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Mexico independent. (Mexico, N.Y.) 1861-1872, September 12, 1861, Image 8

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^Mtty^^ww'—«—ht'**-• mmiumw.j.V\ •••• 1'jiMf .lumnwin. m I***fc,' >atm»0m0l>mimnmynau • T Wi'^>iil^p('ii'iiHmy i ' .-- - ^T**t^<w*-*w>r* .11 IJ jatijLT ~ T\ JIOOGLC\ -'-'— 1 A^JHM MEXICO INB E P E NDBN'T. Another Great Speech by Joseph, Holt, f he Chamber of Commerce of New York ga.se .,] Hon, Joseph Holt a format reception on Tues- day evening.. Mr Holt addressed this influen- tial body in one ot his brilliaotand electrifying speeches. The following are specimen para graphs; FELLOW-CITIZENS :—Suppose you. lived in oqe of those cities where there is a i-teatn .fire- engine and also a paid company to opprate it; and suppose that your hou=e wa3 on fire, and this company and this engine, having bfen summoned to the spots \were vigorously engaged in extinguishing it; and suppose that you ob- served from time to time, men creeping out from the orowd and slipping their knives into the nose, irom which tire water is seen to spout Oat from all directions upon the pavement, how long do yon think the presence of such misore-r »nt8 wofitd be enduWa*t«t^tf8 of \Not rong,\ and cheers.] But suppose, on lot-king nacre elosely at the f»C\8 of those men, quite a num- ber of them were recognized as members ot the fire coriipany, reoeiving salarjes from the ! treajury to which you yourself had contributed, in the first burst of your 1 indignation, would yea not feel that their punishment would not be too great it they were throwninto the flames which they were thus indirectly feeding ? X^oud, cheers and cries of •'Serve them right.\] And yet rhia has been precisely tbeci adijtion nf th« Cnvqrnment of the JTnjtea ^tatgg.^11^ has been from the very commencement of this struggle, the precise condition of the (Jovern- mentot the. United Spates, [Renewed applause ] Bellow citizens, I kuow there are those who look with mojj.e toleration upon these offences which prevail among «s than I can possibly do. Perhaps lam too harsh. {Cries of \No!\] But I inust say this; that tbe men who, in our own midst, give aid and comfort to the enemy, either by furnishing them secret information, or by advocating their cause, or by striving to sow dissensions among ourselveB, or by insiduously dissuading oar loyal men from entering the military service, arfrttiore fatally the toes ot ill: it ohr country than if.tbey were in the servic ot the Confederate SUt»s, {Prolonged applause tadcrtesof ^GoodT'l The power of the government can do joiucb t6 correct this evil ;->buc muefi^morV can ,be ! done by th|.^nWii^po«se.r^ot^ublic opinion, lirandin^is an enemy,' socially and politically, JSMoyalty,\ whenever mni wherever it is foind. ' fCncere.} Jphess men are, morally at least, guilty oflhe dearth of those who fall in deteose of ihe government, jtt.it a* much as if they had met them on the battle field. In your railroad CMS,'upon your steamboats, inyour thorough- fares, in every social circle, disloyalty should be tortndfcd and bl&p-kHl as a leprous and loattt^j something. [Lou^d applause.} And whenever jou-meet these men—be it (ipon 'Change or in —the gonial nirnlfe^fiflfl they offer Jou_ their hands, look well to them, for if you have tie eyes that Ihave, you. will see that they we red with the blood offrfiemen, your kindred and: friends i* May be, who have perished, and are perishing on,the battle field. [Great sensation ] Turn a%ay front them with disgust and indignatiou- [Lond oheers.1 Fellow'Oitizens, if I may be permitted to j utter a word upon toon a subject, I would ear- nestly counsel forbearance and patienoe in leferenoe to those charged with the administra- tion of our Gotemmeat. [Cries of ';*<3ood l 1 ' •'Good I\] Before criticising tn«ir fcouduct. we should remember that we may not s^e all the field oi action, and may not be in a condi- tion justly to appreciate.tie fi'flbaltle* wbic& ar* to be overcome, No man can donht the courage or loyalty of tie President of the United States, [a bnrst of applause and enthu siastic cries of \No t. no 1''] of his determination to tappreea this rebellion. J^ohim, under the Constitution, the-popular voice lias committed absolutely the fate of this Republic. Hla hands are entitled to be strengthened by outs* Thiit^ which weakens him weakens yourselves, *nd weftitefls the struggling coantry, whlch.we are all struggling to save. [Applause.] He i* this moment overwhelmed with mountains of toil *nd responsibility such «s have rested upon no public man in onfWstoty, and is fully en.- fitted to all the support and consideration whfefc a generous and warm-hearted patriotism Arehbif hop Hughes has wrttt-n a long let* j ter to Bishop Lynch, of Charleston, denouncing ;4hej:fibellion and declaring-for thi* Ui>.».i. The Archbishop shows Ihatit is the du'-y of.all pi- : triotic oitizens to sustain the war and punish | the Southern traitors; -' I • T—The ball haB at last fairly opened in him- j tuoky, Gen. Grant,la anticipation of a like j act on the part of the rebels, has taken posses-! sion of Paducah. He took possesion of uw ! telegraphy railroad! and marine hospital, and found a large amount of rations waiting the arrival of the confederates, who were hoarlj expected with a force of 3,800 men. —The following is a list of the nominations agreed %on by the Democratic State Conven- tion, held in Syracuse last week: Judge of the Court of Appeals—Geo. F.Com- stoek. Secretary of State—David R, Flnjd Jnnra. Comptroller—George G. Scott. Attorney General—Lyman Tremnin. State Treasurer—Francis G.Brunck. State Engineer and Surveyor—Vah'R Rich- mond. ('anal Commissioners—-Jarvis Lord* Wm. W. Wright. Inspector of State Prisons—William U. Rhodes. —The rebels are strengthening th'ir posi- tions id front of the federal.lines, and are said to be receiving large reinforcements every day. Th*s» tacts, wath.thfli completeness, of.. General. McClellau's arrangements, indicate the near approach of a second great battle. The gov- ernment is still without any confirmation of the report of Davis' death, a,nd the rumor is be- lieved to be a canard. • —The rebels continue to throw up addnnonal defenses opposite the federal lines. New works have been erected on a hill commanding the houses oooupied by our pickets, about four miles from Chain Bridge. * —It is reporter! that there are 2.000 federal prisoners at Richmond. —Three steamers, tbe property of rebel cit izens, have been seized at St. Louis undeffthe confiscation act. - —Several thousand rebel troops are sup- posed to be encamped at Leesburg. —The application for Treasury notes are so numerous that several deputies have to be em- ployed in signing them. DRIGGS & PAEKHTJftST W <& x thoy have just purchased a largo stoek of Boots and Shoes, Mlt CASH, which they will sell at a very email advance. Ilsavy double soled Boots $2,26 si Women's Calf Boots ,90 a ana all other styles in proportion. Also, a full line of New Fall Dress Goods, CHEAP. Dentistry. FINKLE & I Sewing Machina Company, 33b BROJSDWJ Y, XEW YOfiK. No person who contemplates purchasing a sewiug machine lor family or manufacturing purposes, should fail to Bend lor oue ot our cir- culars, which contains cuts and full de-criptions of the several st> les prices nud sample* of work, all ot which we send by mail free. We claim to have the Best Sewing Machines in the World. For either Family or Manufacturing purposes. And all we ask, is a fair trial. Read the following i Important Facts. FACT NO. l.—This company being duly licensed, their> machines are proteoied against' in—| fringements: or litigation. FACT NO. 2.—The^e maohines make the look •stitch—alike on both sides,—and use a 4ittle less than half as much thread and silk as tbe chain or loop-Stitch machines. Pr.-O. BAWC.JCK, wulung lo establiBli a Denial Office in thin viltxga, bus Inkpn r«i>m« at tlie Slexico Hotel, initi wouui b« plji?iseil lo recli-ve calls irom the eitlzeDH, ivliffti/-'' ll'j6j! JUi.fr* > hi* prorchlnfifiitl f-ervic^ or not. In order to infvr.n) tht oommunity what MN various styles an4 prioea lor MechanicalXientistry are, he givts the following list;— , Full setts im Ookl 22 carats fine, $80 to $100. Full setts on Puro Silver, J4D to *S>0. B'ull setts on i'latinn, i^nntinuous Gunis,) $100. Full setts on Hard P >ht>pr or O'Tslite, $50. Cllasp jobs on Uold whh spring clasps, preventing I injury »r near to the r tlural ifeth, $i per looth. Tim Mime on !?lker. spring ••lasps. 92 pi*r tooth. Teetii filled wiih Liist.il u«U for *1 to >3. Hill's flopping 6U to TSi-ts AitifiiMal bote, 7fcts to SI. T»etl. estracterl tnr 26ois. All work warranted to be as gtmil as cno bi» pibcureil In ()si\.p,^n O-unly.' RkEEKKiCESl. - ilh. DAYTO.V, I)K. Hc.NTU>0(UJt, Md BR . BRADBCBY, Mexico. The follnK'ru; is from a man who is pretty well known by mapjMuf the citizena o4 this pinoe: Camden, To the citizens of Mexico.— Allow me to in.triHJus'e to your favo'nble notice Dr. C. A.. Babcnck He h*s bei<n in my nillce betweun four nnj live yenrs 1 talu- plfasure lu sajing to the citizens ot Mexico, that he piiaNoasea rare attailimftuts In the line of his prole»si»n. lie is well posted in all the latest improvements of the mechanical department and I trust, with strict .attuntmn In busiiii-ss, be will merit a very liberal &hare it your patronagu a.nJ oonli- denoe Very reBpoctfully yours, A. T VAN VAI.KKNBCKIIH, Dentist. Mexico, August Jtu lsfil. , Aug. 12tb, 1861. PACT NO. 3—These nrncbihesare better adapted than any other sewing machines in market- to tbe tri qaent chaag«s-«ad Almost endless viffiety of sewing required in a family. They •»\wHl i-ew Irora one to twenty tbickunsses of Marseilles without stopping, and make every stiLjcb perfect. They will even sew Irom the finest gauie to the heaviest cloth, and eveu etotft\;\hard leathtr, without \changing the teed, heedbs, or tension, or making any ad- justment of machine whatever. Is not such a machine best adapted lo family use? and# BEST adopted to family nse, why not ior every variety ot light sewing manutactnre 1 For jwoik too heavy ftr our family machine, we recommend our larger sizes. FACT NO. 4.—These machines make the most | elastic seam ot any sewing machine in use— \ a fact of very great importance in sewing ' elastic goods, or goods of any kind r onabias.J Take Notice. FOR SALE! So mo of the Most Desirable Locations'm the West. T O an^-Tine wishing to invest property i n weBtetn lands, lmprovcilor Unimproved, 1 would say th»t I imve some of the choicer.! Iflc&tloas in the vr«fKt, which I will sell if applied for soon The adore laij<i,8 »«-e sit I uatcd in Wisconsin They were piircUasui whea the country was new. thereby securing the Best Farming Lands tli*t cuuld be bought. The nbuve described Janets aie Well Watered and Timbered. Tbev are situated within Irom $ to 6 miles of Steamboat navigation, thereby seoutlhit » good market. For'farther particulars enquire of the subsoriber i» ilexioo, Oswego Co., i\. Y. [22] A C. EBalUXE Livery Stable, T HE subscriber has juit opened* splenclld I.lvery at the batoa connrffteii with the Empire Mouse, MfX too, (lately occupied by I.'L. DiUfabucUj and tsprep»f«d to into out as nice ' rigs\ as cftu be had any wheie i» this part of the State, nnJ for SMJLLER PRICES' TH.4N K VBB. as his charges now are in keeping with tbe times. His carriages art all j Entirely JNFew, | ann* made id the latest style IRA BIDM.KCOMK. ISC Term» Cash, July 17.1861 or Ready Pay. 18yl O. W. LANPHKAtt, M. D. P VLERMO, Oswe-go County,^. Y. CJIU punctually att«ndeii all hours of the flay or nigbt. Ik- can yield. [Lou4 cheers.] Teachers' Class. » A TEMPERS' CLASS will be oj>gani2e<l in Mexico Academy, in connection with the regular Nnnnal i.'lass now in seision under the supervision of the Be gents, on Monday, Sept. 23d. to continue dnrinjc tbe last haif of the present tenu. 'this Glansl* designed for th«ln- ntrUction of those who intend to tench during the endu- ing winter and wish to prepare rapidly for the Commis- sioners' Examination, and the responsible work ot the School roena. Inatruetiottwill be given in Sratnra&r, Arithmetic, Descriptive and Physical Geography Read mg and Spelling. 13 S. History, Pettmantfiip and Book Keeping. The latter branch will be taught by a sys- tem of cards, in a thorough and practical manner. In the conduction of the rtotaal Class tbe present Faculty #itt*b» assisted by Mr. hi. Steele, late of Genesee .Col . lege. Who has had experience as a teachw, and, daring I the past year, has been President of the \Genesee Condeiuted Hews, —0tt4er theiate \m of J0pngte?s, ample p|-r> visieo »8 made lot tie P»F of regimental battds, tbe compensation of a leader being equal to thivt«f * lletttenant^ *nd t|ie pay of privates the same as members of the Engineee.CQfpB! It hM therefore been deternH'oed to organize foil b*adsf»rail the regiments, mS. persons have bMB 4e*»iled f<w that duty from each of the N«w Tork regimento. ' —A. dUpateh from Poolesville, H&.< states that on Friday a force of 1,000 MiMfwippians r«eb«d the vicinity of Fairfax Coari House, wUm sbaif pi«oe*of tetillery,, *li^^e4wl foroe eppoiiW wa«hiDgtoa is estimated, la the same Wf*rt,*tJ25.00ff,*ith large d*\if reinforce _L fiountyteicbei'B' As»ocla.tio*».\ Tb* price for tuition will be the same its in the regular departments of the •ichool. Those who may wish to enter the class for a portion of the term niUbsotatrgad only for the period of their ju£ennfttK!*, K6oia»cS4SeroDtatoeil iof those wishing to b0*»« thBtnselvej(to^Bo»r(],jiiiin be ..procured at a low rate, trictae ae*iring to jsin thisolass ai>e re- tueated to correspond with the Principal at aa early a date as possible. fJ DORMLAN STEELE, A. M. t. frinoipal of Mexico Academy. Mexico, Aug. 26,1861. P. S A limited number 6* Classes will be formed for the aceomwjjdatoon of studei's wh\ m8 y entfe r tl ? e school either at the above time i*r at the middle of the term, Monday^Sept SO. 24** \•' • FACT No. 5.—No ma'ehine is more durable or more simple in its construction, or more easily understood.- ThB reputation of these machtnes wherever u*»d will fully demou* strata each of the above .FACTS. FACT NO. 6.—These machines took the. highest premium at the Fraukliu Institute, Phils dephia. FACT NO. 7.—These machines took the highest premium at tbe New Jersey State fair. FACT NO. 8.—These machines took the highest medal at the American Institute, in the city of New York, together with tho highest pre- mium for line sewing machine work. FACT No. 9.—These macbhres took both the highest premiums at^tle Mechanics' Fair, Utica, N. Y. FACT NO, 10.—These machines can do the same thing generally, whenever properly exhibited in competition vnth.other first class sewing machines. But we have space for only one FACT more—it is the most important fuct of all. FACT NO. 11.— We warrant every machine we sell to give nKrtm satisfaction than any other sewing machine in market, or money refunded. J£g*\ Send tor a circular, AGEKTS WANTED. \GiUPEVlNEV * And Other Fruits and Plants. rpHE subscriber has all the best varieties Of the fol^ JL lowing for sale, Tis : Grape Vines suitable for «*\/ bearing! Apple Trees. P«« frees (Dwarf* and Stand- ard*), CttMants. Gooseberries, lAWtoa Blackbwrw»t Strawberries, Rhubarb {Pie M»nt). Roses, 0ahli*5 and We^el'iia, all ot which will o* »o»d low £*& *» a '\•* Grapesttow in tail teaiitig:»*.\tfs.1HVl\^trwit Vwt**\9- p. SANDH^V-KJi. Mexico, Ahg, 20, 1861. , 23w4 i ard A SUPERIOR QUALITY, at A ROMATIC OACHOl'S.-a fume to the breath, at Oil! Bt'Tl.ra & UIGGINS-. Life and Fife Insurance Agency. Tt OM E ALFRED fr MILLER, Manufacturers irf • , C.lRRMGETi. dlRRMQES, BUGGIES, CUTTERS, and SLEJGHS, And have on hand 1 a general assortment, which they Wjllr-seH cheap for oaah. Repairing in all Branrhes of the Business done on short notice, by the best exfnrienced workmen. Ornamental as well as Carriage PAINTING. Carriage Trimming, AVc, <Sre. At the Old Actulesny Bnlldhtg, Mexico, N. Y The Syracuse Daily Journal, Issued every afternoon, by John tt K. Truair and Rod- nfv I,'. Aoatos. a« the flrtn if JOHN G. K. TltUAlB & CO. RODNEY L. J\X)Aii&, Editoi, CARRULL E. SMITH Associate Editor. ! 'PifRjis —To city subscribers, 10 cents pfr Wfefe, pay- able tu the corrtfr. Mail BuUsciibers, 16 per inuio, payable in advance. delightful, igrecable 1'er-' CO SI PA NY ..Sl.liOt.l'OO President. WM. COOPER, Agent for this town, and Oswego city. Booms over Clinton & Eaton's store. 26yl INSURANCE of New York, Capital...., $1,000,0*0 Surplus.... , 600,0iiu Total Capital and Surplus > CHARLES J.. MARTIN, J. MllTOii PjtiTB, Secretaty. NEW ENGLAND-PIFK k MARINE INSL'RANCK CO., oi Hartford, Conn. Capital ..- *5u0.0o0 with a large surplus. NAIUAN \\. \¥AtEBS)AN, &E0; D. JEWKIT, Secretary. President. flOME LIFE IN-UBANfE COMPANY, . of New York. Mutual, with a cash Capital of. S125,Q00 ' WALTER S. GRIFFITH, President. G«n. C RiPKBir, Secretary. fSf Appliciitions received anil Fire Polioies tisned upon as favorable terms as by other reHjir-nsiiile com pa uiea. by A. JOHNSON, Agent, gyl. .; • • Mexico. N. Y. Latest War News I C ITIZENS of Mexico and vicinity will find the latest' war new* In the Oswego Commercial Timet, published every afteruooh at 3 o'clock, with the very latest news by telegraph up to the bom of going to press, and twenty font hours in advance ot any ether paper which reaches Mexico. Terms $6 per annum, or 6o cents per month. . J. N BROWN, Proprietor. Iiu ft- J3*OWN, Editor. 16 Notice. A LL persons wboee N-IUK «ni Accounts ar* due, are requested te call an<! settle the r^arue, and save e.,«t. / STARE CLARK. de-**>tt»,'Kij $;«©*-'••.V-\ \ ••'-• -• • 'att > 3 •. W S T 1' 1 !'•:•• ! :i

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