirous of preserving hia individual freedom and his party ' s hi g hest welfare ^ whether he aligns himself under the Eo- imblican , Prohibition or Democratic flag, can best promote those obj ects and most fittingl y rebuke the unworthy tactics re- sorted to in the Republican pre-conyeu- tion canvass , b y voting for G. Clarence Topp ing, in the First Assembl y District , for John W. Arthur , in tho Second , and for Samuel P. Hildreth , - for Surrogate. N EW R EPUBLICAN C OUNTY C OMMITTEE . Huntington—Charles II. Newman , H. S. Brush , A. E. Lowndes , H. H. Denton , Charles B. Partridge , Carl S. Burr , BI \ , Jackson M. Jarvis , William M , McKin- ny. Soiithainpton—Peter Di ppel , John Y. Oorwi u , JEd Jones Hildreth , \ William H. Pleraon , Charles xt, -3?ita , <2o°» - e o W. Hil- dreth , Fred O. Hallock , Alansou P. Rog- ers . Tsli p-r-H. C. Hepburn , Dr . E. S. Moore , Harry P. Haff , J. E. Van Ordeu , Dr. George A. Robinson , M. J. McMath , Orlando Hubbs , Joseph F. Thuma , Ed- ward Westerbeke , Frank Blacker , Josiah Robbies. Babylon—B. B. \Wood , George Mott , William Ilirsch , Charles Har t , William Louden. Southold—Henry Wilbur , E. W. Ta- ber , Elias Jennings , L. F , Terry, J. J. Bartlett , Samuel Dickerson , R- V . A. Fitz , H . H. Tuthill , John Luptou. East Hampton—rDavid S. Shevrill , B. Frank Harris , F. A. Finch , H . Hale Parsons. Shelter Island—Lewis Cougdon , Mo- ses Griffin. Stnithtown-^M . E , Brush , C , M. Smith, George Thompson. Brookhaven—Charles Payne , W. H. Hall , John E. Overton , Charles Piatt , Chauncey Davis , W. E. Coleman , Clar> ence Baker , Ethan Raynor , James Welch , Gideon Smith , Addison Bumstead , James A. Caufield , Josep h Losee , John J. Kirkpatrick , William Underwood , Chas. Ooutant . Riverhead—D. W. Arnold , George M. Vail , Frank H. Hill , A. E. Hawkins. N EW D EMOCRATIC C OONTI C OMMITTEE . Shelter Island—Charles H. Smith , jr. Southold—Henry A. Wil ber , Bryant A. Youngs , Fred Kli pp, Hou. Henry A. Reeves , Michael Cassidy, L. W . Korn , William 0. Davids , Charles F , Smith , Lester Gildersleeve , Riverhead—Theodore O. Hnlse , . O. Edmund Griswold , James M. Magee , William L. MeDermott. East , Hampton—Samuel C. Grimshaw , H. D. Sleight , Horbart T. Barnes , Elisha Payne. Southampton—George C. Raynor , Ben- jamin Roy le , G . Clarence 'Topp ing, James R. Foster , Daniel Hurley, Wa rren Cor- win , Samuel Griffin , Joh n P> . Cook. Brookhaven—Thomas N. Bay lis , John R. Davis , Charles L. Bergen , William B . Dayton , W. A. Davis , Griffin Smith , Is- rael Reed , Eugene . W. Laue , Albert R. Alfreds , Hou. John L. Havens , John R. Vunk , Charles W. Avery, Hon. Edwin Bailey, jr. , Frederick M . Welsh , George Jones , B yron Mogev. Isli p—Thomas G. Parrel J , C. E. Brew- ster , F. Smith Wright , Albert Ilantord , Julius Hanser , Thomas E. Hawkins , John J. Schwartz , Charles Bartik , George C. Ross , G. E. Sebaufelbergor , Leonard W. Youuer . Baby lon—E. S. Allen , John H. Arink , Frederick O. Schneider , Samuel P. Hil- dreth , S pencer B. Griffin. Hunting ton—George Van Ansdale , J, MeBride , Ed B. Dusenbury, W. L. Nichols , John Aitkin , George A. Conk- liu , George Bozeuthal , Ebeuezer Bryant. Sniithtown—A. E. Hallock , Henry Mc- Kettuck , Julius Burr. To serve from January 1 , 1904 to Janu- ary 1 , 1905. IN RE PLY-. TO, HUNTINGTON. We are told that \truth is stranger than fiction \ ; but the following article which I copy from a Huntington paper will prove that some pervaricators are making a good up-hill fi g ht : The 1st prize in hose contest No. 1 , ri ght- full y belongs to Huntington. We are in- formed that all the jud ges admitted that the Sag Harbor boys broke the rule iu coup ling, yet \ out of sympathy \ for the east-eudei's , gave them ' the prize. Thank heaven , Huntington won her prizes aud was not \ presented\ with any. It would be well hereafter to have tho judg es declare iu advance wheth- er their motto will bo \justice \ or '• ' chari- ty. \ It is true that Huntington made a protest but it was wholl y without foundation , as is the above article. The Sag Harbor boys were awarded the first prize , not through charity, but because they made better time than Huntington. This was declar- ed b y all the judg es , and if yoii remember was put on the Bulletin Board , as th ei r decision. What was Huntington ' s pro- test ? Simply tliia ; That one of tho judge s saw , or said he saw a man come in from the spectators who touched tho hose . His statement could not be substantiated . Huntington could not possibly prove the said judge ' s statement. So tho case was discarded. If yon want us to prove that the Huntington Hose Co., is like their newspaper article , onl y a superfluit y of hot air , come to Greonport , L. I., Oct. 21 , 1803. Greenport is the j^lace , and Oct . 21st is the date , so come and let us show you what Sag Harbor and her boys are made of. E DWARD F . AncniBAM) , Sec ' v Montauk Hose. Commissioner Howell , of this Sch ool Commissioner District bends out the fol- lowing for the instruction of Trustees , Teachers , Parents and Guardians : Your attention is called to the provis- ions of the compulsory attendance law as amended whereb y all children between 8 and 14 years of ago , in proper physical and mental condition , are required to at- tend school from the 1st of October until the Is t of June no.vt following ; also all children 14 and 16 , iu proper health , shall attend school for the same length of time , unless regularh' and lawfull y engaged in some useful employment or service. For a child between 14 aud 16 to be lawful l y emp loyed , he must hold a certif- icate signed by a superintendent ,, princi- pal , teacher , or by some other officer ap- pointed by the school authorities of the school where the child has resided or at- tended school , certify ing that such child during the school next preceding his ap- p lication for such certificate has attended school for not loss than 130 days in such district , and that such child can read ana write easy English prose and is familiar with the fundamental operations of arith- metic. For full text of the law , see school reg- ister pages 58 and 59. CHAS. H. HOWELL. COMPULSORY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. Mrs. Frederick Piiuuie , of New York City, is visiting at the home of Capt. Nathan P. Han d , ou Church St. Theodore Stratton aud wife , of East Hampton , celebrated the 38th anniversary of their marriage ou Monday evening last. Mr. aud Mrs. Charles G. M yers and Mr. and Mrs. Parsons , uee Miss M yers , of Brookl yn , are now at Delaware Water Gap. William L. Cartwright , of Amagansett , in trying to raise a horse which was cast ill Ills Stable , had his leg broken by the horse falling upon him , last Tuesday. Mrs. C. E. C. Homau , of East Hamp- ton , is recovering from an operation for appendicitis which was successfull y done b y Dr. Marooe in the New York Hospital this week. Lawrence Halsey, of Water Mill , aud Miss Abigail Halsey, daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. Everett Halsey, wore married ou Wednesday. Jesse Halsey, brother oi the bride, was best man , and Miss Min- nie Rogers , bridesmaid. The wedded couole are now on a two week' s tour . T HE N. Y. S OUTHEKN F IREMEN AT G REENPORT . -^-The Ei ghth annual Conven- tio n of the Southern N. Y. Volunteer Firemen ' s . Association is to take p lace in Greenport on Oct. 20 and 21. Thei'O vail bo a parade of hal t an hour with au intermission for dinner , after which the contests will take p lace. Prices valued at $300 will be awarded . Competition is open to all companies . The Sag Harbor Department will be represented by its officers and some indi- vidual members , aud Montau k Hose will be present and contest for prizes. CATARRH CANNOT BE CURED u'ith LOCAL APPLICATIONS , ns th ey cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease , and iu order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall' s Catarrh Cure is taken internall y, and acts directl y on tho blood and mucous sin-faces. Hall' s Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It was prescribed b y oue of the best p h ysicians in this country for years and is a regular prescri p tion. It- is composed of the best tonics known , combined with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combina- tion of the two ingredients is what pro- duces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh Send for testimonials free : F. J. CUES El* & CO., Props ., Sold by alt drugg ists. Toledo , O. Hall' s Familv Pills ore the be».t. \Strength and vigo r comes of good food thoroug hl y di gested. 'Force ' a read y to serve wheat and barley food , adds no bur- den , but sustains , nuricbes. PERSONAL. T HE SP ECI A L ELECTION M ACADAM L OSES . The project to bond the town for §250 , - 000 was defeated at the election last Sat- urday, as was predicted in T HE C ORBEC - TOK of that date. The vote was not heavy, hue decidedl y one-sided . The whole number of votes cast in the eight districts was 928. Of these 291 were for and 018 against the proposition. Less than one-third of the vote cast was for building the road. The onl y two districts that voted for it were Good Ground and Flanders. Brid ge Hampton cast onl y 8 votes for and Watermill , 3. Southampton was about two to one against it. In the two districts of Sag Habor eoin- prising a par t of this village and also North Haven and Noyac , onl y 155 were cast. There were 37 for , and I1L against aud 3 void. In the two districts there are about500 resident tax payers. So it will be seen that less than one-third of them voted , and onl y 7£ per cent recorded themselves in favor of tho road. The vote by districts was as follows;: Total , For A g ' jst , Void 1 Sag Harbor SI 18 G3 Q 2 Sag Harbor 74 19 52. 3 3 Brid gohau>2>tonl8S ,8 179 1 4 Watermill 76 3 72 1 5 Southampton 194 GO 120 5 G Good Grouutl . 19' ,) 89 19 1 7 Flanders 22 18 -1 0 8 West Hampton 185 G7 10 l J fl UNION SCHOOL DJSTUIOT . At the meeting of the Board of Educa- tion , Monday, Nathan P. Hand was con- tinued as Attendance Officer , and tho bond of Collector Vaug hn fixed at §2 , 000 , Lawyer W. C. Grsene was appointed a committee to investi gate in relation to acquiring titl o for the Old Burying Ground for school purposes. Inasmuch as the question of a site must be consid- ered iu the not distant future , the Board wish to be able to rejj ort on .;all locations mentioned iu connection with that mat- tor , and as the Old Bury ing Ground is one of the places regarded by many as most eligible , it was deemed best to know whether it could be obtained and upon what conditions. It was voted to spend. &* >0 for new booKs iu tho Library. The school registration continues to increase. No bills will be audited until after the sitting of the Collector to receive taxes the last week in this mouth , as the Dist- rict is now without funds. Pririci jml Arinsfcroug reports that he j» !?etWr r5ivfci=s(lo<l ^rlfcti tU<s WOL'k. and uuu. ciitiou of the school than at any time since he has been in control , excepting onl y the crowded state of some of the rooms. President Palmer of the new industry known as the Suffolk Count y Building- block Company, says that the Company will supp l y material for building a house gratis for the purpose of bring ing it into public notice. Of course the first appli- cant will get the plum. The material is not entirely a new discovery but tho machinery for making the blocks is a re- cent invention secured b y patents , the ri ghts of which are assigned to districts , Mr, Palmer ' s Company have the rig hts for Suffolk County. £H£Ci P ALMER . —At Norwich , Conn ., Oct. 4th , Sarah Matilda , wife of Lucius Palmer , to 59 3-ears , 10 months , 17 days . Ke- mains brought here for intermen t. O SBOP . N . — At Alameda , Cal., Sep t . 20 , Benjamin J. Osborn , brother oi Mrs. George H. Payne , a native of East Hampton , L. I., HJ 59 years , 7 months , 28 days. H AI . KE \- . —At Southampton , Sep t. 80 , Harry T. Halsey, to 39 years. A DSIT . —At North Sea , Sept. 29 , Emmett Adsit , o> 37 years. SHA . uanNEsr.Ey. —At Southamp ton , O ct. 1 , . Mary Shaughuessoy, to — years. NO EXCUSE FOR IT . There is no reason nor excuse these days for having dyspepsia or indi gestion as there is zioc one case in a hundred Pep- sikola wil l not. cure. \I am so absolutel y sure it will relieve you , \ says Mr. Win. R. Reimaim , ' . 'that I agree to band bacic your quarter without any argument should Pepsikola fail to make you feel better , increase, your weight aud cure your indigestion. \ Ask Win. R. Reimaim about it if you have d yspepsia or indi gestion , wh y not go to Mr. W HI . Rehnnun and ask him about Pepsikola. Mr. Win. R. Keimann tells his customers that if Pepsikola fails to euro sour stomach , coated tongue , dizzy spells , billionsness , heart burn , or sick headaehe ho will hand hack your quarter without the least argument. IiO>\G ISIiAND F.ArLKOAD. A new time table of the Lon g Island Railroad went into effect on Thursday, Sep t. 10th. It is subject to chan ge with- out notice. Trains will LEAVE SAG HAHBOK At 6 :42 a. m., 8:28 a. m., 1:36 p. ni., 3:15 p. ni., and 7:45 p. in. ABKTVTSG AT LOSG ISLAITD CITT At 9:25 a. m., 11:26 a. in., 4:54 p. m., 6:18 p. m., and 11:26 p. m . I.EAVE LOKG IStAXO CITY FOB SAG HABBOR At 6:35 a. m., 8:52 a. m., 1 :43 p. m., -4:05 p. m., and 5:00 p. m. ARRTVISG AT SAG HAEBOH At 10:03 a. m., 12:02 p. m., 5:39 p. m., o ;42 p. m., aud 8:11 p. m. TRAIN FOE GREENPOKT Leaves Sag Harbor at 9:30 a . m., ar- rives at Greenport at 12:26 p. m. j re- turning, leaves Greenport at 1:20 p. m ., arrives at Sag Harbor at 4:06 p. m. SUNDAY TRAINS Leave Long Island City at 4:20 a. m., 9:1 0 a . m., aud 4:20 p. m. ; arrive at Sag Harbor at 8:22 a. m., 12;45 p. m., and 7:24 p. m. Leave Sag Harbor at 7:30 a. m. , 4:12 p. m., and 7:38 p. ni. ; arrive at Long Island City at 10:34 a. m., 7 :45 p. m., and 11 :13 p. m , Brooklyn trains leave about 15 minutes earlier than L. I. Cit y trains , aud trains arrive at Brooklyn about ten minutes later than at L . I. City. M AILS A RRIVE at 10 ;05 a. m., 12 ;0? y> . m., 4;06 p. in., (from Greenport) aud at 8:11 p. m. M AILS C LOSE at 6:25 a. m., 8:10 a. m., 9:15 a , m ,, (fo r Greenport), 11:15 a. in., (for points east of Bridge Hampton), and 1:20 p. m. ; 7:3 0 p. m. CHANGE OF TIME TABLE. \C. C. C. ' on 1- v.. : ... ict. Everv tablet. <>f Cast -arsts dud} Cathartic bv~s -^ fa- .i»<»;s C t: <: Never sclil in bu^ !- ¦ :' V i'-r i' . anr accept no other. Dew-tic of ir-mC- Ail drugg ist:. , 10c Doctor ' s Prescription , SAG HARBOR'S LEADING 5c. CIGAR E. Gitiswono & S ON , Makers. R IVERUEAD , L. L Health for 10 Cents. A livel y liver , pure blood , clean skin , bri g ht eyes , perfect health— Cascarets Cand y Cathartic will ob- tain and secure them for you. Genu- ine tablets stamped C. C. C. Neve/ sold in bulk. AU drugg ists , IOC . Notice of Assessment U NION Scno . on D ISTRICT < GF S AG H ABBOR . Notice is hereb y g iven -that ;Uie Board of Education of the Union School District of Sag Harbor , District No. 11 , Town of Southampton , have ,com ,ple.teil their tax list to raise the sum of .ei g ht thousand, nine hundred and ei g hty-five dollars , ^8 , - 985.) voted at the last annual meeting of the said District , the amount being item- ize<l as follj ws : For Teachers ' wages , $6 , 325 ; for Li- brary, §25 ; Apparatus , §75 ; Grounds & Buildings , $300 ; Insurance , $120 J Fu«l & Lights , §200 s Janitor & Closehv &tSO :: Cleaning houses , §60 5 Supplies , -$150 -i Contingent , §100 j Printing & Atfvertu- iug, §45 ; Postage & Stationery, $30 - Clerk' s Salary, $50 •; Treasurer ' s Salary, 825 .; Payment of bond , §500 5 Attendance officer , $100 ; Assessment * Cen*a s f SJQ-J Furniture , £350 , and that a copy thereof is left in the olheu of William C. Greene* , Central Building, one o € the . undersi gnotL where the same may be seen and exam- inecl . by any poi son interested , during twenty days from the date of thi» aiotioet, and that the said Trustees will noe»t is the room of the Board of Ed g eatiou ., School Bni'ldjug, on the 21st day of Oeto- ber, 1903 , at 10 a. in. ., to review said tax list on the application of any person oca* coivmg himself aggrieved. Dated Sag Harbor , Sept 30 , 190S. C. E. W EIXH , W . C. G UICUXB . 13. D. -S LEIGHT , C ASPBR S CHABFKH , C. H. V AUGHN , P KTBB Drrp-BC Board of Education. - =»« ¦ 8UKK0( T ATE*3 COURT, In the matter of the] disposition of the | real property of Notice of Distribu- James Collins , de- tiou. ceased ,, for the pay- j meat of his debts and j funeral expenses . J Notice is hereb y given th*i the balano* remaining of the proceeds of the sals of the real estate of James Collins , lata of tho town of Southampton , County of Suf* folk jmd State of New York , decea»ed f lately made under the order of the Surro- Rate of the Comity of Suffolk , by Thomas Collins , as administrator will be distribti- . ted b y the said Surrogate among the cred- itors of the said deceased in proportion to their respective claims and according to law at the Siu-rogata ' a office , iu the villaga of Eiverhoad , County of Suffolk and State of New York , on the 9ih day of Novem- ber , 1903 . at 1 o ' clock p. m. All persons interested may attend on said d ay, and? creditors who have not proved their claims may attend and prove the same . before said Surrogate. Dated Sept. 28d , 1903. NA THAN D . PETTY , Surrogate. JAFFE'SIN BW Ice Cream Neatest , Cioanest an<l Finest Furnished place in town , rsf\Huvinjj leased the store In Kaynor ' B block. one floor south of 1' . O. buiWinir , and furnigho* ' .Ho same its a lirst class lee Cream Pnrlor , I re« spectrally solicit a share of public patronage. Purest of Too C' n-nms ami Tees , in all H HVOI - S , will. bo kept constantly on hand. lle- .iulii ' u! Soda Water now Fountain Just la stalled. Ice uolit itrinks iiiul refreshing hover* ajres servc'l in u uiorticnt . Knli line of flavors . Syrups mrtile Vvom the purest of fruit julo«g , I. ' .irs 1 - Stock of Delicious Candles, 15on-bon»^ Clioeoiat.es anfi Toothsome Comfits. Our Car- ditis Hiuarautccil fresh from the. milker , No Q H. sroek on 1mm} . —FRUITS IN SEASON-— Our Aim is to Pleaae the Public , Give us a Call . SAMUEL J AFF E, Main St. Bag Harbor , MITCHELL'S OIVKUNAL Salt W ate r Taffy , at the Ideal Store , BSTFresb. every day from . Block Island. E. W. Scribner , JEWELER & OPTICIAN SAG HARBOR , N. Y. j6s5?\TJmou Street , 2d House , East of Presb y terian Church. Dr . Kaiilovf ' s S,emed .y FOR RHEUMATISM. 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