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THE CORRECTOR. SAG-KARBQB , I,. J. * ¦ — ¦ »—— ¦¦¦¦ ! ————— . I| | - - « ^flLTTJRDA.1 , SEPTEMBER 11 , 1886 . VShe Sail Boat Race In last week a C OKREGTOB mention w^s jniaile of a Grand Eeg atta to take p lace here on the 14th inst. Since then , the ar rangements hav e been mostly com- p leted and promise a successful and in- teresting race. The Committe e on Ar- rangements met last Monday, elected Cornelias B. Slei g ht , Chairman and the following sub-commitfceea were appoint- ed. For Classification anrj \prices—^oh n She rry, jr., E. E. Richards , Herbert J 1 , Nickerson. IPov Mfiasui'ement—Seymour !L. T;ooJi- er , Samuel N. Gleason. . Jud ges—Brinley IX Slei ght, James ^inters , Luther Sleight. As some of the rules and the course , £S well , have been changed this week , a new and revised list is appended : EDXES. KviiE I. —Boats of the first and second classes mav carry mainsail , topsail and jib. R ULE II. —Boats of the 3rd and 4th classes may carry a mainsail. lirji.E III. —-Oat-ri gged sharpie boats of the £th class may carry a mainsail. R ULE IV. —Sloop-rigged , sharpie boats ol the 5Lh class may carry jib and main- pail. Rur.B V. —Boats on the st:^rb . Q.ird taclf have the ri g ht of way. R ULE VI. —Boats olose hauled haye the ri g ht of way. * H OLE VII. —Boats of the first , second , third and fourth clasaos must sail over the course twice. R OLE V JLLL. —Boats of the fifth class will sail over the course but once. K OXE IX. —The race muss be soiled inside of four hoars. R ULE X. —Boats . disobey ing any of |he rules forfeit a 'l claims to the prize , A boat will be anohored nosth- east of the head of the dock , and the start will |)o mado from an imaginary line between this boat and the dook- Captains must understand that after finishing the course the first time a they must pas3 between the dock and the atake boat norH). ea , sfc oJE ihe clock before sailing over the course the second time. The committee on classification has determined aa follows : Two classes of SLOOPS —1st 35 feet and over , 2d , all under 23 feet. C AT B OATS Two classes , 1st all over 20 feet—2d ujoder 20 leefc. AH measur6m . ea.ts to be-made on water line. Theic will be a handsome prize offered |or 2d class sloops. The changes mado since tlie first pub- lication of the rules were deemedj neces- . sary to establish some apparent unifor- mity as to the size of the contestants that have alread y entered. Tire C OURSE . —From the starting line $o and around a stake boat off Gibson ' s Bend ; theneo to and around a stat e boat anchored near black buoy No. 7 , off Barcelona ; thence \back; to , the sorting line. The Jxidges signal for all classes to- get read y will be tho blowing of a smack horn. Ten minutes- after 3 second si gnal will be g iven for the first Class to start. Tho remaining class*s- will be started at the same interval by a . similar, signal. Class first will start at 1- .30 ?- > I . - , class second ten minu , tes later , at 1 , :40 ; ; class third ten minutes later , at 1:50- ;- olass fourth at 2 o ' clock ; clftss . fifth at 2:10. Captains are kindly requested; to keop away fro m the starting line until time for their class to start. The prizes aro on exhibition in Jewei- ler Lane^s show window , and are both b6autiful and costly, beiug valued at $5& The cours e is ten miles in leng th when sailed over twice. All sharpies IS ft. and under will be considered as IS ft. boats , and time al- iowanco os. tij aj Ijasis will be granted to them b y all boats of. that clfcsaover IS ft. Owners of boats desiring to enter their crafts for the i^gai^ ar . e -eq. uest . ed , to do so by this evGuing at the latest. The jud ges will decide whether the weather will permit of. a. successful TEAQ or not , and if- they decide in sailing the 4ag will be hoisted on tho Libert y Polo at noon as a si gnal to tho peop le. In order to insure the interest of tho peo- ple the race will be at all times entirel y in sig ht of the bay front , and it is hoped that every one will contribute their Bliare towards swelling the audience and making ifc a success all around. O AKLAJO ) C ESIETEKT . —Very decided im- provements have been made in Oakland Cemetery within a fortnight past. The Brass Foundry lot purchased b y Messrs. Josep h Fahys , Jud ge Dal y and Commis- sioner French ^ has been graded and laid out as a part of theC emetery inclosed. A hapdsQzne . avenue has been opened through this Cemetery joining one of the best of tbe Cemetery avenues. The * en - trance will be si g htl y and tbe most prom- inent of of the several in Oakland. A hsndsom e gateway oug ht now to be sup- p lied , and no doubt this can ba broug ht about by voluntary subscriptions. The gentlemen who have no doubt hastened this new part of the ground are Trustees of the incorporation , but the work has been done valnntarily, and well done. \If no one bad ever \ventured to do , anything in this univers e until it was finall y settled wheth er this , that , or the other religions or philosop hical dogma were the eternal truth we shonld still be living in the oaves of Neanderthal. Such a certaint y is as unnecessary as it is im- possible. It is tbe belief itself , not the thing believed, that is important. For excep t a man have a belief , he has no standard of comparison , no sense of re- lation , BO respossibility and no con- science , and without th es e thing? he can do nothing useful. There is a popular ontcy against prejudices , but societ y and civilisation , so far as they are human achievements at all , are the achievements of prejudiced people. J jffcpm H AW - THOKSE IN HIS REVIEW OP B A LZAK ' S T H EORS OF F ICTION , 3ST. T. Worl d , 5th inst. M B . AND M RS H OWE , an entertainment in Bab ylon last week , for the G- A. H. of Bay Shore and Bab y lon io » crowded house. So great was the satisfaction that the same will be g iven this week in Bay Shore , at Arcanum Hall. Mrs , Howe will appear Qfc Masonic Hall in this village , Friday evening, Sept. l?tb , when she will be assisted b y Mrf. Crowol l and our hest loeai talent. Mrs. Howe will appear with the drn .q> Qarps and in a musket drill. - i ¦¦ , - ! 4tf» r- 0 An anmsmg episode in nest Tues- day ' s festivities , will be a goat race to harness on Long Wharf during the time of the regatta. There will ba two or three entries for a considerable purse , and no doubt lots of fun. Tai l pulling will not be allowed- \ -*-i 9i « i _ The o-i£e at S y lvester B. I&riger; of iforth V?est , but mor e recentl y of I&ist- Hamp lon ^ fell dead while eo, nversing with, a nei ghbor in the latter p lace en Tuesday moa ning last. She w«5 in her 79th year. D. B. Wi gg ir^s ha . s sol d his Brid ge- Hampton farm , near tfes ocean , 35 acres formerly owned by Hampton young, to C. A. Pierson , T. O. Worth , asd J. B. Corwip, for §4 ,Q0Q. ¦ » I TW i Th\ W- -P- Smith , thfe p h yaieiin. and drugg ist of SajYilte * hits feafcea up tvie residence at East Hamp ton. The new Life Saving fetation at &eor- g iea is n ow/in process esf coastruetioa. —— ' ¦ — ¦ • • •\ . * W\ Wi gg ins is about to re-opea . hj s store in the Union School Bjuilding. . m Qi •- Evasj s ik& tailor ,, has moved into his new store in the Kiernau Block. - ¦ W «#f W — ' -' — Chas. S. Hed ges new brick 6tore is nearly ready for oeeupauey . A Ph ysician ' s \ confession : \What re-, suit ? This ! The erup tion on, my little daughter ' s, lace : . a&Qi oa my awn , face around my eyes , and S-tl t I^henra ia tho. palms of my barters are \things that were \ Palmcr ' sL ' - 'S XK <-S UCCESS ; '' did ii all. \' IE¥ SUITS ! A New Line of Popular Goods for tho FALL, TRADE. Our $2.00 , $2.50 and $8.00 Of the celebrated HETSEL make aro of superior quality, and include Youman ' s and Dunkp ' s Standar d Blocks, OUR NEW FALL SUITS in stock , in addition to 300 samp les of new pat- terns from which perfect fitting suits of reliable . clothing may be obtained , insure to every customer Jito tire Satisfaction, Edwin I. \W inters - - -- - - ,- : ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ n - Carp ets —AND— OIL CLOTHS ! A new assortment just received by. G , B. BRO WJST «& SON . To Loan , ' SSj. GdO) to Loan on Bond an<J Mort- . : gage. . App ly to ; . . . . ^OHN SUERR3E. ¦ • JKeal Estate A gs-ijit. - ' March 20th , 1SS6\ Corporation Notice I VILLAGE OF S^VG-HARBOIk T1TI , E IV ., 51. Ko person shall Indecentlv expose tils or ncf .persbrii nor swtni or &atlie during tfte.rtay- tirae in the Otter i» ona or Cove , own tlifit pnrtof the bay adjoining the village limits ie ' w.sqa, Conktih' s 1' olut auclXort h Haveu Urldge , under a. penalcy not- excccillng nvo dollars. As the &\> OYC law will he rigidly enforced , ., offend- ers thereor will please taKe notice and condyiit them- selves accorvluigly. By order ot 5. S. nEDGES. • . . \ II. L. TOPPING , JOUS SUKUUY , JR., Dated Sag-Harbor * July 2S , 1SS6. Trustees. BAG-HARBOH , L. I. \ \ r '\' M y ' i: \ ' . ' ; ' . ' . -—-tot-—- : , ' . . ^^ ^ v ,. They Must Go, : CJreat Redu ction in Prices. ' WE INTEND TO SELL OTJR ENTIRE STOCK OF' Ready Wiac! © Clothing, Cents 1 Furnishings , Hats and Caps y . . . . 4fc a . S rea fc SAGRTF£CE , in order to make room for our Fall Stock. Straw H ats at Slaug htering Prices, Reduced Prices on. Sale s During tlie Hontli of Aug. : . ; . , OUR MOTTO , • U QWC K SALES and SMALL PROFITS. \ GIVE TJS A CALL , . Sg¥i One: Price Clothing House , Sag-Harbqr , K Y. B|tftnoli/Qooijoritpwii , \N. \T. Jf, Y, OIB M G22 24 , -Bfdaaway. . ¦ , ' . . ' ' * i[ .. -: ¦ \ IS SELLING ^\ \^^ ¦ /Afc'bhe lonresb cash prices. He also keeps in stock a fine line of Bottle d Wines , Brandies , Whiskies , &c , ., - ; ;i; 3?or famil y and medicinal use. He is also agent for the ' •• •\' : ' . - . . - . . Cuts and prices shown.on app lication. ¦ !r r. ; -\ ' till . . . . . . ¦ . . —imyrffir *T l>l - '1J 1t*ft r *'^l lp T11*ir^ l flWfT WlTWlllTli TTTT I M l l ll ll'l I i rnfrri l i r i \ I r i ¦ i nim w ¦ ¦ n ¦ i — ¦ i ¦ .__... ^\ ¦ \ ¦ ¦ — ¦ ¦ -»\~ ¦¦ * ' ' .--.,..-^.-- ——'—ya—^p» »i» » ^ i ^ iniw i ii i M i iji;M» . in.i nMi miiir-nrr i rT i TTJT , '\' r —'\— - i « i i-n--m \ :7T ' ;.iOvv -77 . . \\ \ \ \ - ¦ \ - - . - ;. % : / GRE AT REDUCTION IN ¦ : ^£;; FIFTT. NEW STYLES ! B^st lngraiii Carpet 75c. to SOe. r-fBest . Brussels Carpet 75e* to $1. . M\ %d ' \ ' Best Three-p l y C arpet $1. FI$3^\ , KO^S'CHOICE FANCY . MATTINGS , from 20c. to 30c. and a great C \?W ;. ;;, < , - •• .; - yiiriety of other goods now opening at ' . ' • ¦ ' ' ' ¦ - • ¦ ' - - *%* ' . . . - V . «i; ftixe- best for gejierar uaa because . it W. Siarietly Par©, Itfetd* . . • : sjy:ces5ary to USQ - ' . - . . ; - . with it , as it is with Adulterated Soap. ; [' ¦ It \(the G ERMAN - L AUNDRY S OAR )' will cleknse ' the clotlvcH withoutU\& .; ' : . asclj oi ' any strong. - chemical compounds QCwashjng- ^jowder ^ v^rWiimmmvvnw!^^ i , u - jfiNNniuinnMJ^inMiww . uiniiMi/ni/ii/M//iMininMiMiNMJMMui/n/innM i j r ' giuil UJHUlUUUili^ ' One Hundred Samples —OF— 3STew Styles OF EVERY DESORlrfTON , AT NEW YORK RETAIL PRICES , FOR GASH. . . .. Slic^Hjsa-lbcr , - having- made armngementfl wltti tiro of the largest Carpet Houses in Now rorfrCily to sell their carpets Oy samples , is Qaw.prcpareU to ex- hibit nearly one hundred, styles , . ' ncliicjlng the-most beautiful patterns of Velvet , Brussels , Tapestry and Ingrains that ean be fontui In the City. Witll no capi- tal invested , no rcwaauta , awl no o/d stOCKi he CHB afford to sell cheaper tnnn yon coirtd bay the sumo were yon In Neiv York yourself. Cerae aa<l dee. April 23. 1SS3 . G. II. COOPER. - Made of tlie best material and 'frilly \ Van-anted . 12 , 0*) ruimiug in New York State. Amenta wiinioii in all unocciipieil territory- . Send for Circular. B. I) . G'f.APP WAGON CO., I.t' <I , Au ' jurn . N. V WANTED. —Ladies to work for us at their own homes , $\ to §10 per week can he quietly made. No plioto paintiiijr.; no ¦ ean vassinjr. Kor full particulars , please arldress at. once , ' CKIftS- ENT A IM' OO.M PANY , Ji) Centra l Street , Boston , MUSS, liox sno. DENTIST RY ^ A 5?£VSE Your Teeth Filled ami Plates made at 1)11 . HENlty t 1 . UEANli'S , 13\ li . JStli St., Neiv York Cily. 1. lie snakes tine plates which KIT runKKCTr.Y , and lie restores mint nil E . VI ' KKSSION Of Jioeni , and gires written guaraniee if desired. 'l. no viu. teeth with best matcviutB :uid w MOBI CASES rAlNl.KSSLY . MOTH-WAX \ V KILLS T H E M OT II and the old Moth UiUcr. Sample cake hy mail 6 ceuts. W. II. II. OHII.DS , 73 Jtaiileu Lane . N. V. T ADIES WANTED to work /or ua at Ut lieir own homes. S7 to SIO per week can i.« easily made ; no canvassing ; fuscin.itfn if and steady employment. Particulars unit sample at the wort sent for stump. Addres s UQ.\m M'F'U CO., P. o . U ox 1916 . liost on.Msiss. »*»aorma« Sjr n i>i \ Ko other medicine iu Ihe world was evet-Birensuclj a test of ils curative qualities as Bosohee ' s German Syrup. In three yeawt t wo- milfinn tour hundred thou, sand small hot! les of rf tht me<tMiie \rere disti-Hmted free of charge l^y OrugKrsts fn tftts country to tftose am id cd with Consautption , A st- ' n-itta , t, * roup, Rever» jonglia , I' aciiuiouia and other ifeo^-s ol *hc tftroat and UniKS , giviiijr trie AMer 'iein . pewrtcr ufuTunlnUlB proof t-js-at. r. -enHan. $i yr»p H. -i8t c »»fr- l !iei« ' . Tfce re<mt» has I HW - II >&at Dr ' nggis is in c-i-ery f.oirn antt riling? in the li ' iifte** .Stares are- re-conittaeinVlng ti to th-eiV cmr- totBers. Go toyoter r>rwRS'sf . W\ . \\* . 'l' ooker , and ask .\ T S> S « he kno- .re. -thorn: it. Sample bottle 10 cents. Reg- i utar size. Tfi evma. Three dimes will relieve any case . Look on Spte for N UM and AdJtew ol J. £c T. -OOTTSiNS j. j**^*y XQSH K* • - \ * DYSPEPSIA - > ^^k . , AH ABSOLUT ^ Oifi^ njTOTn _ The Creat Qhlneat* rCr 1 Uj R E A D Y RELIEF REMEDY. WoNDXRruL'tN ITS crrrcTv. S UIWCX - NO UMI , RUT ¦ tHO 50 CENT* ron BOX O . X PC?TO t oit 2 cinr>r«i». ron : ' CIRCULAR . ' Tr tAXtN AS Dintc-ico ntutr tm CC6TAirf. AOCHTS WANTCO CVCRYWHCRC. THE PCPTaeHA/t fttAQy. aO C. K TK S T . H.Y. Cfiirist Clrareii , E ET . J. B. JEIfmiis GrS , B EOTOS - SERVICES. SCKDATS. Jllviue Service and SermGn loao A. M , .Sunday School anil Bible Class ' . ' ... \ ... \ . 5:30 Pi M. Eveninsi Trayer and Sermon.. r . . r \ ;45 V. M. HOLT 2JAY3. ilorningService ,,„ ,,,,.10:30 AiM. TVSBK DATS. Morning Prayer , daily 9:00 A.M . Evening Prayer , Fridays .. . ........ .7: i5 P. 3I. HQI .Y C0HHCNI0N , Ttie iroiy Communion will he celebrated pn the Jirst Sunday m every montu alter Moriiing Prayer , XOTE. For the convenience ol the parishioners and others .when they have occasion to visit mo Kector , he it . observed that lie is at his Study in the Church build- ing daily from 9 to 11 A. 3T. gtdL KJ?C<?—Ia i&is vill^Ke , Saturday morning. Sept. Ut h ^ w ldb\a ol , yvE late J ohn C- Kins. ItAXGKR—A t Kast llampton , Tih inst., very sudden- ly . ii , -iry, ivif . e of Sylvester X>. Ita^jer j. -iJ .^S rears j. G . ujpntfc* , 17 days. HAMBT J RG EJWSDS& N A new assortment of desirable.patterns from 4 to . M cents a yard at \ ! \ \ UllOWX^ MENS' & YOUTH'S SHOES for wear and tor worl- at Uip store of. PAUL WEILBACUER . J R . COAL, I C OAL I Ss£ nartpr , . April 3d , rsso. Wo will receives, ne.xt week: a cargo of Hymouth Stove and Chestnut KeJ Ash Coal , ana soon after a cargo QlJcnpyn stove and Chestnut WhiK Asu-Coai. Orders left with the Arm , or \rtta. Mr. Herbert Sick- erson will receive prompt attention. 5$ffiffi&} HEDGE S & WAD . E; f-wiE-VS— ^Dont thins our Teas are not IJOCK I- because I S we sell them so cheap, imt try them. \ f G KO. U. UUOWK k SOl^ |_ —— S' TVU INTS A c<ai? _ G\a;!5iatna \ . cents , now cluing . |; f A : . COOI*EK*S. < Tea. O /il j 25 cents a ponnd at BSOTTOTS; Notice, -AK . 'l^ctspns-n&v . lnp.cljilms against tlie late Eliza G. Uj-rini? ari>M. iiucsii,Tiy> pr«iseut tKe sani e to the un- de^aJK\ el, ivjtiipuf delay. ¦ b ' KI)\V.\ItD , iI. UE1UXG. Sag-IIarbor , J- ul y s<th , *SSG. A Fift h Avenue Lady y : ^^^S ^ WR ITES. ^^W A LETTER \ THE NEW QUINI J SE. - 223 Fiyru A VENWK , N EW .Y OUK . K ASJEINB Co. —Dear Sirs : Althougn always opposed to having my name.used publicly, I wave my reluct- ance in this case. Na one can see the vast good don e \o the suffering that I have seen accomplish &X by your wonderfu . 1 medicin e and, remain , silent. I deem it my pleasant durjr. my dear sirs , to ex- press my cordial thanks lor the great cure it has ac- complished in my lamiiy aa wey as for »ne many cures it has effected am ong the suffering • poor to whom I have taken It. • My son was the greates t suT- lerer /or years irom what was first termed by onr physician to fee dyspepsia and general debility, which was followed by the severest form ol chills ^nd lever , and finally pronouaoed by several of- the most eminent physicians to. be malaria , with all of its differen t forms of su ffering and organic diseases including liver and kidney troubles asd nervous prostration. Yon will see that I owe an especial debt or gratitude to you- , fcr-rny gwi 's hoiiHli sooraeil hopelessly lost , as tie derived no benefit from medi- cal treatment , although receiving the best that the high est medical talent in America could afford , com- bined at times with the benefit of travel, llis con- stitution also had, been almost undermined and Ills Ueariag- . impaired by the- use- of quinine. We were influenced to try Kaskine by hearing of its great success from reiiable sources , and my sou has bees completely restored to health bv its use. If my tes- timony of these facts will help to save human lite and restore the suffering to health , I should be guilty indeed to remain silent. 1 am . my dear sirs , yours most gratefully, uunc ntn. Olrs.lJ. DB\VfwB . cifflS. WHAT THE HOSPITALS SAY. . • Dellevne Hospital , .N. Y: , \Universally successful;\ - f \Every patient treated Bt. Francis Hospital , X.Y. 4 with , liaskine lias, \seeu (discharged cur . e< L\ ! Eev. Jos. Desribes , Chaplaia of Chajtts Jlospital , writes ; I'l ' -wiHbe susely, on every occasion . through conviction' a most deioted promoter of Kasfciruy' St. Joseph' s llospital , N. Y.: \It use is considered indispensable. ¦ It acts perfectly. \ Send f . or the great book of testimonials unparallel- ed in tie History of medicine. $1 a bottle. Sold by. druggists, or m\i bs mail on . tcceirA ot Dri . ce. • 14 5M1E KASKrSE GO., 54 Warren St ., N. - CK3AL I \Ehe.sjjbsari^pr.wifj.coutjnne in the fut-ur.ey a^- lie ltaa . for thp past25.y.ears , to . selI COAL e . sOQi ' ibs. to U»c ton . ne.tias.ajw;ays.6n .Hahd a stock ; ip. assorted sijjes , ofitno beat nuaiiiipi. ot lied; Ash. and: White Ash . TITB FOItSST- CITY WHITE ASH is esiiecialtj recomm .endpdjto those wjehjnaa: pure f«;e burning Coal. Plymouth Hed Ash constantly on hand. l' noes io- .v for Cash. >> ' o one CAiV^ no one SIIAI^ L. undersell or give a better article for the money. CIIAS. W . PAYXE. Or *r i i rQ Q us CAL'S E and CUKE , by one C HI 1110 O who was deaf twenty-eicl^yea re. Treated by most of tire noted specialists of the day wiih no beneflt. Cu red himself in ' three months , and since then hundreds of others by same ¦ process . A p\ain , simple »n>\ snccesstn\ hom e treat- ment. Address T. S. 1*A' .;E , IS .Ea si SitU St., New YorS Ciir. Mia^xqxr* wa^^^™^^^^^^^^? Vl. P. ^W' .AKD GAIXERT , sroRTWGf AKT> TARGET Rm.ES. -world ronowne.1. Send for \ ^^^\^^1\ ¦ ' ' ;- - ™«w*4 CBtalpgue . ^^ JttAEX,IK JFIKE AKIttS CO., Sew Haven , Conn. -^?«* ^i^nniiiiuuuiuttttj fuuttrunitrairij rra^ ^ . • . ¦ :: ' L 1 * •' N! 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It treats of coo\-prV tn-aJl \ q.briinches , and.gives Information.on cannlna fruits , curiDg meatB , making butter , wasti- ing ironing ; \ dyeing, renovating. the toilet , the nursery,. caroof the-aick .. etc- . It. is written by a veteran hons ' ekeap<sr , a - ntfis amply and beautilullj lilustratedi ' \ii/>\v 'EO- 3ME ~XOVll. OWN JLAWKCit?*' (a riand3omo>vo m rna OiViffi pages ; retail price . $1 .SO). For *o IU S YC will also send a copy or this valuable household and.bnalncee-iaBil RU U' . C and T IIK PHIIADKI , - I rnTA r AIII t»ri<)ne rear toany subacribpr , botti free ofi all postage. \How To ite-\our Owu lawyer \ is • comntiedyftud arrapged under the supervision : of : prominent mernbera of. the Kew \ork Bar. It is a com- plete 1 u^ractor for everybody in all the ordinary legal a ffii i ra of.life. Adftptcd to every buu e: and Territory. lltfta au iiconcisfl.directions.are.clvea and forms furnlstietUor, the twnsflcilon ot all Kinds ot business , nnii; the inrenaratlon-of'everjr descripiton of legal document in common ose ,. snrh as agreements , bonds , , deeds, , leaJs ^ mnrrWeSi Wills , etc. Als ' o.a dicrionary of legal terms an.luables for the coinp iladon of interest ana torwa^as-a var . ietjwf.oth ' er . calculatlons , as -vsell as valuable miscellaneous Information. «*Pvi'itVIS«Dl r 'S. Z'AIiVT nOOK. \' Retail prjee . $1.00. . A handsome book, profusely illnstratcd. ts« nJcs ' A eo!!a>ieift !;iilda to the art . of outdoor and indoor , painting. Designed for the special use of. thoie «dfo wish to do their own wort , and consisting of practical lessons in plain painting, varnishing, po lr ; whin* staining, paper hanRing. kftlsomiuing, etc., as well as direcitons for renovating furim tiro, . ami ninrs on arfistii work for home decoration .. together wit)i a full description of the tools and materials used, l' ns- cise dirac»ons arc piven for mixing paints fcr-»H,purrHwes. We will rami a copy of \hwyrybody ' s Paint B OOL - \ and The Philadelphia Call , for six monrn.i to any Mb&cribcr for fl.ic> , both postage tr^e. H«Td in your orders at once. Remit money by check , money order , postal note , or draft—all to the or- a*?2t llOBKll-l- x . DAVIS , VropTietot ot T«s Vnn.KWM.vui* C MA , VhU^«tvW- .v , Va.. y. J -Specimen copies of THE ru . ILAQE . I ,PlIIA CALL . w;ii . ne scut KKKE . to any address. , Tr- TH1? PEOPLE OF THE STATE OP KEW YORK , to Catherine S. iUWtcUi , nevbert K. EMredge , B<lward C; Smith , Ilenrv H. Smith , Gertruile H. Smiih . and Charles W, Smith , heirs nt law and irexc Of kin of JJdmuml A. Illldretli , latj of the town of Southampton , fjouuty of Suffolk , deceased , Send ^Greeting : • - -W UBUEAS , .ToUn .M. Hildreth. executor named in tu the will of pnid deceiiscd , IntPlv npplled to nti r Surrogate or tfte t:otni ty of Suffolk- , to nave a certain instrument in writ.uig, bearing 'date the tfit h day ot April , 1SS6 , purporting to di«pf»«e ' <if boih real and personal eswtP , /I n ly proved as the last Will and Testament of saiil deceased . T HKKKKOKE , yon and each of ynu arc required , per. sonally to tie anu appear before bnv surrogste , at the Surrogate ' s onice ,. Iu the village of Kiverhcad , and town of Uiverhead . in the County of suirojfc . oil Monday, the sixth day of Septemlie ' r , 1S80 , Hi one o ' clock hi ili e afujrnooK ot that, day, to attend the proof of the said l&Hf. Wilt and 'iVstatiicit t ; ' nnd. n spccial guarilian will at that time be appointed to appear for said minors. _ * _ I JI W PTXHSM WiiHBgnv Tho Surrogate of our J- • - - _ > Said C DIUI I V has hereunto ufflxed his seal of t \ •( ¦ oillce this 21st day of .June , one thousand — • -' eight httU'lruil and eightv-six. ¦ U II, TUTUi fill, surrnjriiffli E . A. CARPKNTKK , A tl' y. ,. iwl yic& ? s FioraS Guide for iSSt; Lsnn Kleganr iiook or ino Pages , it Colored Plates of l- 'lmver.s and Vegetables , and more than ItWIU lllitji t.nttioiis of the clioicust. Klowt i-s , rlants and Vegetables , mid Directions for growing. It is hand- some enough for the Center Table or a Pri-seiit, Setp| on your name and Post otlice address , with loceitrs , and 1 will send you a copy , posing!- paid. Tilt. - . - is not a 'fjuarteroi . it# cosr . It is printed in both Kngll.sh ami Herman, if JOII afterwards order seeds dedi|i<t the I D cts . Villi ' s Meeds are ' Hie Hest In Hie U' nrid'i The I'lora ) P.ulile will tell liow to get and trro w . tlieiii. Viek' s Klower and Vegettiltle Harden , ' 17B Pages. A Colored Plates , son Kngra ving.s . - For -so cents iu paper covers; ?i , o» in elegant cloth, In Wcriiiaii or KiiKlish, Vtck' s illustrated Monthly Jlagaziue—SSi Pages , a C/>lored Plate in ev-^ry uiiinher at ' fl niHriy line Kiitzritv * ings. Price $1.25 a year; Five Copies for sn .OU . • Spec imen lumbers sent ror to cents; 3 Trial copies for 25 :cnt,s. JAMKS VICK , ItonDOBfer. N. V. ^ ew ^ CURES WHERE ALL USE TAltS . & ^ RH Beat Couch Syrup. - Tastes eood. JM fSS-Cue In tline. Pold by dciiKKi«!«.. rat mp ^mmsm^®^ — \ ¦ ¦ - - r J, Z JL T . KUU&IN W wftNti A ^ V v «nrT * WEO & ¦ J si i &? &<? A/ Ill . .. ,. ^ T * J&-^^\ 'fis i^^^^ 0 \^ ^ jr- .r. \ysrnuiy . z nz cz mf o * ' If) \ - go cf ccnif ostbllS? 3\ V tP. \-n f if e ^ Porf ec ftiff :i:N6 ' ' .Yr!nklci- . ZJTGsy ' as air ctdnAoe. „_ !t(p'ay3 eotcf n tita ' stepa- ' • W . itl: *JK& tirtx ihec feet 'f a Jong walks. STads in 11 width 's ' and all sizes. F K>we*s and Fruits. • It yon , w .ant to. ktiow where yoti can get f$3i) tirow n l«ca.ltti y 5- - Jo-sver»njf Planlt, send for Hiy. New Catalogue. Von will find therein the old favorites and.the bes t of the novelties. Also, a lull line or ShruUM. .N in«J<- Frill t*& Voeulablo P ithtitu, My stouU cf. Cioraninms . Coleus . Vcrbonam Hello- , tropes. . Crysanlhetliums and Dahlias is full and due. . Jfy prices are a« lovr as those of any wlia «eud at, ' jfooU;piaots. . I «m ,tfic aiiihorlzctl acont fort/i c NEV [ : WHITE GitAPif NIAOAHA. Jly catalogue con . tajna. a colored p\nt r j oli ' .n Send for a copy. viflfors. are v;c}come at inv (Jreen(iou«e.« and sVed, farm. . Ji. i>. AllLXt'Jl , Wailing itiyei. L. l. ,

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