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THE CORRECTOR - 3 A • L . SA&HA2B0S , 1. 1 T =—= : 5 SATURDAY , \MAT 29 , 1875. Spring lias lo?t its reputation and y ielded to summer. <* ¦ » » « ¦ Go to Richards for Garden trellises. He has every size and variety. -a. <» .» For a pure , honesfc and effective Soap, try the \0Ki-sx4^ \ made b y glade , at River- head. The Shelter Island Camp Meeting -will beg in Tuesday Jul y 13th and continue to and including the 21st of the same month . ti >e> — The country beg ins to loot \rell and the crops to show the promise of a harvest , but in some p laces the wheat has been winter killed b y water freezing upon the surface. Boys remember that this is law : '•No p erson shall destroy or rob the nesfc of any wild birds whatever under a penalty of twenty- fiv e d oll ar a for each offense. \ i«i-»Q-i m _ Probabilities says that until the loth of Jul y, the air will be charged with electrici- ty, thunder showers will be frequent , high winds will prevail and hurricanes and tor- nadoes are expected. ¦ -» .g>i «» An insufferable stench arises from the gutter in front of the store of Mr. Lawrence on Main street. \Water lodges there , and becomes green and stagnant. This , and the contnual ball p laying in our streets , should be noticed by our Trustees. . . u |Q ¦ » ¦ The IiITERARY and D RAMATIC A SSOCIATION met at the house of John H. Hunt , on Thursday evening. The exercises consisted of Readings and Music . The regular meetings of the Association were adjourned, to tlie second. Thursday of October nest. We are gratified to learn that Mr. Samuel V. Whitehead of this village , has passed the examin ation before Commissioner Ben - jamin , -whicli entitles him to teach in any of the common schools of this district as R teacher of the jirs l grade for three years. This is the best examination certificat e g iven. Step hen S. LVHommecIieu , of Cincinnati , died at West Point , N. Y., 051 Tuesday night last , aged 70 years. Mr. L'Hommedieu was one of the famil y of that name who were old residents of thi s p lace. He was one of the p ioneer settlers pf Cincinnati and for many years President o£ the Cincinnati Hamilto n <fc Dayton Rail- road- The death of Capt. John B. Edwards of the bark Three Brothers , of N. Y., is report gd at Pernambaco , April 29. It is suppos- ed that his disease -was yellow fever , and that it was taken at Rio Janeiro , -where his vessel was on the 10th of that month. Cap t. Elwards is well and favorabl y known as having commanded the steamer J. P. Schuy ler , once ranni ig between this p lace and New York . and also as Captain of Ocean steamships ply ing from New York to foreign ports. A CCIDENT . —Henry Corwith son of David Corwith , of Brid ge Hampton , came very near losing his life on Wednesday last , and is probabl y d . isfi giired for life. He was at- temp ting to catch a hors-3 , iu a lot where a he had been at work , when the aaimal turn- ed suddenl y and kicked him in the head and neck , one hoof crashing his nose and sp lit- ting open his lips and the other g iving him a fearful blow on the neck. Ho was . taken up insensible and supposed to be dead , but under careful treatment he was at last ac- counts doing as well as could be expected. To-morro w is Decoration Day. As a holiday Monday will be -so considered in a legal point of view. But for the purposes of decorating the resting places ofthe dead , fallen in the late civil eoiiflict . Sunday is per- haps as appropriate as any day in the week. Perhaps as Decoration Day grows older we shall enlarge its purposes an , d devote it to »he decoration of the resting places of all the loved ones who have gone before. If it is s-o accented as a State and National Holi- day it Trill i>?rRetnaie human sympathies and affections that will outlive the remem- berancc of fratrici dal strife. Ladies , for washing babies , laces , your famil y washing or for toilet purposes , don ' t fail to try tho \C RYSTAL \ Soap, maJe by Slade . at Riverhead. H. Morgan Topping, a young man in the prime of manhood , died at his father ' s resi- dence in Wainscott on Sunday last, a vic- iim to that fatal disease , typhoid fever. He was a young man of correct principles , of enterprise aud activi t y. Siuce the close of- she Morocco Factory, of which he was princi pal , he has been engaged in a travel- ing business for a N. Y. house , and it was probabl y somewh e re away from home that lie contracted the disease which ended fa- tall y. His famil y relatives and frienJs have the kind sympathies of all . '3JaE A TLANTIC — Joh n W . TXvJl , of the Atlantic House . ^rid ^e-Hampton . has been again mating extensive iznprovenients about rys I JOUSP ami no one wonld now recognize the ' old hostalrio of former times. He has taken down both chimneys on the west side of the house , removed the old store-room adjoining, built out a bay-win- dow from his dining rco n* amV ruu the ver- andah around to meet it on the same side. It is A complete reconstruction , ra^l with the improvements in fencing, out buildings and tiie grounds laid out lost sp ring, tho place U?s a . i\r*i -olas* app«-ara c*.v. - The 31. E. Sunday Scbool of this village will hold their Anniversary Sunday evening June 6th . Addresses will be delivered by Miss Al- mira Losee , of New York , Hon. H. P. Hed- ges and Prof. Halloek , of Brid ge Hamp ton. Sing ing and Biblical exercises by the School. The Blind Boy—Little Charley Hale—the sweet singer for Jesus , will also be present and sing some of his beautiful hymns . Little Charley will give n free Concert on Monday evening June 7th , under the di- rection of Miss Losee. A collection will be taken for his benefit. The public are cordiall y invited to attend both the Anniversary and Concert. An exchange paper says : \There are no business men in the world so subject to the spong ing process as publishers of newspa- pers. It reall y seems that public corpora- tions , societies and associations in general , and many persons have a funny notion about printers. They think we oug ht to print , puff and publish all for sothing, that is , free gratis. In other words , they seem astonished if we ask half price only for an obituary notice , card of thanks , tribute of respect , a personal communication or any- thing else that only interests a few persons and not the general reader. They forget that it takes money to pay the compositors —to buy ink , type and paper , and lastl y, they often forget even to thank you for gratuitously serving them or the puhlio. \ Ask your grocer for \O KXSTJAII B RAND ' Soap made b y Slade , at Riverhead. Just try it once. ax. E. Sunday ScljQoi Anniversar y. FOP. THE YOTJXG EOIiKS. We shall be happy to receive answers to any of the queries g iven below , and in our next issue will g ive the initials of those * who send correct answers:— 1—If a certain number be divided by 7 , the sum of the dividend , divisor- and quo- tient , will be 71. What is the number ? 2—If you buy 6 lemons and 3 oranges for 42 eents , and then buy 3 lemons and 8 Oranges for 60 cents , what ia the price of each ? 3—In what part of the earth , would a p er- son be , from w&ich if he moves , no matter in what direction , he is going Southward ? 4—Who was Bede ? 5—Name the rainless portions of the earth. 6— What kind of trees form no shade , owing to the leaves being turned ed geways towards the sun ? A NSWERS TO OTJR L AST Q UERIES . 1—A—14 34r-49 ; B—17 23-41 ; C 23 7-31. 2—126 and 882. 3—From Meyne , in France. 4—An illustrious Eng lish statesman and philanthrop ist. His efforts in the ab oli- tion of the Slave trade will never be forgot- te n. Born 1759 ; died' 1833. 5— Southern Ab yssini a ; taken to Arabia iu the fifteenth century. Cinnamon—chief- l y in Ceylon . . 6—America to Europe ; because of the wind. •'Cit\ —Co rrect; in 1 , 2 , 5 . and 6. C. E. H—in all but No. 2. \Nellie \ —in all bnt No. 1 and 3. J. K—correct in 1 , 2 , and G. \Stumpy \ in all but No. 3. C. W- —correct in No. 2 aud 5 onl y. Answers should be addressed to \ Tlie Corrector \ Sag Harb or , on or before Th urs- day, in each week. L FTrim s remainine unclaimed in tn* Post Office Sag Harbor , New York , on theiltti day \ of May 1 S7S. Gongdon , Miss Belle .Tnbiter , Miss alary Cam-ash . Miss Mary Ivell y, James Eldredge , Miss E. A. Pharow , Stephen Fowler . Mrs . Jane Stafford , Daniel H arrison , Mr. W- . F. Toping, Mrs.Helen A Hall , Fayette ' Thayer , Wm. H. Anr pfirson calling for these letters will please sav A DVERTISED . P. R. JENNINGS. P. M. \ M AILS for Nev * Yoi k c:«sc atl0:30 A . M For Hamptons iC. 3 P. ». at'KKIST. ' $fetL HOST. . — At Water Mills , 25th Inst.. Mrs. Nancy H. Rose ^E SO years. TOPPING . —At Wa inscott , 23d inst., of pneumonia , H. Morgan Topping, JE 3t years. HAL5EY. —At Bergen. X. J .. 24fh inst., Harriet A. IlRlsey. of Bridsre-Hampton. . -E S3 yeM-s . 9 months , and IS davs. Remains brought to Eridge-namp- ton for intertneut. Boardi ng House - R. Warner has fitted np his residence for the accom- modation of transient aud permanent boarders . The house is pleasantly situated on Main St., in the central par:, ot the village , and traveler* or summer boarders . will find thera a comfortable and home-like BiopDingL-pIa^e at reasonable prices. R , T^ARXER. s?sg Harbor , Hay s? , l sw. ' six ' Pranps for tlie Million. Windmills for f 200 and upwards . Portable Fi re En- gines , with Driven Well ready for use. at rires , onlv $t00. Gas Machines for residences. Ornamental Cast Iron Wash Stands. Ornamental Wire Fence Fencing. Large variety of wire articles. Postive Circulating Radiators for residences and churches. A (treat im- provement on Furnaces. Two valuable Patent Rights for sale. J^~AU Goods for sale at Greatiy Reduced Prices. W. H. H. PHILLIPS , ¦ if . t Southampton , L. I. CiJAM ^.AIGX CIDEIt By the bottle , at O ROMK ' S P UCK . is?ef Dissolution of Copartnershi p. M AKCTI 2-iin , 1575 . The Firm of Rack .t llmitting is this day dissolved bv mutual consent . WM . BVCK . 1L K. II L XTT1XG. Mr. William l>u< -fc , Jr. . is admitted as a partner . The br,«:ie5. -< will i>e hesvaftcr conducted under the name ami firm of Wm. Ri;rJc .t Sep.,, WM . KI CK. March ?4lh . 157. ' . . MONEY SAVED IS MQ^EY MAJ}£ _Sjon paving rent. Own your own home. fci . OOO— $i.y> cash , balance sraail mo nthly payment, equal Jo what rou now ras far tout. *mU . annvlete house u w>m< so mma ies nvm city, rare ? rents , trains cTcrr hair hour. Water , pas . sewer. Four blocks from depot. lot *:>;xloo . Trees, fruit—the ces: of schools , churches 2nd store * . App ' v to t-itu! \ K . W . 1.EW1TT . Fhwhinjr, 1- I. ICING S-F OR D ' S OSWEGO PURE AUD Silver GSoss Starch y F OR TnE L AUNDRY . Manufactured by T. Engsford & Sou , THE BEST STAKOH IN THE WO-BX J D , Gives a beautiful finish to the linen , and tlie differ- ence in cost between it and common starc h is scarcely naif a ceut for an ordinary washing. AsK your Grocer for it. KINGSPORD'S OSWEGO CORN STARCH, FOR PUDDINGS , BLANC MANGE , ICE CREAM, Is the orijrinal—Established in 1S4S. And preserves its reputation as purer , stronger and more delicate than any other article of tlie kind offered , either of the same name or with other titles , Stevenson Macadam , Ph . D., Ac, the highest c hemi- cal authority or Europe , carefully analyzed this Com Starch , and says it is a most excellent article of diet and in chemical and feeding properties is fuliy equal to the best arrow root. Directions for making Puddings , Custards , 4c, ac- com pany each one pound package. 5lni5 F OR S ALE BY ALL F IRST - CLASS G ROCEBS . Olotbisig I Clothing 11 ¦ ¦ »<> » ¦ . . , A . EDELSTEIF , Merchant Tailor , WASHINGTON HALL BUILDING, SAO-HARBOR , L. I. . »«- I have just returned from New York with a large as~ aortmont of Heady ^ade Clothing, Hats and Gap s , Trunks & Valises , and a regular line of Gents ' Furnishing G-oods , which vili be sold at very low llgures , cheaper than have been Bold since before the war. Cassimere Suits from $9 00 to 016.00 Pants and Vests from 3.00 to 7.50 Single P tuua from 2.50 to 6.00 V ests ; from 2.25 to 3.50 Hate . from .25 to 5.00 Trunto from 2.00 to 9.50 Valise; from .50 to. 4 50 WhiteShivts from .75 to 2.00 Undershirts from .30 to 1.00 Over Shirts from .75 to 3. 00 Susp eiflers..,...,,,... from .20 to 1.00 linetCollars and Cuffu , Paper Collars and Cuffs , nandk-:ch!ef8 , Neck-Ties , 4c , to numerous to men- tion , a-very low figures. P. S. -IIaving secured the services cf B , first-class cutter £id tailor , clothing- will be macte to, order , :yid warran id to give satisfaction ox no sale. HAS JUST EECEIYED A FULL LINE OF GENTLEMEN'S YOUTHS' AND BOY S' READY MADE IX ADDITION TO THKIR USUAL STOCK OP FANCY AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS i miOTm^ MYIIAM WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Manufacturer of the IHnest Brands of CORNER MAI N ST., & ROANOKE AVE. RIVEUHEAD , L. I. GET HYMAN'S CIGARS NONE BUT THE BE ST MADE. NONE BUT THE BEST TOBACCO USED. GET HYMAN'S PARTAGAS THEY AttE UNEXCELLED. ALSO CALL FOR THE PIG TAILS. P , \WATAN-RR & SON , Agents , S»g Harbor , L. T, GET HYMAN'S ESPANOL. AS ! THERE AHE NO BETTER. PETERGAEFG A , Agont , Sag Harbor , L. I. GET HYMAN ' S B EST BRANDS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE Hymau ' s Best Brands , The Principle , anfl Celebrated Pi g Tail , for sale everywhere. All kinds of smokers ' articles constantl y on han d . Brother dealers who aru selling Hyman ' a Ci gars can have their names insertod in thla column by appl ying- at this off ice . JfK. HX'MAN will shortl y introduce some new and choice brands of cigars, -which, in FINENESS , FLAVOR , and MAKE , will satisfy the most fastidious , and at prices which cannot fall to meet the popular demand , 4Qtf. Call for H yinan ' s Cigars. Great inducements afforded to dealers- . Waiting for the Currency of the C ountry. Tradesmen here , like other places , at tliis season of the yea: langn-isli for th , eir lingering natrons. We , one aucill , desire them to plunge into this Village aad come A :1 bfej- our new wares ; to renew their ward- robes Is KsentiaJ ami ineritoroiss . TUCKEWS Straw G oils . RibJboti-s. and Flowers , needs no repeti- tion , an ais plcatliug Trifles arc iadispensible for every liasehold. 4Stf BANK BUILDING , Sag-Harbor , L. I . J0W£ JETYER 9 TINKER'S BtPCK. MAIN STREET , SAG-IlARBGR , SUCCESSOR TO 11. WARNER BILLIARD & BAGATELLE SALOON. Constantly on hand a choice selection ol Wisss AND i-iouons of all kinds. Also , Soda Manufacturer. Always on hand ready for sale , or bottled to ordar , for Hotels , Saloons , Parties^, etc.. Soda , Sarsaparillfl , : Porter , Ginger Ale. and . Lager Bter. J, JETTER. Sag-IIarnor , April 3d , 1S3 . 5. . 44ml GBEAT OFFER IVannbor Four. FATED. TO BE FREE. Jean Iugelow ' s great Story,, price , in book form , $1.75. TWENTY SUORT STORIES , a rich variety of miscel- laneous reading ; over sixty large pages splendidly illustrated. TEN ' STJ 3EL REPRODUCTIONS , facsim iles of fa, mous piccuros f original engnvvinga worth S10.OO . All the above sen , t post-paid with H EARTH AND H O ME * the great illiAstrated we*Sly icagazine , two months on trial , for only 50 C ENTS . O BJECT : to introduce the pa- per to new subscribers. Price reduced to only $2 .00 per year. Single number , s ix cents—none free. At newB stands or by mail. Great inducements to. agents and clubs. THE UKAVEUC Coirr>AXT , IXtWosbers , 39-41 Park Place , . Kew Y & r k . Please-state in what paper you saw tbls adver&i&eiac-« , t,,. 434? Home Insu rance ' Co , Mo. 235 BK. € k&UWA\S\ New Yo i-i., October liti s ,, 1&TJ , To the PitMtc i The Of ficers- awi Direcioa* of' tivi' s C bmpa- . «y feel au thorized to assure the public that , from the be«t infprmivtion they hnrc been able to ob t ai n , th e y feel co n fident that \The Home \ w ill be able to pay a!i i t s l os se s a t C h icag o aud i ha v e a mp le uecurity loft for the protection of its Policy-holders . Th ey have al so receive'] assurances fro m , nu- merous RtocK-lioIclors andj oijl^crK , tlisvt if B-ee*s^ aary for the futij . i;« j. »i«>*KC\ti»»»- «f the business , additional CapS-UO. wiUi W ;{*wm|>t) y furnished. The Co iaj i. -yi . v: vowAi&MMM &u i, sue Policies us, ; usu ftl. % osdJur of a S pecial! Con jnjibtt:* , J. II. WASHBURN^ Secretary- . G. H. GLKA SON , Agent , .S ag Ihvi bor. 20tf' LONGt ISLAND SAVINGS BANK , OK liROOKLYN. 342 and 344 Fulton Street , corner Boerum Place , n ear the new; Court House. Open daljy. fjroin s> A. M. to 3 If; M., and Monday.*, vul Sia.urda^s . froin . 5 , to , s ~2\ ilu . OFFICERS : 5Tl>Si«K'«f' J A .MKS M. SHr»3ijUY. Viea President!) Pinup S. I' UOOkK . S' l. B. STEW,< L U£. Secre t ar y K DWAKD B . 1<Y H \' I . KK K T reasure r JOHN S . MACKAT. . Attorney aa<l Counsel lon.v C. PKIUJI;- . TRUSTEES : Philip.S. Ciooke ,. Herman If. ICattetihoru , Andrew . Ottcr.sou ,. M\. l)i , .laiiie«..M . Scabury, Edward 1! . Fowler ,. John S. Mankay, \ Charles Jones ,. Saniufll Bnotli , \ Jolm II . Seebei-k. . Qenjaiuiii F. 'Uelano ^ •J. C. llutclii ftoi' ., it . !>> , , jinmiel O. Tutuui , • Alexander. Aoaift . itolin V. 1' crrr , :S;imiit'l;3. stewarr ,. ¦ Wni ^ Ryder , . Klizur tr. W' ebster \VHilam & , CnijHrcy;. Horace l?; . U'hitiify,. Fraukliu Bell , Six per cent , interest allowed on all deposits from ia to 55 , 000. . Interest on deposits from 1st of January, April , JuJy and Oetober . Fifteen davs allow . ed . co-tiiuiencimj. caulk quartor. 44 Puiblfc Notice ! ClHtl'ORATION OF SAG lJ \AUBO:t. All persoiiB are hereby forbidden to lire or assist IPi firing any Gun , Pistol, or any preparation of GUuipow- . der , in any street or within one hundred f/:et o£i any, building in ihls village undgi; a jienaliy of nftccn dol- lars. The T/usteeiteaiiiattentioti to tiie above and special- ly roi ' -ifwi. that InforuiaMon be furn ished against an;, pqraon or persons shooting at birds wlihlu ihe Villain; ilmljs. By order of the Trustees , WILLIAM LO\VE X. . Clcr)v., Sag Harbor , Marc h isth , ISTs. 4Stf THK LOWEST PRICt: LJS1' KVER I'L'UI . LSHKI). OF UEMBDIUTS' TIMK . KSX> AMEUld 'Ali WAL'I U A-Mi WA- TCHKS ' v Il ' iVL.:!). SlQ.Ui)Wi.i<is. Send for Vrice i.ijjV HENHDICT nilOTl ' lKUS 675 , UNDJSil OKAr ND liEN I'UAL 1IOTSL . Ox-iudjitoiKi aJ tiriud.loiifi! A LARGK and well uelectad assortment of jj ^n. ulne Ohio BortukOriadat on t* fot 6al e Ycry chca r* OS H. & B. FRESCE. J&F/PJS! SH3 ^^ S - 5 ^ 57 CAUSE OF , ^^p * Hun&fcn Misery. Just Published , in a Sealed Envelope . Prir«sJx cent A. A Lect u re on the Xatiire ,. Treatment , and ItadicaJ cure of Seminal %Vea>aii>JS, or Spermatorrhoea , Induced by Self-Abuse , InvQl tutfaty KmUalona , Impotviicr , Nervous Detiljtft and Impediments to Marriage i:en- erallv ; OoiiiamptioQ , Epilepsy, and Fits : Mental and PIiyMi-nl Incapacity , ic—By R OBERT J , . CULVER . 1VKLI., ^I. . I>. niunor Otitic -Orcen Book ,; 1 Ac. The worW-rpno^ned author , in this admirable Lec- ture , clearly, proves fro m his own experience that the awfu l coascijutnceAof Self-Abuse may . be effectually- removed without medicine , ami without dangerous sunrica l operations , opccles , Inst ruments , rlnirs . or cordials ; pointing on: a mod e oJ , c;- ,re at once certain and eirectual. bv which every sufferer , 110 matter what his condition inav be , may. care himself cheaply, pri- vately and.sadic .ally. r3~Thls Lecturii.v,yfl .pr6KC.A . boon to thousands and thousand*. , Seni, lUjJsr . sfa! , la aji ' .aln. env . elop?. to Oily adjr. ' .na . on re.:elpt ot six cents , or twoinsstage stamps. Address the Publishers , qilA* s . .1. r . KLIXE A ro ., lSyl 127 Bowery, New Tort ; Post Office Box. «SC. . OHIOKBKDSrG PIANO-FORT KS. Over 'SS . OOO m.aA? and Sold. These instruments nave been before the pui He- for more tJi3n , . \H> J. ears , and still maintain , their o.MuelliiliCKN and high reputation as the stau , lard( Ifianps of Ameri - ca The Prices of these instruments are ns low as.the e.v •clusL-j . e'a*2 oi first-eki ss materials in d- workmaushlp will allow. Pianos sold- on easy monthly payments , at regular ca taloi/ iie prices. Catalogue and price lists mailed free , on application to CUiCKERIXO. A SON^i . 45ui2 U Sai' -t ' j«h.st.. N*- .v: Vu. - Ji. Imported Cigars. THK KK\CSST , ItKST FI.AVORKD , AXI) CHOICKST BItA , NPS Oh' WU'OUTJEP. HAVAN A CI OARS , for sale at B. J. HAURANIVS , .vitf Main St.. Sair Harbor . IMPROVEMENT I HAVliXQ finished the altera! ioiis in my store , I am prepared to show my customers a larger stock of goods than ever kept before. Call and see the best as- sortment of Stoves to be found on the Island. House Furnishing Goods , Table & Pocket Cutlery, Wooden Ware , Plated Ware , Kerosene Lamps & Oil , Mineral ! Sperm Oil , Pump Lead Pike and Sheet. Lead .,, DxiXQ Well Pitinps; . fcS\\Jpbbin£.done.a8 u&ttfti. 11: h. TOVl'ISa . Sag^ixbor ,. J . uv_e t-tth , 13:3. 2if T. O. OLIVER , Sag-Harbor^ , I. THE C ELLULOID, B^SE, , The Oa ' .uloW Base is now oireretl to, aili thpse. deslr- ln«- artiii'ia) teeth. It is stronger , tougher , purer than Hnbber md without its deleterious fugredients , espec- ially Jli ' xury, and will not crack or break. Sluntireds Ua.ve hast tlicir healt li tlirougli ^Vcarii'S Rubber p^zite*.. UiaVC-made more tban . OpeI^un rVred seta oS Cellu- loid plates , and my patiaoi* will:not use Bubuer. I am alfj pre ared to f mulsh patients w . ifcU- Continuous Gum Work , the teeth mounted on platinar m.aking not only tin*most beautiful , but the moat nataii-al work , for Twenty Dollars. Please call and examine specimens of Celluloid Base and Continuous Gum Work , aud you will never asain wear Rubber. . If your dentist condemns Celluloid Base , he con- lletnns tMt Of Which he knovrs nothing. I give below a fen- 0/the thousands of endorsements of the Cellu- loid Basi?. Throw aside Kubber and preserve your mouths and health . Dr .Tames M. Clcmeni , Oxford, Pa., says : \I have beennsW your Celluloid Base for several months , and have been recommending it to the,pi»fession generally I use It- nlioget' n^ \ Dr . T it. Coodaih r/awtuctot^ I C k. writes ; \I can do anvtVing I sctalmtic with tlie Celluloid Ba.se. T nave made sew dial uau 't be beat for beauty or quality. \ Dr n B Boulton , CardiiT. Kngland , writes : \I have used \ tiie Celluloid Base for some time , with great pieasusc. \ ''Dearai-j—I have been using the- 'Celluloid Base ' for the irtst ' rear , and it really seems to me that if the dental profession knew its superiority,. the use of rub- ber antliother substances—not excepting gold and sil- ver—fur lilt\ setting of artificial dentures would be amoii\' ttie things of The past. .1 . u\ PRESTOM . Saucsville , Ohio; May 19th , 137-2 . \ *'S R W HlT£ \Bea'- ^ir , —latiV f\ .^- aaxiaile* & , \ .? <?ellul»i d . rK»s all the adVaiitages of rubber without many 01V Its. disad- vanta\es This conclusion I have . - arrived afc after Notciv r ' .iserving this base since its first introiijietion. ^ J0 \** W . M. 11S.HRJOTT . - \Woonaocke ' t , Mav -:o , 1372. '\? _ * • ' Wtitpy ''fiearSir —I liave been using, tie 'Celluloid Base ' for the l ist twelve mouths, aud I am perfectly satisfied with the result. I consider it far superior to rubber in everv resuect . and 1 tlnd that my patients are better satlefled -wd those who are wearing it(\vho . have worn riibbert sav most emphatically that ihej never want rubber In their mouths arjiiu- ' dojicithink there can be too much said . ln its praise. Tnil .yours , \Cleveland , Uhio , March h , 1572. | ••ri-'ir Sir —f' herebv cert i fy that a, ' ier an experience •of nine mmi ' ths ' use of the Celluloid ilase , I ha Je fouud it all that the most fastidious can desire. ''U li.zi far superior to I£ird Kubber ILK ( ontlnuous Guiti Work Is to both ot tiistu. \I have three reasons for its superiority : \1 It coatatss . uo mineral 01 metallic poisou. •\> ' Thc rolor ' ls more like- the natural gum. \S I T is much ;onj:Uer titan Ritbber ami w U.L a.ta.ml a. muck \ r^iar strain. ' \OJiQISGEj SM ILLIE. \ \Doo r c;r —I hii»e useil Collulold Base.from its Intro- duction ' \Saat ivh i ch you now furnish >s- far superior to anrinin\- heretofore offered ns. I n.ive worn it eight months ami finch prefer it to rubber , which is also the testimony of WW P a!;r;u * ' ^ vT^m^sox. '' \SXMrV.l. \* . W lUTK; \ Dear Sir , —I have i,;: , :o.i) r ;v . - - >ii: inn* n->:-d . sixty one phttes of th-i CelluKild Basi - . and lln-l that tb , ey have \iveu the host Hi:i<f. 'i« \ -I->:i . and nw panicular ' .y wltn tho^e who have wi»r*uUiei nuule of njl^er , and tulnk it far superior to ruVour ia every \SW' eri- ' \ it, 3, ^fcAbr.nrrKrt. \ \Dea' sir —I indorse the above , aad believe , farther , that the Celluloid is better , iu every respect , than rob- ber. sin \C. P. - KOGERS , Bo*ton. Jfortgnsjo Sale. WHEREAS Nathan Y. Kordam , of the village of Sag Harbor. Town of Southampton , Suffolk County and State of New York , and Uepzibah his wife did ' make , execute and deliver to William It. taei«»Ut of said Hag Harbor in the Towji of East Hampton In said County a. certain mortcrag-o dated A pril - -* , 1SVJO , to se- curc . the payment of tlie smu oi fourteen , hundred dol- lars and interest thereon, payable auiiual ^t- according to the.teuor of a certain bond bearing- ' eveu date there- with , made , scaled and executed , hy said Nathan Y r ' ordbam , and by him delivered to said Sleight, which said mortgage is \ recorded in Suffolk Coautv Clerk' s Ofb:e In Liber 91 of Jiortgages page 2U on \ tiie 27th day 'bf April , ISO? , at 1 o ' clock i\ M V ' ! And ' , w h ereas thc- suni of.thirteen hnudred dollars and sevenry-fo n ' r • ¦ S-li'Q dollars principal and the sum ol three hundred and ninety-nine CS-10O dollars interest making together the sum of seventeen hundred and seventy-fonr w-100 dollars , is claimed to be due on said mortgage on the :td day of April , 1S75 , the dav of the tirst publication of this notiqe. And whereas default has been made In the pay. merit of the said sum or any part thereof se cured by said mortgage and the whole amount thereof is now claimed to be due thereon. Now , therefore , .he^iid mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein described bv virtue ' of t.ne power of sale contnj.r\ea In sairt mortgage and I in pui-juiance of tho statute in suoli easa mode aud or ,>- ! vitled . which salo.will be.made by the subscriber tho ; said mortgagees Public Auction at or ia front of the j office of U. V. Hedges in Sag H , irlior in said To wn of j Soiuhamptr.p in saiil County on the Sfith dav of June I 1S75 , at 2 o ' clock r. if., of mat dav . The said premises ; hereby advertised to be aok) are * , t ' .iicnbed iu *aid ; mortgage as follows: ' -All that certain tract of farm latv-1 viith the build. j lugs thereon situate and lying in ' the village of Nona Haven in the said Town of Southampton , bounded and i described as follows , viz : Northerly, by the hi^hwav I easterly, br the highway am! land of . « v!v£ster iloTreil- > s otiineilr . tiy Vital of the said Hovrell and the creek or : ireacn and westerly m mc ntgnwav conrainlns about ! fortv and one-half a- -res with the appurtenance^ \ 1 WILLIAM I{. SI.EIOHT , Jlortgagen I H. P. HKDT.KS . AHorney fc s '• 1 PjiltA Apri^-1 .1<7-S • 5-twl. i . MOR TGA GE SA L E. WHEREAS , Elizabeth n. Strong, and Charl es H Strong, her husband , of the village of Sag Har- bor , Suffolk County, and State of New York , did on the 9th day of March , 1869 , make and execute to Nathan Y Fordham , or the said village or sag Harbor , a mor t - gage to secure the payment of four hundred dollars with the interest from that date pavablesemi-annualh- which said mortgage with the power of sale therein contained was recorded iu Suffolk Countv Clerk' s of- fice , in Liber 00 of mortgages , page 327 , \ on the 15th . day of March , 18G9. at one o ' clock , P. M., which said mortgage was on the 24th day of April , 1SC9 , by an in- strument in writing duly si gned aud sealed , for a valu- a ble consideration duly transferred and assigned to William R. Sleight , of said village of Sag Harbor , who Is now the holder and owner thereof , which said as- ' signment was duly recorded in Suffol k County Clerk' s otiice . in Liber 91 of mortgages , page 216 ; on the 27th day of ApriI , lSC9 , at one o ? c!ock , P.M. And whereas . the sum of four hunhred and llftv-seven dollars and sixtv, eight centals claimed to be due on said mortgage for. prinei'ja^ aa<l interes t on the Sth day of 3fa.y, lsrs the day of the first publication of . this notice , and default has been made in the payment of the whole of the said last mentioned sum , now , therefore , the said mortgage wilj. be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein de- scribed by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage , and in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provic ed , which sale will oe made by the subscriber at public auction , in tlie said village of Sag Harbor , In front of the Washington Hall Buikline , on Main st reef , in said village , on Saturday the seventh day of August , 1STJ1 , at one o'clocK in the \ afternoon. The following is a description of thq mortgaged premises as contained in said mortgage :— \ AU that \ certain piece or parcel of land situate oii Mechanic '•street, in the village of Sag Harbor aforesaid , bound- \ ed and described as . fellows , viz.: North iu front bv ' \Mechanic street , East by the land of the heirs o ' f \Stephen S. Talmage , deceased . South by the land \ of the heirs of Thomas E. Crowell , deceased , an d on \ the West bv land of Mrs. Eliza Bush. \ Dated Mav Sth , 1S75. WM. II. SLEIGHT , Assignee of Mortgage TIJOS. F. EISGOOD , Attorney. \ 49 6 MORTGAGE SALE , \S-^THEREAS , default has been made in the payment fj of the money secured by a mortgage , dated tho ihe 9th day of April , 1S71 , executed by Wilhelmina H ass l er , and August Hassler , her husband , of the Town of Southampton , County of Suffolk , and State of New- York , to Hannibal French and Stephen B. French . both of the village of Sag Harbor , in said Town , County and State , an d which mortgage was recorded in the ClerV ' a office of said Countv in Liber > T o. 102 of mortgages , page 321 , on the 23d day of May, 1S71 , at 1 o ' c lock r. M . A ND whereas the amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage , at the time of the tirst publication of this no- tice is the sum of Seven Hundred and Thirty-four dol- lars and Seventy-three cents , to wit : S572 . 1S of princi- pal , and S1G2.60 of interest , and which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage. Now , therefore , notice is hereby given , that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage , and duly recorded as aforesaid , and in pursuance of the sta tute in such case made and provided , the said mort- gage win be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein described , at public auction , in front of the office of E. A. Carpeuter , on Main st., in the village of Sajr Harbor Town of Southampton , in the County of Suffolk , on the 21st day of August next at two o ' clock in the after- noon of that day. The said premises are described in said mortgage as follows : \ALL that certain lot an . d tract of land , with \ the buildings th ereon erected situate, lving- , and be- \in g in the Town of Southampton , Suffol k County, and \State of New YorK , formerly part of inc. tract Known j \ as' . 'Old Farm , \late the property of Arnold Edwards , \deceased , and bounded and described according to \the survey made by E. Z . Hunt , March 19th , 1SGS , as \follows : On the North by land formerly of John Ed- \ ward s and land formerly of Levi Howell; Easterly and ' - 'in front by the Sag Harbor and Bull' s Head Turnpike \Road; South by lands of Henry McLane and John \Sullivan. \ \Also , part of said \Old Farm. \ conveyed to the par- ties of the llrst part herein , by deed dated ISO ; \ and Westerly by a passing road , and land formerly of \John Edwards , the tract hereby conveyed con- \taining according to said survey, fa y measurement , \twenty-seven acres and one hundred and forty \three rods (-27 acres and 143 rods) ; and known as lot \No. 1 , being the same premises conveyed to the said \August Hassler , by the executors of the estate of \Arnold Edwards , deceased. \ Dated the 22d dav of Mav , 1S7S . HANNIBAL ' FRENCH , } and J- 3rortgage«e STEPHEN B. FRENCH , J. E. A. CARPENTER , Attorney for Mortgagees. fi2w!2 MOBTGAGE SALE. \HEREA\5 , default has been made in thepayment of the money secured by a mortgage , dated the ty of May, 1S71 , executed by August Hassler and Wilhelmina Hassler , his wife , of the Town of South- ampton , County of Suffolk , and State of New York , to Henry H. Gillette , of tlie Village of Sag Harbor , in said Town , County and State , and which mortgage was re- corded in the Clerk' s office of said County, in Liber 102 or Mortgages , page 320 , on the 23d day of May, 1S71 , at one o ' clock p. 31. And whereas the said mortgage has , by an indenture of assignment , dated the 20th day Of May, 1S72 , and which Indenture of assignment- was re- corded in the Clerk' s office of said County, in Liber 107 of Mortgages , page 297 , on the 21st day of May, IS72 , at 3 o ' clock r. Jf., been dulv assigned to Hannibal French and Stephen B. French , of the Village of Sag Harbor , Town , County aud State aforesaid, and the same is now owned bv tiicin. A ND whereas the amount claimed to he due upon said mortgage , at the time of the first pub- lication of this notice , is the sum of One Hundred and Thirty-two Dollars and thirty-seven cents , to wit; $10. 0.00 of principal , and $32.37 of interest , and which is the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mort- gage. NOW , therefore , notice i3 hereby given, that by YIN rue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage , and duly recorded as aforesaid , and in pursuance of tho statute in such case made and provided , tlie said mortgage will he forec losed by a sale of the premises therein described , at public auction , jn front of the office of E. A. Carpenter , on Main Street, in the Village of Sag Harbor , Town of .Southampton , in the County ol Suffolk , on the 2lst day of August next, at two o ' clock , in the afternoon of that day. The said premises are described in said mortgage as follows : \A LL that certain farm and tract and parcel \ of land , situate and Iving in the Town of Southamp- \ton , Suffolk County. Bounded as follows , viz : In front \ on the East by the Sag H arbor and Bull' s Head Turn- \ plke ; On the South bv land of Henry McLane and \James Kelly ; On the West by land of Charles Doug- \lass ; And on the North by land of Charles Doug lass \ and Hannibal French , continuing Twenty-eight acres \ more or less. \ Dated the 22nd dav of Mav , 1S75 . HANNIBAL FRENCH, ) an d > A ss ig nees. STEPHEN B. FRENCn , J K. A. CA31PENTER , Attorney for Assignees of Mortgage . 02wi2

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