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THE CORRECTOR. 5AG-HAHB0S , L. I. SATUltDAT , SEPTE^IBER 20 , 1SS4. \We are g lad to say that something definite has at last been done in regard to t he incorporation of Oakland Ceme- tery. T HE C ORRECTOR has been urg ing action upon this subject for a long time. Fortunatel y Chief Justice Dal y has be- come a lot owner and has interested him- self in the matter. Together \vitli Hon. E. A. Carpenter , he has unraveled the skein of doubtful titles to tb8 property and they Lave arrived at the conclusion that the incorporation may bo effected in this way. To make a new board of which the old Trustees shall be m em- bers , and t ali c new conveyances from the owners of the extension to the Cemetery. With this in view a number of lot hold- ers met at the office of Nielcerson <fc Vail, on Wednesday morning las t , and oiy ganized a meeting with Ca p t. Tail in the Chair and E. A. Carpenter , Secretary. It was voted to incorporate under the Statute , providing for rural Cemeteries. The name of the Corporation Avill bo the \Oaklan d Cemetery. \' The number of Trustees was fixed at twelve, and tho day of annual raeeting on the third \Wed- nesday in September of eacli year. The Trustees elected were David P. Vail , Jonas \Winters , Chas. N. Brown. Thos. H. Vail , (old Trustees), Josep h Fab ys , Charles P. Daly,; Brinley D. Slei g ht , Hannibal French , George \W. Tabor , Step hen B. French , Everett A. Carpenter , John L. Sherwood. They drew lots as to terms of service for one , two and three years with the following result : One year , Chas. N. Brown , D. P. Vai!; Jona s Winters , T. H. Vail- Two years , Geo. W. Tabor , Stephen B. French , J. L. Sherwood , E. A. Carpen- ter. Three years , Joseph Fahys , Chas. P. Dal y, B. D. Slei g ht , H. French. The articles of incorporation have been sent . to Eiverhead for filing, and the Board of Trustees will meet nest week , for organization , after which we shall hop e to see something done in the way of organized improvement. Win. JJobme brought a boy 11 years yenrs of age , who lives wi th Michael Qainlan , before Justice Bisgood yester- day comp laining that he had been ill- treated. The lad said. Quintan was in the habit of \ whacking ''him , but he pre- ferred \ whacking 1 ' to going b;ick to the Asy lum from whence he came , and so the Justice could do no more for him. ¦¦ a iQ*- ' J IM The yachts Gazelle , C. P. Dal y aud Isnbelie took over parties to Greenport on Thursday. The steamer Manhanset also had quite u number of passengers , and the Cape Horn train its share. Sag Harbor was well represented , but all were in citizens d ress. \Whero were the firemen ? OAKLAND CEMETE RY. A cordial invitation is extended to all who are willing- \To work and vote as they pray and talk , \ to join our associa- tion , and assist us b y their prayers and moral influence , in the cause of Temper- ance and Political reform. No money required for campai gn purposes. Oar appeal is to your sense of duty, not your pocketbook ; to vote for christian men it cl ean political record , who dare to do ri g ht , and leave the results with God. J3y order of the Executive Committee , C. S. HEDGES, Secretary. Sag Harbor , Sep t. 17 , 1SS4. Oliver Hnlsey of J3rid ye Hamp ton is the oldest living male resident in South- ampton. He was born in Febru try 1791. iio -4G»--c « The calls for our Comity and Congres- sional Conventions are elsowhere pub lished. n J * & . >_ ' ¦ ~B ETTEltS rcmaiiiins unclaimed in tho Post Oillce JLJ Sag Harbor , N. Y , on Sept ISt h , 1SSL Anderson. .Tames Hiilibartl , W _ .A , Atom , mss MutTon luwHoii. Nettie P.! Almy. A. c. oakiev , cninen, v. ltales , V . L. rainier , 11. It. liisliop. 11 . J- Tri' .ey , Katie Cordesi DieileriS Verity, Shram II . Case. Miss Marv Vincent , John Doolittle , Mr. Weeil , Georjre A. Edwards , ^l iss Alice West. Wi son , II- Willi? , Miss Jennie. Anv one calling for those letters will please sav an. vcniseil . VOL JL HALSEY , V. M. < Tl 1C1 n~ » D OX ' T G IVE U P Y ET . —It doesn 't fol- low that a patient will die beoauae the doctors have \ g ivtn him up, '' or that ho will recover because they promise to \ pull throug h. '\ It is never too late to try the great virtues of Parker ' s Tonic. Mr. Michael Guilfoy le , of Bing hamton , N. X., was cured of Rheumatism b y it $fter ten years of unspeakable suffering. Mr. H. W Moshcr , druggist , of same cii y. c -rtiiies that he has sold over a thou- sand bottles of Parser ' s Tonic throug h its reputation for this and other cures. —a-) O KJ=»r Cnstariu. Wl-en V.abv was sielc . vre rave lier Castorla. wiien she ivas a OilM. she cried foro ' aMorta , Wli^n s ' .ie v. as a Miss , she cluns to Casioria, When she Usui CUiV.lrvMi. slie cava tliera Castorla , . ¦ I Tfr - < Q » G»s» St. <2 uii » anil Daniel. BOARD OF HEALTH , Town of East-Hamptoi3- ! KULiJGS AND BEGUL.A.TIONS Adopted nnd published b y the Board of Health of the town of East Hampton , pur- suant to the provisions of Chapter 321 , laws of New York , 1850 , as amended , en- titled , \An act for the preservation of the . public health , \ Is. Y , Koyiaetl Statutes . ;; Banks Bros ., Sixth edition , Vol. 1 , page '\* 1100 , as further nmeuiied by chapter 431 , passed JMay 28 , 18S1 , b y which laws it ia provided : Every person who shall wilfully violate nny regulations made and published ' \ h j the Board of Health of ally towti shall be gniltv of a misclenieauor , nnd on convic- tion thereof shall be subj ect to a fine or. imprisonment , or both , at the discretion of the court , sucli flue not to exceed oue thou- sand dollars , or «uch imprisonment not to exceed two Yt -urs , R ESOLVED , F IUST . T ha t no person shall Rpread or deposit any fish in any yard or * tielil , w i t h i n f o rty rods p f any dwelling, church or school liouse , unless covered to the satisfaction of tho Health offioor. No. Two , No person shall allow any dead - • < boast of his to remain exposed , bnt' . the same shall be burial within \ two days to the snt infliction of the Flmltli officer. N<> . TiritKK , N\ person slial! drain , or ; assist in draining, t he body of water aitu- . ; tiled ipmr the village of EaRt Hampton , known as Hook Putnl , b otwepti the first dav of Juno and the fifteenth day of Sop- lember . 1883. No. IT IITJK . That no sewage, or water from any cess-pool , il rnin . or privy-vault , Hindi be .disi:!i!ir^e«l into any stream , poud or enclosed waters within tliis (own. No . F IVE , Any pi 'rsoii TV I IO shall refuse to compl y wit.ii , or violate any order IJT regulation ni:ide ami published by this Bi.:U- d ; or M \ V OIS U M ' ' made and . tw-rved and posteii , shall l)e sul- .j ee .t to the penalties m' i such e- . ' .ses nr.iiie. iviui yulj vided b y statute ^ No. Six , U;ioti c<>m)>hiinb to the HuaUh oflii:-:r Hpp ointed by this Board , of auy uL- b jjvil iufr ' .ii s^t- 'infiit of tlieiibi»\- f resolutions lie is* liorcb y I' .u lhorized to culisa the same to be removed accordinp: to the statute : lo snch eases made nnd provided , if upon ex- amination he deem* the cause of complaint . a violation of any of the aforesaid regnla tioiiH. And we earnestl y veeomtn^nd nini ¦ i. request : . FtasT , That when any fishaliftll be sprettit on any field tit. a ^ greater distance from any dwelling than Mint above named in the fore- ' going resolutions , fhey he Imried or p low- ed under ' as soon as possible . S ECOND , Tlint nil privy vnults lie properl y disinfected , and all CPSH pt> f>ls and drabj s be ltept ns clean as possible of all sub- stances that are believed to be proli/io sourci .j of disease. niimis. Section l«t. Every physieinn , midwife or person itcliiiE as imcli . in the abswico of a p hysicitot , v.ho shall be in attendance at any birth, within the town of East Hnmptou shall transmit to the Town Clerk of said * tovrn , within three days (hereafter , a state- m ent in writitiR of such birth.uitrae of child if named , sex , color , d a te of bi r th , place of birth , names , nationality and occupation of parents. The physician or person tratis- mittiiifj said report is entitled to a fee of twent y cents , lo be a charge against tho town of East Hampton. For an omissiou by said part ies (o transmit said report they shall be liable (o a penalty not to exceed twenty-five dollars. • MAllHIAGBS. Section 2d. Every minister of the gospel , priest , County -lud^e , or Justice of the Peace , who shall perform tho ceremony of marriage wt 'Miin thi n town , shall within three daya thereafter , tr ansmit in writing to tlie Town Clerk the full names of the parties , place of residence , age , occupation . , place of birth , father ' s name and mother ' s maiden name , so far as can be ascertained. For transmitting such report the party is ent itled to a fee of twenty cents to ho a charge against ' the town of East Hampton . On omission of s .ihi parties to compl y -with this flection they shall be liable to n penal- ty not to exceed twenty five dollars . DISATIiS. Section 3d. Upon the death of nny per- son within the town , the ph ysicians iu at- tendance , or in the ab. -ienco of an y ph ysi- cian , the senior person iu attendance upon the deceased person , during his or her sickness , shall within three days after his or her death transmit iu writing to the Town Clerk , the [till tui tn a of the d«o.eneei1 , age , occupation , color , sex , whether single , married or widow , nam es nnd n a t i onalit y of father and mother , p lace and date of death , can. 'e as nearl y as can be ascertained . T he p hy. --ici.iii or person transmitting said re- port, ii i until led to ii fee of twenty omitR to be a charge a^iiiust said town of Eusfc i- flamptoti. For an omission b y the propor party to transmit said report said party shall be liable to a penalty not to exceed twenty five dollars. nuft.M ri rrcrun rs AXD PUTT or sfiirojfs. Section -A;h. On the decease of any par- son within this !o>v n whose remains nre to b(! ri 'tiiov ' . d from the town or burial ejM e- where , or transp orted bv railroad within the town for burial , it. shall he the duty of any member >>( Ihe Board of Health of miij town to is«ne to the person ,ir persons hav- ing ctuirge of said deceased on app lication therefore , liunsit- and buiiii , permits ; such permits to be isiued upon the physician ' s certificate of the cause of death or upon the inquisition of a coroner jury or iu CIIHO no sucli eeiiif/uvAtt. can be. had and no coro- ner inquest, shall have been held , ihpii snch , permits may be printed upon affidavits duly vt ri t' . ed b y some person or persons known to the officer griuitinp such permits stating ' The cin-tim-truioes , time nnd cainta of death as neatly as can be ascertained. Any sextiiu , undertaker or \!her person ; having charge of the interment in any oein» otery, graveyard or other place of burial in this town before admitting the bnrinl of any person brought f r r> m witJiont the town in said ground , .shall receive l i om the party in ohargo of said dead bod y such burial permit as herein provided. The parties granting such permit are on- titled to a fee of ten cents , to be. n chargo flgainai the town of East Hampton . And any undertaker or oilier person who shall remove the body of auy person from tho town for burial elsewhere , or whoshall bnry any dead person brought from without tho town without any previous compliance with the provisions of this sectiou shall i>e liable to a penalt y not to exceed t »vu i j. - -fjre dol- lars. TOW N CIjEIt KS. Section Stl) , it shall be tlie ilnt . v of tlie Town Clerk of this town to record iu a book to !>e furiilslien for snch purpose , every hirtli , inarriijio iiml ilentlt so re- ported , anil for every such record lie snail tie entitled to a fee at twenty cents to be a cliarge axuiuHt this town. section cth , Tlicse itulr-s and Keffiilntloti H do no« api-l y to the itico. -j.oratcl village of s„~ Uii r i, or , „„, io nil other portlous of the town of Bust llatnnton. * and shall tithe eir*-«t the tlrst day of February 1-S2 • Section Ttli , Tlif stateiuciu and returns ' to tho * Town (, 'Ierk iitentioncd la Hie forcKoliif; rules nnd regulations shall eoiuidy as ticarfy ns iiotwlble with the instructions of the State Hoard Of Health , Ministers , Doctors and others or.n obtain Ulii nec- essary blanks jf the member ot the JJoanl uf Jlcaltii U VIRR nearest to Uicni . Unted. Kast Hampton , April 30th , 1SS4 JONATHAN ISA KGit , l' rest ' detu. JO.S/;/'// .s. (HiliVltSlC , Secretary. mv ^ IMT v~ c i. r ;N?vV; ' « v YTOis* -M - u- li,;al1\ on,° JONATITiNii DAhfcK , bnpcrvlsor, ^ JOSBIM I s. oniioitNH , Town ciert . .IONATUANT. OAUPIN :-: I: , citizen itoara OEOlifiKA. MII.hKlt . \ ) . or 1IKNKY U. 'rUTilll.I, . I Justices o I He HKlNhli V T). sr/KIGHT . ; the Tea je. 11AHHY BIWSOOD. i ' 11ii : M iv.m miniw MI n;nrninun iiuraimlmiMiimuamulium UH I:i ,,,,,„ n ,,„ ii r.imiiHimiiriiirnminiiiniHi i ^ jiiuHiHii iiiiiiniiiiiifiJinM inrnii w\\\ 111 \ . SER VICEAU iTAND ' ECONOMICAL «$« ¦ - ¦ ¦¦¦ i ¦ i. l iii r>i iiwi.ui^^' J -ir ,, »-iM Ji M »~^ ?J» is the best for general use because it is Strictly. Pure. It is not necessary to use WASHING POWDER wi th it , as it is with Adulterated Soap. It (th e G ERMAN L AUNDRY S OAP ) will cleanse ' the clothes without the aid of any strong chemical compounds or washing powder. 5n nun i! 1111 in i (ii rriii rrn in 11; imiuu m 11111 n n n 11111 mini i:; 11 mi i in i in i ittn i iiiiiiininiiiuniirniniiinnniiiniiJiiiniinnn an 1111 ii II i ii 11 in HIE it i LI LI II if i 111 in icr 1111 (i f f n in mi in in if n f t tnii j IIMIH rn ni! HI The Largest Stock _OF— - v FURNITURE —ON— Eastern Lomg Island\! The subscriber hacing added very materially to ills already large stock of Furniture , and to which he is constantly adding more , would invite the public, to the following UNPAKABikELED LOT*' I'JtlCES : Good Mattress §3 50 Good Hair Mattress 10 00 Walnut Chamber Suits 30 00 Extension Tables 5 50 Good Chairs 40 Parlor Suits 35 00 Good Bed Pillow 75 Can e Seat Ch airs 75 Bed S pi-itig- 1 25 Best Woven wire S prings 4 50 A Goose Feather Bed, 25 lbs IS 00 Lounjffls $5.75 , §0.50 to §9.50. Cottage Bedroom Suits for SIC , $is , $20 to ?30 . Looking Glasses from 25c. to £25. Also (100 Hlaekwalnut and imitation of Iltackwaltut t chairs , purchased at a closing out sale , aud so that they can be sold at less than New York manufactur- er ' s prices. • : Also a general assortment of furniture at equally low prices ; including , WSC2S23 S. <& WI&2.0W GOODS And other articles not usually found In a conutry (5 to re. To appreciate mj' prices it is necessary to see the goods, GEOBGE KIERNAN , SAG IIAI5BOU , I.. I. FOE SAL E CHEAP - —AT— Hassan House Stables. ONE ENO SPRING HOOKA WAY , IN GOOD OUDEK. ONJ3 USD . -jI'KlNU TOP 15UOOY. Parlies wanting Harness or Hors e Goods , Car- : riages , Unckboard s , Ac , of any kind , by leaving or- der with Mr. It. J- l' ower , or by postal <o lue will receive iirompt attention. State about what you wain and 1 will send Harness on approval and pay charges oue way, if not. Hiuisltie- tory. Also for sale at Greenport one Park Phaeton , suita- ble for Hacking. O. G. BECK WITH\ , Wholesale Dealer in Harnesses , Carriage? , Sleighs , , Itches , .tc.. New London , Conn. , 3in3 •tTJi? \SifiW %>liV\V -fl £5 Chests Choice Teas just received bv GEO. B. fl. , -£, BKOWX .V SOX , oonsisting of Japan , Oolong, Knglish Breakfast , Basket Fried and Young liyson , which are good and very cheap. t3^TKY TIlK. \r. _^rj 'n^fi^nRFs7ASSERsT~ . All persons (especial reference being directed to gunners .) are hereby Jarbld trespassing upon the pre/nines of the uuilcrsignal at .North Side , under penalty of the Uiv. FUANCKS ii. UALt\ , S-^g.llMbor June T , tSSi , Wanted , Ualf a dozen young men between the age3 of l-tand ?0. Apply to F-VHYS' V> ' ATClt CASE ' _ '0 . Dissolution of Oo-Partnershi p. R. II . Harris A Co . having sold their entire stock of goods to Mr. Samuel N. Davis , is this day dis- solved , ami all persons having accounts with the late linn will please call and settle w.th K. If. Har- ris, at the Sag Harbor Savinss ItaiiK. or L. K. Ilal- sey., witti Mr. Samuel N. Davis at the old stand. Jul y 10 , 1SS4. Um2 Carpets , Ma tting, Oil Cloths, CltOUKKtU , GJ^ASif! W A RR , DRY GQQDS AND GROCERIES. A very iicnw srocK just oongiii for CASfr . aud will be sold at BARGAINS by (JKO. H. BIJOWN .V. SON , f^'Call ami see. _a;j - Sajj-ilarlwr , L. I. NEW GOODS IfECEfVBD E VJi fi r ViEliK f!Y GEORGE B. BROWN & SON. « ii a o>. for the working class ' . Send 10 cents S3 H SH f jr postage , and we will mail you I'ltKK H a U H G9a royal, valuable box of sample goods if 3 R^t n R3 t!ia -t will pul you In (liu way of makllli! BB vk C I aHaiore money in a few days than you vi* H ? ni '2? evor thought, possible at any business. Capital not required. We will start .you. Yon can work all the time or in spare time only The work is universally adapted to both sexes , young anil old. Yon can easily earn from 50 cents to JT> every evening. That all who want work may test the business , we TOU fee this unparalleled offer; to illl Wlia al'lS tlol Well satisfied we will send $1 to pny for the trouble of writing us. Full particulars , directions , etc., scut free. Fortunes will be made by those who give their whole time to the work. Great success absolutely sure. Don 't delay. Start now. Address S TINSON A Co. Portland , Maine. 33vl LUMBEli YARD. The subscribers grateful for past favors of their patrons , beg leave to offer them anything in their line al the lowest CANII I'ltlCUS. We have a good assortment of desirable launber , consisting of PINE BOAliDS , WOKKED AND HOUGH . PINE PI.ANK . \ \ \ SPRUCE PLANK , \ KPI. 'UOK BOARDS , ' » » CLAP BOA ltDS , \ \ \ CYPRESS , PINE , CEDAR , ,t SPRUCE SHINGLES PINE , CH ESTNUT , A. VI) HEMLOCK PICKETS. URICK , LATH , LIME , CEMENT , PLASTER.V. HAIR , HEMLOCK , SPRUCE <fc CHESTNUT TIMBER , ana about all oilier articles in our line. We don 't ititGia! to be undersold by any in (Ho Irado. 20tf NICKEKSON & VAIL. Sag Harbor , Oct. 12 . 1STT. CORP ORA TI ON OJWINA ' NGK The Trustees of the Village of Sag-llnrbor do etnet tlio following liy-Lttiv and Ordinance , to be observed withm said village : No person shall peddle , or sell at Public Auction , any Goods , y. ' aros or Merciiandi.se of auy description , within the said village , except .Meat , Fish , Fruit and Farm TroOnce , without previously obtaining a I.i- eensQ from two of tlio Trustees , anil pavinsr tlicrcfor , for tlie use of tlie Village , a,fee of not less limn one Dollar , nor more than Ten Dollars , for such period as such license shall llx. Any person violating this ordinance shall bo liable to a penalty of Tea Dollars for each o ffense. Dated Sag Harbor , this 10th day of June , 1SS3 . li . LYON , CHAS. W, PAYNE , C. II. VAUGHN , Trustees of the Village of Sag Humor. WILLIAM LOWEN , Clork. 23tf Hampton Flouring Mill s Co. All portions holding bonds of this Company are ro- fittested to send their names ami amount and num- bers of bonds to THOMAS F BISGOOD , Secretary Sag Harbor , N Y M1YI - MONOPOLY ! CHAIRS ! ' ' ¦ Chairs ! Chairs ! The undersigned begs leave to anuounce that he will oner for sale a large lot of Piazza Chasrs 9 and other kinds, at Prices far below those asked by ordinary dealers , from door to door. For the accommodation of the public , he will nc.v i WCCk , C0.MMENCK KUS'NINO A WAfiON With h full US- sorlmciit of these kind of chairs which iu quality and price defy competition. A dollar sa ved is a dolla r made. You can do this bij holding you r orde rs for KIE RNAN. + Q T I would infor m the p ublic that I hav e purchased the old established business formerly conducted by H. & S. French , H. French & Co.. and F. 0. French , where I propose to continue the sale of Groceries. I guarantee the stock to be always fresh , and of the first quality . Goods will be delivered with the greatest promptness at all hours. HENRY FEBNGH. . APRIL 3 , 1884. GREAT REDUCTION IN FIFTY NEW STYL ES ! Best Ingrain Carpet 75c, to 80c. Best Brussels C arpet 75c. to $1. Best Three-p ly Carpet $1. FIFTY ROLLS CHOICE FANCY MATTINGS , from 20c. to 30c. and a great variet y of other goods now opening\ at Ht% IHfe ^ %i wlFll'^^Iift ® RYDER'S ' Horse Liniment AIs INFALLIBLE TJEMEDT FOR LAMENESS JN HIP , SHOULDER , OR STIFLE ; COLLAR BOILS , SADDLE CHAFES , WRENCHED ANKLES OURBS . -SFDINTfi ; OR ANY SORES ON A HORSE. It will not take the hair off , and heals quickly, we do not putr this remedy, hut simply give the testi- monials of reliable parties who have tried it and know its value. T HY IT AXD YOU WILL r>E SATISFIED . ioi 'Testimonials. Bridjre Hampton , L. I., March 11 , 1SS4. M R . I? ODEKT KVDEB :—Dear Sir:—I am glad to add my testimony as to the value of your Horse Liniment . It lias worked wonders with one or two lame horses of mine , that have been treated with it , and 1 can- dilly recommend it to any person who lias a lumc horse. Tours trtilr , TC . JSSTEliBIJOOKE , JK. :My horse was lame in the shoulder. Mr. Ryder has cured it. MRS. \YM. I. CHASE , Bridge-Hampton , L. T. Mr. L. G. Aldrich , Sap; Harbor , N. Y., says : \My horse was lame in the hip. I tried one bottle of Lini- ment and cured it. \ M B . llYiiEii !^.Hoar Sir :_Mv horao was lama in the hip. One bottle and a half of your Horse Liniment cured iter. Yours , S. S. HALSEY , Bridge-Hampton , L. I. Mr. R OBERT R YDKU :—I have tried vonr Liniment on my lame horse , and with beneficial effects. Yours. A. Is . MULVOHD , M. IX , Dridge-IIampton , L, I. Ten Ounce Rnnins- 8 1.00 iiiirlit Ounce slot tics , \J5C . Prepared only and sold by ROBEET E. EYDEE , Sag Harbor , N. Y. For sale .if. .SrvriTTI BROS., Main Sfreer , Sap: Harbor BEXNETT'S BLACKSMITH SHOP , Southampton SAM'L HALSEY'S BLACKSMITH SHOP , Bridge Hampton. ¦ IIMBIII ¦¦ iiiiwiiii ^ | ^ | ¦ ^l ¦ lll ¦¦ ^ . ^ ¦ »«»** ¦ ¦ ¦ '.^^ 1 » ^ ^^ ^ \' ' \ TIIE SUBSCUIliF.inS NOW OFEMNU A CnOICE j ASSORTMENT UP i Dress Goods , Flannels , Wool Suitings , ( Ging hams , Prints , Crotones , Ladies ' and (jent' s Underwear , HOSIERY , TABLE LINEN , Velvets , Velveteens , Shirtings , Sbcetinge. C A SH M ERES : BlaoR . Tlrowi , narnot , Dronze. an.l other coUrs , at reduced prices. Rt) pieces Cloths & Cassimeres cheap. SUITINGS : 3-i and -1-1 Flniino! Suitings , Bl.iok , BIno , Green , Oray, jiiKwi. .vu. Kiiecial Bargains. CARPETS OIL CLOTHS. RUfiS , HLANKETS , <) . UILTS an« ' l iit:' -'0\ oilior nrtiolcs at greatly reduced prices , exclusively for cash. G. H. COOPER. SECOND HAND FUENITUEE , Sewing Macliines s ASD ALL KIND8 OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS , Bough t , Sol d , and Eselianged. The limlersiguetl will open the store- in Bill' s Block , corner of Washiugtou nnd Division Streets , opposite Fah ys ' Factory, ou Monday, Jnue 2d , 18S1 , where he will keep on liaud a general assortment of tlie above isatnoil goods , and bo ready to buy, sell, or trade. G. L1NDHOLM. Bug Harbor , Ahxy 31st , iSSi. Itf To Rent. A hov<;e elieiuly situated on Main Street , contain. Ins 14 roouis . ~ »lso baru « U{1 K 00 ' 1 garden. * \pply to T1IOS. k\ BKSG0OI) , 4Stf . ' S«g-IIarbor , N. Y. \ CEOCKEBY AND GLASS WARE. A ^rIl^: UUenl iUSl \TM- BROWS * SOX. NOTICE ! The arm of Slckerson i Vail la dissolved by the death oi Mr. J. «' ¦ Mckerson. \ii persons ludetited to the lAte Una will mate pay- meut to the underslsued. ^ ^^ 2ctf suo\l\\S partner oi ^tickersau 4 ViUK STEWART'S IP.QN^EIBKE 111.si to/ i' iijliiilia COLOKS KED AND BROWN. ' Ail Eenflv for TJso. For paiiilin< « HUII.DIX(}. « . FKXCES , BRIDGES KOOFS. Ac , and for repairing and preserving KOOFS of all kinds. Guaranteed to he more durable and economical than any other paint or cement made. Send Tor eircular to WM. II. STEWART , C L EVE.LAN D «issi edition of his life ; written at. his own heme , with his cooperation r.ud assistance , hy the renowned Good- rich. Largest, cheapest , handsomest , best. Elenantlv illustrated. Costs more per copy to manufacture thaii U\e other liycs Uni t nre sold for twice its price. Out- sells all others rcn to one , ouo or our agents made a proilt of over J50 the tlrst dav. A harvest of cold will he realized by every worker. All new beginners suc- ceed grandly. Terms free , ami the most liberal ever offered Save valuable time by sending 25 cents for postage, etc.. on free outlit , ivhicli includes large prospectus bso ' K . Act quickly ; a day nc the start is worth a week\ a . t the finish. Iiiii3 ii. HALI.ETT A CO.. roniaml , Maine. |T» /\» if^ a vrceK a; home, ss .oo outti t {reo. raj ibDO :1')s()l\tei - \ lire ' >' o risK. Capital uot re- ¦ ^f v«? >w qmre.l. Iteader . :r 3-oa want busloess at which persons of either sex , younjr or Old enn maKe jrre-:u pay all tUc t ' .ine tr;ey -wofi;, >v«V nh- solute certainty, wriie ' ot particulars to II. 1J u i BTT A Co., roriiaud ^ Muiti-;, 3iy l OAXCY TOILET SOAIM n great varlety ' ftt 1 £. IJ KUWSS * . Clliirclc Strvices. F IRST F RESBTTEKIAN - cntmcii. —Kev. Tidwani Tl.Camp Pastor. Services every Sunday at 10:30 A . jr., and 7:30 r. M. Sunday School at 2 r M ilKTnonisT E PISCOPAL Cnr/Rcn. —Hev. .T. S. Whedon. Pastor. Services every Sundav at 10:30 A . SI ., aud 7:30 F . X. Sundav School at 2 c i£ CITKIOT \ ITCKCIT , (EpiscopaD. ^rtcT. \Wm. T5 . Frtsi.ie , Itector. Services every Sundav at 10:r.o A . M „ Sun- day School at 2 r . JI On tiio tiYsi and thin! Sunday of each moulh services at 1 0:30 A . H „ and 7:30 r. it. i3ETHEL B APTIST Ciinncn. —Ttev . O. TI. Still. Pastor. Services every Sunday at 10:30 A. M. and 7:30 r. M. Sunday scliool at 2:30 p. u. ST. A NTIKEWS fft. CO CmniGir . —Ttcv. .1 . T. TTcrrernann Past or. Services every Sunday at S .v . M ., 1»:30 A . M ., a.nd 3 P . SI . Sunday School at 2 P . M. £iovs (African) M. E. CnuRcrr. —TJev. Chas . E.AVaters , Pastor. Services every Sundav at 10:30 A . ii., and 7:30 r. H. Sunday School at 1:30 p. M. J2as t IJaaipt- 'iii Ocinocraiic Primary. The Democratic Electors of the town of East Hamp ton , and all \willing to unite with, tfaem, are requested to meet ¦ &b the Town House in the village of East Hampton , on Wednesday, Sep t 24th , ISSi , at 7:30 p. ir. . for the purpose of .electing three delega tes to represen t the town in a County Convention called to meet at Bivei-liead Get let , 1SS4 , and to ti'ansacfc such other busi n ess as may . .coiaa beforo the meeting. E. E. G RIMSAW , T. E. B ABCOCK , T3- D. S LEIGHT , D. E GBERT T AULIGE , G EO . S. S CHELLESGEU - Town Committee. In Tootei' & ¦ Toung ' s window has been exhibited tiie silver cup taken b y Cap t. Gibbs ' horse Hawthorn at the trot last Saturday. Isaac [Reeve ' s black h orse Harry was the contestant. The best lioio made was 2:35 , and the tirot was closel y and hotl y contested , making an exciting and satisfactory race. i. m .o» aj M George G>iff ^.a Las purchased the *«&- chmery for a steam laundry , and expects to commence that business here in a short time. He had contracted for the store in Crowell' s Block latel y occu pied by Ed w ards tlie clothier , but some ques tion of insurance arising: has caused de- lay. Immense posters announcing the lec- ture of Henry Ward Beecher iu this p lace on October 7th have been put out during the past week. He will be th o r- oug hl y advertised , and Oug ht to fill the church even at a dollar » head. His theme is: \The rei gn of the common peop le , \ a grand subject which will no doubt be nobly handled. - ^ 3 » ^- »-ff*i - - ¦¦¦ ¦ Captai n Gray has taken 1200 passen- gers across tho Cove to Long 33e ich this s eason , and b y far ihe larger num- ber during the month of August- B y the b y, Tvhnt hns become of the Oriole and the other humming birds of the Cove Elect? Wh y not a friendl y contest before the ice shuts un n. -ivi gatioii . Cm it be true , as has boo n . intimated , that ono is afraid and the other dares not? C.<j>L James Poi dham , the oldest male resident of Sag Harbor , died after lees than a day ' s illnes3 on Thursday last. He was out upon tho street the day be- fore he died and al thoug h quite infirm yet in apparent usual heal th. Cap t. Eordliam has always been a resident-of Sag Harbor , and iu his earl y days made several voyages a whaling. He was at one time master of a New London ship. He was also a pensioner of the war of 1S12. His age was S9 years , 4 months. C OMJ ' LIMEXTAIIV - —The followinj r reso- lution was spread upon the minutes at a late meeting of the Boai d of Educa- tion : Besolved , That we b:we accep ted with regret the resignation of Wilson 11. Cooper , so long our President , and de sire to express our appreciation of the jteai and intelli gence which he hns al- ways disp layed in the interest of the sc liool , nnd wo teniler him our Pincero thanks for his services and tho courtesy with which ho {ins presided over our mcr tines. Rev. Mr. Still ot the B ^ U a l Church announced his rcssi gii. 'i tion last Sunday, but his congregation ie very lo-»lh to part with him , nnd proposes to induce him to remain if possible, air. Still has bfre n a tireless worker in tho good cause and done every thivs g toward building Up the present church over v.hjch he ministers. Mr. Reeves, of the WATCHMAN* tells us ihat a note received from Col. Lirnout , Governor Cleveland' s private secretary , contradicts ihe report that the Governor expects to visit Southampton as tho fpiesi oi Senator liobb this waak. Imb jic business will keep Gov. Cleveland at his post in Albany. I I U -* & » ¦ € ¦ ~ Henry H yrann is to commence the manufacture of separs. and will occupy QUO of tho siorcH in While ' s building on the east side of ilain St , where ho will also sell at retail. Hymna is an old Land at the business, and has an estab- lished reputation as a uood seg&r mnkev. Thero was a largo fire on Napeagne on Friday of last week , burning over fcmo considerable wood and meadow. E. A. Conkling of Amagausett lost thirteen loads of hay- A mowing machine be- long ing to E. Alulford was burned, and a house belonging to Nath'i Domiuy was also aei troyeu. The liUtcr was insured. Pnmeu- PORTE' v c rRTIP—At the resilience of the groom ' s Sister . Mrs. William Sayrc. Wntermills. Sept. ifit h , bv Rev. Walter Comllt , .Tatnes E. Porter , to Miss i:cr:i:a Curtis , of X«w York City. CRXNOALli —SMITH. —At t?onthoUi , 2Rd alt., by Rev. (Jeoriro Tavior. Monroe i«. urnmiiiu, or itai vii- I HCP . to Miss Lib' .tle G., daughter of Josiuii smith , o£ SoatUcia . ^ml FoitmiUAM. —In this vlllatre , Ttmrsilay, ?er.t. ism. Ja:n c5 Fonlaani , .K S9 ye? , rs , -J mos . JCX FS-In this vlllase. 14tl. tn?t.. Ualr-h Roy, son of Artftur 1- . and Delia Jones . JS 3 month s , u days. DKAKK. -AI soutnaaipton , 15th inst., of I' ara ljsis . G. ldlowKk DniXc , ,¥. ?> years , r, iu*nths

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