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The corrector. (Sag-Harbor, N.Y.) 1822-1911, December 30, 1882, Image 3

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THE CORRECTOR, SAS-rTAHTtOa , L. L — SATtJRDAT , DECEMBER 30 , 1882 . Good skating on the ponds. i __ ¦ _» i _ The year 18S2 conunenced -with a snow storm. The drifts were three or four feet deep. O' t .-o» We have seen some fine p ickerel from Long Pond this -week. One specimen wei g hed five pounds. » I _ > I i Mrs.. Salem H_ Wales of 5?. Y- made the Southamp ton Life Saving Grew the present of a bountiful Christmas dinner. S AG H ARBOR . F AIR G ROUND A SSOCIATION . The annual meeting of the Sag Harbor Fair Ground Association Trill be held at the office of Dr. E. Miles , in this village , on Tuesday, January 2d , at 7- P . M . ; ., <t ? l» | U NION S CHOOL D ISTRICT . —The total as- sessed valuation of property in this 1 school district is §582 , 800 , an increase of about §50.000 over last year. The non resident propert y is taxed at $75 , 600. The per centage of tax this year will be 59 1-5 cents on each §100. . —i i n T rr Austin Corbin and other railroad mag- nates were in town on Thursday, and it is g iven out that he made arrangements for the purchase of Betsey Josey ' s prop- erty opposite the depot. He visited \the Fort\ and terms of surrender were amicabl y agreed upon. W ATEK Mrxxs.—The Christmas enter- tainment of the Water Mills Sunday School at A. M. Benedict' s was very sue- cessful , 117 persons b eing presen t , and the children all well up to their several parts , and Santa Claus supp lied a boun- tiful provision of g ifts and good tilings. ! - > ¦ — P OLICE C OURT , 1882. —During the year 1882 twenty-six criminal arrosts have been made and the cases brou g ht before Police Justice Bisgood. There have been 15 convictions , 9 fines imposed, 6 offenders imp risoned in the county jail , 11 discharged , 2 sent for trial , and 1 or- dered to find surety of the peace. The Amount of fines imposed was SS5.56 , of Yf>ich $78.31 was paid to the village. v. . - . j __ --• o * — Ihe s ervices in the Presb y terian Church on ' . Sunday evening last , were appropriate to C^ristm** -Ta-^-sTia -at- bncted a J« ' x ^congregation- The pas- tor Rev. A W. S proull preached an able and interesting s ermon from the text : \ And the word was mad e flesh and dwelt among us. \ The order of music arranged by Dr. E. G. Howard , organist, and musical di- rector was excellentl y rendered b y the quartette aud chorus choir of the church and included the following selections : Prelude , Organ , ''Grande offertoire de Nool ,.Thayer. Anthem , \Hallelujah , Jesus the son is V>om. \ Hod ges. \O Holy 5?ig ht\ , Adams. Hymn 10S. \Bri g htest and best. \ pS' ertory, Organ. T \uthem j \§ing unto the Lord\ Novello. Postludc , \Where goutle nig ht bedews the earth\ Moore Dr. Howard is to be congratulated upon the success attending his efforts to elevate the standard of choir music in our village. The volunteer choir he directs both in solo voices and . chorus sing ing were never so capable as at present and his cultured taste is evident in the selection of music , both instru- mental and vocal on all occasions of church service. - —- - A OAUI) . To ail Who are suffering from the errors and indls. cretlons Of youth, nervous weakness , earl y cecay. Joss Of manhood , Ac, I -Will send _ recipe that will cure TOO , FREE OF CHARGE. This great remed y WA5 discovered t>r « missionary in Sooth America. S*eo<l & self-addressed envelope to the K EV . ipsWH T. I MX - V , 6j,t}qn r> ., Kew York City. Uwi «- '** xatiTias Eve at the Presbyterian \ Church. The contest on Monday next in Cor- poration Meeting will be on the Trus- teeshi p. For Street Commissioner there may be two candidates , but the interest of our voters seems to center upon who shall be Trustee. - For Clerk and Col- lector the present officials will no doubt be elected. At an informal caucus held at the Nas- sau House a few evenings ago , some twent y representative citizens being present a full ticket was made as fol- lows : For Trustee , James Lamont , for Clerk , -William Lowen ; for Collector , James H. Eldred ge ; for Street Com- missioner , Edward H. Redfield. The Dame of W. Cohu White was also presented but Mr. Lamonfc received the most votes. - C. H. Vaug hn is also in the field. He is making a careful personal canvass. We understand also that John Slowey is a candidate for Street Commissioner. There has been some talk of a third candidate for Trustee , but we do not know of any organized effort in that di- rection. Mr. Lament is the present Superin- tendent of the Watch Case Factory. The onl y argument we have heard used against him is that he is a new resident, and don 't understand our affairs well enouo-h. On the other hand Mi* . Vaug hn is an old resident and has occup ied tho posi- tion before. The argument against him is that he understands our affairs too -well. Our citizens are certainl y compe- tent enoug h to jud ge between the can- didates. The C ORRECTOR does not care to beg in the New Year with a fight. It has just been through a hot political contest and came out happy, and it pro- poses to preserve its present serenit y until the new Democratic administra- tions g ive reason for the contrary. Corporation meeting* The comp letion of the new ball in the Crowell Block was made the occasion of a very jolly dance or sociable b y our young men and maidens on Christmas night. The affair althoug h \ entirel y im- promtu \ as the late lamented S. T. would have remarked , was thoroug hl y successful both in point of attendance and comp leteness of arrangement. Pl'OI. Van Houten presided at the musical end of the entertainment to the satisfaction of every one. as usual. When J IM ' S fid- dle issues an imp loring request to \Jine the Huckleberry p ic-nic \ or refers in pa- thetic tones to \dem golden sli ppers \ there ' s a movement in the boot and shoe line immediatel y that nothing short of I comp lete paral ysis can resist. At the proper time for refreshments the guests repaired to Warner ' s Retaurant parlors where they were served with an oyster supper such as onl y ''George \ knows how to prepare , in first class style and with all the latest improvements. Dan- cing was resumed nfter supper and con- tinued until 2 A . M. The management of the affair wish to make their acknowled gements to the East End Club for its courtesy in allow- ing the use of one of their parlors for a ladies dressing -room. Among those present were Miss es Topping, French , Lyon , Graham , Adams , Lining ton , Mer- rall- Payne , S treet , Carpenter, Nickerson , Meyer , Stewart , and Messrs. Nickerson , Gleason , Payne , DeCastro , Hildreth , Harris , Meyer , Wri g ht , Sherry, Babcock , Cook , Hill and Vail. To Mr. Hairy Payne , Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements much of the success of the affair was due. His efforts were untiring and intelli gentl y directed. . ¦ • - ¦ — _ >-. _ >»- ffu A Pleasant occasion. The undersi gned l>egs leave to submit the fo llowing report : The department , at present , con- sits of: One hand eng ine , in good order , with a good company. One hose carriage , in good order with full company ; about 500 feet of hose , of which 300 feet is poor. Two hundred feet of new hosa has been purchased this year. One hook and ladder which is good order , the company being onl y partl y filled. The houses of the several companies have been painted and repaired under order of the Trustees durin g the year and are in fair condition. I would recommend, however , that the bouse of the Hook and Ladder com- pany be raised so as to provide a room for meetings. It is impossible to main- tain efficient organization under the vol- unteer system without g iving the men the conveniences of a meeting room. I would recommend also the purchase of 300 feet addition al new nose. The old hose on hand is likel y to fail in any emergency. There have been two fires during the year . Tbey were : an ice house on- Suffolk Street , and the old Oakland Works on South Street. The Department was promptly on han d in both instances , but was unable to do ef- fective service on account of the want of water in those localities. Respectfully submitted C, H. VATJGHN. Chief Eng in eer. Farmers and others desiring a genteel , lucrative aeencv business- by which *5 to $40 a day can be ear_e4 «eDd address at onct> . on postal , to n. c , wJitcivwK A Co., us an* 10: Pulton Street , 5ew York . ' - s ? m - l teepori of the Chief Engineer «_ the Fire Department oi Nag Harbor . FOR TRUSTEE , . . | James Lamont. 1 I— l __ M -tWJ—' TAKE NOTICE. We understand that the opponents of Mr. Lamont' s candidacy for Trustee . of ^ our village have asserted that he is p laced in the field for . the purpose of reducing j the valuation of the propert y, real and : personal , of the Fah ys Watch Case Man- ufactory Company. Such is not the case. ' And we are authorized b y AUTHORITY to deny it and to assert on the con trary j that the company neither expect nor de- sire that their real and personal prop erty, including all dwellings of operatives , shall be assessed upon the Corporation j assessment roll at LESS than a fair and equitable valuation. Elix Vitte for Women —Mrs . 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MORTG AGE SALE—Whereas de- fault has been made in the payment, of the money secured to be paia by a mortgage dated tne twenty third day of January, 187 7 , executed by Julia P. Williamson , ot the town of Brookliaven , County of Suffolk and State of New YorK , to Nancy Harris , of Sag Harbor , town ot Southampton , County aud State afo resaid , which mortgage was recorded in the ofllcc of the clerk of the County of Sufiollt , lti Lihor 130 Of Mortgages , page SIT , on the thirtieth dav of .ranuary, 1SIT , at- four o ' clocK in the afternoon of that day, and the sulci mortgagee is now the owner and holder thereof , and , whereas , the amount claimed to be due upon Balil mortgage at the time of tne Orst pnwicaiion of this notice fs the sum of three hundred and rmy- eight dollars and eighty cents , to wit: the sum of three hundred dollars principal , and the sum of llfty- elght dollars and eighty cents the Interest thereon from the twenty-third day of January, l sso , which said sum of three hundred and fifty-eight dollars and eighty cents Is the whole amount claimed to be un- paid on such mortgage , now , therefore , notice is hereb y g iven that by virtue of the power of sale con- tained in said mortgage and duly recorded as afore- said , and In pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided , the said mortgage will be fore- closed by a sale of the premises therein described at public auction in front of the office ol Thomas F. Bis- good , in the village of Sag Harbor , in aairt County of Suffolk , on TUESDAY THE SIXTH DAY OF FEIJRU- AKT , 1883 , at one o ' clock in the afternoon of that day. The said premises are situated in the town of Brookhaven , nnd are described In said mortgage sub- stantially as follows : All that certain piece and par- cel of land sitaaled ill Centre JlOl'lUllOfl . tOWR Of Brookhaven. bounded as follows : commending flt file northeast corner of the landol Gersham K. Smith and then running westerly by the land of Oershain It. Smith to the middle of the ditch , and then running northerly on the taid ditch seven rods to a certain stake , then running easterly to \Seenlx \ Creole ,\ and then southerly four rods to the place ot bettinniuu , containing one acre and live rods ol land more or less , being the same piece of laud convevetl by deed to the said Julia P. Williamson by Itcbecca K. Edwards , said deed bearing date the 24th dav of November , 1S7G , and recorded in SnlTolli County Clerk' s onice in Liber 22S of Deeds , pagp 352 , on the 25th dav of November . 1876 , at one o ' clock, P. M. —Dated Sag Harbor. Suf- folk County, N. Y., this Uth day of November , 13S2. NANCY HAimiS , Mortgagee. THOS. P. m.SGOOn . Attorney , . Sag-ilarbor , N. 1* . ¦ 15wl3 We desire to call your attention to a new Soap 66 DEATH . .ON DIRT\ which we are now placing on the market This is a new departure in the Soap line, and one that will compel a com p lete revolution in the old way of washing. No Boiling of clothes ! con- sequently doing away with all unwhole- { some odor? from steam and scalding! of clothes , vlt is irapossibla for it to do inj ury to hands or flnthes. and its con- tinued use will make them cleaner , whiter and sweete r than can be done with any other Soap, Compound , or Powder. 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M . -RKTHEt' B APTIST - C HDBCBC — Bev. O. H. Still . Pastor. Services erery f nnd^y at iO0 and 7t36 P. JL « T AKDBK WS (R. C.) CrrcBCn. -r-Rev. J. J. Heffernann Pastor. Services every Sunday at S A. if., 10:30 A . M ., ind3p. v. Sunday School at 2 P. M. 7ioss { \frlcian) M- E. C HURCH . — Rev. Jarvls P. Prlnco pastor. Services every Sunflay at 10:30 A. u„ ana __ 30 P. «. Sunday School at Ii30 v. « . societies. W AMPOV ' AMOK L ODGE K O .4ST P. k A.M. — \Regnlar Com mnnlcatlons first and third Thursday Evenings a T _ JO o ' clock. Lx>dge Rooms Nassan llonse. i^su o ciuo e, _. G HOWARD , w. M. W. W. TOOKER. Sec ' y. gnrrotK Loiws No. S8 T. O. or O. F. —Regnlar Meeting every Monlay Evening at 7 o ' clock. Lodge Rooms In IL L. Topping ' s Building. Montauk Encampment No. 56 meets every first and tlfinl Tuesday at 7:30 p. H. - AGAWAM D IVISION No. 117 S. of T. -=-Kegnlar Meeting svery Thnrs<lay Evening at 7:10 o ' clock. Rooms over the Sac Harbor Express Office. Yocsa M EN ' S CHRISTIAN A SSOCIATION . — Regular Meet- ings first JWondav eyening in each month at 8 o ' cl'fc. Apartment-\ second floor l.nbsteuVs hnilditict. Main Street , West side , open each day until 10:30 r. a. Library and newspapers. JJDWIN R OSE P OST N O . 274 , G RAND A KMT OP THE \R E - rCELic—Regular meet ing second and fourth Tues- day evenincs In each month at 7:20 o ' clock , In Ajja- if_a Division S. o! T. llnoms . Main St. CHARLES A. PARKS , Post Commander. It. M. S WEEZET , Adjutant. Chnrch Services . _ . ... Sag H arbor Sayings Baak . SAG HABBOB , N. Y- Depnslts made In this Bank NOW. and until Jan- uary 10th , 18S3 , will draw interest from the 1st day of January, 1SS3. 1 II. P . HEDGES , President. W ILLIAM L OWEK , Treasurer. To All Whom it May Concern. ' THIS certifies that I have this day sold , assigned and transferred unto Wm . Wallace Tooker , \f the village of Sag-Harbor , Suffolk County, N. Y., Druggist , all mv right , title and Interest , in and to a cerain preparation Known as \Dr . F. Myer ' s Oastiliau Ointment , \ being a specific for ihe cure of piles , and that the said Wm. Wallace T.ioker is now the sole and absolute owner and proprietor of the receipt tor making said preparation , and all Interest appertain- ing thereto , and that his is the only genuine ointment for the cure of piles, connected with my name now . offered to the public. • Dated , Sag-Harbor , N. Y., November 10 , 1SS2. oaif DR. FREDERICK MYERS. EEW GOODS. Bonnetts , Choice Black Silks , at $1.50 . SI .TO , and $1. S7 per yard. Black Urocade Silks , Velvets , Vei- veteeus . Embroidered Cashmere aud Silk Trimmings now opened at COOPER'S. - November 25 , 1882. NOTIOE T - \ The firm of Nlckersou & Vail is dissolved by the death of Mr. J. W. Mekerson. All p ersons indebted to the late firm will make pay- ' ment to the undersigned. . D. P. VAIL , 20tf Surviving partner of NicKcrson & Vail. WINTER GOODS—Lots of New Winter Goods , received at IiROWN 'S. Dec. 9th , 1SS2. IIE A D Q, U A K-T K IS- S FOR FLOOR AND TABLE OIL CLOTHS, at G. B. BRO WN * SON Cash Paid For Wheat . The highest market, price will be paid for W HEAT at the llampton Flouring Mills. WILSON R. COOPER SO PIECES OF-CAKPETS 25 PIECES'OIL. CLOTHS- ' 40 PIECES PLAIN . CHECK & FANCY MATTINGS Also Table and Stair Oil Cloths , for sale by X GEO. B. BROWN . ioSON. A Cloakiiigs , &c ! A New Invoice of OloaUinga , Ulster Cloths. Flan, i nel Suitings , Ladies ' and Gent ' s Underwear , Hosiery, 4c , at OOOPEU' .I. November 25 , 1SS2. CAKP_ < _Tri. Samples of New Styles Carpets and Urumb Cloths at reduced prices now opening at G. H. COOPER'S. Sag-Harbor , Sept. 24th , ISSl. Horse for Sale . A kind , gentle Horse , well broken to double or sin- gle harness, inquire of GEORGE D. HILL. Sag-Harbor , July 25 , 1SS2. NEW GOODS7~ A new invoice of Carpets , Mattings , Oil Cloths and lots of other goods , direct from auction , at COOPE R'S. HEAL. ESTATE. .^ We offer iu this village , building lots ' fro m $t0 to 55 li0 . Farms , from $5U0 to $13 , 000 , nouses ana lots $500 o io . uoo , at Nort h Haven , ISritlge Hampton and vicinity. Property near to and having due view of the Atlantic ocean. Address ELEAZEU LATHAM , P , O. Bos 1S7. Real Estate Agent , Aug. 11 , 1S32 Sag Harbor , N. V. K ' ID GLOVE CilE VPI-3 IJ OT rONf KID .^LOVE . ¦ at 33 cents each. 4 Buttons at 50 cents each. . Bleacl.«l sheetings _ 1-2 yard s wide 24 cents, at ^ COOPER'S: ,. • - - ' XOW is tKc Ume to buy Paris Green cheap, for ootatp bugs, at French' s. ADIBS* AND MISSF^ WATER-PROOF COATS and Circulars at BitOWSS. NEW CROP MOLASSES—The best in the market. . at BROWNS. Ol f , ! «IL! The boat oil in the market mny be found at . B ROWNS . A Complete line of Manilla and Tared Cordage al French' s LOTS ot SEW GOODS at a small advance from coal COOPER'S. 1 __, BARGAINS TN MATTfNOS AND OIL-CLOTflS . ' SO Rolls Tybee and other Matt lugs. 50i) yard s . Oil-ctoi li s direct . from Auction. Now patterns ' now opening at COOPER'S. (COMFORTABLES—VERY CHEAP—at J BROWNS , $lBI11 4 £^v A week made at home by the ludus- » / • _ 9 (rious . Best business now before M ^L the public. Capital not needed , We M £—J& Wi'l start you . Men , women , hoys ta t-___a ari() gj,. lg Wllute( j everywhere to work for us. Now is the time. Vou can work in spare time or give yonr whole time to the business. No other business will pay you nearly as well. No one can fail to make enormous pay, bj engaging at once. Costly outfit and terms free Money marie fast , easily^ and honorably. Address TitUE 4c Co., Augusta , Maine. GOOD SYRUP for Griddlo Cakes at BROWNS. ALLsUaa and qualities of Paint , Varnish and Whitewash Brushes at French' s. —NONE can sell Tea cheaner than French. TTl VA« IMPROVED ROOT BEER. 25c. package 1 •« ¦¦ *•». ¦ 00 makes 5 gallons of a delicious , whoie- some , sparkling temperance beverage. Ask your druggist, or sent by mail for 25 cunts . C. E. HIKES , 4S N Dela . Ara., Phnad a WANTED Agents for tho \Life and Times \ of FKKDL . IS . ICK : DOUG ^ A - SS . Written by himself - Price $2.50 . Outrivals \Oncle Tom ' 8 Cabin \ iu thrilling and romantic interest. Ful- ly illustrated . PARK PUB . CO., Hartford , Conn. BROWN'S PATENT FLOUR at W . C. WHITE'S. |F you desire good TEA or COFFEE go to 1 I W. C. WHITE'S, j IF YOU WA NT THE BEST NEW ORLEANS MO- ; ' L.\ssf;s AND DRI1-S co tq W. C. WUITEW ' '

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