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THE CORRECTOR SA&HABBOR , L. T. SATURDAY , OCTOBER 10 , 1903. C^\Char(jes will be made for all ltesolutions of Sympath y, Ca r»lg of Thanks, Notices of Con- torts, lairs . Festivals , Sociables, or any Church or Society entertainments of a money making' ernaracter, unless the job printing or advertise- ments- for the; same, done at ilie newspaper oflln;. 8h»U be of such an anxiunt us to wurruflt Kinie free notice being given f to take effect uu March 1, nidi. Per Resolution . S UFFOLK C O . F KI :£S A SSO . No child under the ago of 14 years shall be emp loyed iu or in connection with any factory of this State. No child between 11 and 10 shall be permitted to work unless an emp loyment certificate is issued by the health offi c er or a designated representative in the town where thecbiM resides or is to be emp loy- ed , upon the app lication of parent or guar- dian or the child. The certificate shall not be issued uutil the officer has examin- ed and approved the school record of the chil d , a record of its birth , showing the dale and p lace of birth of the child , and the affidavit of the parent or guardian of ihe child as to birth. The school record shall be signed by the princi pal or chief executive officer of the school which the child has attended. It shall contain a statement that ;be child has regularly at- tended the public school or school* equiva- lent thereto or parochial schools for not less than 130 days during the school year previou s to his arriving at the age of 14 or during the year pre vitnw to app l y ing to* the record. It must certif y that the ap - - p hcaut can read and write simp le senten- ces in the English language and has re- ceived instruction in the primary studies. i. nHGISTEU SIUST BE JK. EFT. Each person owning or operating a factory and employ ing children therei n shall have kep t in the factory office a reg- ister in which shall be reeord-ed the name , birth p lace , age and p lace of residence of ail children there einj>loyed under the aye of 1G. The reg ister aut\ emp loyment certifi- cate which also must be hied shall bs produced for inspection upon the demand of the commissioner of labor, no minor under tbe age of lo \ shall work in auy fac- tory iu this State before 6 in tbe morning or after 9 iu the evening ; or fcr more than ten hours in any oue day excep t to make a shorter work day ou ihe last day of the week ; or for mo?e than sixty hours in any oue week , or mure hours in any one week than will make an average oi ten hours per day for the whole number of days so worked. ivoHES A >; I > cni\Oi' .ii>: . The act to amend tbe labor law relative to the emp loyment of women and children in mercantile and other establishments provides that no child under tha age- of 16 shall be suii' ered to work in or iu con- nection with auy mercantile establishment , business office , or telegrap h office , restau- rant , hotel , npartineut house , or iu the distribution -*r tr«UMut>M»»on «i ...c-^u—^. dise or messages more than Si hour= io any one Week , or more than 9 hours in any one day, or before 7 o ' clock in the morning or after 10 o ' clock in the evening of any day. No female employee between the age of 16 and 21 years shall be suffered to work in or in connection with auy mercantile establishment move than . 60 hours iu any OL'S week , or 10 hours in any one day, unless for < he purpose of making a shorter day of some day of the week ; or before 7 o ' clock iu the morning or after 10 o ' clock in tbe evening of any day. No child under 14 years shal l be per- mitted to wor k in or iu connection with auy establishment specified in the preced- ing paragraph , except that a child upwards 12 years of age may be emp loyed therein in villages and cities of tbe third class , during the summer vacation of the public schools' of the city or district where t e establishment is situated. i ii ¦ -* > n» in LAWS WHICH TOOK EFFECT OCTOBER 1. DEMOCRATIC COUNTY CONVENTION Pursuant to call the convention met in the court room at Pdverhead on Tuesday evening, Oct . 6 , and was called to order by Julius Hansel' , chairman of the county committee , at whose instance II. A , Reeves was called to the chair . O. E. Griswoid , of Riverhead aud Joh n E. \Vunk , of Bellport , were chosen secre- taries and tellers , and the officers were duly awom. On a call of towns creden- tials were presented T showing all the towns represented , except Shelter Island. The first business in order was the nomina- tion of a candidate for Surrogate. Mr. John P. Haff , of Amityville , in a brief but most appioprmte manner presented the name-of Samuel P. Hildreth of that vil- lage as a good citizen , an honest man aud a capable lawyer amp l y qualified to fulfil 1 the important duties of the office ; his re- ma' ks were greeted with hearty app lause. Tho nomination was warmly seconded by Mr. Geo. C Baynor , of Sag Harbor , who expressed the pleasure it' gave him to en- dorse SO acceptable a nominee ; his re- marks drew out another round of ap- p lause. There being no other nomination , ou motion the secretaries were directed to east one ballot for Mr. Hildreth , which was done , and the ehair declared 'him unanimousl y nominated. When the nomination for Count y Clerk was reached , Mr. liobt. S. Pelletrean , of Patekogue , moved that the convention make no nomination for the offices of Co , Clerk and Coroner. The motion was seconded and no one rising to debate , it was put and unanimousl y carried. On motion , the cha-i r was authorized to appoint a committee of three , under section fJ6 of the election law , to act in the matter of tilling auy vacancies \' that may arise on the ticket. A recess was ta- ken to enable the town delegations to se- lect their members of the County Com- mittee for 1901. On resuming its session tbe convention , ou motion , adopted and' approved the list handed in of members of the county committee for the ensuing year . The chair announced as the committee to act in regard to vacancies . Kob't S. Pelletrean , Rowland Miles and Leander Wright. The chair named Mr . R , Miles , Mr. Baynor and Mr. Warren Cor- win , of Good Ground , a committee to wai t on \Mr. Hildreth aud invit o him to come before tbe convention. They soou appeared with him and he was loudly cheered. He made a brief acknowledg- ment of the honor done him , and p ledged himself to earnest effort on behalf of suc- cess at tbe polls. Mr . Miles also made a briei address iu the same vein , and was followed by Mr . G . Clarence Topp ing aud Mr. John W. Arthur , nominees for As- sembly, who had a most heart y greeting from till tbe delegates. The convention then adjourned . It is admitted on every side that the -i. ' 1 ' Wi.l.lwuu lllll UUl ^itj- C. . . *- _ T- I ~^ ISL L - . *-~ * \K« 2?aeifio Const ou wliieh he made hia long trip oi sixty clays , beginning in April and ending in June . It is estimated that this traiu cost nearl y $1 , 000 a day. Indeed , the exact cost of the train is g iven by those who have means of knowing, as §65 , 000. This money was pro-rated by the Pennsy lvania road , i% is claimed , among all the other roads over which tbe traiu passed , aud they paid their share of the haulin g expenses. It is not know n here , but au earnest endeavor will be made to liud out whether the Pullman Company or the Pennsy lvania pai d for the food and drink and service. There was a lavish sup- p l y of ci gars , champagne , whiskey, beer nail mineral water ou the train , and every gues t wna free to order what he liked. The number of special trains used by President Roosevelt from September 17 , 1901 , to September 16 , 190o , was twenty - six. —Washington Exchange, PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT A DEAD HEAD . MOKE FACTS ABOUT PEPSIKOLA. Why Mf. Boimnun recommends Pep- sikola to his customers for dyspepsia ; \I have sold many so-called d yspepsia cures since I have been in business , \ said Mr . William R. Reimaim , but:I must say that nothing has ever g iven such univer- sal satisfaction as Pepsikola. \ \I had heard that drugg ists iu other cities were having a large sale for it r feud as the manufacturers authorize mo to guarantee it to cure d yspepsia or refund the mousy, I was very g lad to secure the agency of Pepsikola. \M y success with this remarkabl e- rem- ed y has caused mo lo wonder , \ continued Mr. Reimami , \ as tho demand for it has made a new record in my store. \ No one need havo dizzy spells , sick headache , nervousnes s , losa of appetite , sour stomach , coated tongue , restless ni ghts , or any other symptom s of indi ges- tion and d yspepsia if they will use Pepsi- kola. It is also a sp lendid nerve tonic , im- proves tho general health, puts on firm , solid flesh , and if yon are run down or emaciated it will almost Barel y increase your weig ht from five to twenty pounds. You take no chances in purchasing a 25c box as 3Ir . William R. Roimami will hand yon tho money ri ght back over the count- er if it fails to do as claimed. The Best of Every- thing in Suits and Overcoats* Exclusive Sty le. I J^ $S Ps -*^£j^^^Ltf^h Tlie Varsit y Suifc uere is a H(lrfc Scu « ff- ^^^A i^^^^^^^^^ W^' nei \ & ^ arx st y ,e > ttie name \Varsity \ is I f. ^'^^^^^^^^^^^By- their name for their style. \ ^ —^^^^^ m^^^^^^M. ^ oU ^ uc ' ' *' exclusivel y here ; you may 2K2§EL_ J^^^^^^^^^^^^^L nu< l something elsewhere that looks like J^^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ it ; not Yarsity unless Hart Sehaffner Sc [^^^^^^^^^^^^ t^^^^^^ j; Tbe real thing is worth buy ing ; the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ \look-like-its \ may or may not bo. If ^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^ y° u waut ihc besfc ' tuis is the l}lace Iov **> ^^^ S^^^^Simi^^^ i^' 01 - 1 ' 11 fiud it- pfiys t0 Pay the Prioe fov H - i P TTi W^^^st^^^^^ 5 ^^^^^' '^ ' * \^ So°ds ; they ' re worth more than J ^ MS ^^^^x4r J ' - ^~ e are ai ' 30 slaowiu S a 15u0 auU lftr 2° liL FMIM Uln 1 I Hue of Roys & Children ' s Suits & Over- E Han Schiffncrl I &> Marx I UmdTiilored CePi'ttji- .t IOT3 b y Ko.it SttmfTaer £ iiarr ' , I SHOES ! ? SHOES ! ! . f . We are showing tho best and largest Hue of Shooa for Men. Wome n & ¦ C hildren 01} the East End of Long Island. Sol o agent for the Ultra Shoes for Women and the I>oug ' .as S.ioes for Men. Mlfll W& WEMMM B (M s«? s'MtsM ' s MMl&els) M -ATN STREET . SAG. HARBOR ,. L. I ,. — ^-zr T T ^ Mo ur Anqr ioTO 111 ±H O VV K%j LLCii Ijfc3 i h % . FAIITS BLOCK , SAG HAHBOR , N. Y. Cfca^'The- Proprietors of \T UT : F. VTU \ Btoro announce to tk.* public that they- hav$ removed their place of business from Washington Street ho the Fah y> Block , M a in, Street , v. -here they occupy two large , modern Double Stores . B®7Tlirou . rrh fair dealing we have established a gro wing trade , and . respect- fully solicit i\ continuance ox patronag e at the New Store. HOUSEHOLD EURNTTURE IN GREAT VARIETY. Call aud examine the Stock. It costs nothing to look at the Bargains , and , if yoi$ once look , you cannot refrain from purchasing, the prices are so , reasonable. A New Department , ICE CREAM * CONFE CTIONERY' , \I-IouTO N ' a \ Celebrated Too Cream a feature , all flavors. Soda Water aft<3 Choice Confections, Fruits , Cigars and Tobacco. . Visit the Store and note tho changes and Improvements , \THE FATE , \ P AUYS B PIMHN - G , Sag Saror ' We carry u large stock of Crockery, China , Glassware , Yellow Ware , Rockingham Ware , Lamps aud Lamp Goods. Several grades of plain white aud decorated Table and Toilet Ware , products of the best American and English potteries . A goodly selection of fine China. See our several patterns of \ open stock decorated Table Ware. \ SOUVENIR GOODS—la tturut aud Painted Leather , Burn t and Turned Wood and Silver Spoons. war. M. COOK , 45 & 47 M ain St. T HE S TURTEVANT . (Formerly Maca ' y Square Hotel) No. 147-151 West 35th St., near Broadway, Now lork . Cent rall y located to all shopping districts and points of interest. All cable cars pass within 100 yards. Numerous alterations have been made , which will make this hotel one of the most attractive for commercial travellers and transient trade m the city. Sample tables furnished. Rates $1.00 per day and upwards. . . CHARLES JA1MES (Formerly of the Brevoort House). ¦ J? BANK J. BANG , (Formerl y Sturtevant House), Proprietors. Telephone -l-fWS-38th St. TO HOMBKEErElta. 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The old Goodale place at \Waterinill was the scene of tht colla- tion and entertainment. There was or- chestra music and sing ing. Among the speakers - wcrs Rev . Mr. Lewis of tliis place , and W. D. Halsoy, of Bridge Hft ap tou. The supper was a fine one , Mrs. Oabcock , of East Hampton bein g the caterer. There was au abundance of everrthiuc nice. It is said the entertainment cost 8700. \William S Kell y, the Demuamtic nom- inee for Justice of the Supreme. Court in this District is a well known lawyer of Brooklyn. He wan born iu the Ninth \Ward and now resides in the Seventh. ^Ie \Was etlricate<l in the pnl>Ho scliools , and b y his owu talent has risen lo he one of the foremost lawyers of the State. Th ose who Itnow him bes t say that he is a man of lovable disposition , fair in all his dealings , aud of unspotted character . 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