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Lansingburgh gazette. (Lansingburgh [N.Y.]) 1798-1826, January 11, 1825, Image 1

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the 1-<_zu Jlrz'e] · ;J ' ir-in in l iin.- nc. of es • ~-T.n 19. l'rcs. l'!lfSt- chil- selec• . Y:OJ·lc, with tlir l;tt'\V· anii, a ge11Pral ~~-· lc A rticlrs- in he1' ,~~ii=;~~:a~a~~~~~- .Ol~ or'Prli.'sident a.11d Vic.e-P~esident-~f t.heVnit~d._ .. ~, ~:~.l~~~~~~~~~ ~ates. The '\v.hole body of ever\ts.conne~ted_witl~ ~~--~.,~:--:....;. · this subjerJ, ·speak an admoni~ory langungf.\! arid-:Of!- IIORACE JANES, TtTE·SDA.Y, Jwiztw:y 4 • monstrate thut -the rnaction of such a law is anJ!:- UM'I'-<!1·-\ o'cl6ck ,tbe Governor transmitted to fuusly desire.d by the people, .and that i't is enjolnecl ~-11. :\S just rt>turi)ru fro.rn l'fe~· .. J:~orl!, w~tl\ a 'com: .both Hou~es tnP following · hy a just n·gartl fur tlieir rights, and by the· die- . JCi pletc a$surtmrnt ol FANG\: and :;1 Al'LE 1\'EDS.S.ACE: tates of true Jldic•·. \\'henev~r the Jwop'le can .. en .. · 'DB Y GOODS,- · r<: •• :~.A·•· of tlt.e Se~r:ate~t; jQy the diwct exe;·cise.of power themselves, no in-· ·I u~hes, A~D A ·(:F. !\ERAL ,\ss6RT~It::i'l' ~oF As.~rmblJ)~\\ ' trrmt>dihtfB'iJCJics should ·he intcrposrd ; and an Ull· . ~ Cr.tp<:s, G·:a.cO:CltlE~, thaitkll m·e due to :\!mighty God, nece5s<~t·yt·esort to rlelrf(ated authm·ity, too f1·equent• C!ijl· s j Gimi>S n· 1 !\ ,_. 1 1 1 1 · · ..... ~~'\'·'\'\ signallll~ssings confl'rrrd on mu• conn- 1}·. Intds t. u <!II ubuse of •wwt·r, a (J.I'ustrat_iun of prin- · ·S.•-·' 1 • ' n.' nic!J lC of .f'l'S 101' Sll e at. t W OWi'~t IJ!l.S l .pi'IC('S. • J' :1 1 -, '• j t S · I - n '£ /, ·' l WJse pli try p11rsueu ny trte· nattona go- ciple .. and a total disregnrd of the public mill .. It. , attlllS, uuttons, All who arP drsir'Ons O.t .. having r: lrrtp auu gouc. · 1 1 • · h \ I 111_ c 11'1'is 11111!; ·uur I'('Som·crs, in dimims • is s.inrr_i'Piy_to .l.Je desii'\O that. the constituti(lll Qf_ the,_ . Vclv ,,t.,, &c. ~{.C. &:c.. Gor.d3; arc particularly invited to nd. · ·1 · · · 1 • ··, · • h ll th ' \ \' 68 !1 1 ]~ 111 ~ 11 .uvatmg pPace wtt li e United Stat<:'s could be so afterrd,· as to provide foi' -lit \t'· 1 a ror p•1st r,Lvors, shP fl•rls bound t-{1 ],,.usingbu•·.t:h . • '\\lme)ll/.<''' 30 · 1824 · '~- h t 1 ·' d - · - ~ u, \ - ,, c mat· rr a lroau, nn con- a uniform rpode of choosing dectors th1:ougho1,1l the .;; ht'l' utmo8t 1:'1\llt'<rilors to nlt'rit til\' patnmu;;p\ ~~- 'fill '-IW\_·\ ~,. r:t ~-- - il)\ rr.~.· ~\ -- 1;, rity at h<.lmr: !t is !!:l'ntifyiltg to' C_niun., In SllCh cus~:, the S.)'btl.'m.l!y districts would~ tlw pt!hli.c. . - . . - . a\.1 .;.::J- 'IN- 1..:.1 a.. ~ ]~..:a.~.... t!ll! gre;!t(•st .mal'itiul~·pmn•.t:. in En- no··ltouht,.-bc mw~·jt.H.licious. But-·while the mo_de .. N. )J.-\):\ \iTU Al\-'lA K 1~G carried on :-tt the. . _ - icl\ ·I'>'C ~ue cl o!<.Piy connectrd by_c·nm· is not tmii'\'nn sound policy seems to rrqmre. tliat nm.e._~'L:~:~r __ tltree 0-Jll'reutices want-_ G EQllGE_ M.'A]J LEY~ _ ~1!1.!~'--\\'\\liHlnication, has adnpt!'ll a ~imilar th~ dloic!! _should br.lt>ft to the pt:oph• by gfllend ed. :I'ro!!, :Vovcm'br;r 8, 1 $'::!·-1. 6.i J B E<iS lear~ tn it\fon·m his Friends and the Po~- \\··•i\fi •. flr>li\ry; \lrilfthll.~ t lit• 'unliallow('tf consJYira- tickvt, and in the most siii!pl<' .and popular shape. - · ·· \ 1' h 1· 1 · 11· \\'\ 1' J nlrl wo1·ld 'ilguimt tht>, Hhi>rtil\'s of man·. Whrn the r_ight ofsnR'r_a_g~ is e.~ncra!Vy_·'lill.use-_o: _a_n-_._.t 1ii'l'll\ -~~!It'.,.. ~Jmn'\\'l!) ~ tc, t at w ias }IISt.l>eturnH 1:om •• eu•- or:, \ 1 . _, ~ . ~ _ .u• , \ ;.; .WV ~ i\'• ~~-:\~' ~ai.~J&I• with .ar:..ch•gm;t'asstill:l!nent ~f Iq~l'\C\' and S'.CAI'LE IJ 11 ' no llll'<lll·s (,f support apu ag~rcsjton tlwst> 1vl,to.\excn;ise the elective frauc 1 hise vote by~ T .UE Subscrihe.t i,nforl)ls'Hit• Public, that he ~ti ~ ~ ~ft':'ti'l>.l:! •l,;~, .•. ;,,n.of thr 1\..thntk. ' ge!tl'l'!fl tiekct, and 1he greatest or h~ghest number . will- sell. sitpt~'HI:lf\ ·~ttHI--all othrr kith!d of • . · ~~ £.._ U:VY~~~~, . -~l.l!-dg~...o.t.·u·it~:..iJ,i)af .gu,¥ctumctU,.whl.lr. rhcri~h\ ·Wil..titutt\.-;. ;m t>lcttiun, power is 6ro~tght.to-the peo· ._ }:.L~U~oJhiS.Lnv trrnl'5 n.~ .it ran u; P'-!_rch<!~t'tl . \\ lm:.h ht: <1fi~r!:!___0r....!'~de Ill the~ curnr·1· ~tcrf'.': :~~~~~ lllllllhcl ful- of tlw l'.xi;:enrirs of wa1·. l!k in t_ly.~pst gratifying amluncxct•ptionahle man- ill. tim nllag 1 ·, 01 • at uny place m thl! llrlghburho•, d rio or~ sont!I of J\1 r. John Albro s starr, and. dul ct ve alHI vaftt:iblr sY,.,ttiiJI-m co!f.~l<lo- twr. E\<cr .since the poliliqlt•xistence qfthis state, Jle \vill·fw!lp <1·-co!l;,ltttlt· ,.'ti 1 1Jrl,l- ,.,f Ji'l't'o.f.t Flu1t ly wpu~itl' tlw mnrket place. . : digc~rd; o.n<tis ~ u. twin of. Sl}£.· .Ill our dr~tio!i.t<-h~l>L-'lm .. CQ;n.tlu,!::l,CU--PJ~l}C.-{lJ:Ll}!'---....:..-~,;;;1 by tlw b•li'I'Pt'OI' huudrt:d. +IP \v_ill lil,\'wise kft'p 'l'lwse who nre plea~1·d t•l lwnurhim w1th a C!lll· ces;sfrtmlev·ellliH•m t. FomJications 1 in the 1nost cipl(' of tlw hight> 5 t number of votes, in ole u good su•>i;lyot' jf.Jr>rri.J.' 8 Plour,.by tho l.mrrul~ s_u- will find (;OLlch as low K>l' C.a~!1, us in any othrr- have bPrn erected. The war-dc· state, for c,,_vemor and Lieutennut-Go_\·ernor; in tl~at the i:thnbitan,ts m<i:Y takP their choic1', und l:i~ ~~orr in l.afl&ill{.;bur:gh. L\\M'\\<i;i;t-h,;~ :uhd~l'f:ODe a ihnl'ough \imJ corupre- districts, for senators and n•JH-esentativrs in Con- 'liupp'lll'd without purch;,:,in'! Fluur from other pla~- l}ecembe,. 14, tkJ-1.. 70 hPit,.;ivi¥''\\o\tlrrn11isali<ln3 ltdnpted a~ onct• t.o thee· gress; in countit->, fur membc1·s of assembly, and res 1 and getting it IIU C'lll'apPI', __ . ___ .:.:_--~-------~-,..-;;;- \\'\\'-'···\nrl tlte_expanSI\\l' I'N{Ull'emf\nts now fi•r sht>ri(T, fiDel dl'rl\S: and in tOWnS for SUper~ J,\COI..I UEIMSTREET. ~;0- fl.f.l(~~ ~t)tO~~- Ordn~uc_r., arm•~ a~Q o- .. vison, a<st,'l_sor~, ,It·rks, c·ollectors, aml~,:omtables-; J.a 118 ; 11 :~rTmrg1i, -sept. 2B, lll24. - -&J .b~Nt prnv!df'i:!, nnd a systt>m ·and no incom;,·niPnct• has re>sultl'd. -1 tbt~refore ~~d j7rogressi.ve accumul~tion. earnestly- at1tl r<'spectfll!ly rt•co·n1yumd tlte passin~ fo!' n~!l-it~ry ruucatlo)l, untl~r th~s~- of a law, tommitting the choice of e\e&tors to the pcdnfi~~r~ncc ot- shent1fic and -~a-lt'lltffi-ll.len; rs m people by lrgcn!'tal tickct,mtu ·by the greatt>st num~ NEW !'LOUR STOB'Ea ··'}'HIE SubgrribPI' having: niiule m1 atTan!.!Pmeot - . fnr a cnnstnnt ~~~ ppl,v of ft·Psh manufactured F'LOlJR, -will\lw ll:!ppy.ltl supply Familil's with Fine, Supe1:fil!e, aiJt1 :ll!:rlrlliu:.u;, !Iy the hmrcl, bundrrd, or lesf';. W;ll\l'autt>d of tht> first f]Uality, and at the fowrst prices. c:J=' ·Onl1•rs J<>r Horst- . F'ctd ailu llz-an pumttmlly attt·nil<'rl·to. . \VILLL\!\\1 HEDGES. ],artsill!fbW:lfll, .' 'lugl/81 N, 18~4. . . . -~--- . .;..._ ---r- L::.Hl'linghurfhBRE~~R\. Elias Parmelee .8i' Ale.x'r JJfeldr.um, . : . ' H· ~A vixr. ~umm~.nre.\l.tl!e llRE\\'• mo Bt:sJ!'\Es~, .at tjw Staml herrtofore· occul:\i\d by llurBtfield ~- . T1·mwr, will kd•p on him_ll.!'!-. con- s1ant supj)ly-4'lf such !\l A LT I, IQUOR~, as arr ns- Wllly:crule.tHur in tluA.part oft h•· country. As one of the Partners hus had much e~lll'l'it·nCl' in the Brl'w~ -illg fln~iness in Europe; th•·y flatter t~ems•·ln\'~ that tl1ey will be abl~ to ful'llish Beer of the firtit qu.tlit); and tlwy assure th•· Ptthlic,·tl.utt evrry ex~rtinn ~-ill be malle to give full ~<tti;f,tctiuu to all who may fa- vor tht>m with tl'u-ir CLI,iUtll. 'fhl' Jksine;;s willi.Jc conducted m1dci· tlu• firm of f'.\Rli.ELEE & ~1EL- ELIA:5 P.\ H:\H~ LEI·:·,-- - ALI:XA~f.H~B. MELD-RU:.M. (J::T f 'ash t;rwl j;,r Nrtrlry .s· l!tJjJS. l.nnr:inqlnn:rrh, .\'o.,•Pmlu•r 12. HCl. 48 S. Flt:EIOT •. 1 ::..:1' AS-j:t't rt•ccivl'd, in addition to his- fm·mi>r· ~ .1. n-surLn•·nt, a Itew supply of DRY GOOD~, whiclt r•''\ I <'I, !.is assorlm•·nt more compiPtC than l1e has t'\\l'r had till' plN:>tii\C of offering to h1s cus- tomt·rs [l!'f<JrP. :iB:!RO.Al)OF&OIJ.IHS. ~' H@ wi~h··~ to nntirP, that h(• hns the b~st assort~ nwnt or\ CLOT liS\ fas 11~· thinks) ~>vrt,. ~ll!lred In this placl', .. mul whiclt .will be sold at a lo..Ver rate thf\n uqnal. All ~llrh as wish to pitrchaso, will find it grrntlv to their -ndvantav:1i to call. N. B.-Ilr:tlo\~s not thinl: it nt>frssnt·v to e\lter into a &mil of th~ <u·tidP~ of whirh ·hi~ ~tori' ron· sists; but· plll'Chasf'i's will fmd a gem•ral nwnt at n ll times. • -t.ttll'lingluu·:;:h., .. Ort.ah!T .19\'1B24. --~-----'---- ' D~ng§, ~1\1-~~icif!_~~'-- -~ Dye-Stuffs., Pai.nts, Oil, -&G·~e ....... _..,._'\\\-_ Eii~ts R. P_armelr.c,- r<on'~''' .. '\ ; f!Qd ~ur ,youth are not_ on- bcr of vutes, u~ n proccetliflg .n·quirt•d by the suve- '\''\\\'\ r: 1var;r out n'*tuire that infur~a1Hin, n·ign ~ittlnJrity of the state, uud by e\cry con,.itler- dlf:'m us~fu1 in Cl!hi~·~ti.ug the at:ts uf a lion which.ought tu gt~VE'I'Il ·tlw Ct>nduct of it\ l.JC- navy1 at ~flc.e tl~,e glt~l'j' ami the pal- gi_slllture, The statute recclttly pnssrd, snbn!itting Cllllnt~:y,..J£. tn a ~tate ),If prosp<'l~uus the mud~ uf Llioir'\ to t~P st:nse of fhe con)tmmity, lllllllileli1'1t-3t:ion;. 110J Ulif j!ct!lant and ·hardy seamltll nt the tlr.xt illllH•.1l {llet:t.iun,. does. not inwrf~.n· es- :;ing their nautim.l skill, }:lrotecting our sentiully witl1 thili mt>asure; and. if it <Jitl, It onght 1lllllle'~ce·a~ll1 mahttaiuiog ~he~lllnor of our :flag in not to retard or prc.vent its immedi~te consumma• tion. 1'he voice ~~f tlw p('ople on -this subjt>ci hns 1·icwq natmally spring from col1temEla- b<>f'n 11--udibly t•xprC>~s<'d, and it was tH'l'tain.ly a work ituu!,itlli ~f our country and of l·:, :rope; of super~rogation to resort tn thi,; process, the ten- pre~Pilt <JCCasion-arf.\ exhihited ln olkdi- -d~n!.:_v of which will bt' to pt•rplcX a qurstion Suffi• t ntap<.latl' uf th~ .constitution, \VI}ich rr- c\t•ntly .]!lain allll ·untvcrsally understood, to postM •· l':XfC.IItive periodl,at ·information of pMl!' a lim' nton<'mef!~ to the.viol~tll·d !llajesty of.the t lu· coinmunity. -~As a:ni!'mbrt· t•f 1•rop!e} ,nr.t_l to ~xc!..tdc yo!.! from th!l Jll~rit pf per- __ 1111 ve 'a~ffirl'fnlet·esHri tTa: }lrps- ftwmrng this gnxt: duty. - . · . · · - · · illld. nece:S~~r11_¥ }Jarticipate in In attt:nd.iug- to the l'lt>ction of tlll' ch;,f magis- , tra1f' ()ftpP ilutfp11; lt>t us uot overlook srr:-,l'ets of' 'home, al-iil ('i:uninl' 'subordinat~ rot1.~ide.rri·tinn, hut certnif>ly nf grf>l'lt '\\''·'~'\~; . -~tfiQi'lt ·re'fC'tPoce to its -cou:-.rqumre to the wdf~re and good order of so- l·eilatiion.s. llitve t>q~tnl rea5on for. gratr. ciety. · · . '' •. . .,,., .. ,.,..., of all_gnn•l. Our elrnll\!lla- 'By tl1e cnnstitetion; a complc!K mode .of choosing I :..J AS j usf receh-ed alnrge ad. . and m ~~·titemry ilt't_it~~tionq nr~ ~~ro<.p!'l'-. jus tire's nf .the p1·acl', through t~1e instrumentality of .. ~ dition to his formt>r assortment of 1 •. heyond all lormrt• t'\fll'l'll:llrP; tllf' lt~ht:..; .. o.l_ th\ -~r~:rw;nt·s-~f,towns, anrl J?dges of the ro!lnty the allove Articl~s, 'which lw otl'cl·s for rei1g1on and l;,li(>.Wh•il~ hav•· mrr~a~t:d; aznrul- ~nmts •. 1..; ('·.t·•:•l,,r~t·d: As th,ts sy~11·m has .l~een sale llll the most ;\ccommotlating tf\rms. tlll'f'. commcrcl',_ ma!utlilctun,, n:n !:.:atw11, \llfl !h.'' lloUJ;u •w.:.pc:ua•J:t m 1ts ~~i~tat 10 n,..anc.l ex~('pt 1 ona­ GrPat j}ains huvc brcn taJ,en to procure evrry · ar- ust>f.tl art~, a !'I·. m a •tlttf' uf uupr,rct·d@tr(!.:wt:vl·il.ile m all ~~; unpurtant hl'lll'lngs, I recornnw~c.l s! 1 cb n ·...L... f tl -\-~ ,~l't. ty and succes::.lul eiuploym .. nt. flw f'Xdt•·m··llt< an ulh•mtwn, through the form~ of the constththon, ' 1 \ 0 te '\ ~. -f!=· I \i· . • • I . I I I . I 1 II ' I I . f I . . Country \lerchants. ('lnthiPrs·or PhvsieiRns who- nnd llllllllO'>ltll'S \rl'lcJ.C J 14.\\'e ut l<'r~'' I'<'~ I' ·n~ ;: -un-1 ass Ia. brmg t w r IOI<'t'. o t l:se magtstrntf'S ~n:?Ct- d · ··1 · 'I · (' 1 1 . • 1 1 ' 11 drr, dl'gratlt'd mu- charnctrr, anll nnpnll!''l our a-, hnnl£' to lhf' m tht•Jr assemblies. · are es1ruus ~. t;tVIfll! t It'll' >0111 ' orwan ,., on :e . . . . 1 • • • t 1 1 -.-- -- - Brush M;lnttfadory. 41S~ Sa.iw your Ho~'s /1ristll's, mtd Ilor.se · -·~f r ,'rtttfe',q.flai;. Cii.nm,can ha•<' th1'm tfi\fll•pot1Ptl fo anv l!nat hing hll-ity.-Cot~ • •- • . . I 1 <' c aJmS 'tl · tl ·1 ftl' 1 1 . 1 •. • rl••l\atron f\lld em ; and ~~ t•1 !1\ h\l\'d I :mu qulll>lll:<itH>Il$ oft w 1 1 1111 . ~~···~-~H •' 1 ~ 1 a\ 1 .., 11 s 1 · .P,_!lre, rrr 0 f'Xl·rnr 4 ';)· that in futun·, tlw great ~uhjcct of comprtitit•~l, nnd JIPr~oJJS at a dbtance, and they· have .nruun.;rou , ,,,.- :y u, o..:.'*'· • • .. \II fi · · thl\ great pnzP of amhltton, WI h£> !'on lllt'rl to n durrmf'lltS to ulllke gooc.l se!Pctiolt<:. lE\OVJDERil 'disting-nished car.:>rr of' l>lthlir SJ>it·it. una)ln_y~t..l by It Ls also sitllmittrtl to your considrration, wll\eth- ~'3l:'iit·TIIE Sub~cr:brr \';.:ill pa~· f,,r ll-1t;'s Tll'isfk.~, clean rumh,·tl, fwm ... b t11 o.'{- Cl'Jrto;, and f.,r Rode _and 9_rtt(le'.~ flair, from !6 to I 'l rrnt\ ywr ·;.·;;tr .. li\~-t pound, at his Br11~lt ;\ianJtl:lrtory, at th\ nnrth Pnrl Chauncey I \l':-i and Riley S\rcct, un<ler the firm of IVES· & S\VEET, ofthr villag£> of I.nruin!Jbllr:.;h. a f('\\1' 1lnnr' '\lith nf Eu.\S R. l'.\ImELE:r.'s, .md direqly oppn•.;it:· 'ft- ·-\''\\\''' .. '-\\,cnAEL FL.\CK's Storr. W ILL c(mtinuc tlw manufac(urr of r. PX- ro\· DCR, at thlir l\lills at Srmt{q-llill; wlwre tlwy ~-ill lwve it culhtantly fu1· ><de, of a supd'riul' ll'tnllty, in cnsks nnd cnnistt·r' ; ant! alsn lie h-1~ ClJ!lStantiJ on hand, n ::::·t·nr'ral :is··.nrtmrnt or HRUSIIES, of tlll' first quality, and n!rnH~t ('\'C- ry u •;;cription, which hP will srll, wholrsnlr or re- tail, on the most rra~onnb\P tf'rms. · .. N . .B.-Cotton Fuct,>ril's can be supplird with Br1UJltes, of any de-scription or' pattern, warrnntrd of the first quality. · · ·o:r'Coimtry :\1f\'rcllants who are in thf' habit Pf collectin~; and brill:!;ill!l: llair or Bristles to mar- ket, Would tlo wdl to call, as the price at all times efi'er~d by the Subscriher fur the~c artidt>s will bP liberal. \Yiiliam l\1' \lurray. J,cm.~in.l[btlr;rl<, Ocrob~1· 15, 1823 5. TJ7illiam Dzt~~tojJ's· . Cclehtattd Ht. A:lbans Vegetable . Paste Blacking. _ at the Store of Chauncey I vc~, north end of the village of Lansingburg!t, where orders can be left and ~upplird in any quan~ity . In ofr'ering- their Powder to thP l'uhlir, theJ as- sure thosl' who 'vish t<l purchasr, that their pric~~ will continue ns low as anv in the United S.tatt's, and that in quality nono is supedor to it. 1.ansingb!ll\_r;!. J•u1e 1, 18:,?-t-. 42 The Lot and Tan-Ya.rd, F ORl\-H:RL y 01\'ll!'d hy w JLLIAM III OtJLTON, situate in the town oi' Pittsi()U'Il, near the fnrm. of F.:«ocn I1 ASK!~s. containing-thref.\ qm111ers of an acre of land. ~\-n indispntab!f.\ title will be _given, al\d the terms of payrnent made convenimt. Ap- ply to either of the Subscribers, for fLu·ther infor- mation. r.on\'F.LWS L-\NSIXG, ( Nr7'' Loan- DERir'K L 1\ ~~:, S OJ!icerg, Rmtsselae-•· Cqunl)l-.. .11a!'. 20, 1822. 36 'I ,TJE nbnve Artirle, bt·l&e\\ed to be better and cheaper 1h '\\\Yother of t.l1e kmd in il''-'• iH fm· s:cle :1t I he nnnul:if'llll'ei''s pl'icc!'l, and wnrl'aTlll'd li~nuine, whn((·s&le antl J•et:ul, nt tl'll' nnoksTMP ot' __ 1 {l\ll>\J!l~. TRACY & BLISS, Lansin .. !Jburgh. J..·. B.-'l'he l;~h~l on ench r•nister lws printed in white wAKEMAN ·s ,)'ufH'rior !Vater P1·ocrl ~ontli. hy im hnn· fif. l twen- t••vnr-11~ ]etters, ()11 the eag\e-W111. TJunlo), I!mggist~ ,1\\e-w-Yol\l·. Paste BLACK! NG\ - NliJJ;j7 BOO](,\'. FOR SALE hy TR:ACV & BLJs~, at the I~ait· Just r.iic;.lv~tl, anc\ fdr·snle·hyTRACY &. BLISS, at th~ . sinlf.~ll_J'glt Bool~storc, 0 at the m~nufacturer's ' • .~; l..a~sing:lmrgh Uookstor~, ;· , pncrs-$:... JH'r' 1luzep 1 and _5 ,cent'l smglc. l T~T<l'*TIS'f.: on the CharaCt('r of Jci\sns Christ, .March :::!!1, 111:?4 3;1 j\). :md on tlle \t'illity,Jt\ tm&C\··of tltr Gn·1hr3•l, \\'11h •!\.r ' quotlltiotls f1'11ni -the,l~ri.-ltitive.Fr•thm. By l~tlmn Smith, . J V E II\ BOO](.)'. pustm.\·pf \. cln1~dt .n ],><>ullney, (Vt.) . . , . Just rece.verl nn<l fo1• sale by 1'jtACY &. 11USS, at the . The \CHRJ:STI.AN COJ\1FQRTER, bPing a I L,10'iingburgh llonk•tnrr, . • ''\\\'q'\\' compilmiun ;& I·~ vf l'rayt·t·s ::t1d 'l'lllmk:~givings, for \ PI'Uctlcnl 'I'll. EA TI SE \on DYING W oo!len, Gh 1 • 1 stutns· of all dcnotnimitions; Jll [wp parts :-PGrl 1, f Cut! on :.n&l fidk, the m .• npt:;f'luririg of Bl''i''l<lcloth contrtiiU11j1;'·11fw-six\£Q~1l\lS ·~f 1no•·~·ng and evening pr\yet~: ant! (;'!ss•mr•-e, tl•P \ulphur111~ ,,f \\' uoltens. nml the ehe· \O which u1·e _adrtl'tt, c:x;et•ot_ses.nt the.m•nJ. fm· comntun1- mtcal b!N.~hittg <l I ~ottu11s: B) \\'~1. I' •nT_nmo•. enntoi' l>elill'e nnd nfter partaki11g of om Lm•d'; Surpei\: A \1anu.tl of J>•·•ictical t;ontemplation!!, \ell< I i/1g to pro• l'a••l 2, compJ·eh('l\!)s for'tns of p1'\~·~r uml tlmnkll)i&vlh~. mote g•»p~ll\''nc.).fe& \\'I ;t'r!\oml ~nnv .. t•~;ation in Chrtsl, for (:hr&ijfiJulll ,jn thfl~rent r.nmlit1ons of their mortal p.!· hr•dh cumpr•StllJ; m .• ny of Llm~e gt·e<~l ll·uths knownlo gri\;n:tgP. Bv .,..;r,.,..,,;cl~ta-'famil~ Ile\'Olipn. t.~ pr .• rttr~cl bv i.llr chl'lSliJm TIH' TRIAL of James Rohrrtqon, on an indict· 1\mn,.'s Hvst~m of l'l'.<<'tlc~l A1•ithmetic, twwhich iR :ul.l- ll\Cnt fo 1 ·.J;'~J~llry, il1. New•)C!>rk, in October last. etl, 11. ~hot\t j,Ln of !3ook~\';_C)>;nb\ fur,~~lj:'J.I~.;of .cl,onls .. thl\· tl<>hasing inJI!wnce or faction, whirh, in sr .. king NiT would not rPnder the minor co11rts more res. its. own gmtifit-:ttiofl, by the d.eyation oi ~ pnrt, t;;\· I\ d,,t;J,• anrl promote good ordPJ', if tli~·rr<pertive. nerally on:rlouks the prosperity (Iff]}{! \\ltu!f'. Our to\1ljS WE'Tl' llllthf1rist·d in tbcir discretion to jlfOVide civil and political imtitlltlons are de1·iv€d from th(! Luihlirigs lt>r thdr sittings. · wisdom, aPld t>xist i11 thP will nf t hf' propll', til\ As cunn('ctcd genet·ally ,~·ith \tif'.,C' importanttop- sOimP of ail rightful Blltllority, and of all Legitimate ics, pNmit me to_tp_qurst ~your attf'Ution to a mor~ sovrrci~nty. Concch-ing jt to be tlw sacrPtl duty ac,curate ,!t:tinition, :t rnorr 1ibrrn1 f'-<knsi(lif, \itiia·a. Qf public: M·n·ants,cntr~Jstrd with power and autho- mc.r~ .srcur£' rnjo)mrnt of the.drrtivP fral:r.hise.- rity by the people, to coruiult the wi,Jw• ns \veil as \ritlmut tlw right of suffragr, librrty c:tnnot rxist. the interests of tltri r constiturnl's, it is mj' f'nrnest I.t is tl1e vital principle of repr~sf'tttativr gt•vern· dl'sirr, and shall hf' n1y fa\'orite nhjrct, to recnm- mt>nt, ~nd it ou~ht, therefor!', to he rffPctually for- nu:nd that r6i1rsc, nnd to pttrsue that policy, which tifictl n~ainst at'cidPnt, design or rnrrnption. 'l'he nm,v pt.JV\ thr rnost gratifying to the com_m~mity, qualifw\tions prc-st•ribed by tbt' constitution, for tqe l)Ud th~ mo't nu'-'picious to th<' gn'nt interests of the ql'rci<oe of the Plecti,·e franchis1', arP full age, citi,- statl'; and in selecting pt!rsons lor offices nf power, zPmhip, residt>nrr for a designated tirnP, payment -f trust and emolumrnt, it ·will he lll\' :tim to look mr t•f an llSS~S~l'd lA:\ to the st:1te Ol' cour.ty, or eXC!Dp• capllcil\', intPp:rit}' 1 patriotic zeal ;\Od public Sf'fVi· tion from taxation, 01' pPrforrna'nce or' •ni1if'iu duty ct•s. 'flw times are uuspicious to ill~ h~aliug of 'i1'ithin thr yrar, arnwrl and t'GuippPd arcorrling to tho:,P dissrnoioils w }tich have so long intrrf~rcd with Ia w, or a!'~t'>'llV'Ilt within thl' yrl';r to laho1· 11pon our gener:J.l l. .. ppittess, 'aiJd so greatly diniinished the public highways, mul prrform~nre of the labor the just considerati011 of the state in the counr'ils of or pn_ymr11t of nn t>£jUivlliPnt. Thi• a,.ral)gPm~nt the nation. As fnr as in my power, I shall Ul' hap· PxdudP~ a grPnt hody nf citb:l'tls fr·om the ~lectiv.e py to embrace tbi~ uus1•icious occasion, and ntak1· franchis.,.; ami a k\\ ~implehilluslmtion~ will <how' every prpper r!f-tJrt to prnnlllte internal pPacC' an!l its complexity a11J its Iiabi 1ty to fraud UJI(I injus- tranqui!ity~ . Having be-en--el~ctell to ofiicP 1 n_o! by ti'Cr. . · . · · • . · -· a party, .but by the J>€Oitle, it is my ardent wish to In 1f: 1 ~,the statf' tux was two mills on the !In!· cast mysrlf upon th:~W· candor nud _iUllgm<'nl, to !at·. !'inrP that time it lnt~ brt>n rPdncNI tn lmlt' n met•t their sct·uti ny ~to consult thrir will, and to pro- mill 011 tht· tlt.•llar 1 ~md in a shl1rt rrriod there will mote their lm,pr~iness; anll I·slwll always br soli- prohal1ly b~ no twccs~ity.f01' auy grnm1ha1>. If citons .to cultivate_ :t g()od undet·star.di~ .. ~vith thr this slJmild ul' the: ca~e, aod the finunres of aU or co-ol'~lmate autbontlf's, and to produ.Gr an harmu- any of the co:1nt1es bf' equally prosprrous, there nious union of effort fur the public go-od. -·: \vou[d t>vidently bt> a dhfr<Ulchisernt>rtt of a11 th<!\se . To establish a just resporisibi_lity in the ext>l'tl· who werr nut taxed, unless th~y had pt'rformt>d tive, as has been done in the lrgislati•;c depart- military dnty or wr11ught on the mads. Jn th~_11me m1111t, it a.ppeai s t--o rnc that pr,orbion oug.ht to be tuanmr, hou~eholde)'~ and t'rt>E>hr,)ders may bP de- muM fur the pu-blica tioll of tht' joumnls of th<' ~e- prin·tl of thP right f>f suffmgt>, t'\'l.'n althutlg-b citi· nate, in relation t() tlldr cxccutiv.r timet inn~. Tht> , Zl'll~, r<'sirleuts, and of fnll11ge. Thr right~ of a pen/)lP o.ught in all cases to k'itow tb'c uffi<\ial nct.<lcitir.Pn ought \not to- b~ l1cld at the pleas1irP of oth• ot'ttPir agt•nts; and as the appointing _pont·r is at ers, but shouldl>e ib;<-'iJ and uncJu!lgf'ahk. But in al-I times an imp9J:.tant trust, and liabh- to great a- llotl1 these cases, if the assessor sl1ould l)<it assess, buse, there ought to be no vril drawn over· its ext>r· til~> collector not receive, the mi\itia not .be callt>d cise; hut thE' n()mi.natiom of thP Governor, arid the out, ol'tne roatl•mastl'l'neglecthis duty,;..tlnwt>wuuJ-d vote of ca.ch Senatp~ 1 _!Jil the accept an~ m· rejf'c_ti':ln be a drp1·i_y1~ion of the f'lectivc franchise. The In- of such nominations, sllould be distinctly understood bor of n day on the highway, or thf.\ ~aym~t of a by th't' \iwoplc. pt'tty wmm.ut_ation, tlw attendanc-e of u day nt a411i~ In 1820, whilr at! ministering the govcmmentr I lilal'Y rat•ade, or the pnyment (If a tui, hoWC\'f'l.\ 50lkited th? attenti£fi.oft!-te. Lt•gi~laturl! to_ the im· mer\-to,rions !n th.emsc}vrst.certai~ly tlo not furnisl\ pot·tance of. pussir_:ag ~-law,., ~y 1~fikh ;n<' P\oplf such h~gh t>vrd~(l\f'l;rot publt,c servrce.,,bythe ag<:nts, could ''llCrCISC tltW' ~·ttfra~es 111 tlte cho•·~~ uf dect·, as to JU!ltlfy 1.\ ~noll!'poly f11 _1hl\ •·l;rtll'-1' ft·tn\,sh.ml i • '>• {;)· - ..

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