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Lansingburgh gazette. (Lansingburgh [N.Y.]) 1798-1826, April 05, 1825, Image 1

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USic.· 1rtht>t'il Ctollrction of 1 d n Jlpr_ovml work : Rridg~w:::,tt>r Callec- iifiori: ~ SQ.Jith and Little'!! . . rss, ·l!t the La'nsing• I-,-LS25.· .)rDIClNE '1-;~Tl in}Jt irnJS. IJE,i/SO;i'l/'il COITGlE f.'fi>OWIHUt-8, h;tve 1 i111rs of ~he hr:t'..s\ :.11d- it<l~\s tl unuet<\ssnt'}· •o to lh~ ·ptthhr, as no n~ unronw•m1 v, t·lues l. 'llY t•eathnv; 1 !lr rt·t•t di. ven -by tho~~ ot' •!w fit·st Item_ in l':t.~e• qi' _lnlllf re tl•r.ir ,fih,, ~ir i .. 1t~ h:<tl :V e QfPll.('.l)·I;~~-1\'~4-TH~ :'l•e f:,rt th:11:: hr• ha,·e u th~ ilemn.nil t !.<\ pi·~~-­ ei• t lu.n ·~t an} -lot~IIHll'. intl.rtl' r.,VUI'. Tllll\1· I J)'-Jl<'~ kr 1 Jig tOJJg}ls soun trl'lll•n:t·te,l in a- .t:,J. Sc~<rfelr n: fj•5oe of- 1.-!li:_•Jb y of h!'el,tLuug, ,, or t-:-Vt'n ronsull1pt :nns, Is•• <>f th•s h~:rliug ht~l• , .... tf,cin~ r.ontuin~ ... buut 'be a dte:•p: metllcme; hnn. n yenr prev:ous l,o illesome \\\ ;.l..t•n.t•g <> t .. r,nt··cll·ev~n to ''•·lk ~e·B\~atmg ;<lHl' ,.fter I \\' a;ne•l '' vinlof .-In· ~of wl\tch 1 smmfuund ;~~-~(\ ~J!:~t1_CO!I1\t~!.l~~~ahY _ Jejieye t\lltt .the liSP of 1\l'e, as I hitd but -1 itt le. -1 <'!IOifltt•Jl('P<l· t;ok,ng ly the best mcd,cine in JI.LJSII o\ l>A.YlS' hi' public, \the foi!QW• ,s;d:- :oon :tb IE> tn 1lcl n mrn<l th:s -med•o·n~ to I UJ)\l0:\T Pastor of , 111 Ash-li!rd, (r;m\tt.) ~ ':\IF..S MEU;RN, ]'fo. ~· ,., s. P·AnKt:n, 'l~•o.!J r 1 ,. lmw .· R1• BA R'N A uo' &:\; :: ,,,;nsill.rfhrl~'f!.h; uf tlie~ \ 'f!RACY ~ JH..)SS. . . PRI~TEE> 0~ ·- --+- ·- ------ ·-- ·---~- .. [Vo1ume XXV\II.] TlfllSDllY; A:P~Il, :$p l:B2S. Miss :E·LIZ_A. FLACK, t • \ - . Th lfi€ltd Laces & Edgings, &c~ · Opposi'te t!Je 1'ROY llQT;JSE, ·A·· N ~lPg:mt assm:tment (lf English-Thread LA· I J AS relurnPd'frotJ:i Ne~11-York, with the nrw- •. (; ES and EDGII'\.GS, splendid .patterns:- - -·-·-- , .:-..1. est FALL FASIIJO;\JS, and a general as- B.EGS leave to i!lform his Friends an'' the I'ub- Also,..GO()l~<>. COT':['ON BA']'S: Jusf recei'ved, 1-~n••·~\'''\t of the most fashionable Articlt·s in her lie, that he lias juot rc·turnc>J frvrnl\'ew-Ym·k, and fvr sa]e by itCltAOZ. 3'AZi!ISa ).ine of Btl~inrss ;_,CoJ;Sii$ling of- with ff~l dt>gant asso,:t ment uf F.~ ~t·v al-id .S'i'Al'pE . Also, for\ Sale, i;ls tihol'l~, · .Lcgl10ms, .. Plushes, . DRY GOODS, · An elL·gant one~h()t:se .Sleigh&. '\Vaggon. Ribbons_,~· Crape~, \~1 1 ich hr oflers fur sal.: iu tlw corrrcr Store, four _. 'I'ltey art> h(Jth new, and will be sold low. ' Silks, · Crimps, doors sq'uth of 1\I r • • loim Albro's storf' 1 and dil·eet- J.rrmir.Jq~w·g!J, Fe6mrmy S, lSQ.j, _ .. _ ·78 Snttins BnttOJis; ly \l)posite the mar Let pl.!Cf!. ~~'1t:tt.W~4- 'to rte\nnu· ~<\il\tu~. ~ Veivct~ &c &c &c Thosc> }':ho nrP pi·•asl'u to lumor J,;,.:.J ~jth a eMil, ~..:;. l,•.o, ... A>•l-lt- iJJatt\~ · f h~ · ..,e..,..~ . .. ' ~ h.\ I .li .1 will fitlll (lo'ldi a> !tnv flll' ( ':tsh as in any oth_m· c-_· ,i>c[{ f),'l PA ,tLroo' lle·]l IJ:ood' ..... In gTll.titude f()r pas~ li\Vors, s I' •!,'~' s otiiH to . 1 _ . , h ' _,,- \ H (~ 1r , fl IL• .1 ex.~rt,lfrr·utnlost end<.'avo,rs to 1n.erit the patronage .. sto!~.:,·.c: 1 ,n 1 _ 1 ,.c·,.a 1 11 4 stli 1 l~tJ,!. 1 .r.;; ·· .._ E r.. p • f'l\l\f \-'E I · · .! -'·' • \ o\ _ __ __ 7f) . 1 .• !~; __ fi_'l,, ,-,.; ,.- •. :.. Jll!; .JU~t l'PCC)VCII a sup~ of thr> -pub-lit .. ·· · • ··: · · · · ' ~ -~~-'-- .4 f'l,;~ of bkmdtl'd and .unbleach('d COTTON . N;:J.J.-M4.,1\fTUA1\4.'}K1NG canied .. on·at the .D·l\U. -~S, 1\'JC. di\ ~l'li CS.. ·I SlHA1'J~(i::->, manul}u:tnretl by tlw ·Colwrs rom· same place. ·{t? T.wo or three Apprentices want- ....., .lY. b 7 pan,y, which, as theJr ;:r:•·nt, 1Jc will dispose oi on ed: - Noveri!ber 8, 1'824. . ... 65 D. y~~Stuj_(s_, _:eaints,_ Oil, &c.' tb'e mort libC'rnl tmns •. Tht11' CI,>ths arc uniVtll'- i!!IITO- ·oncE · · s'l.lly all <nntl to be of SUJ,l.Cl'ior ~pt<!lity, and J\lr·reh- a . \\· .. Elias' ..ll. Pn nne1 €C, ~:~e~n~~i~:t'IH.l on l>.eingt-upplicd at ~IC most rc- Brush Manufactory. your Hog:s Briitl-tw, and Jlorsr: fS Catt1£>'s Hrtir. Subscribrr will p:).y fot· Ifx;'s Ri-i:;tlc.~. clean combed, from 1.i tu G,! cen:b, and for ~ J=TAS jtist receiv'cira'hil'ltc acT- - tr'.}\\ 11~ hns :~!~o an assoi·tmrnt o~BIW.\1>­ . 1 clition to his lorm<>r assortment of. CLOTH 'CAS!'l.\TERI·:~, nnc.l ~-\ TI:\iETT~, the above Articles, which-'ll£! offers ior which\o;;iJI Le. ~>&lJ v.-t·y j.,w, 'vhvle:.alc: ur l'>tui!, sale on the most accommodating tPrms. !.nwi• 2 .~bwg!,, Jew~. 2:1, ~s,;.t, -15 Ore;tt pains l~vc !Jc>Oll ta.I,BB- to- proeure every ar· tid(' uf the first qwdity. '; Countty 1\'h·rchants, Clothit-rs or Plorskians, who are ·desirous of bavi~g the-ir GQods fon~ar<le-d on the canal, cnn hrm:o tlwm tr;ujsported to uny boat lying wit l1in thl'r<' miles of this plru:e, free of ~xpcncn. . f,n_•lsiur;bu•£:14 .,/11ag IS, '1824. 40 NE'V RRE\VERY. T IH~ St!V!>t:.t:i;;er rcgpt>rtfully in- liJt'•ns tlw· p11hlit·, that he has com:erteu the Dis.tilll'n· lat(-h· \ccu- . pictll'Jy .fOH::-1 lJUFFY,.iiltO il~ Jl,·el{l, ery,a11d fl<t.ttPr, himsdfthat his StrOll[{ HEEl! will lle of_the Fery Ot!St· quality; -mul he :wllcit:;a ~hart> s·ale'of. La:rl.ds·t·r.-...,11' ...... :-~• -of the- pl!.lbtic ·patronage. · . . - John Tl'PlJing. State of Neio-Yorl~...:..c~~;OI Chauncey Ives and Riley S1veet, · . ~ . ~ . . A-lbl111.y, ~j,/o-'J~\'*'\\\' ,- umlt>l' the firm of . fJ:::r' Cash jmicl.for Earley f.:] flops. pvnuc NOTI.t::.E is lterel)Y-fttY£mtj IVES & s_ \rVE E T, ldur.sill$ 0 '\''!r'\ .. ?f'\'l 2, 1\~'?. r7 . sale of-lands for· arrears· - · · .has hel'n11err'tofore li,dvertised:7 W ILlJ rontinue the mamlfhrtu~ d. GtJN- Ins l)('C'tion of PrOVt~ions. time. to ti)n!' by the LegiSIMur-e, POWDI-:R, at their Mills at.::Jimrly-llill; . ·c~l. , ,.,, T l . Tue~;day tlle sd. day of MrP!JtlriCt, v.·ht-•i'e thl'.r \~·m lmvr it constantly br sale, of ~ ' nadn\t..( .1J .Ll C~t, ·' tlte fot:gnoorr, at the capi-tol,- IE t-b -4ll1W-4Jt+.l SUJlerr~}r qnalif.v, in ctt:,.ks and <'ilni,.t<r;'; ~ and al~o J3 AS· f>_penNl an offirt>·ffn· ingprrti'1t~ BEEF and_conti1iue froiu (lay ~() j:lay\.· at th,t Store ()f Chauncey In·c;, .J. & l'ORK, at his :-'ton•, north cncl of the Yil· .sold so much of each Gmnt, l'~ltetlk .. olri nnrth t'IHl nf t hr villa~~.-\ nf Lansiu,.!f/nu;:;l·, wh~IT la;:~o· c· f Lanv::n;; burt-; .t lie J,ct.., <lbu a Stun: on the lots in eacl.l Patent, subject ~o ~t:t)t;,:H,•ent•·~-i <ll'dt·l',. t'flll j; .. !· ft Ollll ~npplil'd in anr quantit_y.. h,tnl, ( •ft ht· ri' l'f, fJL' Parkin,!!, which Im~ C\'t'f_Hun· be n<;ce'!,sary to fl.!JY. all tirrea,rs of ,\ol.tJl[••n:t J n nllf.r't~ • t 1 • 'ir- ~owr!Pr to >ht' Pttl>lir, t ht·:r ::s· n ni•·tH'c 1;; rr !J~ rli<patrh uf htf.;it•• ~-, aud-e\ fH'I ~en- thereon at dre time •CJt.sale, to~;dbcr sc·. ·~ tlttl<.t> \vito 1\'hfi (tl ]'UI'Clt.!M', tbt Jlt.Cir jll iCelo .l:td II . .\.l {It (:o 1!1~ Wud\, cbat•ges Of·notice UJil!)'sml:!';'--,-= - :_, ~., \; tl c.\''tinuP aq lnw as any in the F'r1iteu Stat•·s, JI.• a.::~u.·,·..; thr !\lrrrlt~1nN and Lnm•'r~, who ThP conrtltions of sale wilt be-:: t:ltattiie· an.! that in qur~lity nmw h ~npl'rior t'J it. n~;ty t••i<rtl<l f:tl'ol',him wi•h th.·ir bn.,iuc~o;,thatcv· ~ers pay_ the purchase monies .'within ~·\\silufl'\':l[l! Juue ·1, 1824. 42 e1·y thing in ilis poin:r ::.hall be d•me tu give >ati~fac- huurs aftpr the sale; upon tlie ...... - .. ,.v'\\ tion. ...... tliPv will receive c~rtificates of',.t1_t-Jl..-'r·\'\'\\''ti' E. J1i. P01llERO r's 1\lr.T A u.Jc Sn~ :' P and P'AsTE, · Por Ra~rJrs, Surgeons' In~lrumt11ls, t8·c. . lltg-ltly recomm!i'llcled, :Ulll trniversally ltpprow:.l uy all . thos\ who hnve used thrm, Jmt I'PCfir•ed a11rl (or au/P by 1'R.9CY & lllJSS, at tl.~ L;msill.t'f~'2';rri• Rorik-stm·e. • The Hen sse la<:r & Saratoga. lm;u- ra,nn· ( :(lrnpany,. in Troy, C O:'\TL\rE t< .. iJJ.SUl'e againsl.Loss ur Daiuage by Fi rr, Dwcllillg<-llouses·, ~tui·<·~ 1 .l\lannfac- tnries mul ;\liil~, with thPTr 1\larhincry and Stock: \ ]o;o, rvny d<>,<'ription of JII'DOJml pnJperty. P.ar· t i.-, in-.ur<'d m~y l'<'P'l\r the full<'st col)fidencc in the \'li• lity of the capital (If the Company 1 and that any h;sf'~ or dama;;c will be settled wit!Jpminptitude :tll 1 l liiwralit \'. 1 •Pi·h,.;;!;il!,.s\· .ml1\£•tthe•· t.;,I!'24. g. J:h,{sps; and that jf -~'.lfERiitO.Ll'.fE 1'ERS. by them shallnot.be redeen1e(i tf'l' the close of the sales, by the-;pa:ynt,eil\·i.J B l1[ '\' EH::i' •\\< Di;;tillen' 'l'Hr.rDHDIF.TBR~. of treasury of this stat€, for th~iras~ ~h~ bt\ quality, for ~a!~ hy 'f.p ,,.\. & U1.1 st', for which any such pnrcel ofla:ntl-nr.t,Y at' tl1c> L;tmsingburJ.[It BorJlc.stu;.,.. ft·b. 1, 1 ~'>J:i. .intPres~ at the rate of FO,f.t SALE, The -Lot and '.ran-Yard, ·FORJIIF.RLY owned byWrLLrA.\t i\Iot·LroN, \' si-tuah.• in the town of Pittstown, pear the fai'ri1 of Er,;Qc.H I Luau;o;s, containing three quarters of m1 acre of h'-lml. ,~An indisputable title will be given, and th\ t <'rrns of pnymcnt made convenient. Ap- ply tn eith~l- of the Subscribers, for further infor· matiu11. C~RNE~IUS ~ANSING, '2 New Laan- Dl:.,RICK LA.I\E, ~ Ojftcers. · Rcll~-<Pir!el' Co1mty, .Urr.y 20, 1822. 35 _ num, that thPn the saidul.m·cl~~rs:·l,vill to a convf'yan<'e ofsnch pa~!~l-,tf-:t:aml.: ~illbi evrr to the pa) 1r.ent du£> tlu>reon. Bran act m tlnrlif3th-:tht~~-Adlr-iHfaSi~~ ing the tt•t ms of comnauta~im:llif ~trot·.fu~ri pmvitling for the sale from/' persons owning or :noss~:s~~~~ rhargrJ with Quit-R~nt, Quit-Rent are due, COIIl!.till.ih~.tllull'tefo:rJOI fore> the sairl tlti1·d two t.lollars and fifty ling reserved in the gr~nt portion.wlter_; the ,..,,,.,r.,,,t~o1i JS-,iless.<t.llan ,S ~~~~~~~i;r_J~flfr~7t~~~ JLw, frn~ L6:to. -1.::> cl!llt~, fW'' t his Brush ;\lanufar t.•ry, at the north i>nd Th1~ diff, ,·;·n: r.ltrs of prrmium and c<lll(litions of i.nsw·ance, arc .wliiur.m \ith tJw..w.~tool'-ti insurance offirt·-· in thi, st.Jt<'. It wiii ht' nl'cessary on Ullpli<':.tious l;•r i11~Ul'amc frum the ('Ill lit trv, to fmni1h a d('~'cripti.Jn t>f the llltildin[!'S. :=;tating thPir locatiu••, dimcu~inm, llllltC'riab of whidt th,ey ftl'f' ' -•n-t:·nrt<'d, in II h,lt Jll~lll:l'l' Or~npict.f, anu their <'Ollti,uiry tu otiwr htlih.lillp, <tCcompulil'd with a r•·rt;firntc fwmfsome dhinter<'sted persou, of thr · <~lue nf such buildings, in plac<·s whrr.e tl.c Com- pany ha\·c no l'<'t;ularly appointed Survryor • ling._ w. BEAUTIES. oF 'l'HE BIBLE. ----- To C:Oimni.r:sio11e?'s, Inspectors f5 'J'eac/z.. 1e Hret 1gnl· , -Oh(l wJil i'hrr rontnt e snfli<'t~ntly 1 to • :tct 1ve l'nthai'tlr me• ntshetl cluses, ns to he lls of del•cate wo.men lrlr1•inf;' it mnst br in a I a OlHtt ler uf nlfl mg a fi1rm, as rmttlm•e•l• Jil t IIese l'P.SJIPI'Ig, the I, !lll<hv-ill'reromln\~d­ . 1'-l•ey at·e p~<'ul't~~ !Clte, p•·qreedmg frnm Ontlldt; an<l•n all til- : on litE'. same <'JII!.P'>. are finrtv:~llccl; t•erno- tsml'{lde- of the ol h~r; he S\ftlmarh A11<ll1ow• ~ }iz1illllJ BiUoua Pl/l$ 1al. 'Ptic Pi!M. of Lansingburg/t,;J.few door~ StHlth of ARi\fELEE's, and directly op;.• P,ite J\lJ. EL 'FL.V:K's Store. He lh'l r!)n~tantl;'): on lnnd, a ~enci·al assortmr11t BRUSHES, nf the fir-;t qualit_y, ant! almo.,t C\ c· d~;scription, which he will sell, whulL.salc or.rc· -on tlu• mo~t rea.sonable ternii.. .. B.-Cottotl Factories can be supplie-d with ot·,,.n·.•h .. P .•• of any description or pattem, wananted quality. Country Merchants, who are in the habit and bringinz Hai1· or Bristles to ma1·· dr well to call, as the price at all times by the Subscriber tor these articles will be liberal.· \Villiam M 4 Mnrray. Lan~ilv;lml'tr''• Octohc!' 15, 1823. - 5 . TOW!\~ r:l\D IH'COU!';, J•nsicknt. DA:'iJEL HALL, Secretary. 7'r·oy, Jmmmy 14:, 18:.24. 58 H lTCllCOCK's Newly invented S:\'t':FF, ~·s of CO.,l1..MQ.i\t S-cHOOLS. T RA.CY & BLISS, ptopriC'tors of the cop~··rrght, haY~? Ju~t Ii'•'•l \\'~·! a new (,tneni)Tt) etltlion, or~ goot1 )}~per, nf :!1at valuable. School-IIod;, 'l'he Beatitics of the Bible: -! -~ B~ing a ;r'il'r'f•nh from tl1e Ol<l a111l Nt>w Tt\slnll1cnt wit!, v;~r<oHH nntu. ·;R and brief Elisscrtntinns, designed fiJI' the •1s~ of Cltr·istians in getleral, ancl p:wticul<Jt•ly for the us~ ·•f Schog!s,. ;·ntl for the improwntent of Youth: lly EznA S'·\l'SOR 1 .Jluthar 'oj tile lfisto,.icllllJit·tioncuy cz11Cl Brief ReJJI!ll''f\·eJ'. • · \the th;n~~ wl,ich r tommnt\{\ thee this day, shall be in th:ine hPnJ•t, ancl thou shalt tench them.cli!;g~ntly unto thy cEulc.lren.\-~~!oses. Fo1• th.f cu1·~ mul ab .• &.'ute r-elief ~f Calrmlc, llinincss of E.rm1ct of a !ettel' fi't.rll the Hev. !Jr .• 1\ott, Prl'~ic!mt of t/,e lfeiiil., ,:Vt<l't'<>lls llccu/ou.'u:s, F<~licll Sicl.ncs.-. 1 aud ill· [,~11it>11 Colfq;r, addrFss~rl to tl.e Rr-r·. Jalm tJhestc:. jants t••oub/ed wUt. Sw11.fll-e• - \In :ni9'\''Cl\ Ill yom· reqttest relative to 1he\ llennties I T is an unmcdmle- reltef>-It is also fouml hi~hly ben· of the IJ•U!e,'\ i>y E:1·a Sw11jrson, I ha'le no hesitation in N E JV BQOJ(S. cficial in partnll shock• of tlte P<dsy, espt>cially 111 !!,ltl- declnr•in~. tlut tin Ill) opin1on the selection in question hns Just received, nrnl for sale by Tn.\cv &; BLISS, at thr e1· people, tlte fit ha1·ing ofrrn bel'n pt·otr:~cted f11r )Cal's. been rn:ulc wi1h great taste and jtnlgment; antl that I Lansingbtll'l('h nook store, :\fter an e-xpertence of m<Jrt> than fomtem Y\~rs prac- ccns:del\ th.iq littllvolume a real :•cyuisition tu ynutb, ant.! ·A TREATISE on thP Charactei: of Jesus C~ist, tl<\e I cnn s,,fely s:~y, thnt I !m·e m\lnothutg as n sub·. p:1rlict:larly to schools. It is ralculatetf not only to im. nncl on the trin1 ty in unit·y of the Gudhe:ttl, with thP sl itnte for it, in thP Pllllvr d,s,.nses .. l! .. vin~ proved t.he prove tire \!191_-e and mend the heart by its dil'ect in!luen<'.e 1 · . q•Jot:ttions .fi·om the Primitive Fathers. By Ethan Srnitll; indli<'nry bf ,, vnri~ty of' CH't:•trhal snuff in my <llv.n farn· but nlso to :til me the young mind to a more tamtltlli' nc. pastm· of a churrh in Poultney, (Vt.) tlr, [II' liS in~uretl -to m,1ke a trinl for snm1:tlling mme qunintmre wi:th the mtirc ,IItble,; that ~~ned repository Th CHRISTIAN CO:\ll'ORTETI. re)·lain :mil dnr~r•ous In its etr~cts; an1l was·ld to the ·of wltatc-ver is pme in morr<ls or stthlime in doctrine. e ' • , .. .., bf'ing- • rllsrnl'Cl''~~ of th~.n~w fn_vented snuff', which succee-ded to \I h~'VQ CJ)tlj to add, that I nm, with sentiments· of es· . 'i,ntion o£ F<>t·ms of Pi•:..-·crs anci ThatJ!c.s.,.ivittrrs, fm ..., f\ d · ·\ E • ,.T \ . ..., \ \ :ul mtl•ntion in mv own litmilv, and \vith numel'fl-US others teetlll, ynur roen , · 'Lll'il T ••o:cr. Chr1stiall{l of all til-nominations; in two parts :-P:<rt 1, . . · .. t•uHot• b~g~n tn ventl se. 'In rnr e:d11bit ion c'tiot:~s, nil the tllsnr~ s idt\r~il in a nf\w and. eo \'h •~rsq r;f 1 h a pre- Ill'~ to tflf' l'Xpl'rlPAG(!! <atJ,6Ntm, CII!Jiic, Ui:. lt·ess lng- R~ mp1c1ms of' . t· h t-ont rnllrJ bY tlw~ · \ f who appliP<I to me fiw relief. I cannot ther~fore fot•bem· C9lumbia Colle,.~, J\hv-York, June 19. <1ont;lining fifty'·s•x rot·ms--c morning and evening prayer: \' \ fi nff'rt•i 11'\ thl' pnblic II pm·t.iripntinn in the bene61 s derivetl r cnnsicle-r tlle a hove l'l'rommend .• tion of the Rev. l'rCS• te whkh are at!tletl, el!'ercisrs of th~ mind or coll'Mtmni. ' b f . 1· f 1' ft•nm I he u !\'of tillS :<tnuff: Rn<l altho' nnmbeorl&sq cert ifi. iclent Noll, in every rrspC'ct to be ,iust, and most enr·nest. 1;.1 lo al'e- sm .• Ji :<n,t nlit.aNJU and pnmtbl \!'(' pr<·lll~:~t'l\ ;Ill:. #I~ ,,.Ir,, l!nrl mn· b~ ~~. '!\S'l·h ·Jw.ng' llP(\t1s.- cT;et. l'lll'llcu lar -w•. s. J1,1('Ff. lat•nti!i of the> •lotn• Pills to be un effect- 1111•l Roltl, whnlrq,,te- ~~-l~e.•t·l·S!l:fel, :t:-W• _ • cants, e oi·e ant u ter partaking of our I.vn .s Snpper: . foi•ms of Jll'nyer and th:mksg_tving, ci(trq of it'S'undouhted woo1l efl'Pcts rr.ight be ob!am~?!I, I. Jy clo I \Vi~l:llhat ev11.-y parc·nt would provide for l1is chi!· 1 !'1l!lditions of their mortal P•l· fll\cr•r res tin!\' it on its nw11 t'nrrits, and the tillbi:Jssetl tri. dren this mnst<;,iHdicious, intercstiuB' anti instructive selec· O'''''m'·\\· Ry a I~riencl to 1-'llmily Devotion. al <if a canrlul pttblil', il'lto may wish for relief in the a. tion !htn tne ·n()ly Scriptut·rs. Wntrnt 1-IAnlm, S P . I ~vp clisens!\s. Pri<·e 25 ct>nts pet• bo!tlr. - · P•·••icl\11t qf C6lumoia Colle!Je. nne's yst(:'m of metical Arithmetic, Wit 1 !l SOLO, wholl'~nlr>nnd l'rtail, by TI~Al~Y & l'ILISS, at lrm.,lr 1 gr,w·gf 1 , .~fuy 29, 18~4.- . alto/t pl~n of lliJokkeeping-, fm• the use of schools.. the L:msirl'gbnrgh Bookstore. Jlfarch, 182$.. -- ·- .1~reatisc on Guntet·'s Scale, &c. y or(ler,of 1'Itomas.{)lolves, Esq. recorder of the city NE ff7 BOO·K. c• of'l'roy..,..N-Qtice i9ltereby'given to nil theoreclitors · : • ,,'. • Just r!li'cive!l, flllll for sale _by TRACY & BL1ssl at . 8h.~pm•d Reco••tls, of {he triWIJ of Berlin, hi ll:!~county Just Teceived ·:tn<l fo1• sa.le by l'tl.'\CY &: JJLlSS at the tJ,~ /,anain.rJhllrgl£ Bookstore-. . :RensR&lllt>r,;n'n inso1vent cleblror, to sht'IV cause, if any, I.aming·hmgh Rookstor~ ' - ATREA. TJSE on Gunt<.'r's Scale, and the Sli- ·have, belol'e tbe.said i·ec-m·deJ·, at his office in-the ci· , APmctic:al TR~A l'ISE on DYING ~Voollen, d ing.Jtule; together with a description and use of of T•·oy, in said county, on- the nineteenth day of..Apdl. · .• Cot lot\ and'S tlk, the nM,ufaf:l\lring- ot' nron.dcloth the Sector, Pl'ntnlctot·, E'lam Scnic, anti Line of Chords: 11ext~ M H o'clock in the forf'noon, why an assignm,eht of nnd C:IR9tll1el'e> thP sulphuring of: 'Voollens, !J,ml the llhet - ot• an e11s y rmt l1od of finc,lmg -the m·en of stlperficea, nhd the said-!lisolvent's estn!l:' Hhmtl!l' not .be made, 1t1id· his. mlbl blc-i•rhing of Coltnns-: Bv WM. PAnTnu 11 ~. of me:1m 1·ing bn~rds, uthlef finding the solid contents of \\\\n\··t'\- fl'Otn imprisnnmi'nt, Jlllrsu~nt to the A Mnllll.:tl of l'rnrlicul Cmttemplntions, tell.dil~g' tG-pro· . b!ltlll.\S that of timf'let•, by the sliduig i•ule,.&c. act to aboli•lt imjwisoliment for df-ht in:· Jnolr gosvel.-pt'~Ji~>tfll~s nn<lll g·o01l c!lnvet•satilln itt Clll'lst, Als!l, a 't\riblc of ro11111l ,ntl qqn!\reTimber. · 'l'n ACY & BLtK•• nt ca~tes.'' p:me4 A(wil'r, l:SHl. ll:ite,t•lhls 7th day bt·iefly ro>npl'iRmg 111nny \f tl·b~~ grt·.tt 11·<1\lts k111)W11 to Also, <'<~nvenlation_ Canis, and elegant & c.oni· bottlli.' is o11e fotirth afMlU·cb, li21i', · iQ be pt·anlc~ll by the chNtim · mon 'l(~riOOL-'l'ICKE i•S. })ec. 14, 18~4. · -· ____ n.t!-illu(lme pt!iceoT :a. r __ t_ = _-.:...,_ -·------ ·~~- ---:..:-:._-:- - - ~-- -- --· }}' •. ' \' ·•

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