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Mexico independent. (Mexico, N.Y.) 1861-1872, June 27, 1861, Image 6

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BliW®f!Mr¥® MtfB^?8®§u SlElilMIL Wm& & MIS ib®(gM ' 5M1iWlffi&& VoLTJMB I. MEXICO, N\. Y., THURSDAY, JUKE 27, 1861. NUMBER, 15. THE MEXICO INDEPENDENT A family Journal, OBT.oted to LITERATURE, GENERAL INTELLIGENCE, AND LOCAL NEWS. TERMS: JlSt One Dollar a Year, Jin Advance. -?©», »« » - — RATES OP ADVERTISING : (2we(jje lines or less mq.ke a square.) One square ODD week, $0 60 \'• • \ two weeks, \6 \ \ three weeks, i 00 \ •'« three mouths,._ S 00 11 \ sU months, , 6 00 \ \ oneyear,... ........ ,. 800 . One column onr year, , 30 00 ~~BlSl¥^S BIRECTOPY, WHITNEY & SKINNER, A TTORNEYS & COUNt-ELLOBS AT LAW,and BANK- ERS, Mexico, Oswego Co , N. V. __ „._____... . .4 TTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, in Webb JX Block, Mexico, N. Y. fc'fiENCHS' LAW fjmeE, M EXICO, OSWEGO COUNTY, N. Y. All business prompt); attended to. Special .attention paid to collections. <3»pHOga, FHKNCR. JOlIM B. PRKSCB DOCTOK V. A. BAKEB, M EXICO, N. Y, Special attention gW»n t o Chronic Diseases. Til? advantage* afforded by the differ- ent plans of practice given patients placid themselves under our care. Examluattonn m»destrloily on phys- iological principles Office in Empire Block, 1st UlTor. ~~ Pit P. S. GRIMES, (Associated with Dr. V. it. Baker,) E MPIRE BLOCK, MEXICO, N. Y. Surgery treated on modern principles. Calls' punctually attended, alt Jttuucs of day or n'gbt. 11 _ - WETENP IELD, M ANUFACTURER AND DEAIAU. IN OMNIBUSES, Coaches, Carriages Sleighs. Cutters, Buggies, Lumber W*gon8,&o., Mexico, N. Y. •MEXICO HOTEL, M EXICO. N. Y A S. CHOMBSIiUN, Proprietor. Stages leave tins Houso da'lty lor by mouse. Osweg', t' ul ton, aud tho Care. A good Livery nttnehed. \liiPlWHOUaE^ M EXICO, N. Y. I I,. I)JU.BMI,>CK, Propriety. «tage« tea-ve'hia House daily for o-iu-egu, halMo ar.d KA«oag. A good Lively is alio connected with it. . AMEHIGAN HOTEL, M EXICO, N Y-, East dido of Salmon Creek J. !,1 ..S1ATBT, Proprietor. . .,.. ,'_... .... ~ T^XTAMORKE, ~~\ A TTORNEY AND< Of\'\SU.LOR ATI AW and .1 i.-t(-« of the Peace, Phfr-iW Hl„e(t SIT- •»>» '.he hall trom Wtiitney & SKIoner's Banting Office, Sl'inif, N Y Sp» 0ia 1 ntleuV.on ynu[ to Q llert. vus, d urn 104$ nild 07ill.owl OdjjVogof Peeds, ifortjajres, (i-utraots, ftc \~ \ \S.B.BARSES J USTICE OF THE PEACE, In Vf«» TtWb, M-sico. .* Y. SHERMAN HO^MER, - B OUNTY LAND & PENSION AGENT, Webb Block, (up ••tfliri') Max co BUTLER & HIGGtNS, .. D EALERS IN HHtjbs A.VJ MkMi.lM^,* PAbXT.-, Oil', I'ye Stuffs, Boots, Stationery, &.• , Ac Ut»xicO. N Y. BAILKY ' & AYRKS, D KALERS tM hEADY.MAIiK (1.0*1111 Vfi. Fo-msl.itg lji.()d«, Erg]i«ri auilJreucli L.nauci -liis, (.-.i-\omen\i Vexing*. Ln^i** 1 t'lnth. 'Kriniri, K*, I' »1« Cifs hs — Cutting and (u-tcni wotk|8 u«»al MBJICO, N ^ . M. W. BABCOCRr T M ANTFACTfRHi W (Miff-: iV'i &\% 'i vtr, nr a \V+>«t of P. 1).. llexic • .'<. 1. I'.M'k-ular iitt-n Lu.ii 1 hi,! -in CuM' 111 [••'|,:n , .r. enl '•\ •, :• '\'ii 1 !\.' I: /~* R Glliiid, M AM'FACTflU'R UE ai-H'f.- AM<.~iiuh¥. n»st d< cr I.. >i.>tri.('i..u .'.»;.-.- , :.;. * x V :'..:. J • l»ir attention paid to Ciittnui Vt orti Ni't t-i lip 'indfti-or-iiJ. 'SfONE & TfLLF.R, D PALFft^ IV T1\Rr'WU:y 4T\Vl.< ToV -'Ti-T.I NaOi, Copper aod Sheot Iron nini 'Ij.nui*ptiii->. • in Liu tV,ir<> Agt'tit-i ki WHi-if 1 llvn inc.Hi n^ t ,H 'i'r.«^ 1,0 1 l\ ^'.'v thpi it' 1 !^p*i.i' vt.iror^* p .,t, s r *• of Mttl'.i & J*tlt»r»onSt8., un'ii'r I'uwn 1U1I.MOX.ICO . ,N. V CLINTON. -EATON & CO.. D EATJEtl!' JVSIT.VSR ,\NH PI ATETI WAKE. Rr,,c«.r.P«. luiur I'.-rU. Butter; Clieftie, tVmid. t\-iil<.n*-*3.r..i- Mwne W ire, Flail, Kom-eneOtl io.'..I.a,ui|ji,—ib l'lin-ii'X BKTK, M'X,;.crt. M Y. . O. b'. Tm,LUR^ \~ D KAI.FK IN ORO''KP.IES AN':II I'K'lVijlOVfi, ch we bnio l i of Tobacco, &c. Nft. 3 Webb Block, Mem- 00, NY. \ J! H. TULLER, \'' M ANl rfACTLRH'i AM' t'EAU R !.^\ ll.oW.v Lt'I.Tfi *atiiii. Hiiin-wi, Lain'. R\M»r«. AiiMcut'.uril Ito- pli tneiitn, Mill (Seating, ifaflnm-ry. Stmes. Castir'ss, So , Meslco. N. Y.. Agtnt far tbe enle if Wftoil'^ loi- pi-i veil Mnivlpfr Mufliinea Ijer-t and cli\:i^e<t MarUijeiij u*e I'lioe S80\ » - ' < ',.:/' MEXlGd°\M5RBJ.E' WO-h-RS. \ \' I T» i'AI.I.AfiM, I'ealei' (n AmstrfW and' Foreign Mat- ' • hii\ iVfonuments, Head»iiio^s. Marfll- 9, Table Top-, Counter slabs. Sinks k-. Wo.k ,l\ne t., r.^er aorl on cea»nnibbl*-termB. Mexico,ftnwegn l\ . N Y- ^J7N,\F ( HALL,\ \--\\-- B tRRERAN'nHA.IU IiKESSKR PartlculiT attention l,ni<t to ShampOonlusr and tile (\utiin of L?.!ie--' andClilblren'sliftir, Shop uext-Wor t-i ll.iw-uing's biw Otllce • LfvfBF.R YARD. 'tl'TVl. ^\A'XI^. 'lea'\!* in H'-inl\\.!; Dew .1 ••'. -'eriKf VV an 1 Pine T.uti.ner, <f all ijnoln ,.•', (.Isini: <.i :r. tbi'.roiigii I/i'h. Si-anil n-r Timber. Mnjl-oar-Ii' j^la-ne-1 and rtintrbi'il Fleoririr, Celling. &i . kilo dtied or oth- ,,,.„,„ £1 V-(. s, * .1*1''; •.•!,- '• ' • i. 7.V Ip l,,.rl!l of lie A«ai'emy, M-iico. Inn . ' • < | ''. \ '« s • ' '•••- »\ a • ~* HEWITT'S-HOTEL,' H 4ST1KGS, N.. Y. M. P. HRWITT, Proprietor. Stages leave this House daily for By raeuseand Mexmo. TEXAS HOTEL, L MAXAM, Proprietor. Stages lenve the Texas lintel • daily tor Oiiwego and Pulaski. Privatooonveyaboe to any part of the tuvn. Wrofi • ^-3E~BrPBRKlN^ '' B ENTIST. Mexico. Offioe and reiidenoe in the bouse receptty occupied by James Toiler, on-Center it. P AIMT-i AND OII.s.—We hnve just i-eneiv B d a new nupply of Lead ar.il 011a, wiiicii wo will sell at very Inw fignriiB for oasli BU TLER & • U Ki(i IN S. P ORE CIDER VINEGAR—a very aupenrfL, »r icle Call and exarbine, at BUTLER & HtOfil^S OAL OIL—will burn longer than KernueDP—at 80 ct». per gallon, at BUTLEK & JIKitilAS 1 >0RE WLNES AND LIlitt'KS, for medicna u»e,'at BIJILER k HiaGINS'. The Old Man's Tfuk to Hi? Wife. BY i:VBtON SHIRIJJ.Y. c F INK TOILET SOAP, at BUTLER k HIGGIN'S- New Goods ! New Goods!! Just received by STO:VE, ALLEN 4- CO. E will now offer, for Casli or Ready I ay, a large auo well selected titocli of Spring & Summer Gr O O D B ! which have been [urthased sttictly for Cash, at the present low ra.ee , will-enable u» In ^ell and gi.i.e bolter inducetui'.ntu to our cust jrn..r6 tbau auy o'tbei- o itab lishment in Mexriooor vicinity. consists uf DEY GOODS, Groceries/ Ciuckeiy, Glass. Wsrt, Tttper Hangings, Wmdo* Sbiujes, Huts and Cap«, BOOTS AND.tsHOES, Slonc and 'IVvodcn Ware, nnj all goods usually lound m a Aral olasB country elore. A':x U.t.U-;f 'hc«Kt. takon in t;it.ai.g<;.!..-.-(iotCbat , ib« Highest Marlie: I'licHS Cursn putd :or Butter and! .V // .>7*i.Vf. ! r 1- ALJ.ES •• U. 11. .S7UA7.. CHANDLER & AMES, j 1 Bankjcrs. Mc-sicrt. Oswcso Co.. K. V. i Jo«!-ie justft'ir fly firs,good wife, And draw tho enrtainn to, »And come ait here b'p»ide mo, My patient friend and true. Just another suoh a night, love, Fnll thirty yenrs agnpe, We sat by this< Snme hearth stone, But not. as -JOW alune. t For ' n yonder Blinded corner Stood a RilUen covered crib , 'Twa* bubj Joe*» bright sunny face Tbt tloatlng curtain bid And here aa tbe volvet carpet. Where rest your slippered foet, You rementber how he lay, wife, Our eldest, fast asleep. One (\iropled arm supporting Hia head* with Its wealth of cnrls I'tell you what, nnr two fair boys Were worth a dozen girls I Bnt many a change has come, old wife, • Since that calm, happy night; * The crib is none—oh I baby Joel The pale, cold, white moonlight Hti'l bnuDteth ns. and the swift utream Ha'fa.foe same wailing sound, As whtrti, beneath itagbWhy waves. Our wljils, dead boy w.as found \ And Rob fr-ha I wife, the bitter tear Joe's memory Uatb bro,agbt, Givna place t o a proud, bappy smile At what oar Rob hath wrought. Our one p\id sup, our nrbie man, Out pride and growing name— Filling c^r home \v ih nurd* ol loyo, The world with deeds of fame. But « 'fe, mbero is nnr boy, to night ? Wtfat-' not at I.PP'M again f V'ell. .Ann e i« n. nir-Q, g„(.i! girl, Am: / nWeS nKt eamrjjtttu. For I went coning nncb myself. And if our Pvobert's wife S'bonM prove nee hnlf a i cooil IIB rolno. He II -keep'goijd founds wttb lite. And, wi f e, we mo Rhou'.l thankful'be Tb^t Ho 1 hn« ble«sed ns so,' Onr fe. in' stilljiolils thft grdwn roan Rob, Oor 'tiearts, the baby .loe. If OR? TEii Sight I/tafls for bale r n New Yorfe City, Englind, Ireland. Getn.a.ay, Fraupe and all parts of Europe Important Kews! THE\IRtlKPRhlSSIBI.E COJVFLIC TV\ I 'lf >TtT .^I'MPTKi: may «ur\\> ler ii; n\t j-.;«t ft« j.io . C.lil, i\n'ler«.i.m si (' •. mi}- «»• fit. b t wliat\ver p>li.-y »i;*y !•(- iiiV'pie I, »t ate honn-i to^ell - x \Boots ar^i Shoes wh«*t« % \liftve vi\ U-J-D-V, H'!«i art* c-asuu-ily uiis-ia- tiicturiOw' ALL KINDS OF CUSTOM WORK, F.'n^ n -ne bu*< t!.e : b^sf «.*.- ck Tin'en-p^r-.-.c^n »Yip l ut tbe :•:>? y.til.!'vyv, Wears e*Til\leiit'w» rms'v\ entire catmfactinn tu ail V.'.'i I!i l y il>o: i.\ VI !' i-j-i' ; ,!'- ., -'•-.-- AMr>, Al.tXANjiER & CO , ii o-ui^l Liork, No. *. •Hex :'. Mir-'i *' f 1 n*?-! Iinportunt News FROM THE EAST! O IT. otock !•:\ sencaaV.e ^Jcd= Is now cc.rnplete, eco- braoit-g • ' • ALL VARIETIES, STSLL'd & QUALITIES usually Kept i n tb\ mat-K't iVr^ons ri^bUg lo pjr- cbase t'-r Cash or Eeady Pay, wrtl remember tuat cur m<t'.o is— NOT TO BE USDERSOLD. Call and eximme. ac 1 si'.i.ify jOurselveft. Yon wffl flndour Ready-Blade Clothing AND tiEJVTS FVH.Ms.HlXG (;O0V$. At \o. 4 rUo.tiU Bloi U, w'ieh will'ie Sold strictly r \t t.aUi. CutfT w;-;h as j.aual, attl.e nM-stand. BAILKY '& AYRES, 31 A ¥ MARTIN; — OB— THE M0HSY DIGGEBS-. CHA IT PR IV. We will\r.fiw follow the papreT-pypd exppct- antc 1 cf s',.;t t rinij ttc.\.9t> to th a th( atro of tlieir firt:. opet« ,: <v,s ia tbe woods. A com. pp.hy of !)v«>, ii divlduals. brides Martin unci Gow, had airs'sdj b*rti lorniHlaecotcliuff to the pl.in'i\fi>r-f la-i.'.iwiiej. aii'l many uif^hts bad U.'f,i 'p-m i»v t^etn in iinki'jij ejuavaiioQts t-n tb«* fpot ii ILJJ'I.-] by tl-ir kader, svho gen- erally rerjjMn-d v.ub thtm Several hours each nipht in i.lliti.1 DH tli-.ir m >vtijrii-nt->, belore be rt'i\! Li LI.-ri :r, it en lite mdantain, when l,:> had now, fr tU\ mo4 part, takea up hi-\ ijnarter.-'. For 4!i» u r-t fer, rights of their dig- pitig he hi'il dvrei'Ud their tli'orti? to diflvretifc p'.itce? wiibiu u c rl\ nften rc-ds in diameter' d>>.iseated Ly marks untho trees, and couaiittit inp a boiitdnry within tvbi. b, h« caid, he had nnd'Tcd it rertain liy vi. w«h\ had obtained w his magi.; si(i>ue. aud the Trorkin<i of the divin- ing rods, that the money lay buried. But for several uf the kt wifthts be had ordered them to proceed on in i soavating in the fame Yijin, a'fuiiujr tb-m 'hit they might depend on hav- ing centered on tt\ right place, as<d to ea great a u-rtainty Av.'s-tLN iiuw r-duci.d. us his stone a-.idj)itfn-fried rods ih'ormed him, that he oould safely promise tbem that a few ni^ii's' labor wonld'bTing; them to the treasure. Aod' Bach beiue the ea'\ 1 . be enlbd oa each man to have the bonu? to be pvd hjm on reaching the fir^t dollnh in readiness at the sarne time de- clining to assi\* th( x m nny farther till they sev eraiiy compl'ed with this indispensable requi- sition. Thisfor?ev*'r:ildayTCiu- ! ed apucpi'n'iQn of their labors.; for* ii^reqiired no small ex<r • tioa on tbe part of th a c&mpiQy generally, and ; rjnany sacrifices on tbe part o! some o f thorn to raise, at that dny. tfn necewary i-utn. Bu' their exertions and eicrifi es, great as they were ic Rome cstans. were cheerfolly\ and evn arixiodij'v nnl-, i:. h f -e'.-.l cr'ainty of soon being.a thousand told repaid in the glit- ; terinsj; harvest which theywsre aboat to reap- ' Fsrrxw were unhesitatingly mortgaged to dis- tant money lender?, oxen and horses, the only ;. ones potsessed by their owners, were s=qld af re- j duced prices, and all kinds of property were j disposed ot or pledged for a tithe of their vain? to meet the exigency. And so great was their activity ibat before one week had elapsed, ev- ery man of the company bad rer opted bitnsslf to his leader a* prepared\^ith his hundred dol- lars iu his paiket, and demanded to be led to work. Hiibcrto (he enterprise bad been conducted i' with eo much caution andeecrecy that little was knoivn in tbe neighborhood, exc*pt by those immediately concerned, of its existence, and much less the object for which tba com- pany was formed. But either by reason of the st!r created by raising tbe money, or because the growing oertainty of success bad rendered- the different members of tba association less! guarded, vague rumors were beginning to-be-- afloat in the neighborhood that some nneffm- ihon adventure was goiflg On hi; ihe Tfroun- tains ; and many ^ere tho ctinjectares and dark surmises made concerning its character and object—-tbe secrecy with wbio.h it had been conducted 8»ffieed t o throw an air of mystery and romtnee oyer the proceeding. Aud this had been much'increased by the appearftsce about this time of a singularly accoutred old, 'roan, who bad been known to enter the settle-: m nt from the north, and was several time s after- Wf.rd3 set n boverine; round the outskirts of ihe woods, back of which was the supposed scene of those mysterious, operation*—some' stip- . posing him a dumb maniac, from having been- met and hailed m sit.bj3B,t,.r.eta.r.tiing auy answer,' or showing the least sign of hearing, or recog- nizing «h» presence til another ; Bome belkYhjg; himJbe.devil himself, 00^6,^0superintend the ceremonies of th»blacks t which they Hispeot-^ ed WHS in performance.' in the woods i-audi others, more given to matter of fact catealfMgr- ; tion, and disposed to view sc-reoy and mystery- as generally the cloak of Iniquity, \ebrtwdly euspeded him to be an agent sent from 1 Stephen Bnrron-ibs' Snag Factory, in Gartadal to tstaWish a branch in this unexposed part of tbe Green Mouirtaine. [rbei coefiterfeii-feUlij- wiih which the celebrated Stephen Bnircajjbs once flooded tbecMaotry were at that duy de-* nominated Snags'] Ai.d it was the uppr*B-ioti Of all, ii deui, (hat this personage Lad somfi conr,eotion with tbe doings, of the company} tbouirh those Rho werti supposed to be it| members stoutly dpnied the truth of thin s-np* position, being probably, with .the'exception of theft''leudei. really as--onueb in tbe d^ik eo&- cerning tbe cans? of'he appearance a\d cLar* act\r of the o'd man as their neiirhbors. i . It was on a (?ark night in Ju'y, a few days 1 sub>eqiieot to th\ srer.e where we left our. j hi rn : ne at Martin's, that the money diggers re^ ] sum' d tlieir labors, Excited by tbe !ate afjf I sur tnee of Gow, they c mie, one by t>t e, -teaU I inj; ioih» spot at an early hour, and having j kindled a sm<ill fire, and stti.-k a pint? fenofe I toie'i in a stump on il-e bunk of the iscavn- : tion to finu'ifb Igbt f or th ir i pira*iot.«, tbeyi ' waited with nervous invn'ir nC\ -or the sfpe-af- | ance of the r b-i'd^r to show th» spot on w'tich 1 th'ir efforts wore to hf b *«o«ed. The latter 1 eUi'in mnde bi^ appearance; aul. afii'r g *iog^ ; his diroc'iona wo.h »h° ijn.v-t''r nti> gravity villi ' tvb'ch b« bad -nsiaioed his part through the whole £nt>-rpti-e. ahd s«\i'-.g fbem 'vi]j nt ; wbik. be soon ii firmed th*rn sli<t. from tfn; ex- ptriBL .uts be h»-l bn-n m-jhidgtliroi'Mib theday, be had strong hop«s of Mi-tivir g at the tnm ure i within a few ftou.«, and t^at Ji- .tin uld icmaiti; j witii tiiem till t.'ie close ot thiii- la l «rl«.r the! j niiih'. I ! This tbnUintr announeement sjiled fn Ml ar- I dor to th* ir everti'in\ aud wmnght- them up ' j to the high'-st pitch 0! exp«-ct.tllon and txtit-i*, I m rt nt. A.1,1. in itnsi , i\3'ion n-w fain> were - ! pureha-id. old 1*8 rVhly 'stoked niid in- i ! pr;>-v-d. r.ev.'J-.otj'eu hni-b ar.d ''in-i-betf. tvlves •' I were ru-t'ms: in (heir-new «itk finm s, fibW-. ! Were eroani'ig with d.iintk»->. and hundredt r.f f ' dollars w*re la-hfd with a\*i-e ba:u» in tpea'8:-\ by embino efpt.iiiis of m li>;<». t -,r jii-tic s of tbe I pes.e^, on tii>r oce^irji t»j sAw'.t pfoa^joa,—^ : honors which their great ve.ilijj would cer- ; tain.ly• bnng t o them. Thus, w.fri lusty* WOWB aed miiny n gUeful j.'ke. the-y delved on until about mifln'gbt - • • (low now n>a:l> another tpiu! with hi- rod*; ' •ind, af'er eraying them pom' tj«i» in dif- | fr-nt points ,»ith g>-ea' M--miii.* i rh<-irfuluesa and accura?y, be rose Viitlsa. <ui.-V).'ed air, and i hb-.tiry throwirjj,' tbfinas'-d • us tin JJ»S w, o<e aid • , was now no lotiuer reqirri-1, h- j>) tn'ly an. •. n ti\ic-:d t\ 1 - cU*,

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