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4**... ..,,.;... • 7m*m<s, ..AJW-.', MEXICO I1DIPENDEK.T, IC® Thursday, Marcli %X, 186*. valuable hints on agricultural subjects, and if' they will seed us their experience, no matter if they do not write inlne -most approved style, we will cheerfully insert it in our columns. We hope to have a ttcpartment for the la- dies that will be full of interest end instruc- totiOnsbaU continue in force, not extending the writer seemed to think conferred upoatheia- beyond one year, holder a passport to fame. ' J ' ing.in the streets of Paris, had his dog seized A '' -1 •-- -4- '' ; -j J I _Cbarte 8 4Jum n erslyle\8 President Lincoln's by some one ^^^L^^hS 1^.1-- of^teelln agloveof vel- Ljhe^ve jj^jj^^gj On on* nrst appeuraa^^^ public journalists, it lent that we give our- ion. \^o^as will prove highly bene-1 hi80pini on that President Buchanan 18 '/2kur- selves a proper iutrorfatcRW, »y briefly stating 1 \\ ^ ^ _ tmQ ^^ iM«* tf\ Mev j ^cnBPrui- X>*neclraeyv , _ ! t .»„. n„.nhipr.t w>* - ^ tboge wh( ) reglde i n adjacent _ Af c the recent election of Port-master in towns we want you to assist us in our efforts Frtemont( 0 ., Mrs. Melter, a Democratic te to malje vour department valuable, Many ma)(> bdre 0{f th e pa i m . -job are abfc, -v,^ •&*« J>J*-.-tf> write I. ^^ M . +AB . el „ fi •*. Torrli?l« Tragedy »«» FloirW*. our object and purposes, hereafter. Our object is to establish ia this village what has so long been wanted, to place it cu an equal footing with other thriving villages ju <he R%»fe?v ,fhere are twelve tea-^kss foreign mis. ... . .; , \i__! f sionltn tn of The following is an account of the, tragedy which occurred in Sumpter county, Florida, on the*13th ult. The Rev. George Andrews* o! the Methodist Episcopal Church, killed two men and wounded two others. Hewaaaeoojed i»*)i*>«l j>v»w >—«.v Q j -;jo'u are aunt, \\•* ~-—- - s • ',.„ \ —.xuettj »»5. «.™«. \ „„ . \\^\\\Z.i'^Ber devoted to on a variety of subjects te an tawing , o ^ fine d, with salaries of $12,000 to ^ _ __ . publto press and local newspaperaev ^t^r,nd^n*^*ngN5 «. !* Uuyxio. j,jh s tweoly missions of seventy- l f geduciDg 4 y0UDg girl> fourteen or fifteen +h e interests-aud Welfare \of ttrjs ptace anu | , • • iAfe lth C o« m anications that will \ ^ h a deacb . besides leaser missions and ^ f , -- relative, living at his bouse at adjacent towns. »e loteBffso fi«™ — — i^ wWtn reading and te^wii- consulships mnumeVaoW. . iu„-t —.. ^.^ —•_.• ^.Sfififetarv Chase will, it is sa .6 adjacent..„.».,„.. - ... izens of Mexico of their dependence on other places for their printing, and their family news- paper, by furnisjiilug them facilities for h&*ing i_s__ m„ m TOJIK the Vlrglitfa as a M«dlaU*r- paper, by furnishing them facilities ior Htvwjig •>,..•... .. u . n 4 . „ „_„„„„ v r ' • ° ° V'irgmift, through ner Convention, proposes the one'done, and by supplying them with the termg of adjustment between the Federal other, at home. Government and the secMiog States, which, We design to furnish our patrons with a in substance, are ax follows: general newspaper, that cau be with truth I h That the Slave States have a perfecv^Fight \called a family one. TheINDKPSNDI!** will be I t0 \P^old-Slavery ; devoted to the bestinteresteofthiscommunlty, - 2 ' ^ th45 Free States-bavcoo right to op t ., + , , •, * ,. J. P 08e Slavery; and we shall sustain and advocate all such ' measures as may tend to promote the prbe'per- ity of this village and its citizens generally! Our readers' will find in its columns a large amount of choice miscellaneous reading, to- ^-Secretary Chase will, it is said, in^st that the law requiring subordinates in bis Depart-. ment-to be examined hefore their appointment, shall be strictly eftforced, and no applicant will be admitted to office without entire quali- fication; * Hon. Daniel Sv Dickinson, says in a recent old line democrat, of the ot seuucmg <* juuug s «,«, ivuv.vv — .- . year's of age, a relative, ll-vittg at bis bouse at. whipping the young girl, and acknowledged as • much to the citizens. For thes° miedeedt, '* summons was issued for him to appear at th*. Court House, .Sumptervilte, before the people on Saturday, the 16th ult. Having heard «f this, *ad of the parties who were to serve th*. summons, Messrs. McLendon and Lang, he pjro* ceeded to the bouse of the former and took dinner with the family. After dinner they letter: \I am an — — tes-bavcoo right to op- j B - lre ig ht eet sect, but I acknowledge fealty to no l ainner W ith the family. Alter arnner fH^r -:; c w er V • I nartv except such as 'keeps step to the music went to the workshop. Andrews Mked MJ»- H That either Slavery must be allowed freely [^ t ^ Constitution and the Union,'and so long Lendonfor the lone of Ms horse to go to to Pnter all Federal Territories in competition I flag bear i n g the stripes of my country and I A _ dafiMvme) wWc h was granted. Hehidtoh^ .ith Free Labor or the Territories must be dl- ftl , her Btarg) flul t ers in the breeze, I shall rally po8Ees9i on one-double-barrel gun, or»e„,-y»Oge* Tided between th'em. I under it, and wage battle there.\ rifle, two repeaters, and two UMe-taWw,.^ Our reaacw «... -MM •- - • ——• • - f 4 Fort8 ma8 t not be held, nor troops station- _ ;Wnj M Brownei lete e ai t0 r of the Wash- whilst the horse was being caught a conves- amount of choice miscellaneous readmg, to- wfthinaoy State unless in accordance with ^ ba a beea appo inted Assistant 9at ion arose about him (Andrews) being sam- eether with aU the latest general intelligence I • ^^ Qf che ruling powe r inj-aid. State. s ; cfetar o f state of the Southern Confed- moned before the, Regulators; ^hereupoa Mr. of the day. and such local matters and item. 5> AQ .^^tment\ may he had- and the [^ Lang said Yes, sir, and here is the mmm» as Zbeof^^ importance, aM a faithful record Union pre8e rved. S '• —-.I- — - n-— «« —.ahon McLendoa . ... _,__i - «: »«««An» and events both 6. There is nei Xt^Jr-S* of all important transactions and events both here and elsewhere. In politics, ijre.shall be independent of all party organizations f tree to uphold and defend «L „ WWW 6. There is need of. more. efficient fugitive I —It is stated that the foreign^ Ministers at slave taws, and moxe Northern alacrity in slavt- j Washington are unanimously of opinion that hunting. n 0 European power will recognize the South- i f nd' ''• Tne y** 81 * 1 Constitution must w to j ern Confederacy until the independence of the »\-v --• *\* jm^nded as to render it more ?ati<*factory^to (receding States is fully admitted by the the right, and freeto oppose the wrong. While ^i avell0 id en(> '• United States Government. i„ A/v „. g. The right of State Secession is recognized' —Cassius-M. Clay, of Kentucky, has been by Virginia. i appoint';! - Minister to Spain; and Thomas 9rJJut it is not clearly affirmed in the Consti-! Corwin, of Ohio, Minister to Mexico. Mr. tution, and the Federal authorities deem them- j Lincoln has done well in giving these genjtle- selves naauthorized to concede and give eff-et men misfions so important. They have long 1 labored for the gocid of tl thuBreierving M ourselves the right to com- ment on any political question, we believe we shall best subserve the interests of this com- munity by devoting, less attention to politics, and more to local matters. We intend to make- the iNDKrBNrD^ssT \purely a family paper, and ip order to do so, we pre- toll. 10. Therefore Virginia proposes to have that right plainly affirmed aud its exercise providtd are men mitsp.iuus ?u iu«^v^^— labored for the good of the Union, and well fitted for the posts assigned them. a family paper, ana .puru*. w , .. Mt»W>y« ra «u.„. . LBOM. ADVEHTUBW^AO effort is being sent it to the public in its present attractive for in t]lQ Federa.1 compact. made in the Legislature to cut down the fees form, which we consider the best we could lt> Virginia- asis the non-slaveholding States for legal^dvettiiiing. We trust it will be jin- . 4W t0 ggj^ to ^ e f ore g0i O g pr0 p 08 iti oa8 ^ faiiiug successful, a.s the profits of newspaper pro- whleh, she will secede [.priotors are already too small adopt. It, wlU embrace in its columns matter that will be amusing and instructive to all classes, as well the man of business, the farmer, and mechanic, as the family circle. We are fully aware, that in starting a weekly paper in this village, we run considera- ble risk of meeting with pecuniary lots; bat having received strong Assurances of support lien, woo w»»* P»V»»». II Meantime, theeeoeded• States mus not be ..coerced\ nor compelled to obey the laws of I the Union; —The Auburn jlilvtrtistr says, that William Boynton, Jr., who recently went into Pennsyl- for you. During this conversation McLendon was. mending a pair of Vboes. Immediately after Lang's answer, Andrews leveled his gun on McLendon, shot him in the side and killed him instantly. Turning round ejaiokly,\ 1» leveled his guu to shoot Lang witii the otter barrel Lang knocked up the gaa, iad*ecet»*. ed the whole load^n the palm of Mi handi— Lang then picked up Andrew's yauger to shoot him (Andrews,) but could not cock it on ac» count of his shattered hand, threw down tb* gun and nm.~ Air he rnti Andrews shot Ml»- through the left wrist *ith a repeater. A Mr. Hay tt. in the shop at the that, picked up the y auger, run off about thirty yards anal leveled it at Andrews, but the latter, was too quick, and shot Hyatt with his repeater, grac- ing him on the tboulder. Hyatt shot, tali rais'ed. Hereupon Andrews took after Lang, and pursued him about two hundred yarla> '# «-«-\-' , , . .••. ,*t-ck ; •\'\iness h3« \struck a vein.\ A short time .. liUU uui euyu m m WMVU* -»^ — -~ ,_ T _ m — - \\*--- -• - .„'*i, A -,. Not being able to overtake him,- he returned W vama from that city to try h„ lncfc_^iMheo.1 ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ v ££^ over to Mr. Caudray'a, about one mile dMurtr At Condray's gate Adams met Dr. McHlWlV 1 io as they please. 14. Tfie non-seceded Slave State States are from many of your leading citfaeos, ventured to risk our little all—to cast our bread upon the waters—and await patieatfl| a recompense for our services. , In trusting to the magnanimity and gen- erosity of the citizens of Mexico and vicinity, we hope we have not counted la vain. With- out yum co-operation, we cannot succeed', with it, we ihall,» we believe, be enabled to establish the IHMPENDKNT on a solid hasis. • We come among you desirous of becoming Identified with the interest* of the place, and to advocate what will beujeSt^ou locally. The r support I*. we have ramtnoned to meet by delegates irt Conveatioar at Frankfort, Ky., on the last Monday in nest. Tit* Soi«.l\ew> (;o«g*e*j. boWa seventeen thousand dollars, the product of a successful strike. - Judge Harris, ihe successor of Mr. SeW- i ard in the United States Senate, is pronounced | by Washington correspondents the finest look in« member of that body. » \ \^ —The Rev. Thomas K. Beeober, brother of The following are the principal features of Henry Ward . walki ng through Elmira, saw a the permauentConstitution of the Confederate j ^Q^ w i aow , who bad no one to help her, saw- States : ;• • ing her wood. Immediately off went his over- No person who is foreign «n4not a cUiaen bflfij^wyi jpufftor, w d sound ministerfal muscle Mcnenry came to nw assisiamBB. n. the Confederate States is allowed to vote for I aoon flniehed the littlepile soeliad. .-The-next- , n r p nftnr r^y^j,^,^ „t \MU<giitin^Mu any oftlaer,.civil or political, State or' Friml. U ajf a cor d of wood was laid before the widow's pre8e nted his gun to the Doctoi bietifc^S Under the arstelawea South Sarolina is en ! door, and sawed and piled by two men-tbe warded it off and the loadwe»tintotbIS««i*« UaetftQftRepreseatative«inCanrrreBs; Georgia ip^y coining out Of the Reverend Beecher's \ --* --«i -w£,H^Z. n SSs A^bama d; Floiid* S^ Muisslppi 1 \\ pocket. * Louisiana. 6 ; Texas 6, and ea.>h State to two j _ Spe v U ng matches are all the.rage in Win, sfed, Conn. They had one in Camp Hall, whom be told he was very tired tad tUftty, and wanted a drink of water; stepping tnttte the yard, and seeing Mr. Condray tsikiat to • negro boy, he observed, \I have oomn1e«6«l my work and here I intend to fihfshtt.^- WBelc*- 1 upon he leveled hit gun and shot Coadtay through the bowels, who only lived about four hours. Rev. Mr. Barker, betng piesent, seized file wretch from behind and held bint fast nntll 1 Mcllenry came to bis assittanoe, jM soon a* | -A—* pre-shaa its influence for **•« tat evil; ana Se«^ ijnpeaob Jadldal ^^v fi1gW> Md colldctcd m fa len-cent M »e believe whatlltfle influence our P»P er j^ T p ^*f o(B| g^aent and acting in •*ld^ d «l«ioiM>, Nine schools of the town sent five jL exertwHl be tor the good of this «wJ^ m t33i#» «*«. • picked spellers. First prize, Webster^ nn- anoVty, we think that our call for a fair »»P-| m B ^ l i OQ , fet of Congress may^ grantjeats oA | ^ rWge4pte torial dictionary. They used in vain. Ithe floor to either of the p portwUlnotb»«ef«; f*^ Write flw jfW 1^1 !•»?«•> »i*H**l^-T?£*ti Mvltoall the iHMteNhWr w poel»»ble, we invite all ?rSTirl>v«.«>*P»WHfwrtl»g WrJ« ~ir*Li «« leani th*t there is * goodly 1 foster any nrancu u. .u«u...j. 1W !l^«^vllC who »• write well), to I lhe foreign slave-trade Is prohibited. S^^mmiXtions, as often M »*t Con^re^s is prohibited .rom malnng Site to giveTn«Slion to^orlgin.l. pieces, ^J^aldpoetry, on local ma«ejs.tor S^^wtlters thereof have o«r thanks. £2alUtnU time* *> P^ »?**\\\* -fcie^inanyparto *.county. \ BothHou^es of Congress may grant seats on . Nidged pietoriai atciionary i-; — «P •th\floor to \either of the principal officers ot i the gp e}Ung book, two or three geographu*. ;!!h etecutKe department, with the privilege j and hftd t0 brln g out the «la»ios before some of of discussing measures of bis department. - } the ^pest spellers would succumb. Representation on the basis of three-fifths for | _ Qen Beanregard, now in command of the slaves!* continued. . - re bel forces at Charleston, has much fame as a Congress is not allowed through duties to taCtlclan . it is said when Gen. Scott's council foster any branch of industry. differed in opinion as to the plan for attacking | The foreign slave-trade Is prohibited. Mexico..after otb^bad spoken, Gen. Scott ' Coo«es8 is prohibited from making appro- \ cMeA oa Lieutenant Beauregard, whose con- nrlation»unlew by * vote of two-thirds pt both (du(j t rf v eta . 0niz , Cerro Gordo aodqentreras. Loses, except the appropriations be asked by < ^ utontiy attracted his atteftlon. That the head of some Department, or the President. offlc e r ob?cm d that, inasmuch as he No extra compensation i* to be allowed to j diftered in Mo wi th hi« brother engineers, he any contractor, officer, or agent; after the con- fe!t grWkt diffidence in expressing his vtewa,; tract is made, or the service rendered. •• -* —\• ^ - -\ * -* n Every law shall relate to but one subject, and be expressed by titles. * - The President add Vice-President are to hold presented bis gun to the Doctor's breast, **• warded it off and the load went into the groaSoV He was then tied and confined unm Akin****' ipg under strict guard. •\' <*\ * The rows Laving been circulated hrfco w*tg»- borhood, a large number ot oltiaena •aMatMriE' at Condray's house. After dn» dellb«t«tl«»*»t was adjudged to be worthy of \beUg'Hijil^ and about 12 o'clock M. he was hao|«raMWl>' ingly ; sixty or seventy Citizens of the wmMf \• signing his death warrant. Then *iti'<mf' : .V dissenting voice on the grpund. The l*siw«Hft' of this hardened wtetch fere, \I m only softy < that I did not kill three o#fdo« wotev\ ' ! ; InkpocUutt ftom ettwrtestiM. TUK FAMOUS FLOATING BJLTTSBT A DBiO yUIiPWI, i From U>« Alb»ny Journal. - Charles Pearson, formerly a clerk for W«>> dell &, Feltman, of thUfcity, has just retttrftil home, after several months sojourn kl„ ton. He 1«U to avoid being draft**'ttto; ,O.IB«-.-.-« r .~-. regular'army of ^^aOaarWlgP^ but he Anally agreed with the plan cr Gen\. Uboot every third matt Is drafWt » Soon, it was acted opW.und the city was tal^n. wk* to fee shot at by, w rt^' —Within a short time we have seen it stated I vm6 - •' . ., •'•**+ m^m ^P p iieada in **7 Pf tw0 co i an , nB 0 f offic e for six yearn ' ^ !«klv to aTrtoultnral wbjecta, we The principal officers of departments mi the ^ **^uTif Ce of our subscribera who ^^ ^vfce are removable at the plea- J^lnSthe soil, will ocoasion-ljeofrte President. Other olvil offlcem are \ft pe&e«ce, §Q that the brDiPENBBNT will contain an agrlenmiral department replete with useful Information. .We know that most farmers dltUhe wrWag lot the press. They would that a certain English nobleman has BUS. , rrmsloal bells on the necks of all bteoows,eaot bell tuned In a different note of the scale, and the Whole running through several octaves. A visitor to this farm is charmed by themuBio*8 f well as by the sleek sides of the cattle.- 'Some- removable w,heu .their serrices are unnecessary, wrfl ^ by the 8lMk ^ w im eNuei . olww . or other good rfanses and reasons, Removals 4lmeg he ne&rs ^erarnbtes hi unison, then » —.t-. , annrtB A to the Sennte when pjactl B « B ht discord, and then a sweet harmony, and or otner guuu unuavo ..^- must he reported to the Senate when p;actl cable. Ho captious removals are tolerated. Other States are to be admitted to the C*n- - ; - »l-«^i_ _«t.^*t, ttn^amtt,. MM* wrWag tot the P««- l ™T *\\ Other States are to be aurtu««u w *• rS*v*?«« *•»• for ***£\ 25 feneraey by .vote of two-thUdsof both fion*fc S««- «« » WiwpaP\' ^«™*| T B e donrederacyraayacqulreTerrttorf ( and ^ enowsb, and 80ppose| lne www*; ••\•/ —» „ i, their' commnnicatlons Slavery shall be acknowledged iwd pretested wooM wiUwwfnintotte wsite-box, or given by Congress and the territorial Government. oretto the tender mercies of the \printer'* When Ave States shall ratify the Permanent wijrit w VeW|i«#^a»inwiyf»raeri|n Constitution,it shall be established for said thk county wSattlo«»n#te»t to give many States, until ratified. The Provisional Const*- that If they did write wonM he thrown Into the Blight discord, and then a sweet harmony, and all varied by distance, and by the rising and falling of the breexe. > -A recent .English paper, in an obituary notice, states, with solemn gravity, that the de- oe«tS\d wWcftarte- \fo^r 4% active pa^a* took in the mansgenwnt of the Society for the Pre- servation ofAooient PooUi-pathi,\ an* for m fact that he was \Secretary fethe Bew-sel^rs' fact that he \was \secretary nun ancnuwo , j.-,.—,,, r _, T Association,\ both of which Pickwickian titles | ounces of butter, The much* talked bf *«^-^„^ r _ T _ abandoned as a total faiture. 1^.T-WW|L1 present whe% Gen; lMpMJK«^jl^{|^ \ m . (Seneral laughed'**,it j *M.#ooi*',|j^t,d'-|g|^ famnekedit c^pirfaea and tunk, , t !* $ ' n ^ 4 When this disaaterbffell It, the C^tarteltwa j-j lans said H was never intended % «jrTrio%i |fa|;-j merely io amuse the JJoM^nt ^ot^pifn^MfM: in8isUdnponstcT^g|iq^.%»mtar. , 0- Agkl ajvarttwe ii»»QtnMiii . . per for a situation as h^ i»>W or,w»llrw»; [ refreshment saloon.: AmauzhuitgMM*** foff aach a position, eke «nyajd» on plooes of 'kj^'fjf<MnNMtf4fr *** -- pearanoe, pntof one poqpAol U'Jr * £$.1&. msk m\\~~* A ' 1 \ ^'\'\\'

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