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Lansingburgh Democrat. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 18??-1861, November 28, 1849, Image 3

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M p r o |/ » going ; begin- plank# ,«.a b - l hew * the In- I eg. W8 I nutumn trugglo > len the fc ling < led him him in i.s a i t ‘II named m hargedf|| By w as i ) s $ 2 . - | ‘i. 10 ^ If everybody would iet well enough alone, then everythhag would bo well dnough. 03 * Prof. Mitchel’s new Work on Electrical Peyehologycanhe obtained of S. t>. Smith at the ««Never put off till tb-morrow what can be dode to-day.” TKisprndent admonition com- nienda itself eapecially to those who have occas- ,io&Oiiray clothing for the impending winter, Mr McAnley will be happy to ree them and to give thenjigood bargains. 10* J ack , the Newsboy, has the Pictorial Bro­ ther Jonathan for the Holidays. It is a.spleiidid affair. Price 12 1^2 cents. 3 canals willBe closedcn the 5th of .lA m e i 'i c t t i i A r t I J l i i o i i . Tho bnnual drawing of the Atnorican Art Un- r | ion willAako place: oh the 2Ist day of Doooinber iif next. There have been already purohnsed to bo; distribuled.at that time 350 fmo paintings, and! the number of costly pictures will ho gfeaterthis; than any former year. The subscription is ^ 5 ,,and all who can afford iit (andthero are many such) and who have imy taste for fine Painti ngs and Engravings, or any disposition to onoourago the Arts, shonld sub-, subscribe atohge and “take a clianoo,” in the dis­ tribution. P. Blissj at tlie Lnnsingburgh Book­ store,is Honary Secretary for this place. .O ' The sti December. W E W Y O R K . E T £ J¥|[IV C i P O S T . CIR C V L A R . Iveniug P n theslalhe dernbcratic paper in t slate o f New York,, nd one of the oldest in th e United Slates, p past, history, we venture to h o p i, will stifytify uss in solicitingoliciting from our democratic jus u in s fr readeia and fellow laborers, a friencly est in beliali of a journal ^which has ^ome fCrvice in the cause, o f democracy. It is not for us perhaps to say hew far the Evening Post is calculated to meet the want to which we have a lluded. Our readers are (doubtless generally acquainted with its lite- jrary and political c h aracter. If its aim and infiuence are snch as meet w ith their ap­ proval, we liu s t t'heyihay find i t in their to contribute lomewhat to its circulaf T-O those unacquainted with its plan 8 follol ly find i t in the ir way inacqui character,|w e beg tossubnait th e following -summary; The E veking P ost , will contain : — 1. T he news or the day , which we shall leport with all the accuracy and fidelity in tclligence jrem for­ eign countries, political information, reports lections, and notices of every ooeurrence neralinterest. our power, incluc'iug intelligence J rct <*ign countries, politic 'I I • PuBUC DoenMENTs o f general impof- tnnea, reports, messages, offloialcoinmuni- catioiis, &c. III. D iscussions of Poi.mcAi.’'QuEBTio.\a T h e s e we hope to be able to conduct in a spirit of fairness and courtesy, not desceni.- ing to perronalities or appeals to prejudice, yet always,without any basis ol personal in­ terest, and will! complete indepcndence.- \V». are democrats ir principle , we have embraced die de,.iocratic creed from a pro- lonrd conviclion of its truth, and are asso- we,find it sliiving in the which we cordially th e gieatdootrines^ol sty in [the <within the approve. We iio^d to f free trade, of siniplic- d spnriiig legis.'a! inging public affairs as fmuch 1, of the propriety of powers of g overiimen , or' eqi ; legis.'alion, [hborlioods. 'We jgnizance i regard to these subjects is well nd its conductors may say, that ill the j management of li neighborhoods. 'We are opposed to th e YJrtensioc of slavery, and in favor o f its restriction in every constitutional mode ; 'w e a re enemies o f all monopolies, and o f all licgislatian which seiks to create jobs for fa- woTiler. and to promote the interests oi par- .ticul r classes. The course of the Evening ,known,'ottd itsconduolors allowable «alisfaeliaMi, 'llia t support of these views for a long series ol years, (they have never wavered Uiiough fear or through interest. iV. T he M arkets and C omaip -.- iciat , I xfoii - lumew the proprietors have made arrange- mens for siving with aocuiacy and w itii tlie latest Fevkionse'f persons in tel igent insucli Vi L itterary N otices , selections from the. literature o f tn td a y , estrac'.s Ironi o u r best m ^ gaunes, popiUiraiid seientdic,anda fair proportion of that sort oF misceHuneous reading which gives »n entertaining c h arac­ te r to a newspaper. With these! make a paper both interesting and useful to th e reader. Our oounlrp friends,^have gathered in the princip al iiarvesls of the year, and will soon have more leisure for reading thantn the late busy season Con- gricsa will soon be in session, and questions of the greatest moment will con.e before it for discussion. The leg'islature ol the seve­ ral States will shortly e n ter upon their w in­ te r sessions. A contemporary record of these imporland discussions aud proceed- ingSi'mude up with industry, exactness and candor, must be desired by every intelligent man, and toisuch we reco umend the exarni- nation of the Evening f o s t. T h e prioeof the N ew Y ork W eekly E vening P ost is, for a single copy, fiayable in adyance ............ .. $ l 00 f o r ELEVEN copies to o ne a d d ress.. bO 00 T h e price o f the S ejii -W eekky E ve ­ ning P ost Mi tor a siiigle copy, pay­ able in advance. ............... ........................3 00 materials, we endiiavor 1 fFour dollars will be charged when the •‘Ubscription is hot paid within th e first six months. For t e n copies to one a d d ress.. . . 20 00 O r for any number between FIV E and TEN, Two DottARS per copy. T h e E venino Post,, issued daily. . . . . 10 00 I t is hot our custom to appoint Local A - gents to solicit subscriptions, nor to place mhbh reliance o n Agents at all. But any person inay aid u s if h o wil., by taking this 'Trospectus, and asking those who like ' E vkmno PiOBi', to hand him the money fc year, ,F,hioh he can rew.it a t Club price. ^ ^ 8 bbtain p ay lor h is time and troukle. i t -our ftienilr’would favor us with a list o f pei- sqps ip their-coun ty o r neighboihood, who feel an interest iii the circulation o f the views advocated in the columns o f our jour­ nal, to vvhq;;i we might with propriety for- ward oiir circulars, they may greatly oblige W M -C . BRYANT &CO> KEW Y ork * October Ifitfi, i sip. this village, oii.the 2ad iust. by Rev. C. \V. Hewes, Mr.JOHN L. GASEV, to BIiss FRAN. CIS A. UElMSTREET.- hbth of this place. ..................... . In lliis village, last evening al 1-2 past ,10 o’- clbck, Mrs. ELIZA M. FA.N C ilER, wife of Francis B.Funoher, in the QTvh,year of Imr ago. ^ in this village, on the 29th iust., E lizabeth G aston , daughterof John Mairs, aged aboui3 yrs. d C mouths. B o i a s s f f l ,& E E « , N ew AaTAciiiiENTTo tiiu - T iang -F ortf .,-- iVe liaqe had to notice several of these A t- taclrmeiits during the last lew years. Each one has its peouliar m e iita, which we ex­ plained and- discufspj ivt the lime. Tlie ,Dolce Canipana invented b j ' Messrs Board man &. G .ay, of Albany, N. Y. is quite new t o us, and its appi.ealion is as iirgeiiioiis as i ‘,s eft’eots are pious iiig. A iiuinher of heavy 'eightseights arere fixudiixe iit the end of a correspond w a f iing number of burgh, of the Cpiiiity of h 'bf New Vork, did on the se seveiueciith day , two, exo- cate under his hand and seal, and deliver to Levi' Coley, of Weston, in the coimtj (f Coimecllo Stale of New Vor i.f October, ciglileen hundred and forty ■ ■ ■ ■ 1, and delivi luty of Fairfield state of Conneclioht, a certain mortgage hearing date tlie 17tli day of October, 1842, upon cerium premises described in said Mortgage as follows;— “ Ail that certain lot, piece or parcel ofland iyiiig and being in Laiisliigburgh aforesaid, and is situa­ ted in the fork of tlie roads 'leading up the hill eastwardly from the village of Lansiiigburgh, and is the samelot which was originally leased by Le- vimis Lansing to NalhaUibl Williams, andds boun­ ded on the west and bn the south by tlio highway, ami on the north and outlie east by the lands of Jonathan Wickwaro, and contains eleven acres and fifteen rods of laud nioro or less, which said Mortgage, with tlte power of sale thetuin con­ 'd, was recorded on the iCilidav of August, ......................... 10 o’clock A: M. in iici.sel- ciisoiid, liy an assignment vvhii was. recorded in Ronsselaor County Clerk's olFu on the 2Gth day of October, 1819, in Book-of MovigaL'i's No. 5G, and that no suit or proceeding at law has beeii instituted to recover tlie nionoys row dill! on said niorlgage, and that claimed to bo duo .and collectable on ilio' first publication of tliis notice said '11101 Ijjagi is fiftoeii.iioilars and sevcnly-five cents, and tbe amount Secured by said mortgage and not yet collectable, i-sfour hundred and lll'lv dollars and interest from April 14lh, lP-19. Nolico is hereby given, that in consequence of by -virluo of the power of sale cent mortgage, and in puisuaneo of tho Statute, the above described preinises, or so miicli Ihetoof as ary lor that purpose, will bo half past nine o'clock A luer county Clerk’s office, in Book of iVliTiguges No. 43, pages 107 and 108. And wlioreu.s de-aiilt has been made in the payment of the prmcipai and interest secured by saidlMortgagi— ^tlm said Mortgage being given fur the puiehise nimiey o: the premises above described,) and thoro isclaiiiiei to bo due thereon at the time ol tho fi st publiea tion of this notice, to wit, November 29', 1819, tho sum of nine liundfcd ami eighty eight dollars t fifty six c ults, (1^91-8 ISG) and no suit or,prone ding .at law having been instituted to recover t' debt i;emuiiiing secured by such moi^iago or-aaj- part tillrcof; Now, tliurcforo, noiice is hm by gi­ ven, that by virtue of a power of sale cjiuuaie.1 ill said mortgage, and pursuant to the -staliiUi in gage, and pursuant to the -stall] rovided, tlie said morfgiige will bt lale orthe said mortgaged so much thereof as shall be iieccess; the amount di case provided, tlie said morfgiige ■d by a sale orthe said mortgaged iicli thereof as shall be iieccessaiy to sati.'-fy amount due on such mortgage at the lime of the first publication of this notice, with iuteresl, and tho costs and expenses allowed by law, at public aiiclion, at the Clinton Hotel, now kept b\ ' Joseph B. Follet. in tlie village of Lan.singburgli aforesiid, on the 2.!.1 day of February ne.\t, at It) o’clock in tho forenoon of that day. Dated' N ov- craber 29, JS49. LEVI COLEY, Mortageo. M. L. F iu . ey , Attorney. Arlificial Teeth. The best possible shje, and the lowe cial teeth should bi? annoyed by the faults so commonly scou in ihem ; viz; uu imjicr- fect fit, aud a perceptible motion to them wJn'e speaking, oi au obvious aud embarcssliig eiVorl tokeepiliem in place; tccih too short; or too long and coiispifuions; an uiul bad co lor; slmposobad as to give a dUagrufablo ex- are iiiatlo in the liiglu; of perfection, eitner in whole sets or part.-i (f u set and warranted free from all of Iho above men* tioiicil faults, by Dr II. Kimball, No. 522 Broad­ way, New x'ork. Dr. K. has for many years given special at­ tention to the maiuifacture and setting of Artifi­ cial Teeth, aud ha.s in his emp'oy persons of the liigliest skill in the diillreut proec.-ses of this dilfi- ciiltart, and lie allows no work to go out ot his establishment that is not in every rcspcGt of the very higliest character—whole aud half sets of teeth, are uniformly made on tho principle of atmosjiherie pressure—i-toiil aii'l heavy gold plates only ave used, while millions of teeth of every possible size, shape and color, enabio hint- to select biich as are exactly adapted tiie partic­ ular neoeessilies eacli case. 'With these groat and obvious advantages, and tho experience of a largo and long cmitiuued piuctico. Dr. K. makes sets of Teeth al the same prices that persons in the country can have tlicm made for in tho town or village wheve they reside, so that any one may have a l cheaper rates thehighc.st stylo of work, thesmall expense of a visit to New ,York will be more than repaid by the perfect certainly of ha­ ving teeth made that shall fully satisfy the highest of tho wearer, for constant practice and the experience derived from a largo field of- observation,secures a perfccliVin in tho manufac- l)r. Kimball aims to meet the wishes of that large class in the community whose circum CCS have hithci most moderate means, at a low price, the ooin- fort and advantage of a stylo of work which has hitherto been attainable only by those pe.soiis whocould affbrd topa.v thehighest prices, which such work if indeed riciily worth, but whicli all cannot pay. A sure and siitisfaelorygroiuid of confidence in. roierciice to thii ability of Dr, K. lo Inlfil those conditions is found in the operation of — -efing principle ofhis business, which js, ___ ...lenever a pieceof work is finished and placed iii tho'mouth, if the patient is not fully sa­ tisfied with it ill every particular, as regards tlio strength, appearance, the fit, color, or anything else pertaining to it, he is at perfect liberty to d e­ cline taking it, the whole risk of making a per™ feet and satisfactory operation Dr. K. prefers to assume himself. Every needful direction for the preporation of the mouth, and satisfactory infers mation of any kind relating to the subjeot prove ’Jroadway,.Nnw York. fc!?;' '.Anato-ny, V alentinp . , M ott , Prof.of Surgery, Dr. G ranville S harpe PA ttison , Prof.An; of tho University of New York. Now York, Nov. 29j 1849; at very low prices, will find them at MdAuIoyi directly opposite the Clinton Hotel, LanshiE burglu Those jvho think they can buy clioai 22, 1849. .executed by William Ryan ______________ Ibw, dated April 14th, 1849, and recorded ini Rensselaer County Clerk’s office on the 16th day of April; 1849, in Book of Morlgagcs No. 55 at pages 183 and, 184, of -and upon tho premises de- baiibed iu said ruprtgago as follows: All that cerj tain lot and.prcmises in Troy winch are bounded and described as follows, to wit., all that part of lots No. one and two situate oil the west side of ! Fourth.street near the corner of Liberty street in tlie city of Troy, as known and designated on a certain map made by John E. VanAIlcii d-ated May ill, 1793, whicli is boimdedontheeupt by Fourth .-tieet,.soul!i by a litiodrawn ihroiigli s'jiil lot No. two parallel with the iiortirlino of lot No. •Ilircc, !i.< known awl hvid down on said mop, and 11 t tho uniform distiiiico ol twenty-two feet and “\sis l;^!f^iiSi\S'iotNv>-^ s, proceeding from one centre, which oommunioatea w ith a pedal htneath, by which tlie miichine is governed, b y the pressure of the tool!. The d-wnward movement oi the ]iodhl 'brows the lever up iinppres.,es the weights uyoii tliehridge ol the Piuno Forte, This pressure gives a greater d e n sity to the soiind.cg board, nnd Urn tone is thereby clianged. This, change p;' tone is not i.'orely a modification of the fone of the Pianc, as is the case with the llar.p Pedal, but it is a new top.e,, difl'ering in ciiaracier and quality from the old one. This new pjw c r, for ij is separate, the original iiower being left u ilacl, .uxliibils a tone soil, hut clear and full, of teiider and plaintive feeling. It seems niif'araily adap-, ted to themes of a grave and' sentimental character, its use may be considered legit- Jmale in many compositions of a classical character, and while extemporizing, the per­ former can produce effdcst both novel-and beautiful. The offeot of the sweeping offil.e wind over the striegs of nniEotian Harp i produced by merely holding the notes down, and softly raising the Dolce Campona Pedal. Tills is but one of the Iniin/ benuliful ef- f. els that we have hoard piGdiiced by a tkili. ful performer. We do n o t recognfxe it, o f eour e, ns an improvement ojion the Piano Forte : for he- ing entirely separaie. and ilinost d sconnee. led, it is siinnly lin addition, which may he used or n o t, a t the will of the performer. It canbn applied without difiicnUy to any P i­ ano F orte, and cannot injure tbe instrument or put it out of tune, as Us action has noth­ ing to do witli tlte strings. The iustri.ment can be seen fillicr nt he Fair o r at Jollie’s b“unu to appear I't said CouK, by recogt music store, 300 Broadway. or otherwise to appear thereat, and I hereby i We understand that the make'-s, Messrs., finw® all Justices oflho Peace,coroners, and o- Boiidman & (Srly, propose to sell either |'l*or officers, wh^^ave taken rcooguizanoo for therefrom, which lot aud premises is thirty-three Jel wiili tlio east lino of said alley fifty feet toitlio feet and ten-twelfths of a foot'wide front and rear ..... ” \ ^ —).vhiclvsaid raorlgago was on tlio 12lli day of Oo.toberl849 duly assigned lo llie uiidersigned, Rufus M. Townsoiid, by an assignment vvhicli eii uiai uomnic iia , ioii of a Mortgage^ o Thadeua Bl Bige-' I, and recorded in by Will. McManus, Esquiio, and filed iirtho of-.\uated lice of tlio clerk of the ISiipreine court of Jiidica- \“'l Hire of the Stiito of New York, in the .city of,' Albany, by lot lumber two hundred and fifty nine, wliich taid piece of grcmiul hereby intended ;to be convoyed is bounded' as follows; beginning at tho northwest corner of lot niimbor two him- (bed and fifty eight, and runs from tlienoe norlh- 1011 the east line of Fecond street alley fifty . . „ , Iouitiu west corner of lot number two di ed and fifty nine and no more,in order tosecuro tlio payment unto tho said PctorColbimi,hiB heirs, e-xeciitors, administrators or assigns, the just and- full sum of throe hundred and ten ’\ ‘ stt 11 ami Isabella P. his wife, and said iiuleiitmo of mortgage, being cdllutera! sc- __________ ciirity thereto, and bearing even date thcrewilli. nee of such default. And whereas tlie sum indenUiro of inorlgage was mtained in said ''\'Y executed and delivered by the said Dcwil C. tatiite. the U. Eglei-ton and Isabella P. his wife, to the sai Petor Golburiij and on tho same day duly at knowltfQged by the said i the village of Lansiiigburgh in said comity, oi Otlrday of February, 1850, at tjn o’clock in forenoon. Dated Nov. 8. 18.19. RUFUS M. TOWNSEND, office will more fullyappoar. And whereas it is among other things provided, in and by said niortgugo,.that in ease of default in the payment of said three hundred and ten dol ars,in thecoii- di'ioii of tho said bond montioiicd, and ti.o inter­ est as aforesaid, or any part thereof, then nnd in such case all the moneys thereby secured which and Court of Oyer and I'crmiiior and Jail Do- iS r ,'^ a U h ’o'cmirt HonsriiUhJ^a\y^of'D^^^^^ n}f>«®ys , on the first Monday, 3d day of Di cember ne.xt. J. shall, at I he oleetion of Iho party at 10 o’clock A. M. I do therefore, by virtue of 'V® n precept to me diroctcd.hereby notify all persons with become duo and payable, and it shall be bound to appear a t said Cong, by recognizance mortgagee therein ni Boaidman & (Srly , propose to sell eith er |'k or officers, w tehav e taken recognizance fi Otelusive l ights to l.s ma iiifactim', or s.ngle . the apiioaranco'|piny person at such Court, ( “ .-All lu hiiieiit.s ’ to all}’ IliaIiTs who may \'lio have t ken any inquisition fur thecxnniim ‘have call-! f ,r lliein. Tlio iinangem eiit j.s i (ieii of — [ood and will render it popular. . recogt We advise ?r^bLr advise our readers I o examine this Campana AUacI. m o n t.-[N e w York ^ sigiimentof “ ytows Mills e.xtia Flour,” from h'nw wheat fur sale by 8ept.,3. • A. GROE8.BECK & Co. xJBrhis Fall stock of Fashioiutblo clothing, and respectfully invites all those who may want cld- ihing to call and oxainiiio tlio best assortnn north ofNow Vork, before they buy clscwhcr -flugiist 23. New Fail Dry Goods, JU S T RECEIVED and for sale clieapatSSG \ State street. . C HITCHCOCK. FIRE A m aiARiNE IN § y i!.W > 'C E . operly generally in city and country. •sel.-i,baiite.-i, boats,cargoes and freigjit Losses will bo udjiisicd luidpiild by this tiom- paiiy with the utmost promptness and despatch, and tlie Courts of the re.-peelivo I tales of llic Union will he recognized. Persoiishiving dcal- iiig.s with tills (’oiiiptiny may rely upon the u t­ most fairne sin all ils Iraiisaclioiis; iimloierj-ex- plaiialioH Will ho .ii'ist clicerfiilly given, on ap­ plication to the Agent. D t (Ec.TORP. WiLLtAM T iiomson . , Euw/.iiu P-wroN. N. York. F etch .1 .SrnyKiiu, .'lArmEw R i ' usiule “ J a . mes T avi . or , J aih 'S S. McI.NryiiE “ D avid S anueui - on , (J. F. P ower . ’f'! v L t h o .V i p \ o N, President. 'OOlUUM, Sre’y! ■O.M, Agent, Lansinglrargli. A l lte l y;t, it 111. Cheap for cash. Also a few .8-4 Woo! Shawls and Wool Scarfs, al 256 State St C. MTUHCOCK. 115 ®,.“i! Feb. 22.], RSof Boy's calf and seal boot lule low, at 298 State Street. J. HE ARMAN WILLETT. O F George McAulej A the uiteiitioiiof gciitl'cincii to his large j^tuck of FAsmOXABLM C lo TIIINU, a got up expressly fort hiN market. Among which will bo found Many of tlieiii niado of S ui ’ er C astor B eai C loth , offered at the low price o f $14. Arniigements are made in New York to receive new supply of clothing every two .weeks, until tho close of navigation, which will make tho stock complete at all time's. Also on hand, a large assortment F ine S iiirts , B osoms anu C olars , got.np iuNew York in the best style; Also n coiisignmollt of Meii’s aiid_,Boy’s C ats which wjll be sold at Now York prices. D£T'AI1 those who may want lo porclmso either of the above articles will not only save money by calling ICTopposito the Clinton Hotel, at dlc- Aiiloy's Srorc.Jai but will get G.irments uut in good fashioiiabtii stylo, and which m ike ineii feel well vvhUe wearing them. sa. 2 ” 'siiSfiKisiif' F o r N e w I f o i T i . The Steamer TRO Y , Capt. Frazoe.xvillloavo canibe procured of S.P. Smith,. Afient for Lan- ptwgbiirglu 1 of any priyonorrind w , _ ie.es, to re'un rrcognizauce.o, inquisitions, and cxaininaticns, to tho said Court, a t tho opening thereof, on tho id premises, with the .appurtenances,or any part or parts thereof,at pub-, lie auction, in pursuanco of tho statute in such case made and provided, and out of the moneys arising from such sale, to retain in his or their liaiids ail tlio inincipnl money and interest due and tho costs, charges and e GILBER'l'CROPSEY ,^’ Sheriff of Rensellear Comity. RENSSELAER COUNTY MUTUAL IN ­ SURANCE COMPANY Lansiiigburgh, Nov. 15tli, 1849. f l Y H E Directors of this clared an assessment np held by this company, as foil Upoii alt notes III- lUroe January- a, lOGVj me s of one per cent; upon all notes in force Janiu 22, 1849, one per cent; u 1849 one percent ,1849, 1849, tho sum ofono percent; iipoi force June 22, 1849, the sum of oiii oil r,,fce Juno 29.1849, notes ill force July 19, one per cent; upon all notes in force A- piil 19, 1849 one percent, upon all notes in force -May 18, tho sum ofono percent; notes in force June 22, 18-19, the sumo cent; npoii all notes in force Juno 29.11 sum of two per cent; upon all notes info; 2'i, 1849, the sum of one percoul; upon all in force August 10,1819, tho sum oreightper cent; and upon all notes in force August 22, 1849 the-sum-sum off one per cent.t. Sncli assessessmei the o one per cen Sncli as reqtrred to be paid at the office of said con or to agents legally qualified toreceivo the 1 day- of Dei 'ireefors. I. UAN.Sf 1 ugoiils legally quafified toreceivo the .same, oil or before the 17th day- of December, 1849. By ordcf of ih e ^ i ttO O I D S .—C-ammeleoii green AI- Salisbiiry Flannel, M. DoLains and cashmeres, green, light aud dark Maroon ; ohet- new stylo overcoat lining; tleal's chameleon ci vat.s; c rdvd boinu-t silks: wide black silk'V’oh for cloaks and Jlaiilillas; green and blue. I gloves; blat'lt and colored velvet ribousi camhiic edgings and insertions; blue barage f,.r veils; die worked collars, L'ldies’ easbmere Gloves new stylo ftusliiingi; wliito fiirhitufo fringes; Z'epliyr worsted, all colors. A new lot woolen Long Shawls, among which ;f the 8 - t W ATERLOO SIIAW I 7G by|l.u3 inches, tho largest \and he, manufaetiired in the country. Jiistroc'd and for sale clioaphy H. T V\;ALB! ho east lino of said nmlh lino of said lot numbe fifty eight, and from Ihenco westerly upon said . fifty feet tofiio r two hundred aud iiortli line of saidlot nmjibor two Hundred and-fif- ae cordiug^ ,lo (he condition of a certain bond or stuKe, then iiorih .si.vty-thre© degrees- oh,igiitioii executed by tho said Dewit G. U.Egie- \’®st two chains and fiity l.tiks\ to a black oak refered to in, standing lit theaionlioast corner of lot iiimi- idllutera! sc- her thirteen, and U kuco along the east iiiio there-' Ilf and of iiuiiiber eight, sOUili tbr. e degrees east,, flirty chains ami seven links, to the place pf be- ■ tainiiig forty-two and a half acres o f 3 iiioie or less, c.'ioepting'aiid re- witk become du lawful for the mortgag'ee'tli heirs or assigns to sell the sa any there be) to tho said mortgagors or their any there be) lioir-s or assign; livered by him, he 17t/i (la?jof January, 1849,/or a good and m lid consideration, conveyed,trans­ ferred and assigned the aforesaid indenture i ~ mortgage, loith the bond or obligation acempi mjing the same,and the premises dcscribcd’Mire- in, and the moneys secured thereby, with fu ll power to collect the same lo Ira G. Frazer o f the village o f Ldnsingburgh, and to his heirs and assigns forever; which said assignment wason 71 t of mortgages on page 275. And whereas Vie said Ira G. Frazer is the owner o f the said in­ denture o f mortgage and o f the bond or oblige tion accompanying the same, and of the moneys due and unpaid thereon, and default has been ibhgntian accompanying the same, and the nil Id claimed to be due thereon for principal and interest n t the time o f the first publication of this notice of sale is 335 dollars and 96 cents, and no suit or proceeding has been had or inr slUiUedstiliilcd atl laww to recover themoneyi moneys secured tty a la to recover the said mortgage and due thereon, or any part thereof, by reason whereof the power o f sale contained in said mortgage as aforesaid, has become operative ; now, therefore, notice is here­ by giveiijthat inpursuance of thestatute insuch haul hideiiiurc o f mortgage will be foreclosed tty Litnsiiighurgh,on the Sth day of December, ^gtmi'30 IRA G. FRAZER, Assigueoof Mortgage. I. R vnfom , Attorrtev cimty that he has disposed ofhis slock of to&«raK^^a^iis: opportunity of returning his sincere thanks for the iry liberal patronage he has reccivd froiiUhe] s reccivd frointhepub- —hereccommends his successor to their kind notice, lhat.bysti !, aud feels ns.sured 111 at,by strict attention, persovorauco, and thorough kiibwlodge of tho Drug business, be will merit coutinuaiien of their partroimgo. I I . W a S s B l, would also respeclfullv inform lliopublic iliat having pucceeded Mr. I t HAR­ RISON in tho above business, it will continue lo bo transacted by him on the samo principles as berotororo, and tnisls by Ins assi'daons attention, well selected assortment, to deserve their u.iited siii3)30rt and approbation. N. IL R'ho accounts of I t II, will bo received by him per;;onaIly, or by II. W .at the. olii stand, 292 Slat Lansiiigburgh, April 25tli, C- IHTC IICO C K . Tailoring E^tabiishuicnt. F H I HE subscriber is grateful for ihe liberal pat- A roiiage that he has horetoforo received, and would inform tho.eitizens of Ijaiisingbitrgh aud tho IN ALL ITS BR.ANCHES, At his shop, one door south o f ALL. FilleysLaw He flatters himself that Iiis long e.vperience will enabl e him to give entire satisfaction to those who may bo-disposed to favor him with their patronage. Done at short notice, and all work entrusted to him, will be done as lierotoforo, on tho most reas­ onable terms, and promptly and properly finished, LansiH^buigh,July 5,1849. I.. nior»then of the^town of Sclmghticokejim mnty of Rensselaer, aud State of Ntv O.U.I, .1 . . I s * - . .< N . , indenture of mortgage bearing date the i7th dixy Yorfc..di<l,,oii the eighth day of November, eigli- of Juno, in the year of our Lord one thousand, teen hUndrod and thirty two, execute uiidor him eight hundresVaiid forty eight, did mortgage and „„(] jelivor to Joliallian Biiir, of ground.known and distinguished Olid certain map situate, l)ing, and lieu of that part of the ci' .... ' ” ‘ ‘ ‘ A ll, , in tlio I'oui Hate on a map made by John E, Van Allen, and Evert Van Alcn, and filed in the offioo of flio Clerk of the city of Albany,,t ho ,Iwcifili day of October, one thousand eight hundred and pile, by lot imnibor nine, which is boiii.ded as follows, vi'z: boginiiing at a wahuu stake iimiked VI,, at the northwest corner of lot umber six, and running thence nortli-eighty sev- n degrees east, twenty one chains, to a sassa'fras lake, marked V,VI,1X,X, then iiprlh tlireo, de­ grees west, twelve cliaiiis and 8i,xty-five links, lir a stake standing in the line of a lot surveyed for ............................. tho samo, north fifty-tliico irkod pitch pine >ur chains Abraham V-tlo,along tho degrees west, fifteen chains sapling, then north two degrees east, four chains and seventy links to a marked pitch piiie sapling, then north sixty-seven degrees West, seven chains and nincly-threo links, lo asoft maplo stake, then north fiity nine d.-grees cast, four ehaiiis and sev- n links, to a maiked white pine slad|e, then north, veiity.two degrees and forty eiglit minutes west,’ gilt chains to a walnut stake, then soiiih fif gimiieg, c( luhd, bo tile same iiioie or less, c.-ioeptiiig serving tlierefrom about twelve aens heretofore Lewis I. Van A >ke, and County cf Reiissolaer, bounded asful- ■s. begiimingby tlie liighwiiy. at-the southwest nerof lui,ds livretoforo belonging to Philip Van “■'1 runs along the road souih tweiity-livo- id fifteen iniiiutes west, one uhnin and 1 links, then .south twenty-four degrees' miaulca oast, two chains and tweiily-' five links, Ihenco south tliirty.tliree tiegreos east, three chains and fifty links, then south sixty-six degrees east, four chains, then south thirty-two de - grees and nfteeii luinul.cs links, then south Ihirti chains, Ihenco south e chains east, to a large i sixty-six degrees cast, . ___________ teen degrees east, one chain and seventy links, thence north thirty two degrees and tliirty inin- irtli thitty- li thirty- ifteeii iiiinul east, si.x chains oiid fifty ty eight degrees east, nine sixteen degrees east, three pitch pine tree, thence north chains, thenoo uorlji jif. ity link! legrees and tliirty inin utes east, four chains, thence north thitty-nine de- cl tliirtyirty minutesnutes west,est, thufo chainsains and grees and tli mi w thufo ch fifty liults, Ihenco north two degrees and thirty -■■-■tea west, five chains, thence north iiinoloea. es east, five chains, thence north eighty-six. _ es east, five chains, thence north nineteen degrees o.\st, one chain, t'aenoc south cighty-jix degrees west, five chains, Ihenco nortli sevonly- oight degrees west, four cliains, thence north sov- eiity-five degrees west, eleven chains aud eighty- eight links lo tho place of bogiuuiiig, coiitainiiig- . . ................. ....... ' ■ 1, be tho same renty-two acres of 3s. Also all tl 2 ? a ( at a white jmie tree, standing on I la.low, situate in Sehaghti- iforesaid, and bouudid as follows; begiiming on tho nortliw( power of sale therein eoiitiiined, was roci the office of the clerk of iha county of Rensselaer, on tho 19th day of November, 1832, a t half past two o’clock P. M., in Book of morlgagcs No. 23, pages 183, 184, aud 185, aad upon which said mortgage there is claimed to bo duo at the lime bf the first publioatioii of this notice, the sum of nine hundred and thirty dollars sixty-six cents, and wliicli said mortg.age has boon duly assigned by tho said Jonathan Burr to tlie undersigned Pe­ ter Germ.ond. And whereas the said Mathew D. GarinO, Ju­ nior, and Maria his wile, of the town of Schagh-- tieoko, in tho county of Rensselaer aforese ......... by giveiiythat inpursuance o)thestatute insuch “foresuid, did,- power o f sale in said mortgage contained, the their Jiand and ^seal.s, ami deliver'le Job Pioreon, then of tho same place, a certaiil other mortgage- bearing dale, March 3Utli, 1833, upon certain promises mentioiied and desBribed in said last ineii- tioiied mortgage, (being tho same promisfes des­ cribed in the morigage first above tnoiitioiied, amf above desenbed,) which said last mentioned a sale o f a ll the estate, right, title and intcfei which the said mortgagors had in and to i. said premises, OH the 11th day of ffuwe 1848, so much thereof as shall be necessary to satisfy f',\*;' r'“ m ih . .B r a . f Lnnsingburgh, on the Sth day o f December, of ®luer, on the 18lh day of the county of RelisBelaer, or Apill, I833,atforty-fivo minules Book of morl Christopher Akin and othovsi TTW D13I5. and by virtue of tbe judgraoiit in ^ tins action I shall expose to sale at public vendue at the Phoenix Hotel in tho village of Lansiiigburgh in tho county of Rensellear on Sat- tiirday, iho 29th day of December, 1849, a t 10 o’- clock A. M. of that day, tho lands and premises described in said judgment as follows, to wit:— “All that certain poice or parcel of land, lying and being in tlio town of Pittstown, county of Ren-; sellear and state of Now York, bounded as fol­ lows, to wit; oil the west by lands.of Daniel Hilt, on the north by lands of David and Garrett Gt don and Ilix A.Lee,castby landsof Williain^He riiigton, south by lands of Samuel C. Baker, James H. Akin iiiid Thomas Tilliiigliast contain- iiig one bundled and forty one acres, be the samo inore orlessi Also one olho; piece or parcel of land situ-ueas aforsaid, bounded as follows, on tho north and east by lands of William Herring­ ton, soutli and west by lands of Stephen Vielio and on the west by lands of --------- , containing twelve acre.s of land, be tho same more orless.” Dated November 15, 1849. G ILBERT CIIOPSEY, Sheriff, By L.S. FINCH, Deputy. jt past teiiD’cl L. M., in Book of mortgages No. 24, pages 24,- 5, aud 26, and wliich said last momioiied 111011 -= gage was on the 21st day of April, 1840, duly signed by the said Job Pieison, to the mideVslgi-.ed Peter Germonij, and upon which said mio'.tjrage there is claimed to bo due at the time ijf the first publication of this notice, the sum of four hundred and eighlocii dollars and sevei'.'y eight cents, the- wholo amount eluiuied to Iv; due 0 n both said mort­ gages at the time of tho first publication of thin, notice, being llio sum ol thirteen hundred and for- ty-niuo dollars aud forty-four cents. ($1349 44. And, whereas, no suit or proceeding has been instituted al law to recover tho debt remaining se­ cured by either of said mortgages, or any part- thereof, and default having been made in the pay mentof the monies so as aforc.said duo thereon. ■Now therefore, notice is hereby given, that by virtue of tho povyors of sale contained' in hotlisaiii; mortgages, and the statutes in such case — and provided; the said mortgages will b. foil od, by a sale of tlio said iiior-lgaged premisi S S - e SS-SS i -M. tho public thathestilloontilmes.rhe Grocery Store, where ho will at all'tlmes keep a rich and full assoVtment bf all the arlieles in hie line. As he manufactures the articles which he offers for sale, in his own shop, and usesiionebut the best materials, ho has the fullest confidence in his ability to give perfect satisfaction to all who may favor him with their patronage. lie wifi also keep at all times a full assortment ,nf LEATHER AND FINDINGS which will bo sold on as favorable terms as at any other ( stablishment in this vicinity. Feb. 22.] J. H E ARM AN W ILLETT Lansingburgh, Oct. 19,1818. iierpssary to satisfy ■tgogi's, with interest .’ed by kiw, at jMbliC' so miieh thereof, the amount duo on sucii iruirtgagi-s, with interest d cost, and e; ction, to the . ___ February next, at 10 o'clock in tbe forenoon,, the Clinton Hotel, in the village of Lansing- burgh, in said oomih'. Dated November ] 3, I?49. PETERGERM O N D . Asrignoo of said mortgages. M. I,. Fif.i.KV, Atloriipy. m i lO E N lX HOTEL, _ _______________ L A m m a B u m i i i l i l i persons aro forbid'den to Iteboror tinst ^ m y wife, iVapey T Fra-zoi-, ou my acebuntfc, Lausin^burgh;, Nofv.li9ff»,, 1849.

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