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Lansingburgh Democrat. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 18??-1861, May 03, 1849, Image 4

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OAU'!'U>.% K X 'M iA . A »'in by Ihe namu t' C has wiisftgeil wltli n ,iuau. nf the uattie n 9 i.ns; atV. ami tiscsihis l>.t.e in put HI) a Sarmpa.-n i alai'h they call Dr. Town- IBait'a.ial(r5a|larlHa, tlcra'iinaal. S3 II <3/-.'.Vt'J.VK, tjrlgilllll, »UV aseail Is nii illicit >r, mitl aevor \\ a s; blit was ^pierly a worker on railro-nis, ctumls, ami’ the like. Yet-Ue •uimimes ibo title oriir., fur the {Mitimse of gaining credit for what he Is tini. U'his is to ciiutiba the public not to be ietolt'ed, and purchase noijo liuc.tlid OlijsrUIJfTji ORlOlr l)f,.1acnliTownsend’s;Snrsiipafllla, having on l'« IhO Old Dr’s. 1lknne.s.s, his fiiniily coat of armsj and hll idfhainre across the coat of anus. ^ ffinci/Kd QJice, !\a .Yissnn .<(, A'tm York Citf. Street, have goiid'aloiio from 36 Spruco street the Par lliouoe id ItbvejoV’s hotofand badlc. . x\ ItE.Y. W ELSH, ,S6 Spruoest. ENTS.—Geo. Doxtef, Albany Robinssn & Griswold, Dater fc Brotlierj S. Wick.es, €Jieat and Gor Rich. r n i l H S lias been the secret principle of iH. too many of the. wholesale dealers i« Teas up to t his tim e, a n d they have prnotised Ohildreu instructed and mndo happy-Wickham's Huilders' Blocks, for the use of little luilders. and Designs, and are a luiliniited in their combinatiogs. Not only lit Bridgc,s, Walls, &c.,. may bo variely off Primerimer Exereiseseises amnd „ . , ^ constructed, ! variely o Pr Exef a a Glassificali OSjects, maybe made up at pleasure ; and in er respects, are unerinallcd in neatness, adaptat nd in oth- u f in tf o ^ ltio n .'^ T h ^ ^ were the\*iLt*tM^ the banner ol lieforin,oii which i t has inscrib­ ed the simple words-r- ‘•PURE TE A S AT H O N E S T PRICES.’' A complete revolution hos been tiie cense- quenee. L e t consumeis of Tea every where look a t what we have done. 1st. We were the first tp^aend them Teas .that used to be called too good for litem be- •espects, are unequalled in neatucs i cheapness—bcing cheaper thai u Drawing a can DauWini ig chenpt Wokham’s Slate Drawing Tablets, furnishing a oly of Amusements, in Drawing and writing. ),'chapman’s Aiuerican Dauwing F a tNo. 2 , Boardmau’s h«Mtitg , Tro; e r a s e r . ofthovillttgeofLansingburgh. fQr the apprehension an I conviction of tlio person or persons who inittodthpireceat burglaries'in said village. 1 KXNSO.M UlerK. __________________ ) RostralW o g s from running'at large in the Village o f Lansinghurgh, passed Maij SOlh, § 1. Be it ordained by the Triisteesof the Vil­ lage of Lausingburgh, that from and after the ; (Hh day of Jiuie next, no Hog or Hogs shall be sitfierod to tun at large in any of the street alleys of said village, under the peiialty of lif e of the Trustees of said village, to be collect of tho owner or owners of any such Hog or Ho so found running a t large as aforesaid. § J2. All ordinances heretofore passed f>r re- ilraiiiing Hogs from running a t large are hereby repealed.- JOHN G. NEAL, President pro teiH- • I TI ansom , Clerk. ________________ 2d. W eb ilten come to u o gel for their own use, and for their frii ds, fine qualities they can fitid nowhere eis ■ 3d'. We have reduced prices me re inn 25 per cent, both in Black and Green Ti i. The wholesale grocerssay we are ruining ti trade and coH us humbugs. T h is we have done already, and now see what we are ready to 1st. We will sell Teas by the single chest f lat wholesaie grocers pay to the impofteri 3d. We hereby uRdertake to sell every kind of Tea from six to 12 cents per pound cheaper than the wholesale grocers do. How cun we dO this ? asks tlie country merchant. ’ Tliis is our answer. . We ore c onlent with seven per cent profit instead of 20 and fit*y per cent, a la crooer. We deserve ' he thanks of the country merciiants for saving tliem hereafter from Being cheated. Let tbe^J W are houi TEA CO. and compare samples ofTea they get elsewhere ; and if they buy bad Teas then, at high prices, it is their ovyn fault. illOHEY 1M¥011TA1¥T W O R K . Child Birth. A valuable atluable Scientific work upon the subject of York by the Author. ■ /S l h l S A V a r k contains recently discov’ JL ered information upon a subject of the found of speck! value to those whose means health or other,oil cumstances do n o t permit them to increase lhe,number o f their famil|y! w itiioutgreat inoonveoience, sufifentig, or 1. Brunswick and Pittstown PlankRoad Com-' pany, that ah election for JDirectoreof said Gbm- puny for the ensnifigyear, and lusp^O T r f n ^ ; author. The mesns ofpreven.ion pie, and cannot injure th e health of the. .„ether with specimens of all the kinds now inusc, .... . ...... . ............... . T E R T A B L E TO P S , Stc. They hope by diligent attention to business merit and receive a share of patronage. Those who have lost friends ire invited to cal! and examine our assortment of Monuments and Tombstones, believing that for quality of Marble ' ityls of workmanship, and price, they will rare favorably ivith any now in market. itt c u rtail uiatrimo-; inostdelioate Nor does i c (jeot o tth i s w o rkot highest u tility, an dest p rinciples of prudence, p o liti. lomy and virtue. I t showsho-w; logical effect may be producedt sci- a physiologicaleffeot . enfliiically, and w ithout injury to stilution. Which thousandsattem p t to i nplish by the most unwise and repfebi complish by the most unwise am , sible m eans. The object is by ho means; to the world. The m e ans w ill be es-! ledbjed allll scientific,cientific, rigbt-migbt-m indedinded and'm teem bj a s r a sensible people„asa discovery in physiolo. gy ofthe highest consequence topublio mo rals and happiness. TH E m S T I N C T OF NATU R E ^ . j we may. W ithout m arriages we all countries, a debasenignt ef one; good Tens. W e are resolved to overtbro’ ai six months liiej dpinot sell more Ten Uian work matter to interest them deeply, and the o deat largest tlealois in the town, we information bJ tlie highe.Ht value, which _ • . . __ ; __ m _ i i. _ . _ I. r-. HTl. : _ ««Kinli ' < lies vr e'l-^rtn (<) mat n n HH ln.OPO)in t m plain Engiisliaiid cannot he misunder­ stood. We appeal for tesiimony to the im- SX S T \ ‘°“' D ; S W E E N E Y , EMO VED i S C h iuiam S tr e e tf T h ^ u n - f i .dersigned. a t the approach ol the travqh ling seasoui deems i t necessary to a p p r r \ ^thoie who may n o t be aware ol the foot, thi liin as hisTorraet one ; but in exit tt and airiness, n o t surpassed by any nhge of, tiie ^ W i c r a ^ prcsen‘t laca. ion has.been-selected as B c entral posiUon for elements ofJife in very required from, but each of B quality that has secured hi ii the reputation he how eiijoysj and which he is reputatio n h e how eiijoyi establishment he lilher Owns o r is in a n y manner nr m inallj oi to suit their convenience, and at the saiuo i : irg : ‘!^ MgaurSi ^ :^: r \ \ \ __ _ ______ _ _ F ike G uono B lack T e a . - Thy PeKin T; c “ ed by all philosophers and writers upon so- Company, 75 and 77 Fulton s treet, sell.s a de- sial and f olitical subjects. Early marriage licioi- article of Oolong Tea a t 50 cents per beyond all question, lend to promote virtue tvbich msmu iiHS lUflf Iietueim and elsewhere, \ti\ti tpiir Jind InliMiMtiiji the .iletirtile usMiea ujmn which it rcu? .S i ut’ urrvous of impuniy ofthe hlood, of tcratific-il c rculut.oas, mh I lujuriy all' ihe ailments which Afilict human imltirt*. iSow’ is- it not h«»rnh!c t •fffjclO'Use ittis make imd hoU. and injinittig COM- KL \lib-h I h e iint iiuiie iicl’uce In ten niqiiihs, and In S i S Roast CnickeTi Chicken Pot Pie Is Coined Beef fid Pork anb Breans fid Beef and Soup 6d Mutton Soup fid I K S & g S S S i a Fried F ish Sauaa-^ id Fish m 1“ ^'«d licioa- artiel*^ o f Oolong T ea a t 50 cents per pound. Consumers of Tea, who have been paying sjx shillings per pound for thif.artier* are requested to compare it willi abovl-. and judge for tliemselvt^s which is Ij^ost. le you can buy abetter tea at four s h illipp pee pound than you havebeen getting alsilyshil. lings, vou will be obliged to us tor this iioticef, Try the young Hysau sold a t this great b stabiislimenl at 75 cents. It is better thafl s.;~ ce or Mush and s S , Sifi'ri. IS W . J P . U . O . . 3 . IS Boiled Eggs fid lere] fid ikwiieat Cakes fid Toast f-d Hot Muffins fid Hot Rolls fid Tea ana Coffee S e ts Beefsteak Co N SUNDY. C r c n n a n S a l v e a n d V c g r e f . a - |» l c P a i n E x t r a c t o r . O i i raiViSH VE6ETABIE PUST 8 , jTlrom the earnest entreat e s of friends,the \ constant incrersing dentiands) and t;he uparalled celebrity o f this Salve, ^nofw.itli- standing the multiplicity o f the high pa­ per recommendations of a variety o f oint­ ments now extant,) the. subscriber has at last been induced to go more extensively iiitd the manufactory of this salve and will endeavor tp supply the orders sent,auj the public generally. U is purely a vegetable chemical compound, and no poisonous iir- article that w ill more speedily reidive pain and finally cure woundsbfany kind,Bruis­ e s , old ulcerated sores,Burns, Scalds,Infla- inatioii o f fhe dyeB, Throat or Tourils,bites o f dogs or other poisonous animals, Biles, Carbuncles, and Corns, Files, Phegleniatic tesiimony to the im- Agents ill any, part o f The iinest specimens of green and black teas eve: sold in this c ountry, are imported by Mie Pekin Tea Company, 75 and 77 Eiiiton s . i t e t . Those who want good tc.as a t reas­ onable piio.es, can always get them there.— A W obdto T ea DKiKKEKs.-^’lk Pekin y, 75 and 77 Fulton s tr e e t, bqvejm- is a privilege to buy leas at this great estabi lishment, and a luxury and.M infdrIto drink them. They sell good teasnand rqiail them at wholesale prices. Conbtry m,ferchanls be ignorant. Hundreds o f married people,, now advanced in a u e, have assured the a u ­ thor. th a t if they had possed such a valua hlc treasurey in early life, it would have saved them half the suffering and depriva-: Unhappy W ives,who feel th a t their pliy- sical.condition and health totally unfit them to become the mothers of a laniily,; an 1 who can reasonably lear taat eac p e ­ riod of conbnement will terimnale ^j! tlicir existence, will bail tl e discovery th is certain means ot relief with unbound­ ed joy Let all such unfortunate and nappy wives lose no time in obtaining a |ty ot this in'portant work. It will b( them a precious booh through life, and pre- Scrofula, Consumption, Insanity, Apo- de.xy. Disease ofthe H e a rt, and other hor-^ nble Compiiants.^capaMe cf transm isskn 'The wisdom o f exercisingsuch c ontroi,iioi who give the subject a moment’s consider tion. can doubt. 75 and 77 Fullo i street.-'(M u rcury. T HE P ekin T ea C o .-M ’c very choeriully call the attention of all lovers of pure and fragrant teas, bolli in town and coatitry, to tlie groat tea W arehoust o f this company. Our long acquaintance with the proprietors enable us to bespeak lor them the entire eon- iidsnee of the public. W e know that their teas, both in quality and price are all that is stated of them. Many a lover of the fra-, grant herb has hee'n compelled to eschew drinkin'g o f tea in consequence of its injuria ous eft’ects Until at Icnglb he has become which had not such an eftect. In this, liew^' without purchasing ahy medicine, i ever such persons will be agreeably disappoic- gtrument, or other artitle from the autlu ever such persons will be agreeably disappoic- ted ; the PeUm Company have oommeneed the importat-ioh of choice varieties of garden teas of most delicious flaq.ir, cultivated and picked with great c ire, wliicli have lierclo- fore never been introduced into this country,; except as presents to importers. Among these they have an Olong,. mild as zepliyr, and fragrant as a rcse, wliicli we spectally immend to all nervous persons. Its effeci who have tried it, bds drank such ten. But all tastes can here be suited; with the great advantage over otlieis ot getting a pure article at wlioiebaie price however small tlie quaii ify T ea .—Tiie Pekin Tea Uainpanv, No 75 and 77 Fultoti street, utiquestignably sell tJie •’ ’ “ 'l a s imported into this market.-- -he best teas imported into tliu market ...... Phat they sell them cheaper tlian any, other iBtablishment, Is a; fact provediii athons.qnd nslaiices since the liave opened their store. :o u X ; . : . R i u : d : “ i f n X t o T : : ^ ; i n k ^ and therefroin learn a little useful informati on the Bulject. The pamphlet is given grn., tis[— Joufr.al Of Commerce We drink Green Tea-and for many years havebeen paying tiie dollar per po.und, for, it. But thiinks to tire Pekin Tea O.empany, we, how get a better Tea from thqm at 75 cents per pound. We drink one lb, p.< r on the continent—where a M assivi , M edal wasiast year presented to of his suf a Jife o f euffering* or an early death? The answer to these serious questions E A R L Y M A K K I A O - E a tiy marriages are strongly refommend- id by all philosophers and and happiness ; and wi h the power ot eg- ulating the procreative functions, made known in this work, may be freely entered into w lihout fear ol'mrurring responsibili • E A R T H Over population of the eartli need be no \ \ longer apprdionded. The calculation or, •''.'T Mallhus, and the wild tears of Robert Dale; eith Owen, are alike rendered baseless by the ;i (i«covery here communicated to the world.' { III its title indicates, a scientific pub- vcation, containing inlormation o f great alue to married oeople, or Uiose conlem- which all can understand,with nounneces- sar-y words put in merely to swell the num- ber'of its pages. The whole story is told, and the means of accomplishing the objects o f the work fully and faitlifully given, eo 'that the reader may a vaU himself of it a t strument, or oth er artitle from the The means of protection w h ich it leconi mends, may also be relied upon, withou th is woik, andthe nature of the discoyeiy. Dr. R. M. iVeisselhofi’-D e a r S ir: I should liave no question w hatever that the mean recommended in your work on Guild Birtli, without accomplishing the objects intend­ ed, pnsidered.in reference to physiological principles aione; but I have also the Imp- piness to know that i t has w ithstood the! test of practical e.\-periment. Y o u rs,truly. k ' SH ' S H s . liselhoffi-Sir: The mora incis cannot be que.stioned, I think the No. 8, Stanley Park, JNew York. be successfully treated through tho Post office, by Copiesof this work will he sent in o close era.! addressing-Da, OpoilB, (post paid,) enolosiug a dope, atsingle letter postage,toanijpart of the reaspii.able fee,, stating case, mode of living, or- Oetvtf nmtnnowtn a / t 1 . B _ - __ a •_ ___ vclopCi a t single letter postage,to a ny part Phe pcll“df the election will bo open - c k , A „ M . , A „ f f c i ^ ^ o e k , M , D. E. W ILLIAMS, Feb; 1,1849.] Commissioners. NEW liLmBLE WORKS. SPRING AND SUM;\IRR MEWqiNES ? ' p l s s H l i g ® %’Sf 7 ET 5 ': CONTINUES TO BE CONSULTED a a CONFIDENTIALLY HO 3, NORTON. STREET, ALBANY. N.V “ Heaven bestows but with’k sparing hand Ulustrious men to save a favored land.” urope, has theh' nor of s ig his return to Head Quatters. During his tr; was last year presented to him, expressive aperior skill and judgment and. of scientific ■ \1AG T ICE OF MEDI- ted by the igliout the United ) luifortunute and 111 recently disappointed at not nsulliition, are now re- continucntinue having had his personaIcpnsi spectfully informed that they can co to re­ ceive that consistent mode of treatment tvbich has secured Dr. Cooke an universal reputation for ce­ lebrity few physicians can enjoy. The most inveterate complaints—where all o- Iherremedies have foiled, yield to his mode o treatment-whether syphilis, strictures, gleet, nainal weaknessj graveI„impotency, affection the urinary organs in both sexes, or any c veiieral maladies-in curing which Dr. Cooke i niyersaliy successful. Strangers and travellers om all parts of the wprid-matiy from the ( ‘oiiti- \iit of Europe-consult him in difficult cases, and icrc is no part of the United States where per­ sons do not reside whom he has cured, and the Medical and Surgical Journalists reccommeud! that “ as it is always important to obtain the ser­ vices of an experienced and skilful Physician the unfortunate yhould call oii tlie celebrated Dr. Cooke, of Albany, N. Y- i ’ All Professors of the Art liciiie, made in pronouncing t of Dr. C ooke , of Albany, N. ^^j'MANyrACJiOIIYjTji- » - B . 'T O >r N S'E '|V'p»8' OOilPOOND itXTKAO- ' A R S i i . p A R ^ I t s t , A . '■ The most extraordinary Medicine in the World;! l i i s i i A.I. r o n o w / V : S ^ Z ac.lrit, to tliQ limbs, and' stront'th to Uie muscular system ll • most oxtraordhiary degree. ApilliiiH i Ii i; Dr. Townsotid-Dpnr sfr ^lllavo *silfTorl7%V^ f t nine y<‘Rrs witli tiir RliDumatisin ; coiiAiilorabte of the timR >' I could not cat, slopp nr walk. I bad the most distrfl»|inc 5, pains, uml my bmb^ were ici rildy Hwolltjn. I bnve uaod , four bottles of yniir Snrsapurinti, and ibey bjivo done inejnorp i; Chan a tbousnnd dollars wortiM.fgnoil, I nm.so much better—r indeed I umPiitiiTly i Miovpd^ Vou arc nt liberty to use this for the benefit of iljnnmicjed.^^^^^^^ J.tMF.S njMMtNOS. W / Its of Dr. C ooke , c liip peculiar mode of troalment in all cases of ephilis—first in order, for all eomplai 'ered ■ atete ofthe Woodood :tuT by a disord sta of the W or any de- iigenicnt of the funrtions of tlie Generative Or- tnS. During the many visits of this EminciU HHs respect a t least, is here^established.— he has been sought by medical men of rank and he lias been sought by medical men of rank i influence, who have on all oooa.slons availed tbi selves of his enlightened nurodnclories in behalf of their own private practice as well as for tho aid of ;the Faculty, and other officers presiding over Gen­ eral Hospitals in Europe, wlio now advocate no other remedies than those suggested through his daily promenades, for the benelit of the public at large.—London Lancet. Dll. C ooke having devote fifty years to the study and treatment of the above disorders, ha.s liad opportunities wbioh occur to few, of seeing tlio Hospitals in France and Englaitd, iga and symptom of these direfulmaladif appalling forms; ---------- * •*boidyt •• most appalling f and i is able iitforenco, as he is known to be the only pity - .siciaum inn thiscouiitryuntry wlioio canan permanenllyrmanenlly i this.co wl c pe cure xual Diseases,” and all cases of “ Constitutional lility,” to consider him the safest per-on to whom the unfortunate can apply for releif. Nor is it difficult to bo undei stood how he should have great success and reputation, for the tvhole t lies in this: these are the only diseases he iltended to ail his life time; his wholu studies have been directed to thorn; and his practice is so large that there is no varieties, of them he has not seen. Besides which Dr. Cooke has had a regu­ la r medical education, aiid has studied in, tlie mo.st liberal seats of leaniiiig in dilTerent parts of Eur­ ope. Tho e who prefer tfi consult him by letter, will’describe their symplnnis, iln; length of time, they have been ufflicicd, tlieir liabits, age, and whether single or .married, and also if smgle, whe­ ther they coateniplate the marriage state. “With a sense of honor, fastidiou.s to a nicety,- nod mind. D b .O ooke of Albany, N. Y., does more to assuage the mortality of syphilis and scrofula than all the medical science of the wotld. Hi's remedies are •the dnly hbpU atid the stay of the unfortunate aiid doubtless, they are fast becoming their only i ance as a perfect cure.” Patients in the remotest parts ofthg tfnion, pan ! successfully treated through the Post office, by ■dressing Dii, C ooke , (post paid,) enclosing a b>' irro^iilariiy, illimss or acriileiit. ’ Notiithg can be mori once become robust and full of energy under Its influnc*. It immediately counieracta the tiervelessneie nf the fe'ouile fraiie, which is tho great cause of Barrenness^ -it .will ,e oxpecto,! or as i„ c«e, ^ u r j , ^ 'TiiiWos have beTwuhoit g to nialher* nnat ;DliitAv«lfi. M % 3 ^ ■fi 1,“^ ! I t sqnan ‘E Boiitina £ 1 prompt! m i S T *. R A l I

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