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Lansingburgh gazette. (Lansingburgh [N.Y.]) 1798-1826, March 29, 1825, Image 1

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''·' .. l'RINTED 0~ TUESDAYS, :BY TR;tr:Y &'BLISS~ AT THE .. tu·~niJ:u AT TWO DOLLARS, PE~ .A:NNU .M. ~~~_.~--~~~~~-:~,~-~~~--~~~~--~~~~~--~--~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~----~~~--~~~--~~~~--~~--~-- j:VH~\l~e X~KVIi.] ... TUESDA-Y, .1\fJ\Rcu~:~a_g, ·~~~~s:· 'M1s~ ELIZA. FLACK, Hm\W:~~C~)'n3,J]l~ OJipoctt;: n£~ T'IloJr·Fio.ug'E, . (.:!E·.·en_.~ ~G- E. ~.~·M.'A_ ·u'·_L- E. Y, ·H.. · \S r~ttlfllt\d fl'oru zvn£,.Yor-r, with ihe . . .... .._, ... ~ . · · · est F'i\LL.FASHl():'\S, and a !!'*'nPml a~- B. EGS lcav~to infnrm his F.iends and the J>ub~ lia·ve·:be-<'nE':nti·rel•~rE•st\•r_.: ~oi·!iri,itt of the mmt fasl1ionablt• l~Tliclt'~ i11 lier lie-, that be lm::; jilst rduru:ed fro,m New- YoJ·!t, line of'l~\lsiness :-Comislint;: o(- · 1 witJI ~n elc~ant <l:?Sor~Jnrn! • .?/LF A:-<rY and StcAPLE · · Lq~hom.s, P1trshes, . _ Dll.Y G00DS 9 Ribbons, Crapes, . Which he olli>t's fo~ sale iuthe corner Storr, four ·, \Silks, G-irnp'l, doors sou til of. ~fr. J .In Albro's ston•, a11J. J.ireci:- Sattins, )3nttons, ly oppo~it~ tire rrim·ltrt placE\ · Velvets, &c. &c.~ &c-. ' Thosl_.-,\:lw me ple;1sPd to honor hini \vith a call, ''tis heflliott· hlil·L will- fint.l GmRls as linv flli' Cu::sh, us in uuy ()!he~ \ . Jn {!r.atitud.e t\<>r JlUs1 hvilrsr she feels· b(iunt.l to · 1 :Stol'e' in I.cili~i'lll!'VIir!!lt. e.xe1t hPr titmost end~a:vo1·s to ment t 1e patronage \ ~ • JJeceinbet· H, 1824. 70 of tht>.pub'lk. · • \ · . -~ N-:-Jt~l\L\'\\TUAl\1:\K carried on at the same pl.trP: o:T' Tw!l or three ApJHentices W;an't: ~,d. 'l'roy, No('t··u~er 8 7 !82-1. 65 FLOUR STOR.E. T HF: Sul>~er.ih!'i inf,,l·ms th;, Public? that IJ _ _ will sell supernr1r UJHl all otht>r kinds of FLOlJR, ·on as ],11v H•J'n1s ~it can lw pul'chascd thi·s villagl\ ot at any ptqce: in tlw nPigllfio~A'ood. tvill kPrn a ~oi)qt~IH SllllJ>l.Y <)f f'..1•rs/t Pfour, . tlle .t;~·1J.rr!'J' o1· 'hundred. He will1ikcwisP kt;rp _a goo<L~Uj>ply-ol\ Il1~1:rH~ Flour, by ~he .l>m·rel; 'so that the inl1abifatJts \llilY t<1kf' tlll'ir ~hokE', and be- . -:1\!l~PJira 1vitlwut p•urlt:i'iril_i 'Flour fi·om other pt~- .tinlln\llin<H•tnr<>JI· i:~, ·and gettit 1 g it 110 \l1eap•·r. ·. .; _.,, .· · :JA<:ou Il£ri\l5TREET · -..fJJ:!?l8!inq07l1:tf.ll 1 8•p1'. 08, ;\824·. '_ . 53 having ·11\'lt!l:' an arrangement cnnstilnt ~t1J1ply l;t' frrsh manufactured will, ~e hnp,tlY t\1-:;upply Families·~ ,'51J.iu>t·fin.r .. a11d Ml'flrHiuf4s, by the. barrel,- wnrc-mlt(•d, of thr .first q]lality, p1·ic~s. · [?\ OrdPrs fur\1Iorse- aqd Bran punctt~all y ·aw·mled to. . _,.,:_ . . .. . . · \VII .. t~U.M . U ri .. D.GE,S •. ·z,a1tsl'hgbu;_'gh, .'/UJRISI. ~4~ IBJ4. • 54 . Tren~r, w·ill k\ep .an hand a <;on- _:-l,lftnt!>uppl.y of snrh 1\1.<\LT LIQITORS, as are n~­ '\ii(tny·called for in this parl tlftlw countr:.;. As one . -the Partners Ita.~ lmd IU1:Jrh experience in tl1e Brew- ,il,\.; Husiness in f: tu·~pr~ tllt'.Y fl<tWt th~mselves that : 1~ey will be able to .fum i~lt llPer of the lint quality; 11~ :they fi\:s11re tl1e Pnhli~, that every e:\~'rtion will lJe n1aoP.' Ill u.iw full s:lti,fuction to all who mav fa- . ~or th~m with dteir ;Cilstum.. The Business wflll>e Asll1'fo1i'd,(f;i)i!ril:\\;sqn<lilC\ed unJer tlie lir-111 of PAnltRLEE & l\1EL- 1>nu~l. 'ELTAS PAil:\IEJ..EE, ' .ALEXA.l\DER MELDRUM. ··ftr' Cash /Jnidf\; U;~dry & iTop8. Ltmsilz¢bw:iJh,· .Vovembel' 12, 1321. 48 M_annractory. . . y-ozti· lro.[(s B~·i8tles, and Il(}rse & f.'rdtle·.~ llrzi1· .. HE Subs~riber will plly for ling's. Brigtles, \clean coml)t·u, fr~m -i:i to C..~~ Cl'nts, and for · m?d CatllFs·Haif!• 1 from I 6 to 1 B c<mts, per ·at_Itis BrllSh :Manufactory at the north P.nd -'-r'rt.. •.•• :1 1\le<lici ncs;-· P·aii7ts, Oil, &c. R..'Parme1ce, a=ti·-J:\;;:, ju8'1!.r~ceived a lurge ad- . -· qitllin.to his forrnJ•r assortmenLof tl1e above Articl~s, which he offers fot· s-.ale· o!l the mQs~ a~commo<lating tE\rms. -pains lmvl\ bPf'n taken to procllr~ every m- tide o.f thdirst qnality. • • . . Gouutryl\ktiliunt:s..Olothiers or Physicians, \Vho rth• desii·ous or havingthPir Go'oas forwarded-on rill\ canal, _can haH rtwni t\).any boat I)' il1g threE\ miles of free of expenc~ 40 -. ·. f> Chauncey Ivcs and•Riley Sweet,· mHlcf' the firm of IVES & SWE~'X, W ILL contitl[te th~ tnarlufa:cturf' uf GUN- PO\VDI-:J{, at th~ir Mills (lt Sanrly-Hill; WhPre they \\'ill haVP•it CQil>t~ntly for sale.- ol a Sl!j)f:l:ior qua1ity, in ca,ks mHl canisters; and also at tl1e Store of Channen· I ves, . north ~nd· ()f tl1~ :vil11tge of.Lan\sin wht\rt' ordPr!!! can,iw feft and ~uppliPll in any quantity. In olll.>ring thPir Powdn;. tll tll<' Publir, thi'J as- sure 'thosp who wish 'to JHirchas<>. that tbl'ir prire~ will ~ontintJe as low a'> any in the C'uited Statt•;, it. E. JV. POll-lEROY's MF.:r ALLie STRAP and 'P AST:E, For Razors, Surgeous' Instruments, rS-c. Flighty recornm<>ntletl. :mel univNsnlly ap['l'ovetl by all those who have usrtl them, ._ ., 9 Jrt8f rerei't.•etlmzl.fol' sal~ by 1'IMCY & BLISS, at tlw J.'rmsingbtl> gh IJool.·.•tu>'e, The Rensselaer & Saratoga lnsu- ranc~ Company, in Troy,' C ONTINUE ~o in<;\1\\t\ against Loss or Damage by Firt>, lhvrlling-IJ nus~, Stores, ]\Janufac- toriPs and l\-1ills, with their l\Iarhinery and Stock: Also, rvery description ofpPrsunnl property. l'm- insured Inay l'Ppo,t• ffip lit !lest ronfid{'nr-t•ln thr goJidity of tltP c-apital of the C'nmpany, and that any lo~'>~'~ or ria-mage will !Je settled with promijtituJ<' and liberality. 'l'he dillt'rt'll_! rates 9f prPminm awl conditions of insuranreJ [!r~ 1miform with those of tlte other firr insurance o.mcc~ in this state. It will be necessary on a coun1Q\t to buildings; stating theit· CHAEr< F.tAoK's Store. location, i:limmsiou~, materials of whirh th,ey arr He has.ron<>t~trtjy on lnnrl, n grn;ral n~sorttncnt comtructFd, in what manner ocrnpiPd 1 ami tlwh· 'of BRUS HEg, of ~h(; first quality, nnd almost I\ve- contig-uity to othPr btiildings, accompaniPcl with a ry rlrscription, which_ hC\ 1vil! sell, wbolesalc or re- certifirat(> frotn ~on1e diqinterestrd JiPrsou, of thl' 1ail, op the nwst rl}1sQnctble tcnm. value of suclt buildings, in places where the Cum- N. B.-Cotton Factories' can be supplied wi1h pany have no regularly appointed Surveyor. ~ · Bruslu•,q, of any descri~tio11 or pattern, warranted \1'0\VKSEND 1\l'COl':'+i, President. ofthe first quality. DANIEL HALL, Sec1·etary. · ttT' Country Merchants, who arc in the habit T,.oy, Jmmrwy 14, 1824. 58 Qf collecting an<l bri~gin v; Hail· or Bristle~ to mar- fliTCH COCK's (If} •It; smne ket, ivould do wet! t_o_ca.U, as the price at ~II timrs . ._ N e w-J~;- invent £\cl s :\'T'TFF·· ' they are unrovall~u; . &ft\f'tiM by the Subscrihi?r for tlresr: articles '\;ill be y- '- • , \-' ra.~sihl<!<'()ftl>t< liberal. · 'Villiarn M'l\Turray. Fo1· tl1e crn·e anrl ur..solrete relief &j Cattm·!., /Jir:.iuess of of \]Je s111mat\h ~ntl 1be ll~11d, J\('<'1\v\us Hemlw;!z,s, l\nlle11 Sick11e~s. mzd 111• I LatzsiH!J'hlt~h, Oc/.ol'>m' 15, 1B2~ 5 fc · '·I 1 · , o .m e,. t 1e Flllnily Bilic11s ants t1'01t• <!Jt -.v11,. <>1l1(v,es. • equal. .J.!I.r.v:P\IT B(;() T.T,c•. ] Tis an immet.linte rt'l•et:-rt is ~lso found highly bel1· J I Y :L:I rY ..ll · J efirial in p:.rll~l shocks of the Palsy, especially lfl eld- ic Pif •. 9. lust receive•l, anti ~or !'IRie ht TRH :y & BLISS, at the e~ people, the fit hllvlllg often been pr(')tritted for ye:m. proprietm• b!'g'nrt Itt . -LntrsinJ;;btwgllllookstnre, After_ an ex~r•ence or more tbuli fi,ut·teen· years prac. I'\' use. In 1ts ·A 'T'REA 1'ISE <JiJ thE' Character of Jesus Christ tice, I c:m snfely say, thut I hu,·e· met notbillg as a sub- dir~6t1<1ns, 1111 tit~ . an_cl on the trinitp11 unity of the c;o,Jhend, wi.th th~ sttt.ute fill' it, in the :lb,IVe diseases. Havtng pi'Oved the coml<kl'l\d m 11 'tJcw qllotatib11s fl'tlm the 1 1 r•rniti.,•e Fath~rs. Ily Etlum Smitr 1 , ineffiC'nry of :t variety of cntart•hal sn11ff' in my own farn· of the sitcces~ of 1hig pastqJ· of a dlllrC'h 'Tl 'J><n!lhlcy',_( Vt.) · .. ily,_I Was inti ucecl to .make a· tl'ial for sometl1ing more nfide-ike In· thf\· PY\\OP'r;ilil . The en RIS1'IA N (JQM'FORTE~ bp,ing a ceJ•t:tfu f!llil\~lfira<'ious 'in its efll'cts; and was le.d tt;Jlbe llear•lo1f.t'n,' eompilat ioll r;f ~·•ll'lllS of Prayers and \rhnnksgtvmg for discovery 6f 1111: il~w invented sn11lf, which succeede<l to t dist•·~s•nlJg ·chrtsttans of all' dmo~ninatiriJ\s; in. two-p:~rts •-Part 1, uclmiration in riiy own famJiy, 11nd w'lth nhrn~t·ons others coi!t~inlllf\\ firty-'liX f'<lriTlS ofni.orn:9g and C\'ening prayer: _who applied I~ ·tne f<il' relief. , ) CRilnOt therefore f1>rbea1• Thread Ltixe.~ & Edgings, &c~ A N elPgan't assort!!!f'nt of_Engllsh Thre.<!_dL:A- . CES nnd .F.OGI,NGS, \Splendid pattenis :- 4-lso, 600lbs. COTTON BATS: Ju~t received, for sale by HOl\ACE 3:ADT:£S. · Also, jo1' Sale, as abovf', • ~- Aa el<\gant one-horse Sleigh & \Vaggon. Tllt'y 'ar~· both new, all(l will 'be sold ·low:. ~ Lmttd!Jl(bn!'gli, _ Fehr:·uary 8, 18125. · 78 [NLlmber i385.] ·. l~thl ~-st a[l~l· D!lttnt. LANSINGB. GH\' ·TH~!s~be~~=~--is F~!·and th& ' Pub.lic, that hP has r,;bt]iif and ·eni!it:ged his GUN . .l\1 Al\UFACT()RY~ in the v:illag!i of La.n- / singburgli 1 and that hi! is-now t'nabl~d ·to furnish~-­ his old .customers and oth~rs~ who may caB,. with RJfLES, Muskets, Fowling.:J>mces,. · · · Pistols, ni'id Percussion ·Locks: \f~\'fJ.k!t:& 'l'ogNher with most othex l\tiliti1ry A~ .. ,~,~ll.,,M'!<.-~~ r 1 I'Ji.ACK has again com- lhie of his business. Lll,-·m,enr~<'rl his FLOU}f& GROCERY Busi-,. Hr assures the Public, .that no pains ~h~ll be ll!'Bs, and solicits n sbarr> of th<• public patronage. sp;md on 1m part, to sustain the }tigh character_ t lr assm·{•s his foi'mer C~stomer~. Jh~t ~ constant (lor exeellcnel' and. workmanship) wli~ch the work Sif!l,Ply of the same supcnor quality of Flour shall fwm his s!10p has hitherto sustained.. Imlividu~l~ be l<rpt, as hrretQfore., . . o1· companies can be furnished· on the shortest no• · Also, Teas,. Sngars, Molasses, Pepper, (icP, 1yii!J Rifles or J\luskets ofsuprri_<lr. W9rkmi!U\l · Spkt•;'?Jilger, ·Coffee, &c: &c. · . · · ship, an_d it is ~el.ievcd .on mo.r<> advantageous t~rtn~ . l~r''!•'\lfl;\·''!fll, ,Tamuzry -~. 18'.:!5. 73 at t·ht> (act<lt'Y of the StibscrlbPr, than· at any other ®ontr~tic · .. *annftlttures<t -Cotton & JVoollei~ Goods.<~ E R; PARMI·:LJ.:E has·just l:f'ceive<l a sup- :• ply of.blearhed and unbleached COTTO~ ~H!RTTh.G:S,.mru•ufuctqred by thr- Calto.es Com- riarzy, Which, as tfwir ag<'(lt, )w wilf disp<1se'J1f Ml th~ llJoRlib.~terlllS. :Tiwir Clotl1~ arP uuivt'l'· 'sally allowed to be of superior quality, and 1\lt•rch- a:nls J!!ay depend m1 b~~ea' at-the-most rt>- duced prices. (tf=' He$/ has n]s() an assortmeJ,lt of I'mOA D- CL{)THR, CASSIMI::R ~'S, •·and ~A'fll\'E TTs; w'hid1 _will he sold vPry lpw,-:;vhQlesale ·or ret;til. {AJ11/1it~g'h!II'!JII, JriiJ~ 22, JS'.J4. 45 .NEW BREWERY. ·THE Snhscriber respectfully in· . . forms tbP puhlir', tliat'lu~:-Ims .CgJlVt>rted the Distillety lately occu- , pied by,JoRN Dt:FFV, into a Brew- PI'.if• ~tn{tflattt>N:himsdftlmt his Stromr BEER will he of 1he _vf!ry hP~t quality,_ aud he solicits a share l)f tbe ·public p~itronage, . , ~9hn Topping. factory .in thiq or any of th~· e.al!tern states. Re- pairs will be atrendrd to wit!Jout d~ley. . Gc:-.:sm-rns can bt> mJliilied with most artlcletl- in tlw al>nve linr, 0'f.l. l'Pasonnble term;: · . 'T'IiFSub~criber thanks.his Frien~s a·r1a·tl1e Pgb- · lie for pa'<t fitvors, and resfWCtfully solicits _the con• . tiniJance of th1·ir patronage, sn ·long as he shall con-. timre.to deSt'rve it. · ' Jotm M •. Cas:wc;:ll • {)? HiqP and Prrcussion POWDER 1 ·for sal~ at thr above Fartnry. . · -~- _ __ _ Lallwl!fhm'!JJ.,· cJn/y 217, -til~ :- : --: ~ ~- -- Sale <>f Lauds for Qtlit-Rent._ State of Nno- York-Cmnpt1;oller's Office, _ Albany, 141.71-February, 1825. . P triH.TC NOTICl~ is heteby.given; t~at tl1e. sale of lands for nrre~rs ot' Quit-~ent, whielt ,h.t~ brPn· hrr{'tofo!'e advertised, and postponed from. time to timt> by th_r Lrg,islature, will ~orn!Den(;!\ on Tuft't!ay tile Sd tlay of .111ay T!Pxt, at 'lQ o'clock \in thP furl'lloon,.dt the cnpitol,-in the city ot' Albany; and continue from day to ~ay; tin til. there s6a,II be sold so much of encb G~n.nt,--or Pa~nt; ot~ofcthe­ luts iu..~:.,~ci1 Patrnt, subject to Quit~Rent, as \Vill bu-·twc~ssary tQ- pay all arrears of QuW.R'ent dna • .tllt'reoQ at the time of sale, together with alLtlte charv:es of notice and sale. - · . ThP conditin.its of sal~ rvHI ur., fhat the~-­ sers ray thP purrhase monies Withili fQrty-eight buur~. ~ftr;r the sa.hl; \ipon the puymPnt of whicl1 ln.~pection of previsions. they willrer.eive certificates of their respective- pur .. 1 1 chast>s ;:.and that if any parcP) ~ land \purchnsed V Cash fHlirl.fm·- Rarlt'jl C5 llojls. f,,.,.j,.f!l•t\'\'''• 3j,.il2, 18:24. • 77 CJwunce_y ll'f'.C:, __ ;, h.r ~~em slmll not ~e rPtlNw~~ wiTh'ht two J:rar:; af- H .\S opmPd an office for ·inspeclillg TIE£F t:r tnf> ('lo•F t:f the salr'l 1 by~hP pay~ent.1nto~.tb!!n~ . & PORK, at his :->tort>, north end of the vii- tteasu~y of tlus state'~ for th<'n use, of the amo~nt lal!e of l,au~in!(hlll'g/ 1 • He ha•; al'lo a Store on the ~or w.llll'b any such parcel oflrtnd m11y be sold., Wltlt · hank of 1 tht·rin·r, fnr Padcin.t;, which }ms every con- Jntf'rt>st at the rate o~ twPpty Jlf'l' ce~tun1 prr.an .. v••ni<>n<\l• forttre dispatch of business, ant! C~pt\r1cn:J Jlllm, that then the smd P.utchasPrs wtll ll(~ PntJt!t>d rt•cl nwu to do the work. . '<~~ to~ c_onvt>yance _of &ut:h pnrcel of 1!1-Qd, subjf'CI lie as5urt'~~the Merrhants ~nd Fm'hlers, who <'V••r t<_J the payment Qf nil taxes ~en mny wish to favor hiri1 wittt thPir bushwss, that <·v- ~lu!' tiH'reoq. . -. . •:rvthing in his power shall be done to g,ive satisfac- By an act of the lOth day of Apnllast,\ rl'\nt>W·· tion. ing. tbe t('rms gf commutation of Quit-Rent, and. l.an~i11gb1n:rrl,, J\lot~emh,.,. 13, 1824, 9 providing for·thr sal~ of·Jaml~ not .disc:mi·gE\(1 tltJ'~-- TliERllfOMETERS. from,'' persons owning ~~ pof.sess!'d .of nny lands c!targt•d with Quit-llent, o1· on. whieh arrear~ of' D RF.\VEH:;• & Dhti!lf't·s' THF.R'Itm1ETERs, of ·Quit-Rent !irl' duP, may commute thet'Pfor on or oewo. D the hf'st quality, for saTe by 'I'R.\CV & Buss, fore- the~ ~ai4_ t!tj!fl..~ay_ rif )Hay __ .-:c:-\:~m_ at tht> l.anifingburgn 'Bcol'sto1·~. · 'feb.!, IS:25. two dollars and fifty cents f()r every . &tt'l'• ling rest!nt•d in .the grant thereof, or in that .l~l'Q• The Lot.. ·and Tan- Y cu·d, vortion \\here the n·servmion is tess than one shu- F . ORMEHLY owned by WILLIAAI MoULTON, llng. W. L. 1\1AlWY; Ccmptrnlkr. situate in the town of l'ittstmbn~ near the farm ~- MOOR F.'s __ _ tl{ E.:wen H~, containh1g three <tuartcrs of ail+---E--Il!t!SENC' E o'f:l r.· I'CI'In acre of land. An indisputable title will be given, . ~ 1 . · iii . ~ ~~ ·· ami the tel'ms of payment made convenient. Ap- THIS is a most valuable r£'medy, k!lown by the JllJ to either of the SuLbcribers, for further infor- test of E'xperimce, nn<l tltt' 1 t'COm!ltendations llldt.ion. <,f mtmerous Clrrgymen, Physician~, Merubei'~ of COR}iELTUS LA!';'SI~G, '2 Ne?o Loan• Congress, and other ~euth•mt'tl 1 for the curP·of sev- . DERICK ~ANE, S '0.1Jice 1 ·s. erul diseasrs, particularly Consumption, Hooping ... Remseluet· Co1111ty, ,May 20, 1822. 36 Couglt, INFLUENZA.,_ common Couglzs and Coldi;) . Spitting of BlQod, ~c._ {Qr further particulars, BEAUTIES OF THE BlllLE.. To Commissioners, lnspec_tots ~ Teach- . er8 of CO.i'JM-lO.N SGJ/00!.8. T RACY &. BLISS, proHrictors of the . copy-rigt.t, t. .. ve ju.t publoshetl· a. n<'w (..tereotype) edll•ol), on goml pnper, of that valuable Scltool-lluok, The Beauties of the .Bible: Ileing a s~lection from tile Olcl and New 'i'rstument; with va.riu'us rem:n·ks and brief disset•l'ations, designed tor tile use ()f Clu·ist inns in genera I, unll partic.tll:u•l.)- fo1• the use of S~hools, and tor the improvement of Y01t1b: lly F.znA SA}IPSON, .llulflor of tl:e .Hiato1·ical .1Jiclio7uii'!J tp~d B•·iej Rema1•ke••: \'Fh~se things wltich I tommand thee this dny, s-hall ill thine· heart, nnd thou shalt teacir tl•em dJiigenLly unto tby children.\-..r.lo3es. ~­ E.x/J•tut ~[. a letter fr~m ihe Re••· D1·, ,7\\utl . Pr(si dmt oj f:rnion Colfege, acldree~~d to tlt~:o>Rev. Jolm Chestcl'. . • please !ouk at the fWinted directions. and cPrtifi•. cates. From the numerolls certificatt}S the follow- ing is extracted :- . J::rtrar:t of a letter to MtiSi'6, J.£l\'u7't!11Ce & lret6e, IJJ>7Jj.., gi•ts, .N't:11J·Yor1.·, dutrd HJJrtfo•·d, 'Jul!J 28~ 1818. \1 he me'd•rine ha~ a fair r .. pu tat io11 :•s a curative. in most ot· tb .. compl~ints for whi('h it is reromrntncltcl! and· w1th mnny it i~ held in great ~stirnntion, for c:ouglt•.gen• erally, and p11mlcularly 'for .llo_npiiJg-Collglz. ' \ISAAC n. OOJ,L., It has '!lPen found partic:;ularly be~teficial in IN~ I'LUENZ:A. For sa!P, wh<•l,..sak>-aitd l'etail.; By Wells & Schuyler,- · , IJi'uggiat6; T#O·Y, (J:j' Please bbserve that every bottle sold by us, W1ll be sealed \~itl:i the word&\ .WidtH & ,\'cliuyltt<, T•:oy ;\ nrid. al· s1>, ful'lh~r to_pt•event deceptic.n, every bot\.Je. will hwe lli copprr-plate I:. bel pnsted llpAil it, witll the worrlil u·-tvelli & Sdn'!;ler, /)7'1lggi•l~, 7't'o!J.\ Jr-fm·ch 15, 1825. Thf' prl~a .to 1vhirh ;are adtled, elllePcis~s of the mmd for communi- offerillll' ~he pnbhc a parltr:ipation in· the benefi(s derired' e de>hi.litn\inl\' ennts, befot•e and aftrr pnrtakitl~ of onr Lord's Supper: from tht> u-~ of this snuff; anrlaltho'mimberlrss cl:'rtlfl. art:\ pentl Pat•t 2, comprthC'n<ls\f(Hms of pt•ayer :uitl than'ksgwing, cates of its undoubted· good effects ml~ht· be ohtaoJlC:tl.ol ft'm:~IPs, anll fm·Clwistians ·in.clJftiol·ent \\nditiuns nf tlteir mort.'ll-p.l- pr~frr ra,stm!< it oil itsmvn merits, nnd the unbiass·e~ tri· 1 • R I' 1 F 'I 1 al of a c:mdtd p~b!.c, who m:-ry wish for relief ln the tlkt'doet,. i>ar( rr·m~ge, - y .a .'I'IMII tn . ilfn~ ~~~~n; 1 ' .. • · bOVf' niHel!m'!l. . -Pfi'fe~Cell!S Jlf'l'·bott]f', <- bills. Kmne':s Sys~Plll Qf Practical AntlimPtJr, :t''ttll a SOLD, wi_JO!esale anti retail, by Tito\CY &: JILlSS, at sltont plan _cit' llookkerping, fi1r the use ofsrhnnls. thf' t.:m~ingbu.rgh llonkstnr-e. ?'fm·dh, 1825 B y ()1\der ()fTI1oma~ Clo\'es E.:q re('OJ·der of !he <:•ty N E fJT BOOK'' of' 'l'l'oy-N'oti~e i~> hrr.ehy 1\\'Jen to ull.tl•e t'l'etiltors. 1 l. \In unsiVei• \<1 yom• t'rquest rel:•tive to the \llecm1ties of the Bible/' by Ezl'rr.\S<tmpsot! I'!Jave no hesitation in clecluin{?, that in my opinion the selectio~ in quesli<>n lJas been mude- with great taste and judgment;_ and that I r.&n~ide~. this little volume a realucq\l!sitlon to yuuth,l!J1d pi!fiicUlarly Io SC'llools. Jt is t•nlculatetl not only to\ im- _pl·ove the tallte a!ld mend' the heart by ils direct inlluen'ct', _lmt tllso to allure tbe young mind to a more fnrnihur ac- . qualnt:mce wi!h the ~llli!'e Jliblt; .thl!~ sa~r~:d r<'pository of what~ver is· pu,re in _morals ot· subl.ime in dootrine. B y order of Hiram P. Hunt, gsq. •me of.lhl'.jllclgt:~ot tl~ l~t>nssflaer C'Ollllty rourts, coun~ellnr, &r.-Nt1• t1_re is hertohy giv~n to all tl•~ Cl'f'!lllOI'il ot'..Nit!iqltl\&_ FIIIJ .AI•tzvm, of l.!msingbtn·gh, in SHiel rm!nty, nn mmlu?nt tlrbtllr, to she'' C'nusr, if any tl,ey h:we, bclore th~ said .fl111g-~ nt the house of \'\filli:ll\1 P!<'rt'e; in the C'ilyof Tl'f'Y• .n s:ml county, on the twcnty-thn·d·day of ApJ•<I next, nt . \''. 10 o'-c)od: in the forenoon, wl.l}! nn nsilignmrnt af the sa1d · insolvent's estate shf)ulil nol he rn~<Ie, nnd his ·persrm be · I'Xrmpted ti·om. imprisonment, pummnl to th~ arl; end. tl~tl \An a-ct to abolish -imprisonm~nl for debt in certain ' !'119M,'\ Jlii!ISCd April 7th, 1·819. Dutetl this 9th clay or March, 1S25. . · · \ · -- 8l . of'81iPJirirtl Nerortl~ •. of'~lle· 1ol'lltl ofH~1·lln. in the C'mrn1y. Just received anc1 for fi:tle by TIHCV & BLISS at the ofRenssel~er, an -i1oqo\vent c:lebtt·r. to she1v rnusr, if .any T.ansinj\'hlll'!l'h Ilook~l'lre.. ' tlley htivt>,·bcfi-fte the sa1rlrecc)l'[ler, uthis oflke in the ci- i\ Practical TJ{EATISE on DYING \Voollen, .ty ~fTroy.,.in .~aiel ~ounty~ nn. the nineteenth d•_ty of A•tJril <.:ott on mtd S,lk,. the ·mapt~fw\ti.JI'I!lg' of Broa<iciotli nexi. nt. U o'cloc-·k '\ tbe fl>l'enoon, why an ussiR\Illlie~>t nr and Cus~imt;'T'~ 1he sU\[JhUI'll11r rif WoollenH,. nnd the che• the said inMiwnt's \'eRt~le· i>h~»illtl· not be rnnclr. and his mien\ ble:1chu•l!·of . _, By l'AitTm:tinH.. . .person. be exempted f'I'Ol11 i~Jl~illln!nent, pui·snailt to 1lit> A: \lummi nF l'ruct letld111A''10 ~·I hnve 0!11y to mld,. that t·all'!, with sentiments of es- teem, your frieml, . . . ~· Er.,Jmt'T No'tf.·.\ 01Jlte:mtitt Collf'ge, J\h-u-Y01·h, i1111e 1:9'. • . 1 cBtJOiclei: the above J'ecomme!ul;•tion of the Rev. I'res,, . Chemical Japat'l Blacldn(r ule.nt Nott, 111 ~very r.E'sp~ct to be ,JUSt, ~nd most ea11nest- c ' h l)• <lo I 1vinh th;lt eVet·yp~t:cmt wou!tl provide tor his chil· ANEW supplyofO. & A. <h'etl.lllis mostjmlidous, in~ei'C!)ling :mrl i!lStructive se-l~c- pan Bluck mg:, prepured _ilct, ent-ttlt'd\ .'\p_ru;t tl'oabalislli};bpt·isrnunent l(wf.l:E>hi-in- .!:E.'I'tain~~~· .. pnssed:l!-pt•ll71 lfll9 . .Ua\cd this 7•·h d~J nf ~!ai'C'}l, lll~5, . · .. · · :~- .. · . :lion f,i•rJIU,1TuiilliJly :!!c~llJllW~s. Wn;LI* ~Ht!ms, TRAer & ULIAA, 1 llt the ''\m••ntu••nr:~nt '!.~e~~i~r~~'f~-~:.,:_ __ ~:J _ ~- ___ . e . J;>resitlem.,of.~c~ ~1/f'g·~. -hettl~s-nn-e-f1llll't-h·\1n•ger ,.J.,rrrritr=oso'iicf'n'1'...-'~>; ;'ij•(itiffiilf;~:r.::_~=:c:..!.:~·~~.=·,·~-··~T _Zmull'lgbrtr!!h, 'J!Id!J 2~t 18~4, ~~e Sl\ll,le p1·~~.J11.' · Jr,JmNll'}./

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