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LANSINGBURGH DEMOCRAT. m = s i ; ? = E K isi S f s i W f s S e ' S 11 ■ i 1 E S m is . K a s H VOLUME XI. E D I T O ^ A N b 'p R ^ R f E T O .1 D E V O T E D T O P O L I T I C S L I T E R A T U R E , A G R I C l i L T U R E , A N D T H g ] V S W S O F T H E D A Y . L A N S I N G B U B G H N . Y . , F £ B 1, 1 8 4 9 . rS - T - i i r i ' ’ ■ ■■ J r w o D ^ P i v ; THE LANSINGBURGH DEMOCRAT IS PUBLISHED EVElly THURSDAY, A t Latmngburgh, yMenaseliter Go.,.New-Yof.i '\ : cents a yearivill be eadd ______ ^ ayed beyond due year, or adveHisoment will be discontii ®f Ihe pabli I ^ y l b l e i ^ f T e ^ 03* Fifty cents a year will b added when pay-' ment is delayed beyond due year. No, paper or adveirtiseinent will be discontiuited Htil arrearages are pai4 up, unless at the « i ‘.ion f the publisher. 'i, Newark, K J.jVIay 1st, 1848. , 1. This Company has issued siiice April 25th 1845, tb this date, (three years,) 5,527 Policies Policies cancelled and expired. * square 1 week, ,$0 50,1 square 6 months,500 1 square s weeks, 1 00 I square 1 year, 8H 1 square 4 weeks, 1 2.5ilr4 column 6 mb. 700 1 square,5 weeks, 1 50!l-4 column 1 year, 32 OO' 1 square 0 weeks, 1 M l-2 column G,mo 12 00 1 square 2 rimiitlis, 2'00(1-2 colunm l year, 20 00; 1 square 3 miiiitlis, 3 00(3-4 column 1 year, 25 OOj 1 square 4 moutlis, 4 OOil column 1 year, 30 Ofls Advertisements, not otherwise ordered, will be aontinued (at the option of the editor) till forbid, and charged for accordingly. Legal advertisement's Wilt be charged the ;price afB.ted by statue. Ijy Lettcis must be post paid. T e r i n s o f iL d v c v tising. Sixteen lines onless make a syuar Coruer of State and Richard Streets, over Fake & Backman’s Store. Business Directory, '\.’\■\\\S Cards inserted in this ' ' ^■300 per annum. jr i| IlITNrTilR B R O T H E R , Marble Manufactory, a5>y STA T E STR E E T , , DEU.ER8 114 ffllonMmcijttfh Toml^iitoneti, A c . iptions of .insurnble, properly, agtfinst loss and damage by fire =on • the nopst reasonable terms. Ajl'plication for insurance maybe made t< the subscriber, at hisdlBce, No. 33 \\ ' Troy, October, 1847. ____________187 John street, Laiisingburgh. A. B. CORBIN,' Baker, FAKE A: BACKMABTy Healers in Wines and Liquors Nb 283 State'street. ‘ ‘3\ar*?-'S 3 le principal : H A W E D S ,T r p y , COLE & CORY, Laiisingburgh ■ Pre ■ N T E W BIVHEANTD Health lusnrance Company, Policies issued by ' I. RANSOM, Agent. BUFFALO ROBES. and Hpavy Superior T an largo 'Whole Robes. Persons who want good or chenp Robes are invited to examine mine ibefote looking in any “oct. SO*'*' C. H ITC HGOCK, 25G State st. C L I J N T O N H O T E L . ^ r ^ S r o f U - a f d l f o K S B J ^ o d Shed and Stabling. _______ . ISAAC B.AIYSOini, Attorney and Counsellor, FAICE',S Bi;iLDfV(i.S. a o o o P A I I l s 'A n h f d ^ ^ ^ l m and Idetal- c shoe's atid t tveraliees for sale at the UNION BOOT AND SHOE STORE, 2 9 8 S t a t e St. L a u h iiigburgb. The Subscriber lias just received a large and com­ plete assortment of Ladies, Children and Gentlemen's liUM B E lt SH O E S , of all kinds, directI'rorntlie manufacturers, which he oiler's for sale al SMALL PROFITS. J.UEARMAN W ILLETT. T.aiw,i\\b'Trbli Nov. 2il, IKIS. J o a i A M . a i E ( , f U » T R E £ T $ manbeacturkr op kept oonstailtlyou hand ; also Ladies Fancy Boxes made to order, at short notice, of the best materials. Orders from abroad recoivod by mail will be! p r ^ ^ e n d a d t p . , c o o T ' - K I L O O R O I L . C L O T H S . - Constant. J r ly on liund, Oil cloths for Stoves, Ilallsaud Floors, at -’5G Stale st. r . HITCHCOCK. *Maiision Eall Boarding School. ter term commenced pa Monday, the 7th of Sep- Applicntiona should be made to the Principal. , 1847. S O T I ^ IS H E B E B F HfVEW f U^HAT the Direetprsof the Lansingburgh I . Plank Road Company have designated the Office of Fllloy & Lausiiig, No, 311 State street. T i u . J U sate and retail Dealers ui Imported, and Manufacturers of all kinds of Segars,. No. 19 Congress street, Troy, N. Y ., between River and First streets. B A N P A L L F . F O L L E T T A Co. kinds of choice Family Grocer rieu, at the lowest mafketjpFices, nt No. 296,State S. O. BULL # llfE lt CAM B R IC HBBFS.doU hie border a n d very ipretty and cheap, at 230 Stiite s treet. Nov 3i). ' C . HITCHCOCK. s a l v e . 'Policies now in force, antnt of Premiumsremiums oun tbee ah Received for interest. Amou of P o th above $697>455 GI. Total, .718,735 04 Loraes and expenses paid amouiiting to 176,72146 Nett proceeds, ^542,010 58 The recipients of the amounts paid for losses are as follows, vit: Widows, .... 33 Husbands . - - 6 Children, . . 153 Creditors, . _ _ 7 The suiplus of the Company this day is L llVSljRAlIVCiE: C O B F C a p it a l $ 3 0 0 , 900 . 4 G O O O r a g CA l B P E T ful A a . wide, for sale-^also good quality o f caqiets. Cotton and Druggett, and Matting, at 256 State street C. HITCHCOCK. JF. P . IFILSONT, R e f r e s h m e n t S' 29 HUDSON STREET, Nov. .39.] ALBANY, N. Y. house a few nights since, is requested to cull for the key, as it is of no use lo the owner. it. 5 ] W , 3 LAMB. S Long and Square Shawls, Basket Plai Vegetahk Extractor, OR UNIVERSAL VEG E T A B L E PLASTER. T ^ R O M thb earnest entreaties of friends, the r constant increasing demands, and the unpar- allMed celebrity of this Salve, rnotwithstaiidihg; (the multiplicity of the high paper reconimeuda- ' tioiis of a variety of ointments now extant,), the subscriber has at last been induced to go more, ex-: ilen^vely into the mamifacture of this salve and will endeavor to supply the oiders sent, and public :gonerally. It is purely a Vegetable cht leal compound, and no poisonous iugrodienfs int porated in it. It is used as a salve, a strengthen-: iiig plaster, and as a, poultice, as the certificates. >(m the language of a celebrated physician) the medical world is chulenged to produce an article that will mote speedily rblievepain and fiimlly cure wounds of any kind. Bruises, Scalds, Infla-' mation of the Eyes, Throat or Tonsils, bUes of Leg, lameness of Joints, weakness or pain in the back, side, or stomach, obstructions of the liver,! cough arising from irritation of tliroat or lungs. Frost bitten limbs, croup, iiiflamation or agiie in thebre^t, palpitation of the heart and wounds.of, This'article is warranted to answer the recom- mondationsi if used according lo the directions ; if not, the money will be returned. It now stands unrivalled as an immediate pain extractor and a ling tlaine iv. D. nowaro ot comuerieits, as a spurious article is known to be extant called by the same name. None genuine except those having the written signature or fac similee on the envelope of — ^h box. Thehe colourolour off thee salVo,alVo, a rich o I t . T c o tli s Any order addressed to COONS & HOYT,, aiisiugburgh Post Office, will be promptly aii- For salo.at T. A. Ayres Eddy aud Sou, Stillwater. Nordott i es, aud R* UarrisouV ^Druggists, Waterford. in Street, New 'York, are the only wholesale Agents for the United States and the Canadas Were it never cast into scorcliinj To be purged oT impurity and Wore it never moltou ’mid burning brands. Or bruised and beaten by stalwart liands. It would never be known as a thing of worth ; It would never emerge to a noble biitii; It would never be formed into mystic rings, To fetter lovers erratic wings, It would iiovor sliiiie amid priceless gems, On the girth of imperial diadems; Nor become to the world a powerand pride, Cherished, adored aud deified. So, tlien, O man of a noble soul. Starting in View of a glorious goal, W^ert thou lievor exposed to the blasts, forlora— The storms of sorrow—the sleets of sconi; Wert thou never refined'in a piticss fire. From the dross of thy sloth and'meaii desire ; Wort thou never taught to feel and know Thnt the truest love hasits roots in woe ; Thou Wouldsfnevor unriddle the complex plan Or reach half way to the perfect m a n ; Thou wouldst never attaii' the tranquil height. Where wisdom purifies the sight. And God unfolds to the humble gaze The bliss and beauty of His ways. -—-U- Troy Femiile SeniiBary. .W JLS, Leautifid^pafte™ and c o t o i.ils InslUutiuu tiio school year consists of ors Alpaccas, MdeLaincs, Merinecs, \ K ' S = “ T H ^ o ' i K , « S , a . . . . . Blank B«»k, Fancy Stationery, Music and Periodical Slore, No. 2, Boardman’s Building, 2d Door north of the A T H. & W. B.'TRAZER, wou M respectfully 1VX> inform their friends and the public, that they have opened a Store for the sale of the a- ibove named articles, in caimectioii with their Book Binding Establishment, where all articles in the line, will be sold on as reasonable other ostablisi ment in the city. Capap andnd Letteretter Paperap< frotn the C a L P luble tenna as at any most celebrated Music Books— 11 unton’s—Large and small Pi­ ano Forte instructor- The N m S n and Soul Beauties of Caledonia, J ? T n m . m S i s e Forte instructor— Bertiiii’e method for louthom harp. on of two weeks. s charge for tuition and board, iucludihg all necessaries coimected with it, such as room rent, wasliing, fuel, light, &c $200 per amumi. An additional charge is made for music and the other ornamental branches of female education. Where a fixed sum is preferred, $300 per annum (one half payable a t the commencement of each 'term) will be received, and for it the pupil entitled to all the advantages Pupils may e are required tc Tills institution furniBlies all pc.s.-.iblc facilities for a tboroUgli course of useful and ornahieiltiil education. The priiicipuls are assisted by eigh­ teen professors and teachers. Extensive courses of lectures are annually de­ livered by professors, on Chemistry, Natural Phi­ losophy, Geology, Botany, Astroifomy, Couchol- ogy, and Elocution. The Institution is furnished with a valuable Li­ brary and extensive PliiloBophicul apparatus; a well selected cabinet of Minerals and shells, and M ^ s , Charts, Clohes and models. Every facility is afifarddd for the t! A large variety of vs Fancy Paper in every variety. Fancy Prints, Gold Pons, Gold Pencils, Silver Pencils. Note Paper, Envelopes, 'Yisiting Cards, Plain and Embossed Perforated Cards and Board, Pocket Books, Wallets, &.C. Any orders for Binding left a t the Store, or al the Bindery, will be promptly attended to. _____ ;r i r 'e -while he was in busiiif lid settle up to the 5th o f August 1848, lie bi be only one authorizedby mo to.oollcct thesa O c t 12, 1848. _______________________ zeiis of Lansingburgh and vicinity, that he et, has on hand, a groat variety o f paper haugings of. all the newest and latest styles, at No. 4, Eliza- >3 beth Street. Hesells these papers on commission ‘ and al factory prices Pleaso call and see. He is also prepared to execute all orders in H o u s e a n d S i g n P a i n t i n g , with vylijeh he may be favored. New-York Stocliiilg Factory. 104 BOWERY, Under Shirts, Drawers, Woolen Yarn, &c., would respectfully inform persons imacquainted' with Iheir estublishinentcthat thelargesi assort­ ment of the best styles of HOSIERY, to be found a t anyone place in N ^ ^ o r k . i s at Dealers desirous'of keeping heavy Wylcs that peculiarly adapted: for retailing, will always meet with such a t this placci at a small advance from the cost of importation. An examinath of the stock by all in want of Hosiery, either wholesale or retail, is respectfully solicited. OT Particular attention is .giVoii to the manufac­ ture of Ladies’ and Gouts! Merino, Woolen, Silk and Cotton Under Yestsi Pants and Stock- s r u S \ \ of the French language. Tlie French teachers reside in the family, and adapt their system of in­ struction to the use of the language in couversa- The pupils are received into the family of the principals, in which every arrangement is made . fo their physical education, and the improvement of their manners and morals. They occupy pri vate rooms two in each, the rooms of the fourteen female teachers arid that of an experienced nurse being among those of the youUg ladies. The advantages of this institution are the suit of the accumulated facilities of the thirty -i years of its onward progress. Circulars containing, more particular iuforma- Troy,N .Y . ■fhe terms for day schollars are $§.por quartei or tlie introductory class of English sludies.- Theseare Reading, Writing, spelling, Grammar, arithmetic, Rudiments ot Geography, Geography forbbginqers. ' For the second Class, $ 7 per quarter. This in­ cludes all the branche's compiisiiig the extensive course of English studies. Tnus-f EES. B enjaihin 'M- arsiiall , President. John D. Willard, Secretary. Stephmi ^ arr#n,, RobertD D.Silli Silliraani John Paine, George B. V tt . James W allac., John P. Ciifihraai), R ^ S K f f s ,assrsL ! x s ^ taken a room in the LANSING’S BUILD- days to t i e said purpose, from 10 o’clock, A. M. to 8 o ’clock, P. M. Persnni wishing lo avail themsElves of this opportunity for acquiring a good hand writing, in all its. branches, buth plain and ornamental, will find this course of Lessons pecu'iarly e lig­ ible, us every a ttention will be paid to facili­ tate thepupii in learning, tn d sitting.in. an. ®“^ “ T erm?madnnow^^^ applicatilm. Lansingburgh, Novi 16. F O E X E Y . FUilosopliyof Endiiraiico. BY CHARLES tIACICAY. Where the lonely acorn never bound ^ in thei rude cold grasp of the-rottiug grounid; Did the rigid frost never harden tip T h e mould above its-bursting cupy tlie rain or hail, 1 wintry gale, T p ^ r m 'a'bdwer whore in. starry nights. Young loVh'mighi dream tiukiiowii delights; Orstand In 'the woods among its peers. Fed by the dews of a thousand years. Were neyer the dull,,unseemly ore Dragg’d from the depths wliero it slept of yore. shade. I did so, and the cool wind|ii Xvhich sWept alo'ngthe Apot, set revive hiim, aSid Le contihaed : You, siiy ape. a Iptai stranger to Hie, id frotn ydue uniform, belong to a- and frotn your unifotm, belong nother cofpS~ an'd y et T riiusl c thisj tlje great ;se):rQ-t o f ij actions, ana the -'cd'u^e'i hero, to you. Would to reflected upon the fatal steps I had ta­ ken, and i should aoiv have been at home, enjoying (lie society of kind friends, instead of dying upon tlie go­ ry field, in a foreign land. My fath­ er was a wealthy naan in the tpwn of G— - ------ ch in the state ofYitginia, and moved in the best society of the place. lihad icceitred a n excellent ed­ ucation, had studied law, and; was nitted in the ately the feieling lyas, reciprocal, and we were engaged , tp be married.— The war with Mexico had been in ex­ istence some twelve months; and ma­ ny were flocking to the standard of their country. It so happened that at this time a recruiting oflSce had been openea in town, and several of my young friends had enlisted to go and try their fortunes upon the plains of Mexico. One night there was a grand p aity in the place, in honor of those who were about to depart for the seat of war, and both myself and Eveline were at the ball. Among those who were assembled that \•— was Agustus R a talented y Whene’er you marry, to her son A prmleiu mother said, ' . Uioose for your loving helpmate, one ilieli widp.vv or old maid ; Fprany wife may turn out ill But, Dick, the money uevor will. MISCELLANY. The Dyings Tolunteer. A ll I n c i d e n t Gf M n len o l>cl R c y . The sun had risen in all his glori­ ous majesty, and living above the eas­ tern hofizbh like a ball of glowing fire. Its bright rays lanced merrily a- long the Lake of Teseuco, over the gliltei ing walls of the city of Mexico; past the dark Jrowning battlements of Chapullepec castle, and lit, with all their glorions eifulgence upon the blood stained field ot Molena del Rey. The contest was over, the sound ol battle had died avv.ay, save (he occi sional shot from the distant arlillei oflh - - - lie castl;, riflemen. or the fire of some sti S 5 standing beside the battered footin' lie well contes er the plain, i i was ______ ^ ______ _ ______ remains of the mill door, above which the first footing had been gained lipon the well contested wall, aud gazing o ver the plain, now saturated with thi blood of my fellow soldiers, which lorning had waved green with i,vvheii I heard a low and ............................. . thatinoi flowing,ig,glass, when I heard feeble wail in the ditcli beside !side me, turned towards the spot, aud beheld, with his right leg shattered by a can­ non ball, a voltagieur lying amid the mangled dead. He had been passed by in the haste of gathering up the wounded, under the fire from the cas- tk, and the rays from the burning sun beat down with terrible fervor u- pon h is wounded limb, causing heavy groans to issue from his pallid lip,ahd his inarble cotliKenance to writhe with pain, ' ■ Wai Water; for God’s sake, a water, he faintly articulated, down beside him. in a t e l y l ' drink of as I bent Imtuinately l had proC^ired a caA water, and placing it to his ips, he took a long deep draugh t, and hell shilk back exhausted upon the pound. The suri'ii'e lAurmured; it is killing lie by its rays; cannot you caiTy nie nto the shade? 1 can procure assistance, and haVe you taken to the hospit al. No, do it not, my sands of life are almost out. An hour hence I shall le ii be a dead shade of man. Carry me into the he mill, and then, if you have time to spare, listen to my dy­ ing words,ords, andnd ift youou arei foruii w a i y a ugh ever to return to the States, bear me back iny home, and to ano(h and motioned me to carry li ruinate United to nd lively in his juanners, free and beei'ful in his disposition, and a yni- ersal favorite -with the fait sex,^ He versal favorit had been for some time paying lim ad­ dress to Bvehae, a s 1 deemed in ra­ ther too pointed a maimer. As the party assembled in the long Yiall, and the dance was about to commence, 1 asked her for her hand for the first It is engaged, slie replied, 1 thought rather tartly To whom, i f l m a y be bold as to ei quire? I demanded. To Augustus P.j was the inimedi- gave me. Perhaps 1 can engage it for the cond set, 1 calmly asked. Mr. P., Iras engaged it for the whole ----- L ----- ,.r-ui.. — and ri- Here, he continued, is a ring, U ik id ' ’ one from his finger, and presomiog' tit;- il tq me, which was given to me- by, Eveline as a bond of our inarfia'ge contract. I have worn it^ever^ sinb^ and as 1 gaily told her then,vit ' elbaJl leave me but with my defitb, take it to her when ydu get back,' and # - she be unm.'irried, give i t to herj aftd - tisH her he who sent it neyer forgot Iier-*for a moment, even in his dying ’ h o a f ' and is lying beneath thp <?lods o f A’for, eign soil. This bible give bafck \to my father, and tell hitn.I Have Au^- led its precepts; to mV mothsf and sisters say that I sent them a sdn'Bdy. ing love,> my brothers beivare df hlL “ H ^ iStered In h h »peecb)),jiq .leep hi. Ust sloop, uptil ibaM ay, when an shall be summoried tp . final account. ' .\ ' ^ . One year rolled on, and how.check ered by passing events- Clmppltppefi had fallen, the city of Mexico was ta­ ken, and peace, thrice glorious peace:, had vavetL her pinions over the land of war. The volunteers were joyful­ ly hastening home, and among tko - rest, 1 once more trod tmy native lancl;/ a freeman again in heart and i L spell of sicfciiei everal w wearied arid ii iTiy physicians reccoineuded a cbaiige- of air. I travelled into Virginia, and-' one evening entered the towA'^’ o f q evening, she pettishly replied, a sing and taking Iiis hand they their station upon the floor. I remained thundersU-uck,and ed to the spot until 1 saw the ej ,1 fixed Upon me, and th swept by the dan­ cers, Eveline paijsed when just beside me, and bending close to her ear, 1 whispered, Eveline, farewell for even She turned slightly pale, and then answered. When. To night, I join the arm y for Mex­ ico, I firmly replied. A deep flush pased haughtily, a- OSS her brow, and then, waving her dance. I rushed from the spot, and neve paused till I had entered the recruit­ ing oflice, and offered myself a candi­ date for the army. Are you a. good, moral man, of well regulated hamts, asked the sergeant. 1 can give a hundred certificate's, iJ necessary, I hastily replied. leave? Now, tP night-T^to morrow, any time, 1 eagerly answered. Promptness i s a good quality,, and you’li inake a ffine soldier. Get rea­ dy to Sturt a t eight tfclocfc in the mor­ ning for Newport, Kentucky. 1 will be ready, and rushing from the room I hastened home, packed up things, and threw niy&eif down u- 1 'rather think you’ll do, said the ofi with a sinilc, and he enrolled me soldier. When do you wish to tags, and tlirew niyst the bed *o sleep. But it was imj possible. Heavy -thoughts were crow­ ding through mymiud -with lightning speed, and I resolved to depajt the speed, an d I resolved to depart the next day without bidding a'single soul farewell, iknow you will deem It strange for line to burry off without bidding adieu to father or inother, sis ter or brother, b u t Jfeeliiig the deep re spect which 1 held for itiy father’s-ad­ vice, should prevail, and I should be induced (o icinain at home, I made the resolve and carried it out. TPhe, next morniiig I was a t the oflice by! o’clock, was furnished with aj tl regiinentals, and departed for: di railroad depot, to start for Wheel­ ing. As I hurried along the street, who sliould turn the corner but Eve'- Ltid we met for the Is a i l y S id ^ \ \ . Goodbye, and good luck ai-^ md you, andg glidedjawayi , . tend you; a k l i d e ^ v ^ y . . . A new fuel was added tp-my depire to hasten from such scenes,and laoon left the town for the Ohio. I wiRmot. ling entered ;h, I enquired for the family • of my friend, and was directed- to a ‘ large, fine looking building oh ' Ihe* principal street. 1 advancedandVi the bell, and anxiously w’aited'* for .nswer. At length tne' door“opei ind an old, grey headed m an' st roe, the lines of his ifurrbwkd larked by care, and hiO wholo- ranee betokened one w’hd hiid a t h j ? ’ for All- o p e n e d , h e a d e d irta h stp o d u r r b w k d } whdlo ’ a p p e a r a n c e b e to k e n e d o n e w h o h a d a se c r e t g r e i f a t h e a r t , » - M r . — -------- , I p r e s u m e , sa id I bciw - e ear, said I hastily; f iwards me, and taking irted to lei have something of impprta r, said I hastily He tur'ned towards me, and takin g cket I held i t u p your privi f e turned tho bible from my pocket I held i t u p to view. Quicker than thought th e , father sprang forward, caught the book in h is hand, and .murmured, as the tears fell slowly over his aged cheeks. jr son, iny son, you bring roe news of him. I do, but it is very bad, L answered, my voice trembling as 1 spoke, aiid I* related to him the scene Upon the bat- isinghis eyes towards the ceiling, ’ exeiaiined in deep and ferVetil tones,’ God’s will be done. ■ of blood were foiling ii-om iljkoirum !- ning over, the floor. She had burst the bloodydy soil, '—ies soil, uud she l ip ,the yard grave of the ;to>vn of -ch, With the simple > word E veline upon, her tomhsioofi< Reaca it with the deadi. : • . . May I be married, mama?’^ said*.a, iielte of sixteen to her motljcrij-^ tried!’ repeated the astonished s tonish^ « M a ’_ bruheli . .. ‘Married!’ repeated the a ther, “ for what reason?”; li'Wthy/imia,;* the children have never seenua'iwfol, birik a niaiifogiBPmigbtflpleaih 'sP

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